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Esladra’s Log

Well, I’m out in the ‘boring ghost forest’, as mother calls it. I haven’t seen any ghosts, even with Sanimir’s insistence that there are ghosts in his house. I’m staying with him. He’s still insisting on being called Hethurin too. I’m staying in one of the guest rooms that he claims is only slightly haunted. I haven’t seen anything. The room is actually very nice. The food is great too.

I arrived yesterday, after stopping in town to check on Lani. She was fine last night, and I went to get settled in. This morning a message arrived for me early. Her labor had started! I’m at her place now. Contractions started early in the morning, before light, so she’s trying to rest a little in between this afternoon. She and the baby are both doing great so far. I’ve given her some safe herbs to help with the pain a little, as well as to help her rest. I also gave some calming tea to her husband. Their adopted son, Vaildor, has been fairly helpful in running errands and fetching things.

I’m very excited about having a new nephew or niece. I still can’t tell which! There are ways to guess, but half of them say it’s a boy, and the other half say it’s a girl, so it really could be either one. He or she has a good strong heartbeat. I can’t wait to meet the new baby.

I think everyone else is excited too. Hethurin has stopped by three times already. He’s been busy informing everyone by teleporting all over. He’s going to tire himself out if he’s not careful! He brought our father with him the last time, but as I said, Lani is doing well, and the baby’s heartbeat is good and strong. His or her head is down, and it’s just a matter of waiting now. He’s waiting out in the other room just in case there’s an emergency and we need a million healers. Really, there’s about that many here already. We shouldn’t need that many.

Lani’s worried about the pain getting much worse. I told her it might, but it generally doesn’t last long. I’m certain that she’ll do fine.


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The Silvermoon Market

Lanthiriel Lightmist walked along the streets of the market with her sister, Esladra. She hadn’t needed to have someone go with her, but Esladra had offered. She thought the company would be nice so she had agreed.

“How is mother doing?” She asked mostly out of politeness. Esladra was staying with her for the time being, and was sure to have many details that Lanthiriel preferred not to know.

“She’s well. She and Bailas are going to Quel’danas for the holiday.”

“You’re staying here in Silvermoon?”

“Well, I’m not going with them. That’s for sure. It’ll be quiet for a change, and I’ll be able to get some studying done. I hope anyway. Our aunt will still be home and she can be just as demanding as mother sometimes. I’ll be glad when my apprenticeship is over, so I can move out on my own.”

Lanthiriel nodded. Mother was paying the woman who was teaching Esladra, and Esladra’s studies were almost finished. She was becoming a priestess too, but rather than being a healer like Lanthiriel and their father, Esladra had decided to specialize in pregnancy and childbirth. She was Lanthiriel’s first choice to follow her own pregnancy, whether her studies were done or not, and so she had been seeing her on a regular basis now. Lanthiriel also had Isandri, but Isandri was supposed to fill in for her at the office. She couldn’t tend to her patients, if she was busy having a baby. Esladra seemed more than happy to make the trip to the Ghostlands to see her sister every few weeks.

They passed by a stand with little figurines. “I still think you should have gone with father.”

“Mother paid me to go with her. Besides, you’ve seen the place he moved to. There’s only enough room for his office and a tiny living space.”

“He bought that after he knew you were going with mother.”

“He knew she was paying me. I think he wanted to live alone. He advised me to take the money. He even told me to try to negotiate for more.”

Lanthiriel rolled her eyes, “You’re both horrible.” She started looking at some of the figurines on one of the outer tables when someone at the next stand over caught her eye. She was flipping through some robes hanging on a one of the racks.

Esladra saw her at the same time. “Vallindra!” She hurried over to the next stand, and threw her arms around their oldest sister.

Vallindra looked up just in time to be hugged. She stiffly reciprocated. “Esladra, hello.” She twitched an ear and eyed Lanthiriel, looking at down at her stomach before looking back up at her face. “Lani.”

“Hi, Vallindra. Are you shopping for the holiday too?” Lani asked.

Vallindra twitched an ear again, and breathed in sharply. She held her breath a few seconds before replying. “I’m getting something for Xanaroth.”

“I need to get something for the Confessor too. I’m not sure what to get yet.”

“Didn’t you ask him?” Vallindra asked as she returned to looking at the robes hanging on the rack in front of her.

“I did. He said he wanted a baby.”

Vallindra raised a brow, glancing at her sister before turning her attention back to the robes once more. “Good luck having that ready on time.”

“I’m due in spring. I need to find something for the holiday though.”

Esladra tried to peek in Vallindra’s bag. “You’ve already bought some things. Are they for your husband?”

“Yes. I got him some books, slippers and now I’m looking for a robe. They’re all things he wants.”

“Did he just tell you what he wants? Just like that?” Lani asked.

“Of course. We’re very open with each other.” Vallindra’s ear flicked as she grinned and pulled one of the robes out from the others.

“Oh, that’s a nice robe!” Esladra commented as Vallindra checked over the seams and hems.

“And well-made. I think he’ll like it. It matches the slippers too.” Vallindra smiled. She looked at Esladra and added, “I was about to go get something to eat. Maybe we could all go to that one restaurant near the Exchange.”

Esladra looked at Lanthiriel, “Lani, are you hungry? We can take a break and go eat.”

Lani frowned, glancing back at the market before nodding to her sisters. She’d have to find something later.

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