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Another Cloak

I took a break from RaF today to finish up my 8th or 9th cloak.  I’ve lost count.  I think it’s the 9th.

Theronil is my second hunter to earn the cloak.

Theronil is my second hunter to earn the cloak.


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Theronil’s Log

I’ve been awful at keeping my log updated recently, but it’s not without reason.  I’ve been quite busy.  After returning home from Kalimdor, there was a lot of work to finish before the baby arrived.

And that’s the biggest news.  I’m a father now.  We have a son named Iannor.  Isandri wanted to name him after me, but I think it’s important that he has his own name.  He may grow up and be nothing like me.  That seems so far off, though I know the time will pass quicker than I realize.  He’s so tiny now, but already, I can tell that he’s grown.  His neck is a bit stronger now and he tries to lift his head when he’s on his belly so that he can look around.  I can already tell he’s intensely curious about the world and the people around him.  He’s so quiet and content to just watch and listen.  I suppose I can only hope he’s as well-behaved in a few years!

He and Isandri mostly stay at home right now.  She’s still recovering, and I try to make my own trips away from home short.  Despite that, I have managed to find a place to set up shop for my enchanting business.  I suppose I could have gone back to being a ranger, but I think I can provide for them better on an enchanter’s income.  Besides, I spent a lot of gold and time learning, so it would make the most sense to use it.  It hasn’t been easy trying to get things set up so I can open the shop because I’m usually home.  I spend about an hour at the shop per day.  I figure I probably don’t want to have to be there all day just yet, anyway, so it’s okay to work on it just a little at a time.  I’d rather be home for a few more weeks.  Iannor won’t be small forever.

I also spend time out at other shops, getting food and other things we need.  I don’t like to be gone long.

Arelanis has taken to guarding the house.  She knows how precious Iannor is, too.  When he’s older, I’m sure she’ll be perfect for teaching him how to ride a dragonhawk.  That’s a few years off too.  It’s easy to make so many plans for the future.  They’re just little things, teaching him how to ride a dragonhawk, teaching him to shoot a bow, going camping with him in the woods– things like that.  I’m sure Isandri is making her own plans too.

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Winter’s Veil 2

Theronil Whitemorn double-checked the crib once more.  In truth, it was more than a double-check.  It was more like his 100th-check.  Isandri was due any day now, and he wanted everything to be perfect for the baby.  He knew the crib had been joined perfectly, but checking made him feel like he wasn’t missing a small flaw somewhere.

In preparing for his son or daughter’s arrival, he’d almost forgotten about Winter’s Veil.  It wasn’t until he went out to get food to bring back to Isandri and saw the decorations that he remembered.  Finding the time to shop for gifts had proved difficult, as he was too busy making sure everything was perfect for the baby’s arrival.  He had no idea what to get Isandri this year either.  It was while he was putting up a shelf in the baby’s room that he remembered the books he used to have as a child.  They came in a set, but were all about different things.  One was about a boy who got a tree for his birthday.  Another was about twins who always did things different.  He couldn’t remember the rest, or even the titles.  He checked at the library, and one of the people there was able to tell him the name of the set, but they didn’t have any copies there.  He checked in the lower city and found nothing there as well.  He then started writing to bookshops in Silvermoon, asking if they had the set there.  Slowly, the replies came back.  None of them had it.  One of them mentioned they hadn’t seen that set for decades.  Theronil thought it was possible he wouldn’t find the books.  He bought a beautiful shawl with intricately woven designs of leaves and flowers on it for Isandri.  She would like that, even though he still hoped to find the books.

Theronil had almost given up when he got a letter from a bookshop in a town in Eversong.  They had the set!  It was old, but the books were mostly in good condition, with the exception of one that had lost its cover.  The shop offered to re-bind it for him.  Theronil had quickly wrote back and arranged to pick up the set.

He smiled to himself as he checked the crib over once more.  Hopefully she would like both the books and the shawl.


Aranae Lightmist sat on the stairs at the Peak of Serenity watching the monks train below.  She knew what time of the year it was.  The pandaren seemed to pick up on the holiday fast and had erected a tree inside one of the buildings.  She could do without the reminders.

Of course she hadn’t heard from -them-.  She didn’t want to, and the more she knew they weren’t even trying, the less she wanted to do with them.  They could all stay in Silvermoon and pamper their favorites this year without her in the way.

