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Aeramin’s Letters and Notes

Dear Imralion,

Hi.  I understand your training is important.  At least you’ll have the time off later.

Will you be at the forges much longer or will you be returning there again in the future?  Kestrae and I wish to research them a bit further, and thought that perhaps your captain, you and the other trainees could provide us with protection to go see them.

There really should be a lot of frogs in the swamp.  When will you be back?  I’d love to go there with you.  I’ll make sure I bring the stuff to cook them right, although they were quite good roasted too.  My mother never made them like that.  I didn’t know how good they would be before we tried it.

I’ll ask around and see if there’s a safe place to swim in Zangarmarsh.  I’ve heard it’s not crocolisks, but eels and hydras and other elf-eating fish in the water.  I heard there’s an inactive portal there too.  That might be interesting to see.

I didn’t mean to surprise or startle you.  I will admit that part of the reason I started talking to you is that I do find you attractive.  I also had to save you from eating those nasty vegetables.  I don’t recall seeing anyone who’s actually liked them.  I wind up talking to a lot of people who way as that outdoor restaurant is practically on my doorstep.  I’m glad we were able to talk more and meet at the library, and I was happy to be able to share what I know with you.  I would have done that whether I found you attractive or not.  I like to keep myself busy, at least I have recently, and I have met with other people in the library to help them without thinking anything else about it.  Of course, with you, it meant more that you allowed me to help you.

I’ve been getting more calligraphy work.  I’ve also stumbled into some problems of needing to find some rare books for my research.  I have a feeling that will keep me busy for a bit, along with my practice and usual studies.

I will have time to go to the marsh though.  Just let me know when.

– Aeramin


Dearest Sanimir,

I have to admit, I’m not very good at writing these types of letters either.  My feelings for you have not changed, but I have had time to think.  Sometimes loving someone doesn’t mean you’re meant to be together.  Sometimes it means knowing when to let someone go.  It’s been weeks since we’ve seen each other, months since we’ve last kissed.  You and I both deserve to be happy, but I don’t think you can be very happy with me as I feel you still blame me for not getting to you fast enough, though I’ve explained my side on that and won’t go into it now.  I haven’t been happy for a while either.

I cried when they silenced you and took you away from me again.  I cried when Isandri told me some of the things that were going on at the farm.  I cried when I brought you back to Outland and you wouldn’t let me hug you.  I cried when you came back to Shattrath and pushed a chair against the bedroom door while I slept on the couch.  I cried all day the day you left.  I’ve cried a lot since then too.  I don’t think it sounds like I’m very happy at all.

I want you to be happy.  You have a new home now.  I’m sure it’s lovely.  Maybe we can still be friends, and I can see it someday.  I’d love to be able to come for dinner and meet your apprentice and butler eventually.  For now, I think it’s best if we don’t try to see each other for a bit.

I want to be happy too.  I don’t think I can be if I’m holding on to hope that you’ll return and be your old self.  I’m keeping the place in Shattrath.  I’ve changed the wards again.  If you want to visit, you’ll have to knock.  Work had slowed down for a little bit, but I just got another big order for invitations, so I’m fine for this month.  I have another appointment to meet with a potential customer in a few days, so hopefully, I’ll be fine for next month too.

I love you.  I hope none of this hurts you too much.  I know it hurts.  It hurts to write it, but I think we’ll both wind up being happier in the end.

