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Latahlali – Letter to Raleth

My Beloved Raleth,

I miss you a lot.  Amyn showed me all around Stormwind.  The mage quarter there has grass all over, and lots of trees.  I thought it was nice.  The rest of the city is mostly stone.  We arrived in the mage quarter from the portal.  There were so many people there.  I couldn’t believe it!  Most of them were human, but there were other races there too.  I even saw a dwarf!

I looked for crocolisks in the canals, but I didn’t see any, so that must have just been a story.  I did see a crocolisk out of the canal.  I think it was someone’s pet!  I kept my distance just in case.

Amyn showed me where the dragon destroyed part of the city.  She said there used to be a park there but all there is now is a big black crater that drops off into the sea!  She used to spend time in the park.  She’s so lucky that she was in Shattrath when it happened!  She thought that in time it would look better, but there’s not even ground left to rebuild on.

I asked to see the harbor, and she went with me there next.  Do you remember the tiny harbor on the island where we spent our honeymoon?  This one is one hundred times bigger!  I don’t think it’s as pretty though.  There were a lot of stone walls and ramps and stairs to get down to the harbor, and they’re building tanks there or something.  I saw the boats to Northrend and Darnassus, and there were a bunch of other boats there too.  We didn’t go all the way down to the docks.  Amyn didn’t seem too eager to.  I think she thought it might be dangerous.  Maybe there are sharks in the water.  We stood on one of the overlooks and watched for a bit though.

After that we went to the cathedral.  I wasn’t sure they’d let me in because they don’t worship Elune there, not that I spend a lot of time praying or anything, but there wouldn’t be anything about Elune there.  It looked really huge from the outside, and there were all these weird people just standing on the steps.  I think they were paladins.  Inside, it didn’t look as big.  I thought it seemed rather small.  They didn’t have any grass or trees, and I don’t know how they worship anything without a moonwell.  There was a small library off to the side, but I really didn’t feel comfortable in there.

After that we went to see the palace.  They have a big statue in a fountain in the front and a bunch of stairs and a drawbridge and everything.  Oh!  And I saw the king!  Amyn knelt.  I wasn’t sure what to do because he’s not my king so I smiled and waved.  We went to the library there.  They had some old books that they didn’t want anymore.  I found fiction romance/adventure story that looks like it might be good.  Everything was so fancy there, but I guess they have enough guards that visitors can come and see without having to worry.

We went to all of the dress shops.  Amyn found one that she likes!  She’s going to be so beautiful.  Well she already is, but her hair with that dress is going to make her more beautiful.  We went to other shops too.  I got presents for you and Kes and Isandri and Amyn.  I gave Amyn hers already because she was right there.

We went to one of the taverns too.  They have chairs and tables outside.  It was really nice.  There were a bunch of male draenei there too.  If there weren’t so many stone walls, I would have thought I was in Forest Song, with mead.  I only had a couple of drinks before we walked back to the warehouse.  They have a little apartment there, with beds from Darnassus.  I don’t think they’re that different from regular beds.  I really like ours best.  I missed you so much.

I’ll see you later tonight!




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Sanimir – At the Library

Sanimir looked up from his book.  “Aeramin, do you think those girls like us?”  He glanced at the table where most of the girls sat.  It was one of the larger tables in the discussion room a the library.  Sanimir and Aeramin’s table was small with only four chairs at it, two of them empty.  Sometimes they would sit with one of the larger groups, but for the past few days, they had sat at the smaller table.  It only confirmed Sanimir’s suspicions that the girls were looking at them.

“Why would they like us?  We’re not even good yet.”  Aeramin stated without looking up.

“They keep looking and giggling.”

“You don’t have something stuck in your teeth do you?”  Aeramin asked, his eyes remaining on his book.

“What?  No!”

“Then they’re probably looking at one of those books.  I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.”

Sanimir raise a brow, “What?  Which books?”

“The ones with penises.”

Sanimir’s ears matched his dark red hair briefly.  “Then why do they look at us and giggle?”

“Are they looking?”  Aeramin looked up now, glancing back at the table where the women were sitting.

“Shh!  Don’t be so obvious.”  Sanimir whispered through clenched teeth.  “I said they were looking before.  Aren’t you listening?”

“Are they looking at me or you?”

“I can’t tell.”  Sanimir frowned.  “Maybe they’re looking at both of us.”

Aeramin started to turn again.

“Don’t look!”  Sanimir hissed.  “They’re looking this way again.”

“Are the pretty ones looking?”

Sanimir blinked, “They’re all pretty.”

