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Hethurin’s Hobby

Hethurin Fairsong lay atop a raised, flat rock, looking up at the moonlit sky.  The jade-colored birds circled above, fluttering from tree to tree as the green fuzzies floated in the air around them.  The Emerald Dragonshrine was still one of his favorite places to come to relax.

It wasn’t that he really needed to, not this time.  He could have just as well stayed home.  It was good to relax there as well.  It was nothing like being in Shattrath.  However, sometimes he felt the need to physically get away, even if home was a lot less stressful.  More than that, he actually enjoyed being home now.  He enjoyed teaching, and was truly beginning to trust Desdeyliri.

He had worried a brief moment when she had asked to go to Silvermoon to see her parents.  She could have just as easily been reporting to his parents, but he knew she also needed to ask hers about staying with him to continue her studies.  He had been the one who told her that she could go home to visit her family at any time as well.  It wasn’t something he could say no to, but he wasn’t comfortable with it.  He was relieved to see her in the park where they had agreed to meet when it was time to return.  Her parents had been with her then, but didn’t keep him long.  Soon enough, they returned home where Hethurin could relax once more.

A noise, the sound of rustling leaves, startled him away from his thoughts.  He sat up, glancing around the Dragonshrine as he scooted over to the edge of the rock.  He didn’t see anyone so he hopped down, carefully in his robe, and cast a spell to make himself invisible.  He had become rather good with that particular spell, and could maintain it for quite some time before tiring.  He cast another spell to lighten his steps as he quietly made his way to the path.  He glanced around nervously as he went, watching for any sign of another person in the shrine with him.  He still saw no one.  Perhaps it had been one of the birds.

He followed the path south, keeping his invisibility spell active around him, just in case there was someone there.  He watched the trees and bushes as he passed.  His ears twitched, listening for any other noise as he made his way to the water.  Once there, he ducked behind some of the rocks along the shore, letting his invisibility drop.

He still had to get fish yet.  That had been his main reason for coming here after all.  The Tranquillien priest that was coming the next day would certainly be impressed with Northrend fish, and Hethurin knew from experience that the area south of the shrine was good for fishing.  He took one last glance around the edge of the rock to make sure no one had followed him before getting out the bait and getting ready to fish.


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Lanthiriel’s Diary

Dear Diary,

I’ve failed.  Another week has gone by where I was sent away.  I was told again that the magister doesn’t wish to see me.  I wrote mid-week to inform him that I would be by.  He could have written and said something about not wanting to see me anymore, but I didn’t know until today when his butler informed me that he didn’t want me to come back.

I’ve failed to help him.  I wonder if it’s because of his last trip to Shattrath going so badly.  At least his friends were willing to talk to me about that.  He should have let me in.  He should have wanted to tell me about it.  I would have listened.  I would have tried to comfort him.  I would have done my best to help him, but I can’t if he won’t see me.  I don’t know where I went wrong.  I thought he was beginning to open up and trust me more.  Why is he closing the door now?

Father is disappointed.  After things were going so well, it was difficult to tell him that I was sent away, and asked not to come back.  I feel like I’ve failed him as well.

Mother is angry.  Her mole stopped writing and despite the fact that I hadn’t told her a single thing, she’s mad at me for not being in contact with him.  It’s not my fault!

Now everyone’s looking at me like I should have tried harder.  I don’t know what I could have done differently.  I keep going over everything in my mind, and I don’t know.  I have a feeling something more happened in Shattrath, but I don’t really know unless I somehow get to talk to him.

Father is going to try to write to him.  I’m not sure it’ll work, but I guess it’s worth a try. I’ll try writing to him again as well.  Maybe he’ll reply this time.

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OOC – Green Fire

I'll have more time to write now.

I’ll have more time to write now.


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Xyliah’s Diary

Dear Diary,

A lot has happened since I last wrote.  Berwick has accepted a job to paint, from Sanimir.  He somehow bought this huge house in the Ghostlands.  He said it was cheap because of the ghosts, and the fact that no one wants to live out here.  I’m not quite sure I believe in the ghosts, but you can hear somethings at night.  It’s a bit creepy.  It has a lot of work that needs to be done too.  Still, I find it surprising that Sanimir came here.

I think the biggest surprise was that he and Aeramin split up.  After all they went through to be together, I wasn’t expecting they’d want to be apart anytime soon.  Honestly, I don’t think Sanimir, or Hethurin as he wishes to be called now, is taking it very well.  I’m not sure what happened, but he’s definitely not who he used to be.  Even his name is different.  He spends a lot of time upstairs in his room, or in his practice room.

We’re staying here in the house while Berwick is doing the paint job.  There are a lot of rooms to paint.  There are some rooms closed off downstairs that he didn’t say anything about, but there are still a lot that he did say something about.  There’s a kitchen, dining room, sitting room, practice rooms and studies.  Then upstairs there’s another seven or eight rooms.  I’m helping keep the bat numbers low, and have sent the skins off to my father.  Hethurin has a butler who kills spiders.  I have helped him a bit on my way to where I’ve noticed more bats.

He also has an apprentice.  It’s fun talking to her although she’s nearly half my age.  I don’t think Sanimir/Hethurin has told her much about himself, and she seems really surprised about some things.  Like I said, he’s really very different now.

The house is really nice.  The butler, Tik, makes really good meals.  The bed in our room is comfortable and soft.  Berwick thinks I need something like this of my own.  I told him I didn’t, and I really don’t.  What would we do with so many rooms?  Besides, I don’t mind sleeping in a tent, or even just under the stars.  As long as I’m with Berwick, it doesn’t matter.

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Aeramin’s Notes

  • Things have been going okay.  I’ve finished the wedding invitations and I’m half-way done with the spring party invitations for the other guy.