– Aeramin


  • Kes showed me the plateau they’ve been talking about.  I asked what the plan was.  She said he didn’t really say.  She thinks he means to bind one of the big ones, but wasn’t completely sure.
  • I guess I don’t have much to tell him about the book yet.  If we’re going to be all in on this together, then he needs to start talking first.
  • Honestly, I really don’t have much on the book yet.  All we know is that it might aid our research, but I need to find some other books first.  I have found reference to books that may contain the information I need.  I have no idea where to start looking for them.  I asked at the library, but they don’t have the ones I’m looking for.  They’re apparently very rare.  I’m going to keep looking though.
  • I finished my copy of the book.  I just need to get Raleth’s final copy to him now.  I haven’t seen him in a while.  I hope everything’s fine with him and Lali.
  • I was visiting Isandri the other night.  I didn’t tell her about Imralion, but we talked about Sanimir and Theronil for a bit.  Then Theronil came home while I was there.  He gave me one of those looks, like I shouldn’t be there.  So I grabbed a plate of cookies and left.  I hope they’ve worked things out.
  • I made a decision.  I’ve been miserable.  I’ve come to realize that no matter how much I love Sanimir, he may not be the right one for me.  Maybe we can be friends again after the hurt has passed.  Maybe not.
  • I guess that’s really up to him and whether or not he can ever see that I’m not responsible for what happened to him.  Sending that letter is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.
  • I can see Imralion now without feeling guilty, well almost.  It is sort of soon.  I’d really like to take it slow again, but he’ll only be here a few months, so I don’t know what to do.  If I take it too slow and we’re just friends when he leaves, then that will be it.  We’ll never be anything else.
  • I’d like to be more, but then there’s no way of knowing ahead of time if he’s right for me either.
  • Maybe no one’s right for me.
  • I’ve started rearranging things in the bedroom.  The rule not to summon at home was made to keep Sanimir safe.  He’s not here anymore.  I’m the only one in my home.  If that changes in the future then I can go back to the no summoning rule, but for now, there’s no reason.
  • I’m nervous going to Shadowmoon to practice now.  Yappy says it’s looking for me.

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Vallindra’s Notes

  • The flayers were successfully fed the crystals from Netherstorm, and tagged with bright red cloth.  Ordinicus assisted me with the tagging.
  • First we had to find a good spot to leave the crystals so that they would eat them.  We chose an area next to an unoccupied crystal.  He thought they might be more likely to find it next to their regular food source.  I left various sizes on the ground and on some of the smaller crystals.  We then retreated to a safe distance and waited.
  • We didn’t have to wait long.  A group of four flayers approached the crystals.  They all ate some of the crystals from Netherstorm.  The tricky part was waiting for one to get far enough away from the others so that it could be safely tagged.  Luckily, they left the area one by one.  I turned them into sheep and Ordinicus ran out and tied the red cloth on their tail.  Of course, they run away as soon as the sheep spell wears off, but we could clearly see the red cloth on them.
  • I’ve been watching them over the past couple of days, well one at a time since they’re all split up now.  One of them threw up later on the same day it ate the crystals.  Another seemed sluggish and disinterested in eating more of it’s regular diet.
  • Yesterday, I was able to observe all four at different times.  They all seem a little off.  They’re a bit slower and less interested in anything.  They may be sick.  I’d like to capture one and see if it’s temperature is higher than normal or it’s heart rate is okay, but since I don’t know the normal temperature or heart rate of a flayer, we’d have to capture a second one.  I don’t even know if there’s a cage that could hold an angry healthy flayer, much less a sick one.  Remote observation will have to do at this point.
  • Today has been much the same.  They act as though they may be sick.  I’m thinking it’s a bad idea at this point to kill one to feed to the dragon.
  • It does bring to question, what are the dragons in Netherstorm eating?  We didn’t see a single flayer there.  If the crystals made them sick, and the flayers died, then what is the dragon’s food source?  Did any of them get sick from eating sick flayers?
  • I worry that one of the other dragons will try to eat one of our tagged flayers.  Hopefully, they won’t.
  • I love flashing my ring around in front of Kes.  She looks so sour about it.  I suppose I shouldn’t provoke her too much.  We do have to work with her after all, but a little fun never hurt.

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Sanimir’s Letter to Aeramin


Hi.  I’m sorry I’m not very good at writing like this.  I don’t really know what to say without thinking you might get mad.  It’s taken me time to figure out things myself.  I do still love you, but I’m still angry.  I don’t know if it’s something that will go away or not.

I know you had to do things the way you did them.  Well, you didn’t have to, but you did.  I don’t want to debate that with you, though I could.

I just want you to understand, I guess.  I thought after Isandri’s visit that it wouldn’t be long.  I waited and I hoped that you would come to get me.  I would still try to run away everyday, I thought maybe you were waiting to help me.  Everyday, they would catch me.  Sometimes they hit me after they caught me, depending who got to me first.  Sometimes they would whip me too because that was supposed to make me stop or something.  Then they locked me in the basement.  A couple of times, they pushed me down the stairs.

