Sunashe’s Log

Things aren’t going so well. Lin didn’t know if she wants to be with me or not anymore. I asked her because she seemed so unhappy with me, and thought she’d laugh and say no, but she said she didn’t know instead. I’m kind of glad she told me before the ball. It would have been much worse, and very embarrassing, to find out with all those people around.

She hates Blinky. I guess she’s jealous of him or something. I thought she understood that I needed to train him. I do spend a lot of time on that. He’s not like a cat or a dragonhawk. He needs more time to learn a command. If I don’t train him, I’ll just have a useless lizard. I offered to get rid of him and get a pre-trained dragonhawk like most rangers do when they want an animal companion. She said no. I thought it was special because we went together to get the lizard and the moth. I guess it wasn’t so great for her.

I tried talking to the others about it. I even told the Captain and Ty about the ring. I had gone into the city yesterday morning to cancel the order, but they had it done already. Since I had paid in advance to have it ready on the day of the ball, and it was already done, I just wound up taking it back to the Ghostlands. I carried it around while cleaning out the spider cave. It only made me feel worse.

I spoke with Arancon about it first. Even though he’s about 100 years older than me, we’ve become good friends. He told me that women say crazy things sometimes, and I should just forget about it. He thought I should have went camping with her when she asked. From what he’s said about his Maena, I think she might have actually been crazy. Well, I guess she was for sure towards the end, but I think she might have been earlier too. Anyway, I’ve already tried to forget it, but her words keep echoing in my head. I don’t know.

Over and over.

I couldn’t keep the ring. Every time I thought about it being in my pocket, I just heard her say she didn’t know again. I showed it to the Captain and Ty, then I threw it in the river near the ranger building. I didn’t want it around me anymore to remind me that everything was definitely not as great as I had thought it was.

It seems no one understands how I feel. I kept trying to talk about it with Ty and the Captain, but they only seemed concerned that I try to make Linarelle happy. As if I haven’t been trying the past half year. I thought things were going great, and that was shattered when she said she didn’t know. Anything I said about me being upset seemed to be ignored.

She didn’t try to talk to me all day yesterday, not even to help train Blinky. She’ll be happy without me.

I left early this morning. There’s really no point in waiting for her to decide she doesn’t want me. She was there before me, and I figured I should go before things get awkward. I asked the Captain to put in a transfer request for me to Eversong, but I’m pretty sure that request wouldn’t have ever been sent, so I threw my stuff in my bag while it was still dark out, and went to the school. I waited outside for a bit while it got lighter. It was nice watching the sunrise at the sea. I knocked when I was sure someone was awake to answer the door. The butler answered and took me to the mage who was eating breakfast in the kitchen. I asked for a portal to Shattrath, and told him I didn’t need a portal back. He asked if I was sure, so I told him I had things to do, and didn’t know when I’d be ready to come back. He told me I’d probably be able to find a mage for a portal home at the library. I nodded. He made the portal and now I’m here.

I had Blinky with me so my first concern was finding him a new home. He probably wouldn’t be able to survive on his own now. I wasn’t sure where to start looking for an animal caretaker so I just wandered around the Lower City for a bit. I didn’t see anything there so I started heading back to the Scryer’s Tier to inquire about getting a room at the inn for the night. I hadn’t reached the elevator when a draenei with a large moth walked by me. The moth fluttered beside him, evenly matching his moving speed. I approached him and asked him about the moth in my poorly spoken common. I was lucky he understood. He said he trained it on his own, and that he has a stable of animals at his home. I asked him if he had ever trained a warpstalker, and showed him Blinky. He was impressed how I had taught him to follow without a leash at his age. Then I told him I needed to find a new home for him, and he agreed to take him.

I don’t know what’s next. I’m staying here for the night, then I’ll probably go off and explore or something. Hopefully I’ll find something that can occupy my mind so that I can let her go. Something to make me forget what she said, and what I thought I had.

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Arancon’s Log

Things have been going fairly well. The winters here in the Ghostlands are much colder than they are in Silvermoon. Luckily, the ranger building was built with that in mind. I only freeze while on patrol. The scar hurts more in the cold, so that slowed me down a bit, but then there were some days where everything was covered in ice, which slowed Sunashe down more with his prosthetic leg, so it evened out. I think both of us are happy that it’s starting to warm up a bit.

I’m keeping busy most days. It’s kind of funny. Sunashe and I are good friends, and when he started pursuing a relationship with Linarelle, I was worried I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to, no one to distract me when I needed it most. I was worried that I’d be alone and I know there’s wine here. I feared that I’d start drinking again. Then a miracle happened. I became a grandfather. My granddaughter has stolen my heart and that’s helped my resolve not to drink. Of course things are complicated. They usually are when they involve my son. He blames me for everything that’s ever gone wrong for him, and maybe there’s a little truth in it. I wasn’t a very good father, but then again, so far, neither is he. I wish I could go back and do things differently, but then I wonder if it really would have helped. Maybe things would be worse. I can’t let myself dwell on it though. There’s nothing to do to change it now. I can only move forward.

