Hethurin’s Notes

  • Things have been crazy at the school lately. At least, for me they are, and today was especially bad. I’m trying to keep things as normal as possible for the students. Lilithel had to go to the clinic in town last week, and she’s been staying there since. Tik has asked to leave early every day to go see her. He could have asked for the days off and I would have still said yes.
  • He insists he needs to be here at least part of the time. I told him that was fine before the baby is born, but a new father needs some time off. Babies are a lot of work.
  • Especially Galandil, and unfortunately, I can’t take time off. I’m kind of glad he isn’t twins. We would have taken twins if they had them, but I think we’ll have to talk about it more before adopting more in the future. Galandil’s first weeks were frustrating. I thought I was doing something wrong with him. He wouldn’t stop crying. I thought maybe he hated us for some reason. I guess it’s silly to think a baby would hate anyone, especially the people taking care of him. It wasn’t hard to believe at the time though. He cried every minute he was awake. Sometimes it was just constant screaming. I’ve never heard a baby cry like that before. Narise hardly ever cried when she was so little, and when she did, it was just a little cry to get our attention. She would stop crying when she got what she was looking for. Galandil didn’t, and it was so intense. I knew something was wrong.
  • Lani and Esladra couldn’t find anything wrong with him at first. Finally, Terellion took him to see them again because I think they were getting tired of seeing me, and Lani suggested it could be his milk. He did lose a little more weight than what is normal before they start gaining. She also said it could be his mother was addicted to something and he got addicted too, before he was born. I hoped it wasn’t that, and I think it wasn’t. Lin has been giving us milk, and we’ve cut goat’s milk out of his diet for now. He seems to cry less now, but still more than Narise ever did.
  • We do have a new hire, Irael’s mother has come from the city to work here. I’m very happy to be able to offer her a job, and I will make sure she has her own place built in the spring, which will be soon. Unfortunately, I think I would have to hire five people to do all the work that Tik and Lilithel both do. Terellion helps take care of the animals and I’m the one making sure the stable is clean. I’m also helping with supper, and washing the dishes afterwards. For now, Irael’s mother is doing the laundry. Tik was able to show her some of the other things that need to be done before today.
  • Oh today, it was the worst of the worst.
  • First thing this morning was a knock on our door. It was the Confessor, who had come to get Tik. Lilithel was in labor. So I offered both of them a portal back to the clinic.
  • I stayed there for a bit. I guess not a lot was happening yet, so I talked to Lani for a while. I told her that Galandil was doing a bit better, and that Lilithel had already agreed to give us milk too, so we won’t have to worry about running out. We were discussing how much he still cries when there was a knock on her door.
  • It was a messenger from Silvermoon. I thought it was just regular mail until after she opened it, gasped and started crying.
  • The camp that our father was working at was hit by an infernal. As none of the structures were permanent, just tents and stuff, an infernal landing on them is a really bad thing. The message said that he was injured and had been taken to Dalaran. There, he was awaiting transfer to Silvermoon. It mentioned his condition was serious.
  • So after I read the note, I looked at Lani and I knew. She didn’t have to ask or say anything. I just said, ‘I’ll go get him’ and then I teleported to Dalaran.
  • I have to admit that going there after what happened a few years ago felt strange. I wasn’t there when it happened, but I have friends who were. But today I was on a mission. I had to find my father and get him transferred to the best care available, Lani’s clinic.
  • I realized at some point that I had neglected to tell Terellion that I was running off to Dalaran, but I figured there wasn’t really time to go back and tell him, besides, who would take care of Malwen, Narise and Galandil if both of us came here? At least Lani knew where I was, so it wasn’t like I had completely disappeared without telling anyone. I kept looking for my father.
