Illness in Elenduil

Ellorian Melith’endre frowned as he looked down at the man in the bed. The elder Whitemarsh’s labored breathing and pallid look were not good signs. The winter illness was not going easy on the people of Elenduil, and medical supplies were running low not only from the high demand, but also because of a severely dry summer the previous year.

Nor was he the best healer. His magics were much stronger in arcane applications such as translocation, illusion, and ward weaving. He was especially good in unweaving wards, and felt that was part of the reason they had kept him in Thril Gandir so long, likely as a test to see if he was anything like his sister who had similar gifts and had tried to escape the mage city more than once. He wasn’t. He had the patience to wait for an adahi to be assigned to him. His father was relying on him to be able to inherit the province, and the people would depend on his leadership and protection some day.

For now they only depended on his healing gifts. He had learned the art of mixing herbs to supplement his healing magic. As half of his garden had wilted, and died in the dry heat of the past summer, he had very little to spare. He took a deep breath, clearing his mind and held his hand over the old man’s chest. He closed his eyes and whispered some words while imagining the congestion releasing. The old man coughed weakly.

He opened his eyes, glancing up towards the door where the man’s daughter stood. She had already lost her husband to the illness, though she had come through it fine. Her unborn child was still growing at a good rate as well.

Tough decisions had to be made this year. He went to his bag and took out one of the small glass bottles. It was a diluted solution. He saved the full-strength medication for the young, or a family’s only provider. It was unfair that her father was likely to die as her husband did, but she would live. He wished he could help the people of his father’s province more, but there was nothing more to be done. All the letters he had written were either unanswered or had been responded to with a letter of rejection in his request for help, and always for the same reason. Supplies were short elsewhere as well.

At least the diluted solution would give him some chance, though Ellorian felt it was being started too late. The illness had progressed too far, and in that case, not even the full-strength solution would be much help. He walked to the woman and placed the bottle in her hands. “Two tablespoons each day. One in the morning, one in the evening. You may need to use a dropper like you did with your husband.”

She frowned, “It’s the same thing?”

He nodded.

“It didn’t work for Dhiren.”

“It worked for you. I hope it works for him as well. I’ve done all I can.” He closed his bag, and started towards the front room of the small house.

She continued to frown, but nodded. “I hope so as well.”

“Send word to me at the castle if there’s any change. I have a long list of people to visit, but you know I make time for everyone.” He grabbed his cloak from the hook, and wrapped it around his shoulders.

She nodded silently as he headed out the door.

He didn’t glance back. It was hard enough knowing he was failing his people without seeing the hopelessness on their faces. He climbed into the carriage, and signaled the driver to take them to the next house on the list. He sighed as he leaned back in his seat.

His adahi, Rissa, sat opposite from him. She looked up from her book. “Not good, I assume.”

“No, not good. I don’t know how any of them will trust me after this. I’m supposed to be able to help them.”

“I think even the best healers are being challenged this winter, and you are helping some. I’m still here.”

Rissa had caught the illness fairly early on as well. As required, he had to notify Thril Gandir that his adahi was incapable of performing her duties, even if it was temporary. For the week that Rissa was in bed, they had sent an adahi to fill in. He was young, and Ellorian was sure he was freshly graduated from the training academy. He and Rissa had built up trust, and had an understanding. The new adahi had his head full of rules, and would not bend on any of them. Ellorian went along with it, though having an armed man in a patient’s bedroom was not his idea of a relaxing environment for the patient, or for him. He had been quite happy when Rissa was able to return to her duties.

He sighed again. “I just wish I could do more.”

“You’re doing your best with what you have. You can’t do more than that.”

He nodded. He supposed she was right about that. He turned his head to look out the window. Rissa looked down at her book again.

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Julan’s Ranger Log

Faeris’s parents came to visit. Luckily, we had warning, and we had plenty of time to clean up the cabin, not that it was dirty, but there were things all around that his parents probably shouldn’t see. So we had to put those all away in boxes, and we hid them under the bed.

I think the visit went well. I thought it was just going to be his father, but his mother came too. I made sure I was wearing good clothes that weren’t too tight and covered everything, and I think it was doubly impressing that they happened to arrive while I was practicing with my crossbow. I looked like a perfect, dedicated ranger. Well, I am a ranger, but it’s not all I think about all the time like some people, and that’s fine. I like having interests outside being a ranger.

