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Art/Story – The Painting

Lanthiriel Lightmist sat in her own small office in the front of her home where she worked with her father.  Her first afternoon appointment was late.  She hated that.  It put her behind for the rest of the afternoon.  A family portrait hung on her office wall.  Her mother was insistent on getting one painted every five years or so.  She found herself staring at it now.  How much things had changed since this one, painted a little over thirty years ago.  Lanthiriel wasn’t even 100 then.

The blue-eyed high elves in the painting stared back at her.  She had wondered if there was any truth in what the one priest at the sanctum had told her.  The fel taint affected more than just eye color.  Some claimed it affected minds as well.  She frowned.

She had stood in the back row, between her mother and her older sister for the sitting for this painting.  Vallindra, she was hardly home anymore.  She couldn’t quite say where Vallindra might be at this moment.  She did have a home in Dalaran, but she had also mentioned spending a lot of time in Shattrath during one of her last visits. Lanthiriel’s frown deepened.

There always seemed to be some kind of trouble when Vallindra was home.  Maybe it was best that she was gone all the time now.

Esladra had always hated this painting.  She had a tendency to turn around and talk, and the artist had captured that.  Back then, she still wasn’t fully decided on what she wanted to do.  Now she was finishing her training as a priestess, and instead of taking her apprenticeship with their father, she had gone to someone else.  Lanthiriel thought for sure that father would insist that she remained with the family practice, as he had when Lanthiriel was ready for an apprenticeship, but he hadn’t.  Lanthiriel did find it curious, but didn’t complain.  She did enjoy the work, but wondered what had happened that Esladra wasn’t expected to stay with them.

Nessna had been clad in her ranger gear.  Lanthiriel remembered how she had just started her training right before mother had made arrangements to have the painting made.  Mother had thrown a fit over Nessna, and subsequently, Aranae, refusing to wear dresses for the painting.  Aranae had less reason, but somehow, father was able to talk mother into letting both girls wear what they wanted.  Nessna was married now.  Lanthiriel didn’t see her very often since she had moved in with her husband.  At least everyone knew where she was and that she was happy.

Aranae was still missing.  She had left home about a month ago, without telling anyone where she was going.  Vallindra had received a note from her in Dalaran, but had not seen her.  No one had seen her.  No one had heard from her since the note Vallindra received either.

And Sanimir.  Everything was a mess with him now.  Everything.  She eyed the painted 60-year-old.  He had not changed much in looks.  He even wore his hair the same.  Of course, his eyes, all of their eyes, had changed.  Had that old priest at the sanctum been right?  Was everyone going crazy from the fel exposure?  She couldn’t erase the image of her young brother being silenced from her mind.  And her father ordered it!  That wasn’t even the worst part.  Her father and one of her younger sisters looked into his mind.  It was for his own good, they claimed.  Lanthiriel had refused, though Sanimir himself had allowed it.  It didn’t matter who allowed it, it was immoral to look into another’s thoughts and memories unless it was a dire emergency.  Vallindra had claimed it was, but Lanthiriel wasn’t so sure.

However, there was what they had claimed to see.  Esladra had stopped when she saw a summoning circle.  Father said there was more after that.  Her brother’s lover had promised to sacrifice him to a demon, but what if they were wrong?  Father had been quick to give Vallindra the signal to silence Sanimir.  He had fought back at that point, but he had a hard time explaining anything without being able to talk.

No one had said anything about that faint, strange magic that was felt just before father gave the signal to Vallindra.  Didn’t they feel it too?  Lanthiriel was sure it must have been strong enough.  Perhaps it was part of the mind magic.

Was Sanimir safe now?  Her father claimed he was.  He had gone to see him.  Vallindra went every Friday as well.  She glanced at Vallindra in the painting.  She certainly wouldn’t trust her older sister to watch after Sanimir.  She wasn’t sure why father did.

There was a knock at her door.  The receptionist they had hired stuck her head into the room, “Priestess, your patient has arrived.”

“Thank you.  Tell her I’ll be right there.”  Lanthiriel said as she stood.  She glanced once more at the painting before making her way towards the door.  The old priest at the sanctum may have been right.