  • I found him in one of the clinics. Things weren’t good. The healer taking care of him, I’m not even sure he was really a healer, maybe he was in training. Anyway, he was confused because I was there to get him. This was after I said I was Sanimir Lightmist and I was there to see my father, Isturon Lightmist. I didn’t want anyone giving me trouble over the fact our last names are different, so I just used my old name, just for him, and I still got questioned. I had to explain that he would get proper care, which was more than what they were doing, and that I was a mage and I didn’t have to wait days for one to show up and make a portal. Of course, my father was sedated, so I couldn’t just ask him to verify everything I was saying. Then they wanted paperwork done to prove a healer was there to care for him, but finally they let me make the portal and take him back to the clinic in the Ghostlands.
  • It wasn’t until I stepped through my portal back to Tranquillien that I thought about Keyalenn. His mother had been working at the same camp as my father. I made note of it, and filed it away to deal with later as I had to deal with Lani first.
  • She wanted to know what took me so long, then before I could even answer, she started asking me to get things. My father’s recipe for burn ointment is best made fresh and used right away. So when she started asking for the ingredients for it, I just got them. With that ointment and her healing, hopefully things will be okay.
  • About five minutes later, as I was helping her mix the ointment, I heard a baby cry from the other room. Lani left the room to check if Esladra had everything under control, and I guess she did because she came back fairly quickly. She told me it was a baby boy.
  • I finished helping her and left her to do her healing thing, while promising to come back later to visit and see how he was. Before I left, she asked me to let our siblings know. I said yes, but I wanted to scream no when it comes to one of them.
  • I decided that I would tell Nessna first. She was upset, but I told her that he was in town and that Lani was taking care of him.
  • Then I went to Vallindra’s place. I didn’t want to, but I did, for Lani and for my father. Vallindra invited me in, but there’s no way I’m going into her home. I told her what had happened while standing on her doorstep, ready to blink away at the slightest hint of trouble. She didn’t seem bothered by the news, but said she’d go visit the clinic because she hadn’t been feeling well lately anyways.
  • And I don’t like the bear people, but then I teleported there. No one could find Ara and I couldn’t stand around and wait all day so I left a message for her to let her know that our father had been injured and was at the clinic in the Ghostlands. I also let her know she’s welcome to stay at the school, if she wants to visit.
  • Then I teleported back to the estate, but not to the school. I was just outside of Keyalenn’s house. I knocked, and told him what had happened, but I didn’t know what happened with his mother. He just kind of looked at me and shook his head like he was in shock at the news. I told him he should check with his father to see if any messages about her arrived in Silvermoon, and that if she needed care, Lani is one of the best. Then when he still just stood there and shook his head, I made the portal for him and urged him to go find out for sure what had happened. He went. Loralinde followed.
  • I did go back to the school after that. I let Terellion know what had happened, and that I wanted to come tell him, but everything kept happening, and then I finally cried. However, chores were waiting, so I wiped my eyes and got to work. It doesn’t matter what happens. The chickens still need to be fed, and the hawkstriders still need to be cared for. I’m just glad it’s a weekend. I would have felt bad dumping all my classes on Des for a day.
  • After everything was done, I went back to the clinic to see how everything was. My father was still asleep. Lilithel’s baby is healthy. Oh, and Vallindra is pregnant, according to gossip I wasn’t supposed to hear and Lani will beat my ears if I say anything to anyone.
  • Before going home to help make supper, I went to Silvermoon and knocked on the Goldbrand’s estate door. Their butler answered, and even he looked upset. He knew who I was though and told me that Keyalenn’s mother was one of the ones who didn’t make it. I thanked him for letting me know and asked him to pass on my condolences.
  • Now I’m just sad and I want to cry again, but it’s time to cook.