Anyway, I looked like one of the people who only like being a ranger, which I think impressed them, so I decided to go with it. They asked me about my previous experience, and I couldn’t really tell them the truth so I said something about being with the Longwood unit in Eversong because I’m pretty sure they don’t know about ranger units.

They seemed satisfied with that. Faeris almost laughed because of the name I came up with. I decided I had to really watch what I said after that. I didn’t want him to start giggling when I was trying to be serious.

I’m a little worried that his parents will want to look up my parents. His father alone probably wouldn’t have thought to ask, but his mother was very nosy. She wanted to know who my parents were and what they did and all that. I kind of left out the part where I haven’t seen them in almost a century. I should have prepared ahead of time and had some fictional family made up who all died or something. Some average family too, not my snobby rich parents. They had me engaged when I was 20! Well, it was going to be a long engagement, but still. It was to a girl, and even back then, I knew. I had tried to tell them too, but I think that’s part of the reason they decided to set an engagement for me that early. Anyway, I want nothing to do with them because they can’t accept me for me.

I figured Faeris’s parents might be a bit the same way, though they seemed okay with me, so I hope they don’t try to get him to marry a girl. I won’t allow it!
Now I’m afraid his mother will try to talk to my parents or poke around too much and find out things I’d rather not have them know. I don’t want him to have problems with them. I’d rather they just leave us alone.

But there’s another fear too. If his parents poke around and my parents find out where I am, then they might want to see me. I let go of them a long time ago. I don’t want them back in my life. They couldn’t accept who I am, so I left and that’s that. They even had another son to replace me, so they shouldn’t even care now.

Anyway, the visit with Faeris’s parents wasn’t so bad. I kind of like them, and I think they liked me. Still, I’m glad it’s over.

This weekend is the Spring dance at the school. I think that will be fun. I can’t wait. We both had to get new things to wear, so we went to Silvermoon. We bought some more candles while we were there. I think they’re funny.

It’s kind of weird to think that a couple of years ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of having an actual steady boyfriend. I mean, I had friends that I slept with sometimes on a regular basis, and lots of repeat paying customers, but never a boyfriend. Even when Faeris and I started out together, it was more like we were just friends who had fun, but now it’s more. The longer I’m with him, the more right it feels to only be with him. And at the same time it’s weird because of all the problems with my parents and stuff, I don’t think I really knew what love was. I knew what friendship was, and while I love my friends, that’s different from romantic love.

I think I know now.

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The Dance

Fhorbach watched as the other male lucaja strutted back and forth in front of him. His wings outstretched as he turned around slowly. Of course, he wasn’t actually considering the proposition, not tonight. However, the other male was nice to look at all the same. Fhorbach continued to watch as he sat, making no move to give the other male any indication what he was thinking.

It was common in this dragon’s lair. His pets were solely male, as to prevent any accidents, though they were frequently bred with females in other lairs. Fhorbach’s owner didn’t want the responsibility of training the young and sorting their characteristics. The brand on Fhorbach’s thigh marked him as intelligent and strong, which were desired, but controlled traits.

Too many intelligent lucaja were seen as a threat as far as he could tell. He’d only met a few others, almost all female. There used to be another male in his dragon’s lair, but he had already been old when Fhorbach was bought and homed here. The dragon had taken the older male out only a few weeks after Fhorbach’s arrival. He did not return with him.

His mother was the one who had taught him the most. It was from her that he learned speech, both the lucaja words and the dragon words. She taught him the rules he must obey, and how to write the dragon’s script using ink and a loose feather. He remembered how upset he had been when they took him away from her. She had told him to be strong and obey his new owner. He had, so far. He had heard of some lucaja being used as messengers between the other dragon clans. There were the ones to the southeast and the others to the northeast. He had never been asked to take messages, but he was sure he could. He was strong and smart.

He also wondered at times if there were lucaja settlements outside the mountain lairs of the dragons. If there were, he had never heard of them. However, he assumed they wouldn’t be something they would be allowed to speak of, not to mention, the most conversation he had was with his owner, who often asked for stories of what the others did while he was gone during the day. If his owner knew of lucaja settlements, it was highly doubtful he would say anything about them.

