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Aranae’s Inner Reflections

I hate writing in this stupid book, but Master Cheng still thinks it helps.  Yeah, it helps my hand cramp up!  Thanks a lot!  I mean, okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but not by a lot.

Cadellus is still around.  He keeps wanting to follow me for walks, or join me for meditation.  Look buddy, I’m not meditating with you, or anything else.  Go meditate by yourself.  I don’t care.  I don’t know why he keeps trying to talk to me.  It’s freakin’ annoying, and he doesn’t seem to get it.  Oh, he says he does, but then he’s back to trying to talk to me about how beautiful the sunrise was or some shit like that the next day.

Master Cheng says I’m not allowed to kick Cadellus in the face.

My training is going well.  Master Cheng says I need to keep my anger in check, like I’m mad or something? I’m not mad!  I’m passionate.  He can go jump off a cliff if he thinks otherwise.  There are plenty of cliffs around here.  I’m sure he could find one.

I think the biggest news is the letter that I received from one of my sisters.  I was just going to fold it up, and toss it off into the air next to my thinking spot, which is by a cliff.  I usually do that whenever one of them write to me.  I don’t want to hear about how I should come home, or do this, or do that, or how I’m not living up to my potential.  As if they’d care anyway.  I didn’t though.  I went to my thinking spot with it and almost started folding it up, but I wound up opening it instead.

It was from Lani.  She’s getting married.  Out of all of my siblings, she’s the only one who never did anything to wrong me… well, not counting the time she made me stay in that stupid healer tent outside Orgrimmar.  I guess she might have been worried about my foot.  I’m fine.  Anyway, now I kind of feel obligated to go, but the rest of my family will be there too.  I guess she’s having it in the Ghostlands at my brother’s school or something.  It’s supposed to be a big place, so maybe I’ll find a good spot to hide if too many of them are there.  Mother might not even be there.  I can’t see her wanting to travel to the Ghostlands.  There’s probably like too much mud or something.

I’ll probably have to go to the Vale to find someone to make a portal there for me.  I know Sanimir or Hethurin or whatever he’s calling himself now, knows how to make portals to Pandaria, even to the Peak of Serenity, so I won’t have a problem getting back.

In the letter she said I could bring a guest.  I’m going to ask Tsi Ku.  She’s my best friend.

Maybe I should wear shoes.


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Dear Tsi Ku,

Hi!  I wasn’t expecting your letter, but I’m so glad you wrote.  I did return to the temple, as soon as the healers let me.  I had an injury, so I didn’t get to kick the orc in the face, though I think he deserved it.  I heard they let him live, and want him to stand trial.  Like there’s some kind of doubt?  Just put him to death and be done with it.  We all know what he did.

Anyway, I had to stay at the healer’s tents for about a week.  I wasn’t injured badly.  It was just a scratch, but healers tend to get hyper things sometimes.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be allowed to come back, but then the orc was captured and everyone could leave.  I was let go when the healers tent was taken down.  I was lucky to find a mage who knew how to make a portal to the Vale.

Oh, the Vale.  I saw it.  It’s awful, and even more reason for that orc to be put to death.  Why are we keeping him alive?  I bet he’s eating too much, and enjoying the fact that no one killed him.  At least he’s captured.

I’m not the only one who has returned.  Cadellus came back too.  He’s still annoying, but he did help me when I injured my foot, so I guess I kind of owe it to him to be nice once in a while.  I think he just wants to be friends, so that’s okay.  He’s starting to train in mistweaving.  I don’t think that sounds as exciting as kicking trolls in the face, so I’ve continued on my chosen path.  Master Cheng says I should look at it as being more than that, but trolls are really ugly.

I don’t think my family is that worried about me.  I had contact with some of them, but nothing’s changed.  They’re the same as before.

– Aranae


Dearest Desdeyliri,

I was so happy to get your letter, and I’m happy to be able to use my new paper!  My sister tried to take it at one point.  I told her she could have one piece, not the whole thing!  Everyone says she’ll be less annoying when we’re older.  I don’t see why she can’t stop being annoying now.  She tried taking your letter too.  Luckily, I got it back before she read it!