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The Clinic

Tik breathed a quiet sigh of relief when Esladra finally let him in to see Lilithel. He wasn’t entirely sure what had happened, and no one made any effort to explain anything while he was waiting. He didn’t even know Lilithel had gone to the clinic in town until Magister Fairsong had informed him that she had asked for a portal, and asked for a message to be passed on to Tik to join her there. The Magister had about as much clue as Tik did, and he was dealing with his own crying baby. Rather than make him wait, and ask more questions, Tik quickly explained the lunch he was making to Terellion and Menissa, and took the portal that the Magister offered.

Things weren’t any clearer in town when he arrived. Lilithel was nowhere to be seen. Lani, Esladra and Isandri all seemed busy. They told him to sit and wait. So he did. He hoped each time one of them passed that they would explain something. Was everything okay? Was she having the baby now? But no one said anything. Even when Esladra came to the waiting room and told him that he could come in to see Lilithel now, nothing was explained to say what had happened.

Looking around the room, Tik saw no baby yet, and Lilithel definitely looked like she was still very pregnant. She lay on her side in the bed and offered him a tired smile.
He sat in the chair next to the bed and took her hand. “I was worried. No one told me what happened. Is everything okay?”

Lilithel nodded. “It is now. I was mucking out the stalls in the stable and had some pain, along with some faintness. Esladra says I need to spend the rest of the pregnancy here at the clinic and in bed. But I’m also slightly overdue, so thankfully, I don’t think I’ll be stuck here long.”

Tik frowned slightly. He had asked her to let the Magister find someone else to do the work in the stable with the animals, but she had refused. He had even offered to do it himself, but she had resorted to threatening to kick his ass if he even tried. Of course, pointing that out now wouldn’t help anything. “I’m just glad you’re both okay. No one told me anything about what was going on.”

“I’m not sure they know.”

“Are you feeling okay now?”

Lilithel nodded again. “The pain is gone. Lani thinks it was gas, but that wouldn’t explain why I almost fainted. Esladra wants me here just in case. Isandri and Esladra are going to be taking care of me this evening while Lani naps. She’s going to be making sure everything is okay at night.”

Tik frowned again. He was tempted to ask if he could stay as well, but Lilithel would say no to that, wouldn’t she? He supposed there was only one sure way to know. “Perhaps I could stay as well.”

Lilithel raised a brow. “And who will take the Magister his tea in the morning?”

“I suppose Terellion can do that.”

“And I suppose he’s going to make breakfast for everyone, start making lunch, clean, restock the reagents in the practice rooms, do laundry, take care of the garden, feed the hawkstriders and dragonhawks, muck out the stalls that I didn’t finish, and do everything else that you and I both do as well as the things he normally does?”

Tik nodded. She was right. There was too much work to expect Terellion to do it all. In fact, he was already worried that there would be no supper, only cake, at the school tonight because he wasn’t there to make it.

“You’re already thinking about all the things that could go horribly wrong without you there, aren’t you?” Lilithel grinned.

“You know me too well.”

“Go home tonight. Take care of them tomorrow. I’ll be fine here. Lani, Esladra and Isandri will take care of me, and I know they’ll send someone for you if there’s anything. Come visit during the evening, after supper. Maybe you can get someone to help with the dishes to make it faster.” Lilithel smiled.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?”

She nodded.

“Okay, but I do insist on staying a while longer before I go back. I spent all afternoon worried that something was wrong.”

Lilithel smiled and reached over to take his hand. “I’ll allow it.”

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Orledin’s Ranger Log

I asked for another night off. The Captain gave me a look like he wasn’t sure, but then he said yes. He didn’t ask why, which I guess is good, but I have a feeling that if I ask for another night too soon, he will. I don’t know if he’ll accept ‘Trying to get a boyfriend’ as a valid excuse for missing patrol.

That said, I might be asking for a night off again anyway. There’s something else I want to do depending how everything goes.

I got Leinath flowers. That weird night elf death knight with a living wife and kid said he killed orcs for for her. Four of them! I’m not sure I could take four orcs at once. I’m also not sure Leinath would like that, like ‘hey guy, I brought you some orc heads.’ I don’t think that’ll work. So anyway, I got him flowers.

They’re not just flowers. Well, some of them are, but they’re small and just to make the bouquet look really nice. They’re a special flower from the Broken Isles. They’re shaped a bit like tulips, but they’re orange with a bit of white sticking up out of the center, making them look like fox tails.