Back row, Verisna, Lanthiriel, Vallindra, Sanimir and Isturon.  Front row: Aranae, Esladra and Nessna

The Lightmist family, 30 years ago.  Back Row: Verisna, Lanthiriel, Vallindra, Sanimir and Isturon. Front Row: Aranae, Esladra and Nessna



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Vallindra – Vallindra’s Notes

  • Between Eversong, Dalaran, Silvermoon, Shattrath and Shadowmoon Valley, I’ve hardly had time to write, and now I don’t know where to begin.
  • I’ll start with Eversong.  I went last Friday to silence my brother again.  My father asked me to bring his apprentice along.  I couldn’t believe he doesn’t realize that she talks to Aeramin.  I’m willing to bet he asked her to go and find out where Sanimir is.  Anyway, I expected there would be a paper to read afterwards to see what he had written to her.  There was nothing.
  • Of course, my first thought was that she took a letter out for him.  So on Saturday, I visited my family for a short time in Silvermoon.  I spoke to father privately about Sanimir.  I told him that I thought they were mistreating him.
  • The look on his face alone made the trip there to talk to him worth it.  I think that was the last thing he ever expected me to say.
  • He said he had heard similar things from other people.  I assume he means his apprentice.  I don’t think anyone else has been to visit him besides her and I.  It wouldn’t surprise me if she was trying to get Sanimir moved back to Silvermoon so that it would be easier for Aeramin to get to him.
  • I mentioned this to father, along with the fact that the paper Sanimir had written on to communicate with her was missing.  He didn’t seem to believe me at first, or if he did, he wasn’t taking me very seriously.
  • Okay, he used the word ‘paranoid’.  I’m not paranoid.
  • I suggested that someone from mother’s side of the family could watch Sanimir.  I mentioned I’d bring it up with her if he remained indifferent about Sanimir’s safety.
  • Again, that look… completely worth it.
  • He did finally ask me to open a portal to the hawkstrider farm.  I obliged.
  • It was mid-afternoon so everyone was out working.  We found Glinassel just heading in to start making the supper.  She agreed to take us to see Sanimir.
  • He was in one of my cousin’s homes, in the bath.
  • I should have opened the portal straight into the home.  Figures, they saw father and decided to clean the boy up.  Glinassel was quick to explain that Sanimir tries to run away daily and they have to chase him and bring him back, and he has gotten a few bruises and scrapes from that.
  • You could tell Sanimir was embarrassed to be in the bath with everyone there.  Glinassel said they couldn’t close the door while he washes because he climbs out the window.
  • Father did a lot of frowning, and giving me and Sanimir both that look.  He asked about how Sanimir was eating and asked to see where he was sleeping.  They showed him a room, but then mentioned that he sleeps on a cot in the basement because they need to sleep at night and there are no windows down there.  They assured him that the cot is comfortable and it’s only until they can trust him not to sneak off at night.
  • So I wound up being the bad one for showing concern about my brother!  I guess they’ll find out when Aeramin comes to take him.
  • Then father tried to talk to Sanimir.  He was still in the bath, crying.  I swear, he could probably fill a tub with his tears sometimes.  At least he’s silenced so it was quiet.
  • Father asked him what happened to the paper.  Sanimir couldn’t write because he was all wet, but he kept pointing at the candle then at father.  We figured out they burned it, somehow, because he didn’t want me to read it.  So again, I’m the bad one.
  • He asked Sanimir how he was eating and Sanimir held up one finger.  Father figured out after a few guesses that he meant he ate once per day.  That was when father started lecturing him about lying and said that Glinassel had promised to care for him as she would one of her own.  He wasn’t going to be able to come home early by lying.
  • Then he gave me a look, like I was trying to help that skinny brat come home or something!
  • So that was that.  I opened a portal for him to Silvermoon, and I went back to Shattrath.  Sanimir was left crying in the tub.
  • Oh, and Aranae is still missing.  I’ve checked for her a few times in Dalaran, since I was the last to hear from her, but I haven’t heard anything else.
  • I went to Shadowmoon Valley.  I’m technically staying there.  I met with Xanaroth and we went to the ley-line he wanted to find.  It was a medium-sized one.  He said he could feel it.  I believe he must be able to.  His casting attempts were much better this time.  He’ll need more practice.
  • He had mentioned the possibility that I may be interested in learning more.  Well, in a roundabout way, he did.
  • Funny, he told me to think about it more when I said I would be interested.  I’ve been thinking about it ever since I met that priest at the sanctum who taught me in private.  I know this is a little different, but in many ways, it is the same.
  • I figure I’m meant to be alone.  The biggest difference would be the demons.  I’m already familiar with fire spells, and I’ve read numerous books on the subject of demons as I have had to deal with them occasionally.  I think I would make a good student.
  • I went back to Shattrath the next day and had a drink in the lower city before returning to Shadowmoon Valley.  Kestrae and that archer were there.  I can’t believe they let him bring that pig in.  I figured since my father’s apprentice might know the actual location of where Sanimir is, then Kestrae would know that I know.  She’s sleeping with Aeramin so she’s probably already told him.
  • Come to think of it, I haven’t seen him.  Maybe she really did feed him to one of her demons.  I guess, in that case, I have nothing to worry about.