It was worse after my uncle decided to put me on a leash.  I had been digging a hole in the basement.  I’m sure it was almost done, but I couldn’t work on it anymore.  Even at night, I couldn’t work on it because I was always leashed and couldn’t reach where I had been working.  I had to listen to them tell me all day that no one was coming for me.  No one cared.  They said I wasn’t leaving the farm for a long time.  Sometimes they left me in the barn with the one trainer who likes guys and wanted to do things that I didn’t want to do.  My cousins would push me or drag me with the leash for no reason.  Everyone was always yelling at me and calling me names.  I never worked hard enough for them.

I lost hope.  I thought maybe something happened to Isandri.  Maybe something happened to you.  Then I started listening to what they were telling me.  They said you were talking to other guys.  I started to believe you weren’t coming.

That’s why I’m mad.  If you had taken the risk and come to get me that first week, some things wouldn’t have happened.  I wouldn’t have lost hope.  I would have known there was at least some people in this world who I could trust.

I don’t have that now.

– Hethurin Fairsong

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Aeramin’s Notes

  • No response from Sanimir yet.  Kestrae told me that he visited her the other night and said he would write a letter.  However, he also said he was having trouble writing it.  I guess he’s still mad and I’m not allowed to defend my actions.  I could have wound up in jail or worse if things had gone wrong.  I don’t understand why he doesn’t get that.
  • Maybe they hit him on the head on the farm.
  • Kes said something about starting over with him.  I have this gut feeling that no matter what I do, things aren’t going to work out.  Whatever his family did to him, it has changed him.  Maybe too much.
  • It’s not that I don’t want to try.  I love him.  I want to be with him, but my heart is being yanked around by his coming and going.  Each time I think I’m through the roughest part, something happens and I end up crying again.
  • I cried every day after coming home from visiting him in Falcon Watch.  I cried myself to sleep on the couch when he came back to Shattrath.  I bawled my eyes out the day he left, the same day my mother died.  I thought there was hope when he was coming back to feed Muffins.  I wanted him to come home, but I was scared to talk to him.  Then when I did, he took Muffins, and said he was never coming home.
  • I fell in love with Sanimir Lightmist.  Kestrae says he’s changed.  He’s really different now.  He has changed his name.  He’s calling the Ghostlands ‘home’.  He has a butler and an apprentice living with him.  What if I don’t like Hethurin Fairsong?  What if whatever they did to him on that farm has changed him so much that there’s none of Sanimir left?
  • I want to see him smile.  I want him to share his crazy ideas with me.  I want to go with him to all the places he wants to see. I want to be able to tell him I love him without being compared to his family.  The way things are going, I don’t think any of those things are ever going to happen again.
  • I’m scared of him now.  Maybe I need to stop seeing him, stop thinking about him, stop hoping he’ll come back.  Maybe I need to take care of myself first.
  • Maybe I’ll see how it goes when he wants to talk, if that ever happens.  I’m sure he’s going to love hearing that I’m going to be working with his sister.  At least, I think I’m going to have to.  The more I copy of the book, the more I think we’re going to need help.  Then they need help with something too.  Kes is supposed to be showing me sometime.
  • I cried again last night after getting home.  It’s even more complicated now because I told Imralion that I’m attracted to him.  I wouldn’t have if I knew Sanimir was thinking about writing back.  He still hasn’t written.
  • The thing is, I don’t think Imralion is really interested in me.  He hasn’t even looked at a guy before.  I’ve always known who I was attracted to.  I mean, there were a couple of girls who I saw, but they were different.  Different reasons, different relationships.
  • He said it was because no one asked him.  He’s been with women before and he said that was good.  He asked if it was the same.  He’s curious.
  • I’ve seen lots of ‘curious’ before.  Working the streets of Silvermoon, you run into regulars and then there’s those who want to ‘try’ it.  Sometimes they end up being regulars, sometimes they freak out and don’t want to be caught by their wives or whoever.  I think the difference is, those guys had at least thought about it before someone asked, and that scares me when it comes to Imralion.
  • Oh, he’s looked at a book once.  Good.  I asked him if he wanted to try the things in the book.  I think, by the look he gave me, he thought I meant right then.  Not that I wouldn’t have if he actually did want to right then, but that’s not what I meant.  Anyway, I didn’t really get an answer.
  • He was shirtless and wet.  I’m surprised he didn’t notice how attracted to him I was before I said anything.  I was wet and in shorts too.  Maybe he did and just didn’t say anything.
  • It was a nice evening, except for me making a fool of myself.  I took him to a lake in Nagrand, not too far from Shattrath.  We went swimming, then he fished for a bit but didn’t catch anything.  I remembered catching frogs with my mother.  She had a recipe where she would fry them.  We didn’t have any oil or anything to cook in, so I roasted them instead.  They were pretty good.  We had some berries, then he did catch a fish, so we cooked that.  I’m not really good at the camping thing.
  • He wants to hang out again.  I do too, but I’m terrified of his curiosity.
  • Then I’d have to tell Sanimir, and I’m terrified of doing that too.  But, I’m also terrified of how it’ll work out with Sanimir, or Hethurin, or whoever he is now.  I don’t know who he is.  I sent the ring to Sanimir.  He’s who I fell in love with enough to give the ring to in the first place.
  • I went to the inn after seeing Imralion.  I need to stop going to the inn when I don’t have much money.  It’s too expensive.