He turned his attention away from his thoughts, and back to the male performing the mating dance in front of him. He rarely had to do such things for the females. It was easier just to talk to them a little beforehand. They both knew what was expected of them, and it was nice to learn a little of what the other liked before starting. His mother had taught him to always respect the females he was put with. He knew the mating dance was another way of doing the same thing. Lacking words, the male in front of him had to express himself in other means, and Fhorbach got the message. The other male eyed him expectantly while continuing his dance.

Fhorbach frowned and tapped a talon on the floor in irritation, and turned to the side. From the corner of his eye, he saw the feathered wings of the other male droop in rejection, but moments later, he began to walk towards another, outstretching his wings as he drew closer, and stepped into another dance.

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Felarius’s Journal

It’s been a weird day. I guess I should start at the beginning. I woke up, showered and got dressed, and everything about that was normal. I’m the only one in the attic rooms so I basically have a bathroom all to myself which is nice because I never have to wait for it.

Anyway, I went downstairs, and that was my first surprise of the day. We had a whole big breakfast prepared for us. There were pancakes and eggs and even bacon! When I took my plates to the kitchen, I found out why. Tik is back.

I stayed and talked to him a bit longer than I usually do. Normally, I talk to him a little bit because I always go to rinse my plate after I finish eating. Some people don’t. They just leave their dishes there for someone else to pick up, which I don’t think is right, but I guess that’s what they’ve learned to do.

Anyway, we weren’t alone. He had his baby with him in a basket with a blanket. A couple of the other students were already fawning over the baby, so I didn’t get to get very close. Tik said that the baby’s name is Ker’alith, and he’s going to have him at the school everyday. I guess Lilithel is back to work in the stable already. I would have thought it was too soon, but Tik said that Esladra told her that if she felt up to returning to work, then it was fine. Tik seemed confused about it too, but he just shrugged and continued working.

The baby is really cute and quiet, but it’s hard to tell because I think he was sleeping.

Anyway, I had to go to class after that. I still have to take general classes, and I go to those every morning. That part of my day was normal. Vaildor was there today. He only has general classes part-time too because he goes to art school in the city, but he alternates days. He and Kiandris like to goof off sometimes and make Miss Lali mad. I remember I did that too at their age. I guess when you get older, you get more sensible about learning. I mean, I realized that I didn’t want to end up working on the docks for the rest of my life just because my father knows people there. I was already doing it part-time, and I know that if I had stayed there, I would have eventually moved to full-time. I always wanted more, and was always interested in magic, so I’m really grateful for this chance to study what I really want to do.

After my general studies, which was mostly math – yuck, we had lunch. Lunch was so good with Tik back. It was just sandwiches and broccoli soup, but it was amazing sandwiches and broccoli soup. Lunch was really good, but nothing really happened.

I went to my arcane class after, and that was boring because there was a test. It took a long time. I think I passed it, but there were some really hard questions that I think I missed.

After that, I went to my private lesson. It was fire today. Sometimes, it’s Magistrix Mae who teaches it, but usually Magister Firewind does. Luckily, it was Magister Firewind today, which is good because I had been wanting to talk to him, but then I hesitated and figured after the lesson was over would be a better time to ask. He made me go through all the usual exercises with an existing flame. We use a candle for that, and I do different shapes and change the color and size of the flame and stuff like that. After that, we worked on conjuring fire. I’m not very good at it yet, but I did manage to light the candle twice. It was brief both times because the flame was too small to stay lit, but still I did it. He thinks I’m doing well.

He always asks about how things are, not just with my studies, but with my family, and how I’m getting along with the other students and stuff like that. I told him that I wrote home and suggested to my sister that she should apply here. Even if the headmaster didn’t let her bring our father, she still earn more because someone wouldn’t be taking most of it from her. Then she could send enough home to father to help him. Magister Firewind thought it could be a good idea, but she’d have to be careful and possibly change some behaviors. I asked him what he meant, and he told me about Julan and how he had some difficulty adjusting to his new life. I don’t think my sister is that bad, not that what Julan does is bad. I mean I’m not judging him or anyone who has to do that sort of work. Anyway, I asked if he had difficulty adjusting. He said it wasn’t as much of an issue for him because it was more gradual. He was still working like that while he was studying in Dalaran so that he could pay for his room and his apprenticeship! He said that’s why Irael and I are here for free, so that we, as serious students, won’t have to worry about how we’re going to pay for learning.

