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The Letter

Alinash Brightblaze decided to take the letter back to the room that he and Harrier had rented at Light’s Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands before opening it. He had hoped to find Harrier there, but other elf had woke and left while Alinash was out. While people of all races were allowed here, they did raise some eyebrows by fraternizing with each other. Alinash had not bothered to disguise himself here. While there were a lot of humans at the chapel, this wasn’t Stormwind. Sin’dorei were allowed here just as much as any other elf or race. Alinash had even seen a tauren on his way to check the mail this morning. Still, he and Harrier decided it would be best if no one had a reason to remember them, thus they didn’t spend much time together outside of the room.

Alinash sat on his bed and began to open the letter. The mage had promised to send further instructions, and the letter had arrived right on time, only a day after their arrival here. Alinash unfolded the letter, and read it, frowning in confusion as he read.

Greetings Sirs, Sorry I am late. I hope you’re well, and the kids did not trip you. I just went out to the well for water as my glass was empty. Research should prove the shows greatly tire out the performers. They will first need water, a book, and rest. I was thinking of the last show I performed, located near the town in the Plaguelands, not Scholomance, but it’s near there. The biggest thing is the fact good evidence has been found of another show soon. The shows stopped their existence there for problems of rat infestation. Perhaps a trap would help! Partially, I think the translated show was a copy, and doomed anyway. As a performer, many well meaning people suggest I go back. I would, but I don’t like rats. Father says that he would not also. I don’t enjoy the suggestions and the name calling.  That’s not, of course, to say the story isn’t a book waiting to happen. In many cases, it’s common to write what is happening in your time. Biographies, histories, tales and essays are quite magic to read in a study. Young men look interesting when they’re into reading about the linear histories of nations. Magic to the ladies! Perhaps, I’ll write one. You do think that can work, right? I find a pen and an envelope to write. Elf be damned! Now, there is an idea to be a writer. Help me bring to you my work, and translate it to another. The words in the title will be first before the rest can start going.

Other things, like the current gossip, are second written in a book, as always it is. An author is called a word magician time and time again. To write is to cast words upon pages. It’s really something to last forever and be known. The only best location is home. It was there I read Silvermoon Stars Showing their Butt. A good book, it entertained me. What is your favorite? It’s unclear to me. What if you only like it when I perform? Is that so? But still, I wish writing there was easier but, I really think that would be best for either of us. You like my shows. Not to boast, but I have loved performing on this. I write a book, and maybe you, or others, won’t enjoy if I do. Damn it to shadows now! Has anyone said? I’ve been searching and greatly moved by these emotions too. I’ve come too far to give up. I continue performing. I want to keep going. Know this is true. It’s easy to lose new ideas when changing location like that, but I will carry on. Don’t stop me. I expect you will, but a gnome and a human cannot be together, and will never carry a candle in the night. Only if an elf performs the show would it work out. Be careful! Many are very difficult. You are welcome to try. Sugar in candy helps sometimes. Silver and gold help. Moon them, if needed. Perhaps not, but if you try, maybe you could convince them, even befriend them, and then a new relationship blooms. Blood oaths from an elf are not trustworthy at midnight. Only noon. The best place is chapel. This letter is too long now. I’ll help myself.

– Lark

Alinash frowned and folded the letter back up. He put it in his pocket and headed out to find Harrier. It had to be a code. Maybe together, they could figure it out.


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A Night in the Basement

(( Due to the language in this story, I’m putting it all under the ‘ read more’ link! ))

