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Hethurin’s Notes

I’m so glad to be back home. I thought I was going to be stuck with that crazy high elf woman forever! Renner finally showed up and took me back home, but everyone thinks I shouldn’t cast anything just yet. I haven’t tried, not even to start the fire in the fireplace. Terellion does a good job of making sure I don’t freeze, so I haven’t had to worry about that.

I still don’t remember some things, and my father says I might not ever remember some parts because I hit my head pretty hard. I do know that I decided to jump, but I don’t remember why. I remember falling, so I didn’t hit my head before jumping. The worst part was landing in the crystallized bushes, which I don’t remember, but I remember waking up in them once or twice. I don’t remember much of what happened when I woke up except that I was looking for Ter. I don’t think I realized he wasn’t there. I have a lot of small scratches and cuts on my back, down the back of my legs and arms, and on my butt. They’re healing fast, but then there’s the wounds on my right leg that my father had to take care of. The long one on my thigh is healing faster than the one on my lower leg. That one was deep and sliced almost to the bone. My father was going to stitch it and put a cast on it, but he came back to me the next day with a splint instead. He said I needed something I could remove so that I could exercise the muscle in my leg. He said it was important because I could have more problems if I don’t. He cancelled his appointments for another week, and he’s been here every day. The first day after he put the splint on, he showed Terellion and me the exercises I have to do. It’s boring stuff like writing the alphabet with my toe in the air. It hurts too. He said I could make tinier letters in the air, but I should try to make them bigger everyday. Then there’s another where I have to move the end of my foot up and down but keep my heel in place, and another where he put the bottom of my foot on his shoulder and told me to try to push him off the edge of the bed with my foot. He was instructing Terellion at the same time to show him how to help, so he’s supposed to give enough resistance that he doesn’t get pushed off the bed. I can’t do much anyway. It hurts too much. That’s the other part about the exercises. I need to move the muscle around and make it work a little, but not too much or I’ll hurt it more. I wish it was just one thing or the other. That would be so much clearer!

I was lucky that he was already in the area. Nessna had her baby while I was gone. It’s another boy. I bet he’s super cute and I can’t wait to see him. I have to wait to see him because I spend most of my day in the bedroom now. I need time to recover, both physically and magically so I’m stuck here. The rope for the bell that goes to the kitchen is next to the bed, but most of my days are spent in the pillow fort that Terellion built for Narise and me. She’s learning to sit up, but she’s not very steady yet. Sometimes she falls over, but we’re on the big pillow and there’s pillows all around. Terellion even draped a blanket over one end of the pillow fort, so Narise and I go for naps in that end because it’s a little darker. Luckily, since we’re far from the rope, Terellion and Tik check on us often. Malwen likes to come visit as soon as her classes are done, and I make sure she does her homework.

Desdeyliri is also by often for her lessons. I try to stay on topic, but without the sling, Narise is very distracting. We do get some review in, but some days it’s more than others. Maybe I should ask Terellion to take Narise during that hour so that we can focus more on what she’ll need for the test.

Aeramin has stopped by a few times too. The first time was because I asked for him so I could find out if he would be willing to teach the arcane class for a bit. He laughed at me, then I told him I was serious, and he stopped laughing. I told him where my lesson notes were in my office and gave him the key to the office door. I’m pretty sure he got them okay because he’s been teaching the arcane class for the past week now, and from what Des has told me, he seems mostly on track with what I was teaching. He has also stopped by and asked questions. This is easy stuff! He should know it! No wonder his portals suck! I’ll be glad when Des can call herself a magistrix, and fill in for me when I have to miss teaching a class.

Xyliah also came by and she had a lot of questions, mostly about her dragonhawk and what he was doing in my work room. I told her I cast a spell and pulled him out of the time just before he died, and teleported him to our present. She didn’t believe me. I can’t help that. I told the truth. She did seem grateful though, and thanked me for finding him no matter how it happened.

I haven’t seen Zayel since Renner brought me back, though she did tell Renner that she wanted to come and check on me. I’m scared that she will. Now everyone thinks she wasn’t a high elf after all, but a dragon! I guess Renner would know these things. He invited her to the winter ball. I hope she doesn’t show up. It’s not that I don’t like dragons, but I don’t like crazy women who put arcane shackles on me and won’t let me leave. Maybe she’ll forget about it because it’ll be a couple years in her time. I guess if she does come, it’s okay.

Most of the students will be going on break after this week, except Keyalenn and Des, who both have their testing scheduled a couple weeks after break ends. They’ll both want to stay so they can concentrate on studying for their tests! I’m sure they’re ready and they will both do well.

