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Hethurin’s Practice

Hethurin Fairsong turned over the hourglass as he cast his spell. He was practicing viewing the past today, an activity that Renner let him do on his own now as long as he followed a few simple rules. As it was merely a vision, he wouldn’t actually be there. Nothing would change from him viewing it. A scene came into focus. It was a busy day at the market in Silvermoon. His mother, who appeared much younger than she was in the present day, busied herself by handing out coin purses to five girls who ranged between 22-50 in age.

“Make sure to pick something nice, and don’t be late getting home. Remember we need to work on getting things ready for your grandparents. Both sets will be visiting for your brother’s birthday.” She reminded them, the oldest was already running off. The youngest girl lingered as the others left.

“Aranae, go buy a nice dress for your grandparents to see you in.”

“I don’t want a dress. Can’t I get some nice pants instead? Dresses are stupid.”

“No. That’s out of the question. Your grandparents are visiting. The least you could do is look nice for them.”

“But Minn’da, I hate dresses! Besides, you’re just going to spend ten times more on the little brat’s robe, and he’ll be the only one they notice anyway.” She sneered at the boy of 10 holding their mother’s hand.

“Of course they’re going to notice him. It’s his birthday.”

Aranae mumbled while crossing her arms, “They never come for my birthday.”

Their mother sighed, “Aranae, stop being difficult. Go join your sisters. Lanthiriel can help you pick something out. I need to take Sanimir to the robe shop, and you’re just holding us up.” She turned quickly, making sure Aranae wouldn’t have time to argue, and started heading towards one of the shops, pulling the young boy with her.

Hethurin’s vision followed them as they passed through the crowd towards one of the tailors.

“Minn’da,” the boy looked up at his mother’s back as she led him across the busy marketplace. “Why do I need robes? Not many of the other boys wear them yet.”

“Sanimir, we’ve been over this before. You’re going to be a Magister when you’re older. It’s never too early to start looking like one. Do you know how many elves test positive for magical ability as early as you have? Less than one percent, that’s how many! Most elves don’t develop it until they’re four times your age. You know what that means, right?”

One look at the boy showed that he did as he must have been told at least ten times already, but his mother wasn’t looking at him. He kept his mouth shut while his mother continued.

“You’re going to be a very powerful Magister some day, maybe even an archmage. Come now, let’s get your robe.”

A knock on his study door interrupted the vision. His study was next door, but the door to it was right next to his practice room door in the hallway. He heard it loud and clear. He let the vision fade and went to open the door, which gave a protesting squeak as he pulled it open.

“Aeramin, hi.”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know you were in that room. I’m not bothering you, am I?” His eyes looked past Hethurin to the hourglass on the table.

“No. I was just practicing some spells, but I can finish later. What did you want to see me for?”

“I have some questions about the students and testing. That’s all. It can wait until another time if you want.”

“Aeramin, it’s fine. Come in, we can go to my study.”

Hethurin shut and locked the practice room after Aeramin entered. Very few people ever got to see his practice room.

“What’s in the cage?” Aeramin asked as he looked around while Hethurin unlocked the door to the adjacent room.

“A rat.”

“Like Nosey?”

Hethurin opened the door and motioned for Aeramin to go in. “Like Nosey, but I just call mine ‘rat’.”

Aeramin hesitated, taking another glance at the hourglass before entering the study. He sat in one of the chairs as Hethurin relocked the door between his study and his practice room. He then went to the second door in the room, the one leading to the hallway and unlocked it before going to take his seat at the other side of a desk. “So, students and testing. You’re not making them fail again, are you?”

“That’s the thing. I don’t want them to fail.” Aeramin stood and looked out the window, “But at the same time, I want to make sure they know the things they should know. Maybe I’m not a good teacher.”

“Nonsense. Maerista, our first graduate, was primarily your student, and now she’s helping you. I’d say that’s success.” Hethurin said as he watched Aeramin begin to broodily pace. He stopped at the bookshelf. He appeared to be looking over the titles.