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Aeramin’s Notes

  • Kes brought the baby by last night. I’m starting to think that maybe it’s mine. It’s not because of what my father said. He was by the night before last night, and Im let him in, so I wound up having to talk to him so that he would leave. He said he never abandoned me, and acted like I’d be worse than him if I didn’t do something, I guess. I don’t know. It’s hard to imagine someone worse than him.
  • Anyway, I started thinking about Im, and how we’ve been discussing his parents lately. He thinks they didn’t want him. I couldn’t imagine it was true before, but now, I don’t know. I certainly didn’t want this baby dropped off at my door, and it is possible she’s mine. Her mother obviously didn’t want her, and even went as far as putting a fake address and last name on the papers. If her mother doesn’t want her, then I have to do something. I don’t want Im to think this is how his parents went about things. I’m sure they loved him and something happened to them. I guess the worst part is not knowing.
  • Everyone says she looks like me. My father said so, then Hethurin stopped by in the morning and said he saw the future or something weird. He better not be messing with my future too. He’s already messed up the past enough. I didn’t ask. I just wanted to get to the school and teach my class. Anyway, he insisted on telling me that she goes to his school in the future and looks a lot more like me then than she does even now.
  • Putting her in an orphanage isn’t an option. As I just wrote, I think the worst part for Imralion is not knowing who his parents were or why he wound up in the orphanage. I signed the birth registration papers this morning so I guess that makes me officially her father. I don’t want to be the one who raises her though. I don’t think I’m ready for that. I may never be. I’m afraid I’d really mess a kid up because I don’t know how to be a father. I didn’t exactly have a shining example to learn from.
  • Kes and Ordinicus have agreed to take her. It’s important that she knows me, and knows who I am, and I can do that. I just don’t want it to mess her up. I want her to understand that she’s with Kes and Ordinicus because they can provide better for her than I can, in more ways than just one.
  • I don’t think Imralion would want her here either. She might be my daughter, but for him, she’s a reminder that for five minutes last summer, I was unfaithful. He’s been very cold towards me since the baby showed up on our doorstep. In a way, I don’t blame him, but at the same time, I have to deal with this alone. He won’t put his arms around me, and he sleeps with his back turned. It’s a bit of a shock for me too. At first I didn’t believe it. I guess I still kind of don’t, but I keep thinking about it, and my explanations for how she’s not mine sound rather ridiculous. She looks like me, the timing is about right, even more right when considering Kes took her to Lani, and found out she’s a bit early. At this point, it’s easier to sign the papers than to find evidence that she’s not mine.
  • I don’t know how he feels about kids either. I always thought I might adopt one, maybe decades from now, but I guess it would be kind of shitty to do that when I have one already.
  • I just wish she had written a letter or something ahead of time. Who leaves a baby on a doorstep outside in the middle of winter in freezing temperatures anyway?
  • I guess my father helped name her, which I’m not happy about either, but it’s the name my mother had picked for a girl, Lyorri. I like it. It’s a good name. I never thought I’d have to be the person responsible for naming someone, so I’m glad my mother had a good name picked out. I miss her.
  • Hopefully, Im and I can work through this. I’m hoping it’s possible to. I just want him to hold me again.

