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Vaildor’s Essay

I’m supposed to write an essay about everything I’ve learned this year, but I don’t remember everything all at once so I hope I remember enough right now. I think I don’t remember some because I wasn’t here for it because I go to art school two days each week.

I’ve learned a lot in art school. We do a lot of practice where we get to draw someone, but we only have a couple of minutes to do it! It’s supposed to make us better at finding the important lines in a pose or something. We don’t have enough time to worry about details for those, but I think details are important too, so sometimes I work on making them better later at home. Minn’da says it’s okay as long as I don’t forget to do my actual homework because one time I did.

For subjects at regular school, I’m not very good at remembering history, but I remember that Miss Lali said there were sculptures and stuff from thousands of years ago in Kalimdor. I thought we should take a field trip to see them, but she didn’t think that would be a good idea. I’d still like to go see them though. I haven’t worked much with sculpting, but we did talk about it in art school so I’ll probably have to eventually.

We have to learn anatomy too. Miss Lali said it could help with my art, but I think it’s gross. I don’t think I’ll ever be drawing someone’s liver! I guess it’s a bit easier for me because Minn’da has some books about it. She has some with boobs too. There’s some way to feel around them and make sure they’re okay according to her books. I think if I don’t become a good artist, I should do that instead.

I’m really bad at math. I think my new cousin is better at it than I am. She was just adopted, and her name is Malwen, but she’s always had school, and I didn’t for a long time so I guess there’s some things she’s ahead of me on.

I have another new cousin too because Hethurin adopted two girls at the same time. The second one is a baby they named Narise. She’s smaller than Telinda. I think Hethurin’s going to have to make our classroom bigger in a few years because there’s so many new babies! Rylad and Naraleth will be old enough to start learning numbers and letters soon.

I’m not good at writing essays because I forget what I was going to write by the time I get to where I’m supposed to write it. I only need a few more words for five hundred words so I’m going to keep writing until I have enough. Okay, it’s still not enough. I don’t have enough words yet, but I’m so close. Telinda is really cute. Not enough yet. I hope Kiandris will still come to see me over summer break because he’s my best friend. Okay, that’s enough. I’m done!


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My Week by Vaildor Lightmist

I guess it’s been an okay week. I’m still kind of figuring out what to think about what happened last night. Lani made me sit in the sitting room with her, and I thought we were just going to talk about school or something.  I thought maybe I failed a test, but that wasn’t it at all. She and the Confessor are going to have a baby.

I know it’s supposed to be a happy thing, but this affects me too. I know I won’t have to share a room, at least not yet, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t going to change a lot. Neither of them will have time for me. What if I need help with some homework? What if they can’t send me to art school because babies cost a lot too? I think Hethurin and Isturon are helping with that, so at least school should be okay, but what if I need a new robe or some books or more art supplies? They need to buy cribs and rattles now, so there won’t be enough for a new robe.

Anyway, I want to be happy, but I’m worried too. Also, I’m not sure if it will be like my brother or sister, or if it’s my niece or nephew. It’s kind of how I feel about Lani and the Confessor too. I kind of think of them as my mother and father, but I have a mother and a father, so I don’t know if it’s okay to call my older sister, Minn’da, and her husband, Ann’da. I mean, he’s my brother-in-law, but he’s raising me.

Sometimes I wish things could be normal, but I guess that can’t happen because I’m in the wrong time, and they can’t take me back without changing a lot of things. I do get to see my real father sometimes and that’s nice. Maybe I can go to Silvermoon again soon.

There’s also some really good news about the school. Hethurin has agreed that the area needs a school for younger kids, and he’s having a whole new room built onto the academy just for that. I heard him talking to the builders, and I guess a new bathroom is being put in next to the room too.  He’s having it added on to where there was a side door, and it’s kind of close to the cliff. I hope I don’t daydream and stare out the window at the sea all the time!

