Malwen’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Last night, Arcann’da and I stayed with my aunt and uncle, Lani and Morthorn, in Tranquillien. It was different staying in town because my bed was smaller, and I had to share a room with Arcann’da. There were two small beds in the room, but I don’t think one was bigger than the other. If it was, I would have let him have it because I don’t think he slept very well. I woke up once during the night and he was awake. He said everything was okay, and that I should go back to sleep, but when we visited his friends in the little house at the bottom of the hill before coming here, he kept saying he was nervous, so I think it’s that! This morning I told him not to worry and that Ann’da and Mr. Tik are going to take care of everything at home. I think he needed to hear it because he hugged me and said thanks.

I can’t wait to see the garden! It’s going to be beautiful! Ann’da has been working on it all summer, and Miss Lilithel has been helping when she isn’t at the stable. I’ve been helping too, but I know most of the decorations must be going up this morning. Ann’da has been working on things for the cake too. It’s going to be the most amazing cake anyone has ever seen! I’m really excited.

Today has been going really well so far. The tailors from Silvermoon are here. My dress fits perfect. There was also a flower delivery and everyone has flowers now. The guy with the flowers had more that he had to deliver directly to the school. Oh, and there’s another guy here doing everyone’s hair! He put mine up, and gave me little curls along the side. I got to look in the mirror, and I really like it! Arcann’da said he didn’t want his hair too different, but he had a couple of braids put in, and on the end of his braids, he got a gold thing with a gem hanging off it. Then after his hair was done, he had to try on the robe. There weren’t many adjustments to do, but he insisted they fix the one sleeve. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. His robe is so pretty. He looks like a princess, or maybe a king because he’s a boy.

Vaildor and Aeramin are also going to be in the wedding and they get to ride in the carriage with us. Arcann’da is going to make a portal so that my aunt and uncle and little cousin can get there on time. They had to get changed too and have their hair done. Aeramin hates his because it’s pulled back in a braid. I don’t know why he hates braids, but he does! Vaildor had some curls done too, so his is more like mine. They have matching robes that kind of look like Arcann’da’s robe, but less fancy. Renner, one of the students, was here earlier to get his robe, but he had to go back to the school because there’s supposed to be guys with swords there. This is so exciting!

The carriage is here, and there’s six beautiful hawkstriders with it. I think they have extra feathers on their straps for the carriage because I’ve never seen hawkstriders with so many feathers before. We’re just waiting for the right time now. I already ate, but Lani is trying to get Arcann’da to eat a little more because he didn’t have much breakfast.

I can’t wait to arrive to the party!

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Julan’s Log

I’ve done it. I’ve left Murder Row. Of course, I have more reason now than ever before. Not that I didn’t have good reasons before, it’s just more relevant to my continued survival now. There have been some murders there recently that seem to be targeted towards the male workers there. At least, that’s what the others and myself were able to put together. Unfortunately, there’s rarely any investigation into these things in the Row. They just send someone to pick up the body, then it’s over. A lot of times they’re slow about coming to get the body, so more than enough people see the evidence. This time, there was enough to put together that the murders are connected.

I was lucky because an old friend, Aeramin, hired me to dance for a party. He used to work the Row as well, so I knew he would understand, and with him not on the Row now, and a mage on top of that, I figured he might have some ideas about where I could work. I explained everything to him when he came to make the portal to the party location, and he said he would see what he could do.

He found a job for me with the rangers! I couldn’t believe it when he told me I had to meet the ranger captain. I’ve never held a bow before in my life! I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity, but there’s a lot of training to do. I met with the captain, and I was able to start staying there immediately.

There are two other guys staying in the men’s quarters. Well, three, but one doesn’t really count because he’s a death knight and doesn’t sleep. I’m doing my best to make friends here, but I guess they don’t like it when I flirt with them. I find it really difficult to not flirt with guys. It’s just what I’ve always done, and it worked out well for me before. But yet, here, it’s different. I didn’t even mean anything by it, but the one ranger instructor does have a nice butt. I guess he didn’t like me looking because now they have a woman training me.

She’s nice. Her name is Linarelle. All the girls are nice. I think I get along okay with them. It’s the guys who don’t like me. One of the guys who stays here is Aeramin’s father, and I accidentally flirted with him. Then he said something about catching me in bed with his son once. I don’t even want to talk to him again. I’m so embarrassed. I do kind of remember that, but I wish he didn’t! Then the other one who stays here has a girlfriend. He had to tell me a couple times before I decided it was a bad idea to try to talk to him again.

