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Sunashe’s Log

We have a new guy from Silvermoon. He’s come to us completely untrained so he can’t take an assignment for patrol yet. The first full day he was here, I stayed behind to train him, and let Arancon and Kavia take our patrol without me.

The new guy’s name is Julan and I can already tell he’s going to be difficult to teach. I do think he’s willing to try, but he has some habits that he learned in the city that he’ll have to lose if he wants to get along well with everyone without making things weird. I have spoken with him a bit, and told him that it’s not really acceptable to be trying to pick up all the guys here. He says he understands, but then he still does it. At least he apologizes now as soon as he realizes he’s done it again. I spoke with Arancon and Perothis before going back to the cabin the other night, and he’s apparently hit on both of them already. Perothis told him he has a girlfriend, and Arancon said he shut him up by asking if he didn’t catch him in bed with his son once. Anyway, I plan to speak to Julan again, and reiterate that it might be a good idea to get to know people before flirting that heavily with them.

I’m a bit worried about him fitting in. Arancon and Perothis also mentioned they changed their bunks to be opposite the side of the room that Julan sleeps on. They said he has dreams and talks in his sleep. I can only imagine. Maybe he’s just restless with being in a new place.

During his first day of training, we talked a bit where he was from, and what kind of skills he has. Oh boy, do I regret asking that! The short version is, he has no training useful to a ranger. He is in good physical shape, and has motivation to stay here and learn. He’s from Murder Row, the son of a prostitute and until now, a prostitute himself.

I’ve not seen him talk to any of the women here like he talks to the men, so I spoke to Lin about him. She’s agreed to try training him. Perhaps he would be able to stay more focused with her. I should have warned her not to ask about his skills.


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A Letter to Linarelle

(( Carefully placed in her lunch before patrol. ))

Dear Linarelle,

I’ve been getting your letters so I thought I would leave you one. Maybe you don’t think about me on patrol, but I think about you a lot, and I think maybe you do too, so I hope you like this letter.

I didn’t tell this to you last night because I thought you might like a letter about it, so here it is. I went to the school to ask for a few things. Magister Fairsong has agreed to let us stay there for a night. It won’t be the same room as last time because he has a new student in that room, but he said the room we’ll have is really nice and the largest guest room. He said it has a nice view of the trees in the forest next to the garden. There’s a large bathroom across the hall. He said Tik would make us a special room and bring it up to us, as there is a small table and two chairs in the room, so it’ll be a private dinner. He said he could put candles all over too because he bought too many candles. I think that will be nice and romantic.

I keep thinking about you, and how special you are to me. It hurt so much when I thought you wouldn’t want to marry me and didn’t want to be with me. I never want to feel that way again! I can’t wait until we have our own cabin. I want to wake up next to you every morning without having to worry about packing up the tent and taking it back, or how much it rained, or anything like that. I want to nibble your ears in the morning light coming through the window, and not worry that there’s anyone outside listening. I want it to be just you and me. I can’t wait.

Oh, and your brother stopped by the other evening while you were still out on patrol. He wanted to let you know that he loves you, and that he’s still watching out for you even if you have me too.

I have to go so I can get ready for patrol!



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Sunashe’s Log

Things aren’t going so well. Lin didn’t know if she wants to be with me or not anymore. I asked her because she seemed so unhappy with me, and thought she’d laugh and say no, but she said she didn’t know instead. I’m kind of glad she told me before the ball. It would have been much worse, and very embarrassing, to find out with all those people around.

She hates Blinky. I guess she’s jealous of him or something. I thought she understood that I needed to train him. I do spend a lot of time on that. He’s not like a cat or a dragonhawk. He needs more time to learn a command. If I don’t train him, I’ll just have a useless lizard. I offered to get rid of him and get a pre-trained dragonhawk like most rangers do when they want an animal companion. She said no. I thought it was special because we went together to get the lizard and the moth. I guess it wasn’t so great for her.

I tried talking to the others about it. I even told the Captain and Ty about the ring. I had gone into the city yesterday morning to cancel the order, but they had it done already. Since I had paid in advance to have it ready on the day of the ball, and it was already done, I just wound up taking it back to the Ghostlands. I carried it around while cleaning out the spider cave. It only made me feel worse.