Anyway, the best part is he’s already written to the art school in Silvermoon about being approved to work with the program they have for younger students. I won’t be able to go to the art school full-time, but I’ll be able to go a couple of days a week as long as I’m at a regular school on the other days. I’m really excited about that. That means I’ll be able to go in January if he gets approved! I asked him if he’s going to charge anything for the tuition, and he said he’s already wrote to the Spire in Silvermoon about having it financed by them. He’s not sure they will because the school isn’t in Silvermoon or Eversong, but he thinks there’s a good chance that they might. If they do, he can offer the classes for free so that all the younger people of the area can study there. If they don’t, then he’s still going to try to keep tuition free, but the students will have to buy their own supplies. He said he also put up an ad to find a teacher for it. I hope he finds someone nice!


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My Week by Vaildor Lightmist

Reading and writing is boring, and I don’t like math much either.  History is boring because all that is just more reading, but they disguise it by calling it something else.  Sometimes the science lessons aren’t so bad.  There’s all sorts of different kinds of trees and rocks and stuff and they all have names and ways to identify them.  I kind of like that, but having to read books about it is still boring.

I was able to fill out my application for the art school.  I still need to talk to Hethurin about maybe having real classes here for general education so that I won’t have to take them in Silvermoon.  They’re all boring, but I’d rather have them here than in boring Silvermoon.  I hope the application is accepted because then I can start studying at the art school a few days each week starting next semester, after the holidays.  I’m excited about that!

Today, Lani is baking a cake and she said that it can be part of my science lesson because I learn how things react in heat and make different things.  I don’t know what really happens though.  I mean, she mixes all these different things together, and puts it in the oven and then it’s cake!  I think that’s more like magic than science.

She was worried about the cake coming out right.  I told her it should be fine if she follows the directions on her recipe because it wouldn’t be a recipe if it didn’t come out right when it was followed.  So I helped her measure everything exactly, then she was upset because the eggs come in different sizes and she wasn’t sure if it meant big eggs or small eggs.  We used the most medium eggs we could find.  I like the big eggs for breakfast.  They’re the best!

So she’s making the cake but she made two different sizes, so there was one big cake and one smaller cake.  She said the smaller cake was for the Confessor and I can’t touch it.  She’s going to decorate it later.  Maybe it’s his birthday?  But then he went out to visit some of his patients who can’t make it into town, and I don’t know why he would want to do that on his birthday!  Maybe she’s just making him a cake for just him because she misses him.  I bet that’s it.

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My Week by Vaildor Lightmist

This week was a lot better than last week.  Last week, I didn’t have to write one of these things, which is good because I don’t think I would have been able to!  It was very upsetting, and I’m still upset about it, but I’m not supposed to talk about it to everyone either, so I don’t really feel comfortable writing it down.  Someone could read it!  So I’ll just have to say it was an upsetting week, and things happened.  I’m still a little sad.

The last time I did one of these, it was just for Lani, but now I’m going to the mage school to learn, which is weird a bit because I’m not a mage and I don’t want to be.  I think Hethurin should make a real school for the children in the area.  Right now it’s just me and he sends one of the students or sometimes one of the other magisters comes in to see me in the library.  Lani is still saying what I have to learn, and she sends me with my books and a list of things to study every morning.  History is so boring!  I’m glad I don’t have to write about it.  Lani thinks my writing is getting better, and I can read a lot faster too.  I’ll need to be able to fill out the application form for the art school in Silvermoon in a couple of months so I’m working on being super neat with my letters.  I wanted to go there for the fall term, but Lani didn’t think I was ready, and I did have some trouble on some parts of the application.  I don’t understand all the big words yet, and there’s a lot of them, but they write them really small.  Lani thought I should wait and apply for the winter term.  I think that will work out okay.