“Maerista was already advanced when she came here.”

“Are your current students who are specializing in fire doing poorly?”

Aeramin turned to face him, “Well, no, but the others-”

“The others just need a base understanding of fire magic. When I went for my testing I was asked to cast one single fire spell, light a candle. That’s all! The written test had a couple of questions on theory, but they weren’t difficult either. I think you’re worrying too much.”

“Should I make the tests easier?”

Hethurin shrugged, “That’s up to you. I guess you wouldn’t have to curve the grades as much.”

Aeramin frowned a bit, “Maybe you could show me some of the tests you give them. If I see how hard the arcane tests are for the fire students, then maybe I’ll have a better idea of how difficult to make the fire tests.”

Hethurin nodded, “Sure, I have some. Hold on, let me find them.” He turned in his chair to open a drawer in the cabinet behind him. He started flipping through the folders. “I’ll give you a couple that I already tested them with. I can give you the results too, if you’d like.”

“Yeah, that sounds good.”

Hethurin found the folder he was looking for. He took it out of the cabinet and turned around as he said, “I gave them this test two weeks ago. I’ll need it back when you’re done with it as I intend to do a follow up test and a comparison with their results on the first test, but you can borrow it for a few days.”

Aeramin had turned back towards the bookshelf while Hethurin’s back was turned to him, but quickly turned back around and walked over to the desk to take the folder. “Thanks. I’ll look it over and see how difficult it is from a non-arcane mage point of view. Hopefully, it’ll help me get a better idea of how hard the fire tests should be for the non-fire students.” He put the folder in one of the pockets of his satchel. “I should go, I have a private lesson starting soon. Again, I’m sorry for interrupting your practice.”

“It’s fine. Narise is probably going to wake up soon anyway, so it was about time I took a break.”

Hethurin waited for Aeramin to leave before locking the door and teleporting up to the nursery.


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Lunch at the School

Aeramin Firewind read through the answers one of the students had given on the latest test as he took a bite of the sandwich that Tik had brought to him in his office at the school. He twitched an ear as he heard a knock on the door. “Come in.” he said, not looking up until the door was fully open. His ear twitched once more upon seeing who it was. “Hello, Julan. You know I’ve been asked not to provide you with portals for a while.”

Julan smiled, “I thought you might make an exception.” He walked in and half-sat on the edge of the desk with one thigh along the edge and the other foot planted on the floor.

Aeramin sighed and looked up at him. “Julan, no exceptions.”

“Please! I miss everyone there, and I just want to visit for a little while. No one wants to do anything out here! Besides, I’m curious to find out if there’s any news.”


“About the murders! I hope no one else has gone missing. The last one to disappear was practically just a kid. I don’t even know if they found him or not.”

“You could just ask Imralion. He’s investigating the murders on the Row. He hasn’t mentioned finding anything new, but if you want news, he’s the one to talk to.” He paused a moment before adding, “And don’t you dare flirt with him.”

“Please, it would be easier if you just made a portal. Then I could just ask my friends there in person.”

Aeramin sighed, “That would be fine, except that’s not all you’ll do while you’re there.”

“You’re welcome to join in.” Julan flashed a smile and winked.

Aeramin leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. “Julan, I have a boyfriend. We’ve been over this before.”

“And your boyfriend has been seeing one of the ranger ladies, and how long have you been with him? You said a few years, right? But your daughter hasn’t even seen her first year yet. I’m not stupid. I can tell an open relationship when I see one. Besides, I wouldn’t tell. You could take me right now on this desk, and no one would be the wiser.”

“Julan, no, and my relationship with Imralion is not as open as it appears to you. Didn’t the Captain suggest getting an animal or something so you would be able to keep busy and adapt to life off the Row a bit better?”

Julan frowned, “Umm, yeah. I got a book about animals so I can pick one.”