Then I remembered that I wanted to ask him about the books that I got from Shattrath. I didn’t tell him that I already checked them out, but I told him that I saw them and I wanted to know if it was allowed to check them out. Um, I think he knew somehow that I wasn’t being entirely honest. He started asking which books so I described them a bit, but stuck to size and color and stuff. Then he started asking for titles, and said he needed to know so that he could check with the headmaster. I was kind of asking him to avoid asking the headmaster, so I guess that might have shown in my face, because then he asked if I had already read them.

I figured if I was already in trouble, I could minimize it by being honest, so I told him that I had borrowed three of the books and had looked through them all.

Then he started asking if I had tried anything in them or drawn any circles. I haven’t! Then he asked me to get the books and bring them back to the practice room.

I hurried up to my room and got them. I thought about just running away and going back to the city, but that would be the same as being kicked out of school, so I decided instead that it would be better to wait and see if I didn’t get kicked out.

I took the books back to the practice room where Magister Firewind was waiting, and he wasn’t alone. Magister Fairsong was there now too. They had been talking , but both turned to look at me when I came into the room. I had only heard Magister Fairsong telling Magister Firewind that there was a reason he had asked him to teach.

I didn’t have much time to think about what that meant. Magister Firewind asked to see the books so I handed them over.

He flipped through the first one and called it garbage as he tossed it aside. The other two, he looked at and called ‘suitable’. I was confused about what was suitable about them, but again, I had no time to think about it because Magister Firewind started asking questions.

He wanted to know if I craved power, or if I wanted control over something in my life and that’s why I wanted to learn. I said no because that’s not it at all. I just thought that using demons against demons could be effective if they ever came here.

He kind of smiled really briefly and then he got really serious-looking and looked right at me. It was kind of scary, but he said, and I quote, “Felarius, are you sure you are interested in learning these things?”

I glanced at Magister Fairsong, but he wasn’t looking at me. He was frowning at the books and his ears twitched.

I looked back at Magister Firewind and that’s when it kind of all came together in my head. He was knowledgeable enough to judge the content of the books I had borrowed. He wasn’t asking if I wanted to learn so that they would have a reason to kick me out. He was asking if I wanted to learn from him.

I nodded.

He started to tell me that there would be strict rules in place, but Magister Fairsong interrupted with probably the most important rule. I’m to never, ever, ever practice any of what I learn of fel magic and summoning at the school or on the school grounds. Ever. And if I’m caught doing so, it will result in immediate expulsion for the school with no chance of return. So I think that sounds pretty serious. He said the books and any notes I take will need to be kept where Magister Firewind chooses to teach me, which he reiterated would not be at the school. I’m not to keep anything related to it in my practice room or room or anywhere at the school.

Another rule that seemed pretty important, but set by Magister Firewind is that I can’t tell anyone at all. I can’t tell my family or my friends or anyone.

After they went over the rules with me, and Magister Fairsong left, Magister Firewind told me to meet me in his office tomorrow after classes, and he would take me for my first lesson.

I’m a bit nervous about that because he mentioned it would be at his house and the guy he’s with is really big, and I don’t want to bother him just because I need to go there to study. Maybe there’s another place I could go for reading or something. I’ll have to ask tomorrow.

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Alinash’s Night Out

Alinash frowned as he heard the murmured voices in the room next door. He couldn’t make out what they were saying. He never could, nor did he really want to, but it sounded like they were already enjoying themselves. His long ears laid back as he got up and started getting dressed again. The less he had to hear of ‘that’, the better.

Idiot boy. They don’t care about you. Syrina’s voice. Another memory. He wished he could forget. Laughter next door reminded him that staying in Harrier’s room any longer tonight was not going to make things any better. He had tried to stay, once. After a sleepless night of constant nightmares, anxiety, and pitiful sobbing, he had vowed never to put himself through that again. He pulled his laces tight on his boots and opened the window.

He climbed out, scaling his way up to the roof easily. There, he headed west over the roofs of the connected buildings. He wasn’t sure where he would go tonight. Harrier had urged him to give up on retrieving his stupid bauble, so he wound up wandering aimlessly in the opposite direction of the house he had been watching for all this time.

He did have to talk himself out of going to watch the house some more. After all, watching wasn’t going in, nor would he see his opening to go in if he wasn’t there to watch. Things won’t be any different tonight than they ever are. Always the guard. He reasoned with himself as he climbed up to one of the higher roofs in the district. But not in back. He stopped and looked back in the direction of the house. No. Keep going. Go see Star.