Then the death knight wanted to know why I didn’t flirt with him. Umm, because he’s dead and that’s just a little gross, maybe? That’s what I said to him because it’s the truth. He actually seemed to be mad that I wasn’t flirting with him. Maybe that’s just the way he is. Death knights must be mad a lot of the time.

I’ve accidentally flirted with Aeramin too. He doesn’t get mad at me. He just says it’s nice, but he has a boyfriend. I’ve met his boyfriend, and wow! No, I don’t expect Aeramin would be interested in anything with me right now. That guy has a really nice body. His boyfriend didn’t seem interested in me either. It’s almost like no one does anything out here!

Anyway, his boyfriend is actually trying to investigate the murders. I don’t know if anything will come from it, but I told him all I could remember about what I heard. While I may be safely away from the Row, I have many friends who are still there. They are still in danger.  I really hope he can find the guy.

I hope to visit my friends soon, but I have to ask Aeramin for a portal there. I don’t want it to be a portal where I go through and then I’m stuck there either. I need him to go with me so that I can get back! I’m not sure how keen he is on going there and seeing some of the other guys. Hopefully, he won’t mind. I’d like to see them to find out if there’s any new information.

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Aeramin’s Notes

  • Hethurin and Terellion’s party went well, I think. Nobody got really crazy, but then I didn’t expect that anyone really would.
  • I sat with Hethurin and Terellion for a bit while Imralion spoke with Kavia. However, when Hethurin started licking the icing off the cupcakes, and it’s worth mentioning that the icing was done in the shape of penises, I decided to wander off for a bit. I don’t think he even realized how he looked, but I didn’t appreciate it much.
  • Julan did a good job dancing. I knew he’d be perfect for it. I didn’t know he’d be asking any favors of me. When I went to find him for the portal to the Ghostlands to the party, he said he wanted to talk, so we did.
  • There have been some murders lately on the Row. Yes, shocking, I know, but these seem to be someone targeting male sex workers. Naturally, Julan was worried about this. From what he has heard, the murders are particularily gruesome with the victim being kept alive during most of it. I’d be worried too if I still lived there, and so I completely understood his reasoning when he practically begged me to help him find work elsewhere.
  • Of course, there was no way I’d hire him for anything. We have some history together, and I’m sure Imralion wouldn’t trust me with him. He wasn’t a boyfriend. I didn’t love him and he didn’t love me, but sometimes the Row was quiet, and we were bored. It happened more than once, but we were able to remain friends without either of us wanting more.
  • Anyway, I knew it wouldn’t go well with Im if I hired Julan for anything, so I asked Hethurin first. I asked him at the party, which was probably a mistake because Julan was right there, dancing half-naked. Hethurin insisted that he didn’t need any more help at the school, all the while he was licking penis icing off the cupcakes. It didn’t take me too long to decide to ask someone else.
  • So I asked Sath’alor. I found him outside chasing Rylad around. He seemed a little confused at first, stating he didn’t need a dancer. I had to explain the whole situation, and reiterate that he was looking for any job. That means he’s willing to train as a ranger. Sath’alor eventually said yes. Julan stayed there at the ranger building that night.
  • I went to see him in the morning and made a portal to Murder Row so he could get his stuff. He kept thanking me. I kept reminding him to hurry because I had lesson plans to go over, as well as a meeting with Maerista to go over the schedules. I’m glad he’s happy, and I hope he’s thanked Sath’alor as well.
  • At the party, I did sit with Imralion and Kavia for a bit. She seems nice. I’m sure they’ll be happy together. I did my best to be pleasant and welcoming, but in my head I kept imagining what their baby would look like. I wandered outside after a short while of sitting with them. I sat and watched the undead guy for a bit. I had the thought that he was lucky because he doesn’t have to worry about things like that. I guess it’s not really lucky that he probably doesn’t worry about much at all. His mind is gone. I don’t think he worries or wonders about much at all.
  • I’m still trying to figure out what’s right for me. I love Imralion, but I don’t see him ever wanting to be around Lyorri, and I do understand why. I just don’t think it’s fair to her. I’m worried that what’s right for me is actually what I think is best for her.

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Sunashe’s Log

We have a new guy from Silvermoon. He’s come to us completely untrained so he can’t take an assignment for patrol yet. The first full day he was here, I stayed behind to train him, and let Arancon and Kavia take our patrol without me.

