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Valentines 2

Teniron Whitemorn double-checked out the window to make sure Kit had really gone.  She had some letters to take to town, and it was his only time to work on finishing her gift.  He saw no sign of her so he went to his work bench and opened the bottom drawer.  He had hidden it under some of his plans and patterns.  He pulled out the small box and opened it.  Inside was a small piece of jade, only partially shaped, but enough that the basic form was showing the shape of a wind serpent.  His plan was to turn it into a pendant for a necklace.  The chain was already finished.  He only needed to add the details to the serpent and it would be done.

He took it out and started working on it.  He needed to finish before Kit returned.


Nessna Amberlight wasn’t really sure what to get for Sath’alor.  After all, they hadn’t had much time to talk alone yet.  Still, she thought she should get something to show that his gifts were well-received.  Lani had plans to go into Silvermoon to get something for her Confessor.  Nessna followed her up to the school when she went to ask for her portal so that she could tag along as well.

She brought Rylad along with her.  He had recently taken his first steps and was already working towards running.  Sometimes he went too fast for himself and wound up falling.  He would certainly need to be watched closely in the market if he wanted to be put down.  Luckily, for now, he was content to ride in his sling.

She wandered through the market, purposefully losing her sister.  She’d look for her again when it was time to go.  She came upon a stall with some camping equipment, and was looking at the pocket knives and sleeping bags.

Rylad started squirming in his sling as she looked over the items set up on the display.  He reached towards the ground while giving a little cry.

“You want to get out for a bit?”  Nessna asked while lifting him out of the sling.  She put him down on his feet next to her and held his hand as she continued to look.  One of the pocket knives also had a spoon and a fork, which she thought was funny, but practical.

Rylad tugged at her hand as he bent forward to look in a box under one of the tables.  He pulled out a tin frying pan with his other hand and laughed.

Nessna wasn’t quite sure what he found funny about it, but she knelt beside him to look in the box with him.  Besides the pan, there were two plates, two cups, and a cooking pot.  They looked to be all part of the same set.  She lifted the pot and found two more tin glasses underneath, these were shaped more as wine glasses than the cups were.  She smiled at Rylad, “I’ll tell him you helped me pick it out.”


Lanthiriel Lightmist had lost her sister almost as soon as they arrived in Silvermoon.  It was just as well.  She didn’t want her seeing what she was buying for the Confessor, nor making comments about it.  She already knew half of the gift.  Lani had knit a scarf for him.  It was blue.  Nessna had insisted that it wasn’t his color and that winter was almost over.  He wouldn’t need it.  Lani had decided then that it couldn’t be the only thing she got for the Confessor. She quickly hurried to the market.

She was overwhelmed before even walking inside the wine shop.  Some wines were better than others.  The Confessor had said that himself.  She tried to remember the kind that Nessna had received, but she didn’t know the name of it.  She remembered the colors of the label though, and she thought perhaps she would recognize it.  Her sister had told her it was a good wine and she wasn’t allowed to give that one to the Confessor.  Nessna had hidden it anyway, so she wasn’t sure how she was supposed to make a mistake and give it to the Confessor if it was someplace she didn’t even know.

She was surprised to find that most of the labels looked fairly similar, as if there were some sort of standard colors and lettering that they had to use, or perhaps they were all done by the same person.  She frowned as she looked at the shelves.  Did the price matter?  Expensive wines were good wines, right?  Maybe she should have asked Nessna’s advice before losing her.

She frowned and took one of the moderately expensive bottles from the shelf.  Surely, it had to be good.


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Alt Appreciation: Warrior Week

It is the last week of Alt Appreciation weeks at World of Lae.  Thanks for the great idea!  I have a decent amount of warriors because, like a friend, I find they’re versatile for RP.  They make great belligerent drunks, or can easily be just some guy who has to pick up a sword to fight one day, or can be highly trained over thousands of years!  Warrior as a class is something I’m still working on getting a grasp on.  I seem to do great at tanking until level 60 or so.  I’ve played dps on one of my warriors and thanks to an addon telling me what to hit, I do okay, but I really have no idea what I’m doing with that.  Anyway, here are my warriors!

Teniron Whitemorn is currently my only level 90 warrior.  He is a jeweler, turned drunk, turned jeweler again.  He lives in Pandaria with Kit.  I'd love to roleplay with him more, but there's not much opportunity with him staying in Pandaria, so the best he gets is writing unwanted letters to his brother.  He does have max jewelcrafting to match his story.  He tends to wear his armor IC as well.