“Maybe you could go read that instead of bothering me for a portal when you know I can’t make one for you.”

“Maybe I’ve already read it.”

“Oh, really? Where’s your animal then?”

Julan grinned, “Right here.” He deftly swung both legs up on the desk and scooted to sit in front of Aeramin in one swift motion, knocking papers on the floor. He let his legs dangle off the desk, one on each side of Aeramin, and his thighs spread. He leaned back a bit, bracing himself with his hands and breathlessly said, “My animal is aching for attention.”

“Julan…” He was interrupted by a knock at the door. He lowered his voice,“Get off the desk. You almost sat on my sandwich.”

Julan frowned, but did as asked. He stood next to the desk as Aeramin went to open the door.

Julan stood frozen with a look of fear as student known as Lhoris entered the room.

“Oh look, there’s two whores now.” Lhoris said, regarding Julan, “Why are you here? Are you teaching dick conjuration or something?”

Julan stared at the student as Aeramin answered, “Alinash Brightblaze,” Aeramin said, making a point to use the student’s real name, “ I see you remember Julan. He recently moved to the area, and joined the rangers. Julan, you remember Alinash, don’t you? He’s going by Lhoris for now.”

“Remember him? There’s wanted posters up for him on some of the boards. You do remember what he used to do, right?” Julan spoke quietly, the fear apparent in his quivering voice.

“No one is in danger here. I’m only here for food.” Alinash stated.

Aeramin glanced at Julan, “Don’t worry. I have a feeling his ruse is almost at an end. He’s in the magic student classes now, and he’s going to have to come up with his tuition money. Unfortunately for him, the rich mother he’s made up doesn’t really exist.”

“Actually, I came here to talk to you about that.” Alinash said, then glanced at Julan before adding, “In private.”

Julan walked close to the wall, putting as much space between himself and Alinash as possible, “I was just leaving anyway.”

Aeramin waited for the door to close, “I’m not giving you a loan or anything. You’re going to have to go somewhere else to eat for free.”

“I’m not here for food.” Alinash took a seat in one of the two chairs on the other side of the desk.

“I figured that wasn’t the entire truth. What are you here for?”

Alinash hesitated and twitched an ear. He leaned forward in his chair, resting his elbows on his knees, “A book.”

“There are a lot of books in this house. Magister Fairsong has built up an impressive library in the few years he’s lived here. I assume there’s a specific book you need?”

“Yes. It’s called Time to Cast, and I’ll leave as soon as it’s found. I have reliable information that it’s here, somewhere. I’ve checked the library, and bookshelves in almost every room. There are three rooms I haven’t been able to even get a glimpse of. The headmaster’s office, practice room and bedroom. I thought you, being a teacher here and his friend, may have access to one or more of these rooms. Will you help me find it?”

Aeramin leaned back in his chair, only noticing now that the stack of papers he had been grading was still half on the floor. He didn’t move to pick them up, opting instead to keep his eyes on the young elf on the other side of the desk. “You want me to help you steal a book from my friend? There had better be something in it for me.”

“You want me to leave, right?”

“If I wanted you to leave that badly, I’d turn you over to the blood knights. I happen to be very well acquainted with one.” Aeramin crossed his arms

“No! I just want this book. What do you want?”

“I don’t want anything in particular. I just don’t want to steal from my friend. Perhaps we can compromise. Do you absolutely need the original copy, or do you just need the content?”

Alinash hesitated a moment before answering, “I need a translated copy, from Thalassian to Common.”

Aeramin paused thoughtfully before nodding slightly. “I’ll look for it. When and if I find it, I will keep it in my possession. I will allow you to copy and translate it while I’m able to keep an eye on you. Afterwards, I will return the book it’s original location, and you will leave. Does that sound acceptable?”

Alinash frowned, “It would be faster if you allowed me to copy it on my own.”

“I don’t trust you.”

“I don’t really have another option then, do I?”