I hope he likes flowers, and isn’t allergic to flower pollen or anything.

None of this was recommended by the night elf. I spoke to his wife, or mate as he calls her, for a bit too. She seemed wary of me at first, and acted like I didn’t belong in the grove. I don’t know, if one death knight is there, why can’t another visit? Maybe it’s because I’m a blood elf, but then there were a bunch of tauren there, and sin’dorei are better than tauren. Elves don’t poop in bushes or snort through snouts.

It might have been because I wasn’t a druid, and they don’t allow bakers there, or something weird.
The one I went to see calls himself a druid, so I respected that. I think that might have been what convinced her to talk to me. She didn’t say to give Leinath flowers though, so I don’t know. I hope he’ll like them.

He’s been helping me in the kitchen with the baking lately. It’s really nice having him there. I’ll give him the flowers when he comes to help tonight.

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Aeramin’s Notes

  • Lyorri is two now. I managed to skip her actual birthday party, and dropped her gifts off while she was napping before the party. I’m mostly relieved I didn’t have to see her, but I also feel a little shitty about being relieved.
  • I did get the chance to have some punch and talk with Kes and Ordinicus. I’ll admit it’s been a while which isn’t the way I should be treating two of my best friends, but it’s complicated with Lyorri there. She’s starting to grow out of napping which makes it more difficult to predict when the best time to go there will be. I don’t care if she hates me, but I don’t want to deal with her hating me either, so I’d rather not see her at all.
  • My father has a problem with that, and I guess I understand his point of view a bit. Kind of. Not really. Or, well, not at all. I ran into him while leaving Kes and Ordinicus to get ready for their party. I guess he was going to the party. He thought I should stay, and got mad when I told him I couldn’t.
  • I told him I was busy, and I am. I’m being paid to do more research in the city, and I had to spend a little time on that before going to meet with Imralion and returning home. He said that if I cared a little more, I’d make time for her.
  • I should have held my tongue and let it go, but I’m not very good at that sometimes, so I asked him if he cared much when he was out drinking.
  • I don’t think we’re on speaking terms anymore. At least, not for now.
  • Which is a shame because I wanted to ask him for advice.
  • Luckily, I don’t HAVE to ask him. I did talk about it with Kes and Ordinicus before leaving. I also got a chance to ask Hethurin though it was a little strange talking to him about it.
  • I think Imralion was hinting at marriage the other day, and my immediate instinct was to panic and change the subject. I’ve been engaged before, more than once, and never married, so I think getting engaged is the scary part, not actual marriage. Im and I talked about it a little bit more, and neither of us know if things change or anything. We live together and I’m happy with him. I don’t want that to change.
  • Anyway, Kes said she felt more secure. She knows Ordinicus will always be there for her no matter what.
  • I guess I don’t really have that, but I’m not worried about him leaving me, not right now anyway.
  • He shouldn’t worry about me either.
  • But now I’m thinking about it, and the things they said about how it changes were all positive, and it’s nothing really different. Is there really a reason to say no? I guess if I’m afraid of being engaged, I could just ask him if we could get married as soon as possible. I don’t think we could be accused of rushing things. We’ve been together for four years now.
  • I hesitated asking Hethurin about it, and waited until we had already left for Shattrath for the week. There’s some history there that I didn’t really want to dredge up especially considering where we are, but I’m really good at not listening to myself so I asked him for his opinion on the matter anyway. As it turns out, it didn’t dredge up anything and he was suddenly excited about having another wedding. I told him to hold off on planning anything because Im and I really need to discuss it first. I was able to get some questions in. I asked if things change after the wedding, and he said he’s never felt happier, but then he was able to get through the engagement too.
  • I’ve been having classes in the house here instead of the library. I still don’t want to go to the library. The sitting room is perfect for a small class room. Imralion wasn’t able to get the week off so I’m here alone so the students aren’t in his way either.
  • I miss him. I did promise to teleport home a couple of nights this week to see him. I should do that soon. He’s about to be an uncle, so I don’t think he tried too hard to get the week off, which I understand. He wants to be there for his sister, and to meet his niece or nephew.

