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The Princess and the Pea

(( This week’s prompt is a retelling of a fairy tale. I picked The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen. ))

“Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away, there lived a prince named Lor’themar Theron.”

“Ann’da! That’s not right! Lor’themar Theron is a regent lord, not a prince!”

Terellion smiled at Malwen, “I thought you wanted a princess story? And if it’s a princess story, it has to be a prince, not a regent lord.”

“But he’s not! I learned it in class with Miss Lali!”

“Well, who do you think should be the prince then?”

Malwen thought about it for a moment, then pulled her blanket back up as she lied down. “You can be the prince.”


Malwen nodded.

“Oh, okay, but that means the princess will have to be Arcann’da.”

Malwen nodded again.

“Okay then. Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away, there lived a prince named Ann’da.”

“No. You should use your real name because it sounds funny to say Prince Ann’da.”

“Oh yes, you’re right. Let me start again. Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away, there lived a prince named Terellion. Prince Terellion and his mother, the Queen, were looking for a princess for him to marry. They met many candidates, but there was always something wrong with them. One of them had big feet. Princesses don’t have big feet. Another had hair that was dull and drab. A princess’s hair must be shiny and beautiful. Still another was invited to a feast at the castle, but that princess burped loudly before the meal had even started! Princesses shouldn’t do that! Prince Terellion was sure all the princesses that he met weren’t really princesses, and he needed a real princess to marry, not a fake one.

“One night, there was a terrible storm. Lightning flashed, and the rain poured down. Thunder rumbled and the wind howled! Prince Terellion and the Queen barely heard the knock at the door. The Queen had thought it was just the wind, but Prince Terellion decided to double check, just to make sure that no one was stuck outside in the storm. It was a good thing he did because there was someone there! There was a beautiful man there, but what a sight he was in the rain! His fancy clothes were soaked through, and his wet hair clung to his face. He claimed to be a princess who had gotten lost in the storm, and said his name was Hethurin. Terellion couldn’t believe it, but he had to make sure that Princess Hethurin was a real princess and not just a fake like the others, so he went to his mother to ask what to do.”

Malwen giggled, “Of course he’s a real princess! Marry him!”

“Oh, but Prince Terellion doesn’t know that yet. He has to make sure.”

“How can he do that?”

“He has to go to the Queen and ask her.”

Malwen nodded.

“Okay, so he goes to see the Queen, and she says to put a pea under twenty mattresses and ask Princess Hethurin to sleep there for the night. So Prince Terellion goes and sets up a bed with 20 mattresses and slips a pea under the bottom one, and then they all go to sleep.

“In the morning they all meet for breakfast and the Queen asks Princess Hethurin how he slept. Princess Hethurin told no lies and stated that there was a horrible lump in the bed and he was certain that he was bruised from it. The Queen then knew that he was a real princess for only a real princess could be that delicate!

“Prince Terellion then married Princess Hethurin because he knew he had found a real princess at last! The pea was taken to the royal museum, and unless someone has stolen it, it is there still.”

“What about them?”

“What do you mean?”

“They lived happily ever after, right?”

Terellion smiled, “Of course they did, and they adopted two little princesses to tell the story to.” He leaned over and kissed Malwen’s forehead. “Goodnight, Princess Malwen.”

“Goodnight, Ann’da.”


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The Dragonhawk

Lilithel wasn’t sure what to make of it when Tik had come to the stable the evening before, and inquired if the dragonhawks and hawkstriders were accounted for. At first she thought that elf would make any excuse just to see her, and while it might be true, she knew now there was another reason. He had come to the stable again this morning while she was moving the hawkstriders to the enclosed pen outside, and asked her to come up to the school. Once there, he led her down one of the hallways leading towards two of the classrooms and some of the practice rooms. She also knew the Head Master’s office was down the same hall. She had just uttered the question, “Did Magister Fairsong ask to see me?” when Tik stopped at the door next to the office. She wasn’t familiar with the house so she wasn’t sure what was behind it.

Tik took out his keys to unlock it. “No. There’s a bit of a problem though.” He opened the door, “Please, come inside. We’ll discuss it further in here.”