“No, you don’t. I’ll let you know if I find it.”

Alinash frowned and got up to leave the room.

Aeramin waited until the door clicked shut before leaning over to pick up the papers.

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Alinash’s Notes

I hate tests, but I didn’t fail them all. This comes as a surprise. I actually had a perfect score on my second language exam. I was able to choose between Common or Orcish. I don’t know a single word in Orcish, but I guess a lot of schools teach that now. Not that I ever went to school for very long to begin with. This whole being a student now is jarring.

Harrier has it so much easier. He just sits in the sitting room at the desk they set up for him near the window and works on clocks all day. I have to take stupid tests about things I don’t know, and don’t need to know. Do I need to be able to list all the past kings, not only of Quel’thalas, but human kings too? I don’t know how that’s supposed to be applied to anything useful in real life. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass everything, though my average was passing, if just barely. The headmaster still wants me to take some normal classes. That’s both a curse and a blessing, I suppose. It’s good because the normal general education classes are free. He’s asking the teacher of them to make a lesson plan tailored to what I need to learn based on what I missed on the exams. So I get a free class this summer instead of having to fake that my horrible, crazy mother refuses to pay for magic school. The bad part is I have to actually go to class and understand.

Of course, I could get out of it if I were able to find the book. I don’t think Harrier has had any luck either. I’m almost desperate enough to ask for the whore’s help, but then I would have to admit that when I told him I was just hungry, it was a lie. However, if he truly wants me to leave, and I think he does because it must be tiring to follow me around so much, then it’s possible he could help. It’s just as possible he may tell the headmaster, and that’s not what I want. I need to find something to convince him to keep quiet, if we decide to ask his help. I’m leaning towards it anyway as he may be able to get to places that we cannot, like the headmaster’s study. I’d be surprised if he were able to get into the bedroom to check there, but at the same time, I should never underestimate the abilities of a successful whore, and he must have been very successful to pay his way through magic training.

The other students have accepted me here. Some of them helped me study for my general education exams, and I did get to follow them into their rooms while they searched for a book they needed to show me something. I haven’t found the book in any of the rooms I’ve been into. Some of them also showed me their practice rooms, and of course, there are bookshelves in all of them too. Hopefully, Harrier is allowed in all of them for the clocks.

I hate the Ghostlands and I hate books. I just want to be done with this job so we can go back to Stormwind. At the same time, I’m hesitant to leave. Once we go back, Harrier will be staying at the house with the others, and I’ll return to my apartment with the view of the hole where the park used to be. I hate sleeping alone.

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The teacher said we had to write about our weekend over the weekend. I guess most of the other kids are going to write about their parents and brothers and sisters, but for once I don’t have to write about the orphanage. It’s Children’s Week, so the matron set up a sign asking for sponsors to come take us outside the orphanage for a bit. The older kids got to go earlier in the week, and I was starting to think I wouldn’t get to go this year, but then Mister Fairsong came in and the Matron called me over and asked me to pack some nice things for the weekend. I was so excited.

The first thing I noticed about Mister Fairsong was how fancy his robes were. I wish I had dresses that fancy! They were so pretty. He started talking to me after we left the orphanage, but I was a little shy. He said he was going to the robe shop because he was going to get married soon and needed to check on the progress of the robe he ordered. He also said he’s a mage. I know there’s a lot of people who are mages, but I don’t get to see any at the orphanage. I think magic looks really fun because you can just teleport all over, and make things appear from nowhere!

We arrived at the shop and he was talking to the people there about gold shades, and stuff. I wasn’t listening very well because I was looking at all the beautiful things they had there. I’ve never seen so many fancy things in one place before!

He asked me if I was hungry, and I really was, so I said yes! We went to a really nice shop with really good sandwiches. He bought a really big sandwich for me with chicken in it. It was so good! He just had a glass of water, but we sat while I ate. We talked some more. Mostly he asked questions about the orphanage, and what I liked to do and things like that.

