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Zalindri’s Diary

Dear Diary,

I passed the summer term. Summer classes here aren’t that hard. You can easily pass even if you skip half the classes, which not a lot of students do, but sometimes it was just too warm. I’d rather spend a day on the beach here than in a classroom! I went to most of my classes though. I was actually a little worried about the fire exam, but I heard that Magister Firewind curves the grades a lot, even though the tests are usually difficult. I did wind up passing, and didn’t do too bad after all. I think he should just make the tests easier.

Luckily, my chosen specialty is not fire. I’m doing great in my arcane classes, and Magister Fairsong has started teaching me some of the chronomancy basics, which is where my real interest lies. He doesn’t cover much about it in regular classes, but he’s given me a couple of books to read, and we go over it in the private lesson. It still all seems fairly easy, but I’m just beginning. I expect it’ll get more difficult as I advance.

A lot of the students are moving to the new buildings. They’re not far from the main building, and a lot of the rooms are bigger. While I think it would be fun to be in a building with just the other girls, but I like my room here in the main building. Not to mention it rains a lot in the spring and fall, and I don’t know how to teleport yet. Mostly, I guess I don’t really fit in with the others. They’ll spend all evening at supper talking about guys. I suppose I still could, but it feels weird now that I’m engaged.

My mother wrote to tell me that they finalized the agreement. I have, at least, met him before. I guess he’s kind of cute, but I don’t really know him very well. Plus, he’s finishing his training as a battle medic. He’ll probably be gone a lot of the time, so I won’t get to know him very quickly either. The good part is that I’m allowed to finish my studies before the wedding, so it’ll be a while yet. Maybe as long as things remain quiet, I’ll get to know him a bit better before I finish school! I have a feeling he’ll ask me to something for the mask holiday coming up. I’m a bit sad because I’ll miss the mask party here at the school, and I’m sure it’s going to be nice! I guess something in Silvermoon would be nice too. I’d suggest that he visits here, but I don’t know. That might be a little weird. What if I wind up not liking him, and everyone notices? I guess I should just wait and see if he wants to do something in Silvermoon.

Speaking of boys, one of them, Lhoris, was being annoying the other evening. He knocked on my bedroom door, and despite the fact that there’s a rule here that boys can’t go into the girl’s rooms, he kept asking if he could come in. He was complimenting me and just being really weird. At one point he asked if he could just come in to see the view from my window. I guess it’s a good view, but you can see it just as well from the garden! Luckily, my room is on the same side of the building as Magister Fairsong’s room. His is at the other end of the hall. He came out of his room with the baby, and saw us. He wanted to know what was going on. I told him the truth, that Lhoris was trying to get me to let him in my room even after I said no. Lhoris lied and said he was just trying to ask some questions about the class. Magister Fairsong believed me, thankfully, and asked Lhoris to go with him. I don’t know what he said to him, but he hasn’t been back to my room.


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Malwen’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Last night, Arcann’da and I stayed with my aunt and uncle, Lani and Morthorn, in Tranquillien. It was different staying in town because my bed was smaller, and I had to share a room with Arcann’da. There were two small beds in the room, but I don’t think one was bigger than the other. If it was, I would have let him have it because I don’t think he slept very well. I woke up once during the night and he was awake. He said everything was okay, and that I should go back to sleep, but when we visited his friends in the little house at the bottom of the hill before coming here, he kept saying he was nervous, so I think it’s that! This morning I told him not to worry and that Ann’da and Mr. Tik are going to take care of everything at home. I think he needed to hear it because he hugged me and said thanks.

I can’t wait to see the garden! It’s going to be beautiful! Ann’da has been working on it all summer, and Miss Lilithel has been helping when she isn’t at the stable. I’ve been helping too, but I know most of the decorations must be going up this morning. Ann’da has been working on things for the cake too. It’s going to be the most amazing cake anyone has ever seen! I’m really excited.

Today has been going really well so far. The tailors from Silvermoon are here. My dress fits perfect. There was also a flower delivery and everyone has flowers now. The guy with the flowers had more that he had to deliver directly to the school. Oh, and there’s another guy here doing everyone’s hair! He put mine up, and gave me little curls along the side. I got to look in the mirror, and I really like it! Arcann’da said he didn’t want his hair too different, but he had a couple of braids put in, and on the end of his braids, he got a gold thing with a gem hanging off it. Then after his hair was done, he had to try on the robe. There weren’t many adjustments to do, but he insisted they fix the one sleeve. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. His robe is so pretty. He looks like a princess, or maybe a king because he’s a boy.

