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Jaellynn – Journal

Things have been quiet.  That has been good.  It`s been very good.  I don’t think I could have imagined things being better, not for me.  Sure, I’m still dead.  I don’t think there will ever be any way to fix that, but, other than that, things are great.

Relanos is growing well.  He makes me proud.  I got him a child’s fishing pole.  He’s not very good yet, but he can tell when a fish is biting.  Unfortunately, waiting for the fish to bite doesn’t hold his interest very long.  Maybe when he’s older, he’ll have more patience and be less easily distracted.

He’s learning to talk.  His favorite word is “no”.  He knows min’da and an’da too.  Karnum taught him to say “hello” in taurahe.  He can also say, “Eloodoray”.  I think he means “Elune adore.”

Tath has been talking about getting another baby.  She wants a girl.  Maybe she wanted a girl before, but we both like Relanos.  I don’t know what I’d do with a girl.  She probably wouldn’t want to fish or help with the plants all the time.  I guess I could teach her how to use swords and daggers.  Maybe I’d let Jaeyn get close enough to teach her how to use a bow.  Imagine that, a girl learning how to use a bow from a boy!

I don’t know why she isn’t happy with Relanos, but I told her it would be okay.  I think it would be.  I don’t need to sleep so I could take care of five babies if I had to.  I might go crazy if we got that many, but I’d be awake for it!


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Kelanori – Letter to Tathariel

Dear Tathariel,

I hope all is well in Desolace.  I’m writing to let you know that things here in Feralas have been strange over the past few days.  Vassanta was shot in the forest.  The dart she was shot with only hit her arm, so she should be okay.  We don’t believe it was poisoned.  Jaeyn is keeping an eye on her for any change.  The woman who attacked her apparently believed she was a demon.

The same woman has been in Feathermoon the past couple days as well.  Phaa and Ornasse said that she asked a lot of questions about the babies, both Farahlor and Relanos, and she was insistent that Ornasse bring Farahlor out.  We believe she may have meant to kidnap him.

She acted very strangely.  She glared at me while I was holding Farahlor.  All I could see was her silver eyes filled with hatred in the darkness of her cowl.  It was very unsettling.

We informed the sentinels, and she ran.  We should find out soon if they managed to apprehend her or not.

She wears a cowl that covers her face and was wearing dark leather armor that was in a horrible state of repair.  I would consider her very dangerous.  Keep Relanos close, and if you see her, notify the guardians of the glade.  Hopefully, the sentinels were able to catch up with her, and you need not to worry.



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The Dream Portal

Tath and I are on our trip now.  The dream portals may be closed, but they’re still beautiful.  I regret I may never experience the dream.  I wanted to for so long, but I don’t think it will happen since I can’t really sleep.  There’s rest, but that’s different.

Tath really liked her presents.  I loved mine too.  She gave me carvings of druids, sentinels and animals.  Now all I need is a twig to pretend to be an ancient and one of Kel’s old dolls to play the villain. We’ll probably be here a few more days.  I think we’re both anxious to get back to Relanos.  At the same time, I really like the time alone with Tathariel.  I hope she’s enjoying the time alone with me too.

I’m sure Phaa is capable of caring for Relanos, but I don’t want him to think that we forgot him.  We shouldn’t be too much longer.

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We left Relanos with Phaa last night.  He seems to like her.  I think it will be okay.  I hope it is.  I keep telling Tathariel it is.  I hope they don’t let Vajarra near him too much.  She would be bad for him.  Terivanis too since his brain is probably gone.

We’ll be setting out for the dream portal soon.  I have my gifts for Tathariel.  I hope she likes them.  Relanos got his already, well kind of.  He’s a little young for it yet.  He’ll love it when he’s older and I think it will have more meaning to him then.  I hope so anyway.

Phaa better not mess up.

Kel and Ornasse were at the moonwell last night too.  Farahlor was sleeping.  Kel said he’s been sleeping a bit longer than he was.  I guess it’s not easy to always be awake for a baby if you have to sleep too.