I spoke with Arancon about it first. Even though he’s about 100 years older than me, we’ve become good friends. He told me that women say crazy things sometimes, and I should just forget about it. He thought I should have went camping with her when she asked. From what he’s said about his Maena, I think she might have actually been crazy. Well, I guess she was for sure towards the end, but I think she might have been earlier too. Anyway, I’ve already tried to forget it, but her words keep echoing in my head. I don’t know.

Over and over.

I couldn’t keep the ring. Every time I thought about it being in my pocket, I just heard her say she didn’t know again. I showed it to the Captain and Ty, then I threw it in the river near the ranger building. I didn’t want it around me anymore to remind me that everything was definitely not as great as I had thought it was.

It seems no one understands how I feel. I kept trying to talk about it with Ty and the Captain, but they only seemed concerned that I try to make Linarelle happy. As if I haven’t been trying the past half year. I thought things were going great, and that was shattered when she said she didn’t know. Anything I said about me being upset seemed to be ignored.

She didn’t try to talk to me all day yesterday, not even to help train Blinky. She’ll be happy without me.

I left early this morning. There’s really no point in waiting for her to decide she doesn’t want me. She was there before me, and I figured I should go before things get awkward. I asked the Captain to put in a transfer request for me to Eversong, but I’m pretty sure that request wouldn’t have ever been sent, so I threw my stuff in my bag while it was still dark out, and went to the school. I waited outside for a bit while it got lighter. It was nice watching the sunrise at the sea. I knocked when I was sure someone was awake to answer the door. The butler answered and took me to the mage who was eating breakfast in the kitchen. I asked for a portal to Shattrath, and told him I didn’t need a portal back. He asked if I was sure, so I told him I had things to do, and didn’t know when I’d be ready to come back. He told me I’d probably be able to find a mage for a portal home at the library. I nodded. He made the portal and now I’m here.

I had Blinky with me so my first concern was finding him a new home. He probably wouldn’t be able to survive on his own now. I wasn’t sure where to start looking for an animal caretaker so I just wandered around the Lower City for a bit. I didn’t see anything there so I started heading back to the Scryer’s Tier to inquire about getting a room at the inn for the night. I hadn’t reached the elevator when a draenei with a large moth walked by me. The moth fluttered beside him, evenly matching his moving speed. I approached him and asked him about the moth in my poorly spoken common. I was lucky he understood. He said he trained it on his own, and that he has a stable of animals at his home. I asked him if he had ever trained a warpstalker, and showed him Blinky. He was impressed how I had taught him to follow without a leash at his age. Then I told him I needed to find a new home for him, and he agreed to take him.

I don’t know what’s next. I’m staying here for the night, then I’ll probably go off and explore or something. Hopefully I’ll find something that can occupy my mind so that I can let her go. Something to make me forget what she said, and what I thought I had.

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Sunashe’s Log

Patrols have been quiet, and everything seems well in the area. There are two newer people with the rangers, Kavia and Yara. Kavia has been patrolling with Arancon and myself. Yara has been going with Nessna and Perothis. I guess Yara is Nessna’s first husband’s sister. That must be weird for the Captain, but she seems like a good ranger. She’d be better if she used a real bow instead of a crossbow, but I can’t say too much because the Captain approves of it enough that he’s buying crossbows for some of the others! Just because I can’t say anything doesn’t mean I have to like it!

Arancon has been talking a lot about his grand-daughter. We all call him ‘Gramps’ now. He’s upset that his son doesn’t seem to care at all for his daughter. I think it might take some time because she was a surprise to him. I guess he and his son haven’t gotten along in a long time.

The other day he was asking me about camping and it was really weird. He wanted to know what I wished I had for camping that I didn’t have. I’d really like a new bedroll, a blue one, so I told him that, but then Lin started asking me while we at the faire if we discussed camping! I was confused at first because I didn’t know how she would know that we did, but then I guess she asked him to ask me so he could find out what I wanted for a gift and tell her. So complicated! Then she asked me anyway, so I guess I really don’t understand still.

I told her the same thing. I hope I get one!

The faire was a lot better this time. I was a bit nervous because she seemed like she hated it last time, so I wasn’t sure why she wanted to go again, but it went okay! More than okay. We camped in the woods there.