“The prettier ones.”  Aeramin replied as he turned around, fully this time, making it obvious he was looking at the girls.  He smiled and waved.  Giggles were heard from the other table as the girls stopped looking, and started whispering to each other.

Sanimir gaped at his friend, “How do you know they’re single?”

“What are you, a virgin?  Who cares if they’re single.  They’re interested.  Go talk to them.”

“What?  No!  I’m not!.”  Sanimir sputtered in defense to his friend’s question.  Aeramin rolled his eyes, unconvinced, as Sanimir continued, “It matters if they’re single or not.  I don’t want any angry lovers or fiances or husbands after me.”

“Then be a virgin forever.”

Sanimir’s ears darkened.  “I’m not.”  He muttered, lowering his eyes back to his book.

Aeramin shrugged and got up.  Sanimir pretended not to watch as his friend walked over to the other table, and sat next to one of the prettier girls.  He casually started talking to her.  Maybe they had only been interested in Aeramin all along.  He stopped watching, and tried to read.  Laughter came from the other table.  Sanimir glanced up long enough to see all of the girls smiling at his friend.

He quickly packed his books into his satchel.  He slipped out of the room and headed towards the door of the library.  Perhaps the park would be a better place to study today.


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Latahlali – Diary Book

Dear Diary Book,

I’m going to Stormwind soon.  I’m excited about it, but a little worried too.  I hope the kittens won’t miss me too much.  I know Raleth will.  He’ll be all alone.  Maybe the kittens will keep him company.

We talked last night about being angry and stuff.  He hasn’t done anything that would make me angry.  I don’t get angry very easily.  I don’t think he does either.  He doesn’t around me anyway.  Then we were talking about how Vael hasn’t written to either of us, and how he’s odd, but he might not be.  He thought maybe all kaldorei were like that, and then we started talking about the being angry stuff.  I can only think of a few things that would make me angry.  I remember he thought I would be angry about his eyes.  I mean, it really would have been better if he hadn’t have done that, but I’m not angry about it.  I think he’s angry with himself about it.  I can understand that, and I told him about my facial tattoos.  I really wish I had said no to those.  But when a bunch of sentinels are standing there telling you that you have to, well, you do.  I didn’t even really want to be there, and my parents only sent me because they were getting pressure from the sentinels in Ashenvale.  We never had to deal with that when we lived near the tauren.  I’m angry at myself for not saying no to the tattoos and not going home earlier.

I told Raleth that I didn’t see the orcs that attacked where we lived in Ashenvale the day my parents died.  But if I did, and I saw them again, I would kill them.  I am angry about that.  I don’t want to kill all orcs.  There might be some that are okay.  Raleth wasn’t very sure about that.  He thinks they’re all war-mongering, blood-thirsty idiots.  Maybe they are, but if some were raised quietly away from other orcs, then maybe they’re okay.

I didn’t say it, but, a lot of my people are just as quick to attack without asking questions first.  The sentinel who shot Raleth probably thought she was doing the right thing.  My grandfather was only trying to protect me when he stabbed Raleth.

I helped kill the orcs that attacked us the night at the moonwell, but I only did so to protect him.  I don’t kill every orc I see.  Some kaldorei do.  Some will shoot any sin’dorei they see too.

It was when we were talking about that, and the possibility of some orcs being raised differently, that I realized, I had been raised differently from most other kaldorei.  I had little contact with other elves when I was younger, just my parents.  I didn’t point that out, but I asked him if he thought it was impossible that an orc could be raised to be different.  He didn’t seem very convinced that it could happen.

I think it could.  I was raised differently.  Why couldn’t it happen to an orc?

It almost makes me want to adopt an orc baby, but they probably wouldn’t let me have one of those.



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Jaellynn – Journal

Things have been quiet.  That has been good.  It`s been very good.  I don’t think I could have imagined things being better, not for me.  Sure, I’m still dead.  I don’t think there will ever be any way to fix that, but, other than that, things are great.

Relanos is growing well.  He makes me proud.  I got him a child’s fishing pole.  He’s not very good yet, but he can tell when a fish is biting.  Unfortunately, waiting for the fish to bite doesn’t hold his interest very long.  Maybe when he’s older, he’ll have more patience and be less easily distracted.

He’s learning to talk.  His favorite word is “no”.  He knows min’da and an’da too.  Karnum taught him to say “hello” in taurahe.  He can also say, “Eloodoray”.  I think he means “Elune adore.”

Tath has been talking about getting another baby.  She wants a girl.  Maybe she wanted a girl before, but we both like Relanos.  I don’t know what I’d do with a girl.  She probably wouldn’t want to fish or help with the plants all the time.  I guess I could teach her how to use swords and daggers.  Maybe I’d let Jaeyn get close enough to teach her how to use a bow.  Imagine that, a girl learning how to use a bow from a boy!