Star. He hadn’t planned it, but he was relatively close to where she worked. His ear twitched. He didn’t want to. Her touch would remind him of the touch he didn’t have, he wasn’t allowed to have, tonight. Someone else was experiencing that right now. You could go see her to talk. His ear twitched again at the thought. As if whores ever had any good advice. But then Star was older than most of the whores Alinash knew, and he had gone to her before, sometimes just to talk. She was the only person in Stormwind outside of the people he live with who knew him well enough that he could remove his hat in her presence. His ear twitch again, almost dislodging his hat. He pressed it further down on his head, and climbed down the alley side of one of the buildings. He pulled the brim of his hat a bit lower as he walked into the street and across to another building.

He’d been here before, and though it had been a while, he knew the routine. He sat at the bar, far enough away from others who were also sitting there, having a drink. He did his best to look unapproachable and waited for the barmaid.

“What can I get ya, hon?” a woman on the plump side asked as she walked towards him on the other side of the bar. The Madame, though if anyone important asked, she was just a barmaid.

Alinash leaned forward, keeping his voice low, “Is Star busy?”

“She just went upstairs, love.” The woman replied just as quietly. “Perhaps you’d be interested in Basil or Clover instead? They’re both free right now.”

Alinash shook his head, “No, that’s okay. I’ll wait.”

“Can I get you something to drink then?”

“Sure, a dwarven stout would be good.”

The woman smiled and served his drink.

Five dwarven stouts later, Alinash decided he had enough. Star was obviously too busy for him, and he was at the point where his fingers and toes were tingling. He stumbled out the door, and leaned against the wall he was supposed to climb. What are you going to do? Climb up and pass out on a roof? You’ll be picked up by the griffin patrols first thing in the morning. He frowned deeply. He couldn’t very well pass out in an alley either, and guards took much more notice of individual people at night, especially ones who couldn’t walk in a straight line. Walking home on the street was out of the question. He had to climb up.

Getting up on the roof proved to be less of a problem than he thought it would be. Staying upright once he was on top was problematic. He stumbled more than once as he crossed over the partitions that raised up between the buildings. He frowned in frustration. He couldn’t stay up on the rooftops for the rest of the night. He could go home, but he dismissed that idea rather quickly. Never again.

Fifteen minutes later, he found himself at the spot on the roof where he had spent many nights with an excellent view of the house he believed his bauble to be in. He hadn’t planned it, but here he was.

Five minutes after that, he had made his way to the other side, where he had a view of the courtyard behind the house. He shrugged to himself. Nothing to lose. He started scaling down the wall into the courtyard. He lost his footing near the bottom and dropped, less than gracefully, onto the cobblestone below. That’s going to leave a bruise. He picked himself up, and steadied himself against the wall. Maybe this was a bad idea. He bent over and threw up. A very bad idea. He suddenly felt like going home and crawling into bed to go to sleep. He glanced up at the back door of the house. He was so close. His bauble was inside. How could he give up now? He stood up straight, letting another wave of nausea pass before he stumbled towards the door.

He peeked inside first, the clear glass window of the door offering an unobstructed view of the kitchen. It appeared to be empty. The houses residents and servants must all be to bed at this hour. Except the guard in front.

He put his hand on the door knob and turned it. Locked. I hate locked doors. He pulled his hat up for just a second. Only long enough to pull one of the hair pins that held back some of the loose stands of his long blond hair out. After pushing his hat back into place, he bent the pin and inserted it into the keyhole. It took him twice as long as it normally would as he fumbled with the lock, almost dropping the hairpin more than once, but finally he heard the click. Success. He turned the knob and slowly opened the door.

He crept into the kitchen, slowly closing the door behind himself. What now? He frowned. He hadn’t thought this far ahead. His bauble wouldn’t be in the kitchen at any rate. In a bedroom probably. He frowned even more at that thought. The people who lived here were most likely in their bedrooms at this time. Idiot child. What did you expect? He shook his head trying to rid himself of Syrina’s words. As he did he lost his balance and fell to the side, bumping one of the kitchen counters. He struggled to regain his balance, and managed to dislodge a neatly stacked pile of cooking pans, sending them crashing to the floor.

Not your stealthiest move. He scampered to a hiding place in case someone came to investigate the noise, squeezing himself between the end of the cabinets and shelf unit.