I was able to read that they have a program for younger students which is probably what I would qualify as because I’m not really that old.  Lani said they have it because general education is important, but sometimes young elves decide what they want to do very early, like me!  Anyway, she wants me to sign up for that.  It would give me some classes at the art school a couple of days each week, and the rest of the time, I’m supposed to attend regular school.  There’s a list of regular schools that work with the program.  That’s another reason that Hethurin should have a real school for kids.  He could tell the art school that he can work with the program then I wouldn’t have to travel to Silvermoon everyday, and I bet Hethurin’s school would be free for me, like it is now.  I know the regular schools in Silvermoon will cost money because I heard Lani talking about it with the Confessor, and I don’t want to cost too much.  Plus I think it would be good to have a regular school in the area.  There isn’t any now.  People should really listen to me about this!

Everything else is good.  Lani’s not a very good cook, so Tik usually makes something for me to take home at the end of the day for the whole family.  It’s weird to think that maybe they don’t exist in other realities.  I like it here though, and I know that Lani and the Confessor both care for me.  I don’t want to be anywhere else.  I was worried at first about moving into town because it was a different kind of move than I was used to.  It was new.  I love my new room though, and it’s so big, and I don’t have to share it with anyone ever.  I’ve been working on my walls.  I need to stand on things to reach the top, but the chalk works really nice on the black walls, and paint is good on the white.

I like the building too, and I like how Lani and the Confessor work right there.  Lani had a surgery to do last week and there’s a room in front for patients to stay.  It has two beds and a divider up in the middle, but we’ve only had the one patient stay there.  He was a ranger.  I saw him when he came in, but I’m not supposed to bother the patients.  It was easier to talk to them the first weeks we were here, but now Lani has someone helping her, and she’s out to check the waiting room a lot.  Her name is Isandri and she has a cute little baby.  She’s staying at Hethurin’s school while her place is fixed out here.  I guess they’re going to stay just outside of town.  Hethurin really should think about making a regular school because there’s Rylad too, and both of the babies will get older and need to learn how to read and write!  Lani wants a baby too, so a school here would be really good for the future.

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Sim’dorei Screenshots

Aeramin and Imralion’s new house in the Ghostlands needed to be built.  I also wound up playing a bit.

View from the front.  I couldn't get a good screenshot of the back because there are too many trees.

View from the front. I couldn’t get a good screenshot of the back because there are too many trees.

First floor.

First floor.

Second floor.

Second floor.

Basement.  It's mostly unfurnished yet because I didn't finish.

Basement. It’s mostly unfurnished yet because I didn’t finish.

I played a bit too.  🙂


Fairsong Academy in the winter!

Fairsong Academy in the winter!

I also built that little house by the stables at the bottom of the hill. :)

I also built that little house by the stables at the bottom of the hill. 🙂

Winter garden

Winter garden.

Renner checks out the time machine.

Renner checks out the time machine.

Lani gives Vaildor presents.

Lani gives Vaildor presents.

Vaildor tags his walls.

Vaildor tags his walls.

Aeramin practices magic to music!

Aeramin practices magic to music!

Hethurin plays with the chicks!

Hethurin plays with chicks.

Terellion fixes the sink!

Terellion fixes the sink!

You have no idea how difficult it was to get these two together.

You have no idea how difficult it was to get these two together.

Imralion... in the shower.

Imralion… in the shower.

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The Portal

Vaildor Lightmist awoke, startled by a loud noise.  He saw the cause of the noise immediately upon sitting up in bed.  He drew his knees up to his chest, and huddled close to the wall next to his bed.  “What are you doing here?” He wouldn’t have spoken if the other person hadn’t already looked his way.

Sanimir finished casting a spell before answering, “I’ve come to say goodbye.”

Vaildor frowned.  He didn’t see any visible effect of the spell, and coming to say goodbye now was a bit tardy in Vaildor’s opinion.  That man who had been raising him until just a few months ago had odd timing sometimes.  The portal flickered behind the elf he had once called his father.  Vaildor knew he had come from another reality, and probably another time.  “You should have said goodbye when you just left me here.  I had no idea what was going on.  You could have told me the plan.”