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Letter to Isturon

Dear Father,

Hello. I hope this letter finds you safe and well. Lanthiriel told me that you wrote, and that you’re doing okay, but you’re really busy. I was hoping things would be going faster, and that you’d either have more free time or be home already. I guess if they still need people, then you’re one of the best they could have. Still, I hope they let you leave soon as we all miss you.

Vaildor especially misses you on days when he has class at the art school in the city. He always mentions it when I go to make his portal home to Lani and Confessor Morthorn. I think he’s stalking your place at lunch time to see if you’re back yet, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s one of the first to know when you’re home.

Lani has arranged for him to have a portal from a mage in the city for this week though because it was time to take the students to Shattrath again. I think they all enjoy the trips here and it’s a good opportunity to read books that I don’t have in the school. I also always buy a few books to add to the library while I’m here. My library has really grown since I first moved to the Ghostlands, but more won’t hurt!

Malwen misses you more than Vaildor does. She told me to tell you that because she read what I wrote. She made a drawing that I’m sending with this letter. It’s of you reading a story to her. She also drew a dragon because, according to her, the story is about a dragon. Also she put a crown on her head because she’s really a princess and the dragon is nice to princesses. She didn’t explain what the green blob is because she got distracted by Terellion going to the market and she wanted to tag along.

I saved the biggest news for last. During the holiday, I asked Terellion for a very special gift. We went to pick one up, but we couldn’t find any of what we were looking for, so we put our names on the waiting list. A few days ago, I got a letter that one had been brought in, so we went to look. We brought home a two-day-old baby boy from the orphanage. His name is Galandil Fairsong, and he is beautiful even if he cries a lot. Esladra, Lani and Priest Haldeith Sunstone all looked at him before we came to Shattrath, but nothing is wrong. He just cries when he’s awake. I kind of understand. I like sleeping too.

Anyway, he’s really sweet, and his crying isn’t really loud.

We all love you and miss you, and hope you will be home soon!

– Hethurin

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Holiday Short Stories

(( I’ve been short on time since the school year started, but I really wanted to catch up on some characters for the holiday, so here’s a few short stories! ))

Malwen’s Diary

Dear Diary,

We had a really great holiday! Ann’da and Arcann’da gave me a really fancy doll. I have to keep it in my loft to make sure that Narise doesn’t get to it. She can’t climb up there yet.

There was a big party too, and everyone came to it. There was music and dancing and Tik made his really good food again. Ann’da says there’s spinach in it, but I don’t believe him because it tastes better than spinach. They’re called spinach rolls though, so maybe there’s a little spinach in them. Tik must use the good-tasting kind.

The day after the party, Ann’da and Arcann’da wanted to talk to me. They asked me if I would like to have a little brother! I like babies and I’m getting old enough to really help! They said they have to wait until a baby boy comes to one of the orphanages, but they have their name on the lists! I’m so excited!

Alinash’s Perch

A light snow fell around Alinash Brightblaze as sat between two chimneys on the roof across from the building he was watching. He shivered as he watched below. If the gate around the property hadn’t been enough, it was guarded as well. He was beginning to believe he’d never get his stupid trinket back. The guard rarely left his post, and never for a very long time.

What do they want with my bauble? He was angry he had left it out of his sight to begin with, but now it was in the hands of this rich woman whom he had only seen wear it once. Typical. She probably put it away and forgot about it already.

He frowned, and continued waiting to see if there would be an opportunity tonight.

Isturon’s Letter

Dear Lanthiriel,

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to write sooner. As you may have suspected, I’ve been quite busy tending the injured, and we are short on staff, so there is rarely a free moment. I only hope I have the time to finish this letter. You don’t know how many times I’ve started to write, only to stop, intending to come back to it later, but being so busy that I don’t get to sit down again until three days later.

