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(( I am behind in my weekly prompts, but I’ve been pretty busy lately. I have some time now to catch up. The prompt I left off on was to write about nostalgia so I wrote a short story about Naren Tik, whom happens to have a similar backstory to WoW Tik. ))

Tik walked through the old halls of the northern side of the mansion. The rooms here had fallen into a state of disrepair; something he hoped the master would forgive, given the circumstances.

How long had they been gone now? Had it really been four years? Almost. It was still early summer. The others had left in the late summer to find a safe place to wait out the coming attacks. As it turned out, the mansion was secluded enough that they hadn’t needed to leave. At least, nothing had happened there yet. Tik had hoped their fears were unfounded when he volunteered to stay behind and tend to things in their absence. He was, after all, the head butler. Running the house was his responsibility.

He opened one of the doors to a bedroom in this part of the house. He regretted having cleaned this room shortly after the other’s left. Elavia’s toys stayed tucked away in their places. It seemed unnatural to walk into her room and not see at least three or four dolls left out. He longed for the days when he would walk into this room and see her toys strewn about.

A year ago, he had finally decided to cover the furniture to keep it from getting dusty due to not being used. Now the white sheets served as ghostly reminders that the family he served, the family he had come to love and think of as his own, were no longer there.

He left Elavia’s room and continued on, checking each room along the way. A couple of months ago, he found a broken window in one of them, presumably from the tree branch right next to it. He managed to temporarily fix it with a plain pane of glass pressed up against the broken pane, but it would need proper repairs before winter.

Seeing nothing amiss in the northern halls of the large estate building, he returned to the south side. From there, he could see the path leading to the mansion. He hoped to see his family on it soon.


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The Fire Lesson

Aeramin Firewind stepped into the practice room of one of the newest students at the school. The student who had been waiting for him stood immediately. “Magister Firewind, hello. I’m sorry I decided to read while waiting. I wasn’t sure if you’d show. I know you probably don’t want to teach me anymore.”

Aeramin sighed, “It’s fine, Felarius. Relax. I’ve thought about what happened, and I’ll admit that I probably overreacted. I’m sorry. Do you know Julan?”

Felarius put his book on the table. “I didn’t know his name before, but I’ve seen him.”

Aeramin nodded. “He’s a good friend. I just don’t want any rumors floating around. That’s why I meet with him in places that aren’t exactly private, but I do prefer if no one listens in. Julan tends to forget he’s not on the Row still sometimes.”

“Oh no, I didn’t have any intent to spread rumors, Magister Firewind. I just didn’t want to interrupt by walking through the room when you were busy talking.”

Aeramin nodded, “Next time, just walk through. That’s if there is a next time. I’ve made arrangements with the other teachers to meet with him in the teacher’s room next time he comes to see me. There’s usually someone in there, but it’s not a place where students can listen in.”

Felarius started to nod, but turned his head towards the door when someone knocked. “Come in. It’s unlocked.”

Tik opened the door. “Oh good, Magister Firewind. There you are. There is a man who calls himself Kuul here to see you.”

“Did you tell him I’m busy teaching a lesson?”

“That I did, Magister, but he claims it is very important.”

Aeramin frowned, “I’ll see him here in the hall, but it has to be fast because lessons are important too.” He waited as Tik left then turned to Felarius. “Did you finish reading the chapter I assigned?”

Felarius nodded.

“Read it over again. I’ll go over the main principles of fire manipulation when I get back. It hopefully won’t be too long.”

Felarius nodded again, and Aeramin went to wait in the hallway.

A minute later, Kuul arrived, led by Tik who let him finish the walk down the hallway himself as he hurried back to his work.

“So, what is it that’s so important that lessons need to be interrupted for it?”

“It’s your boyfriend. We went to the Row so I could try to bait the murderer.”

“I’m not very happy about you taking him there.”

“That’s not the problem. The problem is I was calling out to guys who fit the description of wearing a dark cloak, but every time I got one interested, your boyfriend immediately came out and started questioning them.”

“Okay. So he’s doing his job, and you’re upset?”