We did go to Silvermoon a few days ago. Des made our portal. I had to do some shopping for the holiday before the winter ball, and Terellion pushed me around the market in the chair because I can’t walk yet. I got a bunch of things for Malwen and Narise. I think they’ll like them. Narise might be a little young yet to know what’s going on, but I know Malwen is going to love it!

The winter ball starts in just a few hours, and I’m sad I can’t help out this year. I’m hoping Ter will be okay with carrying me downstairs, and pushing me around in the chair for a bit so I can see it all!


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Crystalsong Forest

It had been a week since Hethurin had first woke up in the strange room at a high elven outpost in Crystalsong Forest. The only person he had seen during that time was Zayel. She spent much of her day with him in the room, though usually she was at her desk when she wasn’t tending his wounds. She tried speaking to him each time she washed him with the herb-infused water, but he usually declined to answer her questions. When he did respond, it was usually short, one-word answers. He spent most of his time staring out the window at the crystallized tree tops while thinking about home.

Zayel was much more talkative than he was. She shared stories of her training as a priestess, of her trips to Dalaran, and about the guard who had helped her bring him to the outpost. He’d heard enough to figure out the guard liked her, but Zayel didn’t seem to notice. Hethurin didn’t point it out.

He’d also learned that his leg injury was severe. His lower right leg had a gash in it that cut almost down to the bone, and his thigh on the same leg also had a deep gash. The wound on his thigh was lengthwise, and while not as deep as the one on his calf, it was long, and just as painful. Both had swelled up around the edges and looked awful during the first couple of days at the outpost, but now the swelling had gone down. Zayel said he was on the mend, but still wouldn’t let him leave. His wrists were still firmly held by the arcane shackles.

He was more awake now than he had been the first few days. She had told him he had a nasty bump on his head, but she wouldn’t fetch him a mirror. She did seem concerned about his head injury. To be honest, he was too, but just in the past day his headache had lessened. He took that as a good sign even if he couldn’t walk yet. He hoped to convince Zayel that he would be fine if he teleported home.

He waited until Zayel sat next to the bed with bowl of water. She started dabbing the damp cloth on his forehead. It stung a bit, but it wasn’t too bad. “How are you feeling this afternoon?”

Hethurin decided to get straight to the point, “Better. May I leave now?”

Zayel smiled, “I’m glad you’re feeling better, but I can tell you’re still weak. I would be responsible if I let you leave and you didn’t make it to your destination.”

Hethurin frowned as she dipped the cloth in the bowl of water , “I’ll make it.”

She pressed the cloth against his forehead again, causing him to wince. “You don’t know that. You’ll need at least a few weeks to recover your full magic ability.” She glanced at his leg, “And at least a few months to recovery physically. I may let you go once I have a better idea of your magic capabilities. If I know you can make it to somewhere you can continue to heal physically, I won’t have a problem seeing you off, but for now you are quite weak, both physically and magically.”

“I’m weak because you keep these arcane shackles on me constantly. I can’t cast anything with them on.”

“Those are there to make sure you don’t do anything stupid.”

“I’m not going to!”

“You’ll try to attempt to teleport home the moment I remove them.”

Hethurin glared at her. Of course he would, and it wasn’t a stupid idea.

She regarded him curiously, “I’d offer to help get you home, but you obviously won’t be able to walk from where my portal would be, and since I’ve never seen your home, I can’t open one directly there.” She picked up the bowl and stood, taking her time as she walked around to the other side of the bed. He felt her sit down on the bed behind him, and heard her wring the water out of the cloth. He felt the cloth against the wounds on his back. They still stung a bit, but not as much. She spoke again, “Besides, there’s something off about you, and I’d like to figure out what it is before I let you go.”

He almost let that go without a response, but curiosity got the best of him, “Off?”

“Off. It’s almost as if you don’t belong here.” She continued dabbing the cloth at the wounds on his back.

“No, a sin’dorei doesn’t have much business being at a quel’dorei outpost. I just want to go home.”

“It’s not that, nor does it have anything to do with the purge in Dalaran.”

“I don’t know what it is then.” Hethurin twitched an ear.

“I find it curious. That’s all.”

He refused to answer anymore of her questions, choosing instead to stare intently at the crystal tree tops out the window until she was done tending his wounds and had returned to her desk. Then he drifted off to sleep again.

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The Nurse

Hethurin Fairsong opened his eyes. Daylight shone on his face from the window near the bed. He squinted as his eyes adjusted to the light. Panic set in as he noticed someone else in the room, sitting next to the bed. He also noticed that he had been rolled over on his side. Both hands were restrained to the same side of the bed now. He pulled his hands against his restraints as he tried to free himself.