She hadn’t seen Tsi Ku since coming back, and often wondered where she could be.  The guy with the cat hadn’t been around either, but there was one person she knew here.  Unfortunately, he was the one who couldn’t take a hint.  Even when she specified for him to get lost, Cadellus still didn’t get it.  He’d better not be planning to get her anything for Winter’s Veil.  She wouldn’t accept it if he did.  It was tempting to go somewhere else just to get away from him.  She smiled to herself.  Maybe it would be best to visit one of the towns for the rest of the holidays.


Rohau felt the wind lift up under his wings as he circled the valley below.  He carried a small burlap sack in his talons, though it was small enough that it did not impede his flight.  He watched carefully as he passed over the trees below.  He let out a quick caw when he finally saw the smaller white bird hidden in the branches of one of the trees.  The other bird looked up, and watched as Rohau landed on the branch next to him.  The other bird started preening as Rohau pulled the burlap bag up on the wide branch.  This one was always preening.  Rohau stuck his head in the bag and pulled out a box with his beak.  He placed it on the limb and pushed it towards the white bird.  The white bird pushed a different package towards Rohau.  Of course he had gotten a gift too.  Rohau carefully pulled the wrapping off, letting the colorful paper drop to the earth below, as the other bird did the same with his present.  Using both his talons and beak, he opened the box.  Inside, was a small jar of perfume.  Using one of his talons, he pressed the top and sprayed just a little bit onto the other talon. He smelled it and cawed happily.  The other bird also cawed happily as he pulled a beaded necklace out of his gift box.  Rohau helped him put it over his head, certain that it would stay in place around the other bird while in flight.  They both cawed happily as they took off with their presents in opposite directions.


Orledin looked up at the sky.  It was still dark.  Not even a hint of light at the horizon told him he still had plenty of time before another day of work started.  He looked down at the small piece of birch wood in his hands.  It was beginning to take shape.  It was a hobby he took up a few years ago.  It was something to do while the world slept.  Most of his projects he had just left wherever he had finished them, none of them meaning that much to him.  However, this one he was doing as a gift, as a way to say thank you to one of the few people who had not judged him for being what he was.  He was pretty sure the captain would like the gift as he resumed whittling the details into the cat-shaped piece of wood.

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Aranae Lightmist sat at the top of the stairs along one of the paths at the Peak of Serenity.  Her foot still hurt when she walked, but with the help of her staff, she was able to get around okay.  They had tried to convince her to stay, to go home with the rest of the elves.  She was certain Lani had already written home about her by that point.  She was glad no one had come to take her back to Silvermoon before that orc had been found.  She was free to go then, as it was time to take down the healer’s tent.  She had slipped away from the group heading towards the portals back to Silvermoon and was fortunate enough to find a mage who knew how to make a portal to Pandaria.

Lani had done everything she could to keep Aranae there, even telling her that Nessna had been severely injured.  Aranae wasn’t sure how much Lani was exaggerating.  She could make a big deal out of a stubbed toe sometimes.  Aranae decided it would be safer to send a letter home after she returned to the Peak.  Her foot would be healed soon, and she would be able to leave if they came looking for her here.

She smiled a little as she watched the monks training in the area below the steps.  She wasn’t sure where she would go when she could leave, but she did hope to see Tsi Ku again.  Maybe Master Cheng would know where to find her.


Theronil Whitemorn woke.  It was still dark, but it was something he had become accustomed to in Kalimdor.  There, it had been most convenient to wake early and take advantage of the cooler morning temperatures.  It was less convenient in Shattrath.

He put his arm around Isandri, who was still asleep, and rested his hand on her belly.  If the baby was awake, he or she wasn’t kicking.  Theronil kissed Isandri’s cheek.  They would soon be parents.  With that would come responsibility.  He wanted to have everything ready, but the one thing he didn’t have yet was work.  He had, before being drafted to support the efforts in Kalimdor, found the perfect shop to set up as his own.  He opted to wait until returning from Kalimdor, and when he did, the shop had already been sold to someone else.  He had to start his search all over again.

For now, he would try to sleep a little longer.  He cuddled close to Isandri and closed his eyes.