“It’s not that!”

“What is it then?”

“He wouldn’t let me get any evidence? What if one of those guys was the murderer? You know what he just did? He scared him. If I had been allowed to go with them somewhere to find out if he tried to kidnap me or whatever, then we’d have him!”

Aeramin folded his arms, “You wanted to work the Row, and make my boyfriend watch?”

“No, not like that. I mean, if the guy wasn’t into anything the murderer seems to be into, I could have changed my mind and sent them on their way to find someone else.”

“Maybe there’s some better way to bait him.”


“I don’t—”


Aeramin turned to see an elf with curly blond hair and a seagull on his shoulder strutting down the hallway towards them. He sighed, “Hello Julan.”

“I had to come see you. I spoke with Faeris last night, and he really, really likes me. We were talking about what we want in our cabin, and I think we want a deck, and lots of big thick rugs, and— Oh, I think it’s love too. He really likes me.”

Aeramin opened his mouth to say something, but Kuul spoke before him.

“Does this mean you won’t be coming to see me anymore.”

“I haven’t in a while. I don’t think that’s the way it works. Maybe if Faeris wants to we could all have fun, but he’d have to want to first. We can still be friends though, like we’re still friends with Aeramin.”

Aeramin glanced back towards the practice room door. “Maybe you two could discuss it somewhere else. I have a lesson to teach.”

“Oh, but I came to tell you.”

“We’ll talk later. Okay, Julan?”

Julan shrugged, “Fine. Maybe there’s cake in the kitchen. Meet me there after?”

“Sure.” Aeramin said as he watched the other two elves walk away towards kitchen. He opened the door to the practice room to return to Felarius’s private lesson.

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The Roof (Part 2)

(( I’m throwing this one under the cut so that I can give a language warning. Don’t read if you’re offended by swear words! ))

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The Roof (Part 1)

Alinash chose a roof far from the walls of the city where the guards patrolled. He didn’t want to be bothered tonight, and guards were the last people he wanted to see. He climbed up and found a spot that gave him a good view of the city, but still gave him some cover in case one of the flying patrols went overhead. As soon as he was sure he was alone and safe, the tears came. He had lost it. It wasn’t the first time, but how would he find it again? He had happened upon it the first time around the neck of the wife of one of his targets when he was working in Silvermoon. He knew it was the same one just by looking at it, and had grabbed it from the woman before fleeing while she screamed.

The silver filigree pendant was all he had of the woman he remembered before Syrina took him in. Syrina had told him a couple of different stories of how she had found him. A client had run off without paying and left him there instead, or she just found him in one of the alleys and took pity on him. Alinash didn’t remember himself, but he did remember a time before. They were vague memories, as if they were a dream, and he wasn’t sure they weren’t. He did remember the necklace pendant though. He recalled the woman singing to him, and he looked at the green and white gems set in the silver swirls. He couldn’t remember her face, but he remembered knowing she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Her hair had been the same light blond as his was, and her voice was like a golden melody, even when she wasn’t singing.

And he had lost it. Not once, but twice. He had other memories as well that weren’t as pleasant. He had tried to confirm what had happened when he was in his teens, and had went to the Spire to look up the names on his birth records. He didn’t find them. No one named Alinash Brightblaze was ever born, and he had to fill out papers then to officially exist before they would let him leave. He filled them out as Alinash Brightblaze and guessed at his exact age. He didn’t recall ever being called anything else, but he had been very young when he came into Syrina’s care. He supposed it was possible he had forgotten. Perhaps, being so young, he had mispronounced it. Maybe he was Brightblade, or Lightblaze. Maybe his first name, which was also not found in the search of the records, started with a consonant that he left off when telling Syrina his name for the first time. Maybe it was Alinass. He smiled slightly at the last thought, wiping his eyes once before remembering that he had lost the pendant.