Vaildor and Aeramin are also going to be in the wedding and they get to ride in the carriage with us. Arcann’da is going to make a portal so that my aunt and uncle and little cousin can get there on time. They had to get changed too and have their hair done. Aeramin hates his because it’s pulled back in a braid. I don’t know why he hates braids, but he does! Vaildor had some curls done too, so his is more like mine. They have matching robes that kind of look like Arcann’da’s robe, but less fancy. Renner, one of the students, was here earlier to get his robe, but he had to go back to the school because there’s supposed to be guys with swords there. This is so exciting!

The carriage is here, and there’s six beautiful hawkstriders with it. I think they have extra feathers on their straps for the carriage because I’ve never seen hawkstriders with so many feathers before. We’re just waiting for the right time now. I already ate, but Lani is trying to get Arcann’da to eat a little more because he didn’t have much breakfast.

I can’t wait to arrive to the party!

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Cyannah’s Diary

I’ve finally wrote home.  Mother is right.  I’m not getting any younger.  She and father have been taking turns writing me weekly to remind me.  As if I’ve forgotten!  I’ve agreed to let them arrange something for me.  I keep coming close to finding someone on my own, but nothing has worked out.  First there was that new guy who started working in the library.  Of course, he fell for Tywae over me.  He even cancelled our date to go have drinks just because she asked him somewhere instead.  Then she ditched him a month later, and he still thought he had a chance with me.  Like really? Then there was that blood knight captain.  Luckily, I found out he was married before anything happened.  He was very good at flirting.  Then a few months after that was when I met the fire mage, whose friend was actually his boyfriend.

That last one was a big mistake.  I don’t know why I have to be so desperate.  I didn’t know about the boyfriend.  They didn’t tell me.  Was I supposed to guess?  Of course, then he comes into the library, alone and goes upstairs to one of the rooms up there.  I followed him up, thinking I actually had a chance.  Things happened.  Then he told me about the boyfriend.

I was drinking that tea at the time, even though he was the first man I’ve been with in a few years.  It doesn’t taste bad, and it’s just easy to drink it every morning.  I was in the habit of having it.  I guess my body has gotten used to it or something.  At least I noticed early enough that it had no effect on the things it was supposed to be preventing.  The clinic in the lower city was able to give me some nasty tasting potion to take care of that.  I’m still cramping from it.

I guess that’s why I’ve written home.  I’m tired of looking, and always finding the wrong guy.  Maybe my parents have more experience to draw from that they won’t choose some lying jerk or idiot.  Even if they do, at least I can blame it on them, and if I get pregnant again because I guess the tea doesn’t work for me, well, at least I won’t have to have some nasty potion to get rid of it.

Other than that, things are rather dull and boring as usual.  I’m a fire mage working in a library, I don’t know how exciting that can get.  I did have some strange requests for books over the past month.  There was one guy who kept bugging me for books about Nagrand and stones or something.  I had no clue what he was talking about half the time.  Then there was another guy who kept asking about lizards.  Then he wanted to know if magic lizards could be caught with enchanted traps.  Like I would know?  I’m sure there’s something about enchanted traps in one of the enchantment books I found for him, but then he started asking about what moths eat.

The more I think about it, the more I can’t wait to get back to Silvermoon.


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Lanthiriel’s Diary

Dear Diary,

We’re back from our trip and working on settling into the new place.  Everything is moved here, but a few things are still packed.  Luckily, we didn’t have too many things to move.  Vaildor had more art supplies than anything else.  The Confessor didn’t have much either, mostly just a lot of files.  Luckily, there’s room for them all.  It seems like there’s so much space here compared to the small house by the stables.

Vaildor has been adjusting well to the new place.  He told me before we moved that he was worried because he hadn’t ever lived in another building before.  I reminded him that he had, but he was too young to remember it.  If the story he and Hethurin are telling really is true, then he’s always lived in the same building since he was about six months old, just different timelines or something.  It’s confusing.  My father believes it, so I guess I have to accept it.  I’ve adopted him anyway, even if he is my brother.  He needs someone to take care of him.  Father agreed that Silvermoon wouldn’t be best for him, and he should probably be kept away from Mother.  After hearing what she said to him at the wedding, I’m going to make sure he doesn’t have to be around her much.

The office is open now and we’ve started receiving patients, so that’s slowed down the unpacking a little.  There’s been nothing major so far, which is good.  Most people are coming in to my side for check ups, or just minor injuries.  One of them was even in for a paper cut.  The Confessor thinks they just want to meet me, and I don’t mind.