Keyalenn Goldbrand wrote a few more lines in his notes before making a slight change in the spell and recasting.  The Magister had given him lots to work on lately, though the total amount of work had seemed to lessen in the past week.  Keyalenn hated it all the same, no matter how much there was of it.  He didn’t see the point of casting multiple spell variations, and writing down the results if you already knew what would happen.  The worst part was that the Magister always checked his notes, and took notice if precise descriptions and measurements were not used.

Then there was Des.  He was able to finish earlier over the past week, and had been able to make it to supper in the grand dining hall instead of eating alone in his practice room.  She was almost always there.  Had she been looking at him and flipping her hair on purpose?  She had, so far, managed to ignore any of his advances, or so he thought.  Perhaps he had been wrong.


Lanthiriel Lightmist  walked down the stairs of her new home.  Rylad had woke early this morning.  She decided to stay awake after helping Nessna tend to him.  Nessna would need help daily as she recovered from her injuries.  She had already made so much progress since leaving the tent in Kalimdor where she had almost died.  Lani hadn’t told anyone about that, and all her help had been out of the tent at that point, but Nessna had stopped breathing for almost a minute.  She really had almost died.  Lani was relieved to see her doing better each day.

Lani walked into the kitchen, and put a log on the fire in the stove.  The stove in the kitchen served two purposes in this home.  It was used both for cooking and for heat, and she needed it for both right now.  The nights were getting cooler, and breakfast needed to be made.  It was a small house so only the heat of one fire was needed to warm it.  Tik had told her that it was previously the home of the stable master, and that the man had spent more time in the stable than in the house.  He had truly loved the animals that he cared for.

Lani got out the eggs that she had bought the day before.  She wondered briefly if there were chickens here before as she cracked them and started making breakfast.

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The Siege – Letters

Confessor Morthorn,

Hello!  I thought I would write and give you some news of what’s been happening here.  First, I’ve spoken with Terellion and he’s interested in me too, so that’s really a good thing!  I was worried that he wouldn’t like me.  I do still worry a little that he’s just saying that because he’s afraid of losing his job, but I did tell him that his job was safe no matter what, so I worry a little less now.  I really do want him to like me for me, not because I pay him.

It’s difficult to find time to be alone with him now.  I’ve been very busy lately.  Almost every minute of my day is accounted for.  I’m helping my family in Silvermoon and taking the baby to see Nessna when I’m not teaching classes and giving lessons.  That doesn’t leave much spare time!  When I am free, he’s often working.  I’ve thought about hiring a third person, but he was the only person to show up last time I put an ad up, so maybe I’ll just have to wait for people to get back.  I talked to Tik about it and he said the work is manageable now.  It isn’t if he’s always busy with it!  I do like cake though.  I think he should definitely keep making cake.

Right now, we have a lot of guests too.  Isandri is here with her brother.  He was injured in Kalimdor, and needs to rest.  Sath, Isandri’s brother, is staying in the one room with three beds.  Isandri has the nice guest room over the library.

The other guest room is also occupied.  Aeramin is spending evenings here.  He is fixing a house in the town for his father during the day.  Then he comes here to help Maerista with fire magic.  Mae is one of the new students.  Anyway, he sleeps here at night then goes back to the town after breakfast.  He has agreed to continue teaching here, one day a week, after he returns to Shattrath.  I was a bit worried about him being here at first, but it’s turning out okay.  I don’t see him often because I’m so busy, but when I do, we’re able to talk like we used to when we were friends before.  I think he knows about Terellion.  Maybe that’s why.  Neither of us is jealous of the other now.  I have Terellion and he has Imralion.  He has asked if he can bring Imralion to visit sometime, and I’m okay with that.  I like showing off the school.  I’m proud of what I’ve done here.

Have you ever sat down to write and weren’t able to finish right then, and when you do get a chance to finish, something’s happened that makes all of the other things you wrote look like old news?  That just happened to me.

Anyway, I spent much of the day in Silvermoon yesterday.  It was Aeramin’s birthday, so I bought him a big cupcake at the market.  I didn’t think his father would do anything for him, and I thought it would be weird to ask Terellion to make cake for him, so that’s why I got the cupcake.  It was big with colored sprinkles, and it looked like something the death knight would make.  Did I tell you he bakes?  I mean the death knight!  It’s so tempting every time I go to check on Lani’s house, but I don’t want to get sick so I don’t ask to eat any.