You can teleport already?  That’s really good!  How soon will you be ready to teleport to Silvermoon?  Can you make portals for other people yet?  It sounds very exciting.  Is it hard to do?

I wanted to come to see you last weekend, but one of the other guys twisted his ankle, while off-duty.  I agreed to fill in for him a couple of days, but only because they paid me a little more extra than I’d normally make.  He’ll be back next week though, and then I’ll be able to visit again.

I was wondering, do you think the Magister will let me stay there?  I can pay for my room if needed, if it’s not too expensive.  I know you’ve mentioned people staying in the guest rooms before, and since I have two days off in a row next week, I thought it might be okay to visit longer.  If not, that’s okay.  I think the inn is pretty cheap, but from what I’ve heard, they have to be.  I’ll stay there a night if I have to though.

When will you be going to Shattrath?  I hope it’s not on the two days I have off!  That would be the worst luck!  The pie does sound interesting.  How long do you usually stay there for?

Missing you,


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Winter’s Veil 2

Theronil Whitemorn double-checked the crib once more.  In truth, it was more than a double-check.  It was more like his 100th-check.  Isandri was due any day now, and he wanted everything to be perfect for the baby.  He knew the crib had been joined perfectly, but checking made him feel like he wasn’t missing a small flaw somewhere.

In preparing for his son or daughter’s arrival, he’d almost forgotten about Winter’s Veil.  It wasn’t until he went out to get food to bring back to Isandri and saw the decorations that he remembered.  Finding the time to shop for gifts had proved difficult, as he was too busy making sure everything was perfect for the baby’s arrival.  He had no idea what to get Isandri this year either.  It was while he was putting up a shelf in the baby’s room that he remembered the books he used to have as a child.  They came in a set, but were all about different things.  One was about a boy who got a tree for his birthday.  Another was about twins who always did things different.  He couldn’t remember the rest, or even the titles.  He checked at the library, and one of the people there was able to tell him the name of the set, but they didn’t have any copies there.  He checked in the lower city and found nothing there as well.  He then started writing to bookshops in Silvermoon, asking if they had the set there.  Slowly, the replies came back.  None of them had it.  One of them mentioned they hadn’t seen that set for decades.  Theronil thought it was possible he wouldn’t find the books.  He bought a beautiful shawl with intricately woven designs of leaves and flowers on it for Isandri.  She would like that, even though he still hoped to find the books.

Theronil had almost given up when he got a letter from a bookshop in a town in Eversong.  They had the set!  It was old, but the books were mostly in good condition, with the exception of one that had lost its cover.  The shop offered to re-bind it for him.  Theronil had quickly wrote back and arranged to pick up the set.

He smiled to himself as he checked the crib over once more.  Hopefully she would like both the books and the shawl.


Aranae Lightmist sat on the stairs at the Peak of Serenity watching the monks train below.  She knew what time of the year it was.  The pandaren seemed to pick up on the holiday fast and had erected a tree inside one of the buildings.  She could do without the reminders.

Of course she hadn’t heard from -them-.  She didn’t want to, and the more she knew they weren’t even trying, the less she wanted to do with them.  They could all stay in Silvermoon and pamper their favorites this year without her in the way.

She hadn’t seen Tsi Ku since coming back, and often wondered where she could be.  The guy with the cat hadn’t been around either, but there was one person she knew here.  Unfortunately, he was the one who couldn’t take a hint.  Even when she specified for him to get lost, Cadellus still didn’t get it.  He’d better not be planning to get her anything for Winter’s Veil.  She wouldn’t accept it if he did.  It was tempting to go somewhere else just to get away from him.  She smiled to herself.  Maybe it would be best to visit one of the towns for the rest of the holidays.