One thing I’ve noticed is that most people out here don’t have much gold.  My husband suggested getting rid of my consultation fee for those who couldn’t afford it, and setting up a donation system instead.  It would be nice, but I’ll still need supplies, and I don’t know where he thinks we’re going to get food to eat.  I can’t go to the school to get food every night, and Vaildor eats a lot.  Vaildor also asks for a lot.  We’ll have to have enough to take care of his schooling too, if he gets accepted.  Though father and Hethurin have both offered to help with the tuition, he’ll still need money for his lunches and supplies.

I guess I’m a bit thankful he can’t fill out his application form yet.  He’ll get a lot more expensive when he does.  I thought I’d have enough, but I underestimated how little people have out here.

I have been busy with patients though, even if they can’t pay.  The first week, I tried to keep Vaildor here, but back in the house so that he could work on his lessons.  He’s very easily distracted by the people coming in.  We’ve been leaving the front office doors open, then open the back door which is in the home part, and then open up the door between the two sections for a nice breeze through the waiting room.  Unfortunately, Vaildor’s study area is just on the other side of the door in the middle.  He likes to peek into the waiting room a lot.  I’ve asked him to stop, but he’s quite curious.  I spoke with Hethurin and he agreed to have some of the students work with him, so now he’s going to the school every morning.  I think it’s working so far.

My father warned me that kids like to test their limits, but I wasn’t having any trouble with Vaildor at the time.  I thought maybe he had passed that stage already, though father said they never grow out of it.  I guess he was right.  First, Vaildor starts sneaking out to talk to patients while he should be doing his lessons, and now he doesn’t want to go to bed.  Then this morning, I opened the bedroom door, and there was a painting of some monster sitting on the easel we just got for him.  He had set it up there on purpose.  I didn’t mean to scream, but I wasn’t expecting to see a monster when I opened the door.  I talked to him, and told him it wasn’t very nice.  He apologized, and said he wouldn’t do it again.

Nessna was by late yesterday afternoon.  She wanted to talk to me about one of the new rangers.  He had come to see me a few days before.  He’s missing a foot and has pain in both legs, and his shoulder.  I’m sure the good leg would get better just with more exercise, but the bad leg keeps him from doing more.  I think the biggest problem is that his prosthetic foot doesn’t fit quite right.  He needs a new one, and his current one is made out of wood.  Some metal ones are shaped with the arch in the foot that bends as weight is put on it, much like a normal foot.  I think it would feel more natural for him, and if he can get one that fits better, I think his leg pain would go away on its own eventually.  I cannot make prosthetics, but I referred him to someone in Silvermoon who can.  His shoulder needs surgery to repair some poorly healed old injuries.  I lowered the cost of it to the lowest I could go, but he has no money at all.  I can’t do surgery for free.  First of all, it’s going to take a greater part of the day to do.  Second, supplies aren’t free.  Third, he’ll have to stay here a couple of days after.  I’ll have to wake up in the middle of the night to check on him.  We’ll have to make sure he doesn’t get infection.  We’ll have to feed him during that time too.  It’s not free!  Nessna insists he’ll pay for it after, but what if he just decides to disappear after that?  My husband says the same thing though.  I should set up a payment plan for him because he’s going to be paid with the rangers.  I guess I will, but if he runs off, I hope they’re ready to hear I told them so!

Nessna also showed me her ring.  She’s getting married again.  I think it’s a bit soon, but she says she’s okay, and she thinks Vessen would approve.  I guess if he knew he was dead and knew she was with Sath’alor, or something.  He certainly wouldn’t approve if he was alive!  I told her she better tell the Amberlights because I don’t think it would be right for them to hear it from anyone else.  She said she would.

I didn’t tell her that the Confessor and I are trying to conceive.  So far nothing has happened, but it’s fun trying.  Maybe we could send Vaildor to spend a weekend with Hethurin sometime this month.  I don’t know if being alone with him will help really, but we’ll get to try more!  I’m sure Nessna would love if Rylad had a cousin close in age to play with in the area, so hopefully it’ll happen soon!


