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At the Shrine

Jaeyn wrote Tathariel a letter.  It wasn’t very nice.  Part of me wants to ask what she wrote to make him that angry.  The other part of me just says to let it go.  They will never get along. I don’t want her to try writing him again.  He’s unpredictable.  He mailed a boot with the letter.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to see him from time to time.  He’s still my brother.  He might be stupid, but we still watch out for each other.  Maybe I could visit him while Tathariel sleeps or something.  I would like to hear his side of this, but I’m not even entirely sure where he is.  The last I knew he spends his time between Feralas and Stonetalon, but he also spent a lot of time in Outland before.  He’s unpredictable.

Things were weird last night.  Kel was downstairs for a bit.  She’s been sewing some baby clothes.  I went to the room and got some of the ones Relanos had grown out of to give back to her.  Tath was there with Relanos, and he was almost asleep.  I didn’t get them all because I didn’t want to make too much noise looking for the other bag.  I was able to give Kel some though.  She said she’s working on a couple things for Relanos too, which is good because he keeps growing.

We talked a bit about the Firelands.  It’s strange.  She’s always been a good listener.  She knows what I went through in the Eastern Kingdoms while I was ‘missing’.  So many times I went to her while I was upset.  It’s not easy to mourn your own death.  It isn’t easy to forgive yourself for things you did while not in control of yourself.  I never thought of her as needing someone to listen, but I think she does.  Last night, she talked.  I listened.  It was weird, opposite of how things always were.

She’s scared.  She’s scared of a lot of things.  She’s heard a lot of things while just being at the inn.  She fears for Ornasse’s safety.  I’m sure the healers aren’t too close to the fighting.  They were put in quieter places in Icecrown, not in the midst of battle.  Even the battle healers were kept back a ways.

She’s scared of labor too.  She said it will hurt.  I would guess that she’s right.  I think she’ll do fine though.

After a bit she went upstairs to check if Ornasse came back.  She didn’t come back down so I assume he was there.

That was when Tathariel came out and showed me the letter she got from Jaeyn.  Relanos was asleep then but after some time I thought I heard him cry.  He didn’t keep crying though, so I went back to check on him, leaving Tathariel on the bench in the common area.  He was awake so I gave him his milk bottle and changed his diaper.  It was wet.  He’s walking now.  I wonder how long it will be before we can teach him to use a bush, or an outhouse, although he is small yet.  I wouldn’t want him to fall in.  A bush is probably safer.  Anyway, he eventually went back to sleep, and I went back out to sit with Tathariel.

Except I had to stop.

Terivanis was there talking to Tathariel.  He’s worried about Vajarra.  I thought maybe I should stay back so he’ll keep talking.  He sounded like he needed someone to talk to, and he doesn’t talk to me because of what I am.  I think he usually talks to Kel too, but obvious not if she’s occupied.  I waited for him to leave before peaking around the pillar at Tathariel.  She thought I was spying.  I wasn’t.  I didn’t want to interrupt, and I know how he feels about me.  He’ll never know it, but I allowed him that time.

I think he’s sleeping in stormcrow form again.

I haven’t seen Phaa.  I hope she didn’t turn into a demon too.


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Kelanori – Afternoon at the Shrine of Aviana

Kelanori Summerleaf made her way into the common area at the Shrine of Aviana.  It seemed a bit busier today than it was most days, but she was able to find an empty chair near the bookcases.  She sat and took out her sewing stuff.  As usual, some of the people who had been on the Molten Front or deeper in the Firelands had come back to the Shrine to rest and eat before heading back.  She threaded her needle.

A group of people sat around one of the nearby tables.  She could guess by looking at them that they were part of the expeditions that had been traveling deep into the Firelands.  Soot covered their armor.  Streaks of ash mixed with sweat along with smears where they had wiped the sweat off covered their dirtied faces.  They ate bread and drank their water while discussing their day.

“Why ye saw the blasted thing!  It was covered in rocky armor.  There’s no way we can blast through that.”  The dwarf in the group stated.

A draenei female wearing goggles sat with them.  She had pushed the goggles up onto her forehead revealing the only clean area of her face, around her eyes.  “That molten monstrosity is no worry.  He sits up there surrounded by his lava.  As long as his minions are held back, the other expeditions should be able to continue progressing further.  I’d worry more about that giant spider on the other side that eats everything it sees, including entire expeditions… All at once.”

Two humans, obviously new to the group, sat wearily on the bench near the bookcases.  They looked to be related, both had the same sandy colored hair and similar features.  Perhaps they were brothers.  One of them wrapped his forearm in a bandage.  The other spoke, “I thought they killed the biggest one already?”

“Aye lad, but who’s to be saying there ain’t another bigger one hiding somewhere?”

The human’s eyes got big and his face grew pale.

