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Alinash’s Arrival

I’m inside the school. I’m known as Lhoris Brightblade here, and they actually all believe me when I say I’m 50! Most of the other people here are young; well, older than me, but still young. I met the headmaster this morning and I don’t think he’s a day over 100.

I arrived last night. At first, I was worried as one of the people who works here said that the headmaster was busy. However, he then invited me to eat, and after I was done filling up on food and cake, I was shown to a room.

Having supper here before meeting the headmaster gave me an excellent opportunity to ask a few questions. The worker was there, and one of the students was as well. The worker, Terellion, said he makes cakes. Des, the student, said she’s been there the longest. Terellion told me after she left that she’s one of the more advanced students. I decided before arriving that my parents are rich, and that my mother must be a little nuts and worried about me. So I never went to regular school, but I had tutors at home. They believed I have the same amount of general education as everyone else. Oh, and I made up a dear old grandmother on the fly. She was an enchanter, but she died during the Scourge attack upon the city. So tragic. They believed me, but now I need to feign a keen interest in taking the enchanting class.

There are only seven students here, so I’ll be the eighth, but I don’t know if I count because I’m not really a student. I guess I do because they don’t know any better.

I asked if I could take walks on the school grounds and was told that I could. I actually hate walks, but it’s good news as I’ll be able to go see Harrier without raising any suspicion. After what I found out at supper, I have a feeling it would be best to go see him very soon. There are builders who are going to start working on fixing up the abandoned houses on the school grounds. Harrier and I had chosen one to stay in as it was near the school, and we had a good view of the main building from there. However, if builders are coming, he needs to be warned ahead of time. It’s not that I don’t think he could get out unnoticed if they started going there, but I’m worried he might not take everything with him if he only has short notice. Then the workers would find whatever he had to leave behind, which, depending what’s left, could be bad. I’ll warn him the first chance I get to take a walk.

They said there was a butler here named Tik who makes all the meals. I think he has a funny name, but he makes wonderful food. I’ll have to ask him to pack a large lunch for me when I go for my walk. I’m sure Harrier would appreciate it. It’ll also give me a chance to talk to the butler who may have a sort of key for the wards when the headmaster isn’t here.

I did speak with the headmaster this morning. He said he didn’t sense much magical ability with me, but I came across as very enthusiastic. He said I could study there even if I wound up not being able to pass the test to become a mage. Understanding magic is just as important, so he says. I completely agreed with him. I explained the situation with my schooling. He did not seem happy to learn I have no test scores. So now he wants me to take some test that he has to go get in Silvermoon. I hate tests. Maybe he’ll also get the answer key. If he does, I hope it’s not left anywhere warded! I don’t know how I’ll pass if I don’t get my hands on the answers first.

Of course, I can avoid all of that if I can find the book first. He said it would be a few weeks before he can get the test for me as he’s preparing for the end of the semester and any free time that he does have is spent planning for his wedding. Oh, yeah, he’s getting married to the cake baker. He wouldn’t shut up about that. Anyway, he said I couldn’t officially enroll in the school without some kind of test score, but he would let me sit in on the classes. The best part is he’s letting me stay here free until I’m officially a student. That works out quite well since when I write my crazy, old, eccentric mother to tell her to send payment, nothing is going to happen because she doesn’t really exist. This gives me a few extra weeks at least, and that should be enough to find a book.

I have a feeling that I’ll need that time. Oh, it’s just finding a book, but in a huge house with a million bookshelves. I don’t think it’s going to be as easy as it sounds. I lost count of all the bookcases I saw while the headmaster gave me a tour of the school. I hate so many bookcases. There’s one in my bedroom, so I imagine that means all the students must have their own. He also mentioned individual practice rooms, and I bet there’s books in there too. I’ll have to make friends with the other students so I can get in their rooms and practice rooms.

If I can find a way to sneak Harrier in, then he’d be able to check rooms while most people are busy with classes. It may not be too difficult. Oddly, I saw another kaldorei here at the school while I was on my tour. She had the strangest looking child with her, with purple skin and green eyes. If the people here are kaldorei-friendly, then maybe I can invite Harrier as my friend. I suppose I’d have to explain how I met him somehow, but it’s something to think about.