Teniron Whitemorn is currently my only level 90 warrior. He is a jeweler, turned drunk, turned jeweler again. He lives in Pandaria with Kit. I’d love to roleplay with him more, but there’s not much opportunity with him staying in Pandaria, so the best he gets is writing unwanted letters to his brother. He does have max jewelcrafting to match his story. He tends to wear his armor IC as well.

Jaene is a copy of Jaeyn/Jaen.  He had to have a warrior version after Vassanta taught him to use his sword.  (giggles)

Jaene is a copy of Jaeyn/Jaen.  He is level 85. He had to have a warrior version after Vassanta taught him to use his sword. (giggles)

Aerrissa Summerleaf is Jaeyn's mother.  She's a sentinel, and is currently in Ashenvale.  She's another one of those characters who is 85 and needs to level yet, but I hate Pandaria, so I don't know how she's going to.

Aerrissa Summerleaf is Jaeyn’s mother. She’s a sentinel, and is currently in Ashenvale. She’s another one of those characters who is 85 and needs to level yet, but I hate Pandaria, so I don’t know how she’s going to.


Jaenella is level 82.  She was my first warrior to max level, during Wrath of the Lich King.  She hasn't moved far since then, and sits, mostly forgotten, on my old realm.

Jaenella is level 82. She was my first warrior to max level, during Wrath of the Lich King. She hasn’t moved far since then, and sits, mostly forgotten, on my old realm.

Hernester has a basic backstory.  He might, some time, make an appearance in the Ghostlands.  Who knows?  He's level 80.

Hernester has a basic back story. He might, some time, make an appearance in the Ghostlands. Who knows? He’s level 80.

Ethirdir Redfeather is the oldest son of a hawkstrider farmer who lives along the southern border of Eversong.  He was one of the men in Theronil's unit for the siege storyline, and is Sanimir's cousin.  OOC, he's level 80 and has no matching gear.  Poor guy!

Ethirdir Redfeather is the oldest son of a hawkstrider farmer who lives along the southern border of Eversong. He was one of the men in Theronil’s unit for the siege storyline, and is Sanimir’s cousin. OOC, he’s level 80 and has no matching gear. Poor guy!


Gaelardrim is a builder on the island of Quel'Danas.  He was my first blood elf warrior, created just after the pre-Cata patch.  When Cata dropped and I changed servers, he stayed behind.  I forgot about him for a year or so, then went back to level him a bit.  That's when I noticed he looks an awful lot like one of my mages!  I swear I didn't plan that.  He's level 66.

Gaelardrim is a builder on the island of Quel’Danas.  OOC – He was my first blood elf warrior, created just after the pre-Cata patch. When Cata dropped and I changed servers, he stayed behind. I forgot about him for a year or so, then went back to level him a bit. That’s when I noticed he looks an awful lot like one of my mages! I swear I didn’t plan that. He’s level 66.


Another blood elf warrior!  Arancon Firewind is Aeramin's father, who is supposed to be dead, but time travel happened and a mage goofed up big time.  Now Arancon lives in a house in the Ghostlands, after spending years in Murder Row.  OOC - He needs to get to 60.  I'm working on it.  He's currently in the mid-50's and decked out in BoA's.

Another blood elf warrior! Arancon Firewind is Aeramin’s father, who is supposed to be dead, but time travel happened and a mage goofed up big time. Now Arancon lives in a house in the Ghostlands, after spending years in Murder Row. OOC – He needs to get to 60. I’m working on it. He’s currently in the mid-50’s and decked out in BoA’s.

Stunted, a random level 29 gnome warrior who wears a dress on a realm I don't even pretend to play on.  Poor girl.

Stunted, a random level 29 gnome warrior who wears a dress on a realm I don’t even pretend to play on. Poor girl.



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Dear Mother,

I hope all is going okay in Kalimdor.  I’m doing okay here in the Ghostlands.  Sometimes I think the magister just doesn’t like anything I do.  You know my tendency to doodle?  Doesn’t everyone do that?  Anyway, he saw my doodles and didn’t like them.

He has a butler who was sent to fight.  He just came home with a nasty injury recently.  I thought before that the sooner you came home the better, but now I don’t think so.  I think if you come home with everyone else, that’ll be the best.  I do hope that is soon though.

