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Vaelarian – In the Basin

Vaelarian’s first day staying in Sholazar Basin did not go quite as he had planned.  He knew the permanent camp had spare tents, and he had planned to go there to purchase one the next day.

It rained.

He had taken shelter under some large, leafy plant.  The leaves were almost big enough to completely shelter him.  He didn’t mind getting wet, but it was a detriment to getting some sleep.

Then there were the hunters.  Dwarves, with guns.  How was he to get any sleep with all that noise?  And what if they accidentally shot him?  It seemed his first camp location was not the best.  Perhaps somewhere else in the basin would prove drier and quieter.

He made his way to the permanent camp, and checked his mail after purchasing a small tent.  His eyebrow shot up while reading the single letter he had received.  Lali was trying to tell him what to do?  He grunted as he folded the letter back up and stuck it in his pack.  That blood elf was young himself, but Vaelarian had thought he was at least capable of making sure she respected her elders.  He twitched an ear.  Apparently he was wrong.

He scowled as he made his way away from the humans and dwarves at the camp.  He hadn’t planned to return to Dalaran right away, but it seemed he would have to make another visit.  Of course, he had never planned to go to Sholazar Basin in the first place, or Feralas for that matter.  The girl certainly knew how to cause trouble.  Perhaps he would have to have a talk with her as well.


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OOC – Longest Signature Ever

I forgot one of my 85's and left off a great number of lower levels because the image started going outside the area it was in... I'm just passing time waiting for my beta invite. None yet! It should be in the next wave or so, judging by what I've read. I hurt myself by waiting to play until BC. 😛

This kind of goes with today’s 30 Days question too.  It’s very difficult to choose just one!  I should have added that I love tanking low level dungeons with warriors. 😉

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OOC – 30 Days of WoW: Day 19

Day 19 — Favorite class and why?

I can’t choose just one.  I prefer different classes for different things.  So I’ll go down the list of things and choose my favorite for each. 🙂

PvE Tanking: Death Knight.  Druid would be a close second, but I’ve yet to get a tank spec druid to max level (Soon!).  I really like the control I have over my own survivability and being able to help the healers out with my cool downs.

Jaellynn, and Kadari, poke Ragnaros.

PvE DPS, max level: Hunter.  Although, I have not enjoyed it as much as I used to (I hate focus.  gg blizz), it’s still my favorite.  I just wish they would give us mana back even if it doesn’t make sense.  It worked.

In a very old screenshot, Jaeyn, whom was Jaen at the time, kills naga in heroic underbog.

Chilling on the bike while everyone else does the work!

PvE DPS, low level: Mage.  I would probably enjoy mage at 85 as well, if I could do good dps as frost.  The game won’t let me.  I have a lot of fun in lower level dungeons with mages though.  I love leveling mages. 🙂

Sanimir beating Sunken Temple. Sometimes I feel like all he really needs is a healer and he could two man this stuff without carrying a tank and two dps along. It wouldn't even have to be a good healer. Frost mages are that OP with heirlooms at low levels.

PvE Healing: Druid.  I love HOT’s and AoE heals. 😉

Healing in LFR


PvP, any level: Rogue.  I used to hate pvp.  I also used to play a hunter almost exclusively.  I have had a rogue, a dwarf, that hit 80 in WotLK, but I didn’t pvp on her.  It wasn’t until I leveled Latahlali past 60 that I discovered the joys of rogue pvp.  I enjoy it at any level now. 🙂

Killing cows, and about to kill that undead guy. Yeah that other rogue wasn't hurting me that much.

Guarding the blacksmith as a very OP low level twinked rogue. Heirlooms and enchants! He's a beast!


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Latahlali – Wedding Diary

Dear Wedding Diary Book,

The dress is done.  I went to pick it up today.  It’s absolutely gorgeous.  I tried it on, and the fit is perfect.  The beads and gold trim really make it stand out.  I hope Raleth likes it.  I think he will.

