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OOC – Art

Bad picture, but I think I’m finally done with skin tones on this one.  Next step, hair!

Skin tones finished? I think?


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Tathariel and I are finally back home in Desolace.  Not much here has changed.  They moved my trees.  They said they had to plant them, and that they were in the way because there is a path out of the glade right next to our home.  Maybe I can convince them that a small row of potted trees closer to the house would be okay.  Relanos is moving pretty fast now.  I don’t want him running out where he would be in danger of being stepped on by someone’s mount.

Phaa did okay watching Relanos.  I inspected him and there weren’t any bite marks or anything, so I don’t think he’ll turn into a demon.  He keeps saying ‘va’ for some reason.  Hopefully he hasn’t suffered any verbal delay due to possible exposure to demon language.

I didn’t like the way the sentinels looked at me in Feralas.  I didn’t wear my goggles when we went to pick him up, and I swear if I hadn’t been with Tathariel, they would have been doing a lot more than staring daggers at me.  I guess they don’t know me yet.  I hope they get used to me coming to visit my family there.

Terivanis said I need to re-do my bird feet drawings.  He didn’t like the ones I did.  Tathariel said I could study her bird form.  I think he’ll know if I try to trace her talons onto the paper.  I hope he doesn’t make me do this for every part of the bird.  I got a note from him after we arrived home.  He wants me to collect kodo dung for some reason.  I guess I have to if I want to learn.

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Latahlali – Letter to Andarthir

Dear Andarthir,

My grandfather saw fit to move our camp due to the presence of orcs fishing in the lake.  We’ve moved west, still in the hills.  I don’t know how to describe how to get here, other than it was a lot of climbing.  I can’t wait to see you again.  I would have written sooner but Vael was being over protective, and not letting me go to Stardust Spire on my own.  I plan to mail this while he sleeps.  I will try to convince him it is safe for me to go pick up our supplies at the Spire.  If he allows me, I will linger there as long as possible.

Daemah is fine.  She came with us.  She caught a small mouse at our new camp.

The new camp is nice but there are a lot of windriders to the south.  Vael complains about it a lot, so we might not stay there very long either.

Your beard is very soft and nice to touch.  I’m thinking about it constantly.

– Lali

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Vaelarian – On the Ridge

Vaelarian Ashclaw stayed low as he crept through the high grass on the ridge.  He had still not taken any action on the problem with the Highborne, but then again, Lali had not left the camp since his recovery.  Nor had he seen any evidence that the mage had visited.  Perhaps the Highborne had returned to wherever it was he came from.  It would be ideal if the old fool had figured out on his own that it was a bad idea, and that he should never return.  However, Vaelarian knew things were rarely ever ideal.  He slipped behind a tree.

The tree was one of two on the ridge.  On the larger flat ridge below was the building where he had met up with an orc a few weeks ago.  He could see clearly into the fenced area around the back of the building from here.  The wind was just right that he could smell it as well.  Although he had not had enough time to count before, he swore there were more bodies.  A relief that none of them were elves, but still unsettling that it was so close to the camp.

He saw no movement near the building nor its surroundings.  All the same, he stayed back.  He, of all people, knew too well that no movement did not necessarily mean it was empty.  A lesson he had been reminded of a few weeks ago.  He should have been more careful on his last visit.

After some time observing, he slipped back along the ridge.  The last thing he wanted was Lali sneaking off while he was away.  As he neared the lake they camped by, he slipped down off the upper ridge.  He glanced towards the lake and quickly ducked into the tall grass.

There was a small boat on the lake.

It was a tauren canoe.  Vaelarian could see two orcs in it.  Their fishing lines in the water.  He hurried back to the camp.

Latahlali was oblivious to the orcs.  The camp was tucked back a bit in the hills, but close enough that Vael didn’t want to risk it.

“Pack your stuff.  Take down your tent.  We have to go.”

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OOC – A Couple Art Things

Terivanis - Pencils, done in the car on a bumpy road. o.0

Art done to accompany Jaeyn's visit to Dalaran story.

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Relanos – Feathermoon

Relanos Evershade sat at the moonwell with the nice demon woman, Va.  The other demon woman, Vaharara, was there too.  Relanos doesn’t think she is bad, but an’da, the cold man. doesn’t seem to like her.  The bird man likes her.  Relanos looks up to the sky.  Where is bird man?  Relanos doesn’t see him.  Relanos crawls to Vaharara’s lap.  The bird man isn’t here.  He can’t be jealous.  Relanos grabs her tendrils and tries to chew them.  The demon woman is surprised.  She doesn’t let him.

Relanos tries to climb down.  The Vaharara is holding him.  Let go!  Relanos struggles to be let down.  She puts him down but watches him close.  Relanos doesn’t mind.  He wants to play.  She can watch.

Va gets the ball out of the bag.  She shows it to Relanos.  Relanos wants it!  He takes the ball and throws it at her.  She’s right there.  She’s easy to hit with the ball.  She picks the ball up out of her lap, and throws it.  It goes far!  She missed Relanos, silly demon woman!  Relanos laughs, and runs after the ball.  He’ll bring it back.  He shows her how to throw it again.  He gets close, and it lands in her lap.  Relanos is good at this game!  The demon woman smiles, and tosses the ball again.  Too far Va!  You missed Relanos again!  Relanos giggles, and runs to get the ball.  He will show her until she gets it.

Relanos is tired.  He crawls into Va’s lap.  Where is Zaaarrr, the man with animals?  He’s not at the moonwell.  Relanos likes the animals.  They are soft.  The other baby is here.  They call him Fararoar.  He doesn’t do much.  Relanos wants to play with him sometime, but he doesn’t get out of his blanket.  Maybe he is sick.  Relanos will check his nose sometime, but not now.  Relanos is tired.

He curls up in Va’s lap.  She gets a blanket out of his bag and puts it over him.  She sings.  She has a pretty voice, just like min’da.  Min’da isn’t here.  An’da isn’t here.  Where are they?  Relanos looks at the buildings.  There’s a demon man in the big building watching them.  He watches the man until he closes his eyes.  The demon woman’s song is soft and melodious.  Relanos falls asleep.

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Daanus – Baby Talk

Daanus watched from the inn as the women below at the moonwell passed the two babies back and forth.  Two of the women were draenei.  The other was an elf.  She seemed to be the mother of the youngest baby, although both babies were elves.  He didn’t think she could be the mother to both of them.  They looked too close in age.  He had learned from some of the sentinels that the two draenei women whom had recently moved into the town have elven mates.  The older baby didn’t look like any kind of half-breed.  Perhaps they had adopted him.  One of the draenei priestesses seemed to be acting as his mother.  Adoption would explain that.

He could not explain how the two lovely ladies found elves attractive enough to become mates with.  They didn’t have tails.  They didn’t have tendrils.  Their ears were far too long.  Their feet were soft.  Daanus would guess that their foreheads were quite a bit softer as well.  One could wonder how their race managed to survive at all.

The older baby played a game with one of the priestesses.  He guessed the female elf might be a priestess as well.  She didn’t dress like the sentinels.  The baby was chasing after a ball that one of the draenei priestesses would throw.  He seemed to be enjoying himself and he squealed in delight now.  Daanus smiled.

He wondered if they had quieter nights when the elven men would look after the babies.  He would like to speak with the draenei priestesses again.  Not many draenei came this far south to live.  He was unsure there were any others besides himself and the two priestesses sitting below.  He watched as they played with the babies.  He would not interrupt them tonight.

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