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Isturon – Letter to Glinassel

My Dearest Sister, Glinassel Redfeather,

Thank you for your letter.  Vallindra had informed me that Sanimir was doing well, albeit he has made some escape attempts.  I am glad to hear you have things under control.  Hopefully, he will see his folly soon and begin to be more cooperative.  I am sorry about all the extra trouble he has been.

This Friday, Vallindra will return to re-silence him.  I have decided to allow my apprentice, who is also one of his friends, to see him and talk to him.  She will accompany Vallindra when she comes to see him this Friday.  Perhaps she can talk some sense into him.  I know that I asked you to keep him away from any writing tools and paper, but an exception can be made for while his friend is seeing him.  I would ask that some supervision is given during the visit.  We wouldn’t want him asking her to mail any letters to those who wish to harm him!  I do wish for him to be able to communicate with her though, so allowing the use of a pen and paper would be easiest.

I wanted to ask, if it’s not too much trouble, when he starts behaving, if you could perhaps give him some riding lessons?  He had, in his possessions, a strange flying disk that he can stand on to ride.  It doesn’t seem very safe at all, and I fear he may fall off it and break his neck.  Perhaps if he learned to ride for real, he won’t mind if I get rid of the disk.  Let me know if you can or not.

May the light guide you.

Your Brother,
Isturon Lightmist

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Xyliah – Xyliah’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Last night, Berwick and I visited my father.  Yara was out at the market picking up on the end of the day deals.  A lot of times, the vendors lower their prices on perishable goods just before they close shop.  Father likes to save money that way, but it’s a bit embarrassing to explain to other people, especially since father makes enough to buy fresh bread.

We stayed at a nice inn nearby, and this morning I went back to see him for breakfast.  Yara was there and father kept asking questions.  He asked about his name and his background.  He doesn’t use his family name.  Father seemed surprised at that, not upset, and he asked if we got married and had kids if they would carry the Amberlight name.  I told him it was really too early to be discussing things like that.

I went to see Branara after.  She wasn’t home, so I left a note with my uncle so she would know where to look for me.  Maybe we can meet up later.

After that I went to see Vessen and Nessna.  They’re both doing very well.  I’m glad I didn’t cause any trouble with getting the marriage annulled.  They were different though.  They met and liked each other before any parental involvement.  I asked Nessna how her family was, and was met with this weird shrug.  She said her parents were upset with something that Sanimir had done, but she didn’t know the details.  I thought their mother was already upset and not talking to him.

I was back in time to meet Berwick for lunch.  We’re having a wonderful visit so far.


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Vallindra – Vallindra’s Notes