Harrier had gone to ask for him. He said the old landlady didn’t have it. Then he bought a new necklace for him. Alinash frowned. It was not something that could be replaced. He supposed he could let the new necklace have a different meaning for him, but only if Harrier gave it as a gift, and not a replacement. Harrier seemed confused over the terminology requirements, but said he’d leave it on the table in the room. At that point, Alinash had been tired of arguing about it, and told Harrier he planned to be out late. He didn’t want him to know he was going to be crying out on a rooftop, and so he left that part out. He hoped just to get away before the tears came.

He wiped his eyes once more. It was gone, just as she was. Not being able to hold it and think of her was something he was just going to have to deal with. He decided he would accept the gift from Harrier. It could have many good new memories connected with it.
He got up and climbed down the roof to go home.

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Felarius’s Notes

  • I got in trouble. I guess not really bad trouble, but it was enough trouble to get dragged to the Headmaster’s office.
  • It was because I was spying. It wasn’t something I meant to do! I like to help sometimes in the kitchen, but I had to leave for a class, and Tik asked me to take a couple of things back down to the cold storage in the basement. So I picked up my books and the bags he gave me and took them down. I noticed someone in the sitting room on my way down, but I didn’t really stop to look.
  • On my way back up, I heard people talking. Two people. One of them was Magister Firewind. I didn’t want to be weird and walk through the room while they were holding what seemed to be a kind of private conversation. I mean, they weren’t talking very loud, but they were close enough to the basement door that I could hear them. I peered out to see who he was talking to and was kind of started to see one of male workers from the Row.
  • I should mention I don’t really know those guys, but well, you see them out on the street a lot. I’d probably recognize most of them that do it with any regularity. My sister might know them because she’s out there with them a lot, but I don’t.
  • Anyway, I don’t know his name. I still don’t, but he was there and talking to Magister Firewind.
  • So the first thing I thought was that Magister Firewind hired him! But then I remembered that Magister Firewind is also from the Row, so it’s possible they just know each other. That’s when I started listening more to what they saying. I was careful and tip-toed to the top of the basement stairs and stood just inside the doorway to listen.
  • So the guy from the Row was saying something about love, and what it means, and he was rambling on about a cabin too. Magister Firewind kept asking if he cared for him. I don’t know who ‘him’ is. Some other guy. Then he was asking if he wanted to spend time with him, and said it could be love.
  • Then the guy said he felt the same way about his friends but he wasn’t going to marry them or anything, and then Magister Firewind said that maybe it wasn’t love and he should talk to the other guy about it.
  • Then the guy said that he couldn’t do that because if the other guy got hurt then maybe he wouldn’t want to be with him anymore. That’s when Magister Firewind said again that it could be love, and he started to say something else but the guy interrupted him and said, and I quote, “What if it’s not love and it’s just sex!”
  • I dropped my book.
  • They stopped talking, and seconds later Magister Firewind found me. He was mad. He wanted to know why I was spying. I tried to tell him that I wasn’t trying to spy, but he didn’t believe me. I think he was going to say more to me then, but then more people came to the sitting room. It was Loralinde and Kestrae. I don’t know Kestrae really, and I don’t know why she’s at the school so much. I don’t think she works here or anything.
  • Anyway, Magister Firewind stopped talking to me long enough to talk to them. I guess he was supposed to go with them to the city, but then he asked the guy he had been talking to to go instead, and made a portal for them. Then he made me go to Magister Fairsong’s office.
  • I was hoping he wasn’t there, but he was. I had to sit and wait while they went in the room next to his office to talk. I think Magister Firewind was still angry with me because I could hear him sometimes through the door. Luckily, he left and let Magister Fairsong deal with me, which was good because I still had a lesson to get to for frost theory, and he could at least write a note for Magister Raleth to explain why I was late.
  • He was a lot nicer about the ‘spying’ thing too. He asked me if I meant to, and I told him no because I really didn’t. I was just taking stuff down for Tik. Then he told me that Magister Firewind isn’t too happy (I kind of noticed!), and that I should be careful not to accidentally spy on him again. I nodded and then he wrote the note for Magister Raleth to excuse my lateness to class.
  • I’m really glad Magister Fairsong is nice, and didn’t make me leave the school.

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