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Sanimir – Going Home

Sanimir Lightmist woke late in the morning to the sound of pounding waves and seagulls calling out as they fought over a morsel of fish.  He got up, still wearing his night robe, and pushed aside the thin curtain that covered the doorway.  He thought mornings were always beautiful here.  The row of rooms where he was staying had nothing to block the view of the bay.  This would be his last morning here, at least for a couple of days.  Maybe he’d come back.  He wasn’t sure yet.  He closed the curtain briefly to get dressed.  He had brought one of his old apprentice robes, but was convinced by one of the goblins that he needed a shirt and pants.  The same goblin happened to have some for sale, in his size.

He didn’t really want to leave just yet.  It was nicer here.  No one told him what he had to do, and when he told one of the goblins that he was going to be 92 soon, they were impressed and called him old!  Maybe he would come back after the weekend was over.  A lot depended on how things went over the next few days.

He had a wedding to attend tomorrow.  He would have to talk to the bride and groom, who were also his employers, about his job.  He wanted to be able to continue, and he might need the money, but again that depended on how things went over the next few days.  He was excited for the two of them, and wanted to be there.  Isandri was one of his best friends now.  He was sure it would be a beautiful wedding.

He would have to talk to Xyliah as well.  He had noted she hadn’t shown up at the wedding on Wednesday.  Of course, he had not been there very long himself.  Perhaps she had shown up when he wasn’t there.  Nessna and Vessen, the newlywed couple, had asked where she was.  He had simply answered that she was around somewhere.  It wasn’t a lie.  He didn’t know exactly where she was so she was around somewhere, and there were enough people there that they didn’t question it.

He missed Aeramin.  He wasn’t sure what he would say to him.  A lot of things depended on how this weekend went.

At least it would be easier getting here next time.  He had been so tired that morning when he teleported first to Dalaran to grab a few things, then to Silvermoon where he gave the dragonhawk handler a coin purse and asked how far the dragonhawks could fly.  He wound up in Booty Bay.  It had been a long ride, especially for someone who was upset and hadn’t slept.  He fell asleep immediately upon getting a room rented for the week.

At first, he wasn’t sure what to make of the town.  It smelled heavily of fish.  It looked like a pile of shacks built on each other, over water.  None of which seemed like a very good idea to him, but as the week went on, he discovered he rather liked it.  Sure there were some rough types in town, but no one had bothered him.  He had gotten used to the fish smell.

The locals were mostly goblins, with a few humans and some other races as well.  He hadn’t seen many other elves.  That didn’t matter, almost everyone here knew common.  He could talk to them all.

He buttoned his shirt and put on his hat before stepping out onto the wooden walkway that ran along the side of the row of rooms.  He carried his small bag with the rest of the stuff he had brought with him.  It was time to check out and go home.