  • I worked hard to get the wedding invitations done on time.  One night, Imralion went ahead to the restaurant.  I was going to finish a few more, then join him, but I fell asleep.  I got ink on one of my older robes.  It didn’t wash out very well, but the robe is dark.  The stain is on the inside of the arm as well so it doesn’t show too much.

  • I guess I was tired.  I had been keeping a very tight schedule.  I still am, but it’s a little better with Im being back from Blade’s Edge.

  • Anyway, the night that I didn’t go to the restaurant is the night that Sanimir, or Hethurin as he wants to be called now, goes there.  Kes told me that she invited him to sit with her and Im.  I had kind of neglected to tell Imralion that Hethurin and Sanimir are the same person.  It wasn’t entirely by accident.

  • I didn’t even think of it before receiving the letter from Hethurin about his apprentice learning fire magic.  I had always called him Sanimir, and that’s what I kept calling him, until that letter.  I still neglected to tell Imralion who Hethurin was, partially because I didn’t want to have a big discussion about it.  I wasn’t even going to see him, just his apprentice, so there really wasn’t anything to discuss.

  • Anyway, Imralion found out.  He was upset, but I think it was mostly because he was worried that he might have said some things that upset Sanimir.

  • Not that it’s overly difficult to upset him in the first place.  He’d be better off talking to people about it, rather than running off to be alone and cry.  I don’t quite get why he does that.

  • And he’s still doing it.  The sister he’s been seeing every weekend was in Shattrath last night looking for answers.  Apparently, he’s refused to see her two weeks in a row now.

  • Am I worried?  I am.  I still love him.  That won’t ever change.  I just can’t handle him leaving all the time.  I’m just trying to move on, and he still finds ways…

  • That’s part of the reason that I don’t mind keeping a busy schedule.  I spend most of my mornings working on invitations, or meeting with prospective clients.  I just received an order from one of the mages who teaches with the Scryers.  He needs some nice looking teaching pamphlets for his classes.  It can be done in a simple script, so it shouldn’t take too long.

  • I have a feeling that if I do a good job on these, it’ll open up more work with the Scryers through word of mouth.  I’m hoping so anyway.

  • This morning, I took a day off from working.  I need a break once in a while.  I went down to the terrace to watch Imralion with the others for their training exercises.  I stayed back out of the way, but I’m sure he saw me.  I saw him smile when he looked my direction.  I left before they finished.  I had some reading to catch up on, and a book to take to Shadowmoon Valley when I went for my lesson and practice.

  • The book that I translated for Raleth mentioned an organization, of sorts, called The Black Harvest.  According to what was in that book, they deal with powerful demonic and shadow magic.

  • That concerns me greatly after some of our other recent discoveries.  The broken soulstone fragments, the missing pieces, and the size of that summoning circle in Blade’s Edge are even more alarming when one considers something more than just a handful of regular summoners is involved.

  • Furthermore, I think the stones were left as a trail.  Someone wants us to find them.  I was discussing it with Kes.  One piece was found in Hellfire and the other was found in Blade’s Edge.  Something that precious is not something someone drops and loses by mistake, at least not more than once.  Someone left them there.  There’s at least one more piece, if not more.

  • Kes and I have decided to proceed with caution, and the more of us there are, the better.  We discussed Vallindra as well.  I don’t trust her, and neither does Kes.  We need their help though, and they’ll need us.  I don’t think there’s any other way.  We have to involve them both.  Embersun is not very likely to work without her.  We’ll just have to hope she doesn’t do anything to put us all in danger.

  • If someone wants us to follow, we need to be careful.  We need to see if we can’t put together why they want us to follow.  At first, I thought maybe it was some plan to arrest summoner’s by luring us into a trap, but I don’t think anyone in Outland really cares that much.  The naaru seem to be okay with us in Shattrath, and it’s not exactly illegal unless you’re doing something else illegal with it.  It isn’t exactly accepted either, but I don’t think anyone’s going to try to turn us in.

  • If it’s something to do with the Black Harvest, and considering the size of the circle in Blade’s Edge, I would be a fool to believe otherwise, then what do they want with us?  Are they looking for more to initiate into their ranks?  Do they want to feed us to something that requires a much larger offering in exchange for its services?  Or could it be that someone knows they’re in over their head, or is with someone they think is in over their head?  If it’s someone associated with the Black Harvest, then it’s likely that they wouldn’t be working alone.  After all, one does not join an organization to work in solitude.

  • I need to take one of the other books that I found in the old school to show Kes in Shadowmoon later.  I mentioned it to her last night, and she wants to see it.

  • The language it is written in isn’t something I’m familiar with.  It’s not something simply put into some secret code, unless it’s another language that I don’t know and a code.  That would complicate things even more.

  • The script is strange as well.  It’s almost as if it’s floating over the pages.  I have the strangest feeling while holding the book.

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Screenshot of the day

My son thought it was funny that they didn't notice their eyes and call them out as death knights.  I think he has a point!

My son thought it was funny that they didn’t notice their eyes and call them out as death knights. I think he has a point!

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Screenshot of the Day

You may have noticed that I’ve slowed down on writing.  This is mostly due to the fact that I’ve been working pretty hard on taking down Kanrethad on my warlock.  My biggest problem as of now is remembering to dispell myself.  One of the curses has a random effect at the end of its duration, and one of the effects is “Annoying Imp”.  He hops on your back and stuns you every few seconds.  Some of the things he says are funny.  These two screenshots were put together from my earliest attempts when I was still having problems with the imp phase.

Annoying imp is actually the worst of the effects you can get.  The stun is a huge dps loss.

Annoying imp is actually the worst of the effects you can get. The stun is a huge dps loss.

For those who are here for the stories, stay tuned.  I’m working on them between my fails in Black Temple!

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