I’m doing well in my studies, despite the magister hating me.  He keeps giving me more and more work to do.  I was in my practice room until almost bedtime last night!  Luckily, the workers here often bring food to the practice rooms for us, so I didn’t miss supper.

It’s starting to get cold here at night.  My room is above the big sitting room with the big fireplace though, so I get some heat from that.  I think some of the other rooms have their own fireplaces.  Mine’s too small for that.

We haven’t visited Silvermoon much recently.  Maybe I’ll see if one of the other students will ask the magister.  I have a feeling that if I ask, he’ll just make us wait longer.

Be careful, and come home with everyone else, which I hope is soon!

– Keyalenn


[[ This letter arrives from Pandaria to Shattrath along with a small package to the Whitemorn household. ]]


I hope all is well.  I’ve been doing well in Pandaria.  I’ve been working with the local metals and gems here.  I’ve sent along some ear cuffs for Isandri.  I hope she likes them.

The people here are very strange.  They’re big bears and have fur all over, and sharp teeth.  They seem welcoming though, for the most part.  Once in a while you meet a grumpy one who doesn’t like “outsiders”.  I can’t say I blame them much.

Kit and I have been staying in a place called the Jade Forest.  I’m not sure if it’s because trees are green, or there’s a jade mine here.  Maybe neither, or maybe both!  It is nice here though.  Sometimes we make trips to the Vale.  Our last trip came with a shock.  It was a beautiful place, a bit like Eversong, but now it’s been destroyed.  There’s a big blackened hole in the ground where the pools used to be.  I heard multiple sources describe it as that orc’s doing.

I also heard that there is a war on Orgrimmar now.  Do you know anything about that?  I suppose if there is one, you might be there now.  If that’s the case, hello Isandri.  I hope you’ll forward this letter to my brother and that you like your ear cuffs!  And Thero, if you are there, be careful.  This orc is extremely dangerous.  What happened in the Vale is a testament to that.

– Teniron Whitemorn


Dear Lanthiriel,

Forgive me for not writing sooner.  Things have been rather hectic here since most healers have gone to Kalimdor.  I have not only taken on your patients, but it seems half of Silvermoon’s patients as well.  Not many healers were left behind.  Isandri’s help has been invaluable these past weeks, but I refuse to let her stay past the time she would have normally left.  On the other hand, I find myself staying in the office later and later.

Not only are we taking care of the patients who were already here, but we need to keep a few emergency spots open each day.  Many of the people being sent home due to injuries still need a healer’s attention.  I’ve heard news from Kalimdor from some of them.  Lately, they’ve been saying that they’re in the city now.  If that’s true, then maybe it won’t be much longer.  I worry about you being there.

Your mother is still staying with her sister, and Esladra is with her.  I had hoped Esladra would want to help out in the office as well after her studies were done for the day, but I’ve heard little from either of them.  Esladra did mention that she only has one class now.  The few instructors who stayed behind are still giving their classes.  Her apprenticeship is on hold for the time being.

Have you heard from your brother recently?  I want to get out to visit him, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.  I’ve been scheduling some patients for the weekend!

I am doing well, just very busy.  I hope you are doing well too.

– Isturon


My Love, Isandri,

I hope all is well at home.  Our camp is usually quiet, though there has been a steady increase in injuries being brought in over the past few days.  The news is, they’ve made it past the gate, but the orc hasn’t been found yet.  My group is still holding its position as a supply camp, so that’s good news.  If they’ve cleared out the front of the city and still want to keep us at the same distance, that’s fine with me!  Our mage, the one who conjures our food, said it would be more difficult for the others if the spot to make the portal to kept changing.  I guess that makes sense a bit.

Is the baby growing well?  I’m so excited to hear it might be a boy.  How sure are they?  I’d love a girl too.

I miss you so much.  I think Arelanis still misses you too.  She’s been a good dragonhawk though, and has saved us from the mage’s poorly conjured food a couple of nights by bringing us boars to cook and eat.  I miss your cookies too.

Is everything okay in Shattrath?  How is everyone else doing?  I hope they’ve been coming to see you and make sure everything’s okay.

I love you.  You’re so beautiful.  I can’t wait to be home to hold you again.




Confessor Morthorn,

Hi!  I wanted to let you know that Tik is here at home, and is doing well.  He’s taken up doing most of his normal duties, except killing the spiders.  I’m still doing that.  He and Terellion worked out their duties together, and they both decided I should have less cake.