“Relax,” a soft female voice said, “I won’t hurt you.” She dabbed a cold wet cloth on his head with one hand.

Hethurin flinched away.

“You won’t get better if you move out of the way.” She frowned as he continued to hold his head as far from her reach as he could. “This water has been treated with special herbs to help speed your healing, and prevent infection. Judging by the look of your wounds you’ll need both.”

Hethurin hadn’t seen his wounds. He knew most of them must be on his back, though his leg burned at the reminder of his injuries. His head still hurt. He tried to relax and placed his head back on the pillow as the woman dipped the cloth into the bowl of water. One of her slender long ears twitched as she wrung out the cloth. She leaned towards him and held the back of his head with one hand as she dabbed the cloth at the wound on his forehead with the other.

He could see her better now that her body blocked the sun off of his face. Her long blond hair hung in front of him and her features were soft. Her blue eyes focused on cleaning his wound. He moved back away again, as far as he could. Even though she had put her hand behind his head, she didn’t try to keep him in place. He started trying to force his hands out of the arcane shackles again. She moved the bowl of water and herself back away from the bed. She frowned as she watched him struggle against the restraints.

He tried pulling his hands out first without any luck. He managed to raise his good leg and get his foot on the shackle and tried to push it off, but it didn’t budge. Lastly, he managed to get the lower half of his body off the opposite side of the bed and tried to dislodge them using his own weight to pull. Neither the shackles nor the bed frame broke. He did learn just how bad his injured leg was. He couldn’t put weight on it at all, and the pain was immense. He started to cry, burying his face in the blankets while still kneeling on the floor next to the bed. His arms were outstretched across the bed to the arcane shackles.

The high elven woman frowned and walked around the bed to stand next to him. “Are you ready to get back in bed? You need your rest. As I stated before, I won’t hurt you.”

He didn’t reply until she put her hand on his back.

“Terellion! Help me!” he shouted as he raised his head from the blankets.

“I don’t think you want to yell. The guards are unaware that I have a sin’dorei patient in this room. Well, most of them are. One of them helped me get you here, but he’s off duty now. You don’t want to meet the others. Trust me. I am glad to know you can talk. I was worried that your head injury was much worse than I thought it was.”

Hethurin lowered his head and continued crying.

She waited a minute then asked, “Do you want to get back into bed now so I can care for your injuries?”

Hethurin sobbed, “No. I want to go home. Let me go.”

“You lay perched on a mana-crystallized bush for almost two days, and you think you’re just fine to go home? That much exposure weakens you, and you got it in your blood. You’re lucky you didn’t go wretched before I found you. I insist that you rest here. If I take off those shackles and you try to teleport anywhere, you’re not going to get further than the front doorstep. I highly doubt you want to deliver yourself to our high elven guards. They do their jobs first and ask questions later. You will stay here until you are strong enough to go home, and I hope the home you’re speaking of is not Dalaran. I don’t agree with it, but that human mage ordered a purge. I assume that’s how you somehow wound up in the forest.”

She was right. He was weak. He felt like sleeping again already. He barely remembered what happened in Dalaran, but he remembered falling. That wasn’t home anyway. Home was with Terellion, Malwen and Narise. He had to get home to them, but if this high elf woman was being honest, then he had to get better first. He had no choice but to trust her. He lifted his head again, “Do you have some water?”

She walked away for a second and returned with a glass. She held it to his lips. “Will you be ready to get back into the bed after this? Your wounds need care.”

Hethurin nodded, not seeing any other way out of the situation.

“My name is Zayel. What should I call you?”


“Well, Hethurin. Let’s get you back in bed then.”

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The Strange Room

Hethurin Fairsong opened his eyes. It was dark, but it wasn’t cold anymore. He was inside. He remembered being outside, stuck in a bush. How did he get inside? He looked around the room, taking note of things while trying to figure out where he was. There was a warm glow coming from the fireplace, providing the room with what little light there was. He was on a soft bed with lots of frilly blankets and pillows in light colors. He couldn’t tell which colors they were in the low lighting, but he doubted knowing the colors would help him figure out where he was anyway. There was a sofa nearer the fire place, and a desk against the further wall. There was an empty cloak hook next to the door.

The decor reminded him of Malwen’s room. There was even a doll on the small bedside table next to the bed. Still, this wasn’t home, and nothing he could see helped him know where he was other than some strange female’s room.