After we ate, he made a portal. I was a little afraid to go through it, but he explained that he lived too far away to walk, and that the portal was completely safe. We went through it at the same time. That helped. Everything changed at once. One second we were outside in Silvermoon, and the next we were inside in a huge house! Mister Fairsong lives in the Ghostlands, which is kind of scary because I’ve never been outside of Silvermoon before except once last year when my sponsors then took me for a picnic just outside the gate. That was kind of nice, but this is even further.

The house is really big and fancy. Mister Fairsong said he runs a school to teach older students how to do magic. He also said there’s a class for regular studies for younger students because there isn’t any other school in the area. He said there’s only a couple students in that class right now, but there’s a lot of babies in the area, so in a few years it’s going to fill up!

He introduced me to Tik, his butler. Tik was really nice and said he’d take my things up to the room. Mister Fairsong told me after he left that Tik’s always lived there. I guess that must be a long time because Tik looks a bit old!

Mister Fairsong said it was time for me to meet his fiance, Terellion. We took another portal, but this time, I think it was just to another part of the house. Mister Terellion was there, and one of the magic students was too. They called her Des, and she seemed more like she was visiting than a student. They had cake and I got to have two big pieces. It was really good.

Mister Terellion seems really nice. He doesn’t wear fancy robes like Mister Fairsong. After they started talking, the topic quickly went to adopting me! I can’t believe it! I really really hope they’re not just saying that to make me happy because it happened last year, but the ladies then only came to see me a couple of times after they sponsored me and then that was it. The Matron said she didn’t know why they stopped wanting to adopt me. They didn’t tell her. I see a lot of kids in school who are mean and they’re brats and I wonder why they have a family and I don’t. I don’t think I’m a bad kid. I try really hard in school, and I don’t fight with the others like Ratha does. Her feet stink anyway. Not having a family makes me sad sometimes, and I really want to stay here with Mister Fairsong and Mister Terellion. I think they’ll be really great ann’das, but Mister Fairsong said they have to get married first to make it easier to prove they can provide a good family for me. They’re going to ask the Matron to extend the sponsorship. I really really hope she says yes! I also really really hope they mean it!

The room I’m staying in is mostly blue, which is one of my favorite colors and outside I can see the path that leads up to the house. There’s another house at the bottom of the hill, and this morning, Mister Fairsong and Mister Terellion showed me the garden. It’s on the other side of the house and it’s pretty big. One side of the garden has a wall, and then a cliff that overlooks the beach and the sea. It’s so pretty! The flowers are starting to bloom in the garden and I wished I could have stayed there all morning, but Mister Fairsong and Mister Terellion wanted to take me shopping. I have a new dress now, and it’s so fancy, I feel like a princess wearing it! Mister Terellion braided my hair and bought a doll for me. She’s really pretty too and has blond hair like me. I know if I take her back to the orphanage, I’ll have to let the other girls play with her to, but I’m a little worried that they might ruin her. I really hope the Matron agrees to extend the sponsorship.

Tomorrow, we’re going to the faire. I’m really excited about that too. I’ve heard about the faire, but I’ve never been there. Mister Terellion said they eat kodo feet there! Gross! I guess they also have good food. I hope so!
I have to go back on Monday. I’m worried that the Matron will say no and then Mister Fairsong and Mister Terellion will have to leave me there and then they won’t come back. I’m worried about if they adopt me too. I’ve never had a family before, and while Mister Fairsong has students, they’re a lot older than me, so I probably won’t have anyone to play dolls with anymore, but I’ll also have my own dolls, so maybe that will be okay.