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The Search

“A missing blood elf.  That’s just what Draenor needs.”  Jamos scoffed to himself as he walked down the ramp leading to the lower city.  If one can go missing, why can’t they all go missing?  He knew why, because his sister would send him after each and every single one.  Haani had a way of caring for things that most wouldn’t, that included everything from flayers to the small, long-eared vermin that had moved into the city a few years ago.  If the naaru could forgive them, he supposed he could tolerate them.  His sister went further and forgave them as well.

She had found out about this one from the elf’s sister, she had apparently been talking to V’eru.  Jamos had to admit, he didn’t know many elves who did that.  This one was a priestess, his sister had told him, or no, a priestess in training.  Of course she was drawn to the naaru.  From what Jamos could tell, they were drawn to magic, and the light was a type of magic.  Just as mice are drawn to crumbs, blood elves are drawn to magic.

He had tried the tavern earlier that afternoon.  He had found a slightly inebriated mage there.  The mage had sat in back, watching another table where some trolls were sitting.  Trolls.  In Shattrath!  Jamos hoped they would go back to their outpost in Zangarmarsh soon.  He wasn’t sure why they were in the swamp either, but he wasn’t curious enough to ask one.  However, Jamos did make his way to the back and had taken a seat at the elf’s table.

Jamos asked as soon as he found out the elf was a mage if he could make portals.  The mage had nodded and tipped back another drink.  They spoke a bit longer.  Jamos asked the questions.  He thought the blood elf was almost scared of him, but he did continue answering.  Yes, he made portals for other people.  Yes, sometimes rangers and archers.  No, no one with a cat.  About the oddest thing he had seen in the past months was a scruffy elf wanting one to the newly discovered land on Azeroth.  Yes, he was blond.  Scruffy?  Yes, very.  That’s odd for an elf.  They had both agreed on that, but he couldn’t tell if that was the one he was looking for.

That’s the problem, they all look the same.  The mage didn’t remember the other elf’s name, or if he even said it, but without the cat, it probably wasn’t the one Haani wanted him to look for anyway.  He’d keep looking and make sure he mentioned it to her anyway.  Maybe the elf’s sister would be able to provide more clues if they spoke again.

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Sanimir’s Letters and Notes


Thank you for inviting me to Shadowmoon.  I really liked seeing the dragons.  When would be a good time to come to see the breeding grounds?  I know not when they’re, um, you know, but what I want to know is when you’re free to show me.  When would be a good time for that?  Would it be okay if I brought my apprentice?

I didn’t know wood could be soft.  Are there other places to get harder wood in Outland?

Magic can make animals and people sick.  Sometimes it’s not reversible, but it usually is if it’s caught in time.  I think it would depend a lot on the source of the magic.

My father wants me to come back to Silvermoon too.  It’s not going to happen, so yes, I do understand that.

