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Terivanis – At the Shrine

Terivanis landed on the bench at the inn at the Shrine of Aviana next to Vajarra.  He shifted out of form almost immediately.

“How is she?”  He asked.

Vajarra looked down.  “We lost her.”

“You– You what?  How?  She just went into labor.”

“She didn’t make it.  You didn’t arrive in time.”

Terivanis blinked, “I flew as fast as I could as soon as I heard.”

“It wasn’t fast enough.”  Tears welled up in Vajarra’s eyes.  “It’s all your fault.”

“But I tried.”  He trembled.  Vajarra wouldn’t lie to him.  It was his fault.  He couldn’t make any excuses.  His sister was gone and he would accept the responsibility.  “What of the baby?”

“Ornasse flew away with him.  What did you expect him to do?  He didn’t want the baby anywhere near you.”

Terivanis watched as a tear ran down her cheek.  “Do you hate me now too?”

She looked away.

Terivanis slowly opened his eyes.  Early dawn’s light dimly lit the room.  He lightly kissed Vajarra’s cheek.  “I love you.”  He whispered.  She remained asleep as he got out of bed and got dressed.  He slipped out of the room and out of the inn.  He shifted and headed towards the portal to the Firelands.



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Terivanis – Letter to Vajarra

((Left on the bed early in the morning))

My dearest Vajarra,

In my exhaustion, I thought that yesterday morning was merely a dream.  My heart ached so much to leave you behind in Feralas.  I was so happy to return to the shrine and find you really had returned.

I think about you all the time.  Please don’t worry too much about my new assignment.  I love you.

– Teri

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Terivanis – Letter to Vajarra

My love, Vajarra,

I miss you.  I keep thinking of you.  Your eyes, how they shimmer with the same light as the stars.  Your soft hair, how it frames your beautiful face.  Your tendrils, how they elegantly and smoothly slip over your shoulders.  I miss your gentle touch, your body next to mine.  I miss your tender kisses.  I feel I am lost without you.  I miss you.

I love you.

– Teri

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Lilindra – Day of the Dead

Lilindra forgave his tardiness the moment she saw him making his way to her resting spot.  He wore his feathered shoulder wings and one of her favorite kilt styles.  She thought he looked as handsome as ever.

As he drew nearer, she noticed someone with him.  A strange looking female creature.  She looked almost demonic in origin, but Terivanis wouldn’t travel with a demon.  For a moment, she thought it possible that it was a demon and he just didn’t see her, or perhaps it had him under some spell.  However, he did not seem reluctant to speak with it.  She watched as they stopped nearby, looking north to the ruins of the town that the naga had recently destroyed.  She decided the creature must be one of the draenei beings that he had told her about a few years ago.  She had never seen one, their arrival to Azeroth being very recent.  She had died much before that.  Terivanis had come to her and described the draenei to her when it had happened.   This was the first time he had brought one with him.

They approached her grave, and Terivanis stepped forward with a candle.  He lit it before kneeling at the stone.  He spoke quietly, almost a whisper, telling her he loved her.  He missed her.  She reached to caress his ear, fully knowing he would not feel it, nor would she.  She had heard him say those words so many times, but she was unprepared for what he said next.

“I thought you might like to meet Vajarra.  I know you would have wanted me to be happy.  I am.”

Her initial shock gave way to curiosity within seconds.  So often she had seen him mourning her passing.  Could it be true?  Was he happy now?  She looked at Vajarra, studying her.  He had turned and motioned the draenei closer.  Lilindra watched as Vajarra stepped forward with her candle and knelt.  She wore a beautiful dress that fit her small frame perfectly.  There was a hole in the back where her tail poked out.  Her horns curved out of her head.  Her hooves were perfect.  She seemed youthful, although having never met a draenei before, Lilindra couldn’t be sure.

She looked at Terivanis again.  Are you daft?  Of course he couldn’t hear.

Vajarra was talking now.  “Hello.  I hope you aren’t angry.”

Angry?  She hadn’t really thought of that yet.  Was she?  He said he was happy.  After all the times he came to her, mourning.  She did want him to be happy.  She had hoped for this.  She looked at the draenei.  No, this wasn’t exactly what she had hoped.

He moved closer to Vajarra and smiled as she said, “I hope I can take as good care of him as you did.  I am trying.”

He had smiled.  It was brief, but she saw it.

Vajarra continued, “You know I’m a draenei, right?  Some people don’t like that too much.  I hope it’s okay.”

He had smiled.  It’s okay.  She had to tell herself as much as she had to tell Vajarra.  She doubted the draenei could hear her either.  The two of them stayed there with her for some time talking to each other.  She saw a few more smiles before he told Vajarra how she had died.  The tears came then.  She wanted to dry them for him as he silently looked off into the woods.

He took Vajarra’s hand and walked into the forest with her.  Lilindra watched them go. 

Vajarra.  Take care of him. 

I love you Teri.


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Terivanis – Letter to Kelanori

Dear Kel,

I think she’s crazy.  Vajarra brought me to another town last night called Evergrove in Blade’s Edge Mountains.  She started talking about when we met which I thought was odd because we should be focusing on the future, but then she asked when I started thinking of her as more than just a friend.  It’s as if she’s forgotten all the time we’ve spent at the moonwell.  It happened gradually and I told her that.

I guess there is a little more but I can’t lie because the naaru are listening.  She would just get mad if I tell her.

Anyway, now I’m in Evergrove.  I don’t think she liked the tendril ring I got for her.  She kept asking questions about it like there was something wrong.  I’m going to return to Shattrath today after I find some dreaming glory.  I’m sure I’ll be able to find a buyer there, and then I can get her something different.