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Lanthiriel’s Diary

Dear Diary,

It’s done.  I’m a wife now.  Everything went almost perfect.  There were a few problems, but nothing terrible.  We had all fallen asleep in the ballroom the night before.  Tik woke us up with breakfast.  Hethurin showed up shortly after, and went with me by portal to Silvermoon to get the dresses.  That was when we found out about the biggest problem of the day.  There were supposed to be four dresses, but they only had two.  Mine was finished and the one for Desdeyliri was done, but they had messed up the order for the other two.  There were supposed to be three identical dresses for the girls!  We had to make sure the one that was done was Des’s first, then I picked similar dresses for the other two.  I had to go with what the shop already had made, and in their sizes so there wasn’t a lot of choice.  Luckily, I found two that would work and went back to the school with Hethurin.  He went back upstairs to get ready.  I left the dresses there in the library while I went down to the house to get my father and Vaildor.  My father said things went well the night before and that Nessna had come to get Rylad already.  He needed to get ready yet, so I brought Vaildor back up to the school with me.  I left him to wait in the library while the girls and I went to get ready.  We used the second classroom as that one has a door on it, unlike the main classroom, and we didn’t want anyone to walk in on us.  We were all helping each other with our buttons and zippers.  Then there was a knock at the door.  Xarola said it was Hethurin, and that he said he’d be with Vaildor, which was a relief.  I know he wasn’t happy about it, but there was no way I was leaving him to meet the rest of the family on his own.  I’m glad Hethurin volunteered to stay with him for me.

The girls did my hair after that.  We could see a little into the garden, though there were a few bushes and trees between where all the guests were and the room we were using to get ready.  Xarola was trying to count how many people were there.  I was a bit worried that the Confessor would get cold feet and not show up, so I was relieved he did.

Finally, it was time for the ceremony.  I’ve never been so nervous and excited at the same time.  My father performed the ceremony, and I think the Confessor was just as nervous as I was.  Thankfully, neither of us passed out!  I think my father cried a little at the end.

It was time to eat after.  Tik made all sorts of food.  The spinach rolls were a big hit, just like they were at the ball, so I went inside to help him make more.  He kept saying I shouldn’t be inside, but I wanted to make sure there were enough spinach rolls.  I did leave him to finish on his own when the Confessor came inside too.  I had a glass of wine with him, and we danced for a bit after eating.  I threw my flowers.  I tried to aim them towards Nessna, but Xarola caught them.  I don’t think the flower thing is very accurate anyway.  If she’s the next one to get married, I think the others are all going to be waiting a long time because she’s still pretty young!

I slipped away to help make more spinach rolls as we were running out, again.  I took the tray back out to the table, but then I couldn’t find the Confessor.  I also couldn’t find my father.  Or Hethurin and Vaildor.  My mother was also missing, though I had seen her earlier with her boyfriend.  I spoke with Aranae for a bit.  She was looking for Hethurin too so she could get her portal home.  She brought a pandaren with her.  I think the bear ate all the spinach rolls.

It rained a bit, but it didn’t last long, and after, I finally found the Confessor.  I guess he was inside talking to some of the others.  We decided to leave then, before it started raining again, which we didn’t want because we were traveling by dragonhawk.  It was quite a distance to travel that late in the evening especially after having wine, but I felt safe with his arms around me.

After we got to the inn we’re staying at, I put on the red dress.  I was a bit nervous, but it was really nice.  I think he was worried about hurting me.  It did hurt a little, but it passed quickly into feeling really good.  It was a little weird waking up in the morning next to him.  Not a bad weird, but a good weird.  It was like I forgot for half a second, then remembered I’m married.  It was good, but it’ll take some time to get used to!

I’m really enjoying the time alone with him, though I am still drinking my tea.  He thinks it’s better to wait to get settled in.  I don’t see why.  It’s not like I won’t be able to do anything while pregnant.  Many women work right up until the time they go into labor!  I don’t think it’s going to take nine months to move in, but I don’t want to argue either.  I’ll bring it up again once we’re home.

The beach is really nice, and we’ve been going there a lot.  I think I have a tan.  I am a bit worried about how things are at home.  I didn’t see Vaildor or my father before leaving, so I hope everything’s going well.  I hope Hethurin’s okay too.  I know it was hard for him to have so many people there at once.  I also hope Nessna isn’t mad at me for not throwing the flowers better!

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Lanthiriel’s Diary

Dear Diary,

A lot has happened lately, again.  The biggest news is that the Confessor has been talking about marriage.  He spoke with my father already!  I’m thrilled, of course, but at the same time it’s hard to believe it’s really happening.  He asked if I’d like to go to the jewelers with him, but I think I’d rather have him pick it out.  I’ll love it as long as it’s something he chooses.

I haven’t told anyone yet.  I want to.  I feel like I’m about to burst with happiness.  I think Vaildor might have noticed.  He did remark that I seemed cheery and jovial.  The Confessor wishes to talk to him about it so I’m trying to refrain from telling him why I’m so happy.  I want to tell everyone, but I’d rather that it’s official first.

That made visiting my father a bit difficult.  He knows a bit already because the Confessor was by to talk to him, so I did tell him that we had talked, and that while nothing was official yet, it is something we’ve agreed to make official.