His head still hurt. He went to raise his hand to his forehead only to find his wrist had been secured to the bed frame. He tried his other hand, but it had also been secured. Panic swelled up inside him as he began to try to pull his hands through the restraints. He almost yelled, but thought better of it as he was in his captor’s home. The last thing he wanted was to call whoever it was to him.

Pulling his hands out wasn’t working. He decided that rather quickly as his head ached more as he struggled. He was also reminded that the bush he had been in before was thorny and very sharp as the thorns had turned to crystal. His back side felt like it was on fire, and the pain in one of his legs was almost too much to stand. Movement was not helping any of his pain. He tried to force himself to calm down, pulling once more on the restraints before resting his head back on the pillow and staring at the ceiling. That’s when he remembered he hadn’t tried magic yet.

He was still weak, and had just spent a great deal of the energy he did have trying to break free. That would have a great effect on how much he could cast and how good his spells were. He decided to try for just a small teleport, one that would get his hands free, but still leave him in the same room. He took a deep breath and cast the spell.

Nothing happened.

He tried again. The spell was definitely being cast in a way that it drew magic away from him. He could feel it, but still, nothing happened. Using his leg that didn’t hurt as much, he held the blanket with his toes and pulled it down, then repeated the motion until he could see his wrists. That was the problem. Arcane shackles. No magic was going to get past those.

He sighed. He was far too weak to break out of them now and he hurt everywhere. He cried himself back to sleep.

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Hethurin woke with little recollection of where he was or why he was there, and a lot of thought about one thing: pain. His body screamed of it all over. His head was pounding. He tried to move only to send new waves of agony throughout his limbs. He fought against panicking and trying to move again while trying to get his bearings. Where was he? He was in a thorny, crystal bush. Why was he in a thorny, crystal bush? He didn’t remember going to sleep in one. How would one go to sleep in a thorny, crystal bush in the first place? Where was Terellion? Certainly, he would help.

He realized then that he wasn’t in the Ghostlands. The Ghostlands were cold, wet, and often gloomy. This place was cold, dry and sparkly. Everything seemed to be made of crystals. He couldn’t remember how he got here. Maybe it was a dream, but dreams weren’t supposed to hurt so much.

He tried to move his arm to lift it off the thorns, but it only put more weight on the rest of his body. He winced and held his breath. He was sure now that if it was a dream, that much pain would have woke him up. He ground his teeth together as he lowered his arm back down. He did not want to cry out in a strange place.

But it wasn’t strange. It seemed familiar, then the name of a city came to mind. Dalaran. He was in the forest below Dalaran. He looked around again, trying to figure out why he was here. Had the past years only been an elaborate dream? If so, that would explain why Terellion wasn’t with him, but then where was Aeramin? He made a face finding the thought repulsive now. He didn’t want to be with Aeramin. He wanted to be with Terellion even if he did wind up just being a dream elf. No, there had to be a better explanation. Terellion was real. He was sure of that.

Terellion must have went for help.

He was groggy and weak, and a light snow began to fall around him. He passed out again.


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The Not-So-Slow Fall

Hethurin immediately regretted throwing himself off Dalaran. Everyone and everything he loved flashed in his mind all at the same time as the crystal forest below the city appeared closer and closer. Would they even know what happened to him? He hadn’t told anyone where he was going, but maybe Thalien’s presence in his practice room would give them a good idea. But even then, would they be allowed to come back and look for his body?

Malwen had just found a family, and now he was going to die and leave Terellion to raise her and Narise alone. They might not even know what happened to him. Would Malwen believe he had left them on purpose? Maybe with her imagination, she’d believe he had turned into the dragonhawk! Narise would miss being carried around in the sling while he taught his class. He was sure of that. Terellion’s heart would be broken, and that broke Hethurin’s heart to even think about. He loved Ter and the girls more than anyone, and couldn’t imagine them suffering because of his foolish mistakes. The school that he had done so much work for would be left without its headmaster. Who would keep it running now? Desdeyliri and Keyalenn were to go for their testing after the holidays. Would they be able to go if the school closed?

His robe flew up over his face blocking his view of the approaching ground. He tried to move it out of the way only to decide there was no time to bother. His only hope now was that the silencing would wear off before he hit the ground. He tried to cast the spell to slow his fall, but no words came out. He tried again, and again. Time was running out.

A sharp crystal branch tore at his leg just as the words came from his mouth. Another tore at his thigh. The last word of the spell came out as more of a yelp of pain than the actual word, but it worked. His head hit the broad-side of another branch just as the spell took effect, but it hit hard enough that he passed out from the pain. His body continued to float slowly to the ground, the remaining branches scratching at him as he broke through the forest canopy.  He came to rest in a thorny crystal bush still unconscious.