She followed him, and he closed the door behind her.

“The Magister is–”

“Oh! You poor thing! What are you doing inside? Tik, how did this dragonhawk get inside? It’s so big.” Lilithel had already sat down next to the animal who had curled up in the corner. “Oh, it’s wing is injured.” She looked to Tik for answers.

“Yes. We’ve made the same observations. I’m afraid I don’t know the hows or whys of it.”

“Someone put it in here, and you didn’t notice? What has the Magister said about it?”


“Nothing? He’s okay with it in one of the student’s practice rooms?” She assumed it was a practice room. It looked like a practice room to her, and she did have that much of it right.

“It’s not one of the student’s practice rooms. It’s the Magister’s, and he’s missing.”

“Missing? That’s why you were asking if I had seen him? Why didn’t you tell me last night?”

“We’re trying to keep it quiet as to not alarm the students or Malwen. He is a mage, and as such can teleport wherever he pleases. I assume he’ll be back at some point. Terellion is very worried though, and it is possible he needs help. It’s not like him to leave without telling Terellion.”

Lilithel nodded, “The dragonhawk being here is unusual too, I assume.”

“Can you do anything for its wing? I’m not sure it can fly very well. There were some very loud bangs from this room when it first showed up yesterday.”

“I can bandage it and make sure it heals okay. Have you asked the healers in town to come look at it?. I don’t understand why he would leave a dragonhawk here.”

“Nobody does. We haven’t sent for the healers because we don’t want to alarm them either. Vaildor did show up earlier this morning. He said he wanted to give the Magister a message. I told him he was running errands. I’m supposed to tell him to go see Lani in town as soon as he gets back. I’ll have to wait on it though. I’m pretty sure Terellion has priority when it comes to seeing him when he gets back.”

Lilithel nodded again as she inspected the wound on the dragonhawk’s wing.

“I’ll go get some water and bandages so you can clean and dress that.”

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Kelanori – Diary

Dear Diary,

I’m nervous.  Phaa was supposed to go to Darnassus today to hopefully convince a priestess that knows about the things we need to know about to visit sooner.  I’m worried that she won’t be able to.  I’m worried that they’ll send someone new that doesn’t really know.  I’m worried.

I’m scared that Jaellynn didn’t mention that I have a mate and asked the wrong person.  That rumor would spread like wildfire!  They probably all think I’m a whore thanks to him.

I’m scared I’ll have twins.  I raised twins.  Worse, I saw them born.  I don’t want to.  It would kill me.  I know it would.  Of course, Ornasse said everything will be okay.  He just has a feeling.  So it can’t be twins, because I would be dead, not okay.

I’m worried.

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OOC – Flamebreaker

The last lieutenant of flame that I needed for Jaellynn was up today, Devout Harbinger.  It took a few tries but finally I was able to avoid the bad stuff!  Now Jaellynn has a flashy new title to sport.  Jaeyn and Terivanis still need the Ancient Charscale.  Maybe soon!



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Terivanis – Story

Terivanis read the note again before stuffing it in one of the pockets in his pack.  He wanted to rest on his break, but his sister seemed to have other ideas.  He had planned to head straight to Stonetalon after leaving the Front today.  His wings were sore, and although only a short distance away, the Shrine of Aviana was the wrong direction.  She did seem to want to see him urgently.  As she had put in her letter she needed to see him before he left this evening.  He looked up at the tree on the top of the cliff and sighed slightly before shifting to his stormcrow form and beginning his ascent.

He checked the downstairs area first, but not seeing her there, he went up and knocked outside the room where she was staying.  “Kel, it’s me.”

A moment later her sleepy voice answered, “Come in Teri.”

“You wanted to see me?”  He asked as he entered the room.  She sat on the bed in a fairly simple dress.  Her long hair was pulled back in two braids.  She sipped some water that was on the bedside table before she replied.

“I did.  I need to talk to you about Vajarra.”

He smiled a little then frowned slightly.  “What about her?”  His ears flattened defensively as he asked.

“Do you love her?”