Of course, the real reason for my visit was Vaildor, so we didn’t speak as long about my upcoming engagement as I would have liked.  We had limited time, so we had to make good use of it.  He said that he had been warned about Vaildor.  I didn’t like the way he said ‘been warned’, as if he was a threat or something.  I thought perhaps Hethurin had been by and told him another tall tale about Vaildor’s parentage.  Anyway, I introduced them.  I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

My father walked behind Vaildor and held his hair away from his neck.  He just kind of stood there and looked for a moment, which seemed a bit odd.  I think both Vaildor and I were both a bit stunned and perplexed.  Vaildor was the first to ask what was happening.  That’s when my father said, and I quote, “It’s really him.”

I walked around to see what made him think that.  There, along Vaildor’s hairline on the back of his neck, was a port-wine stain birthmark.  It was small, almost oval-shaped, but rough around the edges.  I don’t remember Vaildor having one, but I was only four at the time.  I don’t remember much at all about him.  Father was convinced though.  He asked to speak to Vaildor alone.

I went for a walk.  I guess it could be possible that Hethurin is telling the truth.  I was worried about what it would mean if he’s really my brother and not my nephew.  When I got back, Father was even more convinced, but he asked me not to tell mother.  He said he would be visiting this weekend to talk to Hethurin.

So now I’m not sure what to think about that, but I’m still really happy about the other news.  Nessna didn’t ask what happened when I met with her, but she did say that Master Amberlight had agreed to make some furniture for the ranger building.  Maybe I’ll buy furniture from him for the clinic.

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Lanthiriel’s Diary

Dear Diary,

A lot has happened again.  First of all, I went into town today, as I have been recently, to oversee the construction of the building.  I picked up my mail and there was a letter from the spire.  I wasn’t expecting a reply so soon.  I opened it right then, not thinking that maybe I should get Vaildor settled somewhere first to work on his lessons.  So of course he asked what it was, then he asked what it said.  I wound up having to tell him that there was no record of him in Silvermoon.  The only Vaildor Lightmist they have on record died 127 years ago when he was only a couple of months old.  So we’re still no closer to finding out who his mother is, or I guess, who he even is.  He still swears he’s from another reality and maybe they have a record of him there.  Well, even if that’s true, I don’t know how to get to it.  I can’t formally adopt him if there’s a possibility that his parents are still around somewhere and want him back.  I need to be able to prove that he’s an orphan or has been abandoned.  I still think Hethurin might be his father, but he still refuses to acknowledge that.  They look so much alike though.  It can’t be coincidence.

Anyway, finding out that he officially didn’t exist upset Vaildor.  I suppose I can understand that.  I’d be upset as well if I found out there was no record of me, and it did upset me that there was no record of him.  I was really hoping it would be that simple.  I suppose it’s time to talk to Hethurin again and see if he’s more willing to talk about where Vaildor really came from.

It was raining lightly this morning so I set Vaildor up with his books to study from at the inn.  They wanted me to pay for the spot he was using at the table!  I would have argued, but I hadn’t spoke with the builders yet, and I needed to do that.  I made sure the price came with glasses of water and told Vaildor I’d be back around noon.  Thankfully, he was able to finish his work today.

The building is coming along well.  Today, I spoke with Ethirdir about adding more rooms, and he said it could be done.  It was good that I asked now.  He’s going to meet with the builder who made the blueprint about adding more rooms in the back.  It’ll be like the house in Silvermoon, though, I think, a bit smaller, but bigger than where I live now.  I think the Confessor intends to ask to marry me.  We spoke a bit about it last night.  Apparently, Vaildor told him some things while they were shopping in Silvermoon, and to be fair, I didn’t tell him not to repeat, so he knows I’m interested now.

Anyway, I think he would prefer to live in town, and honestly, it would be good for both of us to be where our patients can find us easily if we’re needed.  It still seems a little strange to talk about.  I think I love him.  I don’t really know because I’ve never been in love like that before.  I was really sad to think he might not feel the same, but now I’m really excited to think he might be talking to my father about marrying me.

He did seem concerned that I wouldn’t want to do anything after we got married.  I don’t know where he got that idea.  I do want to, but only with my husband.  If we’re married, then he’ll be my husband and we’ll be able to do things like that.  I’ve been reading the book again, and it’s really difficult to wait sometimes.  I watch other people moving in together without marriage first, and it makes me doubt whether I’m right or not.  If everyone learns we should be pure until marriage, then why does no one actually wait?

I told him that he’s attractive.  I think he thought I meant only physically, which he is, but he’s attractive in other ways too.

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