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A Letter to Sath’alor

Captain Sath’alor Silverdawn,

I have made my inquiries here at the Ebon Hold, and as I suspected, the missing death knight has passed through here, which makes him a lot less missing. The case is closed for us as we know where he is, but as I promised, I am sending along the information.

I spoke with one of the people in charge of where we send our death knights, and found that he was sent to Northrend to aid in clearing the Nerubian tunnels. Despite the fact that much of the Scourge has been dealt with in Northrend on the surface, there are still those underground to deal with. He was sent to a town in the western part of Dragonblight, near one of the main entrances to the Nerubian tunnels. I expect he’s already been sent down below, due to the fact that I was told that he claimed to have expertise with spiders.

I have also given notice that I would like to join your rangers. Is there anything I need to do on your end? I am required to finish a couple of investigations here before I am allowed to leave.

  • Salenicus

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Orledin’s Log

One would think that being undead, I’d be able to just stop thinking, stop caring, stop doing whatever that makes me still feel, but I can’t.  I made some buns last night to go with the stew they were having.  I’d like to think that my ability to take others enjoyment into consideration means I’m closer to being one of them instead of some monster.  That means I can’t let that part of me go.  It does make other things difficult, especially being alone.  I know nothing’s going to fix that, but I keep hoping anyway, and hoping is a part of feeling.  It’s not something I can just make go away without losing myself.  I guess, if that makes sense.

Some would say I’m lucky in that regard.  I know who I was, who I am, and I’m resolved to remain the same elf who died years ago.  I didn’t choose to come back, but I can make the best of it now that I have control of myself again.

It’s difficult sometimes.  I’m not sure where I fit in.  I’m not completely dead.  I think.  I feel.  However, my body is dead.  That makes things a bit weird when looking for a relationship.  It’s a bit weirder too when you like guys.  I guess the weirdest part is none of them know I like guys, only Sorrowmoss, and the Confessor.

I’m not sure what to think.  Sunashe wants to dance with the guys at the wedding, but then he talks about girls.  I told him I would dance with him, but he acted like he didn’t hear me.  I guess it’s for the best because none of them know, and if he doesn’t really like guys, then he would probably tell everyone if I touched his butt while dancing with him.

Nobody wants to be with a corpse, no matter how well the corpse takes care of himself.  I need to work more on accepting that.  That’s all.

Other than that, things are going well.  Patrols are quiet.  The Captain and Nessna are planning to have their wedding here.  I’m making the cake.  It’s just that one thing bothering me.

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Orledin’s Log

The captain came to see me the other day about a possible new recruit.  He said that he was waiting in the men’s quarters.  Luckily, he explained the situation first.  Some of the mages in the area found the summoner’s house.  That problem has been taken care of at least, and we don’t have to watch the ziggurat all the time now, which is good.  I think both Sorrowmoss and I were tiring of watching nothing happen.  Well, it’s good that nothing happens too, but it’s better to be walking around while nothing is happening instead of sitting in the same place all the time.

Anyway, it turns out this summoner had a guard, and the guard showed up after the summoner had been taken care of.  At first, I didn’t understand.  Why wouldn’t the guard be watching things a bit better?  Why didn’t he attack the mages?  Those questions were answered when I met him.

He’s undead.  He says his name is Hernester, though he seems unsure even about that.  While his mind may be free, I don’t think there’s much left.  He needs to have things repeated before he starts to understand.  It’s possible that he didn’t see the mages as a threat because he didn’t know or see what happened, or if he did, he forgot as soon as it happened.  Half of my conversation with him was just me confirming that he can’t go back to the house.  He thought he was lost.  At the end, I think he finally began to understand he needed a new place to stay.

I don’t think he’s capable of going on patrol.  He may be best suited for work that requires him to watch things, or go on simple errands.  Perhaps we could teach him how to take care of armor and equipment, or maybe he would be good at cleaning.  Not everyone takes their boots off next to the door.  We could certainly use someone who would keep the place tidy.