I do really need to talk to him, and not just about the builders. Things happened the morning I returned from Silvermoon. They were good things, I thought. Well, I didn’t stop him. It’s been a long time since I’ve been with anyone like that, not counting that one whore I trust in Stormwind with my identity. I mean, if it’s paid for, it doesn’t count.

Speaking of whores, I was surprised to find one here at the school. Oh, he’s a teacher and a fire mage now, but I remember him standing out on the corner of our street in Murder Row. As I recall, he never had to stand out there for very long before he was gone again. I used to spend a lot of time looking out the window when Syrina locked me in the room. I knew it was him before the headmaster introduced him. I had been trying to not be noticed, but he looked right at me when Magister Fairsong introduced me as Lhoris Brightblade. Then he said it was nice to meet me or something, and repeated my name, but when he said it, he said ‘Brightblaze’, my real last name. The headmaster corrected him and told him my name was Brightblade. The whore repeated Brightblade then said ‘right’ and flashed me a smile. I hate whores.

I was a bit alarmed after that. I thought my cover was blown, and that he’d tell the headmaster for sure. I asked the headmaster if I could go to the library. If that whore was going to say anything, I was going to get to the most likely place for the book before being told to leave. Anyway, the headmaster led me there and left me to study. I started looking for the book right away. I just wanted to get the book and get out.

However, as I was searching the shelves for it, the whore came in. Then he said my real name again, like he thinks this is some sort of game or something. I hate games! He asked me who I was going to kill. Just like that, aloud, in the library with open doors. I informed him that I’m not in that business anymore. He said that was good because if a single hair on anyone at the school was harmed, he would see to it that I suffered eternally. I assured him that I wasn’t there to hurt anyone, and expressed doubt that he could make me suffer more than I already have. He said that I didn’t really want to find out. I suppose if he’s a fire mage now, I really don’t. Then he asked me what I had come to the school for. I’m reluctant to tell him the real reason. I almost did. He could help so that I’d leave the property faster and he’d know his friends were safe. I didn’t though because I thought he could rat and then I’d never get the book. I told him I was in it for the free meals since I don’t have any work. He said he was keeping an eye on me, which I found funny since he only has one working eye now. He has a nasty scar around the other and it’s all clouded and gross looking. But then he smiled at me again like he thinks he’s ahead of me or something. I hate smiling whores.

I’ll have to tell Harrier about that too, of course. I’m worried that he’ll think it’s too dangerous to continue, but I think if the whore was going to rat, he’d have done it by now. I am a little worried that he’ll want payment for his silence, much like that swine in Silvermoon did. Hopefully, he’s happy enough with just threatening me.


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Silvermoon Defender and Beta Things

Rescuing Lor'themar.  We saved him.  Yay!

Rescuing Lor’themar. We saved him. Yay!

Reagent guy is Sanimir's only true friend in his garrison.  The rest are ugly green skinned things.  Eww.

Reagent guy is Sanimir’s only true friend in his garrison. The rest are ugly green skinned things. Eww.

Gee, just what I always wanted, an open air barracks with spikes and a bunch of ugly orcs grunting constantly outside.  What's the point of garrison's again?  Oh right, time sink.

Gee, just what I always wanted, an open air barracks with spikes and a bunch of ugly orcs grunting constantly outside. What’s the point of garrison’s again? Oh right, time sink.

Faceless beta cow.  Poor guy.

Faceless beta cow. Poor guy.

Another non-beta screenshot.  I love Chromie.

Another non-beta screenshot. I love Chromie.


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Mount Parade – 200 mounts!

I've been working on this one for a while (obviously), and have been even more actively pushing for it over the past month or so when I discovered I only had 5 more to get!  I got my last one at the Argent Tournament.  There is one more alliance mount I could get there, so I'll probably keep going for that.  I also have a few more on horde-side to collect.

