A Letter to Sath’alor

Captain Sath’alor Silverdawn,

I have made my inquiries here at the Ebon Hold, and as I suspected, the missing death knight has passed through here, which makes him a lot less missing. The case is closed for us as we know where he is, but as I promised, I am sending along the information.

I spoke with one of the people in charge of where we send our death knights, and found that he was sent to Northrend to aid in clearing the Nerubian tunnels. Despite the fact that much of the Scourge has been dealt with in Northrend on the surface, there are still those underground to deal with. He was sent to a town in the western part of Dragonblight, near one of the main entrances to the Nerubian tunnels. I expect he’s already been sent down below, due to the fact that I was told that he claimed to have expertise with spiders.

I have also given notice that I would like to join your rangers. Is there anything I need to do on your end? I am required to finish a couple of investigations here before I am allowed to leave.

  • Salenicus

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A Month of Art

Over on tumblr, I spent the last month posting sketches of my characters. I decided I should lump them all up here too.

Lyorri Firewind

Lyorri Firewind

Hethurin Fairsong

Hethurin Fairsong

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Hethurin’s Notes

  • Things have been going well. We had a day at the school where prospective students could come visit with their parents and that went really well. So far, we have four new students since the fall session started, and another should be in contact in a few days, hopefully. The parents wanted time to decide in the last student’s case, and so I’m giving them until the end of the month. Honestly, I’d accept them after, but I won’t hold the spot for them after that so it’ll be first come first serve.
  • There’s still a lot of space left anyway. Vyn and Sal moved to the new building so the attic rooms are empty, and I would like to get students in those again. Keyalenn, Xarola, and Loralinde all went to the new buildings too, so that cleared out a few rooms on the second floor, which means I have guest rooms again. Desdeyliri, Zalindri and Lhoris all stayed here in the rooms they’ve had since first coming here.
  • With the new students, there’s two rooms left in the women’s new building, one in the men’s and then just the attic rooms here which I would like to be filled by either two girls or two boys. It will probably wind up being boys because the boy’s building is almost full already.
  • One of the new boys, Kindroth, knows Keyalenn. They used to go to school together in Silvermoon. I guess Keyalenn recommended the school to him. Maybe the other students will recommend it to their friends too.
  • The classes are going well. The new students are settling in nicely, and a couple of them are interested in specializing in arcane. The students who were here before are all doing well too. Raleth tells me that Keyalenn is doing very well and should be ready for his testing soon, which is great! We’ll have our second graduate! Des is doing very well also, and she doesn’t have much left to learn either. Some of the newer students aren’t sure what they want to specialize in yet, and that’s okay too. Sometimes even those that do know wind up changing their minds later on. I think Lhoris has finally found his specialty too, as Aeramin has asked to schedule extra private lessons with him.
  • The builders will have a small break for winter. I think Sath’alor wants them in the spring to build more cabins. They did a wonderful job with Malwen’s room. They added a private bathroom for her, and over it, she has a doll loft. When Narise is old enough, we’ll move her into the room next to Malwen’s and have it renovated to be similar to her sister’s room with her own bathroom and loft area. That will be a few years though. She’s still so tiny, but Esladra said she could start eating some pureed food. She has grown a lot since we adopted her. I still carry her around a lot during the day. She likes going to the lessons with me, and I give her milk while I’m working in my office. Ter says I hog her, but he hogs Malwen. He says that while laughing though, so I don’t think he’s mad about it. Malwen’s always following him around when she’s not working on her lessons. Lali gives her homework, and Ter will sit with her and help. She doesn’t need much help. She’s very smart! She likes to help him with the baking and the gardening too.
  • I signed her up for a class in Silvermoon. It’s a class for sewing for girls. I made sure to ask if there would be other girls her age there, and I was assured that there would be. There’s no one out here at her age, so I thought she might like to have some friends. Maybe she’ll be able to make some in the sewing class. It’s every weekend in the morning. Terellion has been going with her, though he waits outside or does some shopping and things while she’s in the class.
  • Speaking of classes in Silvermoon, Vaildor is still going to the art school, and I have to make portals for him twice a week so he can get there. I found out that he’s been seeing father at lunch while he’s there. He hasn’t even written to ask how I’m doing since the wedding! Well, okay, he wrote once, but that’s nothing like seeing someone twice a week. I invited him to the mask party. I hope he can make it.
  • The mask party is going to be so great this year! Malwen is really excited, and Ter is making spooky cake. I don’t think Narise cares much yet, but she’s going to be a pea pod. Malwen won’t tell me what she and Terellion are going to be. Ter won’t tell me either. I’m just going to wear a regular fancy mask with feathers on it, which is probably boring, but it’s enough for me. Besides, I want something that’s easy to take off so that Narise will recognize me.
  • Xyliah was by the other day and she mentioned that she and Berwick are going to leave after the holiday. I have an idea to get them something, though Renner probably won’t approve. I don’t see how it would change anything though, so I’ll just do it without asking him.