The new guy’s name is Julan and I can already tell he’s going to be difficult to teach. I do think he’s willing to try, but he has some habits that he learned in the city that he’ll have to lose if he wants to get along well with everyone without making things weird. I have spoken with him a bit, and told him that it’s not really acceptable to be trying to pick up all the guys here. He says he understands, but then he still does it. At least he apologizes now as soon as he realizes he’s done it again. I spoke with Arancon and Perothis before going back to the cabin the other night, and he’s apparently hit on both of them already. Perothis told him he has a girlfriend, and Arancon said he shut him up by asking if he didn’t catch him in bed with his son once. Anyway, I plan to speak to Julan again, and reiterate that it might be a good idea to get to know people before flirting that heavily with them.

I’m a bit worried about him fitting in. Arancon and Perothis also mentioned they changed their bunks to be opposite the side of the room that Julan sleeps on. They said he has dreams and talks in his sleep. I can only imagine. Maybe he’s just restless with being in a new place.

During his first day of training, we talked a bit where he was from, and what kind of skills he has. Oh boy, do I regret asking that! The short version is, he has no training useful to a ranger. He is in good physical shape, and has motivation to stay here and learn. He’s from Murder Row, the son of a prostitute and until now, a prostitute himself.

I’ve not seen him talk to any of the women here like he talks to the men, so I spoke to Lin about him. She’s agreed to try training him. Perhaps he would be able to stay more focused with her. I should have warned her not to ask about his skills.

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Alinash’s Notes

I hate tests, but I didn’t fail them all. This comes as a surprise. I actually had a perfect score on my second language exam. I was able to choose between Common or Orcish. I don’t know a single word in Orcish, but I guess a lot of schools teach that now. Not that I ever went to school for very long to begin with. This whole being a student now is jarring.

Harrier has it so much easier. He just sits in the sitting room at the desk they set up for him near the window and works on clocks all day. I have to take stupid tests about things I don’t know, and don’t need to know. Do I need to be able to list all the past kings, not only of Quel’thalas, but human kings too? I don’t know how that’s supposed to be applied to anything useful in real life. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass everything, though my average was passing, if just barely. The headmaster still wants me to take some normal classes. That’s both a curse and a blessing, I suppose. It’s good because the normal general education classes are free. He’s asking the teacher of them to make a lesson plan tailored to what I need to learn based on what I missed on the exams. So I get a free class this summer instead of having to fake that my horrible, crazy mother refuses to pay for magic school. The bad part is I have to actually go to class and understand.

Of course, I could get out of it if I were able to find the book. I don’t think Harrier has had any luck either. I’m almost desperate enough to ask for the whore’s help, but then I would have to admit that when I told him I was just hungry, it was a lie. However, if he truly wants me to leave, and I think he does because it must be tiring to follow me around so much, then it’s possible he could help. It’s just as possible he may tell the headmaster, and that’s not what I want. I need to find something to convince him to keep quiet, if we decide to ask his help. I’m leaning towards it anyway as he may be able to get to places that we cannot, like the headmaster’s study. I’d be surprised if he were able to get into the bedroom to check there, but at the same time, I should never underestimate the abilities of a successful whore, and he must have been very successful to pay his way through magic training.

The other students have accepted me here. Some of them helped me study for my general education exams, and I did get to follow them into their rooms while they searched for a book they needed to show me something. I haven’t found the book in any of the rooms I’ve been into. Some of them also showed me their practice rooms, and of course, there are bookshelves in all of them too. Hopefully, Harrier is allowed in all of them for the clocks.

I hate the Ghostlands and I hate books. I just want to be done with this job so we can go back to Stormwind. At the same time, I’m hesitant to leave. Once we go back, Harrier will be staying at the house with the others, and I’ll return to my apartment with the view of the hole where the park used to be. I hate sleeping alone.

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A Break from Practice

Arancon Firewind raised his bow and drew back the string. He took aim at the target.

“Keep your elbow up,” a familiar voice called out from behind him.

Arancon paused and raised his elbow a little higher following Sunashe’s instruction before focusing on his aim once more. He let loose the arrow sending it to the target with a thud. His aim wasn’t perfect yet, but it had gotten better. The arrow had hit within the third inner circle, better than he was when he had first started with the rangers. Back then he was completely missing the target altogether.

“Good. Keep practicing,” Sunashe said. As Arancon drew another arrow out of his quiver, Sunashe spoke again, “Or not. It looks like you have company. I should probably go find Lin anyway.”

Arancon turned in time to see Sunashe nod to the visitor approaching. His son was here. He hadn’t seen him for a few weeks. He wondered what he had come to yell at him for this time. He walked over to the bench near the practice area and put his bow on the rack next to it before taking a seat. His son joined him, taking a seat on the other end of the bench.