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Hethurin’s Notes

  • Terellion and I are doing okay again. We kind of had a bad holiday because he thought I didn’t like his gift. Really, I just couldn’t accept it, but then everyone thought I should have or something so I told him I would, but he’s already taken it back to his mother. What a mess!
  • It was a medal that his father had earned. I don’t think something that important to him should belong to me. That should be his. Aeramin thought Terellion was trying to show his love in other ways. I think it’s because he thinks I have everything already. I told him about what I wanted, which was to be engaged, but then he asked again a week later so I told him books and cake. I was expecting books and cake.
  • I’m still kind of upset about it, I guess, but I’m fine if I just forget, but then I think of how when I found him in the secret tower room, and we talked, he said he hadn’t forgotten what I had asked for the first time. I thought he had, but now I don’t know. He asked if I still wanted that eventually, and I didn’t know what to say, so I nodded. I mean, I do, I just don’t know if it’s right anymore.
  • I guess that makes me more than a little upset, but it’s not at the point where I can’t hide it. I’m working on just giving up on the idea of marriage. It’s not his fault. It’s my fault for deciding to pursue a relationship with him when I knew quite well that he’s twenty years younger than me. I love him, but things are all wrong now because of that. He’s younger than some of the students, so I really should have known better.
  • I feel guilty a bit too. He wants to come with me when I go fishing, which wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t do my fishing in other timelines or times. When I leave here, I’m gone for only a few seconds of our time, but for me it’s two weeks, and now he’s going with me. I thought at first it would be a good thing. It would help him get older, and I thought maybe that would help him want to get married, but now I just feel like I’m making him older. I don’t really want him to go with me anymore, but he wants to go. I don’t know how to explain to him that he’ll age faster than me. I have spells to slow down my own aging, but they don’t work for other people. I’m still taking him for now. I don’t know how to stop taking him without hurting his feelings.
  • Anyway, the students are back now. I had to go to the city last week to get some of them, and I gave them a teleport. While I was waiting, I found a cake shop called Fancy Cakes, and they have really good cake there. I went back again this week because Des needs to practice teleports. Okay, that wasn’t the real reason, but it was a good excuse. Unfortunately, Terellion was busy, so it was just me and Des, which is nice because she’s more than just a student to me. She’s a friend too. We talked a bit about things that have happened recently. I had two pieces of cake and some green tea. It was really good. They don’t have manaberry cake though, just strawberry. I ate my two pieces there, then came home and told Tik I had eaten supper already, and had two more pieces of cake!
  • Des and I mostly talked about the baby, as well as a few other things like asking Tik to make a special romantic meal for her and Perothis, but really most of the talk was about the baby. Kes has a baby, but it’s not hers. She said it was left on a doorstep. I didn’t ask too much about it because the students were there. Luckily, most of them were too busy fawning over the baby to ask questions. Kes wanted a portal to town, then the city, which I helped with.
  • The baby has Aeramin’s hair, which I would be more willing to write off if I hadn’t seen a girl at the school in the future with the same curly orange hair. While it’s not that unique, it’s also not extremely common. The first question I asked was if it was a girl. From the moment Kes said yes, I suspected it was his. The girl in the future looks so much like him. I know she’s his daughter. I could never mention it to him before because I think if he had knowledge of it, then it would be something he would have tried to change.
  • Des and I bought some things for the baby in Shattrath last night. She picked out some tiny pink baby shoes, and I got a few toys for the baby. She’ll have so much to play with when she gets older!
  • I meant to go to talk to Aeramin last night, but with all the cake, it got kind of late before I was done eating, so I went early this morning before classes. I wanted to make sure he was okay, and ask him about the baby. Anyway, I got there this morning, and he refused to talk to me about it. I tried telling him that I saw her in the future, and that she grows up to look a lot like him, but he just said he had to prepare for class. I told him Maerista could teach the class if he needed a couple of days off, and he said maybe tomorrow.
  • I don’t know if that was some kind of admission that the baby is his, or if he just wants a day off. He just had winter break! He shouldn’t be asking for days off already! Well, maybe if she’s really his, he should.
  • We also had a visit from one of the rangers this morning. I spoke with him after I got back from seeing Aeramin. It was the one with just one foot, Sunashe. He wanted to know if he and Linarelle could stay in the school for a night or two. I’d rather they find some other solution to their dilemma, but I guess one or two nights would be okay. He also asked if I’d take some pink curtains in payment. I guess we could put them in the tower, but if he needs them, I think he should keep them. He insisted though, and said something about getting green ones instead for himself. Rangers are weird sometimes.

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Arancon’s Visit

“Aeramin, your father’s here.”

Aeramin glanced toward Imralion, raising a brow briefly before continuing to chop vegetables that he planned to include with the stew he was making. “Tell him to leave.” Aeramin was surprised Imralion didn’t already know to send Arancon away.

The voice that responded to him surprised him more. “I’m not leaving until we talk.”

Aeramin tensed up and turned back towards the archway between the dining room and the kitchen. His father was standing there now. Aeramin looked back towards Imralion who stared at him pointedly now. “Im, why did–”

“It’s not his fault. Come sit. We need to talk.”

“No. We don’t.”

Arancon crossed his arms and leaned against the frame of the archway. “I’ll wait until you’re ready then.”

“You’ll be waiting a long time.” Aeramin muttered as he turned to put the vegetables in the pot with the rest.

“I’ll leave after we talk. The longer you make me wait, the longer I’ll be here. You were just saying you didn’t want me here. Just come talk, then I’ll go after.”

