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There’s times I wish I could cry.  This is one of them.

Tathariel was still angry yesterday.  I apologized so many times, and practically begged her for some indication that she still wanted me around.  She wouldn’t say she loves me even after I said it to her.  Twice.  I tried to explain how much she means to me, how much Relanos means to me, and how much I need them both as much as they need me.  Except I guess she doesn’t need me.

She disappeared after rejecting me completely.

I went to my sister’s place in Stonetalon.  Kel said Terivanis had left for Hyjal, and that Ellorian was already there at the inn.  I stayed away from the inn.  The rest of the time we were talking about Tathariel then Tath showed up there.  I’m not sure why, she’s the one that abandoned me in the cold ruins.

So she treats me like dirt, refuses to say she loves me too, but wants me to kiss her?  Why would I dare?  Does she think I want to get my ears pulled?  And after the second time I told her I loved her and she didn’t respond… I was just too hurt to even think of it.

I’m still hurt, but at least she finally apologized.  I can’t believe I can say I’m sorry 10 times and not be forgiven, but it took her so long to say it just once to me.  I’m still hurt, but I feel a little better.  I forgive her but I’m cautious.  It hurt a lot.

I got a letter from Ornasse.  He said he met my brother at the shrine of Aviana.  I’m assuming he meant Terivanis, since he did leave for Hyjal.  Of course, Jaeyn could be there.  Who knows?  Either way, one of my brothers has told him about my father.  I don’t know how much was said.  I’d like to be able to talk to him.  He did say he could meet me at Nordrassil.  It’s a long way to take a baby.  Relanos likes flying so I can probably make it there.  He may even fall asleep on the way.


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Letter to Ornasse

Dear Father,

I hope all is well.   Tathariel and I enjoyed your visit.  I am sure Relanos did as well, even if he’s too young to say so.  Tathariel is going to study the kodos in Desolace.  I may assist her since I’ve not chosen my next subject yet.

I’ve recently received news that I am very unhappy with.  I tried talking to Karnum but he’s a tauren and doesn’t seem to really understand.  I was wondering if you would be available to fish sometime?  Preferably at a time Tathariel is asleep as I just don’t fish when she’s awake.  Relanos should not be too much of a problem to fish with unless his new tooth is still coming in.  He was exceptionally cranky yesterday, more evidence he will be a great druid some day.  Most days he is content to sit beside me and play while I fish.  Sometimes he sleeps.  I don’t think he’ll cause much of a disturbance if he accompanies us on a short fishing trip.

I’ve heard the druids may be called back to Hyjal soon.  If you are too busy, I understand.

Ancients be with you,

– Jaellynn Evershade

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Letter to Sourabhi


I hope this letter finds you.

This is not a love letter!  I swear it.  It’s safe to keep reading!

I’m writing because I need a necklace made.  I know a couple other people that could do it, but I remember some of the things that you did and I think your work is what I’m looking for.

Money should not be an issue, but I would appreciate an estimate before you start work on it.

I need a lady’s necklace.  I would like the chain and pendant to be made of truegold.  The pendant should be adorned with nightstones and Azerothian diamonds, and should be no more than an inch in height or width.  The chain should be fine and lady-like because it’s for a queen.

For the pendant design, I’m looking for something naaru-ish.  Maybe you could give me a couple to choose from when you send your estimate, or if you know one that’s perfect that’s okay too.  It’s for a draenei queen.


– Jaeyn Summerleaf

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Jumping and Other Stupid Stuff

Tathariel is angry with me.  I could have lied.

“Did you jump out of the tree after I said no more jumping out of the tree?”


“Okay, and did you ever do any other stupid stuff?”


“Okay, good!”

But no, I am an idiot and say yes to both.

Both things happened early in our relationship.  I didn’t tell her then.  I thought she would get angry and leave me.  I haven’t done anything like that recently.  I just don’t care to do things like that anymore.  She needs me.  Relanos needs me.  I love them both, and I need to be here for them.

I’m not even sure it was that night that I jumped.  I do remember that I didn’t promise not to jump until after my last jump.  I may have rested next to her that night which could easily be why I don’t remember.  I can’t figure it out with her.  She’s already mad.  She gets mad when I don’t remember things even if I recall the important parts.

