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Random Screenshot of the Day

The netherdrake snuck up behind it's unsuspecting prey...

The netherdrake snuck up behind its unsuspecting prey…


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Art – Phaa

Phaa is done!


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OOC – 30 Days of WoW: Day 25

Day 25 — Who do you play with?

I can most often be found in game with Ornasse (and/or alts) and Phaa (or alts).  Every once in a while I get to play with my sons.  They’re on a different realm than I usually play on so getting a group together to dungeon takes some help.

I drew today’s in a quick doodle style 🙂

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Kelanori – Diary (A Shadow in the Trees V)

Dear Diary,

Farahlor is taking longer naps now.  I seem to know when he wakes up.  I was taking a nap with him when I woke and he was there smiling at me.

Ornasse wasn’t inside so I took Farahlor out to the moonwell.  I found Ornasse there with Zaethir and Phaa.  There’s apparently a crazy woman about.  She shot Vassanta.  I was assured she was okay and that Jaeyn is taking care of her.  The crazy woman called Phaa a demon, and she called that nice paladin one too.  He’s been going to fight demons as I understand it.  I don’t know how she could think that of any of the draenei.

Phaa said that she wears a hood.  She probably doesn’t want to get caught for her criminal activity, or something of that sort.

Ornasse said that he felt that she was an older elf although he insisted he wasn’t looking.  She apparently sat fairly close to him.  That makes me nervous.

It makes me more nervous that there’s a mentally unstable lunatic shooting people.  Ornasse went to find her.  Hopefully he can coax her back into town so that the sentinels can apprehend her.

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Tathariel and I are finally back home in Desolace.  Not much here has changed.  They moved my trees.  They said they had to plant them, and that they were in the way because there is a path out of the glade right next to our home.  Maybe I can convince them that a small row of potted trees closer to the house would be okay.  Relanos is moving pretty fast now.  I don’t want him running out where he would be in danger of being stepped on by someone’s mount.

Phaa did okay watching Relanos.  I inspected him and there weren’t any bite marks or anything, so I don’t think he’ll turn into a demon.  He keeps saying ‘va’ for some reason.  Hopefully he hasn’t suffered any verbal delay due to possible exposure to demon language.

I didn’t like the way the sentinels looked at me in Feralas.  I didn’t wear my goggles when we went to pick him up, and I swear if I hadn’t been with Tathariel, they would have been doing a lot more than staring daggers at me.  I guess they don’t know me yet.  I hope they get used to me coming to visit my family there.

Terivanis said I need to re-do my bird feet drawings.  He didn’t like the ones I did.  Tathariel said I could study her bird form.  I think he’ll know if I try to trace her talons onto the paper.  I hope he doesn’t make me do this for every part of the bird.  I got a note from him after we arrived home.  He wants me to collect kodo dung for some reason.  I guess I have to if I want to learn.

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OOC – More of the 10 year old’s art

I also took the time to take the pictures of my 10 year old’s art today. 🙂

Near the start of his new sketch book.

Team Fortress 2

Night Elf / Blood Elf





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Another Strange Night at the Inn

I can’t wait to go home.  I guess I can’t until I’m done studying birds though.  I’ve been watching them all day.  Even between bird species there can be a lot of differences.  This form will be difficult to learn and perfect.  Maybe I could find some birds around home.  Ones that don’t like carrion too much.

Last night, there was a male draenei at the shrine.  This alone is not that odd.  They often come in to buy bread or water before heading to the front.  I think a couple are even staying here.  What made this one different was the way he came in and immediately started cuddling with Terivanis’s mate!  She seemed to know him at least.

I moved closer to Phaa thinking maybe she knew who he was, but she didn’t.  And then she told him that she found someone else and it was an elf so I quickly added that it wasn’t me.  I’m not getting beat up by a guy with a squid on his face.  It would have been funny to watch him beat up Terivanis.  It’s too bad he wasn’t there at the time.  I think he really would have beat him up too.  He really started to lose it after she told him and seemed very confused.  I felt bad for him, but it serves Vajarra right for all the times she’s been mean to me.

I thought he was going to die.  He started sounding weird and was really angry and then he almost collapsed.  He left and told her she’d be alone when Terivanis dies.

I really didn’t need to be reminded that the only people I’ll know in a few thousand years are other death knights… and draenei.

Enough writing, back to watching the birds.

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