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Hethurin’s Notes

  • There’s so much to do today. Terellion and I talked a bit last night and we’re going to see his mother and sisters. His mother works at the spire with the records, and while my falsified records are very good, I think I should just get my name officially changed. I’ll probably have to pay a fee for using a fake name in the setup of the school, but I expect it won’t be too much because I won’t have to change the name on the school papers if I just go ahead and officially change my name. I didn’t before because I didn’t want anyone to be able to find me just by going to the spire and asking for the records, but now I’m not hiding from anyone so I guess it would be better to just make it official. Anyway, I need to talk to her about that, then I’ll probably have to go during lunch sometime this week to pay whatever fees I need to.
  • Terellion said they might want to move out to the Ghostlands too, so we’re probably going to talk about that some too. He was worried that she might get bored. Maybe he was asking if she could work here at the school. I’d be fine with that if she wants to. I guess she does a lot of paperwork now because she works at the spire. I wonder if she’s good at math. The spire collects taxes too, and even though I have a school, I’m not exempt. I hate math. I like magic more. I wish I could get it done by casting a spell, but I don’t know any spells like that, so I have to do it or I have to find someone who can! It has to be done, or they won’t send funding for the children’s classes, which I guess I could handle on my own, but it’s nice to let them pay for it.
  • Anyway, after we see his mother, I need to sneak away for a bit to go to the robe shop and see if they can do what I want. I’ll need robes for Vaildor and possibly Aeramin too, and that’s a lot of work to be done! I want only the best materials. I’ll also have to go to a jewelry shop and ask them about making some earrings and stuff. I usually don’t wear any, but this is a special occasion, so I think it would be nice.
  • We should probably also order the flowers we need. I need to talk to Tik about that for all the decorating and how much he’ll need for that. I’ll need a path lined with carpet from the front of the house to the garden, and it would be nice if flowers were along the path, and I’ll need to find twelve people to hire to hold up the swords for when I arrive at the garden, and I need to go to a smith to get the swords made. I should do that last one today too. They’re going to be beautiful swords, but that’s going to be a lot of work too, so we should order them soon. I’ll also have to mention to the tailor that we’ll need twelve identical outfits for the sword tunnel people, but I don’t know what size they are because I haven’t hired them yet!
  • We’ll also be ordering the invitations soon. I’m making a list of everyone I know and like. I’m not inviting my mother, or Vallindra, or Aranae. I would almost invite Ara, but her bear friend would eat everything. Everyone else can come though. I just need to finalize the list so we know how many invitations to order.
  • It’s going to be outside as long as it’s not raining. If it is, I can still arrive in the white carriage drawn with six white hawkstriders, but the carpeted path will lead to the door and someone will have to hold an umbrella for me. Then we’ll have it in the ballroom which is big enough and then we can just move the chairs out after and everyone can dance! I’d prefer to have it in the garden though.
  • I can’t wait!