Rohau felt the wind lift up under his wings as he circled the valley below.  He carried a small burlap sack in his talons, though it was small enough that it did not impede his flight.  He watched carefully as he passed over the trees below.  He let out a quick caw when he finally saw the smaller white bird hidden in the branches of one of the trees.  The other bird looked up, and watched as Rohau landed on the branch next to him.  The other bird started preening as Rohau pulled the burlap bag up on the wide branch.  This one was always preening.  Rohau stuck his head in the bag and pulled out a box with his beak.  He placed it on the limb and pushed it towards the white bird.  The white bird pushed a different package towards Rohau.  Of course he had gotten a gift too.  Rohau carefully pulled the wrapping off, letting the colorful paper drop to the earth below, as the other bird did the same with his present.  Using both his talons and beak, he opened the box.  Inside, was a small jar of perfume.  Using one of his talons, he pressed the top and sprayed just a little bit onto the other talon. He smelled it and cawed happily.  The other bird also cawed happily as he pulled a beaded necklace out of his gift box.  Rohau helped him put it over his head, certain that it would stay in place around the other bird while in flight.  They both cawed happily as they took off with their presents in opposite directions.


Orledin looked up at the sky.  It was still dark.  Not even a hint of light at the horizon told him he still had plenty of time before another day of work started.  He looked down at the small piece of birch wood in his hands.  It was beginning to take shape.  It was a hobby he took up a few years ago.  It was something to do while the world slept.  Most of his projects he had just left wherever he had finished them, none of them meaning that much to him.  However, this one he was doing as a gift, as a way to say thank you to one of the few people who had not judged him for being what he was.  He was pretty sure the captain would like the gift as he resumed whittling the details into the cat-shaped piece of wood.

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Aranae Lightmist sat at the top of the stairs along one of the paths at the Peak of Serenity.  Her foot still hurt when she walked, but with the help of her staff, she was able to get around okay.  They had tried to convince her to stay, to go home with the rest of the elves.  She was certain Lani had already written home about her by that point.  She was glad no one had come to take her back to Silvermoon before that orc had been found.  She was free to go then, as it was time to take down the healer’s tent.  She had slipped away from the group heading towards the portals back to Silvermoon and was fortunate enough to find a mage who knew how to make a portal to Pandaria.

Lani had done everything she could to keep Aranae there, even telling her that Nessna had been severely injured.  Aranae wasn’t sure how much Lani was exaggerating.  She could make a big deal out of a stubbed toe sometimes.  Aranae decided it would be safer to send a letter home after she returned to the Peak.  Her foot would be healed soon, and she would be able to leave if they came looking for her here.

She smiled a little as she watched the monks training in the area below the steps.  She wasn’t sure where she would go when she could leave, but she did hope to see Tsi Ku again.  Maybe Master Cheng would know where to find her.


Theronil Whitemorn woke.  It was still dark, but it was something he had become accustomed to in Kalimdor.  There, it had been most convenient to wake early and take advantage of the cooler morning temperatures.  It was less convenient in Shattrath.

He put his arm around Isandri, who was still asleep, and rested his hand on her belly.  If the baby was awake, he or she wasn’t kicking.  Theronil kissed Isandri’s cheek.  They would soon be parents.  With that would come responsibility.  He wanted to have everything ready, but the one thing he didn’t have yet was work.  He had, before being drafted to support the efforts in Kalimdor, found the perfect shop to set up as his own.  He opted to wait until returning from Kalimdor, and when he did, the shop had already been sold to someone else.  He had to start his search all over again.

For now, he would try to sleep a little longer.  He cuddled close to Isandri and closed his eyes.


Keyalenn Goldbrand wrote a few more lines in his notes before making a slight change in the spell and recasting.  The Magister had given him lots to work on lately, though the total amount of work had seemed to lessen in the past week.  Keyalenn hated it all the same, no matter how much there was of it.  He didn’t see the point of casting multiple spell variations, and writing down the results if you already knew what would happen.  The worst part was that the Magister always checked his notes, and took notice if precise descriptions and measurements were not used.