Anyway, I left the cupcake in the room that Aeramin’s staying in, and worked with Xarola for her early afternoon lesson.  She’s still learning theory, but I think she’ll be ready to start casting very soon!  After her lesson, I took Rylad to Silvermoon to visit with family.  My mother is staying at home again, and I guess that’s okay news, except with her there, I feel like I can’t relax at all.  I don’t trust her and I have to always watch.  I never lower my guard.  I really am afraid that she’ll try something, which makes me very nervous when I visit.  She keeps talking about how having a school in the Ghostlands is silly, and I’ll never get enough students to be profitable, and she tells me that I should move back to Silvermoon.  Then she starts telling me about girls my age who are looking for husbands, and the parties that they go to, and she keeps trying to convince me to go to one.  I don’t know what to tell her to make her understand that I really don’t like girls like that!  She likes to talk though, and I don’t want to cause a lot of trouble right now because Nessna is still recovering so I have to listen to it.  I get back home to the school late fairly often.  She insisted on taking me shopping for robes, or I have to stay for supper.  Then she talks and talks and talks forever.  I was late getting back last night too, but I didn’t think it was too late.  It was after supper.  I found Des studying in the dining room.  Tik and Terellion moved the tables back inside, but with all the windows, it’s almost like being outside still.  I worry that it’ll be cold in the winter.  I know it was cold last year, but less of the house was being heated too.

Anyway, I talked to Des a bit.  It really wasn’t that late, but I noticed I hadn’t seen Terellion, so I went to find him.  He was in his room.  His father had been sent to fight in Kalimdor.  He’s not coming back.  His mother lives in Silvermoon with his two sisters.  I’m going to send some money to them, anonymously, so don’t tell!  I want to help them take care of things, without making them feel like they owe me anything.  I’m really worried about Terellion now.  He took the job here to support his family while his father was in Kalimdor.  Now his father is gone.  I thought about offering to have one of the other old houses on the estate fixed up, and then they could move there, but his sisters are young so the Ghostlands probably isn’t the best place for them to be.  I don’t know what to do, and there’s nothing I can say to make it better.  He knows I’m here for him though.

I really hope no one else dies or gets hurt, and everyone comes home safe soon!  Really soon!

– Magister Hethurin Fairsong


Dear Father,

I wanted to thank you for sending me updates on Nessna.  You don’t know how relieved I am that she’s going to make it.  There were a couple of times I wasn’t so sure of it when she was here.

We had someone else in our tent that I think you should know about.  She’d be mad if she knew I was telling, but Aranae has somehow managed to find her way here.  She had a nasty cut on her foot, but she’ll be fine.  She needed some stitches, and was quite her usual self.  She’s still staying here in the tent until I’m sure she won’t wind up with any bad infection.  She is insisting on returning to Pandaria.

I’ve tried speaking with her, but you know how difficult she can be.  Perhaps I can convince her to give us the address of where she plans to go.  I’ll do my best anyway.  The confessor has agreed to speak with her as well.

From what she’s said, they’re pretty far in the tunnels beneath the city, but they’re sure the orc is down there somewhere.  I hope they find him soon.  It’s hot and dusty here.

– Lani


My Dearest Imralion,

I haven’t heard from you lately so I thought I’d write.  I’m still in the Ghostlands.  My birthday was a few days ago.  My father threw a hammer at me.  Maybe it was supposed to be my present.  More likely, he forgot and he was just throwing the hammer at me because I asked him to get it for me.  I put in some new pipes, but there’s still no water.  I did finish the roof on one side, and some of the interior on that same side, but the side with the collapsed wall, I’m not sure what to do.  The biggest part is moving the big pieces.  I was tempted to set them on fire, but I don’t want the rest of the house to catch.

I miss you.  Please be safe.

– Aeramin


Dear Xyliah,

I should have written this letter to you when I received word myself, but I’ve had a difficult week, and I hope you forgive me for not letting you know sooner.  Your brother has lost his life in Orgrimmar.  Nessna was severely injured as well, as they were together at the time.  Yara has been sent home, and is here with me.  I’m sorry about having to tell you in a letter, but the distance doesn’t really make it easy to tell you face to face.

I hope you and Berwick are both doing well and are safe in Pandaria.




