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Art – More Works in Progress

I streamed a bit this morning and got lineart/flats done for both Iselwen and Vaelarian.

Iselwen Moonflower

Vaelarian Ashclaw, rawrface.



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Art – The Wedding

I’ve been working on this now and then for about a month and a half.  A lot of the details are missing and the cows look derpy, but… I’m calling it done.  There are 15 characters in this one, so it was a big job.  I think my biggest problem was switching mid-way from doing things one way to doing things another way.  I plan to work on smaller projects from now on =P

Ahali, Rohau, Vaelarian, Makota, Sora, Fnor, Amyn, Kestrae, Lali, Isandri, Raleth, Sath’alor, Teniron, Theronil and Ellorian.


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Vaelarian – The New Camp

Vaelarian Ashclaw couldn’t help but hear someone approaching the camp.  He put out the fire and slipped between the trees and bushes to find the source of the commotion in the woods.  He wasn’t really surprised to see it was the Highborne.  While he was relieved it wasn’t an orc, it seemed the mage managed to step on every twig possible.  An elekk could have walked lighter.  If he were any louder, every orc in Orgrimmar would know where they were.  Vael slipped silently through the brush near the Highborne.  If the Highborne was this much of a bumbling fool in the forest, then none of them should be messing around with the arcane.  The mage reached the stream, and proceeded to slosh through it towards the camp, dampening the bottom half of his robe.

Vaelarian watched as the mage walked up the bank of the small island in the stream.  He stopped at the top, looking in the direction of the tents.  Vaelarian took advantage of the Highborne’s attention being held by the tents to cross the open stream and slip behind a bush.  The Highborne continued standing in the same spot, staring at the camp.  Vaelarian glanced down and found a sizable dry twig to step on.  It snapped in two loudly.  He looked back up at the Highborne.  An ear twitched, nothing more.  Perhaps the old fool was braver than Vaelarian had first supposed.  Or dumber.

Vaelarian stepped on another stick.

The Highborne called out.  The man really was a fool, but still, he did not run in fear as Vael had expected.  He could at least respect that.  He stepped away from the bush, allowing himself to be seen.

“She’s not here.”

The mage seemed startled.  Good.  Perhaps he was capable of recognizing danger after all.  At first the Highborne tried to act innocent.  He said he was lost.  Vaelarian knew enough to know the mage would be seeking out the camp.  He was not lost.  He found what he was looking for.

He sat and sharpened his blades while speaking further with the Highborne.  He would not be able to stop Lali from seeing him, not without risking to alienate her.  He couldn’t do that.  He wouldn’t do that, but he wouldn’t let her in immediate danger either.  The mage seemed concerned that he was doing just that by staying in Ashenvale.  The threat from the orcs were everywhere there.  But Vaelarian didn’t think the city would be any safer.  He sharpened his throwing knives too.  She was safe with him.  The question was, would she be safe visiting with this Highborne.

She had apparently sent him one of her stories.  Was it truly by mistake?  Vael had stumbled upon one of her stories when she first came into his care, a little over a year ago.  He remember his ears warming and stuffing the story back where he found it, quickly.

The Highborne had said he wanted to talk to her.  About cats.  When she returned, she sat near him and talked.  About cats.

Vaelarian knew it was because he was there.  She seemed nervous mentioning that she had written a letter to him.  He had suspected that much.  He suspected more.  He watched their reactions.  He fished for more info.

For now he had to allow it.

The mage had stayed at the camp.  Vaelarian lent him one of his spare bedrolls.  They didn’t have a spare tent.  He slept near one of the trees.  Vaelarian waded towards where the water cascaded over the cliff to the south as the sun rose in the east.  He sat at one of the hills overlooking the valley below, watching as the windriders took flight in the dawn’s light.

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Terivanis – The Storm

“Kel?  Where are you?”  Terivanis yelled over the rising winds.  The ominous clouds promised a dreadful storm as they rolled ever closer to the island.

“I’m over here!”  He heard her answer.  It sounded as if she were nearby.  He checked the closest building.  It was empty.  He checked another.  It was empty too.

“Kel?  I can’t find you!”  He shouted as he ran out of a third empty building.

“I’m right here.  We need to get to safety.  Hurry Teri!”

The waves roared against the nearby shore.  The wind began pelting him with the first drops of rain.  He ran inside another building.  It was empty too.