The worst injuries were in the first few weeks, but for now the demons seem to be driven back. There is still a lot to do. They are driven back, but not gone. The tent here is far enough away that we aren’t in any immediate danger.

I believe I’ve met someone here who your brother may know. She says her son attended Fairsong Academy, and currently works there as a teaching assistant. She is one of the few healers we send out with a portal mage to stabilize and quickly transport the injured to us. I’m guessing she has less time to sit than I do, so if you could, let her son know that she is doing well.

Also, please let your siblings know that I am fine. I wish I could write to each of you individually, but already, I must get back to work.

Light bless,



Aeramin’s Letter


I’ve spent my late afternoons in the Spire doing the search through the records as you requested. I did not have much luck at first, but I think I may have found something that will interest you.

The first thing I found was a birth record from 38 years ago for a Thal’inas Blightblade. I figured I’d follow up on it, and found a missing person report three years after. I found no other records for Thal’inas.

So I looked up the parents. His father, Beluar Blightblade, was a common blacksmith. I found records indicating that he specialized in making metal frames for carriages. I also found a missing person report for him filed on the same day that his son’s was filed. Both were filed by the guard. Along with that, he is also wanted for questioning by the guard.

I looked up the mother, Cythril Daeras, after that. She was born to one of the lesser noble houses, but at the time of her marriage to Beluar, there were changes to her parent’s will, where she was written out of it. Yes, I checked. You’re not in line to inherit anything if you are Thal’inas, but you have one living cousin who survived the Scourge invasion, and she appears to be living modestly and without title in Eversong.

There was a death certificate for Lady Daeras. She died just before her son and husband went missing. The cause of death was listed as blunt trauma combined with blood loss.

I could do a search of the newspapers archived at the library, but it will take some time. I wouldn’t request more pay for the task as well.

– Aeramin

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A New Assignment

(( I’m still working through last year’s prompts. This one is to satisfy the one about a story on a boat, and happens just before my second novel, currently being written! ))

Abinar was dead, and it felt almost like a relief to Imralion, who, fresh out of his training to be an adahi had been assigned to the aging mage. Abinar had been assigned to a small town in central Naren, and although his post had been given to a younger mage ten years prior, Thril Gandir had given the permission for the older mage to remain there with his adahi. When his adahi passed of old age before him, Imralion was sent to be the mage’s new adahi for the rest of his years.

After the mage died, he had returned to Rathel. Now he already had a new assignment. Imralion glanced out the porthole next to the table he sat at in the mess deck next to the ship’s galley. The ship had started moving. He watched the dock pass out the window as his thoughts continued.

A relief. It wasn’t that the old mage wasn’t pleasant to be around. It was quite the contrary. Abinar had been full of stories, and never failed to share them, often joking as he told his tales. Imralion had often thought of him as the grandfather he had never had. At least, that’s how it had been at first. Over the past year, the mage’s condition had worsened. The last few months had been the hardest. The relief came from knowing the old mage was no longer in pain.

Imralion looked out over the waves as the ship began to drift away from the shore. He’d only been back for a little over a week before being called forth to receive a new assignment. He had been relieved to find out that he would have to meet this one in Thril Gandir. That meant there was a much better chance that this one was not elderly. He had been told little of the mage except his specialty was fire magic, a fairly dangerous magic which was not often allowed out of Thril Gandir, indicating to Imralion that his assignment must have the record of a saint. Furthering this belief was the fact that they weren’t being assigned to a certain town. They were on a free travel assignment, which basically meant that they could go anywhere at any time. Imralion had never heard of a fire specialized mage having free travel assignment before, and he hoped that meant the job would be an easy one of camaraderie rather than control. An adahi was trained not only to protect the mage they were assigned to, but to also protect other people from the mage. A fire specialized mage would be trickier to stop than say someone who’s specialty was wards, or conjuration.

He glanced out over the water out the porthole. The mainland was already fading in the distance. This time tomorrow, he would be traveling back with his mage.

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