  • I couldn’t have asked for things to have gone better.
  • Oh, well I suppose I could have.  Father told me I had to take his portal appointments, and I have to go see our aunt, Glinassel, every week to re-silence him.  They didn’t want to involve another mage this time as Glinassel’s hawkstrider farm is off in the middle of nowhere.  Silencing isn’t my specialty, but it does feel good to be able to do it to Sanimir.  The best part is that they asked me to.
  • I’ll fully admit that I told them his boyfriend is a warlock and I will make it no secret that having me arrested for breaking in may have been the reason I spoke up about it.  It’s only fair that if he can get me in trouble, I can do the same.
  • Of course, I cheated a little, but he doesn’t know that.  My biggest worry was that Esladra or father would catch on.  They didn’t.  It helped that I was a little slow casting the thought projection and they saw Sanimir’s actual memory of a demon summoning circle right before.
  • I recall telling Xanaroth about my priestess training and telling him how much I wanted to heal, which is so funny.  If that had been the case, I probably would have been a priestess.  Father terminated my lessons when he discovered my interest lay with the shadow.
  • I can still do a few things.  Thought projection is one of them.  I thought it and projected it as coming from Sanimir’s mind, while they were in his mind, or well, father still was at that point.
  • I can’t believe how stupid that idiot, Aeramin, is, drawing summoning circles in front of my brother.  Of course, my thought projection was much worse, but it worked in perfectly.  Esladra had already stopped reading into his mind , but father saw my projected thought of Aeramin telling Sanimir how wonderfully free he would be of everything after he gave his soul to summon a demon.
  • It was right after I projected the thought that father gave me the signal to silence Sanimir.  It was so satisfying to know that not only did it work, but it worked so perfectly that I could silence him right then.
  • It was then that the true fun began.  He was so mad!  He tried to run.  Esladra somehow got herself kicked while trying to subdue him.  I just watched.
  • Then he cried.  A lot.  I’m so glad he was silenced for that.  Mother kept wiping his nose.  It was so funny.  Especially when they told him he’d be going to stay with Glinassel on her hawkstrider farm.
  • Well, he’ll be safe from warlocks there.
  • I’m willing to say we’re even now.  Spending time on a hawkstrider farm is nothing like spending a night in jail, but since father told me Sanimir wouldn’t be allowed to return until he had forgotten any ideas he had of running off with warlocks… Well, I think it’s even enough given the length of time he’ll be there.
  • I’ve been returning to Shattrath during the evening.  Things seem tense in Dalaran.  Father mentioned wanting to go to Sanimir’s apartment later this week and bringing his stuff home.  I imagine he’ll want me to help with that.
  • I need to get these reports written.

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Isturon – Letters

Dear Isandri,

You have probably already left for your trip with your husband, so you will receive this when you return.  I wished to inform you ahead of time that Sanimir will be unavailable to make your portals for some time.  I have asked Vallindra to fill in, and she has agreed to temporarily provide your transport for free until you are able to find a more permanent replacement.  I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

– Isturon Lightmist


To my Dearest Sister, Glinassel Redfeather,

My eldest daughter, Vallindra, will be delivering this letter to you, along with my only son, Sanimir.  My wife, Verisna, and I appreciate your willingness to take him in and watch over him for us.  Please understand it is not his choice to visit you and your family at your hawkstrider ranch, and he will need to be watched closely.  He will be in great danger if he is allowed to return to Dalaran, but I have no doubt that he will try.  We have attempted to reason with him, but he remains convinced that we should deliver him into the hands of people who wish to harm him.  Vallindra suggested he needs time away from these people, and she claims they have brainwashed him.  Verisna agreed, and after seeing for myself what he knows, I agree as well.

He suffered some minor injuries while attempting to flee.  The risk of restraining him was much less harmful than what could happen if we had let him go.  I have healed most of his injuries, but he should rest for a few days.  Please keep this in mind if you have plans to put him to work, which I hope you do.  Having something to do will help distract him, and ultimately help him be able to distance himself enough from the situation to see how foolish he has been.

Vallindra has assisted in silencing him so that he will not be able to teleport, but she claims her skill in silencing is not as good as some.  She has agreed to visit you once a week to re-silence him.  Should you see any signs that it is wearing off, don’t hesitate at all in contacting us so that we can re-silence him as needed.

In an effort to minimize any possibility of contact with the people who wish to harm him, he should not be allowed writing tools or paper except under supervision.  He should not be allowed any outgoing mail.

He should not be allowed any trips away from your home for the time being.  On your property, there should always be someone with him.  Take special care that he doesn’t sneak away during the night while everyone sleeps.

You are free to discipline him as you see fit, when needed.

I am sending a couple of tonics and elixirs to help him relax, and to ease any pain he feels from actual work.  If he doesn’t want to drink them, that is his decision.

He will remain with you until he is cured of the brainwashing he underwent over the past few months.  I will be writing frequently for updates on him.  You are welcome to send news of him home with Vallindra as well.

Thank you again.