“Teri!  Help!”  He heard her cry.  He ran back outside.  Lightning flashed across the sky.  The thunder cracked almost immediately.  With the rumble, the rain came.  He was soaked in seconds as he scurried to the next building.

Ornasse stood there in the otherwise empty room.  He looked down at Terivanis.  “You lost her.”

“What?  No!  No, I didn’t.”

“Where is she?”

“I don’t know.  I’m looking.”

Ornasse raised an eyebrow.  “You don’t look like you’re looking.  You lost her.”

Terivanis darted out the door and back into the rain.  “I am looking.”  He muttered as he dashed to the the next building.

“I didn’t lose her.  I can’t lose her.”  He mumbled.  It was another empty building.  He went back outside and looked around.  All the buildings looked the same.  He ran to one that he didn’t think he had checked yet.

Inside was dim, lit by candles only.  A man stood facing the candles.  His back was to Terivanis.

“There is a storm coming.  You should seek safety.”  Terivanis spoke quietly.  He felt almost guilty for disturbing the man from his peaceful meditations.  The man seemed oblivious to the danger coming.

He turned to face Terivanis.

“An’da?”  Terivanis gaped.  His father looked just as he remembered him.  His long, green hair hung loosely over his shoulders.  He wore simple clothing, a plain white linen shirt, plain brown pants, and leather boots.  He carried a satchel for his herbs.  He was not much taller than Terivanis.  That was different.  Terivanis had grown since he last saw his father.

“Where is your sister?”

“A storm is coming, An’da.  We need to get to safety.  I can’t find her.  Please help me.”

“Do you remember what I told you when you were a child?  She may be older than you, but she is a temple priestess.  You must protect her.  Always.”

“I need help finding her.”

“It is too late.  You have failed me.”  The man turned back towards the candles.

“An’da!  Please!”

The man faded away as Terivanis opened his eyes.  It was still dark.  He slipped out of bed after kissing Vajarra’s cheek.  He got dressed and walked out of the inn.

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OOC – Painting (Done!)

Burd is done.


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Kelanori – Story

Kelanori walked towards the hills just north of the Shrine of Aviana.  As she neared the line of trees that covered the steep slopes, she saw the devilsaur named Jaellynn which quickly dispelled any fears that she may not be able to find the tracker that tamed the fearsome beast.

She approached the bushes near the gigantic beast.  Vassanta had said the monster had eaten three cult druids.  She peered around the bushes, making sure to give the giant lizard plenty of distance.  Her brother sat at the animal’s feet, wrapping one of the beast’s toes with a bandage.

“Hello.”  She said quietly, as to not startle him, nor the devilsaur.

He looked up and smiled, “Hi Kel!”

“Is your devilsaur injured?”  She asked, looking at the half-wrapped bandage.

“Oh, he has a burn on his foot.  He stepped on some really hot rocks.”

“You went through the portal.”

“I–”  He looked down at his devilsaur’s foot.  His ear twitched.  “Yes.”

“Why?  You promised you wouldn’t!  You know how much I worried when you and your brother were in Northrend.  I worry enough with Ornasse going to the Firelands.”

“We just wanted to see.”

“And that’s another thing.  You’re endangering her life as well as your own.”  She knelt by the devilsaur, gently lifted it’s foot, and started to unwrap the bandage.

“We both wanted to see.”  He stood, and put his hand on the devilsaur’s neck to keep it calm as his sister continued to unwrap the foot.

“Well you saw.  Are you content now?”  She set the bandage aside.

He watched in silence as she closed her eyes, her hands glowing with the light of Elune as she held the devilsaur’s foot.  She was careful to cover the entire underside of it before opening her eyes and letting the light fade.

“Thank you for healing him.  I’m sorry we went.  We won’t go again.”

She stood up, looking at her brother with a faint smile.  “His foot will still be tender for a few days.  The bandage shouldn’t be necessary now.  It wasn’t burned too badly.”

He thanked her again as she hugged him.

“I need to get some sleep.  You’ll be here a few more days?”

He nodded.  “We will.  Goodnight Kel.”

“Goodnight Jaeyn.”  She smiled as she turned and headed back to the shrine.

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OOC – Painting Progress

I am never painting anything with feathers ever again.

Very unhappy with the wings. Very.

So I moved on to toss a base color on for his hair, which I can't really paint yet, because his face is under some of it. So I should paint his face first. However, it gave me something to do and it is just the base so no biggie cause there's no detail.

And just to reiterate, I hate feathers.

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