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Malwen’s Essay

My name is Malwen Fairsong and I’m seven and a half years old. My new teacher asked me to write an essay about myself and stuff, so this is it!

I’m really excited this week because I have a home now, and I don’t have to live at the orphanage anymore. I have two Ann’das here. One of them is Terellion, and he wants me to call him Ann’da, so I am! He’s really nice and he helps me do my hair every morning, and lets me help him make cakes. He works a lot with cleaning and stuff too, but he gets a lot of help from the butler, Tik, so he still has a lot of time for me after my lessons are done.

My other Ann’da is Hethurin, and he wants me to call him Arcann’da because he’s my Ann’da too, and a mage! So that’s what I call him. He’s really nice, and likes all the cake that ann’da makes for him. He’s busy teaching his classes during the day because this house is also a school, and there’s magic students living here too. It’s really exciting because magic looks really cool.

I live in the Ghostlands now because that’s where the house is. It’s a lot different compared to Silvermoon! The house is at the top of a cliff by the sea, and you can see really far from the top of the tower. Arcann’da says it’s a mini mage tower because he’s a mage, but he has the school too so he couldn’t have just a big tower because it would be hard to teach students in it. I think he’s right because I like my room here, and I wouldn’t want to give that up.

The school is also where I go to school because there’s a classroom here for younger students. Our teacher is from Kalimdor and has long blue hair and she’s really tall. She has a little boy, and he’s really cute. I hope I get extra points for this, and it’s true too! She brings him to class, but there aren’t many students there yet. It’s just me and two older boys, Vaildor and Kiandris. Vaildor isn’t there everyday because he goes to an art school in the city too. Kiandris is there every day because he doesn’t have another school to go to. There’s supposed to be a break for summer soon.

I also have a baby sister now. Ann’da and Arcann’da adopted her at the same time they adopted me. She’s only a few days old, and she’s super cute. They named her Narise, and I think that’s a pretty name. I like her, but I hope I don’t have to share my favorite doll with her. It’s the doll that Ann’da and Arcann’da got for me when they sponsored me. I had to leave it here when I went back to the orphanage, but I’m so glad to come back now! They got more dolls for me, but that one is still my favorite because it reminds me of how I came here. I won’t mind sharing the other ones with Narise when she’s older, but that one is mine.

Narise sleeps a lot. Arcann’da likes to carry her around in a sling while he’s teaching and I think she sleeps most of the time. One time this week, I did hear her cry because my classroom isn’t far from the other classroom where he teaches. I think Ann’da must have come to get her because the crying faded away like someone carried her somewhere else. I bet she was hungry. She doesn’t do a lot yet, but I really like her. I hope she likes me too!

And that’s all there is to say about me and stuff right now!


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Alinash’s Arrival

I’m inside the school. I’m known as Lhoris Brightblade here, and they actually all believe me when I say I’m 50! Most of the other people here are young; well, older than me, but still young. I met the headmaster this morning and I don’t think he’s a day over 100.

I arrived last night. At first, I was worried as one of the people who works here said that the headmaster was busy. However, he then invited me to eat, and after I was done filling up on food and cake, I was shown to a room.

Having supper here before meeting the headmaster gave me an excellent opportunity to ask a few questions. The worker was there, and one of the students was as well. The worker, Terellion, said he makes cakes. Des, the student, said she’s been there the longest. Terellion told me after she left that she’s one of the more advanced students. I decided before arriving that my parents are rich, and that my mother must be a little nuts and worried about me. So I never went to regular school, but I had tutors at home. They believed I have the same amount of general education as everyone else. Oh, and I made up a dear old grandmother on the fly. She was an enchanter, but she died during the Scourge attack upon the city. So tragic. They believed me, but now I need to feign a keen interest in taking the enchanting class.

There are only seven students here, so I’ll be the eighth, but I don’t know if I count because I’m not really a student. I guess I do because they don’t know any better.

I asked if I could take walks on the school grounds and was told that I could. I actually hate walks, but it’s good news as I’ll be able to go see Harrier without raising any suspicion. After what I found out at supper, I have a feeling it would be best to go see him very soon. There are builders who are going to start working on fixing up the abandoned houses on the school grounds. Harrier and I had chosen one to stay in as it was near the school, and we had a good view of the main building from there. However, if builders are coming, he needs to be warned ahead of time. It’s not that I don’t think he could get out unnoticed if they started going there, but I’m worried he might not take everything with him if he only has short notice. Then the workers would find whatever he had to leave behind, which, depending what’s left, could be bad. I’ll warn him the first chance I get to take a walk.