I’m going to do my best for Lyorri, and I’m going to try to do my best for Aeramin. I’m not sure there’s much left to salvage to build a relationship on with him, but I know that he cares, even if he’ll never say it. He came to check on me now and then, and he helped me move out here, which is something I’m extremely grateful for. I met the rangers, and found support to quit drinking. Without his help, I’d still be drunk in Silvermoon. He’s also come to see me a few times, though usually it is to yell at me. I let him yell. He’s angry, and I don’t blame him. If he needs to yell, then he can yell. I’m here for him now whether he realizes it or not.

Last night, Orledin had made extra bread. I get along well with him now too. I think he was scared of me at first because he knew me before, and I knew him before as he was seeing my son. I didn’t like him so much back then as he showed up right after Aeramin and a really nice girl broke off an engagement. It was pretty easy to figure out what had happened.

Anyway, there was extra bread and he gave it to me to give to the people raising Lyorri. I took it when I visited. She’s growing so fast. It makes me want to visit more often so I don’t miss anything! She’s smiling now, and rolling over. It won’t be long before she’s able to sit up on her own. The people raising her are good people, and I can tell they love her. Kestrae is very protective of her, and watches me constantly while I’m there. Ordinicus is a little more relaxed. I gave them a couple of the loaves of bread.

I decided to take the last loaf to Aeramin. I usually avoid visiting him. I don’t want to force it. At this point, I think it’s better if he comes to me. However, Orledin makes some really good bread, so I thought he might like it, as long as I didn’t mention where it was from. Perhaps it was fortunate that he wasn’t there when I arrived. Imralion was though. He let me in. I gave him the bread and we talked a bit. I haven’t really spoken much to Linarelle about what’s going on with them, but I have heard through Sunashe. I guess they’ve sent someone to research the records and find out who their parents are. Their father was a noble who had an affair, and they’re the result of that affair. Their mother was paid to keep quiet, and they were placed with the Matron. Their father died, but they don’t know about their mother as she stopped appearing in the records after that, most likely she changed her name. Aeramin needs to get better at talking with Im, as I got the feeling that they hadn’t discussed it very much. Of course, he wasn’t there, so I listened and talked to him.

Kestrae showed up shortly after me, which was odd because we thought he might be visiting Lyorri. He did come home eventually, but I don’t know where he was. He asked me to leave almost as soon as he was in the door. I imagine he told Imralion and Kestrae, but he wanted me to leave, so I left.

I hope Imralion and Linarelle have news about their mother soon. It must be awful not knowing.

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Hethurin’s Notes

  • I’m sick. I really hate being sick because it means I can’t teach, and I want to teach. I had to cancel classes for yesterday and today because Terellion thinks I have a fever, and he’s probably right because I feel miserable. I keep going between feeling like I’m freezing and feeling like I’m burning up. I keep sneezing, and it aches everywhere, so I have to stay in bed.
  • It sucks a lot.
  • We have a new student, though I haven’t been able to teach her yet. Terellion said she needs something to hold her books because she can’t. She didn’t say anything to me about it when I met her, which was before I got sick. She had to go back to Silvermoon to get her things, then I got sick, and now she’s back with the books I recommended and everything. She has Maerista’s old room.
  • She’s interested in chronomancy too, so I’m hoping Renner can meet her soon so he can tell me what he thinks. Not everyone who is interested in learning chronomancy should learn chronomancy, but from what I know about her, I think she’ll be an excellent student.
  • That means more trips. Terellion wants to come. I didn’t say no. I want him there. I love him, but at the same time, I’ve been really sad lately. I just don’t understand. I mean, I’m pretty sure he loves me, and I love him, so I don’t know. I keep wondering what’s wrong with me. There must be something, or it wouldn’t matter.
  • And that’s how I wound up sitting outside in the cold rain. I mean, that and he keeps talking about babies. It really upsets me because if he doesn’t want to marry me until we’re older, I’m going to be too old to adopt one by then. I guess I’m a bit jealous of everyone who has one now because I’ll never have one, and him talking about them all the time isn’t helping at all.
  • I hate being in bed all the time. I have grades to get in so the school can stay on the list. Terellion told me that Aeramin agreed to stay late and do them so that I could get some rest. I don’t want anymore rest, but I feel horrible too, so I guess maybe I need it. I’m just worried about Aeramin touching the arcane grades at all because I’m completely sure he doesn’t know what he’s doing with arcane!
  • Tik said I broke the bell I use to call him to the room. I don’t know if he’s just saying that or if it’s really broken. I hope he gets it fixed soon if it is. What am I going to do when I need something?
  • I guess I should get some rest again because it hurts everywhere. I’d like some of that nice relaxing tea, but I can’t get it because the bell is broken, so I guess I’ll just sleep. Maybe the bell will be fixed by the time I wake up.