That’s the big news.  Things are well otherwise.  I guess, as well as they can be.  Sometimes, I think I would like a partner.  Not a patrol partner, but a partner partner.  Lin’s painting has me thinking about it.  One of the students has a huge crush on her and had this big painting done for her.  It’s kind of over the top.  It has her half-naked and tied to a rock.  The student is casting a spell at a dragon.  I’m not supposed to know about it, so I can’t say anything.  It does have me thinking though.  He must really like her, and I remember having someone who really liked me before too.  I still have the ring he gave me.  He said it meant he wanted to be with me.  I guess he didn’t mean past death.

I’ve told Sorrowmoss.  She doesn’t think it’s possible for me to find someone.  She may be right.


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Orledin’s Watch

I’m not surprised, but neither am I disappointed.  Emotions are a funny thing sometimes when you’re undead.  You feel only in your mind, not with your body in this condition.  I can be disappointed, but I won’t cry.  I can be surprised, but I won’t jump.  I can be embarrassed, but I won’t blush.  I knew anyway, when I first heard of it, that I would not be invited to the winter ball being held at the academy.  The rangers have accepted me, but that doesn’t mean everyone else has.  I don’t know if they would accept me so readily if they knew everything.  In some ways it’s good that I cannot blush.  Some of the conversations with the other guys, well, many of the conversations with Ty, wind up being about women.  They know already that I was with someone before, but they don’t know I’ve only had boyfriends, so I wind up having to pretend to know what they’re talking about.  Luckily, men are just as complicated as women when it comes to love.  No one has caught on yet, perhaps only because I can easily hide my embarrassment and surprise.

The Magister at the school had asked the Captain to provide security at the winter ball.  It wasn’t a large affair, but neither was it small.  Still, he was the only one there on duty.  The others were invited, but not me.  I decided to watch the path to make sure the guests had no difficulties on the road to the school.  I chose a spot about midway between the school and the town.  There was a hill overlooking the main path at that point and it is there where I decided to take my watch.

Most of the visitors traveled by hawkstrider, though more than one had decided to travel on foot.  The night was mostly uneventful.  I say mostly, and truly, nothing alarming happened, at least, not to anyone else but myself.  I had been watching from my hidden spot on the hill overlooking the path.  I saw some fancy robes and outfits as the guests passed by, each looking their best for the ball.  Two males approached on foot.  I could tell, even from a distance that one of them was a blood knight.  His armor shimmered even in the low light of the Ghostlands in the winter.  The other wore a fancy robe, and I thought he was just another mage.

Until he got closer.

His hair was the first clue.  As the two drew nearer, I could see it better. Those slight curls, and orange-blonde color made me think of him before I could even see his face clearly.  He was my lover.  Was.  It’s been well over ten years now, and he has obviously moved on.  I almost went down to see him though I doubt he would have reacted very well to that.  He refused to meet with me for a reason.  I keep telling myself that it’s because he hates what I’ve become, not who I am.  He talked quietly with his companion as he walked past where I hid.  I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but going by how close they were, they were definitely together.

He looked as if he was content, and I suppose I’m happy to know that he is.  I’m accepting that I will never be, but at least I have good memories of a time when I was.

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Winter’s Veil 2

Theronil Whitemorn double-checked the crib once more.  In truth, it was more than a double-check.  It was more like his 100th-check.  Isandri was due any day now, and he wanted everything to be perfect for the baby.  He knew the crib had been joined perfectly, but checking made him feel like he wasn’t missing a small flaw somewhere.