I don’t know why she isn’t happy with Relanos, but I told her it would be okay.  I think it would be.  I don’t need to sleep so I could take care of five babies if I had to.  I might go crazy if we got that many, but I’d be awake for it!

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Teniron – The Workshop

Teniron Whitemorn sat at the table at the lounge.  He hadn’t had a drink in a couple of weeks now.  The temptation was especially strong at the lounge, but he sipped his tea.  He held a small box in his hand, it was thin and long.  A few identical boxes were in his satchel that was sitting on the table next to him where he could see it.  He toyed with the box he held, flipping it over on the table then back again.

“Did you need anything else, more tea perhaps?”

Teniron glanced at his nearly empty cup then up at the serving girl, “Another tea would be nice.  Thank you.”  He looked around the lounge as she left to get the tea.  There weren’t many people there before this early in the afternoon.  Most of those that had come for lunch had already gone.  One fat human male sat at the small table along the back wall.  He read a book while sipping a drink.  Another male, this one sin’dorei sat at the bar.  He was also drinking, and apparently flirting with the serving girl.  Teniron thought he must be fairly new if he didn’t know the right places to go for that.

The girl came back with his tea, and set it on the table in front of him.  He returned to flipping the box, and watching the doors as he sipped it slowly.

At last, a familiar face appeared.  He smiled as she approached his table.

“I hoped I could find you here this early.”  Kit said, eyeing the box in his hand.  “I’ve found a couple of places for you to look at… well, only one actually.  Dalaran is crowded.  It makes it difficult to find any kind of free space, much less somewhere suitable for a workshop.”  She continued to eye the box.  “Were you able to get anything done in the inn?”

“I’ve done a few things for friends, as well as these.”  Teniron pushed the box towards her.  He pushed his satchel towards her as well.  “There are more in there.  I made only necklaces for you this time.  I was able to work more at the inn that way.  I did have to go to the blacksmith a few times for use of the forge to seal the links in the chains, but a lot of the work I was able to do with my tools at the inn.  I’ll be able to do a lot more once I have a real place to work.”

Kit opened some of the boxes, hiding a quick smile as she did so.  “You did these in the inn?”

“Yes, mostly.”

She packed the boxes away.  “Let’s go look at the workshop.”

He nodded as she got up.  He tossed a couple of coins on the table for the serving girl’s tip and followed Kit.

She led him down one of the side streets, stopping at a door.  She took a key from her pocket.  “I told the owner that I wanted to show you the place first, but he wouldn’t be around this afternoon.  I’ll be meeting with him later today.  If you have any questions for him I can pass them on, but he said noise and such wouldn’t be a problem.”

Teniron nodded and followed her inside.

It was small.  Smaller than he had hoped, but it had ample space to work and keep his tools.  He thought there might be space for a cot too.  That would simplify things if he could just sleep here.

“It should be big enough.  The skylights are nice too.”  Kit said.

Teniron looked up.  They were nice, and would provide extra lighting during the day.  “It should work, yes.”

Kit smiled.  “Good.  I’ll tell him you’ll take it, and here…”  She handed him a small bag of coins.  “I’ll be by in a few days to see how you’re progressing here.”  She left the key on one of the counters before going.

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OOC – Screenshots

I haven’t posted screenshots in a while so here they are.  You’re getting them all at once.

Lali babysits murlocs. She should totally bring one home to Raleth. “Can we keep it?”

Aww, my baby dk tank feels loved.

Teniron got his first epic at level 50, Sul’thraze the Lasher!

Alinash and Suuri? They met at McDonalds for free WiFi, I guess. She was a priest I believe.

Speaking of Alinash… He’s a beast.

I laughed.

Another page of that same one. I laughed some more.

A different one. I giggled.

Theronil’s Night Elf Form!

Sanimir’s ugly human form!

Sanimir kills everything. Level 79 dps.

Sanimir dings 80.

How did he not have that before?


Sometimes you expect an achievement, but you don’t expect your character’s expression on the screenshot. He looks very happy.

I’ve been farming this thing so long it’s about time one of them got it. Thankfully in MoP, my mount collector, whom farmed it the most, will get it as well. He’ll also, finally, get the kodo and headless horseman’s mount. And Attumen’s mount. 🙂

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Art – Raleth and Latahlali

Kissing elves. I wimped out on shading her hand correctly. Maybe I’ll revisit it someday, but probably not. 🙂

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