I don’t like that last part, but I’m glad he’s back.  I think he’s very lucky, considering.

My students enjoyed the trip to Shattrath.  The library is always the highlight of the trip there, but I’m trying to figure out a way to safely take them out of the city next time.  With more students now, I’m afraid I might lose one!  One in particular likes to wander off a fair bit, and usually finds trouble when he does.  I can only hope he resists the temptation to do so on any field trips there.  I wouldn’t want him to be dinner for a Netherdrake!

Oh! Tik went to get the recipes from the death knight.  I guess death knights don’t know how to write or something, because he refused to put it on paper.  He did let Tik watch and take notes as he made some though, so now we have the recipes in the house.  I bet they’ll be the best cakes ever.  It’s too bad they won’t let me eat more of them!

I did have the talk with the new hired person, and we are getting to know each other better.  He thought I hated him!  I don’t know where he got that idea.  We’re not being too serious yet, but oh he’s so tempting.  I think it’s better to take it slower though.  He hasn’t done things like that before, so that’s even more reason to take it slow.  That, and I’m nervous about it, for a variety of reasons.  He’s a bit younger than me, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be the first time for him.  I want it to be good for both of us, and I think we should be in love.  I don’t know how to make sure of that though.  I want him to stay here, is that like or love?  Is it when we say it?  I don’t know.  I like him a lot, and I don’t want him to leave, but maybe I don’t know him well enough to love him yet.  I don’t think he feels that for me yet either.  Maybe soon.

We haven’t been very open about our relationship with the others.  Sometimes I feel like I’m a bad secret to him.  I understand that it’s probably not best to tell everyone, but I don’t like having to sneak around about it.  I want to be able to kiss him in the sitting room by the fire there, and not have to worry about who sees us!  I guess if he loves me someday, we’ll tell people.

Anyway, that’s news from here.  Tell Lani her house is almost ready!  I hope everyone is back home soon!

– Magister Hethurin Fairsong

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Teniron’s New Armor

Teniron Whitemorn slipped the helmet on over his head, and looked in the mirror one last time before pulling back the curtain.  “I look ridiculous.” he stated flatly to the woman sitting on the bench of the armor shop.  He’d never had a full set of matching armor before, but this was definitely not what he had imagined it would be like.

Kit’s lips curled in what looked to him to be an only partially hidden smile.  If she was trying not to laugh, then that would mean they wouldn’t have to get it.  He had to give her credit for not actually laughing.  This particular set of armor was hideous, unless you were a peacock, or hawkstrider, maybe.  The fanciful plumage on the shoulders was bad enough, but the helmet had the same silly looking strip of long feathers along the top of it.

Kit’s expression softened to a sympathetic smile, “Besides how it looks, do you like it?  How is the fit?  It’s not too heavy, is it?”

“It doesn’t matter.  I’m not wearing it.”

Kit frowned, “Close your eyes.”

Teniron raised a brow.  Closing his eyes wouldn’t help.  He’d have to make sure everyone else’s eyes were closed too.

“Just forget what it looks like for a second.”

Teniron sighed and closed his eyes.  “I still feel ridiculous.”

“You’re not forgetting.  Keep your eyes closed and tell me, how does it fit?”

“The fit is fine.”  Teniron said, opening his eyes as he moved his arms back and forth to test his mobility in the armor.  “Are you sure this is good armor?  It seems really light.”  He tapped on the back of one of the gloves as if he expected to dent it.

“It’s supposed to be light.  It’s ghost iron.  It’s stronger than it feels.”

“Does it come in styles that don’t make me look like I’m trying to become an attraction at the Darkmoon Faire?  Someone may mistake me for some strange bird in this set.”

Kit smiled, “In fact, if we’ve found the right size, they have some different styles for you to choose from.  You can pick the one you like.  We’ll have it made in your size.”

Teniron removed the helm.  “Anything but this.”  He followed Kit to look at the drawings of their other designs.

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The Market

Teniron Whitemorn sat on the bench near the market in the small village in Eversong Woods.  He was glad Kit had agreed that it would be good for him to get out, to help him recover.  What surprised him was that he was letting her have so much say in his life.  He had never been one to like being told what to do, but here he was sitting quietly on the bench instead of running off to do his own thing.  He didn’t think he would get very far, even if he tried, but that was beside the point.  The point was he knew what was happening, and was doing nothing to stop it.