The shoes will be done in a couple of days.  Then I’ll be all ready.  We just need to find someone to do the ceremony so we can decide when.  Then get the invitations and the arrangements for the food, and everything.  I haven’t heard back from the priestess Vael found.  Maybe I’ll get something from her later today or tomorrow.  I just sent my note to her yesterday.

I’m worried about a few of my friends.  I went to the lounge last night.  Sora was there.  No one else was.  I haven’t seen Kestrae, Sath’alor, or Theronil in days.  I could probably find Ellorian if I went to the library, but he would just grumble all the time.  Amyn was supposed to be around during the weekend too, but I never saw her.  Maybe everyone has been busy, or maybe practicing my lesson at home on the terrace is keeping me from seeing them.  It could be we’re just missing each other.  I hope everyone is okay.

I talked to Sora about Raleth a little.  I still don’t understand why he would want to talk about how I didn’t like him when we first met.  I mean, it had a lot to do with someone else leading me on at the time.  The more paranoid part of me thinks he’s trying to make something be wrong so he won’t marry me.  The sensible part of me says that’s nonsense.  He wouldn’t do that, but then the sensible part of me doesn’t really know why he would want to talk about it.  Maybe instead of worrying about it, I should just talk to him.  That’s what the sensible part says, but then there’s this other part that is scared, and sensible part wonders why the hell I’m scared of my own mate.  I’m not.  I’m just scared he’ll say he made a mistake and he doesn’t want to kiss me anymore, and I’m too young, and he just didn’t want to leave me in an orc-infested forest.

Sora wasn’t much help.  She probably really doesn’t understand in her condition.

I have to finish my practice, and write to Theronil yet before going to the library.  Maybe I’ll look for Ellorian there after all.

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OOC – 30 Days of WoW: Day 18

Day 18 — Best and Worst thing about WoW?

Best thing – Some of the people I’ve met.

Worst thing – Some of the other people I’ve met.

I’m not going to elaborate too much because, omg wordpress drama… but yeah, some of the people I’ve met are great, others are derptards who need to diaf.  To me, the relationships forged in WoW are more important than the rest of it.

I have no idea how to draw that.

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Latahlali – Letters Sent

Priestess Irithyl Winterstar,

My grandfather, Vaelarian Ashclaw, has informed me that he has recently spoken with you, and that you may be able to assist my future husband and myself.  We have been searching for a neutral party to perform our marriage ceremony.  We would like to meet with you in Dalaran during the daytime, and in a public area, as I know you must be nervous about the meeting.  We are as well.  Please let us know when you would be available to see us.

Thank you,
Latahlali Ashclaw



Dear Kestrae,

I haven’t seen you at the lounge recently, so I’m writing.  I hope everything is okay.

I have a favor to ask of you.  Raleth and I are planning to meet with a priestess whom may be willing to officiate the wedding ceremony.  She is kaldorei, and she knows Vael somehow, so we both have our reservations about meeting her, but there’s a chance she may be the person we’re looking for, so we need to talk to her to find out if she approves and really wants to do it, etc.

That’s where you come in.  We would like to meet her in a public area, with someone nearby to watch, in case she tries anything.  We’re not really sure she approves, and being one of Vael’s friends, we’re not sure what she might do.  Would you be willing to be there?

Also, if you could, I’d like to talk to you about guys sometime soon.

I hope all is well with you and Sath’alor.

– Lali




I know you’ve probably already gone to Sholazar Basin to set up your new camp, so I’m writing instead of trying to find you.

I was wondering if you could try harder to be nice to Raleth?  You claim that you want me to be happy, but if you’re treating him like that, I won’t be happy.  When his feelings are hurt, mine are too.

Would you please call him Raleth?  It would mean a lot to me, and it’s his name.  It really shouldn’t be that difficult.

– Lali

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OOC – 30 Days of WoW: Day 17

Day 17 — Your favorite WoW related YouTube video?

For some reason I couldn’t find the original.  I’ve always enjoyed the animations of this one.

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