They said there was a butler here named Tik who makes all the meals. I think he has a funny name, but he makes wonderful food. I’ll have to ask him to pack a large lunch for me when I go for my walk. I’m sure Harrier would appreciate it. It’ll also give me a chance to talk to the butler who may have a sort of key for the wards when the headmaster isn’t here.

I did speak with the headmaster this morning. He said he didn’t sense much magical ability with me, but I came across as very enthusiastic. He said I could study there even if I wound up not being able to pass the test to become a mage. Understanding magic is just as important, so he says. I completely agreed with him. I explained the situation with my schooling. He did not seem happy to learn I have no test scores. So now he wants me to take some test that he has to go get in Silvermoon. I hate tests. Maybe he’ll also get the answer key. If he does, I hope it’s not left anywhere warded! I don’t know how I’ll pass if I don’t get my hands on the answers first.

Of course, I can avoid all of that if I can find the book first. He said it would be a few weeks before he can get the test for me as he’s preparing for the end of the semester and any free time that he does have is spent planning for his wedding. Oh, yeah, he’s getting married to the cake baker. He wouldn’t shut up about that. Anyway, he said I couldn’t officially enroll in the school without some kind of test score, but he would let me sit in on the classes. The best part is he’s letting me stay here free until I’m officially a student. That works out quite well since when I write my crazy, old, eccentric mother to tell her to send payment, nothing is going to happen because she doesn’t really exist. This gives me a few extra weeks at least, and that should be enough to find a book.

I have a feeling that I’ll need that time. Oh, it’s just finding a book, but in a huge house with a million bookshelves. I don’t think it’s going to be as easy as it sounds. I lost count of all the bookcases I saw while the headmaster gave me a tour of the school. I hate so many bookcases. There’s one in my bedroom, so I imagine that means all the students must have their own. He also mentioned individual practice rooms, and I bet there’s books in there too. I’ll have to make friends with the other students so I can get in their rooms and practice rooms.

If I can find a way to sneak Harrier in, then he’d be able to check rooms while most people are busy with classes. It may not be too difficult. Oddly, I saw another kaldorei here at the school while I was on my tour. She had the strangest looking child with her, with purple skin and green eyes. If the people here are kaldorei-friendly, then maybe I can invite Harrier as my friend. I suppose I’d have to explain how I met him somehow, but it’s something to think about.

I do really need to talk to him, and not just about the builders. Things happened the morning I returned from Silvermoon. They were good things, I thought. Well, I didn’t stop him. It’s been a long time since I’ve been with anyone like that, not counting that one whore I trust in Stormwind with my identity. I mean, if it’s paid for, it doesn’t count.

Speaking of whores, I was surprised to find one here at the school. Oh, he’s a teacher and a fire mage now, but I remember him standing out on the corner of our street in Murder Row. As I recall, he never had to stand out there for very long before he was gone again. I used to spend a lot of time looking out the window when Syrina locked me in the room. I knew it was him before the headmaster introduced him. I had been trying to not be noticed, but he looked right at me when Magister Fairsong introduced me as Lhoris Brightblade. Then he said it was nice to meet me or something, and repeated my name, but when he said it, he said ‘Brightblaze’, my real last name. The headmaster corrected him and told him my name was Brightblade. The whore repeated Brightblade then said ‘right’ and flashed me a smile. I hate whores.

I was a bit alarmed after that. I thought my cover was blown, and that he’d tell the headmaster for sure. I asked the headmaster if I could go to the library. If that whore was going to say anything, I was going to get to the most likely place for the book before being told to leave. Anyway, the headmaster led me there and left me to study. I started looking for the book right away. I just wanted to get the book and get out.

However, as I was searching the shelves for it, the whore came in. Then he said my real name again, like he thinks this is some sort of game or something. I hate games! He asked me who I was going to kill. Just like that, aloud, in the library with open doors. I informed him that I’m not in that business anymore. He said that was good because if a single hair on anyone at the school was harmed, he would see to it that I suffered eternally. I assured him that I wasn’t there to hurt anyone, and expressed doubt that he could make me suffer more than I already have. He said that I didn’t really want to find out. I suppose if he’s a fire mage now, I really don’t. Then he asked me what I had come to the school for. I’m reluctant to tell him the real reason. I almost did. He could help so that I’d leave the property faster and he’d know his friends were safe. I didn’t though because I thought he could rat and then I’d never get the book. I told him I was in it for the free meals since I don’t have any work. He said he was keeping an eye on me, which I found funny since he only has one working eye now. He has a nasty scar around the other and it’s all clouded and gross looking. But then he smiled at me again like he thinks he’s ahead of me or something. I hate smiling whores.