He was falling for her.

Somewhere, deep in his mind, he could still hear that lingering doubt.  There’s no such thing as love.  She’s only here for… for what?  Something.  He was running out of reasons.  It couldn’t be the jewelry, which had been his main reasoning before what had happened in Dalaran.  He had been captured.  He didn’t think most people would even entertain the thought of going into an enemy city just to rescue some lowly jeweler, so that he might be able to, someday, make jewelry again.  He didn’t believe that Kestrae had asked her to help get him to safety either.  His reasons were truly running out, and that could only mean one thing.

She was falling for him too.

He looked up towards the market.  He couldn’t see her now, but she was somewhere there in the crowd.  He wanted to tell her how he felt, but each time he tried, the doubt came back.  Maralle hadn’t seemed so bad at first either.  What if it was like that?  Would she change her mind in the future and decide to hate him?

He supposed there would be time to think about it.  They had spoken the other night about checking on the costs of going to Pandaria.  He didn’t want to stay in Eversong or Silvermoon.  His brother and his wife had gone to Shattrath.  He had tried writing, but he knew he wasn’t welcome there.  Kit had bought some noodles to try that were from the lands discovered to the south.  The food was good.  It might not be a bad place to get back into shape.

He smiled a bit to himself as he leaned back on the bench.  Maybe he could find the courage to say what he wanted once they were there, too.

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Aranae Lightmist

She sat on a rock near the edge with her book for writing her daily reflections.  A flimsy fence was the only thing between her and the sheer drop off the side of the mountain.  One of the seasonal streams trickled over the edge nearby.  She was told it would never completely thaw, but spring was here.  Some of it would.

She had been here in Pandaria for a few months now.  To the best of her knowledge, no one at home knew exactly where she was.  Sanimir was the only one who knew she might be in Pandaria, and he lived in Dalaran.  Her oldest sister lived there as well.  She frowned.  Word had finally trickled in about what was happening far to the north.

She glanced back at the large building behind her.  Toruviel had been brought back after she ran and told them he was there.  She felt guilty for that, but Master Cheng had insisted that she had done the right thing.  She wondered if Toruviel’s family was worried about him.

She frowned once more, looking down at her book.  She picked up her pencil and began to write.

Dear Father and Mother…


Teniron Whitemorn

Teniron scrunched up his nose.  Not the soup again.  Of course, normally, soup wasn’t bad, but Kit had spoken to one of the ladies in town and had added things to help him keep up his strength, and gain some weight.  He wasn’t quite sure how making something inedible was supposed to do either.

He looked up at Kit, his eyes pleading, “Do I have to?”

She frowned sympathetically, “It’ll help you get better if you do.”

“Do you have some of that bread from the baker?  It tastes better with that.”

“The baker didn’t have any of that kind this morning.  Did you want to try another kind?”

Teniron twitched an ear.  “No.”  He frowned at the soup as he picked up the spoon.  He wondered if the other prisoners who escaped were being fed horrible soup too.  He hoped they weren’t.


Vallindra Lightmist

“Volnar, I don’t need your commentary.”  Vallindra stated flatly as she slammed another book shut.  “This is useless.”

The imp skulked under the table, hoping to avoid his Mistress’s wrath.  She’d not been happy since returning from her attempts to cure the dragon.  “Those things that you tried were meant to cure elves, no?”

Vallindra glared at him.  The lemons had done nothing.  The spicy food had done nothing.  The oil… well, it had done something.  She was glad she didn’t have to clean it up.  The dragon was still ill afterwards.  “There’s nothing in any of these books that tell me how to cure a dragon.” she explained to the imp.  “I had to come up with something to try, and those remedies do work for sick elves.  So they didn’t work for the dragon.  Do you have any better ideas?”

“No mistress.  Volnar isn’t very smart, but he does as he’s told.”

Vallindra rolled her eyes and shook her head.  “Then Volnar should keep quiet and let his mistress study.”  She picked up another book.


Latahlali Ashclaw

Dear Vaelarian,

I hope you’re still around Astranaar because you still haven’t written, and I’m going to get really mad if I find out you went somewhere else and didn’t say.

You really should come visit.  Naraleth has grown already, and I think I’m doing good at being a mother.  Everything is so different.  I couldn’t even imagine how this would feel before.  I mean I thought I loved him before he was born, but now that he’s here… I can’t even describe it.