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Hethurin’s Notes

  • We’re preparing for the spring ball, which is funny because I know Terellion said it was too early to plan much while we were on our trip, but as soon as we get back, it’s suddenly time to start talking about it. I don’t understand him sometimes. It was the same day, kind of. Anyway, we’re planning now. I’m kind of not very interested in planning it. I guess I’m sad a bit, but I’m trying not to be. I just don’t want anyone asking me about color schemes or what kind of food to make.
  • The part I still love doing is the music. You have to play each part once through to enchant it to play back, and at the end, you have a whole bunch of enchanted instruments that will play each part along with the others. I went to Silvermoon to find some new sheet music because I think it would be nice to have a few new songs. While my music education did include composition, I wasn’t that good at it, so I think it’s best that I leave writing the music to other people. I have a little help this year doing the enchantment too. I caught Keyalenn playing the piano near the front entrance a few weeks ago, and he’s actually pretty good, and has had a music education similar to mine with multiple instruments. He’s also in Theronil’s enchanting class, so it will be good practice as the spells used have their roots in both enchantment and other useful arcane spells. I offered it as a way for him to gain extra credit if he helped. He has agreed to do it, so we’ll work on that during his private lesson time.
  • While I was in Silvermoon getting the sheet music, I decided to go to the library, and found out they were having a book sale on old books. I looked through the magic ones first and I found some workbooks for arcane theory to give to the students to let them work from. There were also a bunch of text books that weren’t too much out of date. I’ll still be able to use most of them anyway. I found one for myself about chronomancy, though the spells in it do not appear to have roots in the Bronze Flight, but it will be good to study from, and who knows? Maybe I will find something useful in it. I also found a book full of funny spells like ‘flatulence aura’, and ‘create mustard elemental in a dragon shape’. It’s an entertaining book to say the least. There’s also a spell for turning milk into candy in it, which is interesting. I wonder if I can get it to work with chicken?
  • I had my last long trip with Terellion during the goblin holiday. We went for two weeks to the place Aeramin had mentioned taking Imralion to. It was really expensive. I didn’t want to run into him and Im, so Terellion and I went in another time, which is really handy as we can go for two weeks, but really only be gone a few seconds. It was really nice there. We didn’t have to leave the room for anything, but we did to walk on the beach and stuff. It’s probably not the very last long trip, but I talked to him while we were there. I feel really guilty about making him older for nothing. I didn’t tell him that because that’s too close to mentioning why we were trying to make him older, and I don’t want to get into that again. I’ve felt rejected enough! I do think it helps with the continuity of lessons and things going on at home. It’s easier to live there if I’m actually there, if that makes sense. Anyway, that’s what I told him, and I think he was a little sad. We do still take trips every day, but they’re only for a day or two, so it’s not like our time alone is gone. He’s just not aging a year in a month anymore. I do think it’s helped a lot with the lessons, and I’m more able to keep to my plan and I’m more patient with the students.
  • While we were on our trip, I avoided too much conversation about babies. He keeps bringing them up! He wants to get one, which would be great, if I knew it was really ours and no one would take it away. I told him the first time he brought it up that they don’t allow people to adopt if they’re not married. I think it’s to prove you can provide a family for the child, and they like papers to back it up. He started talking about getting someone to give us one they didn’t want, but what if they change their mind? I don’t want to go through getting attached to one only to have it taken away. I’m not pressuring him to get married though, so I can’t say anything. He keeps bringing up babies anyway, so I keep trying to change the subject. It’s like he’s trying to torment me with the fact we’re not married!
  • Anyway, that’s upsetting and I want to think about other things.
  • I talked to the rangers about sending out information about the school for younger students here to all of the estates. I’m having some papers printed for it so they can just drop them off at each inhabited home. So far, our only student is Vaildor, and I know he can’t possibly be the only kid between 5 and 50 out here. Hopefully the rangers will be able to help us reach more so they at least know there’s a school here, and that it’s free.
  • I also put up new flyers to find another apprentice mage. Maerista’s old room is still empty, well usually. One of the rangers wanted to stay there instead of a tent for the holiday, and now Mae is actually back in it because she had her baby here at the school. Zaeris, her baby, is really cute, but I’m sad to see babies right now. I just have to accept that the only kids I’ll have are my students. I have to get better at accepting that it’ll be fifty years or whatever before he thinks he’s old enough to get married, and maybe I’ll be too old to raise a baby then. I’m working on just forgetting about it. It’s not easy when he keeps bringing up babies.
  • I’m thinking about it again. I should work on my lesson plan instead.