Your Grateful Brother,
Isturon Lightmist


(( A third parcel was sent by post to Shattrath, containing only a gold ring with no note enclosed. ))


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Sanimir – Sanimir’s Notes

  • I got home late last night.  I was just going to leave my earnings and get a robe to wear tomorrow, but there were people there.  Aeramin came back, but he’s hurt really bad.  I wanted to hug him, but I didn’t want to hurt him so I didn’t.  That, and there were other people there.
  • Kes was there.  I guess Isandri was there earlier.  There was also an archer.  His boar found Aeramin.  I have to write a letter after this.
  • I went home to Silvermoon while they were there with him.  He needs healing.  He saw Isandri, but she’s still in training.  She’s a great healer, but I don’t think she’s dealt with anything so serious before.  I know my father has.
  • I teleported to outside the house.  The office was closed so I knocked on the other door.  Luckily, Lanthiriel answered.  She told me I wasn’t supposed to be there, like I didn’t know that.  I explained that Aeramin was hurt and I needed to see father.  She told me to wait outside, and that she’d find a way to let him know without telling mother.  I thanked her.
  • He opened the office door about five minutes later and told me to come in, and then I explained that Aeramin was hurt really bad and that he would have died if he hadn’t been found and he needs healing.  He wanted to know the details and whether it was very urgent or if it could wait until morning.  I thought it could wait until morning since he had already received some basic healing.  He said to bring him directly into the office in the morning.  He didn’t want mother to see me go into the office from outside.  She’s still angry.
  • So I went back.  I made a portal to Shattrath for the archer.  I wouldn’t travel to Shadowmoon Valley that late, but maybe he was used to it.
  • I got a sleeping robe for Aeramin, and Kes helped me get him to the bedroom.  I was going to sleep on the couch because I didn’t want to accidentally touch one of his wounds or bruises while sleeping and wind up hurting him.  I went to check on him, and he woke up.  He wanted me to stay with him and not go to the couch.  I didn’t sleep very well.  I was worried I’d fall asleep and jab him in the chest with my elbow.  He says I move a lot in my sleep.
  • But before that, before Kes left, she told me I should put my gold at the bank.  I don’t know if that’s a good idea.  I saw my sister before coming home.  She said her application for a grant was denied, but they approved a human mage’s request for the same thing.  She’s certain it’s because of Theramore and because they think that we had something to do with it.  I don’t know what to think.  I don’t like politics.  But if things get worse here, I don’t want to have to make a trip to the bank.  I would rather the humans don’t know how much money I’ve made in the past few days either.  I brought some of it with me to Silvermoon today.  I’ll deposit it in a bit.
  • I brought Aeramin with me this morning.  His ankle is really sore because there’s a very deep cut there.  I thought the best way would be to cast a spell on a blanket so that the edges of it would stay a certain distance off the ground.  My father was impressed as I guided the floating blanket with Aeramin in it through the portal.
  • He said he told mother that he had an emergency case that needed surgery this morning.  She rarely goes into the office, and never bothers him when he’s doing operations.  As it turned out, he told the truth.  Aeramin needed surgery for his ankle.  He also did the work on the burn on his face while he was out.  I hadn’t seen it before because he had a bandage over it.  It looked really bad but after my father was done, it looked a little better.  My father said he couldn’t do anything about his eye, and doesn’t know anyone who can.  So he’ll probably won’t be able to see on that side ever.
  • He did the best he could to minimize the scarring from the burn.  It’s still healing, he said but it shouldn’t look too bad when it finishes.  Aeramin was really worried about that.  He gave me a salve and said Aeramin has to use it twice a day for a few weeks.  It will help his skin heal.
  • He put a cast on his foot so he won’t move it while that heals.
  • Aeramin’s still sleeping.  Lanthiriel said she’d bring us some food from supper, as she usually does for patients.  Mother won’t question it at all.
  • He knows what the burn is.  It’s from fel fire.  I was hoping he wouldn’t, but I kind of knew he would.  He asked about it while he was talking to Aeramin and Aeramin told him that he got too close to a demon while looking for a friend in Shadowmoon Valley.  My father wanted to know what kind of friends he has.  Then after the surgery, my father wanted to talk to me about it, and said that some mages aren’t real mages.  I told him I was aware of that, but I studied with Aeramin.  He’s just a fire mage.  He seemed satisfied with that answer.  I wonder if he knows that people think the same thing about Vallindra sometimes?
  • My father said he could go back to Dalaran after he woke up, but I would have to check him every hour and bring him back immediately if something is wrong.  He said it’s not usual that he lets a patient for surgery go home the same day, but he didn’t want mother to find out I was here.  I used to help in the office when I was younger so I know what to watch for.  So we should be back home tonight.

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