“Hello, Aeramin. It’s been a couple of weeks. How is everything?”

Aeramin shrugged. “Okay, I guess.”

Arancon frowned. He could tell right away that his son was in one of his moods. He decided to take the bait, bracing himself to be yelled at for something that happened years in the past. “You guess? What’s wrong?”

Instead of yelling, his son was quiet. Arancon turned towards him and raised a brow while waiting for an answer.

After a moment of staring at the ground in silence, Aeramin replied quietly, “You were right.”

Arancon blinked. Those were definitely not the words he expected to hear. “I- I was?”

His son continued looking at the ground as he leaned forward to rest his elbows on his knees. After another silent pause, he answered, “I should have kept Lyorri. I can’t take her now because I know how much Kes and Ordinicus love her. They’re good parents, and I can’t take her away from them. But I also realize now that I should have never given her away in the first place. It was more than just me being worried that I didn’t have a good example to go on when it comes to being a father. I was worried about losing Imralion too. I’m sorry I blamed you.”

An apology? Arancon blinked again, unsure he was hearing him correctly. “It’s fine. You don’t have to be sorry. I know I wasn’t very good to you.”

Aeramin sighed, “My biggest reason for getting her out of my home as fast as possible had nothing to do with you. You were secondary. Maybe not even that. I think the shock of it all was secondary, but my point is, my first reason was Im. I didn’t want him to leave. I think he’d already be gone if I had kept her there.”

“You know, it’s okay. I’ve already forgiven you for blaming me.” Arancon paused as he thought about the rest of his son’s words. “You said he’d already be gone. Are you afraid he may leave still? Is that what this is about?”

Aeramin shrugged, but didn’t answer. Arancon figured that meant he was at least getting close.

“Has something else happened to give any indication that he might still leave?”

Aeramin shrugged again, but spoke this time, remaining calm as he did. “He’s looking for a girlfriend. He wants to have his own kid. He thinks his future girlfriend and I should get along and everything will be great. I thought I would be fine with him having a girlfriend, but that was before I knew he wanted to have kids. I brought it up one night because I was thinking and I used to believe I’d adopt one some day, but now with Lyorri existing, I don’t think I can. It wouldn’t be fair to her, and I don’t think it would be fair to me either. It would feel wrong to give your own away and raise another. But that was when he mentioned having one with his future girlfriend. So I’m supposed to happily help him raise his kid- no, their kid, all the while he won’t even see mine? I just don’t see it working out. It’s not fair to me for him to ask me to do that, and it’s not fair to him for me to ask him not to do that. Either way, one of us winds up being unhappy. I want to be fair to her too. I didn’t ask for her, but she’s here now and she’s my responsibility. I have to do what’s good for her.”

Arancon frowned in thought for a moment. His son continued to look at the ground, scuffing his shoes in the loose rocks under the bench. Arancon broke the silence, “You have to do what is good for you, too.”

Aeramin’s ear twitched, “Like you did?”

“I didn’t, and that’s my point. I did what I thought was right for you and Maena, and it wound up being wrong for all of us. When we moved to Silvermoon, I knew I wouldn’t be able to find work there. I’m not skilled for any kind of city work.”

“You mean except the jobs you quit?”

Arancon twitched his ear this time. “I was fired. I didn’t quit.”

“What about the first one; the one you first had after we moved?”

“Yes, I was fired from that one too. I lied to your mother about that. I told her the job just wasn’t working out, which, in a way, it wasn’t. It was while I was there that alcohol started being a problem. I wasn’t happy trying to get by in the city, and I was hiding my drinking at the time. I was still able to then, but I was caught with it at work and they let me go. I didn’t want your mother to know. After that, things just got worse. I’m not trying to make excuses for what happened, but if I were able to do things over, I’d do things differently.”

Aeramin raised a brow, “Oh, so you would have kept us in Eversong and let the trolls eat me like they ate Tannethus? Great.”

“No,” Arancon frowned, “I would have moved you and Maena to the city while I stayed in Eversong. I could have visited on weekends and brought money so you could have lived there comfortably. We would have never wound up on Murder Row. I would have had a job that I liked, and there would have been enough gold to keep the house in Eversong and pay rent on something decent in the city.”

“Was that an option?”

Arancon nodded.

“Why didn’t you do that?”

“I was worried.”

“About?” Aeramin questioned, raising a brow.