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The Ruins Revisited

Julan hadn’t seen him leave, and no one else had. They all had been too busy eating to notice. It wasn’t until Kavia got up and took some of the empty plates to the kitchen that the note was found. They had already discussed when they had last seen Orledin, and had decided it was when he brought the bread out to them. Now they were figuring out what to do next. The Captain wasn’t at the building yet, but should be soon. There was some talk about waiting for him. Someone else suggested a search party going out for him right away, while others waited to tell the Captain. There were two missing rangers in the same morning. Julan put his boots on and slipped out the door, taking care not to be noticed by the others.”

He started heading into the forest when he heard a voice behind him.

“Julan! Wait, where are you going?”

He turned to face the elf running towards him, Perothis. He was the youngest of the rangers, evidenced by the fact that his parents still sent a package for him once a month with cookies and useful things like mittens, scarves, combs and toothbrushes. Julan had never had anyone who cared enough about him to do something like that, and whenever a new package arrived, he started wondering what it was like. He always decided, rather quickly, that it must be annoying, and went on to think about something else.

“Nowhere.” Julan lied in response to Perothis’s question.

“You’re going somewhere. We have a recruit missing, and Orledin is gone. We don’t need you to disappear as well.”

“I’m not disappearing. I’m just checking something.”

“What are you checking?”

Julan paused, trying to come up with something good. “The trees.”

“The trees? What’s wrong with the trees?”


“Then why do they need to be checked?”

Julan shrugged.

“Look, you shouldn’t go alone. I’ll go with you.”

“You can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’ll look at your butt or something, and that makes everyone uncomfortable.”

Perothis looked at him and grinned, “If you do, I’ll tell Des and she’ll turn you into a sheep.”

“I don’t want to be a sheep.”

“Then don’t look at my butt or anything.”

“I have a better idea. You could stay here.”

“You’re not really going to check the trees. There’s nothing wrong with the trees. You’re doing something else, and you better tell me what, or I’ll go tell the others.”

Julan paused again. Trees wasn’t a good answer the first time, but trees were the only thing around. He supposed it wouldn’t hurt to tell him the truth. “Look, if I tell you, you have to promise not to tell anyone else, and it’s not because it’s my secret. It’s someone else’s, and I’m very discreet. I don’t tell the secrets of others, but since you’ve caught me, I’ll tell you. You have to promise not to tell the others.”

Perothis regarded him with suspicion. “Is it a bad secret?”

“No, it’s not good or bad, it’s just someone else’s.”

Perothis took a moment to think about it before nodding, “I won’t tell.”

“Okay. Follow me.” Julan began to lead Perothis through the forest. He had learned early on in his life that it was always a good idea to pay attention to landmarks, direction, and distance. He had been slightly drunk when he had come this way before, but he paid even more attention to those kinds of details then. Previous to becoming a ranger, it was mostly useful for getting out of a crowded Murder Row slum, or occasionally, a client would want to take him to a part of the city he wasn’t familiar with. Once he had one ask him to Eversong, which was the furthest he had been from Murder Row in his life, before coming out here. Knowing how to get back home was important. Clients rarely cared about getting him home after their needs were taken care of.

“So where are we going?”

“Some troll ruins. Orledin had some things in some of the huts he fixed up. Maybe he’s there. I don’t know how many people know about it. The path isn’t very visible, and it’s not near any of our routes. I’d rather have him mad at me for telling everyone, so keep it quiet.”

“Oh. If he’s there, he won’t be mad at me, will he?”

Julan shrugged, “I’ve never seen him mad, have you?”


“I hope he won’t be then. He has the troll huts fixed up really nice and has a place to sit and read, and he puts together bones in the others.”

Perothis nodded, “Is that where the reanimated raptor is? I want to see it.”