“I’m sorry about that.  There wasn’t enough time.  I meant to, and I was struggling with how.  I didn’t get that part figured out before they came again.”

“You’re evil.  Hethurin says the bronze dragons are friendly and you kill them.”

“They would have taken me from you if I didn’t.”

“But you kidnapped me!  I wasn’t supposed to be with you.”

“Would you have preferred to die?  That’s what you were doing when I took you.  I saved your life, Vaildor.”

“You also lied to me and told me you were my father, and you would never talk about my mother, but the truth is you probably don’t even like girls.”

Sanimir paused thoughtfully, “I suppose that might be true.  There was never time to find out.”

Vaildor frowned, still huddled in a ball on his bed.  He noticed portal that had been behind Sanimir had faded away.  “You’re not going to kidnap me again, are you?”

“No.  I’m not here to take you again.  I’m here to say goodbye.  Over the past few months, I’ve been viewing multiple outcomes to the moments that are about to happen.  There is little chance I will survive the fight to come, and even less of a chance that I’ll be able to leave freely.  In the rare chance that I do escape them, you are always with me, but you choose to be.  I do not force you.  When it is time for me to go, I’ll leave the portal open.  You are welcome to follow, if you choose.”

“ I want to stay here.”

Sanimir nodded, “I understand.  They’ve accepted you.  They’re your real family.  I am happy that things have worked out well for you.  I’m sorry I wasn’t able to give you all that they can.”

“Why did you kidnap me if you knew I’d be better off here?”

“I don’t have to remind you again that I saved your life, right?” Sanimir rose a brow as Vaildor shook his head, “Good.  I saved you because I missed my family.  In the reality where I’m from, very few elves survived the invasion of the Scourge.  I’m sure your sister has made you read the history of what happened here, but now imagine it was ten times worse.  My world was overrun with the Scourge.  I had stayed at the school I was attending at the time, instead of going home to them.  I was only saved by one of the teacher’s portals.  There were no survivors in the city.  My father, my mother, all of my sisters are gone.  There are only a handful of elves left in my time.  That’s what fueled my studies in chronomancy.  Then I received assistance from the infinite flight.  I’ve repaid them for teaching me by doing tasks for them over the years.  They occasionally needed a non-draconic agent to assist them.  Unfortunately, their aid didn’t help me.  I’ve tried to go back, to change the way things happened, but the timeline has been blocked for me, probably by the Bronze Flight.  That’s when I opted to meet you.” He paused as though his thoughts were interrupted, then said, “Hethurin is here.  He’ll be through the ward soon.  I need to go.  The portal will be open for a while though.  Goodbye, Vaildor.”  He cast a spell opening a new portal in the center of the room.

Vaildor frowned as he watched the mage leave through the portal.  Seconds later, the door to his room burst open.

“He’s still here!” Hethurin said as others came into the room.  Confessor Morthorn immediately went to Vaildor as the rest stood and looked at the portal.

“Vaildor, are you okay?”

He nodded as he watched the others quietly whispering near the portal.  Hethurin cast a spell as he neared the it.  He and Terellion disappeared. Then Desdeyliri cast the same spell, also nearing the portal.  She and Renner disappeared.  Vaildor’s eyes watered.  They were going to kill the man who had raised him.  He felt the Confessor’s arms go around him as he started crying.

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Practice 2

Lena said the words to conjure the vision around herself and Zarah.  A future Ghostlands slowly came into focus.  Zarah had warned her that her subject today was Vaildor.  The timelines were still adjusting to his presence, and the visions may be foggier than usual.  While it did take a little longer to focus, when it finally did, this one was clear.  The young man stood on an outdoor terrace at an easel.  Lena guessed that they were in Tranquillien, and that they were at the boy’s home.  He painted the scene of the village as he saw it from where he stood.

