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The Recruit

I’ve frightened another one off. That was Orledin’s first thought upon hearing the news as he placed a plate of croissants on the table at breakfast. The others were discussing it. He quickly retreated back to the kitchen. Did they know that he was the last one to speak to the newest recruit? Of course, he wasn’t a recruit now. He was gone, quit after his first day. Orledin frowned. Had the captain received the news yet? Would he investigate and find out that Orledin had been the last to see him? How long would it be before the others found out?

He peeked out of the kitchen to the others eating in the other room. Ty was not with them yet, and he had been the one who had left Orledin alone with the new recruit. That must mean that no one knew yet, or perhaps he was in the Captain’s office, discussing it with him now. When the Captain found out, would he want him to move to a cabin sooner? Except there were no extra cabins right now. He’d have to stay outside, like Hernester, or maybe he’d be asked to stay off the ranger grounds completely. He frowned again, moving away from the door. He didn’t want to stay in the woods. He sliced the bread, which was still warm, but had cooled enough.

He had lied to the elf the night before. He had told him that he felt accepted here. It was the truth in that he had when he first came here, but as time went on, he felt that acceptance lessen. The lack of acceptance came mostly during the past couple of weeks. Things had happened that he couldn’t take back, and that just made things worse. A reminder of what he was stayed in the troll ruins. The animated bones of the raptor obeyed his every word, and he had been just in time to save it from wounding, or possibly killing, Julan.

And of course, that ruined his chance of having a boyfriend, and turned Julan against him. Julan refused to see it as Orledin saving him, and instead continued to claim he had tried to kill him with a ‘bone monster’.

He transferred the bread to another plate, and twitched an ear. He knew what he had to do. Any lingering doubt faded when he took the bread to the table. Julan had barely glanced at him, but scrunched his nose up as he looked away. Nothing needed to be said. He wasn’t wanted here.

He hurried back to the kitchen and quickly penned a note.

Please take care of Pancat. He can’t follow where I’m going.

He paused before signing his name. He wasn’t quite sure where he was going, but it wouldn’t be anywhere around here. It would be unfair of him to make Pancat leave his home. Hopefully the others would take care of the small grey cat for him.

He left it on the counter and headed to the men’s quarters. He didn’t have much, and a lot of what he did have was actually for Pancat. He did have some spare clothes, and he wanted those. He stuffed them into a bag which he tossed on his back before sneaking out the door.


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The Raptor

Orledin Bloodlance hurried back to his work space near the river. The three old troll huts had almost fallen into a state of disrepair when he found them and started fixing them up in his free time. Though he usually didn’t head straight here after patrol, this morning he had two reasons he had to. The first reason was probably still asleep in one of the huts. The second reason was in his satchel.

Patrol had went well. It was quiet, as it was most nights. Sorrowmoss didn’t say anything about his disappearance at the party the evening before, which was good. Maybe no one noticed. While they made their way along the route, Orledin was always on the lookout for bones to add to his collection, and tonight he had found some. He was unsure what animal they were from, but he put them in the satchel he always carried with him and continued on with the patrol.

Upon returning to the huts after patrol, he decided to inspect the bones more closely first. It was still very early morning and the sun had not yet risen. Julan would still be sleeping. He went into the largest hut, the one with the raptor skeleton that he had put together. Though some of the bones were from different raptors, the majority had been from one. The others had been a similar size, and so the skeleton was complete. This morning, Orledin left it covered and sat at a work bench he had set up next to it. He lit a couple of candles for light, and then took the bones out of his satchel. He set them carefully on the desk where he could inspect them closer. He could tell that two of them were from a spine, and another piece looked to be from a foot or hand of something. Sometimes he could tell just by looking, but for those that he couldn’t identify, he had another trick he could use. As a death knight, he had the ability to raise a ghoul, or two, or a whole ghoul army if he wanted, out of any assortment of bones. He didn’t want to, but part of the process of raising a ghoul was identifying the bones and placing them in ways that made sense for the ghoul’s movement. He had found through practice that he could easily identify bones using just that part of his necromantic powers as a death knight. He cupped one of the vertebra in his hands and concentrated. An image of the full skeleton came to his mind. It was a bat, one of the big ones, but still on the small side compared to some of the ones he saw around the area. He was sure the second vertebra was from the same bat, so he picked up the smaller bone and cupped it in his hand. He began to concentrate again, when he heard a yell.


What was happening? Why was he yelling? Orledin dropped the bone and started to get up, the necromantic energies still swirling around his hands. He stumbled over his bench, falling flat on the ground. He began to get up when he noticed something move in front of him. It was the sheet. Worse, it was the sheet covering the raptor. It’s large claw on its boney foot clicked on the ground.