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Sorran’s Journal

I can’t wait to take the next set of trainee’s out of the city. Unfortunately, they’re still all working on hitting dummies correctly, so I’m stuck in the city until they master a few key skills. They’re not ready for practice in the field yet, so I can’t take them out. Of course, my superiors know I’m here, and keep calling me in for all sorts of trivial matters.

For instance, last night, I had to appear at a Tribunal concerning a wayward initiate and her chosen ‘mentor’. Of course, it came out there was a relationship involved. I don’t know why that surprises people so. It happens all the time. I was not as concerned about that, as I was over determining whether a dishonorably discharged Knight-Master is a suitable mentor at all for an initiate. It seems his discharge came easily from those who disliked him for other reasons, as if they had simply waited for the opportunity and sprung upon it when it arose. He had declined the initiate’s requests until after meeting her. He stated that the relationship started later, after he had accepted to mentor her. I did not ask how long, as I merely wanted to know that he changed his mind based on her skills as a blood knight initiate. We had to vote on a few points, none of which mattered as in the end, she resigned. Figures. I don’t know why they had to waste my time with that if she was just going to end up quitting. Shame really. I could have found a cheap whore, and made much better use of my time. Unfortunately, by the time it ended, I was expected to be home.

And that’s the other half of my hell. Family. The wife is a shrill nag. I pretend I can’t get it up at all. She wants me to see a priest now about it. Maybe if the priest can make her shut up for more than five minutes, I’d like her enough to consider it. I doubt it though. I honestly haven’t even tried since our wedding night, but now mother is asking when I’ll have a grandchild for her. I think she’s still hoping Raleth will bring his by, but he hasn’t even brought his wife to visit. The child is over two years old now. I don’t think we’ll ever see it, and I think that’s why she’s putting pressure on me again.

When this group of trainees is ready for some practice in the field, I think I’ll purposely fail them a few times just so we get to spend more time away from the city. They need to learn to deal with failure, and realize they don’t know everything anyway. That lesson for them might as well come with its benefits for me.

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Xyliah’s Log

We’ve been in the Ghostlands all winter. It’s probably not the best place to spend a winter, especially this winter. It’s been really cold, and there was even some snow for a bit. We did spend the colder nights in rooms at the school, so we didn’t freeze at least. We were able to keep each other warm enough the rest of the time.

It’s warmed up a little now and Berwick has been talking about what we’re doing next. I mean, I wanted to stay here for a bit to be kind of close to family, but now he’s thinking about buying a house out here. I suppose it would be nice to have a place to come back to, and a place to store things. That’s not to mention our own place to sleep when it’s cold. At the same time, I really enjoy the trips, and I can’t help but think we’ll go fewer places if we buy a house. I guess we’ll see.

If we do get a permanent home, the Ghostlands is a good place. Yara has moved out here and joined the rangers. She seems to be getting on well with them. I guess I’m still a little angry that Nessna remarried so quickly, and she married the ranger captain out here. Didn’t Vessen mean anything to her? I’m glad Yara is getting along with her well. I’ve followed their patrol at a distance a few times. I’m hesitant about it, but if we move here, I would go ask if I could help out part-time. Maybe if I got to know the captain, and Nessna, better, then maybe I’d feel less bitter about it. Plus I’m sure they won’t turn down another ranger’s help.

I should make a trip to Silvermoon soon. We could probably use some supplies, and I need to stop by to see my father soon.