He waited, and it wasn’t long before he heard footsteps on the staircase. They padded softly and slowly. Then silence for a few more moments before a floorboard creaked. Who ever it was, they were getting closer.

Alinash held his breath. Light flooded the kitchen as a conjured orb glowed in the center. Shit. A mage.

“Come out! Show yourself!” A woman’s voice called out.

Alinash stayed where he was.

“Look, you should probably show yourself now before I get the guards to find you. You don’t want the guards to find you. They’re much less understanding.”

Alinash remained in his hiding place, but the adrenaline had stirred up a new wave of nausea. Just make it until she leaves to fetch the guard. Then slip out the back door and scale up the wall. You can go home and be safe. He had barely finished the thought when he retched and lost what was left of his stomach contents.

“Ugh. Wonderful. What did you do? Drink canal water?”

Shit. He pressed his hat down as far as it would go, and prepared to bolt. Before he could move, the mage said a word and ice cracked out along the floor. His feet froze in place. He reached for his dagger, catching himself with his other hand as he almost fell over again. The moment his hand touched the floor, the ice formed around it, and left him with just one free hand. He left it resting on his dagger, but did not move any further. The woman was walking again. He lowered his head, making sure not to look up and show her his eyes.

“There you are. You made a mess on my kitchen floor. Why are you here?”

Before Alinash could even decide if he was going to answer or not, his hat was lifted swiftly off his head.

“Look at me when…”


“Well, what do we have here? An elf? Look at me, elf.”

He was already beaten. There was no use denying it at this point. He looked up, hoping his green eyes would somehow be overlooked.

The woman smirked. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. Look, return to Silvermoon and tell my father that I’m still not interested. Understand?”

Return to Silvermoon? What would a human be doing there? Then again, he was in Stormwind, so he could hardly point fingers.

“Do you understand?”

Alinash nodded, “Okay.” Leaving the building alive and free sounded good. Following her instruction to go back to Silvermoon sounded optional, and not something she’d follow up on anyway.

She tossed his hat back at him and stepped back while the ice disappeared. “Good. Go.”

He wasted no time in following that order. He shoved his hat back over his ears and dashed out the door. He quickly scaled up the wall and started heading back home. Maybe it would be best to pass out in bed for the rest of the night.