In preparing for his son or daughter’s arrival, he’d almost forgotten about Winter’s Veil.  It wasn’t until he went out to get food to bring back to Isandri and saw the decorations that he remembered.  Finding the time to shop for gifts had proved difficult, as he was too busy making sure everything was perfect for the baby’s arrival.  He had no idea what to get Isandri this year either.  It was while he was putting up a shelf in the baby’s room that he remembered the books he used to have as a child.  They came in a set, but were all about different things.  One was about a boy who got a tree for his birthday.  Another was about twins who always did things different.  He couldn’t remember the rest, or even the titles.  He checked at the library, and one of the people there was able to tell him the name of the set, but they didn’t have any copies there.  He checked in the lower city and found nothing there as well.  He then started writing to bookshops in Silvermoon, asking if they had the set there.  Slowly, the replies came back.  None of them had it.  One of them mentioned they hadn’t seen that set for decades.  Theronil thought it was possible he wouldn’t find the books.  He bought a beautiful shawl with intricately woven designs of leaves and flowers on it for Isandri.  She would like that, even though he still hoped to find the books.

Theronil had almost given up when he got a letter from a bookshop in a town in Eversong.  They had the set!  It was old, but the books were mostly in good condition, with the exception of one that had lost its cover.  The shop offered to re-bind it for him.  Theronil had quickly wrote back and arranged to pick up the set.

He smiled to himself as he checked the crib over once more.  Hopefully she would like both the books and the shawl.


Aranae Lightmist sat on the stairs at the Peak of Serenity watching the monks train below.  She knew what time of the year it was.  The pandaren seemed to pick up on the holiday fast and had erected a tree inside one of the buildings.  She could do without the reminders.

Of course she hadn’t heard from -them-.  She didn’t want to, and the more she knew they weren’t even trying, the less she wanted to do with them.  They could all stay in Silvermoon and pamper their favorites this year without her in the way.

She hadn’t seen Tsi Ku since coming back, and often wondered where she could be.  The guy with the cat hadn’t been around either, but there was one person she knew here.  Unfortunately, he was the one who couldn’t take a hint.  Even when she specified for him to get lost, Cadellus still didn’t get it.  He’d better not be planning to get her anything for Winter’s Veil.  She wouldn’t accept it if he did.  It was tempting to go somewhere else just to get away from him.  She smiled to herself.  Maybe it would be best to visit one of the towns for the rest of the holidays.


Rohau felt the wind lift up under his wings as he circled the valley below.  He carried a small burlap sack in his talons, though it was small enough that it did not impede his flight.  He watched carefully as he passed over the trees below.  He let out a quick caw when he finally saw the smaller white bird hidden in the branches of one of the trees.  The other bird looked up, and watched as Rohau landed on the branch next to him.  The other bird started preening as Rohau pulled the burlap bag up on the wide branch.  This one was always preening.  Rohau stuck his head in the bag and pulled out a box with his beak.  He placed it on the limb and pushed it towards the white bird.  The white bird pushed a different package towards Rohau.  Of course he had gotten a gift too.  Rohau carefully pulled the wrapping off, letting the colorful paper drop to the earth below, as the other bird did the same with his present.  Using both his talons and beak, he opened the box.  Inside, was a small jar of perfume.  Using one of his talons, he pressed the top and sprayed just a little bit onto the other talon. He smelled it and cawed happily.  The other bird also cawed happily as he pulled a beaded necklace out of his gift box.  Rohau helped him put it over his head, certain that it would stay in place around the other bird while in flight.  They both cawed happily as they took off with their presents in opposite directions.


Orledin looked up at the sky.  It was still dark.  Not even a hint of light at the horizon told him he still had plenty of time before another day of work started.  He looked down at the small piece of birch wood in his hands.  It was beginning to take shape.  It was a hobby he took up a few years ago.  It was something to do while the world slept.  Most of his projects he had just left wherever he had finished them, none of them meaning that much to him.  However, this one he was doing as a gift, as a way to say thank you to one of the few people who had not judged him for being what he was.  He was pretty sure the captain would like the gift as he resumed whittling the details into the cat-shaped piece of wood.

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On Watch

Jaellynn Evershade sat on the hill overlooking the lake next to the glade he called home.  A stream ran next to him, trickling over the edge of the hill into a second lake below.  Normally, he would come here to fish, but today, he faced away from the stream, and away from the lake.  Instead he watched the skies to the east where a sharp ridge rose as a natural border between Desolace and Mulgore.