“This is the most likely future for him as things are now.  With him, things can change very rapidly still.  There is another possible future that switches frequently with this one.”  Zarah commented as Lena walked closer to study the details of the painting in progress.  “This one changes often.  Sometimes he’s painting here, sometimes he’s inside or in Silvermoon, but he paints.  The subject of his painting changes just as often.”

“What is he doing in the other possible future?”

“You memorized the spells I gave you.  Cast the second one.  It will take us to his second most likely possibility.”

Lena looked at the painting once more.  The young elf meticulously continued adding more details.  He was very good.  She smiled and cast the spell.

It took longer than usual as the vision faded and a new one replaced it.  They were in a room, the walls were an off-white and the cabinets were as well.  Again, it seemed quite clear despite the fact it took longer to appear.  Vaildor knelt next to a female elf.  They both observed a wound on a third elf’s leg.  The female was explaining what she was doing as she cleaned and dressed the wound.

Lena scrunched her nose up slightly.  She didn’t like the sight of blood much.  “He’s a healer?”

“He’s learning.”

“I see.  It’s quite a bit different from painting.”

Zarah smiled, “They both require attention to detail.  He seems good at that.”

“Can we try another?”  Lena asked, looking away from the wounded leg.

Zarah nodded.

Lena wasted no time casting the next spell.  The room faded as another vision appeared.  This one did seem more muddled as it slowly came into focus.  It was as if she were watching something far away, though it was right in front of her.  Though things never fully became clear, and the sound was muffled, she knew where it was as she had been here before in a vision.  Fairsong Academy.

“I can’t make out the faces, but that looks like him there.” Lena pointed to one of the students.

“That’s him.  This is an unlikely possibility, but it still could happen.  It is a lot less likely now that he’s moved to the town.”

“So it would have been clearer if we visited before he moved?”

Zarah nodded silently.

“But it’s still not completely eliminated as a possibility.”


Lena nodded, still concentrating on the foggy vision.  It wasn’t going to clear up.  “Can we do one more?”

Zarah nodded.

Lena cast the spell.  There was no waiting this time.  A vision set at a camp in a forest snapped into focus.  Zarah took a step back.  Lena did as well upon seeing who the campers were.  She knew it was him before Zarah told her, not simply by the way Zarah had reacted, but also by the way his head had snapped towards them the moment the vision had appeared.  There was little likelihood of it being Hethurin.

“So, we’re resorting to spying now?” Sanimir said, standing and taking a step towards them, “But no, wait… something is off.  I can’t tell what it is.”

Vaildor, who was almost 90 in this reality, looked around, “Ann’da, who are you talking to?  They aren’t coming for us again, are they?”

“They’re not really here, but they see us.”

Vaildor quickly crawled into his tent and pulled a blanket over his head.  His green eyes peeked out from underneath it.

Lena glanced at Zarah.  She whispered, “What do I do?”

“Keep him talking.  I’m trying to unravel his location.”

Sanimir laughed, “Good luck with that, dragon.  I’ve had time to improve my skills.  Thankfully for you, you’re not really here.”

Lena glanced at Zarah again, and whispered, “How is he talking to us?  It’s supposed to just be a vision.”

Zarah was silent.

“Oh, I see!  You’re not even fully trained yet!  Zaradormi, my dear, you are slipping.  No, wait.  I know what’s wrong.  You’re in the past.  This is Lena, isn’t it.  Poor thing didn’t deserve what you led her into.  So sorry about that.  My condolences about what happened to Renzdormu as well.”  Sanimir looked directly at Zarah.  “I suggest you leave my family alone.  We wouldn’t want any further accidents.”  He smiled smugly as he began to cast a spell.

“No!” Zarah exclaimed, but it was too late.  The vision disappeared.  “I think I almost had it.  We could have gotten him, but I suppose it’s for the best.  We wouldn’t want to let him run loose for 70 years.  It’s much preferable to catch him before that.”

Lena frowned, “The vision was very clear.  Is there a high likelihood of it happening?”

“He’s done enough.  I won’t let him do more.  We need to warn the others of what we’ve seen.”

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