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Aeramin – Aeramin’s Notes

  • I haven’t heard from Sanimir yet.  I don’t know if he went somewhere and something happened, or he just doesn’t want to see me.
  • I’m more distracted as time goes on.  Earlier this week, I was able to concentrate well.
  • I cried.  I’ve been hiding in my room most of the day.  The last thing I need is Xanaroth saying something about it.
  • I cried last night too.  I don’t think they noticed.  Or they didn’t say anything.
  • The more time that passes, the more inclined I am to believe he doesn’t want to see me again.
  • But then I wonder if something didn’t happen to him.  I didn’t check the Azure Dragonshrine.  What if he went there again, or somewhere else where he could have gotten hurt?
  • Then I’m sitting here in Shattrath when I should be looking non-stop for him.
  • It’s really difficult to read today.
  • Then there was the summoning when we went to practice.  I don’t know where Rupyap is.  Maybe Gibrik ate him.
  • I’m not worried about that stupid little imp.  I’m not.
  • I was starting to get used to him.
  • I don’t know if it’s something I did wrong, or if it’s because we’re in Outland, but I’ve never seen an imp with wings.  Gibrik has wings.
  • After I summoned him, he immediately checked the confines of his circle while the three of us checked him out.  He was not expected.  He didn’t want to give up his name either.  He was probably looking for a way to trick me into letting him out of his circle before being bound.
  • I’ve been practicing my spells there too.  I’m getting pretty good with the new ones.  I went out there today and practiced for a while.
  • Last night, I found out Vallindra is still in Shattrath.  She’s staying at the same inn.  She’s apparently going to Shadowmoon Valley and has been reading some books that make the others think she might be one of us.
  • No one’s sure yet, and with her, I’d rather be sure than sorry for mentioning it to her.  Especially when you consider her brother is missing, which she seems to be clueless about.
  • She mentioned going to her sister’s wedding.  She didn’t say he wasn’t there.  She didn’t ask me where he was.  If she knew he was missing, I’d expect she’d ask me first, unless she just assumed I was in Shattrath all that time.  She didn’t ask.  Did he go to his sister’s wedding?
  • Did Xyliah go?  I know she was going with Berwick somewhere.
  • I want to go home to Dalaran just to check if he’s been there or not, but there’s no way I’m teleporting like that.  Not that distance.
  • I’m not homesick.  I just want to check.
  • I’ve been thinking about what I said to Kes about wanting to stay here.  Being what we are is dangerous in Dalaran because it’s illegal there.  Here, while it’s not really accepted, you won’t be arrested unless you cause trouble, I think.  It’s still not something you want to discuss with just anyone.
  • However, I really can’t.  I can’t move my mother again, and I need to be there to visit her.  I hope she’s doing okay this week.  Still, it’s nice to think I could move here.  I’ll probably have to find a new apartment in Dalaran.  I bet the old nasty one isn’t rented.  I could move back there.
  • They have books in the library.  They’re not hidden away in a restricted section and there are a lot of them.
  • If I weren’t upset about other things, I’d be delighted beyond belief.  That might be exaggerating a little.  I’d be really pleased.
  • I’ve been able to look at the selection in the restricted rooms at the library in Dalaran, discreetly.  The library in Shattrath may even have more to choose from.
  • I’ve been reading about some of the other demons.  I want to summon other kinds, but at the same time it worries me.  If imps need a few drops of blood, what do the big ones need?
  • One of the books mentions choosing sacrifices in a moral way.  The opposing side in a war, various cults, prostitutes and homeless, are all “good” for demons.
  • Prostitutes?
  • I’m glad I went to study magic shortly after we found an alternate source of power after what happened to the sunwell.
  • But it makes me wonder, I recall some people who went missing around that time.  Were their souls given to demons?  I’ll have to ask Kes if that really needs to be done.
  • Last night, while eating supper, Xanaroth was talking to Kes and I about his worries about our ex-lovers.
  • I don’t want to think of him as my ex-lover.
  • He hasn’t written yet.
  • Xanaroth tore into Kestrae about Sath.  He practically ripped up one side then down the other.  I don’t suspect Sath would say anything to anyone.  I tried to tell Xanaroth that but he wasn’t listening.
  • I thought he was going to do the same to me about Sanimir, but he didn’t.  Then it dawned on me.
  • He likes Kes.
  • He’s jealous, so of course Sath is a bad guy in his mind because even apart, he still holds Kes’s attention.
  • I’m personally more worried that Sanimir would tell.  I still can’t believe Xanaroth didn’t say anything directly to me about it, even if I’m not anyone to be jealous over.
  • Xanaroth did say something to Kes that struck me hard.
  • “What reason does he have to remain silent?”
  • Sanimir just found out his boyfriend was taking money to be his babysitter for the past few years.  He has no reason to remain silent.  I have betrayed his trust.  What’s to stop him from betraying mine?
  • Nothing.

