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Malwen’s Essay

My name is Malwen Fairsong and I’m seven and a half years old. My new teacher asked me to write an essay about myself and stuff, so this is it!

I’m really excited this week because I have a home now, and I don’t have to live at the orphanage anymore. I have two Ann’das here. One of them is Terellion, and he wants me to call him Ann’da, so I am! He’s really nice and he helps me do my hair every morning, and lets me help him make cakes. He works a lot with cleaning and stuff too, but he gets a lot of help from the butler, Tik, so he still has a lot of time for me after my lessons are done.

My other Ann’da is Hethurin, and he wants me to call him Arcann’da because he’s my Ann’da too, and a mage! So that’s what I call him. He’s really nice, and likes all the cake that ann’da makes for him. He’s busy teaching his classes during the day because this house is also a school, and there’s magic students living here too. It’s really exciting because magic looks really cool.

I live in the Ghostlands now because that’s where the house is. It’s a lot different compared to Silvermoon! The house is at the top of a cliff by the sea, and you can see really far from the top of the tower. Arcann’da says it’s a mini mage tower because he’s a mage, but he has the school too so he couldn’t have just a big tower because it would be hard to teach students in it. I think he’s right because I like my room here, and I wouldn’t want to give that up.

The school is also where I go to school because there’s a classroom here for younger students. Our teacher is from Kalimdor and has long blue hair and she’s really tall. She has a little boy, and he’s really cute. I hope I get extra points for this, and it’s true too! She brings him to class, but there aren’t many students there yet. It’s just me and two older boys, Vaildor and Kiandris. Vaildor isn’t there everyday because he goes to an art school in the city too. Kiandris is there every day because he doesn’t have another school to go to. There’s supposed to be a break for summer soon.

I also have a baby sister now. Ann’da and Arcann’da adopted her at the same time they adopted me. She’s only a few days old, and she’s super cute. They named her Narise, and I think that’s a pretty name. I like her, but I hope I don’t have to share my favorite doll with her. It’s the doll that Ann’da and Arcann’da got for me when they sponsored me. I had to leave it here when I went back to the orphanage, but I’m so glad to come back now! They got more dolls for me, but that one is still my favorite because it reminds me of how I came here. I won’t mind sharing the other ones with Narise when she’s older, but that one is mine.

Narise sleeps a lot. Arcann’da likes to carry her around in a sling while he’s teaching and I think she sleeps most of the time. One time this week, I did hear her cry because my classroom isn’t far from the other classroom where he teaches. I think Ann’da must have come to get her because the crying faded away like someone carried her somewhere else. I bet she was hungry. She doesn’t do a lot yet, but I really like her. I hope she likes me too!

And that’s all there is to say about me and stuff right now!


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