“That’s nonsense.”  The female kaldorei that was with them stated flatly.  She looked at the dwarf with a small grin, almost as if she were daring him to challenge her.  “If it were that big, it wouldn’t be able to hide.”  Her armor, while as dirty as the others, seemed in good repair.  Plate.  She was quite possibly a sentinel, or a former sentinel.  Many whom had left or taken leave would often return in times of need.

The dwarf grumbled to himself, seemingly unwilling to argue with the elf.

A gnome, whom Kelanori had failed to notice at first, stood up on his chair.  He produced, apparently from thin air, what seemed to be more water, filling everyone’s glasses full.  He took a piece of bread and sat back down, disappearing over the far edge of the table.

The female elf continued, “Even if there were a bigger spider, I would say it is still nothing compared to what they’re facing nearer to Sulfuron Keep.  I heard the flame walker naga are even larger there, and more wily.  Many of them have hell hounds trained to attack for them.  Others are attempting control over the fire elementals themselves.  I even heard there are giant lava worms that live in the molten streams.  They lie in wait for unwary expeditions before popping up, snagging one of their members and dragging them back into the lava.”  She looked around the group.  “And don’t get me started on the lava spitting fire hawks.”

Only the draenei seemed not to be phased by the elf’s words.  The dwarf grumbled to himself some more while the two humans sat wide-eyed.  The gnome remained unseen.  The male kaldorei druid whom had quietly sat and ate during this time, even raised a brow.

“It’s much worse further in.”  The female continued.  “Our work is relatively safe compared to those assaulting the keep right now.”

The dwarf stopped grumbling long enough to rejoin the conversation.  “It’s as bad as the new druid of the talon says?”

The female elf sighed, “What reason would he have to lie about it?  You know those messengers are suicidal.”

Kelanori was secretly relieved by the knowledge that her brother, a druid of the talon, worked on the front, and not within the Firelands itself.  The knowledge that Ornasse was deep in the Firelands was bad enough.  Overhearing this conversation was no help at all.

The female elf started to say something else but stopped, looking directly at Kelanori.

She hadn’t meant to be watching so intently.  Staring.  She was staring.  She looked down quickly.  Her needle was stuck through the fabric half way and it had been for the past few minutes.  She still felt the other female’s eyes upon her.  She looked back up.  “Excuse me.  I’m sorry.  Your conversation peaked my interest.  My mate is in the Firelands.  I did not mean to be rude.”  The other female nodded.  “I’m Kelanori.  I’m a priestess.”  She glanced at the human whom still worked on wrapping his bandage.

The other elf followed her gaze, and nodded again.  She gestured towards the male elf, “He did what he could with it, but his strengths lie elsewhere.”

Kelanori put her sewing down and walked over to the human.  As she began to unwrap the bandage, the other female elf continued, “It’s a minor injury.  Still it would be best if it was healed.  The healers are much too busy with serious cases inside the portal.”

Minor.  The burn did cover a small area, but minor wasn’t how she would describe it.  She didn’t ask what had happened, having heard enough stories for the day, but the man’s flesh was burned almost down to the bone.  He truly was lucky it covered such a small area.  The skin around it was puffy and tender.  She began whispering a prayer.  Her hands glowed with Elune’s light as she held one over the man’s injured arm.  The wound shrank in size and the red puffiness around it went down.  It was the best she could do for now.  It would undoubtedly scar.

She blessed each one of the party.  Saying a small prayer for them.  For their safety.

As she walked back upstairs to rest, she prayed for Ornasse.


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Visiting the Shrine

Vassanta and I arrived at the Shrine of Aviana last night.  I brought my devilsaur because everyone keeps saying how dangerous it is on Mount Hyjal so I thought he would be able to eat anything that tried to bother me.  Nothing did.  We’re even camping here.  Well, we’re camping because of the devilsaur.  They won’t let us take one into their rooms.

I probably should have brought a different one, but I didn’t know!

I thought everyone was staying here, but only Phaa was around last night.  I haven’t seen anyone this morning either.  Phaa said that Ornasse has been tired lately because there’s a lot of work in the Firelands and Kel was probably upstairs with him last night.  Relanos has been sick so Tathariel and Jaellynn were probably in their room with him, and Terivanis was probably somewhere with Vajarra.

I guess they’re back from Draenor.  We think the naaru said yes to them because Vajarra likes jerks and he’s a jerk.  So it makes sense that way.

Vass and I plan to see what’s on the other side of the portal together later.  We’re not going to attack anything unless it attacks us first.  We’re just going to look.

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OOC – Screenshot

Another kodo.  Another wrong character to get it.

Some poor healer cried when the fail-tank opened her bag today.