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Hethurin’s Notes

  • Terellion and I are doing okay again. We kind of had a bad holiday because he thought I didn’t like his gift. Really, I just couldn’t accept it, but then everyone thought I should have or something so I told him I would, but he’s already taken it back to his mother. What a mess!
  • It was a medal that his father had earned. I don’t think something that important to him should belong to me. That should be his. Aeramin thought Terellion was trying to show his love in other ways. I think it’s because he thinks I have everything already. I told him about what I wanted, which was to be engaged, but then he asked again a week later so I told him books and cake. I was expecting books and cake.
  • I’m still kind of upset about it, I guess, but I’m fine if I just forget, but then I think of how when I found him in the secret tower room, and we talked, he said he hadn’t forgotten what I had asked for the first time. I thought he had, but now I don’t know. He asked if I still wanted that eventually, and I didn’t know what to say, so I nodded. I mean, I do, I just don’t know if it’s right anymore.
  • I guess that makes me more than a little upset, but it’s not at the point where I can’t hide it. I’m working on just giving up on the idea of marriage. It’s not his fault. It’s my fault for deciding to pursue a relationship with him when I knew quite well that he’s twenty years younger than me. I love him, but things are all wrong now because of that. He’s younger than some of the students, so I really should have known better.
  • I feel guilty a bit too. He wants to come with me when I go fishing, which wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t do my fishing in other timelines or times. When I leave here, I’m gone for only a few seconds of our time, but for me it’s two weeks, and now he’s going with me. I thought at first it would be a good thing. It would help him get older, and I thought maybe that would help him want to get married, but now I just feel like I’m making him older. I don’t really want him to go with me anymore, but he wants to go. I don’t know how to explain to him that he’ll age faster than me. I have spells to slow down my own aging, but they don’t work for other people. I’m still taking him for now. I don’t know how to stop taking him without hurting his feelings.
  • Anyway, the students are back now. I had to go to the city last week to get some of them, and I gave them a teleport. While I was waiting, I found a cake shop called Fancy Cakes, and they have really good cake there. I went back again this week because Des needs to practice teleports. Okay, that wasn’t the real reason, but it was a good excuse. Unfortunately, Terellion was busy, so it was just me and Des, which is nice because she’s more than just a student to me. She’s a friend too. We talked a bit about things that have happened recently. I had two pieces of cake and some green tea. It was really good. They don’t have manaberry cake though, just strawberry. I ate my two pieces there, then came home and told Tik I had eaten supper already, and had two more pieces of cake!
  • Des and I mostly talked about the baby, as well as a few other things like asking Tik to make a special romantic meal for her and Perothis, but really most of the talk was about the baby. Kes has a baby, but it’s not hers. She said it was left on a doorstep. I didn’t ask too much about it because the students were there. Luckily, most of them were too busy fawning over the baby to ask questions. Kes wanted a portal to town, then the city, which I helped with.
  • The baby has Aeramin’s hair, which I would be more willing to write off if I hadn’t seen a girl at the school in the future with the same curly orange hair. While it’s not that unique, it’s also not extremely common. The first question I asked was if it was a girl. From the moment Kes said yes, I suspected it was his. The girl in the future looks so much like him. I know she’s his daughter. I could never mention it to him before because I think if he had knowledge of it, then it would be something he would have tried to change.
  • Des and I bought some things for the baby in Shattrath last night. She picked out some tiny pink baby shoes, and I got a few toys for the baby. She’ll have so much to play with when she gets older!
  • I meant to go to talk to Aeramin last night, but with all the cake, it got kind of late before I was done eating, so I went early this morning before classes. I wanted to make sure he was okay, and ask him about the baby. Anyway, I got there this morning, and he refused to talk to me about it. I tried telling him that I saw her in the future, and that she grows up to look a lot like him, but he just said he had to prepare for class. I told him Maerista could teach the class if he needed a couple of days off, and he said maybe tomorrow.
  • I don’t know if that was some kind of admission that the baby is his, or if he just wants a day off. He just had winter break! He shouldn’t be asking for days off already! Well, maybe if she’s really his, he should.
  • We also had a visit from one of the rangers this morning. I spoke with him after I got back from seeing Aeramin. It was the one with just one foot, Sunashe. He wanted to know if he and Linarelle could stay in the school for a night or two. I’d rather they find some other solution to their dilemma, but I guess one or two nights would be okay. He also asked if I’d take some pink curtains in payment. I guess we could put them in the tower, but if he needs them, I think he should keep them. He insisted though, and said something about getting green ones instead for himself. Rangers are weird sometimes.

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