“Oh shit.”

The raptor appeared not to hear him, and the sheet still covered it. It wandered out the door towards the hut the yelling was coming from. Orledin could only make out a few words, ‘abandoned to trolls’ was one small phrase he caught, but he had bigger things to worry about right now. He followed the raptor towards the other hut, whispering expletives as he hurried after it.

The raptor didn’t seem to need to be able to see to find the entrance to the hut with Julan in it. Julan’s yells turned into a blood-curdling scream.

Orledin rushed inside and shouted, “No! Stop!”

The raptor stopped, just inches from Julan. The sheet had fallen off its head, but remained draped over its back. Julan’s screaming changed to sobbing. The raptor didn’t move.

“Please get it away from me.” Julan remained curled up on the bed in the corner.

Orledin frowned as he looked at the raptor. It had listened to him once. Did that mean he had control over it? He decided to try another simple command. He stepped just outside the hut. “Raptor, come here.”

The raptor obeyed.

“Raptor, stay.”

He left the raptor outside and went back in to check on Julan.

“Get away from me!” Julan yelled. He was mostly dressed, but appeared to be looking for one sock.

“Julan. It was a mistake. I’m so-”

“Didn’t you hear me? Leave me alone! I’ll find my way back, just stay away and keep that thing far from me too!”

Orledin’s ears drooped. He frowned and nodded as he turned and went out the door.

“Raptor, follow.” He had to find a safe place to put the raptor until he could report in with the Captain about what had happened.

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The Ruins

“Where are we going?”

Orledin Bloodlance looked at the elf who had just started to follow him away from the ranger’s building. “I know a place. It’ll be safe, and we’ll be alone.”

Julan continued following, “Yes, but where?” His speech was ever so slightly slurred. Orledin had no doubt he had spiked his last glass of cider, the one he had chugged while Orledin was quickly tidying up the kitchen and putting things away, just as he had done with his previous glasses.

(( Putting the rest below the more tag as it’s NSFW ))

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The Reception

The wedding turned out well. Orledin Bloodlance tried to stay back and out of the way after people started arriving for it. He had helped decorate and had done most of the food, including the cake which he was exceptionally proud of. It was certainly one of his best ever. Now he just watched to make sure everyone had what they needed. He stood in the kitchen most of the time, glancing out to the common room at the festivities. He pretended to look busy anytime anyone came into the kitchen, but in reality, he had everything done ahead of time. He wasn’t sure all of the guests would be as accepting as the rangers were of his condition, so he preferred to stay where they wouldn’t see him.

He was able to see almost everything though. He watched as the rangers’ newest recruit, Julan, walked around. He had wandered outside, and from the window Orledin saw him approach another wedding guest who seemed to be staying out of the way. Orledin knew the bride, Linarelle, did not like Aeramin, but as he was her brother’s boyfriend, he was invited all the same. The feeling must have been mutual, as far as Orledin could tell, as the mage had spent most of the reception sitting on the bench outside near the practice area.

Of course, Julan was there with him now. Orledin could see he was clearly flirting. He sat close, a touch of the shoulder here, a touch on the knee there, and a whisper in his ear.  Orledin could also tell that Aeramin was rejecting his every move. He pushed away Julan’s hand each time he tried to touch him, he shook his head, and he scooted further away more than once. Each time Julan scooted closer, until Aeramin was on the edge of the bench.

It was right after that last scoot, that both of them turned to look one way. Orledin couldn’t see why at first, but Julan’s ears drooped, and he scooted away from Aeramin. Orledin saw why a few seconds later as Arancon walked to the bench and sat between them. Aeramin appeared to be rather surprised and relieved at the same time. Julan suddenly seemed bored as well as disappointed. After a few minutes of ear-twitching and fidgeting, he said something while getting up, and made his way back towards the door.

Aeramin and Arancon continued to sit on the bench and appeared to be speaking to each other civilly, so Orledin turned his attention back to the wedding reception inside. After checking that there were enough things out on the tables, he retreated again to the kitchen, this time watching out the door to the common area. He spotted Julan getting another glass of apple juice. He watched as the other elf took a small flask out of his pocket and poured a little into his own drink. Orledin shook his head, and watched some of the couples dancing.

Only a short time later, his attention switched back to Julan. He had taken a seat near Imralion this time, and although Kavia sat close by, he was very obviously flirting again. Orledin noticed he had refilled his drink again. He had no doubt he had spiked this one as well, and it seemed the more spiked drinks Julan had, the more boldly he flirted. Orledin watched as he left Imralion with Kavia and wandered around the room, winking at Tylenthis, and later staring inconspicuously at Sunashe’s rear.