Julan stopped walking. Of all the things he could forget, how could he forget that? “Maybe this isn’t a good idea.”

“Orledin might be there. We have to check!”

“It might be there too.”

“So, he has control over it, right?”

Julan twitched an ear, “I guess.” He continued walking again, though a bit more cautiously than before.

Soon, they reached a clearing. They passed the troll huts that were nearly reclaimed by the forest and headed to the ones near the river. Julan warily walked around one of them to the entrance. He glanced inside. Sheets covered the skeletons that Orledin had been wiring together. He saw no sign of the death knight.

“Check the other hut while I check this one over here.”

Perothis nodded and headed towards the third hut, while Julan went around to the entrance on the second. It had been covered by a leather flap. He raised it, and peeked inside. Again, there was no sign of the elf. The cot that Julan had slept on that night was in this room. Julan walked into the hut trying not to think about what had happened that night. He failed as his mind wandered. It hadn’t been bad really, but the thought of it still grossed him out.


He heard Perothis call from the other side of the third hut. He had been trying to be quiet as to not attract the attention of any reanimated skeletons. Perothis apparently didn’t have such fears. Julan quickly left the second hut to join him.

“Look.” Perothis pointed at the ground.

The third hut was the closest to the river. Julan looked at the ground, but it was all mud around this area due to the frequent autumn rain. He looked at Perothis wondering why he had been so excited about mud.

“Don’t you see? Look.” Perothis knelt down closer and then Julan saw it. There were some strange markings in the mud. No, not markings. Those were tracks. Bone tracks. Raptor bone tracks.

“Are those fresh?”

“It rained last night. They have to be, but look over here. See, there’s elf boot tracks too.”

Julan followed him, nodding as he pointed out the other tracks. “He was here then. We could just follow the tracks, right?”

“Well, normally we could follow them until he got to drier ground, but that’s the other thing. They stop down there closer to the river.”

“What do you mean they stop?”

Perothis shrugged, “They just do, go look for yourself.”

Julan followed the tracks down the bank of the river to find the younger elf was right. The tracks just stopped though there was plenty of mud to make more. He looked back up the bank at Perothis. “We need to tell the Captain.”

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The Recruit

I’ve frightened another one off. That was Orledin’s first thought upon hearing the news as he placed a plate of croissants on the table at breakfast. The others were discussing it. He quickly retreated back to the kitchen. Did they know that he was the last one to speak to the newest recruit? Of course, he wasn’t a recruit now. He was gone, quit after his first day. Orledin frowned. Had the captain received the news yet? Would he investigate and find out that Orledin had been the last to see him? How long would it be before the others found out?

He peeked out of the kitchen to the others eating in the other room. Ty was not with them yet, and he had been the one who had left Orledin alone with the new recruit. That must mean that no one knew yet, or perhaps he was in the Captain’s office, discussing it with him now. When the Captain found out, would he want him to move to a cabin sooner? Except there were no extra cabins right now. He’d have to stay outside, like Hernester, or maybe he’d be asked to stay off the ranger grounds completely. He frowned again, moving away from the door. He didn’t want to stay in the woods. He sliced the bread, which was still warm, but had cooled enough.

He had lied to the elf the night before. He had told him that he felt accepted here. It was the truth in that he had when he first came here, but as time went on, he felt that acceptance lessen. The lack of acceptance came mostly during the past couple of weeks. Things had happened that he couldn’t take back, and that just made things worse. A reminder of what he was stayed in the troll ruins. The animated bones of the raptor obeyed his every word, and he had been just in time to save it from wounding, or possibly killing, Julan.

And of course, that ruined his chance of having a boyfriend, and turned Julan against him. Julan refused to see it as Orledin saving him, and instead continued to claim he had tried to kill him with a ‘bone monster’.

He transferred the bread to another plate, and twitched an ear. He knew what he had to do. Any lingering doubt faded when he took the bread to the table. Julan had barely glanced at him, but scrunched his nose up as he looked away. Nothing needed to be said. He wasn’t wanted here.

He hurried back to the kitchen and quickly penned a note.

Please take care of Pancat. He can’t follow where I’m going.

He paused before signing his name. He wasn’t quite sure where he was going, but it wouldn’t be anywhere around here. It would be unfair of him to make Pancat leave his home. Hopefully the others would take care of the small grey cat for him.

He left it on the counter and headed to the men’s quarters. He didn’t have much, and a lot of what he did have was actually for Pancat. He did have some spare clothes, and he wanted those. He stuffed them into a bag which he tossed on his back before sneaking out the door.