Then there was Des.  He was able to finish earlier over the past week, and had been able to make it to supper in the grand dining hall instead of eating alone in his practice room.  She was almost always there.  Had she been looking at him and flipping her hair on purpose?  She had, so far, managed to ignore any of his advances, or so he thought.  Perhaps he had been wrong.


Lanthiriel Lightmist  walked down the stairs of her new home.  Rylad had woke early this morning.  She decided to stay awake after helping Nessna tend to him.  Nessna would need help daily as she recovered from her injuries.  She had already made so much progress since leaving the tent in Kalimdor where she had almost died.  Lani hadn’t told anyone about that, and all her help had been out of the tent at that point, but Nessna had stopped breathing for almost a minute.  She really had almost died.  Lani was relieved to see her doing better each day.

Lani walked into the kitchen, and put a log on the fire in the stove.  The stove in the kitchen served two purposes in this home.  It was used both for cooking and for heat, and she needed it for both right now.  The nights were getting cooler, and breakfast needed to be made.  It was a small house so only the heat of one fire was needed to warm it.  Tik had told her that it was previously the home of the stable master, and that the man had spent more time in the stable than in the house.  He had truly loved the animals that he cared for.

Lani got out the eggs that she had bought the day before.  She wondered briefly if there were chickens here before as she cracked them and started making breakfast.

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Aranae’s Inner Reflections

I guess I can write inner reflections here too, right?  Anyways, I’m back at our little camp just inside this stupid tunnel.  I didn’t know orcs lived underground like dwarves and gnomes, but I guess they do!  At least these ones do.

I’m not really proud of how I got back to camp.  I mean, I’m supposed to be fighting with the others still.  There’s this crazy goblin with a bunch of crazy machines.  Anyway, one of the machines was throwing out sawblades.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  I guess I wasn’t thinking.  I tried to deflect one with my foot, which was just a real brainiac moment on my part.  It wasn’t a good idea.  I suppose it’s good that I did have boots on or it would have been worse.

So I was lying there bleeding all over when Cadellus runs over to me and pulls me back away from the fighting.  I let him, only because I couldn’t really walk away from it myself.  He helped me get my boot off, and wrapped a cloth around the wound.  I didn’t expect what happened next.  He channeled a mist around my foot.  I don’t know how much it helped, but it did feel a bit better.  I was able to get back to the camp on my own.  They want to send me to the healers, but we have to wait for one of the mages to come to the camp.  It might be an hour or two yet.  Cadellus offered to carry me there.  I told him if he even tried, he’d be the one needing to see the healer, not me!  He’s backed off for now.  I don’t know why he just doesn’t get the hint.  Men are so stupid.

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The Siege

Tsi Ku,

I miss Pandaria.  Kalimdor is full of dust and it stinks.  It probably stinks mostly because it’s so hot here and there’s really no place to bathe.  Cadellus is stinky too.  Have you ever noticed that?  Men smell really bad sometimes, especially if there’s no bath and lots of heat.  It’s gross.

They kept us mostly in our groups so he’s still whining to me about how much he hates it here too.  As if anyone likes it?  Sometimes, I wonder if there’s any earplugs in the supplies.  I bet there has to be.

We’re fighting with trolls now, not against them, so I’m not allowed to kick them in the face here.  They weren’t sure where to put me.  It was kind of amusing when I told them what I do.

Anyway, I thought I’d let you know that I’m planning to go back to Pandaria after this is all done.  I’m not even sure if Master Cheng thinks I’m done with my training yet.  Maybe I need to kick something bigger in the face yet.

– Aranae


Nessna Amberlight nocked another arrow on her bow and took aim.  Her husband, Vessen, stood beside her and did the same.  They both drew back and released their arrows at the same time, sending them flying towards the orcs rushing down the hills towards the docks.  They had been trying to take the towers for days now.  They were heavily guarded, but were quite possibly their only hope against the large protodrake circling the skies.

They had been staying further south.  She and Vessen were able to share a tent, but many others had to cram into bigger tents.  They weren’t as big as the ones on the isle, but they still didn’t offer much privacy.  She was glad they allowed Vessen to bring and set up his own tent within the camp.