Orledin took a few minutes to restock the food at the tables, and refill the cider bowl. He was heading back to the kitchen when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Eww, you are cold. I can feel it through your clothes.”

Orledin twitched an ear, “What do you want, Julan?” He continued towards the kitchen.

Julan followed, “More fun than this party is offering. Say, you wouldn’t want to help me liven things up, would you?”

Orledin’s ear twitched again. He was unsure what to make of that statement. He put his food tray on the countertop and turned around to see Julan striking one of his poses. He raised a brow and asked, “Are you flirting with me?”

“I don’t see anyone else here.”

“But you said…” Orledin didn’t want to repeat what he had said. He remembered.

Julan shrugged and gave a wink, “I’m desperate.”

“Oh, thanks.” Orledin turned back around and pretended to be busy by moving things from one tray to another.

“Oh no, I didn’t mean it like that. I mean, I am, but you are too, aren’t you? I don’t see any other guys out here. I just thought we could have some fun.”

Orledin’s ear continued twitching as he turned back around. “And what of love?”

“I want you to make love to me under the starlit sky.” Julan reached and touched his cheek, flinching to the coldness only a little as he first touched.

Orledin felt the heat from the other elf’s fingers. It was a gentle caress of warm fingers that he had been yearning for so long. He wasn’t sure if Julan really knew anything about love, but the touch broke him down. “Have another glass of cider while I take care of a few things.”

Julan’s expression changed to something between relieved and fearful, “We won’t be able to do anything here, of course.”

“I know a place. It is safe and private. I’ll meet you out front in ten minutes.”

Julan simply nodded and went to get another glass of cider before heading outside to wait.

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Orledin’s Log

Patrols have been going well. It’s been quiet, and that’s been good. Sorrowmoss says that I talk too much sometimes, and not enough others. Lately, I guess I have been on the quiet side. I’ve avoided discussion about our newest member, and I’ve been avoiding being seen by him. His arrival here has had quite an effect on my behavior and I guess the others have taken notice. For the first week, I avoided going to the men’s quarters at all, though Pancat still went to sleep on my bed. I don’t mind. I don’t use it. I do change the blanket now, usually every three days, because of the cat hair.

I didn’t change it while Arancon was sick in bed. I don’t want him to see me. I’m afraid of what he’ll tell the others. I guess he already said something to Tylenthis and he has figured it out. He came to the kitchen last night to talk to me before my patrol. I didn’t lie, though I am upset that there’s another thing to set me apart from the others.

I suppose it doesn’t even really matter, since no one will love me anyway. I told Tylenthis that, and he didn’t seem to understand really, or maybe he did and he was just saying things that he thought he should say to make me feel better. I’m leaning towards the first option though, he doesn’t understand. Sure, there’s someone out there for me. I doubt that very much. I don’t want someone who’s undead like me. That’s the biggest reason there’s no one for me. I want to be with a living person. I want to pleasure him in every way I can. I want his body to work even if mine doesn’t!

Anyway, I’ve spent some time walking around in the woods just thinking. I don’t go very far as I’m not on patrol, and not really dressed for finding trouble by mistake, so I stay pretty close to the ranger building. I did find an old troll site nearby. There aren’t any trolls there now, but they left behind a pit full of bones. Most were from animals from the area, but I did recognize some elven bones. Luckily, it’s close enough to the ranger building that I don’t think we need to worry about any necromancers visiting the site. I wandered around it a bit and found a skeleton of a raptor half buried in the ground. It had an old rope still tied to a collar on its neck. The other end of the rope was tied to a stake. I think it must have been left behind when the trolls left the area.

I’ve been slowly digging up the raptor’s bones. I guess it’s sort of a project. I didn’t mean for it to be, but it’s happened that way. I have one of the feet dug out and put together, as well as one of the arms. The Captain probably won’t want a raptor skeleton set up on the lawn of the ranger building, so I’ve just been leaving the pieces at the site.

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Ranger Logs

Gaelardrim’s Log:

Things here have been going well.  I think the real rangers are starting to think of us newer people as real rangers too, usually.  They’ve put Ty and I on our own morning patrol.  I hate morning patrol, but I think it’s good they trust us to do our job.  It does cut into the time I would normally have to work on the house, but I have adjusted.  Ty and I stop for lunch at the school so that I still get to see Maerista daily at the regular time.  She’s always waiting for me at her window, which is big and has a place for her to sit.  We go meet in the garden then, though I doubt we’ll be able to eat outside for much longer.  The air has been getting chill, and the clouds have been getting darker.  It’s been raining off and on for the past few days.