“About you. About Maena. I was worried Maena would be upset if I suggested that she go with you to the city without me. You, I worried you would think I abandoned you, and that you would think I didn’t care. Which wound up happening anyway even though I went with you, just worse. I thought you wouldn’t like me, but now you hate me.”

They both stared at the ground in silence for a moment before Aeramin spoke. “I don’t hate you.” He paused as he resumed kicking the rocks under the bench. “I’m angry about a lot of things that happened, but I don’t hate you. If I hated you, I wouldn’t have checked in on you after moving out. I wouldn’t have made sure you had food. I definitely wouldn’t have helped you move away from Murder Row. I’m just upset about things. I don’t hate you, but I do worry that Lyorri will hate me.”

“I’m sorry I was upset with you when I first learned that you had given her to your friends. I’ve had some time to think about it, and I realize you were just doing what I should have done. I should have done what was right for me first. Instead, I gave everything up. I started resenting it, which in turn made me feel guilty, and from there it just spiraled downward. I started drinking to feel better, and I regret that. I don’t want you to have to go through anything similar. Do what’s right for you, and find a way to make it right for Lyorri.”

He was met with another long pause. At last, Aeramin said, “I don’t know what’s right for me.”

“You have time. You can figure it out. Kestrae and Ordinicus both adore her. She’ll be just fine with them. If, after all I did, you don’t hate me, then I think there’s a good chance she won’t hate you. I won’t say there’s no possibility at all. Plenty of good parents have children who hate them, and there’s always certain ages they reach where anything an adult says is wrong. I think as long as you do what’s right for you, while keeping what’s right for her in mind as well, you’ll find a way to work through the difficulties.”

His son paused again before nodding, “I’ll keep that in mind.” He shifted his shoulders back as he looked up from the ground and towards the ranger building. “Im wanted to come to talk to someone. He’s probably about ready to go now. I told him I was coming out to warn you that there would be large amounts of alcohol at the party we’re planning for Hethurin and Terellion before their wedding. I don’t know if you’re tempted or not, so I thought you should know ahead of time so you could avoid it if needed.”

Arancon nodded, “I figured there would be. I’ll probably ask Sunashe if I can crash on his couch for the night.”

“It might be for the best.” Aeramin said as he stood. “Anyway, I should go.”

“Goodnight Aeramin.”

Aeramin was already crossing the lawn to the building, but he stopped to look back. “Goodnight.” He turned back around and made his way to the ranger building as Arancon watched him go.

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Vaildor’s Essay

I’m supposed to write an essay about everything I’ve learned this year, but I don’t remember everything all at once so I hope I remember enough right now. I think I don’t remember some because I wasn’t here for it because I go to art school two days each week.

I’ve learned a lot in art school. We do a lot of practice where we get to draw someone, but we only have a couple of minutes to do it! It’s supposed to make us better at finding the important lines in a pose or something. We don’t have enough time to worry about details for those, but I think details are important too, so sometimes I work on making them better later at home. Minn’da says it’s okay as long as I don’t forget to do my actual homework because one time I did.

For subjects at regular school, I’m not very good at remembering history, but I remember that Miss Lali said there were sculptures and stuff from thousands of years ago in Kalimdor. I thought we should take a field trip to see them, but she didn’t think that would be a good idea. I’d still like to go see them though. I haven’t worked much with sculpting, but we did talk about it in art school so I’ll probably have to eventually.

We have to learn anatomy too. Miss Lali said it could help with my art, but I think it’s gross. I don’t think I’ll ever be drawing someone’s liver! I guess it’s a bit easier for me because Minn’da has some books about it. She has some with boobs too. There’s some way to feel around them and make sure they’re okay according to her books. I think if I don’t become a good artist, I should do that instead.

I’m really bad at math. I think my new cousin is better at it than I am. She was just adopted, and her name is Malwen, but she’s always had school, and I didn’t for a long time so I guess there’s some things she’s ahead of me on.

I have another new cousin too because Hethurin adopted two girls at the same time. The second one is a baby they named Narise. She’s smaller than Telinda. I think Hethurin’s going to have to make our classroom bigger in a few years because there’s so many new babies! Rylad and Naraleth will be old enough to start learning numbers and letters soon.

I’m not good at writing essays because I forget what I was going to write by the time I get to where I’m supposed to write it. I only need a few more words for five hundred words so I’m going to keep writing until I have enough. Okay, it’s still not enough. I don’t have enough words yet, but I’m so close. Telinda is really cute. Not enough yet. I hope Kiandris will still come to see me over summer break because he’s my best friend. Okay, that’s enough. I’m done!

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