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The Raptor

Orledin Bloodlance hurried back to his work space near the river. The three old troll huts had almost fallen into a state of disrepair when he found them and started fixing them up in his free time. Though he usually didn’t head straight here after patrol, this morning he had two reasons he had to. The first reason was probably still asleep in one of the huts. The second reason was in his satchel.

Patrol had went well. It was quiet, as it was most nights. Sorrowmoss didn’t say anything about his disappearance at the party the evening before, which was good. Maybe no one noticed. While they made their way along the route, Orledin was always on the lookout for bones to add to his collection, and tonight he had found some. He was unsure what animal they were from, but he put them in the satchel he always carried with him and continued on with the patrol.

Upon returning to the huts after patrol, he decided to inspect the bones more closely first. It was still very early morning and the sun had not yet risen. Julan would still be sleeping. He went into the largest hut, the one with the raptor skeleton that he had put together. Though some of the bones were from different raptors, the majority had been from one. The others had been a similar size, and so the skeleton was complete. This morning, Orledin left it covered and sat at a work bench he had set up next to it. He lit a couple of candles for light, and then took the bones out of his satchel. He set them carefully on the desk where he could inspect them closer. He could tell that two of them were from a spine, and another piece looked to be from a foot or hand of something. Sometimes he could tell just by looking, but for those that he couldn’t identify, he had another trick he could use. As a death knight, he had the ability to raise a ghoul, or two, or a whole ghoul army if he wanted, out of any assortment of bones. He didn’t want to, but part of the process of raising a ghoul was identifying the bones and placing them in ways that made sense for the ghoul’s movement. He had found through practice that he could easily identify bones using just that part of his necromantic powers as a death knight. He cupped one of the vertebra in his hands and concentrated. An image of the full skeleton came to his mind. It was a bat, one of the big ones, but still on the small side compared to some of the ones he saw around the area. He was sure the second vertebra was from the same bat, so he picked up the smaller bone and cupped it in his hand. He began to concentrate again, when he heard a yell.


What was happening? Why was he yelling? Orledin dropped the bone and started to get up, the necromantic energies still swirling around his hands. He stumbled over his bench, falling flat on the ground. He began to get up when he noticed something move in front of him. It was the sheet. Worse, it was the sheet covering the raptor. It’s large claw on its boney foot clicked on the ground.

“Oh shit.”

The raptor appeared not to hear him, and the sheet still covered it. It wandered out the door towards the hut the yelling was coming from. Orledin could only make out a few words, ‘abandoned to trolls’ was one small phrase he caught, but he had bigger things to worry about right now. He followed the raptor towards the other hut, whispering expletives as he hurried after it.

The raptor didn’t seem to need to be able to see to find the entrance to the hut with Julan in it. Julan’s yells turned into a blood-curdling scream.

Orledin rushed inside and shouted, “No! Stop!”

The raptor stopped, just inches from Julan. The sheet had fallen off its head, but remained draped over its back. Julan’s screaming changed to sobbing. The raptor didn’t move.

“Please get it away from me.” Julan remained curled up on the bed in the corner.

Orledin frowned as he looked at the raptor. It had listened to him once. Did that mean he had control over it? He decided to try another simple command. He stepped just outside the hut. “Raptor, come here.”

The raptor obeyed.

“Raptor, stay.”

He left the raptor outside and went back in to check on Julan.

“Get away from me!” Julan yelled. He was mostly dressed, but appeared to be looking for one sock.

“Julan. It was a mistake. I’m so-”

“Didn’t you hear me? Leave me alone! I’ll find my way back, just stay away and keep that thing far from me too!”

Orledin’s ears drooped. He frowned and nodded as he turned and went out the door.

“Raptor, follow.” He had to find a safe place to put the raptor until he could report in with the Captain about what had happened.

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The Ruins

“Where are we going?”

Orledin Bloodlance looked at the elf who had just started to follow him away from the ranger’s building. “I know a place. It’ll be safe, and we’ll be alone.”

Julan continued following, “Yes, but where?” His speech was ever so slightly slurred. Orledin had no doubt he had spiked his last glass of cider, the one he had chugged while Orledin was quickly tidying up the kitchen and putting things away, just as he had done with his previous glasses.

(( Putting the rest below the more tag as it’s NSFW ))

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