I went to buy some new robes the other night and left Naraleth for the first time with Raleth.  I went with Isandri.  Do you remember her?  She was the priestess at the wedding.  Anyway, we were helping another apprentice pick out robes for herself, and she said she shouldn’t pick out pretty robes.  Normally, I’d agree because it usually doesn’t work out.  I mean it did for me, but normally it doesn’t.  But anyway, her teacher likes men, so I don’t see what’s wrong with wanting to look pretty just for yourself.  Isandri got really weird about it.  I don’t understand why.

I don’t know why I’m telling you.  You probably don’t know either, but you are old, so maybe you have some insight on it or something.

Naraleth doesn’t do much yet.  We think he might be smiling sometimes, but it might just be gas.  I burp him just in case.



Xyliah Amberlight

Dear Diary,

This will be a short entry because I’m supposed to be collecting skins for my father.

Berwick is doing better each day and has slowly started to put on some weight again.  I was so worried that I’d break him if I hugged him at first.  I’m glad he’s getting better now.

My father has been letting us stay with him.  I think he likes him.

Berwick’s been helping out some with the shop, but I don’t think furniture is what he wants to do with his life.  I can’t blame him.  I don’t like it much either!  Anyway, I guess Sanimir came and asked him to paint his house or something.  Berwick would like to, but I don’t know how big the house is, or how long he’d be gone, or anything.  It’s in the Ghostlands too.  I know he wants to earn his own money, but there’s no way I’m letting him go alone.  We were separated enough.  I plan to go with him.

Hopefully, Sanimir won’t mind.


Alinash Brightblaze

The snow was slowly beginning to melt off of the roofs in Stormwind.  Alinash was thankful that he had been able to spend most of the winter inside.  I hate snow.  He had gone out at night, but only for short trips to the house where the boss lived.  It’s colder at night.  I hate winter.  He moved the pot of water from the floor and put another in it’s place.  The dripping of the melting snow seeping through the leaky roof continued.

He had already tried covering his ears in an attempt to block the noise of the droplets falling into the pot.  He grabbed the scarf he had received for the holiday and wrapped it around his head, over his ears.  He could still hear it.  I hate dripping.

He threw himself back into his bed and covered his head with his blanket.  I hate not being able to sleep.


Aeramin Firewind

Aeramin woke slowly in the low, pre-dawn light of Blade’s Edge.  His days had been busy lately.  Sleeping late into the morning was not a luxury that he could afford.  Everyday, he would wake early and head to Shattrath to work on the latest set of invitations.  Then he had lunch before teleporting to Shadowmoon for his lessons, practice and time to see the dragon.  All of that had to be done before supper.  He’d often stop in Shattrath on the way to Blade’s Edge, either to pick up fresh food from the market or to get something from the restaurant behind the library.  Thankfully he felt confident enough to teleport to Blade’s Edge now and was able to save the travel time.

It was only after arriving in Blade’s Edge that he could relax a little, and even then, his mind was often still on things from earlier.  The books from the closed school were one of the biggest things preoccupying him now.  The summoning and binding spells in some of them were definitely not made for beginners.

His mind was sometimes on other things too.  Sanimir was back in Shattrath.  He hadn’t seen him, but he had sent his apprentice.  Aeramin hoped he wouldn’t be staying too long.  The less time he was there, the less chance they had of running into each other.

Aeramin turned to look at Imralion.  The blood knight aspirant was still asleep.  He ran a finger along one of Im’s ears, and kissed his cheek.  The blood knight stirred slightly, half-opening his eyes in the pale lighting.  A slight smile formed on his lips.

“Good morning,”  Aeramin whispered.  “I have a bit of time before I have to go.”

Imralion grinned before their lips met.



Tik sighed as he removed the single fish from the pan and placed it on his plate.  The young magister who had recently bought the home that Tik had served for all of his life was away again.  To Shattrath, he had said, for only a week or two.  The magister’s apprentice went with him, leaving Tik to take care of things while they were gone.

He didn’t mind being the only living person in the house.  It had been that way for many years after all, but he was beginning to wonder about the young magister.  The mage was odd.  Some days he locked himself in his room, and it was all Tik could do to convince him to open his door to take the food that Tik had prepared for him.  Then a few days after that, everything would be normal again.