– Hethurin


Dear Isandri,

I’m sorry to hear about all the things with Thero.  I enjoyed your visit.  If you want to come again, just write and I can pick you up.  I’m always here if you need to talk.

Did you want me to make your portals to Silvermoon again?  I could do it for free.

I hope Thero comes back soon.

– Hethurin



Were you serious about coming to visit me?  I can come get you if you want.  I hope you’re not mad at me.

My new book came today along with the lock box.  I can keep my notes safe now.  I’m not sure where the best place for the key is.

Aeramin sent the ring to me.  I don’t know what to do.

– Hethurin


  • I’ve been keeping work notes in my practice room.  I don’t care if anyone reads them.  Tik wouldn’t understand them, and Desdeyliri might, but it could only help her studies.
  • The lockbox from Silvermoon came today, along with a new empty book.  I can start my personal notes again now that I have a box to lock them in.  I found my old ones in my father’s desk in his office.  I went at night and no one knew I was there.  I only took back the things that they stole from the apartment in Dalaran.  They probably know it was me, since I only took my things, but it’s too late for them to catch me there.  I’m not going back again.
  • I have a butler and an apprentice and a large home.  It has ghosts, but they don’t bother me.  The master bedroom faces the sea and sometimes I go down to the beach to fish.  Tik goes with me to make sure I’m safe.
  • I had a rat to help me know if my spell was working or not.  Muffins killed it.  I need a safer cage for the next one.  I told Muffins he’s a bad kitty for eating the control subject.
  • I’ve been having rather predictable days.  I wake up, eat breakfast with my apprentice, then I give her lesson for the day.  After that, we have lunch, then she goes to study and practice, and I go to my practice room to work on the spell.  Sometimes I read more.
  • I worry that I might be disturbing her with the noise.  There’s not supposed to be any noise.  I hope I’ll work that out soon.  Maybe it’s good for her to learn how to concentrate with distractions.
  • My apprentice.  Or the spy sent to me.  She’s from Silvermoon, and my notice was only up in the Ghostlands.  Some random person told her about it?  I think that’s a little suspicious.  I’m not letting on to the fact that I think it’s a bit suspicious.  My only question is if they’re sending Lanthiriel, then why do they need to send Desdeyliri, unless Lanthiriel is truly being honest about not telling them everything.  She said she’s here as a priestess who I can talk to, not as a sister.  Everything is confidential.  An apprentice wouldn’t have that.  Maybe I could make it a new rule.  That would be funny.
  • She’s taken trips to send mail a couple of times already.  I’m almost certain that she’s reporting back to them.
  • We spoke last night at supper, well we usually do, but last night we talked a bit longer.  We talked a bit about the types of magic she should learn.  I want her to start with fire, even if she isn’t as good at it as some others.  If she starts with her weakest point, then the others will come a lot easier when we get to them.
  • She mentioned how much she likes shopping, again.  I decided that would be a good place to start with a hint of false information.  I don’t want her to get the wrong idea, so I only mentioned that we could go robe shopping together in a roundabout way.  Hopefully, she doesn’t think about it too much and just reports it to those who hired her to spy on me.
  • I told her to tell her friends I’m gay so that they don’t think anything improper is going on.  Then I kind of denied being gay in a roundabout way.  I hope she reports that too.
  • I don’t care what her friends think.
  • I have to be careful about giving her false information to give to my family.  I don’t think she is a horrible person, and I do want to see her succeed with her studies.  After all, her success would be my success, whether she was sent here to spy or not.  She is a mage apprentice, and she does have talent.
  • We talked about jewelry too.  I never really bought any, even the ring for Xyliah wasn’t something I paid for.  She thought a gold ring from Dalaran would be expensive.  A lot more than they cost in Silvermoon.
  • Aeramin probably spent a lot on it.
  • What’s most unnerving about that is that after speaking to her last night, I got a letter from him today.  He sent the ring to me.  He said it didn’t feel right to have it there when it was a token of his love for me.
  • I wish I hadn’t read the letter.  Everything that I was so sure about before is confusing now.  I’m not sure who to trust.

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Aeramin’s Letter

(( A letter written in fancy script, and scented with a hint of goldclover.  A gold ring is enclosed in the envelope with the letter. ))
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