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Terivanis – Letters

(( All left with the innkeeper at the Shrine of Aviana. ))


You may want to keep an eye on Jaellynn.  He was insulting the draenei again.  He continues to call them demons.  He was also looking at Vajarra’s tail all evening.  He doesn’t belong here.

– Terivanis



Jaellynn is still calling the draenei demons.  This needs to stop or he needs to leave the Shrine.

– Teri



Jaellynn is still calling the draenei demons.  He shouldn’t be here.  Perhaps he can study elsewhere?

– Terivanis

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At the Shrine

Jaeyn wrote Tathariel a letter.  It wasn’t very nice.  Part of me wants to ask what she wrote to make him that angry.  The other part of me just says to let it go.  They will never get along. I don’t want her to try writing him again.  He’s unpredictable.  He mailed a boot with the letter.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to see him from time to time.  He’s still my brother.  He might be stupid, but we still watch out for each other.  Maybe I could visit him while Tathariel sleeps or something.  I would like to hear his side of this, but I’m not even entirely sure where he is.  The last I knew he spends his time between Feralas and Stonetalon, but he also spent a lot of time in Outland before.  He’s unpredictable.

Things were weird last night.  Kel was downstairs for a bit.  She’s been sewing some baby clothes.  I went to the room and got some of the ones Relanos had grown out of to give back to her.  Tath was there with Relanos, and he was almost asleep.  I didn’t get them all because I didn’t want to make too much noise looking for the other bag.  I was able to give Kel some though.  She said she’s working on a couple things for Relanos too, which is good because he keeps growing.

We talked a bit about the Firelands.  It’s strange.  She’s always been a good listener.  She knows what I went through in the Eastern Kingdoms while I was ‘missing’.  So many times I went to her while I was upset.  It’s not easy to mourn your own death.  It isn’t easy to forgive yourself for things you did while not in control of yourself.  I never thought of her as needing someone to listen, but I think she does.  Last night, she talked.  I listened.  It was weird, opposite of how things always were.

She’s scared.  She’s scared of a lot of things.  She’s heard a lot of things while just being at the inn.  She fears for Ornasse’s safety.  I’m sure the healers aren’t too close to the fighting.  They were put in quieter places in Icecrown, not in the midst of battle.  Even the battle healers were kept back a ways.

She’s scared of labor too.  She said it will hurt.  I would guess that she’s right.  I think she’ll do fine though.

After a bit she went upstairs to check if Ornasse came back.  She didn’t come back down so I assume he was there.

That was when Tathariel came out and showed me the letter she got from Jaeyn.  Relanos was asleep then but after some time I thought I heard him cry.  He didn’t keep crying though, so I went back to check on him, leaving Tathariel on the bench in the common area.  He was awake so I gave him his milk bottle and changed his diaper.  It was wet.  He’s walking now.  I wonder how long it will be before we can teach him to use a bush, or an outhouse, although he is small yet.  I wouldn’t want him to fall in.  A bush is probably safer.  Anyway, he eventually went back to sleep, and I went back out to sit with Tathariel.

Except I had to stop.

Terivanis was there talking to Tathariel.  He’s worried about Vajarra.  I thought maybe I should stay back so he’ll keep talking.  He sounded like he needed someone to talk to, and he doesn’t talk to me because of what I am.  I think he usually talks to Kel too, but obvious not if she’s occupied.  I waited for him to leave before peaking around the pillar at Tathariel.  She thought I was spying.  I wasn’t.  I didn’t want to interrupt, and I know how he feels about me.  He’ll never know it, but I allowed him that time.

I think he’s sleeping in stormcrow form again.

I haven’t seen Phaa.  I hope she didn’t turn into a demon too.

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Letter to Tathariel

(( Mailed with second boot, matching the first one.  It appears to have ogre shit on it. ))


You stink too.  I thought the boots would compliment your natural stench.

Obviously, you don’t need to apologize.  Obviously, you’re too good to.  Obviously, you’re too good to accept my apology as well.

Obviously, you’re too good for the likes of me.  You have never made a mistake.  You have never felt remorse.  Why would I want to move forward with someone as unforgiving and stubborn as you?

My brother may like you, but stay away from me, you psychotic wench.

– Jaeyn

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