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Sanimir – Sanimir’s Notes

  • Aeramin seems a little happier now.  Maybe the vale is having a positive effect on him, or maybe it’s because we talked.  Most likely it’s because I found a different inn and I open a portal there at night then bring him back during the day.  Or maybe it’s because he’s with Kes during the day.
  • Maybe bringing him back is a bad idea, but I want him to spend time in the Vale.  Some of the pandaren say it has healing energy.  I don’t know.
  • I’ve been going back to Dalaran everyday and making portals for people.  I still have a lot of business, but it’s less than before.
  • Today during one of my tours to show people where the inn and other things of interest are, I ran into Vallindra.  She said she had found some ley-lines already, but she wanted to talk to me alone.  I finished the tour and went back to where I saw her.
  • I had a little time before the next portal appointment, so we walked out of the shrine a short ways.  She asked where Aeramin was and I told her he was with Kes and that’s when she said she suspected that.  I thought that was a weird thing to say, but I just asked why she wanted to know.
  • She said Aeramin is sleeping with Kes.
  • I didn’t believe her at first.  I thought it was just something Xanaroth made up, but then she said she had good sources of information and that Kes has always been overly defensive about being around younger men.
  • So now I don’t know.  I decided to stay in Dalaran for lunch.  I checked on Muffins and cried.
  • I hate crying.
  • I don’t even want to go back to the shrine now, but I have to because I have to make more portals.
  • Maybe I’ll just make the portals then come back to Dalaran for the night.  He can sleep in Kes’s bed if he wants to.  I won’t stop him.  It’ll be good for him to spend time in the Vale anyway.

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Xyliah – Xyliah’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Berwick and I went to Dalaran.  I was able to post some skins to my father.  I hope he likes them!  They’re all so different from what we’re used to.  I’m selling the rest.  I’m certain they’ll fetch a good price.  I also stopped by the apartment and made sure that everything was in order.  I left the rent for the next month with the landlord, although, I’m enjoying the new land so much, I doubt we’ll be home much during the next month.

In fact, I’d say if we keep finding as much as we do, it may be more profitable to just stay in Pandaria.

Luckily, we ran into Sanimir the night before yesterday.  We had just been talking about how we were going to get everything home and get back when Berwick saw him walk in with Kes and Aeramin.  Kes had written about going back to see them.  She said Aeramin had been severely injured, but he looked okay.  I did notice he didn’t turn to say hello.  Maybe he hurt his neck or something.

Anyway, Sanimir agreed to do it, for free, so we met him yesterday and he made sure we were able to get everything transported.  It took a few portals.  I took some of the uncooked noodles to store at the apartment.  I don’t think they’ll go bad unless they’re cooked.  Then there was all the treasure and skins to transport as well.

Ember has grown.  I don’t think he’s suffering from the travel at all.  If anything, he’s enjoying the new food as much as we do.  I’ve been giving him scraps of meat from my kills.  He’s always begging for more!

I’m looking forward to the next site!  I gave father the shrine’s address so he can write to me there.  I think they’ll hold my mail if I’m not at the shrine when it arrives.

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Aeramin – Aeramin’s Notes

  • I’m horrible.
  • Kes must hate me now too.  She pointed out that I have someone who loves me unconditionally.  It was then I realized how awful it is for her to have to sit and listen to me, and the thing is, she’s right.  He does.
  • I’ve had lovers before, but none of them were anything like Sanimir.  Sure, he disappears sometimes, but I think that’s just his way of going off to sort things out.
  • He’s put up with a lot from me already.  I know I’m moody sometimes.  I guess I’m a little like my father was.  I hate saying that.  I never wanted to be anything like him.  I’m not like him in a lot of ways too.  I’ve never hit anyone.
  • So I’m moody.  I summon demons and I am learning fel and shadow magic.  I’ve told him to leave me, more than once.  Now my looks are ruined.  He’s still here.  He does love me unconditionally.
  • Kes thought she had someone to stay with her like that.  I’m horrible for even thinking I have it bad.
  • Maybe I can try to forget that I’m scarred.  It’ll be harder to forget I can’t see out of my left eye.  It’s not easy to accept.
  • Sanimir and I sat out on the steps overlooking the Vale last night.  He wants me to stay here for a few days, at least.  Kes had joined us for a while but left after a short time.
  • We needed to discuss our expectations of each other.  Kes had suggested that.  We’ve both had our share of working too much.  Although, I’ve slowed down on taking orders by raising my prices.  I’m also working faster now.  I was a little out of practice when I first started.
  • He said he’s not taking as many portal appointments either.  There are more mages available who can make a portal here, and he hasn’t lowered his price as much as they have.  He gives a small tour of the building with each portal though.
  • We talked about other things too.  There are things we haven’t done since…  I don’t remember when.  I guess right before he left to learn the portal here, but then I had been sick a few days prior to that.  Anyway, it’s been a while.
  • He doesn’t want to hurt me.  I know I can’t do some things just yet because I would be in too much pain, but there are other ways.  I whispered some into his ear while we were still out on the steps.  It’s kind of funny how dark he gets when he blushes.
  • We both agreed that the inn here at the shrine wasn’t the place for anything.  They just have room dividers up to give a little privacy.  It was very strange trying to sleep while people on the other side of the divider were laughing and talking while eating in the restaurant here.  I guess that’s how the pandaren live.  I hope Sanimir is right and the other inns offer more privacy.
  • He had portals to make today and he has to go back to feed Muffins, so I spent the day with Kes.  She showed me the dragon at the shrine.  One of the locals has one that he goes with outside often, I guess.  The rest of the time we spent in the library.  There are a great deal of books here, but only some are translated.  Maybe there will be more soon.
  • Sanimir said he wouldn’t be too late tonight.  Isandri would be his last portal of the day.