Aeramin frowned. “Fine, five minutes. I have a stew to make. Im, could you stir this, please?” He handed the stirring spoon to Imralion as he passed him on his way to the dining room. He took a seat at the table and waited for his father to join him, watching as he walked with his slight limp and took a seat across from him. “What is it?”

“I’m disappointed with you.”

Aeramin shrugged, “Were you ever not?”

“Never as much as I am now. Your daughter is in the care of other people because you refuse to take responsibility for her.”

“Oh, you heard about the baby. It’s not mine.”

“I saw the baby. I held her. There’s no doubt in my mind that she’s my grandchild. She looks just like you when you were–”

“So what if she looks like me? She’s not mine!”

“All those times you told me what a piss poor job I was doing as a father, but you can’t even admit to having a child. You need to stop. She’s yours. Start acting like a father.”

“You’re lecturing me on how to be a father?” Aeramin laughed in disbelief, “How many drinks does that take each day? What’s your recommendation for how many times I should push her around while yelling each month? A good punch in the head every now and then should keep her in line, right?”

Arancon sighed and leaned back in his chair. “I have a lot of regrets, Aeramin. I wish I had never started drinking, or that I had stopped sooner. I missed a lot with you. I messed things up a lot, and I know I wasn’t the best person, but I never once abandoned you. I never denied that you were my son. You always had family to come home to, even if we weren’t a happy family. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t live with regret of how I used to be, and how we lived. I wish I could go back and change it, but what’s done is done. We can only move forward. I don’t want you to have those kinds of regrets. I want better for you. I want better for her.”

Aeramin sat in silence as he thought about what his father just said, vaguely aware that the sounds of the pot being stirred in the kitchen had stopped.

Arancon spoke as he started to get up, breaking the silence. “My five minutes are up. I’ll be at the ranger building if you need to talk.” He walked to the door and put his cloak on. He turned towards the dining room to look at Aeramin one last time before going, “Please, go see your daughter. Let her know she has a father, one she can be proud of.”

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Letter to Syrina

Dear Syrina,

Hello. I know it’s been a long time again. I’m afraid I don’t get much chance to write. I wanted to let you know that I am doing fine. I don’t know if you worry about me. I think maybe you do, but I also think that maybe I was always a burden to you. I will be leaving Stormwind shortly. I had help sending the other letters, but I’ll be sending this one on my own. I’ve made some very good friends here who help me, and give me work so that I can afford my own place. I know you didn’t expect me to be so independent so fast. You always said you’d be stuck raising me for the next fifty years. I plan to return to Stormwind after this trip. I know it’s dangerous here, but in Silvermoon, they were actively looking for me. They aren’t here. Stormwind is my home now.

My best friend is a kaldorei. He comes from a forest in Kalimdor, but he’s nothing like what I heard they were supposed to be like. He doesn’t have flowers in his hair. He doesn’t live in a tree, and birds don’t land on him and sing spring songs. Though it’s true, we are in the depths of winter here, but even in the spring, that doesn’t happen.

We’re being sent on a job to find a book. It’s supposedly in Thalassian and has no translated copy for the human who’s looking for it. It’s possible I will need someone to check Silvermoon for me. If you are unwilling to, perhaps you can watch for someone who would? My kaldorei friend thinks it’s more likely that the book is in some old school in the plaguelands. We’ll find out more from the mage after we’re there, but it’s possible that I may be in contact again very soon.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I’m doing fine, and hopefully alleviate your worry, if you worry about me. I feel a lot safer in Stormwind, but at the same time, I’m looking forward to this trip.

  • Alinash

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The Baby

It had been five days since her contact in the lower city finally delivered on his promise to get the potion she needed. It had been five days since she closed the door to her apartment, and drank the potion as soon as she got home. It had been five days since the first cramping had started. It had been five days since she first heard the cries of the small newborn baby girl in the Lower City Clinic. They had wanted to keep her and the baby a few extra days as the baby was early, but after five days the baby and Cyannah were both doing well. They finally allowed her to leave.

