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Yet Another OOC Post

I had planned to do dailies and write today.  I got stuck on the “do dailies” part when my main computer’s power supply decided to not work.  Most of my day has been spent dealing with that and I haven’t had time to either write or paint, and I never did get my dailies done.  I’m sad because I had a few things I wanted to write, not to mention Vaelarian’s painting needs to be finished.  Hopefully I’ll be able to have the new power supply in and working on time tonight.  I don’t like being without my TRP items and states!


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OOC – Screenshot

And another wrong character.

Dear Blizzard, RNG is dumb.

I’m not sure why they don’t make it BoA so that if you have a character that you’ve been trying to get a kodo on for the past 5 years…

Oddly, I’ve seen no rams at all this year.

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OOC – Second Winterspring Frostsaber

Jaeyn was my first character with the winterspring frostsaber mount.  He got it the old fashioned way.  Today Jaellynn finished the new quests and became my second character with it.  My third will be druid Jaellynn in two more days. 🙂

20 exalted reps was a bonus!

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Kelanori – Diary

Dear Diary,

Terivanis is more of an ass than I knew.  He brought back one pretzel and at it in front of Ornasse.  He didn’t share at all, then I let Ornasse talk to him for a bit.  I was told he didn’t mean it.  That poor girl!  If she finds out and wants to beat his ears for the next century, I won’t stop her.  By Elune, I’d be tempted to help her.

Some good news, the baby finally kicked while Ornasse was here and not at the front.  Or maybe it was a punch.  Either way, Ornasse finally got to feel the baby move.  He was so happy.   He has a really handsome smile.  I hope the baby gets his smile, and his hair.

I should hear from Iselwen soon.  If not, I’ll have to write again.

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OOC – Art: Progress

I got a little more done on my Vael painting today.

That ear…

It’s getting there.  I promise I’ll take a real picture with the real camera when it’s done.

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OOC – Another Screenshot

Druid Jaellynn meets Deathwing.

Uh oh...


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OOC – Screenshot

Another kodo.  Another wrong character to get it.

Some poor healer cried when the fail-tank opened her bag today.

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