I’ve been working on this one for a while (obviously), and have been even more actively pushing for it over the past month or so when I discovered I only had 5 more to get! I got my last one at the Argent Tournament. There is one more alliance mount I could get there, so I’ll probably keep going for that. I also have a few more on horde-side to collect.

Alliance and Horde versions of the mount.  Once you get it on one faction, you get it on both.

Alliance and Horde versions of the mount. Once you get it on one faction, you get it on both.

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Blood Elf Hunter Transmog Complete!

I’ve been working for a while getting all the pieces together that I wanted for Xyliah’s transmog.  Finally, it’s complete! 

Xy models her new outfit!

Xy models her new outfit!


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Valentines 2

Teniron Whitemorn double-checked out the window to make sure Kit had really gone.  She had some letters to take to town, and it was his only time to work on finishing her gift.  He saw no sign of her so he went to his work bench and opened the bottom drawer.  He had hidden it under some of his plans and patterns.  He pulled out the small box and opened it.  Inside was a small piece of jade, only partially shaped, but enough that the basic form was showing the shape of a wind serpent.  His plan was to turn it into a pendant for a necklace.  The chain was already finished.  He only needed to add the details to the serpent and it would be done.

He took it out and started working on it.  He needed to finish before Kit returned.


Nessna Amberlight wasn’t really sure what to get for Sath’alor.  After all, they hadn’t had much time to talk alone yet.  Still, she thought she should get something to show that his gifts were well-received.  Lani had plans to go into Silvermoon to get something for her Confessor.  Nessna followed her up to the school when she went to ask for her portal so that she could tag along as well.

She brought Rylad along with her.  He had recently taken his first steps and was already working towards running.  Sometimes he went too fast for himself and wound up falling.  He would certainly need to be watched closely in the market if he wanted to be put down.  Luckily, for now, he was content to ride in his sling.

She wandered through the market, purposefully losing her sister.  She’d look for her again when it was time to go.  She came upon a stall with some camping equipment, and was looking at the pocket knives and sleeping bags.

Rylad started squirming in his sling as she looked over the items set up on the display.  He reached towards the ground while giving a little cry.

“You want to get out for a bit?”  Nessna asked while lifting him out of the sling.  She put him down on his feet next to her and held his hand as she continued to look.  One of the pocket knives also had a spoon and a fork, which she thought was funny, but practical.

Rylad tugged at her hand as he bent forward to look in a box under one of the tables.  He pulled out a tin frying pan with his other hand and laughed.

Nessna wasn’t quite sure what he found funny about it, but she knelt beside him to look in the box with him.  Besides the pan, there were two plates, two cups, and a cooking pot.  They looked to be all part of the same set.  She lifted the pot and found two more tin glasses underneath, these were shaped more as wine glasses than the cups were.  She smiled at Rylad, “I’ll tell him you helped me pick it out.”


Lanthiriel Lightmist had lost her sister almost as soon as they arrived in Silvermoon.  It was just as well.  She didn’t want her seeing what she was buying for the Confessor, nor making comments about it.  She already knew half of the gift.  Lani had knit a scarf for him.  It was blue.  Nessna had insisted that it wasn’t his color and that winter was almost over.  He wouldn’t need it.  Lani had decided then that it couldn’t be the only thing she got for the Confessor. She quickly hurried to the market.

She was overwhelmed before even walking inside the wine shop.  Some wines were better than others.  The Confessor had said that himself.  She tried to remember the kind that Nessna had received, but she didn’t know the name of it.  She remembered the colors of the label though, and she thought perhaps she would recognize it.  Her sister had told her it was a good wine and she wasn’t allowed to give that one to the Confessor.  Nessna had hidden it anyway, so she wasn’t sure how she was supposed to make a mistake and give it to the Confessor if it was someplace she didn’t even know.

She was surprised to find that most of the labels looked fairly similar, as if there were some sort of standard colors and lettering that they had to use, or perhaps they were all done by the same person.  She frowned as she looked at the shelves.  Did the price matter?  Expensive wines were good wines, right?  Maybe she should have asked Nessna’s advice before losing her.

She frowned and took one of the moderately expensive bottles from the shelf.  Surely, it had to be good.

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