I hate lying.  I don’t want to lie to her.  I think I’m beginning to see that sometimes it’s necessary.  I hate lying.

Hopefully, my plans for our trip to Stormwind will make her feel better.

I was going to write Ornasse about being half highborne.  I think I’ll just go talk to Karnum instead.

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Story – The Return (Part X)

Ellorian sat at the bench beside his bed at the inn at Farwatcher’s Glen in Stonetalon.  The sun was only just beginning to peak up over the horizon.  He dipped his quill in the inkwell and began to write.

I’ve ventured from the library and beyond the courtyards at long last.  I wished only to find Aerrissa, the common woman I fell in love with a few centuries ago.

She is gone.  She had twins.  I’ve had a chance to meet with them both.  They look like me.  There is no question in my mind that they are my sons.

I met Jaellynn first.  He had the most dreadful contraption on his face.  I didn’t ask about it, but I assume there must be a reason.  Perhaps it covers a horrible wound.  I didn’t want to embarrass him.  I should ask his sister.  He brought with him his mate Tathariel, whom he said he has known for about six months.  I apparently have an adopted grandson named Relanos whom is about seven months old.  Jaellynn and Tathariel are both druids, although he is dead.  He did say it makes it more difficult.  I still don’t fully understand how being dead but living works.  I never found necromancy of much interest to begin with, but I do find it fascinating that someone managed to… I suppose perfect the technique wouldn’t be quite what I’m looking to say.  It is horrifying at the same time.  I am unsure how to feel about it.  On one hand, I am thankful for the chance to get to know him.  On the other, I wonder how different he is now compared to before.

I am worried that he doesn’t like me.  I suppose he may be angry that I was not able to be there for him while he was growing up.  It could be quite a shock for him that I’m a highborne elf.  He was quite rude during our visit with each other.  The looks, the whispers, the grunts and the general disinterest in speaking to me, made me wish I hadn’t tried to make contact with either of them.  I remember wondering if this is how a dead one reacts, what will the living one do?

We spoke for quite a while although, most of the conversation was with his mate while he sat there fidgeting and mumbling.  They said Darnassus wasn’t very safe, that there were dangerous things in the city.  They said they met when they were sent on an assignment together and he killed four orcs.  He explained how he’s dead, but still has most of his senses.  His fingertips are numb.  He can be killed again.

His mate said I could visit to see the baby sometime.  Jaellynn seemed to be not so thrilled.  He mentioned a couple times that I was supposed to be a druid.

He seemed eager to leave.  I hope it was the location and not me.  I don’t wish to alienate either of them now that we’ve met.

I met Jaeyn the next night.  I’ve figured out, I think, that boy is a big dreamer, along with his mate, Vassanta.  I suppose that makes them good for each other.  She’s what they call a draenei.  She’s from Outland or Draenor.  They couldn’t agree on what to call it.  For all I know, they made that up too.  They claimed to be the king and queen of some islands there but then said there is no water, and they need to build things yet.  For some reason they’re also looking for orbs to put ogres inside.

Other claims they made:  Jaeyn used to be a commander.  They met because he had a box.  I can’t hunt with them because I don’t have the right armor.

I’m not sure if they stole the rocket or not.  They seem like good kids, just very imaginative.  Imagination is a good thing as long as one does not forget reality.  Without imagination there would never be anything new.  No one would have learned to harness arcane energies because they could not have imagined it being done.  No one would have learned to use the light to heal because they would not have imagined it being done.  I hope the rocket is theirs.

They also said there were strange things going on in Darnassus.  I decided then not to stay another night.  I had been hoping to meet Kelanori and Terivanis.  I had heard so much about them.  I headed off to Stonetalon then.  I found they live just south of an ongoing battle.

Kelanori looks so much like her mother.  A little shorter, but I swear they are nearly identical otherwise.  She seems to dislike when I mention the resemblance.

Terivanis…  His mother’s description, more than accurate.  Short, grouchy, very opinionated.  He seemed amused by the fact that I’m highborne, then suddenly became very serious and excused himself.  Now he refuses to speak with me.

I went north to the battle shortly after arriving here.  I wished to assist the efforts.  I was doing fine casting a few fire spells onto the Horde’s wooden war vehicles, although some seemed more flammable than others.  That is, until a female troll jumped out of the bushes not 10 yards away.  A sentinel was quick about dispatching the troll, but it was so frightenly ugly that I did take a few steps back.  I fell.  I twisted my ankle.  I hobbled away from the battlefield with my not so glorious war wound.

