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Art Meme – 2012 Art Summary


  • January – Ornasse and Kelanori, acrylic on canvas
  • February – Latahali’s Candle, pencil on paper
  • March – Raleth and Latahlali, digital
  • April – Terivanis and Farahlor – Watercolor
  • May – Sanimir’s Robes, digital
  • June – Alinash, digital
  • July – Relanos, digital
  • August – Kestrae, digital
  • September – Latahlali and Raleth, digital
  • October – Sanimir and Aeramin, digital colored sketch
  • November – Aeramin on the front step, digital colored sketch
  • December – The Lightmist Family, digital colored sketch

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Art – Relanos Evershade

I finished Relanos art instead of writing today. Continue reading

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Art – Relanos Preview

I need to do shading yet, so it’s still a work-in-progress.

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OOC – Livestream

About to start up livestream in 5 minutes or so.  Here’s the link.

Toddler elf boy will be today’s subject.

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OOC – Screenshot Spam

Warning:  Should you want to do the Battered Hilt quest without any spoilers.  Stop now.

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OOC – Screenshot Time Again!

A few screenshots from the past week.

I don't know. I don't think I'd let Vael babysit for me.

Vael, in a tree. Hiding.

My millionth level 85.

Dagger quest!

Two days after hitting 85, he has his epic daggers. I'm delaying putting the enchant on them as long as I can. I think it ruins the way they look.


This is what happens when you take a freshly dinged 85 into battlegrounds.

It was my first time killing this guy. I had to screenshot it.

Victory! And a nice achievement along with his first win.

I've been noticing just how many blood elves there are. Here's a group of 5 of them.

Usually there's a blood elf or three in every group. This group was odd with two goblins and three tauren. 🙂

Relanos flies faster than flying fireballs!


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Relanos – Feathermoon

Relanos Evershade sat at the moonwell with the nice demon woman, Va.  The other demon woman, Vaharara, was there too.  Relanos doesn’t think she is bad, but an’da, the cold man. doesn’t seem to like her.  The bird man likes her.  Relanos looks up to the sky.  Where is bird man?  Relanos doesn’t see him.  Relanos crawls to Vaharara’s lap.  The bird man isn’t here.  He can’t be jealous.  Relanos grabs her tendrils and tries to chew them.  The demon woman is surprised.  She doesn’t let him.

Relanos tries to climb down.  The Vaharara is holding him.  Let go!  Relanos struggles to be let down.  She puts him down but watches him close.  Relanos doesn’t mind.  He wants to play.  She can watch.

Va gets the ball out of the bag.  She shows it to Relanos.  Relanos wants it!  He takes the ball and throws it at her.  She’s right there.  She’s easy to hit with the ball.  She picks the ball up out of her lap, and throws it.  It goes far!  She missed Relanos, silly demon woman!  Relanos laughs, and runs after the ball.  He’ll bring it back.  He shows her how to throw it again.  He gets close, and it lands in her lap.  Relanos is good at this game!  The demon woman smiles, and tosses the ball again.  Too far Va!  You missed Relanos again!  Relanos giggles, and runs to get the ball.  He will show her until she gets it.

Relanos is tired.  He crawls into Va’s lap.  Where is Zaaarrr, the man with animals?  He’s not at the moonwell.  Relanos likes the animals.  They are soft.  The other baby is here.  They call him Fararoar.  He doesn’t do much.  Relanos wants to play with him sometime, but he doesn’t get out of his blanket.  Maybe he is sick.  Relanos will check his nose sometime, but not now.  Relanos is tired.

He curls up in Va’s lap.  She gets a blanket out of his bag and puts it over him.  She sings.  She has a pretty voice, just like min’da.  Min’da isn’t here.  An’da isn’t here.  Where are they?  Relanos looks at the buildings.  There’s a demon man in the big building watching them.  He watches the man until he closes his eyes.  The demon woman’s song is soft and melodious.  Relanos falls asleep.

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