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Hethurin’s Notes

  • Things have been crazy at the school lately. At least, for me they are, and today was especially bad. I’m trying to keep things as normal as possible for the students. Lilithel had to go to the clinic in town last week, and she’s been staying there since. Tik has asked to leave early every day to go see her. He could have asked for the days off and I would have still said yes.
  • He insists he needs to be here at least part of the time. I told him that was fine before the baby is born, but a new father needs some time off. Babies are a lot of work.
  • Especially Galandil, and unfortunately, I can’t take time off. I’m kind of glad he isn’t twins. We would have taken twins if they had them, but I think we’ll have to talk about it more before adopting more in the future. Galandil’s first weeks were frustrating. I thought I was doing something wrong with him. He wouldn’t stop crying. I thought maybe he hated us for some reason. I guess it’s silly to think a baby would hate anyone, especially the people taking care of him. It wasn’t hard to believe at the time though. He cried every minute he was awake. Sometimes it was just constant screaming. I’ve never heard a baby cry like that before. Narise hardly ever cried when she was so little, and when she did, it was just a little cry to get our attention. She would stop crying when she got what she was looking for. Galandil didn’t, and it was so intense. I knew something was wrong.
  • Lani and Esladra couldn’t find anything wrong with him at first. Finally, Terellion took him to see them again because I think they were getting tired of seeing me, and Lani suggested it could be his milk. He did lose a little more weight than what is normal before they start gaining. She also said it could be his mother was addicted to something and he got addicted too, before he was born. I hoped it wasn’t that, and I think it wasn’t. Lin has been giving us milk, and we’ve cut goat’s milk out of his diet for now. He seems to cry less now, but still more than Narise ever did.
  • We do have a new hire, Irael’s mother has come from the city to work here. I’m very happy to be able to offer her a job, and I will make sure she has her own place built in the spring, which will be soon. Unfortunately, I think I would have to hire five people to do all the work that Tik and Lilithel both do. Terellion helps take care of the animals and I’m the one making sure the stable is clean. I’m also helping with supper, and washing the dishes afterwards. For now, Irael’s mother is doing the laundry. Tik was able to show her some of the other things that need to be done before today.
  • Oh today, it was the worst of the worst.
  • First thing this morning was a knock on our door. It was the Confessor, who had come to get Tik. Lilithel was in labor. So I offered both of them a portal back to the clinic.
  • I stayed there for a bit. I guess not a lot was happening yet, so I talked to Lani for a while. I told her that Galandil was doing a bit better, and that Lilithel had already agreed to give us milk too, so we won’t have to worry about running out. We were discussing how much he still cries when there was a knock on her door.
  • It was a messenger from Silvermoon. I thought it was just regular mail until after she opened it, gasped and started crying.
  • The camp that our father was working at was hit by an infernal. As none of the structures were permanent, just tents and stuff, an infernal landing on them is a really bad thing. The message said that he was injured and had been taken to Dalaran. There, he was awaiting transfer to Silvermoon. It mentioned his condition was serious.
  • So after I read the note, I looked at Lani and I knew. She didn’t have to ask or say anything. I just said, ‘I’ll go get him’ and then I teleported to Dalaran.
  • I have to admit that going there after what happened a few years ago felt strange. I wasn’t there when it happened, but I have friends who were. But today I was on a mission. I had to find my father and get him transferred to the best care available, Lani’s clinic.
  • I realized at some point that I had neglected to tell Terellion that I was running off to Dalaran, but I figured there wasn’t really time to go back and tell him, besides, who would take care of Malwen, Narise and Galandil if both of us came here? At least Lani knew where I was, so it wasn’t like I had completely disappeared without telling anyone. I kept looking for my father.
  • I found him in one of the clinics. Things weren’t good. The healer taking care of him, I’m not even sure he was really a healer, maybe he was in training. Anyway, he was confused because I was there to get him. This was after I said I was Sanimir Lightmist and I was there to see my father, Isturon Lightmist. I didn’t want anyone giving me trouble over the fact our last names are different, so I just used my old name, just for him, and I still got questioned. I had to explain that he would get proper care, which was more than what they were doing, and that I was a mage and I didn’t have to wait days for one to show up and make a portal. Of course, my father was sedated, so I couldn’t just ask him to verify everything I was saying. Then they wanted paperwork done to prove a healer was there to care for him, but finally they let me make the portal and take him back to the clinic in the Ghostlands.
  • It wasn’t until I stepped through my portal back to Tranquillien that I thought about Keyalenn. His mother had been working at the same camp as my father. I made note of it, and filed it away to deal with later as I had to deal with Lani first.
  • She wanted to know what took me so long, then before I could even answer, she started asking me to get things. My father’s recipe for burn ointment is best made fresh and used right away. So when she started asking for the ingredients for it, I just got them. With that ointment and her healing, hopefully things will be okay.
  • About five minutes later, as I was helping her mix the ointment, I heard a baby cry from the other room. Lani left the room to check if Esladra had everything under control, and I guess she did because she came back fairly quickly. She told me it was a baby boy.
  • I finished helping her and left her to do her healing thing, while promising to come back later to visit and see how he was. Before I left, she asked me to let our siblings know. I said yes, but I wanted to scream no when it comes to one of them.
  • I decided that I would tell Nessna first. She was upset, but I told her that he was in town and that Lani was taking care of him.
  • Then I went to Vallindra’s place. I didn’t want to, but I did, for Lani and for my father. Vallindra invited me in, but there’s no way I’m going into her home. I told her what had happened while standing on her doorstep, ready to blink away at the slightest hint of trouble. She didn’t seem bothered by the news, but said she’d go visit the clinic because she hadn’t been feeling well lately anyways.
  • And I don’t like the bear people, but then I teleported there. No one could find Ara and I couldn’t stand around and wait all day so I left a message for her to let her know that our father had been injured and was at the clinic in the Ghostlands. I also let her know she’s welcome to stay at the school, if she wants to visit.
  • Then I teleported back to the estate, but not to the school. I was just outside of Keyalenn’s house. I knocked, and told him what had happened, but I didn’t know what happened with his mother. He just kind of looked at me and shook his head like he was in shock at the news. I told him he should check with his father to see if any messages about her arrived in Silvermoon, and that if she needed care, Lani is one of the best. Then when he still just stood there and shook his head, I made the portal for him and urged him to go find out for sure what had happened. He went. Loralinde followed.
  • I did go back to the school after that. I let Terellion know what had happened, and that I wanted to come tell him, but everything kept happening, and then I finally cried. However, chores were waiting, so I wiped my eyes and got to work. It doesn’t matter what happens. The chickens still need to be fed, and the hawkstriders still need to be cared for. I’m just glad it’s a weekend. I would have felt bad dumping all my classes on Des for a day.
  • After everything was done, I went back to the clinic to see how everything was. My father was still asleep. Lilithel’s baby is healthy. Oh, and Vallindra is pregnant, according to gossip I wasn’t supposed to hear and Lani will beat my ears if I say anything to anyone.
  • Before going home to help make supper, I went to Silvermoon and knocked on the Goldbrand’s estate door. Their butler answered, and even he looked upset. He knew who I was though and told me that Keyalenn’s mother was one of the ones who didn’t make it. I thanked him for letting me know and asked him to pass on my condolences.
  • Now I’m just sad and I want to cry again, but it’s time to cook.