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Kelanori – Letters

Dear Iselwen Moonflower,

I’m writing to see if we can set a time and place to meet.  You said you would want to see me after a month.  Ornasse and I are still at the Shrine of Aviana due to his work in the Firelands, but I would be able to travel to Darnassus if you are unable to make the journey here due to your commitments in the city.  If you are able to come here, I am at the Shrine of Aviana most of the time, so any time will do.

Let me know what day and time is good for you, if you would prefer meeting in Darnassus.

– Kelanori Summerleaf



What did you do?

– Kel


Dear Jaellynn and Tathariel,

I know you may not be near a mailbox, but I felt I had to try writing to you.  We have been worried about you and would like some updates on your progress with the sabers, if possible.




Dear Tathariel,

Jaellynn wrote “apologies” to the draenei and his brother, none of which were very convincing.  Perhaps you can talk to him about it if you haven’t already.

He has been upsetting a great many people lately.  Those three aren’t the only people he needs to apologize to.



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Terivanis – Story

Terivanis was in deep thought again.  Rohau could tell that much.  The tauren druid looked up to the upper ledge, regarding the specks moving along the edge of it.  It was hard to see them from this distance through the heated dust rising through the air.  Some began to traverse the rocks above where they sat waiting.  It would be the kaldorei’s turn to catch the next fall, unless it was an orc.  Rohau understood.  He refused to catch humans for similar reasons the elf had for refusing to catch orcs.

They had been assigned to a different ledge.  It was harder to see from here.  The one they had used previously was now nearly impossible to get to.  The thermal vent in front of it had grown much stronger.  Terivanis had been the one to discover that.

Rohau glanced at the elf in his storm crow form again.  No, the elf was definitely not paying attention again.  Instead of watching the people currently crossing, Terivanis hung his head, staring downwards, blankly blinking from time to time.  This wouldn’t do at all.  Rohau nudged him with his beak.  The elven bird snapped his head up, looking at the tauren bird.  Rohau looked up, and the kaldorei’s gaze followed his to the rocks.

Rohau hoped his friend would work through whatever was bothering him soon.  One can not afford to remain distracted in the Firelands.

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Jaellynn – Story

Jaellynn stood and walked across the pond, leaving Ornasse behind, sitting at the edge of the water.  He didn’t really care if anyone saw him using his ability to freeze water while walking across it.  It hadn’t been an easy talk with him.  Jaellynn felt he didn’t really understand, but he could understand Ornasse’s side, a little.  Phaa had made it sound so simple.  Oh just tell him!

It wasn’t so simple.

A short time after he began to call Ornasse “father”, he discovered his real father was a highborne mage from Eldre’thalas.  He remembered the disgust he had upon meeting the mage, Ellorian.  He was very visibly a mage.  Jaellynn had wanted to turn and leave upon first sight of him.  The only reason he talked to him at all was because Tathariel had approached him at the inn.  It had been too late to leave without being noticed then.

Jaellynn scowled at the ground as he stepped onto the grass at the other side of the pond.  The knowledge that he was half-highborne was just as bad, if not worse than being undead, at least, in his mind it was.  Although he rejected his real father, the knowledge didn’t go away.  He had thought he could take comfort in the fact that Tathariel’s father accepted him, and allowed him to call him father too.

He had thought.

Then Ornasse started hanging around Farwatcher’s Glen in Stonetalon, where his sister lived at the time.  His sister!  How could he call the man “father” now?  No, he couldn’t call him father, not now, and that hurt both of them.

He reached the path and began to follow it up hill.  He grunted to himself as he crossed over a bridge.  He had always wanted a father.  He recalled the looks and comments he and Jaeyn received while they were growing up in Auberdine.  The neighbors would often say that Jaeyn played with bows so much because he lacked a male presence.

Jaellynn kicked a stone in the path.  It rolled off into the grass along the road.  It wasn’t entirely true.  Terivanis was around while they were growing up.  Lilindor was too.  They did have male role-models.  None of them were very good father figures.  Terivanis had always seemed jealous, and Lilindor was more likely to teach them how to get into trouble than not.  He doubted Ellorian would have been a very good father even if he was around.

The path continued up the hill, but Jaellynn stepped off into the grass, and descended the embankment.  There, next to the stream, was a graveyard.  He sat in front of one of the stones.

“Mother.”  He frowned at the stone slightly before continuing.  “I understand it wouldn’t have changed anything if we had known.  I understand why you didn’t want to tell us.”  He looked back at the path briefly, thinking about the conversation he had just had with Ornasse.  “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry I didn’t defend you when he said that about you.  I feel like I’m already on rocky ground right now, with everyone.  How could I say anything?  You were a great mother.  I’m sorry.”

He sat silently for some time before rising.  He bent and kissed the stone before heading back to the Shrine.  He had to write letters to the draenei and he could only pray that he was wrong about them.

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