Tathariel had told him the news she had heard of the trolls and the orcs fighting each other.  Since then, he began to make more trips to this hill.  He didn’t expect to see anything from here, but if the tauren were getting involved, then it was much more closer to the glade than he was comfortable with.

He carried his runeblade with him.  No, druids weren’t supposed to use swords, but he was stronger in combat with one.  He could quickly cut down any danger that approached the glade, within reason.  He was undead, but that hardly made him invincible.  He knew that.

He glanced away from the ridge, looking back towards the glade where he lived.  It was nearly time to eat.  Tathariel would be back with Relanos from their walk on the other side of the glade.  They had gone together to check on the thunder lizards first thing this afternoon when they woke, an activity Jaellynn wasn’t sure was safe for Relanos.  He could yell at the wrong time and frighten one into being aggressive, or hit it with a stick.  He was sure Tathariel was watching him closely, but he would be happy to see them.

He often joined them for meals though he didn’t eat.  Well, he could, but undead bodies do not digest the same as living bodies.  Sometimes, Relanos fed him, perhaps out of concern that his an’da didn’t eat much.  Jaellynn was sure the boy was going to start asking some of the harder questions soon, even though he was barely out of diapers.  He already asked lots of questions about other things and had remarked how an’da was always cold.

Not today.  The hot sun shone down on him as he stood.  Even this late in the day, he could feel the heat from it.  He took one last look at the ridge, watching as a windrider passed along the top of it in the distance.  He waited until it was out of sight, and headed back to the glade.

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Orledin’s Job

I arrived at the estate yesterday.  It was quite a ways further away from town than I had supposed.  I could tell when I was getting close.  The road out there was mostly overgrown with dark, thorny plants, but they had been cut away as I neared the place.  Closer still, flowers adorned each side of the path.  I could see the house then.  It was a large house on the hill by the sea, just as the mage had described.  As I made my way up the hill, I could see some of the other buildings just to the north, hidden within the forest, in various states of disrepair.

As I neared the door the mage appeared on the stairs leading to it.  He appeared, just like that.  I hadn’t even gotten close enough to knock.  He must have been watching for me.  One thing is certain, he’s terrified of me.  I’m careful not to make any quick movements that could startle him, though I think the only thing that can kill me now is separating my head from the rest of my body, I’m not eager to test that theory by getting hit by fire balls.  It’s bad enough that I’m undead.  I don’t need to be burned and undead.

The mage is very jumpy around me.  He ‘led’ me to the building he wanted fixed up by pointing and saying where to turn.  He walked behind me.  I did wonder at one point if it was merely an elaborate trap.  Perhaps he knew of a nest of spiders and was planning to lock me in with them, but no, that didn’t happen.

We arrived at a small house near the stables.  He stated that it was the one.  I honestly haven’t done much work with repairing homes.  However, I think I was more knowledgeable than the mage.  He thought that because the walls looked good from the outside that they just needed to be redone and painted inside.  I could tell from looking that the one whole corner is going to need to be rebuilt.  The water damage from the leaking roof has rotted the inner part of the wall.  It would probably collapse in a few years if left alone.

I’ve brought some books with me to show me how to do some of these things.  I was lucky that they had some in town.  Even luckier that they were in one of the undead’s possession.  I managed to convince him to loan me the books.  I doubt one of the elves would have lent them to me.  Perhaps the Confessor would have, but he’s away for now.  Many of them are.  There’s apparently something going on in Kalimdor that many have been called away to.  I never got a letter.

Not that I’d go if I did.  I’m sure there must be an exception for being dead.

I’m allowed to stay in the house while fixing it.  That’s the way he put it.  I’m not to come near the main house.  I asked him how I would ask for the supplies that would be needed, and he said that I could keep a list of things needed.  He promised to check in on the progress every day or two.  He might miss a day now and then as he’s very busy, in his words.

So now I’m staying here in this old house that may collapse on one side at any given moment.  At least he’s paying decently.

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