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Sanimir – Letter to Isandri

(( A letter arrives in Dalaran for Isandri Silverdawn.  It looks like it has traveled far, but has no return address! ))

Dear Isandri,

It will be some time yet before I am back.  I hope Raleth or someone can fill in and make the portals for you.  I want to be there at your wedding because I know you love Theronil and it will be a beautiful day.

I was supposed to go to my sister’s wedding tonight.  Maybe I will, but I don’t think I want to.  Maybe I can sneak in and say I’m happy for her, just to her, without talking to anyone else.  I’m not very happy with my family right now, and I don’t want to talk to most of them.

Would you be able to check Muffins for me?  I don’t know if Aeramin or Xyliah knows how to feed him.  He likes shrimp the best.  Sometimes I give him a little goat’s milk for a treat.  He really likes it.  I miss him.

– Sanimir


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Teniron – Thoughts in the Shop

Teniron Whitemorn set aside his latest batch of earrings.  He had enjoyed the past few hours of working the delicate truesilver wire into intricate swirls that held the teardrop cut sapphires.  He planned to make matching necklaces to go with the earrings, but it would have to wait until tomorrow.

He had been stopping work earlier since Kit moved in.  He hadn’t meant to ask her to move in so soon, but he did despite not meaning to.  He hadn’t regretted it, not exactly.  It had merely caught him off-guard, even if it was his idea.  She was much younger than him.  He was certain the two of them together was already raising some eyebrows.  One of the neighbors had simply stared as she moved her stuff in.

They’re just jealous.  He told himself as he started cleaning his work area.  It made sense to him.  She shouldn’t stay at the inn while in Dalaran, and they could see each other more now.  He was worried that she would change, that she would hate him and become horrible after moving her stuff in.  Although it wasn’t marriage, she lived with him now, at least while she was in Dalaran.  That was his biggest cause for hesitation, not her age.

If she did change, he’d have to ask her to leave, and that wasn’t something he wanted to think about having to do.

He had spoken with her about what his brother said about not going to his brother’s wedding, and then getting an invitation anyway.  She thought he should go.  He wasn’t so sure.  Perhaps he could sit in the back and sneak out before the reception.  Of course, Isandri would likely interpret that as rude.

I don’t want to get punched at a wedding.  That’s not rude.  He frowned as he put the new earrings into the safe where he kept his more valuable supplies and unfinished products.  He could try to leave a note with his gift that he made for them, a set of hairpins for Isandri, and a gold chain necklace in one of the styles Teniron had recently learned for Theronil.  Both were, he thought, some of his best work.  If he included a note that stated he wished he could have stayed wouldn’t be a bad thing.

He’d have to think about it.  There were a few days yet.  Though he supposed he should decide soon so he could get something decent to wear to a wedding, if he did go.  As he locked his workshop for the evening, he wondered if Kit would go with him.


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Aeramin – Preparing for a Trip

“It’s morning.  You’re not supposed to be here.”  The woman sitting by the window in her room had barely turned to see who it was before facing the window again.

“I’m your son.  I can visit you in the morning sometimes, Maena.”

“But you don’t.  You shouldn’t be here.”  Maena replied, her eyes scanning the street below her window.

Aeramin frowned.  He had hoped she would be reasonable this morning.  It wasn’t looking good.  “Minn’da, I won’t be able to visit for a few days, so I’m coming to say goodbye this morning.  I’m going on a trip.”

Maena’s ears perked as she turned around to face him this time.  She remained seated.  “A trip?”

“Yes Minn’da.  To Outland.  I won’t be gone too long.”

“Outland?  Isn’t that the place where all the demons are from?”

“I’m going to a library there, Maena.”  Aeramin said, trying to dodge the question about the demons.  “I’ll be in a city most of the time.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to study.”

“How much will it cost?  Your father and I won’t have enough to send you.”

Aeramin blinked, “Minn’da, it’s already paid for.”

“Wonderful!  You have my permission to go.”