She nocked another arrow, drew back and took aim.  She did worry sometimes if she was doing the right thing.  She could have stayed home with her infant son, but then there would be one less person to bring the crazed orc down.  She wondered if everyone else had a valid excuse for not coming if the orc would just run rampant with power.  No, she had to be here.  Vessen did too.  It was their duty as rangers to protect their people, and in protecting their people, they were also protecting their son’s future.

She let loose another arrow.


My Love, Isandri,

I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner.  Things have been pretty hectic here with setting up the tents and scheduling the shifts.  I’ve also had to map out some patrols and assign them.  Being unfamiliar with the area made that take more time than I would have liked.  I have my own tent here.  There’s even a cheap table and chair in it.  I sleep on a cot behind my table and chair.  Everyday, I have to write up the assignments and post them outside.  Most of the time they’re the same as the day before.

Things are settling into a routine here now.  I prefer that.  The alternative means we’re overwhelmed with things to do, or under attack.  Neither of which is very enticing. I’ll gladly take routine.  I think those in my unit prefer it too.  Sometimes I go on patrols with them.  I don’t feel right sitting in my tent all day.

We are quite a ways from the fighting.  We have seen the first few injuries come in.  They are usually ported here and have already received some attention.  From our patrols, we can see the walls of Orgrimmar, and the shore where most of the fighting is now taking place.  We’re still a good distance away, and can not see either from where the tents are set up.

How is everything at home?  How is the baby?  Are you still working on your apprenticeship?  Lanthiriel wanted me to ask you if her father had said anything to you, though I doubt he would have.  She’s worried that he’s upset with her.  How is everyone else?  I miss you so much.  You’re so beautiful, and I love you.  I wish I were home with you.  Arelanis misses you too.  I should have left her with you.  I think she’s bored here.  She brought back two big boars the other day.  There wasn’t much else to do but to cook them.  I think everyone appreciated it, even though her hunting trip was unauthorized.  The mage who conjures our food is awful.  Everything tastes like garlic.

Have you tried sending cookies yet?

I’m about to go on another patrol, this time with a couple of the boys from one of the farms.  I love you.  You’re in my thoughts all the time.



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Alt Appreciation – Monk Week

It is monk week at World of Lae.  This will probably be one of my shortest weeks, having only four monks who have leveled at all.  They’re right there with my shamans and paladins.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy the class.  I do.  I just don’t have room for more, or more ideas for writing them.

Jaen, copy of Jaeyn the hunter and Jaene the warrior.  He's a level 52 brewmaster monk.  I should mention now that none of my monks have very good transmogs either.  It's rather obvious for this one!  In stories, he lives on Draenor with his mate, Vassanta.

Jaen, copy of Jaeyn the hunter and Jaene the warrior. He’s a level 52 brewmaster monk. I should mention now that none of my monks have very good transmogs either. It’s rather obvious for this one! In stories, he lives on Draenor with his mate, Vassanta.


Gwilendil was part of a RaF team.  She is still level 80 and has no story.

Gwilendil was part of a RaF team. She is still level 80 and has no story.  She’s my windwalker monk.

Aranae Lightmist is a level 81 brewmaster monk.  IC, she says she kicks things in the face.  She is the youngest of Sanimir's older sisters.

Aranae Lightmist is a level 81 brewmaster monk. IC, she says she kicks things in the face. She is the youngest of Sanimir’s older sisters.

Cadellus was also part of a RaF team but he has gone on to make it to level 82.  He's a mistweaver, and I've found I really do like monk healing.  In stories, he's part of the scout group sent to Kalimdor.  He's been trying to get out of having to do anything more with the scouts.  He'd really like to go back to train more!

Cadellus was also part of a RaF team but he has gone on to make it to level 82. He’s a mistweaver, and I’ve found I really do like monk healing. In stories, he’s part of the scout group sent to Kalimdor. He’s been trying to get out of having to do anything more with the scouts. He’d really like to go back to train more!




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