– Terivanis

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Terivanis – Story

((Being that I’m a noob with draenei/naaru writing, if any draenei want to post and say I did it wrong, the comment box is right there!))

Terivanis looked again at the carefully drawn map that Vajarra had given him marking some of the best jewel crafters in Shattrath.  He turned it so that the top was at the bottom and raised his head, looking around again.  Of course the map didn’t help if he didn’t know where he was located on it.  To him, it all looked the same.  Everything had been made of the same dull brown rock.  There was no telling one building from the next.

There were plenty of people out and about at this time of the day.  Most of them were draenei, however he had happened upon a few pockets of blood elves.  He had also seen a couple orcs, which he chose to keep his distance from.  He had not seen any other elves in the city today.  He supposed any that were on Draenor were either at the druid outpost in Zangarmarsh or at the other town, Sylvanaar.  Perhaps there were other places too.  Vajarra had mentioned some druids in the large pink bubbles further north.  The bubbles, she said, were for growing things.  Although it made sense, for that reason, that there might be some there, Terivanis had decided that he would not be returning there.  He remembered gripping his poor gryphon’s neck feathers as he entered the bubble.  He recalled it didn’t feel like anything, but the whole idea of having to pass through it again almost kept him there, until he saw an ethereal up close.  He had seen some in Shattrath but had not noticed then how entirely strange they were.  They were made of energy and had no true form to their bodies.  Between the large number of ethereals and the few goblins that were there, he decided it may be best to ride the gryphon out of the bubble again.

He folded the map back up and stuffed it into one of the inner pockets of his bag.  He figured he would have just as much luck without it as he would with it.  It was there if he changed his mind.  He shifted to stormcrow form hoping to get a better view of the streets from above.  He landed on the roof of a building overlooking what appeared to be a bank.  The roofs all looked the same too.

He had feared coming to Shattrath.  One of the biggest parts was going through the large portal.  He felt he was improving in that area.  It did not take so long this time.  Holding Vajarra’s hand had helped.  The demons always on the other side at the bottom of the stairs frightened him too.  He hated admitting he was scared.

The naaru scared him as well.  He feared that V’eru would say no and would refuse to bless them as mates.  He felt the naaru was merely making small talk with him as it sorted through his innermost thoughts, a feeling he felt was verified when V’eru asked about Lilindra.  Terivanis felt more than he thought as a reply, although unintentional.  He supposed that was okay since the naaru probably knew anyway.  V’eru then asked about Vajarra.  Terivanis intentionally felt as a reply, since he knew now that the naaru understood emotion without words.

The naaru spoke in his mind, “But you hesitate.”

“I want to be with her.”  Terivanis replied aloud.  In his thoughts he added, But I do feel things have been rushed a little.

“You love her.”

It was more of a statement than a question.  All the same, Terivanis answered, “I do, yes.”

“Others have doubted your sincerity.  Your actions speak loudly young elf.  You have buried your true thoughts and feelings deeply, and have muddled your mind so heavily with thought-altering substances.  Do you think Vajarra deserves to have a mate that hides from himself?  One that isn’t even aware of why he wants to be with her?”

Terivanis thought his reply, No.

“Vajarra needs someone to love her as much as she loves him.  You are capable.  Your actions need to follow.”

Terivanis nodded silently.

“You love her, but your hesitation concerns me.  If you are unsure, then why are you here?”

Terivanis had a feeling the naaru already knew, but answered all the same.  It was not something he could explain with words.  Again he remembered how he felt early in his relationship with Lilindra.  Then he thought of Vajarra.  The feeling is the same.  I do love Vajarra even if it is difficult for me to express it.  I am not so much unsure.  He paused in his thought to think of how the love he had felt for Lilindra grew over time.  I was waiting to watch it grow.  I do feel rushed, but it is perhaps a good thing.  I am mortal and cannot wait 4000 more years.  Not to mention how unfair that would be to Vajarra  Again he thought of the feelings he had at the beginning of his relationship with Lilindra.  He looked at Vajarra.  It is the same feeling.

“She is in your heart.  Do not repress your feelings for her.  She deserves to know by both actions and words as Lilindra did.  Do not disappoint me.”

Terivanis turned his gaze back to V’eru.  The naaru shimmered.  “You have my blessing.”

He turned to Vajarra again and smiled.

He hopped off the bank roof, and flew over the area, almost missing the sign with the cut gem on it.  He landed near its entrance on the broken brown stone.  He smiled as he shifted out of stormcrow form and walked inside, taking a piece of string out of one of the pockets in his bag.


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Terivanis – Story

Terivanis flew back to the ledge after dropping the human off safely on the island floating above.  His head was pounding, and the stifling heat of the Firelands did not help his hangover in the slightest.  He looked at Rohau, whom had been sitting there doing nothing except watching as the last five people, all human, fell.  Terivanis hoped the next five would be orcs.  Then it would be the tauren’s turn to do all the work.

He watched the ledge above.  He was tired, having not slept very long, but the headache outweighed the tiredness when he woke this morning.  It had been a long trip back.  He had quietly left Vajarra asleep in the room, to return to the Molten Front.  He had not been able to get the time off.  He did leave a note for her that he would be back at the festival this evening, but had conveniently left out where he was going.  He would have to make the trip there again tonight.  He hoped he would not be too late.

His eyes darted to a rock breaking apart above.  No one was on it.  He watched as a troll started crossing on some of the more solid rocks.  If the troll fell, Rohau would get him.

He did have a little too much to drink last night.  He remembered what he had agreed to with Vajarra.  That wasn’t the proper way to ask.  He knew that. All the same they had both agreed.  He wondered if there were some draenei thing they should have done.  Maybe it wasn’t true that they were yet?

A human started crossing.  Terivanis readied himself to catch yet another.

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