He nodded slowly.  She was obviously confused.  He hated days like this.  “Thanks Minn’da.”  He smiled.

He spoke with her a little longer before excusing himself to go finish packing.  He was further saddened upon arriving home.  There was still no sign of Sanimir.  Xyliah and her friend, Berwick, had also left.  She had mentioned that she wouldn’t be around for a few days earlier that morning, while Aeramin was making breakfast.  He had at least woke up in time to have breakfast.

He had spent the greater part of the night looking for Sanimir.  He hoped Kestrae and Xanaroth wouldn’t notice his lack of sleep.  The last thing he needed was to be told he couldn’t go because he wasn’t focused.  True, he had gotten home very late last night, but he could still focus.  He had to.  Perhaps he could fit a nap in before going to meet them.

He started packing his bag.  He’d be able to wear his robes, the ones Sanimir had bought for him.  He carefully folded them and put them in the bag.

He sighed as he took another robe from the closet.  All of Sanimir’s robes hung on the other side.  He had already counted them, and all except the one he wore to the wedding were accounted for.  Aeramin didn’t think he could go too long without his robes.  He recalled the dream he had the night before, after he had finally given up his search for the night.  In the dream, Sanimir had felt so cold.  Aeramin remembered holding him close, warming him against his body.  It had seemed so real at the time, but when he woke this morning, there was no sign that Sanimir had been there at all.

After folding the last robe, he carefully moved aside a hidden panel in the closet.  Three books were in the small area behind the panel.  He took one out and packed it in his bag between two of his robes.

Before leaving, he took out his paper and pen and began to write.

Dear Sanimir,

I have looked for you everywhere I thought you might be, and haven’t been able to find you.  If you’re reading this, you have arrived home safely, and I hope you will stay.  I want to see you when I get back.

I’ll be gone a few days to Shattrath.  Please, send me a note to let me know you’re okay?  I’ll admit the timing of this trip is awful now, but I can’t back out at this point.

I miss you, and I’m worried about you.  I love you.

– Aeramin

PS – I took Muffins with me because Xyliah won’t be here for a few days either, and he needs to eat.

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Vallindra – Notes

  • I have some information that may lead to the discovery of some unknown ley-lines in Shadowmoon Valley.
  • I plotted it all out on the map.  It shouldn’t be too difficult to pinpoint the areas, if they’re there at all.
  • What will be difficult is getting there safely.  I really don’t want to go there, but I need to get some results before the grant runs out.
  • I guess if it did, I could just take on an apprentice, but they just get in the way of my research.
  • So I went to the lower city last night.  I figured I’d have a quick drink at the tavern, meet an adventurer or two, offer them a few gold and have a body-guard set up for when I go.
  • Instead I meet two rangers who work for the same company.  One of their services is providing personal protection.
  • Great, but if I wanted a company, I wouldn’t be in lower city.
  • One of the rangers had a sick cat or something.  He kept trying to give it orc piss water.  I conjured some clear, fresh water for it, but he refused.
  • Whatever man, let your cat die.  Not my business.
  • I felt bad for the cat though.  The least he could do would be to send him home.  Then if he still doesn’t drink anything, at least he’ll die in familiar surroundings.
  • Anyway, he was too ‘busy’ to provide a woman with protection while she went to do her research.  Too bad.  He was cute.
  • The other one kept preaching to me about his company.  I suppose if I find no one else, then the company will work.  The prices are a lot more than I would have offered, but what I would expect from a company.
  • With a company, you’re not just paying one person to work.  You’re paying one person to work and a bunch of people to sit around and organize the people who work.
  • Then he wouldn’t say when someone suitable would be available.  He mentioned taurens and orcs who would be able to do it.  I’d really rather not travel with anything smelly.
  • He had the funniest idea that ley-lines are associated with warlocks.  Oh, I’m sure they seek them out for the power in them too, but they’re certainly not the only ones.  Kaldorei tend to build moonwells on them.  Dalaran was built on a large one.  Teleportation would be nearly impossible without them.
  • I personally believe there’s more to them.  There are the large ones, but then there is the thin web between them all.  These tiny ley-lines can be as thin as a hair, and are spread out all over Azeroth, and likely Outland as well.
  • If Mr. Company Man thinks ley-lines are only associated with warlocks, then I guess his company is willing to help protect people like that.  Makes me think maybe I should just keep looking.  With my luck, he’d send a demon to ‘protect’ me as some kind of stupid joke or something.
  • They have a comedian come into the tavern and do a show.  He was kind of funny.