My Love, Isandri,

I miss you.  I wanted to let you know that things are looking good from where our supply camp is.  They haven’t asked us to move closer, though they have moved some others.  It seems fairly quiet above ground.  Most of the people I’ve talked to say the orc has tunnels under the city.  I’m certain they’ll find him soon and we’ll be able to come home.  I can’t wait to see you again.  I bet the baby has grown so much too.

There has been a slight increase in injuries being brought into the camp.  I suppose tunnels aren’t the best to fight in.

With the relative safety of the camp, I’ve cut down on the patrols and have organized a boar hunting trip for some of the people I’m working with.  It’s completely not sanctioned, but since a lot of the other camps are further away now, I don’t think anyone will notice.

I was on one of my patrols yesterday, when I came across this small flowering plant right here in the desert.  I thought they were beautiful, like you, so I picked some for you.  I know they’re not dried properly, but I’m including them with this letter between two separate pieces of paper.  Maybe the mail will press them for you!

I love you.  I hope to be home soon!

– Thero


Dear Raleth,

You’re still alive, right?  Naraleth has another tooth.  I think he needs a bottle because he really likes using his teeth.  He doesn’t like riding with his head in the sling anymore when I go out to get things.  He likes to look around, but then people look at him.  Do you think it’ll be easier when he gets older?

Oh, I got another letter from my grandfather.  This one didn’t have blood on it, but I think it was on paper he found.  He said there’s still crazy orcs in the Barrens.  Should I write and tell him that’s old news?

I haven’t seen Isandri in a while, but I did see Kestrae briefly.  I feel like everyone’s gone and left me alone.  Are you coming home soon?  I love you really a lot!

– Lali

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Dear Mother,

I hope all is going okay in Kalimdor.  I’m doing okay here in the Ghostlands.  Sometimes I think the magister just doesn’t like anything I do.  You know my tendency to doodle?  Doesn’t everyone do that?  Anyway, he saw my doodles and didn’t like them.

He has a butler who was sent to fight.  He just came home with a nasty injury recently.  I thought before that the sooner you came home the better, but now I don’t think so.  I think if you come home with everyone else, that’ll be the best.  I do hope that is soon though.

I’m doing well in my studies, despite the magister hating me.  He keeps giving me more and more work to do.  I was in my practice room until almost bedtime last night!  Luckily, the workers here often bring food to the practice rooms for us, so I didn’t miss supper.

It’s starting to get cold here at night.  My room is above the big sitting room with the big fireplace though, so I get some heat from that.  I think some of the other rooms have their own fireplaces.  Mine’s too small for that.

We haven’t visited Silvermoon much recently.  Maybe I’ll see if one of the other students will ask the magister.  I have a feeling that if I ask, he’ll just make us wait longer.

Be careful, and come home with everyone else, which I hope is soon!

– Keyalenn


[[ This letter arrives from Pandaria to Shattrath along with a small package to the Whitemorn household. ]]


I hope all is well.  I’ve been doing well in Pandaria.  I’ve been working with the local metals and gems here.  I’ve sent along some ear cuffs for Isandri.  I hope she likes them.

The people here are very strange.  They’re big bears and have fur all over, and sharp teeth.  They seem welcoming though, for the most part.  Once in a while you meet a grumpy one who doesn’t like “outsiders”.  I can’t say I blame them much.

Kit and I have been staying in a place called the Jade Forest.  I’m not sure if it’s because trees are green, or there’s a jade mine here.  Maybe neither, or maybe both!  It is nice here though.  Sometimes we make trips to the Vale.  Our last trip came with a shock.  It was a beautiful place, a bit like Eversong, but now it’s been destroyed.  There’s a big blackened hole in the ground where the pools used to be.  I heard multiple sources describe it as that orc’s doing.

I also heard that there is a war on Orgrimmar now.  Do you know anything about that?  I suppose if there is one, you might be there now.  If that’s the case, hello Isandri.  I hope you’ll forward this letter to my brother and that you like your ear cuffs!  And Thero, if you are there, be careful.  This orc is extremely dangerous.  What happened in the Vale is a testament to that.

– Teniron Whitemorn


Dear Lanthiriel,

Forgive me for not writing sooner.  Things have been rather hectic here since most healers have gone to Kalimdor.  I have not only taken on your patients, but it seems half of Silvermoon’s patients as well.  Not many healers were left behind.  Isandri’s help has been invaluable these past weeks, but I refuse to let her stay past the time she would have normally left.  On the other hand, I find myself staying in the office later and later.