Kelanori was at the moonwell at the town with a couple of the draenei people.  One of them looked like Vassanta.  It was her twin sister, Vajarra.  The other one was named Phaa.  They are both staying at the inn as well.  There are a lot of the wolf people in the town but I haven’t had to speak to any save the innkeeper to get a bed.  I sat at the moonwell with them for a short time, but they insisted I should go elevate it in bed, which wound up being horribly boring even with the book on recent history to occupy me.  I hope I can find a book in Darnassian about the naaru.  I’d like to see one someday, but first I want to get to know my sons better.

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Terivanis – Letter to Lilindra

My Love Lilindra,

Kelanori thought it would be a good idea if I wrote to you even if you can’t read it or reply.  At least you’re not like other dead people.  You’ve stayed dead.  I have missed you.  We recently moved again.  I hope it’s the last time for a while.

The past years have been difficult for me.  I stayed in Feathermoon with the rest of my family and raised our son, Lilindor, there.  Kelanori helped a lot.  We stayed there until my mother went insane and started slutting around with highborne.  We moved to Auberdine and mother had twins.  Lilindor and I stayed to help raise them.  He also started druid training while there.  He did not get far in it and it was soon agreed that his path lay elsewhere.  I taught him what I could about plants.  He enjoyed gathering berries and other edibles from the forest.

I don’t know how this is supposed to help me.

I miss Lilindor.  I know he’s with you now.  I’m sorry I failed to protect him.  I promised and I failed.

It seems a lot has happened in the past millennium.  You died.  Lilindor was born.  Mother had twins.  Lilindor died.  Mother died.  One of the twins died.  The twin that died came back.  They both have mates now.  One of them has a mate from another world that looks like a demon.  The other, the dead one, is mated to a female druid, and they adopted a baby.  I’ve moved numerous times.  I’m not sure why.  I was perfectly fine with staying in Feathermoon.  About the only thing that has stayed the same is Kelanori.  She’s moved as well, but she hasn’t changed.  Remember that time she caught us kissing before we agreed to be mates?  She’s still like that.

I’m almost 6000.  I think I’m a few years off yet.  I’ve kind of lost track.  Mother always kept track of that.

I’m leaving for Hyjal in the afternoon.  Mother died there about a decade ago.  I will probably be spending most of my time at the shrine of Aviana.  You can see a lot from there, without flying.

I’ve been having nightmares again.  I keep hearing his cries for help and I keep not arriving in time.  I tried to save him as I tried to save– ((inkblot))

((The letter is crumpled up and thrown into a midsummer brazier.))



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Story – The Return (Part IX – Jaeyn’s Journal)

((Cross posted at All the Rest))

I met my father in Darnassus tonight.  He’s one of the highborne mages from Eldre’Thalas.  I’m half-highborne.

He wears a really shiny dress.  That’s a little weird.  I hope he wears something else when we go fishing.  I guess I’ll have to set that up with him. He’s planning to go to Stonetalon soon to talk to Terivanis or something.  I’ll have to write to him there.

He didn’t seem disgusted about Vassanta being my mate, which is good.  A  lot of people like to call her a demon.  I don’t like that.   I love her and wish people would stop being so rude.

She had a really nice tendril ring made.  It’s really beautiful.  It has a purple nightstone in it.  It really looks nice on her.  I’m going to get her a necklace, kind of like how my father said he gave a necklace to my mother.  He said he had two though and they were alike.  And he gave her one, then he gave her the other.  And then mother gave them to Jaellynn and myself, but she didn’t say where she got them.  I wish she had told us it was from him.  I guess that would have made more questions that she wouldn’t answer though.


He doesn’t seem to understand much about things outside of Eldre’Thalas, and I guess that’s normal because he’s been there a really long time.  He wanted to go hunting in a dress.  Vass and I told him he couldn’t do that.  That wouldn’t be good at all!  He could get hurt without armor.  He said he used to hunt ogres with mother, but I bet she killed them all.  She used to be really good at hunting.

I miss her. I bet she would be happy to know I can finally know my father.  He must miss her a lot too.

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