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Hethurin’s Notes

  • We’re preparing for the spring ball, which is funny because I know Terellion said it was too early to plan much while we were on our trip, but as soon as we get back, it’s suddenly time to start talking about it. I don’t understand him sometimes. It was the same day, kind of. Anyway, we’re planning now. I’m kind of not very interested in planning it. I guess I’m sad a bit, but I’m trying not to be. I just don’t want anyone asking me about color schemes or what kind of food to make.
  • The part I still love doing is the music. You have to play each part once through to enchant it to play back, and at the end, you have a whole bunch of enchanted instruments that will play each part along with the others. I went to Silvermoon to find some new sheet music because I think it would be nice to have a few new songs. While my music education did include composition, I wasn’t that good at it, so I think it’s best that I leave writing the music to other people. I have a little help this year doing the enchantment too. I caught Keyalenn playing the piano near the front entrance a few weeks ago, and he’s actually pretty good, and has had a music education similar to mine with multiple instruments. He’s also in Theronil’s enchanting class, so it will be good practice as the spells used have their roots in both enchantment and other useful arcane spells. I offered it as a way for him to gain extra credit if he helped. He has agreed to do it, so we’ll work on that during his private lesson time.
  • While I was in Silvermoon getting the sheet music, I decided to go to the library, and found out they were having a book sale on old books. I looked through the magic ones first and I found some workbooks for arcane theory to give to the students to let them work from. There were also a bunch of text books that weren’t too much out of date. I’ll still be able to use most of them anyway. I found one for myself about chronomancy, though the spells in it do not appear to have roots in the Bronze Flight, but it will be good to study from, and who knows? Maybe I will find something useful in it. I also found a book full of funny spells like ‘flatulence aura’, and ‘create mustard elemental in a dragon shape’. It’s an entertaining book to say the least. There’s also a spell for turning milk into candy in it, which is interesting. I wonder if I can get it to work with chicken?
  • I had my last long trip with Terellion during the goblin holiday. We went for two weeks to the place Aeramin had mentioned taking Imralion to. It was really expensive. I didn’t want to run into him and Im, so Terellion and I went in another time, which is really handy as we can go for two weeks, but really only be gone a few seconds. It was really nice there. We didn’t have to leave the room for anything, but we did to walk on the beach and stuff. It’s probably not the very last long trip, but I talked to him while we were there. I feel really guilty about making him older for nothing. I didn’t tell him that because that’s too close to mentioning why we were trying to make him older, and I don’t want to get into that again. I’ve felt rejected enough! I do think it helps with the continuity of lessons and things going on at home. It’s easier to live there if I’m actually there, if that makes sense. Anyway, that’s what I told him, and I think he was a little sad. We do still take trips every day, but they’re only for a day or two, so it’s not like our time alone is gone. He’s just not aging a year in a month anymore. I do think it’s helped a lot with the lessons, and I’m more able to keep to my plan and I’m more patient with the students.
  • While we were on our trip, I avoided too much conversation about babies. He keeps bringing them up! He wants to get one, which would be great, if I knew it was really ours and no one would take it away. I told him the first time he brought it up that they don’t allow people to adopt if they’re not married. I think it’s to prove you can provide a family for the child, and they like papers to back it up. He started talking about getting someone to give us one they didn’t want, but what if they change their mind? I don’t want to go through getting attached to one only to have it taken away. I’m not pressuring him to get married though, so I can’t say anything. He keeps bringing up babies anyway, so I keep trying to change the subject. It’s like he’s trying to torment me with the fact we’re not married!
  • Anyway, that’s upsetting and I want to think about other things.
  • I talked to the rangers about sending out information about the school for younger students here to all of the estates. I’m having some papers printed for it so they can just drop them off at each inhabited home. So far, our only student is Vaildor, and I know he can’t possibly be the only kid between 5 and 50 out here. Hopefully the rangers will be able to help us reach more so they at least know there’s a school here, and that it’s free.
  • I also put up new flyers to find another apprentice mage. Maerista’s old room is still empty, well usually. One of the rangers wanted to stay there instead of a tent for the holiday, and now Mae is actually back in it because she had her baby here at the school. Zaeris, her baby, is really cute, but I’m sad to see babies right now. I just have to accept that the only kids I’ll have are my students. I have to get better at accepting that it’ll be fifty years or whatever before he thinks he’s old enough to get married, and maybe I’ll be too old to raise a baby then. I’m working on just forgetting about it. It’s not easy when he keeps bringing up babies.
  • I’m thinking about it again. I should work on my lesson plan instead.

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Gaelardrim’s Log

Zaeris is here. It’s finally sinking in that I’m really a father. The past week has felt a bit surreal, like it wasn’t really happening, but I knew it really was. I guess that doesn’t make much sense. Anyway, I’ve spent much of the past week making sure Maerista has everything she needs. I made a couple of trips home to get some things, but we’re staying at the school for a bit. She was here when labor started, and I was out on patrol. I knew it was a good idea to make sure she was around people who could help get the priestess if she needed! We’ll probably be going back home soon. I am a bit worried about leaving her and Zaeris alone to go on patrol. What if something happens while I’m not there? I suppose we’re close enough to the school that she can get help quickly, and soon, she’ll go back to work there anyway.

I’m trying not to worry too much. He’s so tiny though, and he and Maerista mean everything to me. I’ve gone through losing everyone who ever meant anything to me before. I don’t think I’d make it through losing them, so I worry about that. I know things are safe here for now, and it eases my mind some to know that I’m helping to make sure that things stay safe for everyone.

I’m really glad I stayed to be a ranger out in the Ghostlands. I kind of agreed on a whim. I was planning to help with the rebuilding here, which I still have a little, but I’ve found it quite rewarding to know that the work of the rangers is what allows the rebuilding to happen. I’ve made some great friends with the rangers, and I feel like this is my place, like I belong there and I’m part of the team.

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