We got our fortunes done there. Mine said I’d receive a gift. I hope it’s a blue bedroll. It would match my tent. We also went to see all the animals. They have a few lizards, but theirs are a lot bigger than Blinky. I still haven’t thought of a better name for him, and I didn’t see names for their lizards, so I couldn’t steal one. They should name them and put the name plate on the edge of their enclosure. We talked a long time while watching fireworks. They had them a lot!

The next day I went to the school before patrol and asked if we could stay there the night. There’s one room free with a private bath, so we’re going to stay there. We’ll also be eating there for a private supper. I asked for a portal to Silvermoon, and there I bought some candy and ordered flowers. I was going to write a poem about ears to put on the flower card, but I forgot the words because I didn’t write them down. I also stopped by a jewelry shop and got some earrings. They’re gold with rubies, and they’re kind of small, but the dangly ones were too expensive. I think she’ll like them.

I also have a pair of short, tight pants for after supper and the real gifts. I think she’ll like them too!

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Sunashe’s Log

I went to Silvermoon to get some supplies and other things before patrol yesterday. It took a while as the list was quite long. Orledin needed more things for the kitchen, mostly flour and sugar and such, but he also asked for a couple of new pans. I found most of what he wanted in the one end of the market where they sell a bunch of food goods. I found a stall that sells pans not far from that end, so that worked out well.

I stopped at a perfume stall, and I picked out some scents that I thought Lin might like. They had fancy soaps and bubble bath too, so I picked out some of those as well, as she mentioned she likes scented baths. I picked out some lavender and some that had ‘woods’ in the name. I asked them for something similar but more manly for me. I don’t want to smell exactly like her, but I want her to like how I smell. Anyway, I wound up spending a small fortune there.

After that, I found a shop where they had cups and plates and most importantly, vases. They didn’t have any already made with moths on them, so I asked if they could paint one on. Then they asked if I wanted just a vase, or a whole set. I guess I got a little carried away and put a payment on a whole set. She’ll have cups, plates and a vase with moths on them. I need to go back in a week to pick them up.

I finished up the list by buying some more supplies for making arrows. I’m trying to teach some of our newer rangers how to make their own arrows. It’s an important skill to know.

Luckily, I had thought enough ahead to bring a cart to carry everything. I had it delivered by portal to Tranquillien after I was done, and walked with the cart to the ranger building from the town.

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Sunashe’s Letter

Dear Linarelle,

Your ears are like arrows pointing to the moons–

“What is that supposed to mean?”

Sunashe put his pen down and looked at his friend, Arancon. “It means she has nice ears.”

“It sounds like her ears are about to shoot the moon. It doesn’t even make sense. Try something else.”

Sunashe sighed and crumpled up the paper. He started again on a new sheet.

Dear Linarelle,

“You know, you should try using ‘dearest’.”

Sunashe flicked an ear as he looked up again. “Why? I thought ‘dear’ was nice, and it’s not over-doing it.”

“It lets her know she’s the dearest, just not one of the dears.”

“Just how many dears do you think I have?”

Arancon shrugged. “Right now? None. If you want to change that, you have to let her know that she’s the one.”

Sunashe frowned in thought before picking up the pen again and crowding in ‘est’ after ‘Dear’.

“You should make it look good too.”

“I’ll write it over again when I’m done composing it. That way I won’t waste a hundred pieces of paper.”

Arancon nodded and took a bite of his sandwich as Sunashe looked back down at his paper. He started writing the next line.

Your ears are like arrows released in the forest at midnight.

Arancon raised a brow. “That’s no better than before.”

“Why not?”

“It doesn’t make sense. You’re still not conveying that you think her ears are nice.”

“Well, this was supposed to go with the other part. It was supposed to be, ‘Your ears are like arrows pointing to the moons that are released in the forest at midnight.’ It makes more sense that way right? So I should put the whole thing after all.”

Arancon looked at Sunashe a moment before shaking his head, “No, it doesn’t really get the meaning across.”

“So what am I supposed to write?”

“It has to come from you, but it really should make sense.”

“I’m trying to be romantic!”

Arancon tried not to laugh, “I think you’re trying too hard. Just tell her how you feel. Forget about trying to make it sound poetic for now.”