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Saving Thalien

Hethurin Fairsong double-checked that he had locked his practice room door. He only had a short time. Narise had taken longer to go down for her nap than usual, and break for lunch was almost over. He was due back in the classroom soon. Luckily, time magic would allow him to return to just a few seconds after he left, so he wasn’t worried about getting back on time. Rather, he was worried about leaving before any interruptions.

He walked to the table in the middle of the room. His hourglass sat on the middle of the table. Xyliah and Berwick would be leaving the Ghostlands soon, so he had to do this now.

He had spent some of his spare time in the past weeks preparing for today. He had viewed and followed the dragonhawk’s flight from Dalaran and back. He had watched as Berwick sent Xyliah first. Thalien had carried her to safety, and she sent him back for Berwick. He had almost made it too, though Berwick had been captured moments before. Hethurin had watched that too, wishing he could do something, but knowing that sort of change would mess up the timeline. Saving the dragonhawk wouldn’t have the impact that rescuing Berwick ahead of time would. Xyliah had been one of the key people to help plan the mission to save some of the elves held in the city. Removing her involvement would remove a great number of the rangers who came to assist with the operation.

Thalien had died on his way back for Berwick. He had successfully dodged two frost bolts, only to be hit in the wing by a third when he was almost to the place where Berwick had been when he left carrying Xyliah. Hethurin had viewed the dragonhawk as he went spiraling out of control, hitting the outer wall of the city forcefully as he tried to regain control of his injured wing. After hitting the wall, he went limp and dropped into the crystal forest below the city.

Hethurin had slowed his viewing at that point, studying the limp dragonhawk in the moments before it hit the ground. He had hoped to find some sign that it was still alive, but no matter how slowly he viewed Thalien’s descent, he could not discern if he was still breathing or not. That meant he was going to have to grab him out of his time before he hit the wall if there was going to be any hope of saving him for Xyliah.

That meant going to Dalaran during the purge.

He took a deep breath. He knew it was imperative that no one saw him during this mission. He would be able to get there and hide himself under one of his invisibility wards, but to cast the spell to save Thalien and teleport him to the future, he was going to have to let it drop. It would be only for a short time, but it still made him nervous. He did not want to be captured in the past.

He was also worried about teleporting an injured and panicked dragonhawk into his practice room. He had put most breakables away, though his glass rat cage was still in one corner. He hoped Thalien had enough sense to take a rest once he realized he was inside, and in a different place.

He cast his invisibility spell then turned over the hourglass while casting his spell to go to the time of the purge of Dalaran.

He arrived just outside the wall on the thin strip of grass between the city, and the drop to the forest below. He was moments ahead of Thalien’s arrival. He heard shouting and screaming from inside the city. He crouched near the wall, and focused on keeping his invisibility active while watching the sky where Thalien would approach. The human mage who would eventually shoot Thalien with a frost bolt was already at it, shooting at other dragonhawks to remove methods of escape from the city.

A few seconds later, he saw the dragonhawk approach. He watched as he dodged the first frost bolt. The human mage cast again, and Thalien dodged the second one. Hethurin waited. He had to let the human expend the same amount of magic on his spells as he was supposed to. He was determined not to change anything except the dragonhawk’s death. He held his breath as the human mage cast again. He readied his own spell to catch the dragonhawk, and send him forward through time to the Ghostlands. The frost bolt fired from the human mage’s hands, and hit Thalien’s left wing. The dragonhawk began tumbling towards the wall. Hethurin broke his invisibility, and cast his spell, teleporting the dragonhawk forward to his practice room just seconds before it hit the wall.

He took a deep breath and began to cast his spell to return himself. He was almost through it when it stopped. He opened his mouth to cast it again, but nothing came out.

“You! Halt! You’re under arrest!”

Hethurin looked up. Another human mage stood on the wall looking down at him.

“Don’t move. Someone’s coming to take you into custody.”

His heart was racing. He heard the mage talking to someone else.

“Hurry before the silencing wears off.”

Hethurin glanced back up. He was bad at judging the age of humans, but this one looked fairly young. An apprentice then. He looked back down to see an armored human running towards him with arcane shackles.

He couldn’t imagine anything worse than being taken prisoner. He glanced back up at the apprentice mage, and glared at him until the armored human was only a few feet away, the whole time trying to cast his spell. The silencing held, and the apprentice smiled smugly.

Hethurin shook his head and mouthed the words, “Not today”, in common, hoping the human could read lips. He threw himself off the side of the ledge, and began plummeting to towards the crystal forest below.

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