He folded his arms, and silently looked down.


“I don’t know.”  He replied at last.

Kelanori frowned at him.  “I hope you have a better answer for her when she asks that same question.”  She took a berry out of the bowl full of them on the bedside table, and popped it in her mouth.

He twitched one ear, and looked up at her.  “I hope I do too.”

“Teri, she loves you.”

He nodded silently.

“Please don’t hurt her.”

“I don’t intend to.”  He stated flatly.  “I should get going so she doesn’t wonder what’s keeping me.”

She nodded.  “Are you flying there?”

“I’m sore.  My break starts now.  I intend to borrow a hippogryph.”

“Elune-adore brother.  Be safe.”

He nodded to her, “Elune-adore.”

As he rode the hippogryph south he thought.  More time.  Just a little more time.

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Jaellynn – Searching for Sabers (part I)

Jaellynn Evershade brought Bonez to land just south of Lor’danel.  The bone gryphon construct was loyal but not very well received by other kaldorei, and he didn’t wish to cause any problems today.  He whispered instructions to it to go hide in a nearby tree.  It blended in quite well with the branches, and he hoped no one would see it there as he began walking north to the town.

He had spent the day flying over the northern part of the region.  He had seen the destruction before, but somehow it was still a shock to see it.  It had changed so much from the forest he once knew.  He had not seen any sabers during any of his fly-overs but that didn’t mean that they weren’t there.  There was a chance there could be some further south as well.  As long as Tathariel and Relanos were safe at the Shrine of Aviana with her father there and the guards, he had time to find them.

He decided to proceed on foot after stopping at the town.  He didn’t need food or sleep.  That would work out well for him for this trip.  He wouldn’t need to spend money on a room at least.  He walked across the wooden bridge to the town.  His goggles might seem strange here.  Small towns weren’t accustomed to seeing such technology, but taking them off would reveal his blue eyes.  Technology might cause some strange looks.  Outwardly displaying his undead nature in any way could be asking for trouble.  He took care to not hold his breath as he walked into the inn.  He sat at a small bench and took out his ink and paper.

My Dearest Star,

I hope all is well at the Shrine.  I have arrived safely in Darkshore.  I looked for sabers from the air, but I didn’t see any.  I’ll be proceeding on foot and making camp north of Auberdine.  I used to see many there.  I hope they survived.

I will be checking my mail here at Lor’danel from time to time.  I miss you and Relanos both already.  I know you’re in safe hands.  My heart will feel empty until I can see you both again.



He dropped the letter in the mailbox then left the town by foot, heading southwest.

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Kelanori – Diary

Dear Diary,

I’ve tried telling that girl that Terivanis has issues, but she won’t listen.  I don’t think he can love anyone like he loved Lilindra.  He has had a couple relationships since then, but both girls wound up hurt.  I don’t want to see Vajarra hurt too, but I don’t want to make him mad at me.  I keep telling myself that it might be different this time, but I fear it isn’t.

He did make a perfume from a flower in the Firelands for her.  He didn’t even tell me about it.  It smells lovely.  I suppose he’ll give me some when he’s done with her.  I highly doubt that I’ll want it then.  I’ll have to talk to Jaellynn about getting Tathariel some perfume.  The poor girl has never gotten any from him.  Maybe she doesn’t deserve it.

I guess Terivanis did ask Vajarra to move in with him after he’s not needed in the Firelands anymore.  I’m not sure if that means I’m wrong about him or if he just wants to keep his little play thing safe.  Elune, please let me be wrong about him.

I wrote him a note to come find me at the Shrine before he goes back to Stonetalon tonight.  I hope he gets it.

I should talk to Tathariel too.  She’ll probably just deny it.  I know she talked to him about how upset I was.  Then when I see him it all goes away.  So when he asked, I didn’t lie, but he kept asking like he wasn’t sure.  That little shit said something.  I know she did.

I hope she liked cleaning Relanos last night.  I should see if I could get someone to bring me some bananas.  I should just talk to her, let her deny it, and I should just accept it and move on.

I’m not feeling well.

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