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Vallindra – Vallindra’s Notes

  • I’ve been spending a lot of time in the library since arriving in the Vale.  I’ve managed to get some passages in the books translated.  They were recently written history books.  One of the pandaren helped me choose it.  I didn’t get too close.  I was worried about fleas.
  • I’m pretty sure fleas won’t live in books, so I felt it was safe to take the books from him.
  • Xanaroth has been helping by comparing the maps and noting the changes.  Sometimes you can learn a lot just by looking at those.
  • We went for a walk early today into the Vale outside of the shrine.  As I suspected, this Vale is riddled with ley-lines.  I’m sure Xanaroth isn’t as attuned to it as I am, but I think he may have sensed some of them on his own.  What I don’t know is whether or not he was aware of it.
  • I question his reasons for being here.  Sometimes he says things that make me wonder, or maybe it’s all in my head.  He says other things that affirm I’m the one letting my thoughts wander off the work that needs to be done.
  • We were able to find evidence of a few ley-lines.  One larger and two smaller that intersect it.  I can’t describe it, but they felt different.  Maybe I’ll be able to put it into words after I’ve found a few more.
  • I’ll be doing the math later and projecting the path of those three.  If I’m lucky, they’ll run on for a long time and criss-cross a bunch of other ley-lines.
  • As for his work on the maps, There is a large temple to the north that looks interesting, as well as the one in Jade Forest.  There has recently been fighting in the Jade Forest near the temple there, according to what I’ve overheard at the shrine.  It may not be the safest destination.
  • The large temple is in the mountains.  It may be cold there.
  • Maybe, since he’s looked at the maps in great detail, I should let him choose which we should investigate.
  • I’ve heard a shadowy energy has gripped the Dread Wastes.  He may be interested in that for his research.  I will have to mention the other things though.  I’ve heard stories about some sort of insectoid creatures called the mantid who live in the Dread Wastes..  In the stories, the mantid are not very friendly.

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Isturon – Appointment in Dalaran

Patient’s Name: Aeramin Firewind
Age: 116
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 185 lbs
Sex: Male
Occupation: Calligrapher/Mage
Home: Dalaran
Race: Sin’dorei
Marital Status: Unmarried.  Lives with partner.
Allergies: None

Appointment scheduled to be at that home of the patient due to risks bringing him to the home office.  Patient is recovering well.  Vital signs were all good.  Heartbeat was strong.  Good eye was bright.  Reflexes are quick.  Wounds are healing as expected.

Patient’s partner is concerned that the patient feels pain where he had taken sharp weapon wounds to the chest.  Patient said he was fine and that it only hurts a little.  Further examination was inconclusive.  Patient seems to be in pain upon performing certain actions – pushing with the hands, rising to a stand from a seated position, and raising his arms.  No cause was readily apparent.  Possibly caused by the demon or the weapon, or patient is highly sensitive to pain.  Conceivably, it may also be related to his current frame of mind.

Left eye shows no signs of improvement.  Iris and pupil are dull.  Performed more work on the skin on the left side of the patient’s face.  Lesser burns on his lower ear appear to be completely healed with minimal scarring.  Patient is very concerned about scarring, and complained about itching.  Eyebrow is growing back.

Removed the cast from the patient’s ankle.  It seems to be healing well, although it is still weak from the damage to it.  Gave permission for light use, short walks and such, to help strengthen it.