Sunashe frowned. The others had told him that girls liked things like that. “Fine, but you have to stop looking.” He waited until Arancon carried his lunch to another rock to sit on. He crossed off the first sentence, and started writing again.

Dearest Linarelle,

I think your ears are pretty great, and I really like dancing with you. I’m nervous a bit because I know you’ve had an offer, and there’s no way I could ever match all that gold, but if gold is all you want then I suppose he’ll be better for you, and I want you to be happy above anything else.

If you’re like me, then you know there’s other things besides gold. I share some interests with you. We both love the forest. I really like your moth too. We’re both rangers and we both share a love of archery. I love dancing with you, which has the added benefit of being able to hold you. I’m afraid to tell you these things to your face, as I’ll just sound like the ones who came before me, the ones who hurt you. I want you to know I’m not like that. I would never hurt you. You mean too much to me.

I was hoping you would want to go camping with me soon. Maybe in Outland. Let me know what you think.

I love you.


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Ranger Logs

Gaelardrim’s Log:

The house is done, and the last pieces of furniture just arrived today. I’ve already taken most of my things there. There wasn’t a lot. I’m hoping Maerista is ready to move in as well! I’m willing to bet she has most of her things packed already. It’s been so long since I’ve been so happy. It still feels surreal, like it’s not really happening, but it is.

There is some furniture we don’t have yet, but all we need for now is there. I didn’t want to get things for the baby’s room yet because Ty and Orledin have been helping fairly often. They don’t know so I thought that might be something that would be better to get after Mae and I have moved into the place, and Ty and Orledin aren’t over everyday helping with things. Though it would have been a clever way to let them know that fatherhood is in my future, Maerista and I haven’t told anyone yet.

There’s supposed to be a party at the school soon with masks. I don’t have a mask yet, but I’ve been a little busy with the house. Maybe after we get Mae’s stuff there, we’ll have time to think about masks.


Sunashe’s Log:

I thought she liked me, but now that she’s said it, I’m not so sure. I don’t know, what if she’s only interested because I’m the only available guy? I’m trying but I’m a little mad right now. She’s been driving me crazy for months, then when we talk about it, she acts like I should have been able to read her mind or something. Really!

Early on in our conversation about it, she mentioned something that the others said that I talked about her or something, which I do, but I didn’t tell them to tell her that. So I told her that it didn’t matter if she wasn’t interested. She said “Oh.”  That’s it.  Just “Oh.” She didn’t try to correct me then and say she was interested. She let me believe for half of the night that she wasn’t!  Then she said she was.  So which is it? Could she be more confusing?

Then she thinks it’s just a bet I made with the other guys. I agreed to go shopping with her and still took her to lunch, but now there’s that in the back of my mind the whole time.  She thinks I’m just there for a bet. I pour my heart out to her one evening and it’s just a bet.


Arancon’s Log:

Sunashe says all rangers keep logs, and I have to write in one too because I’m a ranger now. I don’t have much to write. I’ve been practicing a lot. I haven’t gone on patrol yet. I still get periods of dizziness and headaches, but they are lessening. Occasionally, I feel ill, but that hasn’t been as bad lately either. One thing that hasn’t changed much is that I’m tired a lot. Sunashe says I’m like a cat because I want to sleep sixteen hours a day. I think it’s more like twelve. He likes to exaggerate sometimes. I’ve been doing well at the targets though, and I haven’t had a drink since arriving here, which I’m really proud of. I’m getting along with everyone pretty well, too. So overall, I think things are going well.

There’s going to be a party at the school where my son teaches soon, and the rangers have been invited by the headmaster. Luckily, it’s a mask party, so everyone is expected to wear a disguise, which is good because my son will probably be there and I know he isn’t ready to see me yet. So, I’m hoping he doesn’t recognize me. I don’t think he will. He spoke with the Captain a few weeks ago, and asked him to tell me to get the rest of my stuff out of the house in town. I had already taken most of it, but I went to make sure I had gotten everything.

I wish I could apologize and make everything better. I know I’ve not been the father I should have been to him, but as Sunashe says, I can’t dwell in the past. I’ve been doing so for far too long. I can’t change what happened, but I can focus on making the future better.

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