She hadn’t named the baby in those five days so she was allowed to take the paperwork home. They told her that she would have to send it to one of the addresses at the top. The Dalaran address had been crossed off, leaving just the Shattrath and Silvermoon addresses to choose from. She had given a fake last name at the clinic, and it, along with the rest of her fake identity, filled in one side of the top. Her first name remained the same. She hoped the baby’s father would recognize it. She left her name the same so that he’d know where the baby was from, and hopefully accept that she was his daughter. Cyannah thought the baby looked like him, so that should help. The rest of her information was falsified so that he wouldn’t be able to find her. On the other side of the top of the paper, she had penned in what she knew of the father; his name and where he lived was all. He’d have to fill in the rest.

She looked at the infant as she tucked the paper in the blankets in the basket she had put the baby girl in. The baby had just fallen asleep, and judging from her experience in the past five days, she guessed she had at least an hour or two before the baby would wake again. She touched one of the baby’s wispy curls lightly. She felt a little guilty about what she was about to do. She wanted children, just not this child. She regretted that day in the library with the baby’s father more than anything else. There was no way for her to keep this child, not now. She had already written home earlier during the day to let her parents know that she would be home soon, very soon, to meet the man they had arranged for her to marry. They weren’t even aware she had been pregnant. She had already spoken with the landlord, apologizing for the very short notice, as her rent would be due in a few days. She had been packing over the past couple of months, leaving out only what she needed. She was ready to go home, and leave this all behind her.

Cyannah got up and went to the bathroom. She had a bit of a trip ahead of her. She caught a glimpse of the mirror. She was looking okay. The weight that had come with the baby had mostly went with the baby, which she was thankful for as she had heard otherwise. Perhaps it was because she was early. Still, she thought she’d be best off wearing loose clothes for the next few weeks, and allowing her parents to believe she had a few too many sweets. She was feeling okay too, mostly. At least the wedding wouldn’t be for a few months. She could play the prude for a month or two.

She went back to her other room, and threw her cloak over her shoulders. She knew how to make a portal to Tranquillien, but she would have to walk to the father’s house. The Ghostlands were usually a bit chilly at this time of the year. She placed a warm blanket over the baby, then draped another blanket over the basket. She opened a portal to the town, and, taking the basket with her, stepped through.

It was more than chilly. It was freezing. She looked up and down the street. It was late in the day, and the sun had just dipped below the horizon, but there were still a few people out. She noticed a couple of new buildings had been added to the town. One of them was a clinic. She walked by it, toting the baby in the basket along with her as she headed south out of town.

The path leading off into the woods was long and winding. It started getting dark as she walked along. There weren’t many inhabited houses out this way. She was beginning to think she had taken the wrong path when she saw a bit of light through the trees. The undergrowth was heavy along this part of the path, and she had trouble keeping the light in sight. Then she spotted it again, through a small path off the main path that cut through the underbrush. She followed the path off the main path to discover a clearing with a house sitting in the middle of it. The house was built on a hill, with a steep incline covered with trees rising up behind it. The light was coming from one of the windows on the second floor of the home. Cyannah took a few steps closer before stopping to pull back the blanket to take one last look at her daughter. The baby slept, snuggled warmly in all the blankets. Cyannah bit her lip, and pulled the blanket back over the basket. She hurried towards the door of the small house.

She hesitated about halfway across the clearing, not because she was having second thoughts, but because she felt something. Her ears tingled. What was it? A ward? It was a weak one, not meant to keep anyone out. A proximity ward. That’s what it was, and that meant at least one of the inhabitants knew someone was outside. She hurried to the door, leaving the basket with the baby inside on the doorstep. She knocked loudly, just in case the ward wasn’t truly functional, and ran off back towards the main path.

She hid amongst the underbrush near a large tree at the edge of the path where she could still see the house. She had no sooner found her hiding spot when the door opened. She recognized the father’s boyfriend, even though she had met him only a couple of times. He looked around as he stooped to pick up the basket. He called out a hello, while he continued to look about the clearing. After a moment, he shrugged, and then carried the basket inside, shutting the door behind him.

Cyannah didn’t realize she had been holding her breath until after he closed the door. She took a deep breath followed by a sigh, and cast her teleport spell to return to Shattrath. It was done. She laid down on her couch, which doubled as her bed for now, and cried.

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