I’ll have to tell Harrier about that too, of course. I’m worried that he’ll think it’s too dangerous to continue, but I think if the whore was going to rat, he’d have done it by now. I am a little worried that he’ll want payment for his silence, much like that swine in Silvermoon did. Hopefully, he’s happy enough with just threatening me.

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Sorran’s Journal

I can’t wait to take the next set of trainee’s out of the city. Unfortunately, they’re still all working on hitting dummies correctly, so I’m stuck in the city until they master a few key skills. They’re not ready for practice in the field yet, so I can’t take them out. Of course, my superiors know I’m here, and keep calling me in for all sorts of trivial matters.

For instance, last night, I had to appear at a Tribunal concerning a wayward initiate and her chosen ‘mentor’. Of course, it came out there was a relationship involved. I don’t know why that surprises people so. It happens all the time. I was not as concerned about that, as I was over determining whether a dishonorably discharged Knight-Master is a suitable mentor at all for an initiate. It seems his discharge came easily from those who disliked him for other reasons, as if they had simply waited for the opportunity and sprung upon it when it arose. He had declined the initiate’s requests until after meeting her. He stated that the relationship started later, after he had accepted to mentor her. I did not ask how long, as I merely wanted to know that he changed his mind based on her skills as a blood knight initiate. We had to vote on a few points, none of which mattered as in the end, she resigned. Figures. I don’t know why they had to waste my time with that if she was just going to end up quitting. Shame really. I could have found a cheap whore, and made much better use of my time. Unfortunately, by the time it ended, I was expected to be home.

And that’s the other half of my hell. Family. The wife is a shrill nag. I pretend I can’t get it up at all. She wants me to see a priest now about it. Maybe if the priest can make her shut up for more than five minutes, I’d like her enough to consider it. I doubt it though. I honestly haven’t even tried since our wedding night, but now mother is asking when I’ll have a grandchild for her. I think she’s still hoping Raleth will bring his by, but he hasn’t even brought his wife to visit. The child is over two years old now. I don’t think we’ll ever see it, and I think that’s why she’s putting pressure on me again.

When this group of trainees is ready for some practice in the field, I think I’ll purposely fail them a few times just so we get to spend more time away from the city. They need to learn to deal with failure, and realize they don’t know everything anyway. That lesson for them might as well come with its benefits for me.

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Fairsong Academy Spring Ball (Part 1)

Gaelardrim’s Log:

The food was good, and I think I had a decent night.  I didn’t dance with anyone, but it was nice watching other people dance while I ate, and the music was good.  I spoke with one of the students for a good part of the night.  He likes one of the other students but he’s too afraid to ask her.  Maybe he did after I left.

I’m so full.  I have no idea how I’m going to get up for patrol tomorrow.


Xarola’s Notes:

  • At first, I thought the night would just be kind of nice in that I’d be able to read outside, eat fancy little foods and watch people dance. I wore my only fancy robe, and went to find a seat. I took the book I’ve been re-reading outside with me, and sat on one of the benches.  It’s one of the fire books from the library here at the school.  I wish there were more books on the subject, but at the same time, I find reading them a second time insightful after I’ve learned more in class.
  • Maerista sat near me and we talked for a bit.  She wanted to get a boy to notice her.  She wouldn’t say which one, but I told her about a book I had read that was about seducing men.  I hope she never tells my mother I read something like that.  I mean, it’s not that I’ve even used it before, but I remember what I read.  She didn’t think it would work, so I demonstrated. I think it did work. I certainly had Sal’s attention.
  • I think Vyn noticed me too.  Well, I know he did because he asked me to dance.  I’ve never really danced before, just when they taught us at school, and that’s been a few years.  I stepped on his feet a few times, but he hadn’t really had many lessons either.  It was fun.
  • I need to write to mother a letter soon and let her know I’ll be home for a few days before the summer semester starts.  She just wrote to say the payment had been made, though it was tight.  I really hope the Magister doesn’t raise the price of the tuition here.



Vaildor’s Essay:

How I Spent my Weekend by Vaildor Lightmist

It was a good weekend, and I had a lot of fun. It wasn’t a boring weekend like all the others because we did different things.

First, Lani took me to Silvermoon.  We went to one of the robe shops and she let me pick out one for the ball.  I found one in a style that I liked.  Lani thought the brown one looked best with my hair, but I think brown is boring, so I got the blue one.  I like the blue one better because I like the color blue.  It is the color of the sky when the sun isn’t covered by clouds.