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Xyliah – Xyliah’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Well, I’m married.  The wedding was nice.  Everyone complimented me on the dress.  I do think his was nicer than mine.  I hope he doesn’t like those types of robes too much.  I can’t afford to get those.  Only for very special occasions.

This occasion wasn’t really that special except one week from now Yara will get her surgery.  She’ll be able to walk after that.  Seeing her walk again will make it all worth it.  Especially if I can get this annulled soon.  I’ll need the money to cover the cost of the surgery just in case they ask for it.

He cried a few times during the ceremony.  Thankfully, he was quiet about it.  He looked like he was about to pass out a few times.  He said his vows so quietly that I could barely hear him, and the look on his face at the end when he had to kiss me was rather amusing.  I didn’t want to kiss him either.  I made sure it was over quick.

The reception was wonderful though.  I stayed mostly with Kestrae and Isandri the entire evening.  My father and Sanimir’s parents had both gone in on providing the food.  I think his mother overdid it a bit.  My brother was there with Nessna.  They’re getting married next Wednesday.  Father had brought Yara, but had to take her home after the ceremony because she was hurting.  I made sure he took some of the food.  It wouldn’t be fair if he didn’t get any since he was paying for half of it.

I talked to Isandri and Kestrae for a bit.  Isandri is excited about her wedding, and she should be.  She’s getting married to someone she loves, and who loves her back.  That’s the way it’s supposed to be.  Kestrae is still upset.  She didn’t say anything, but I could tell.  Maybe it was just because I knew about it that I noticed.

Sanimir’s mother complimented the dress as well.  We think she wants one like.  She went to tell his father that she wants to go to Dalaran after asking where I got it.

Sanimir’s sisters came over and wished us well.  Most of them did anyway.  The youngest one, I’m not sure what her problem is.  I guess she just decided it was time to cause drama and mentioned that Vallindra had been paying Aeramin to watch Sanimir, while Sanimir was right there.  I’ve seen the kid throw fits before, but I hadn’t seen him that upset.  He just opened a portal and left.  I followed before it closed after quickly saying goodbye.

I didn’t find him right away.  He was on the balcony of the room at the inn, sitting by the wall.  I don’t think he really wanted to see me, but after he stopped glaring at me and started listening, I think he didn’t mind so much.

Of course, I need him to have his boyfriend around in case more reason for annulment is needed.  Plus, what I told him was honestly what I thought.  I told him that Aeramin is from the slums and doesn’t have a lot of money.  Just because he accepted a job watching him doesn’t mean he doesn’t love him, money or not.  The boy needed money to pay his rent.  Sanimir kept saying Aeramin doesn’t love him and that he was just around for the money.  I told him he’d have to talk to him about it.  I don’t know for sure.

We were up most of the night discussing it.  He cried a few times, but less than I would have thought he would.  I think he was more angry than sad.  In the early morning, he got mad at me for ‘making’ him stay up all night and he just teleported away.

I need to check out and start heading back to Dalaran.  Maybe they’ve made up by now, I hope.


My Dearest Berwick,

I should be back late tonight.  As predicted, that horrid child threw a fit and I will be making my way back to Silvermoon by myself.  I’ll find a mage there to open a portal to Dalaran for me.  I would love to see you.  I miss you.


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