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The Clinic

Tik breathed a quiet sigh of relief when Esladra finally let him in to see Lilithel. He wasn’t entirely sure what had happened, and no one made any effort to explain anything while he was waiting. He didn’t even know Lilithel had gone to the clinic in town until Magister Fairsong had informed him that she had asked for a portal, and asked for a message to be passed on to Tik to join her there. The Magister had about as much clue as Tik did, and he was dealing with his own crying baby. Rather than make him wait, and ask more questions, Tik quickly explained the lunch he was making to Terellion and Menissa, and took the portal that the Magister offered.

Things weren’t any clearer in town when he arrived. Lilithel was nowhere to be seen. Lani, Esladra and Isandri all seemed busy. They told him to sit and wait. So he did. He hoped each time one of them passed that they would explain something. Was everything okay? Was she having the baby now? But no one said anything. Even when Esladra came to the waiting room and told him that he could come in to see Lilithel now, nothing was explained to say what had happened.

Looking around the room, Tik saw no baby yet, and Lilithel definitely looked like she was still very pregnant. She lay on her side in the bed and offered him a tired smile.
He sat in the chair next to the bed and took her hand. “I was worried. No one told me what happened. Is everything okay?”

Lilithel nodded. “It is now. I was mucking out the stalls in the stable and had some pain, along with some faintness. Esladra says I need to spend the rest of the pregnancy here at the clinic and in bed. But I’m also slightly overdue, so thankfully, I don’t think I’ll be stuck here long.”

Tik frowned slightly. He had asked her to let the Magister find someone else to do the work in the stable with the animals, but she had refused. He had even offered to do it himself, but she had resorted to threatening to kick his ass if he even tried. Of course, pointing that out now wouldn’t help anything. “I’m just glad you’re both okay. No one told me anything about what was going on.”

“I’m not sure they know.”

“Are you feeling okay now?”

Lilithel nodded again. “The pain is gone. Lani thinks it was gas, but that wouldn’t explain why I almost fainted. Esladra wants me here just in case. Isandri and Esladra are going to be taking care of me this evening while Lani naps. She’s going to be making sure everything is okay at night.”

Tik frowned again. He was tempted to ask if he could stay as well, but Lilithel would say no to that, wouldn’t she? He supposed there was only one sure way to know. “Perhaps I could stay as well.”

Lilithel raised a brow. “And who will take the Magister his tea in the morning?”

“I suppose Terellion can do that.”

“And I suppose he’s going to make breakfast for everyone, start making lunch, clean, restock the reagents in the practice rooms, do laundry, take care of the garden, feed the hawkstriders and dragonhawks, muck out the stalls that I didn’t finish, and do everything else that you and I both do as well as the things he normally does?”

Tik nodded. She was right. There was too much work to expect Terellion to do it all. In fact, he was already worried that there would be no supper, only cake, at the school tonight because he wasn’t there to make it.

“You’re already thinking about all the things that could go horribly wrong without you there, aren’t you?” Lilithel grinned.

“You know me too well.”

“Go home tonight. Take care of them tomorrow. I’ll be fine here. Lani, Esladra and Isandri will take care of me, and I know they’ll send someone for you if there’s anything. Come visit during the evening, after supper. Maybe you can get someone to help with the dishes to make it faster.” Lilithel smiled.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?”

She nodded.

“Okay, but I do insist on staying a while longer before I go back. I spent all afternoon worried that something was wrong.”

Lilithel smiled and reached over to take his hand. “I’ll allow it.”

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