After that, we went to the Spire.  It looked really fancy and official all over inside and it took forever for people to see us.  Lani said that was normal because they’re busy there.  I didn’t think it looked like anyone was really that busy, but anyway we had to wait.  Lani was able to get papers to prove who I am, but they’re fake papers.  She said Hethurin helped and on the papers he is listed as my father even though he’s really my brother.  Lani is worried because if our mother finds out about this paper existing, she might believe it, but we only want the people at the spire to believe it.  They did.  She had to fill out a form, and give them the papers to check.  Hethurin had some official letter done for them to say he was giving up his parenting of me or something.  Anyway, they said it all looked to be in order, which I think is good because Lani looked like she was about to pass out! They said they would send mail to us in a few weeks after they processed the application for adoption. That’s exciting because it means that I’ll officially have a home here now.

I wanted to visit my real father while we in Silvermoon, but Lani said he would have appointments so he’d be busy.  She reminded me that I’d see him at the ball, so that was okay.

Then we went home and it was a normal evening. I worked on one of my paintings before going to bed.

The next day was the ball, and there was a lot of preparation going on at the school.  Lani let me go up early.  I got to help Hethurin while he finished enchanting the instruments to play music.  I don’t understand music at all, but I think he’s pretty good with it.  It sounded okay anyway.  We had to move the instruments to the garden then.  I helped Tik put the table cloths on, and get lunch ready.  Terellion was around the kitchen, but he doesn’t like me so I tried to be not in the kitchen much.  Tik had a lot of work to do after that, and Hethurin wanted to eat more so I thought maybe there were too many people in the kitchen so I went back to the house.

Lani was still there and she was getting ready for the ball. She said we had some time yet so I worked on my friendly dragon painting for Hethurin.  He says not all dragons are mean and I believe him.  He’s older than me so he must know.

When it was closer to supper, it was time to go back to the school.  I took the painting with me so I could give it to Hethurin.  He likes it!  It seemed like everyone was there already.  Isturon was there.  I was glad to be able to see him again.  Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like growing up with him.  We talked a long time, just him and me and Hethurin, then Hethurin said he had to go change, but I saw him later in the kitchen.  He wore pants.  I was surprised because I thought he only had robes.

Then the best thing happened!  Lani came inside from the garden and showed us a ring.  The Confessor asked her to marry him!  She said yes.  She said she doesn’t know when yet, or where, but I think they should figure it out soon.

That was my weekend.  I had a good time and I wish every weekend was that much fun.


Keyalenn’s Letter:

Dear Kindroth,

You’ll forgive me for not writing recently.  I’m sure you’ve been busy with final exams yourself, so you understand.  Things are going well here at the school in the Ghostlands, though I do still miss the city at times, as well as you and our group of friends.  My parents could probably pull some strings and get me back into the school, but I don’t really mind it out here.  I know I complained a lot at first, but I’m learning a lot.  Maybe, despite hating all they said about it being a quieter place to study, with less distraction, I’ve come to realize they were right.

It’s not all studying all the time either, though it does make up a greater part of my week.  I’m greatly interested in the frost lessons, so I take time to make sure I do all my exercises right.  I don’t want to miss something that may be important in a future lesson!  Despite that, I do have time off.  A lot of times, I go up to the attic rooms.  There’s only seven students here, but we all have our own bedrooms, and two of them are in the attic.  They have a nice little study area between the rooms, so I often go up there.  Often, we wind up talking instead of studying.  It’s just four male students here at the school.  One of them is way ahead of the rest of us though, and he doesn’t really hang out with the rest of us, so it’s more like just us three.

There was a spring ball this past weekend.  I’ll be home to visit soon, and I’ll do my best to stop by to say hello!  My parents were able to come out for the ball, and they met with my teachers, and paid for the summer semester, so my visit home will be short.  The ball was really nice.  The pretty ranger danced with me, but she was here with one of the other rangers.  Still, it was nice to dance with her for one dance.  The girls here at the school are either taken, mean, or more interested in books.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

– Keyalenn

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Aranae’s Inner Reflections

Tsi Ku came and found me.  They took my cave.  I had to sleep in the rain that night.  The next day Tsi Ku talked to me.  I followed her back to camp.  I’m not really sure why.  I guess I want to believe that someone really does care.  I don’t know how she can though.  We haven’t known each other very long.