Tik realized, of course, living in the Ghostlands was odd to begin with.  He was in no position to point fingers.  He sat at the small table in the kitchen to eat his fish, after placing a bowl on the floor with some of the uncooked fish.  The magister’s cat ran to it and happily began to eat.


Esladra Lightmist

Esladra stood waiting outside the house in Silvermoon City.  Her sister had promised to come and make a portal for her to visit Shattrath.  Esladra had been looking forward to her break all year.  She still wasn’t sure about going to Shattrath for it, but Vallindra had said there were a bunch of cute blood knights there.  She had also reminded Esladra that she should find her own guy before mother picked one out for her.  She frowned as she watched for her sister.  Mother’s tastes were definitely not her own, and Vallindra was right about one thing, Esladra didn’t want to have to fight and tell mother no.

A minute later, the air shimmered in front of her.  Vallindra appeared and took one of her bags.  “They have a spot in the inn that they’re saving for you.  Are you ready?”

Esladra smiled nervously and nodded, “Let’s go!”

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(( To and from various different characters. ))

Dear Father,

Berwick and I will be arriving later today, possibly before this letter arrives.  I thought if there was a chance to give you some advance notice that we were coming, that it would be worth trying!

The rescue went well.  Berwick is very thin, but doesn’t seem sick from the ordeal.  He does seem a little odd, and preferred to cuddle with Ember rather than me.  I’m hoping he was just self-conscious about his smell, and that’ll be nothing a quick bath won’t fix.  I’ll wash him up in the river, along with his clothes, before bringing him home.  All the same, it might be worth watching to make sure he still wants to be around people.

Please have lots of food ready for when we get there, along with some warm blankets.  I’ll go shop for some new clothes for him while he naps, if you’ll loan me a little bit to find some things for him.  I’ll gladly help in the shop if you need me to.



Dear Isandri and Theronil,

I wanted to write and let you both know that I’m okay.  Kit said you’re staying in Shattrath now.  I don’t know where to go.  I think we’re going to Eversong for a bit.

I hope all is well with both of you.



(( Left on a dining table next to a single flower on top of a pile of paintings in a home in Shattrath ))

Dearest Imralion,

I’ve gone to take care of the dragon and practice.  I wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you.  I love holding you in my arms.  I love the softness of your lips, in contrast with the stubble along your jaw.  I love the way your ears stand straight up when you like something, and the way your toes curl at the same time.

I can’t wait to see you when I get home tonight.


PS – I bought some of the salad you like.  I left it in the kitchen so you can have it for lunch.


Dear Isandri,

Do you know when you’ll be able to visit again?  Kestrae and Ordinicus are here, but I think they’ll want to go back soon.  I’ve been helping them with the sick dragon.  I’m hoping to find a cure soon.  The dragon has been sick for a long time so I think it might be the crystals that they’re talking about.

I’ll have to come back to Shattrath in a couple of weeks.  Our books will be due back then, plus I think it would be good to see everyone again.  It probably won’t be for as long as last time.

How is everything with Thero?  I hope good!

– Hethurin Fairsong



Hi.  I wanted to speak with you again before I left, but you were gone all of the time.  I guess I probably kind of know where.  I mean you weren’t home so you were with him, right?  Anyway, it’s not about that.

My apprentice is learning fire magic right now, and I was hoping you could help her, like you helped me when we were apprentices.  I remember being really bad with fire magic then.  You don’t have to though.  I just want her to have every advantage possible.  If you don’t want to see me, that’s okay too.  I can just send her.

– Hethurin


Dear Nessna,

Hi!  Guess what?  I found a dress here in Silvermoon.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  Remember that drab thing you had to wear?  Who picked that out anyway?  It’s way better than that.  I told Esladra about it and she couldn’t stop asking questions.  You should have heard her go on and on about hoping she found someone right like that someday, or that mother would pick someone good for her.  She seemed to go back and forth on that quite a bit!

Will you be coming to the wedding?  We still haven’t picked a date, but we should soon because I’d like to have it this spring or summer.  You won’t be huge then.

How is everything with the pregnancy?  I bet you feel like an elekk or one of those giant worms I’ve heard about in the plaguelands.  I think they eat almost constantly too!

Sorry we couldn’t come out to see you, but we really didn’t have time to go so far into the woods.  How can you stand it out there anyway?  Aren’t you afraid that a troll might eat your baby?


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