Not only are we taking care of the patients who were already here, but we need to keep a few emergency spots open each day.  Many of the people being sent home due to injuries still need a healer’s attention.  I’ve heard news from Kalimdor from some of them.  Lately, they’ve been saying that they’re in the city now.  If that’s true, then maybe it won’t be much longer.  I worry about you being there.

Your mother is still staying with her sister, and Esladra is with her.  I had hoped Esladra would want to help out in the office as well after her studies were done for the day, but I’ve heard little from either of them.  Esladra did mention that she only has one class now.  The few instructors who stayed behind are still giving their classes.  Her apprenticeship is on hold for the time being.

Have you heard from your brother recently?  I want to get out to visit him, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.  I’ve been scheduling some patients for the weekend!

I am doing well, just very busy.  I hope you are doing well too.

– Isturon


My Love, Isandri,

I hope all is well at home.  Our camp is usually quiet, though there has been a steady increase in injuries being brought in over the past few days.  The news is, they’ve made it past the gate, but the orc hasn’t been found yet.  My group is still holding its position as a supply camp, so that’s good news.  If they’ve cleared out the front of the city and still want to keep us at the same distance, that’s fine with me!  Our mage, the one who conjures our food, said it would be more difficult for the others if the spot to make the portal to kept changing.  I guess that makes sense a bit.

Is the baby growing well?  I’m so excited to hear it might be a boy.  How sure are they?  I’d love a girl too.

I miss you so much.  I think Arelanis still misses you too.  She’s been a good dragonhawk though, and has saved us from the mage’s poorly conjured food a couple of nights by bringing us boars to cook and eat.  I miss your cookies too.

Is everything okay in Shattrath?  How is everyone else doing?  I hope they’ve been coming to see you and make sure everything’s okay.

I love you.  You’re so beautiful.  I can’t wait to be home to hold you again.




Confessor Morthorn,

Hi!  I wanted to let you know that Tik is here at home, and is doing well.  He’s taken up doing most of his normal duties, except killing the spiders.  I’m still doing that.  He and Terellion worked out their duties together, and they both decided I should have less cake.

I don’t like that last part, but I’m glad he’s back.  I think he’s very lucky, considering.

My students enjoyed the trip to Shattrath.  The library is always the highlight of the trip there, but I’m trying to figure out a way to safely take them out of the city next time.  With more students now, I’m afraid I might lose one!  One in particular likes to wander off a fair bit, and usually finds trouble when he does.  I can only hope he resists the temptation to do so on any field trips there.  I wouldn’t want him to be dinner for a Netherdrake!

Oh! Tik went to get the recipes from the death knight.  I guess death knights don’t know how to write or something, because he refused to put it on paper.  He did let Tik watch and take notes as he made some though, so now we have the recipes in the house.  I bet they’ll be the best cakes ever.  It’s too bad they won’t let me eat more of them!

I did have the talk with the new hired person, and we are getting to know each other better.  He thought I hated him!  I don’t know where he got that idea.  We’re not being too serious yet, but oh he’s so tempting.  I think it’s better to take it slower though.  He hasn’t done things like that before, so that’s even more reason to take it slow.  That, and I’m nervous about it, for a variety of reasons.  He’s a bit younger than me, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be the first time for him.  I want it to be good for both of us, and I think we should be in love.  I don’t know how to make sure of that though.  I want him to stay here, is that like or love?  Is it when we say it?  I don’t know.  I like him a lot, and I don’t want him to leave, but maybe I don’t know him well enough to love him yet.  I don’t think he feels that for me yet either.  Maybe soon.

We haven’t been very open about our relationship with the others.  Sometimes I feel like I’m a bad secret to him.  I understand that it’s probably not best to tell everyone, but I don’t like having to sneak around about it.  I want to be able to kiss him in the sitting room by the fire there, and not have to worry about who sees us!  I guess if he loves me someday, we’ll tell people.

Anyway, that’s news from here.  Tell Lani her house is almost ready!  I hope everyone is back home soon!

– Magister Hethurin Fairsong

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Theronil has new pants…

I giggled.

I giggled.

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