I found some letters waiting for me at the camp.  Master Cheng keeps forwarding them.  I didn’t open them.  There were two from my father, and one from my brother.  I threw them in the fire when no one was looking.  I really don’t want to hear from any of them after what happened at my sister’s wedding.

Toruviel never apologized, which I guess just confirms that he thinks he has nothing to apologize for.  I should have let the sha eat his face.  I guess he doesn’t want friends, so he gets what he wants!

I saw Cadellus in the camp too.  He was with some of the scouts, so I guess they made him come back somehow.  I know he didn’t want to.  He didn’t come over to say hi, so I didn’t get the chance to ask and find out.

Maybe I’m just sick of the Silvermoon politics.  Your friends are only your friends as long as they’re useful to you in some way.  The moment they go to pursue something that interests them, and doesn’t help you, well they’re not your friend anymore.  I didn’t think of Toruviel as a friend until I saved his life, but I guess that’s not even enough sometimes.  I’m sick of having to bend to fit other people’s ideas of what I should be to them.  I’m nothing but just another girl to my parents, and there’s nothing I can do to fix that.

I just want to be myself.  I want to have friends who like me for me, not what I can be for them.  I don’t need family whose only concern regarding me is that I don’t do anything to embarrass them, or tarnish their name.  I don’t need strangers who go about their own things with a callous disregard of how it affects other people.

That’s what’s different here.  I think the pandaren, generally, consider the situation, and all sides of it, before acting.  They don’t have a backstabbing, selfish society.  They take care of each other.  They welcome new friends.  I wish elves were more like the pandaren.

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Aranae’s Inner Reflections

Master Cheng scolded me for only writing once in this thing so here I am writing again.  I’ve been really busy with practicing and learning.  I haven’t had time to write.  Master Cheng says it only seems that way.  Okay, sure.  Whatever.

Anyway, my days are pretty much the same thing everyday.  I wake up, eat, go for my morning run, come back for lessons and practice, etc.  What am I supposed to write?  ‘I had the most delicious egg this morning.  The yolk was perfectly round and delightfully yellow.  I didn’t find any fur shed in it.’  See, I can’t write that because I did find fur in it, and the yolk had been broken and there was hardly any left.

Then I hear there’s some market where everyone has woks and stuff set up somewhere south of here.  If getting fur in your food isn’t bad enough, you can get the fur of ten different pandaren in your food there, at least ten.  Oh, and to make matters worse, I was told it was in the middle of a bunch of farm land, so they probably have fertilizer on their paws or something.  I just pray that none of the food they serve here is from there.  I think I’d vomit if it was.

So after Master Cheng was done scolding me, he started asking me all these weird questions about my ‘friend’.  He meant the guy who washes his clothes and hates talking to me, Toruviel.  I told him there wasn’t anything like that going on between us, but he wants to talk to him anyway.  He kept asking me where he’s staying and when he plans to come next.  Like I would know!!!  Really, anytime I ask him anything, he looks at me like I’m out to get him or something.

Anyway, he said it was a matter of great importance that I come fetch him the next time Toruviel shows up.  I reluctantly agreed.  I don’t think introducing him to Master Cheng is going to help him talk to me.

I hope something here is an inner reflection of some kind because I don’t have time to write anymore.  I need to get to the hot spring to warm my feet up.  Master Cheng could save me a lot of time by letting me wear shoes.


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Aranae’s Inner Reflections

Master Cheng said this book is for my inner reflections, and that I should write them down.  I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about, so I guess I’ll just write stuff down.

I’m doing well with the physical training.  It’s really different from what I was learning in Silvermoon.  There are a lot of defensive and offensive moves you can do just by using your hands and feet.  I’ve been learning to use a staff too.

My feet are still freezing all of the time.  I asked why I can’t have shoes, again, for like the fourteenth time.  All I’m told is that I must learn.  Learn what?  Hell, I don’t know.  I guess I’ll keep going to the hot spring to warm my feet.

The masters here speak in riddles, like it’s all some sort of game to them or something.  Maybe it is.  Is that a reflection?

Maybe I do complain a little too much, but they don’t make me leave.  That’s good because I do want to stay.  I’m enjoying learning here.  I don’t really know where I’ll go after.  I have a feeling if I go home I’ll be in trouble for leaving in the first place, then again, maybe Sanimir has caused more trouble and they’re too busy coddling him.  I bet if he has, they haven’t even noticed I’m gone.

Sometimes there’s a guy washing his clothes when I go to warm my feet.  He’s kind of cute, but he’s a bit odd.  Still it’s nice to be able to talk to another sin’dorei.  There aren’t many here.

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