Physically, patient is improving.  Mentally, patient feels loss.  Spoke with his partner a little before seeing the patient, and was told he’s been very moody and depressed since returning to Dalaran.  I suggested referring him to another priest who specializes in such cases, but his partner did not think he would be convinced to.  Mentioned it offhand while meeting with the patient, and left the name of the priest and where to reach him.  Perhaps he’ll think about it.

I had thought it may be a financial decision that he didn’t want to see anyone about it, but upon going to the restaurant with his partner before leaving, I learned that is not the case.  His partner has the money to pay for whatever help he may need.  I left earlier than I would have liked, but I had a nagging feeling about getting back to Silvermoon.

Prescribed a liferoot/peacebloom tonic for the pain.  Recommended continued use of the goldthorn salve for the burn.  Also recommended eating fresh fruit such as oranges to help the skin repair itself.

The depressive mood, the continued pain in the chest and the need to check his ankle warrant another visit next weekend.

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Sanimir – Sanimir’s Notes

  • Aeramin is really sad all of the time.  His birthday is tomorrow.  I’ve tried to make jokes and make him smile.  He just looks at me like I’m weird.
  • My father is coming to see us tonight.  Maybe if my father can take the cast off, Aeramin will smile.
  • He still won’t say what kind of meal he wants for his birthday.  I ask him and he says he doesn’t know or he’s still thinking about it.  Kes was going to help me with it, but I think maybe it’s a better idea to just take him to the Vale and eat there.  I know they have pie there too.
  • I know part of the reason he’s upset is that the burn on his face is going to scar.  It’s healing really well though, and it looks a lot better than it did.  He says things like he’s ugly now and that he’s seen it in the mirror.  Nothing I say helps.  I tell him he’s still handsome and he says I’m just saying that.
  • It doesn’t matter the way he looks.  I want him to understand that, but I don’t think telling him that would be a good idea.  He’ll just take it as confirmation that he’s ugly now.  He’s not, and I don’t want him to think that.  I don’t know what to do.
  • The other reason he’s upset is his mother is very sick.  I went to see her again today during a break between my portal appointments in the afternoon.  The priestess at the place said she’s been very moody lately.  I guess I know where Aeramin gets it.  She was happy while I was there, even if she didn’t remember who I was.  She has trouble standing sometimes, and she sat in bed most of the time I was there.
  • I wrote to Aranae at the address of her friend.  I still don’t know why she wants to see me, but I told her I could meet her in Silvermoon during the evening sometime.
  • My father will be here for supper tonight.  I think I’ll take him to the lounge to eat and bring back something for Aeramin.  In his note, he told me that mother thinks he’s shopping for Winter Veil.
  • I’ve really been trying to cook, but Aeramin is never happy with it.  Maybe it’s just that he’s never happy right now.

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Alinash – Stormwind

I hate morning.

The sun was just beginning to warm the eastern sky over Stormwind.  Alinash quietly hopped over a small gap between the rooftops.  He had spent another night on the roof watching the target house.  The Harrier had been watching the other side of the building.  It’s construction, as with many of the buildings in Stormwind, allowed for easy entry and exit by both front and back doors.  Alinash was used to working alone, but he would admit it would be nice to have some company one of these nights.

He had one stop to make before going to his home to hide for the day.  Josie had promised to check for strider meat pies at the bakery.  He hoped they had good ones, like the ones he used to steal from the bakery that used to be near Syrina’s home.  He hoped they had them period.

He looked over the edge of one of the roofs.  No one was below.  He scrambled down quickly, finding the footholds easily.  He dropped behind some bushes, peeking around as a guard passed.  I hate guards.  He waited until the guard was out of sight before going to the window and pushing it up.  He reached in, taking the bag off the table beside the window.  In its place, he tossed a nearly empty bag.  The only thing in it was a small list tucked away in the front pocket.  It was a list, a small one, of things he needed.  So far, they had gotten the things he had put on the lists without fail, even the warm cloak.

I hate cold.

That had been one of the things he really needed.  The tips of his ears had begun to lose feeling, even inside the hat, during the long nights on the roof.  The one they had found was warm and heavy and had a hood.  It had the added benefit of hiding his ears just as well as the hat did.  He could pull it even lower and cover his eyes.

He quickly climbed back up the wall after closing the window.  The more the morning neared, the lighter the sky became, the closer it was to the time that the gryphons would take to the air.  I hate gryphons.  I hate guards.  He frowned thoughtfully as he hopped over the gap he had passed on his way there.  Yet, I like Stormwind.

He hurried home.

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