I was hoping to have the house done before winter, and there is still time, but we won’t be able to work on it if it’s raining too much.  Ty and Orledin have been helping most afternoons after patrol.  Sunashe has been not helping by insisting that we practice our bow shooting right after patrol, which cuts into the daylight hours.  Anyway, it’s starting to look like a house now, so as long as it doesn’t rain everyday for the next couple months, it should be done before any snow falls.


Sunashe’s Log:

Maybe it will work out.  We went to Shattrath, and to the forest just outside the city.  She showed me some of the things she had talked about.  Spiders bigger than the spiders here in the Ghostlands, and funny looking trees.  They were tall and thin, and had cones that dropped from them.  She showed me the birds that lived nearby, and some giant moths.  I also saw some lizards that disappeared and reappeared not far away.  Lin said it was like a mages blink spell.  Magic lizards!  I’d like to learn more about them, and Lin seemed fond of the moths.  I’m hoping we can take a trip back there soon.

I did stop at the library to get books.  I don’t think they get many people asking for lizard books, at least, that’s what I gathered from the look on the girl’s face when I asked.


Orledin’s Log:

I’ve started baking bread in advance to go with supper as I’ve been helping Gaelardrim build his house.  He didn’t seem too sure about having me help at first, but things seem okay now.  I’m happy that things are going well for Ty and him, but I find something that needs being done on the other side of the house if they start talking about girls too much.  It’s not that I mind it, it’s just I don’t want to be asked if there’s any girls that I’m looking at, or worse, asked about my experience with girls!  Hah, there isn’t any.

I don’t want them to find out, still.  I’ve told the Confessor, but I know he’ll keep it secret.  I’ve spoken with Aeramin too, but I don’t think he’ll tell anyone.  He’s not here with the rangers often anyway, so that works out very well, especially since he doesn’t care to see me again.  Sorrowmoss also knows, but I think if she was going to tell anyone, she would have by now.


Perothis’s Log:

It’s been really great finally being able to go on patrol.  Lin has been taking us with her in the afternoon and evening shift.  Not a lot happens on patrol and I feel a bit like the odd one out because I’m the only guy, and I’m a lot younger than both of the women. They talk more to each other when we stop for our break than they do to me, but that’s okay.  It gives me more time to concentrate on learning the route.

The reservations that I had for the trip for Des and I were messed up, but the friend I have there is trying to arrange something for us.  He works at one of the big inns there and said that the prices go down a bit in the winter because more people go in the summer.  Anyway, we should be able to go soon.  I’m really excited about that trip.  I always feel like someone is watching us at the school.  I bet the Magister has scrying orbs all over the place or something crazy like that, which makes me a bit shy to even kiss her!  It’ll be a lot nicer on the trip.


(( And a letter arrives at the ranger building.  The penmanship is sloppy and the letter is written on the backside of a bill from a tavern. ))

Captain Silverdawn,

I am looking for work, and was wondering about the rangers as I’ve recently heard that you’ve taken on someone with a missing foot and helped him get surgery.  I too have some injuries which have prevented me from working, and need some assistance in that area.  I do not know much about archery, but I do have a sword and armor.  If my old injuries can be tended to, I would like to join.

– Arancon Firewind


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Orledin’s Log

One would think that being undead, I’d be able to just stop thinking, stop caring, stop doing whatever that makes me still feel, but I can’t.  I made some buns last night to go with the stew they were having.  I’d like to think that my ability to take others enjoyment into consideration means I’m closer to being one of them instead of some monster.  That means I can’t let that part of me go.  It does make other things difficult, especially being alone.  I know nothing’s going to fix that, but I keep hoping anyway, and hoping is a part of feeling.  It’s not something I can just make go away without losing myself.  I guess, if that makes sense.

Some would say I’m lucky in that regard.  I know who I was, who I am, and I’m resolved to remain the same elf who died years ago.  I didn’t choose to come back, but I can make the best of it now that I have control of myself again.

It’s difficult sometimes.  I’m not sure where I fit in.  I’m not completely dead.  I think.  I feel.  However, my body is dead.  That makes things a bit weird when looking for a relationship.  It’s a bit weirder too when you like guys.  I guess the weirdest part is none of them know I like guys, only Sorrowmoss, and the Confessor.

I’m not sure what to think.  Sunashe wants to dance with the guys at the wedding, but then he talks about girls.  I told him I would dance with him, but he acted like he didn’t hear me.  I guess it’s for the best because none of them know, and if he doesn’t really like guys, then he would probably tell everyone if I touched his butt while dancing with him.

Nobody wants to be with a corpse, no matter how well the corpse takes care of himself.  I need to work more on accepting that.  That’s all.

Other than that, things are going well.  Patrols are quiet.  The Captain and Nessna are planning to have their wedding here.  I’m making the cake.  It’s just that one thing bothering me.

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