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OOC – Druid Jae is 85!

Whee! That's two 85 Jae's!

Of course, the biggest news is they can finally wear the same leather shoulders. The death knight screen having a different lighting to it still makes them look different on the character select screen, but trust me, they're the same. I need to update druid Jae's belt to finish the look!


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Kelanori – Diary

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe she stayed with him!  What is that girl thinking?  She can’t fix him.  That boy’s been broken ever since he lost Lilindra.  I have this horrible feeling he’s just going to hurt her again.

And there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

She won’t listen to me.  He won’t listen to me without being horrible.

Maybe I shouldn’t even try to be nice about it with him.  If I can corner him alone without Vajarra, I’m not holding back.  I just need to grow a backbone so I can handle what he says without crying.

I’ve been crying a lot lately.  Sometimes over really stupid things.

A couple of my dresses don’t feel right around the waist.  A little tight.  I guess it’s time to put them away until after.  I have some others that still fit fine, but they were always a bit looser.  I’ll have to make a few for when I really start to show.

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Jaellynn/Jaeyn – Searching for Sabers (part IX)

Jaeyn left his hippogryph with the others in the stable at Lor’danel and headed to the hippogryph rentals.  Vassanta was already waiting for him with Sketch.  The innkeeper had told him a man matching his brother’s description had been coming in regularly to buy milk for an orphaned baby bear.  A few more questions outside the inn sent him walking southwest towards Auberdine with Vassanta.

Dog looked up at him, almost seeming to frown after taking the first few steps past the bridge out of town.  It was a different Darkshore than the one he had left with Dog a few short years ago.  He had certainly scouted the area enough after the disaster that he was familiar with the new terrain.  He had been one of the first to rush to the aid of Auberdine, and helped those caught by surprise to escape to the safety of Lor’danel.  Jaeyn looked down at Dog, but spoke to Vassanta while they continued walking.  “Things have changed a lot.  She doesn’t recognize much.”

Vassanta glanced down at Dog.  “Do you think your brother is far?  The people in town said they saw someone with goggles at the moonwell a lot.  If that was really him, he would probably show up there again.”

“We can try that if we don’t find him.  Death knights are easy to track.”  The last sentence was only partly true.  Most death knights wore plate, and weren’t worried about being stealthy.  They were easy to track.  His brother was a little different from most.  He would wear leather, making far less noise and leaving much less of a trail to follow.  He also remembered how to be sneaky.  Jaeyn knew that quite well. Part of him hoped it wouldn’t be easy to find Jaellynn.  He remembered playing that game with his brother in the same woods when they were younger.  One of them would hide and the other would look.  He had always won that one.

He continued on with Vassanta, taking turns pointing at broken twigs and, once in a while, a footprint.


Jaellynn sat at the rock he had sat at a few days ago.  The baby bear slept in the sling.  He held as still as possible and tried his best to blend in with his surroundings.  It wasn’t easy with the off-white sling hanging on him.  At least the bear cub was peacefully sleeping.  Jaellynn hoped he would sleep for a good amount of time.  Evening was approaching and that was good.  If the sabers were still here they may be more active.

Just then, he thought he saw something move off to the side.  Without turning his head, he watched and waited.  A loose rock tumbled into the water near that lapped the edges of the broken beach inlet.  He saw nothing else, but continued to watch.

Then movement in front of him.  Again without moving, he scanned the area ahead of him.  Tall grass that bent slightly with the wind blocked most of his view.  He was sure there was something else there, but the grass did not move any other way than how the wind pushed it.

A small pebble hit the right side of his face.  It bounced off and landed in the sand in front of him.  He looked at it blankly for a moment before finally moving.  He twitched an ear as he looked around.  He heard giggling.  He got up and started walking towards the bushes where he heard the giggling coming from, cradling the bear cub carefully as he rose as to not wake it.  He moved quietly, listening as he took each step.

“Let me throw one.”  Someone whispered.

“We have to find another.  That one’s too big.  You’ll knock him out.”  Someone else, a female, replied to the first.

“He can’t be knocked out.  He’s dead!  It won’t even leave a bruise.”  The first one exclaimed.

Jaellynn cleared his throat, causing both voices to fall silent.  “Jaeyn, your demon is throwing rocks at me.”

Jaeyn tried to keep from giggling again.  “I told her to.  And she’s not a demon.  She missed your nose though.  I bet I could hit it.”

Jaellynn raised an eyebrow, but remained silent.  He continued to stand and look at them.  The bear in the sling woke and let out a small bark.

“Oh yeah!  The bear.  What was the problem with it?”

Jaellynn decided to let the pebble throwing go.  He glanced quickly at Vassanta and twitched his ear.  He looked back at Jaeyn while pulling the cub out of the sling.  “I came here looking for sabers and I wound up watching an orphaned bear cub instead.  It’s mother died of something nasty.  I sent some samples to my contact in the Ebon Blade, and I mean to send some somewhere else to be analyzed.  Anyway, I found the cub, malnourished, near the larger bear’s carcass.  It hasn’t shown any signs of being sick, but I worry it might be carrying it.  I’ve been giving it milk and taking care of it, but I really need to get back to my studies.  I know I’m close to finding them here.”

“Sabers?  They’re over there.”  Jaeyn nodded vaguely towards the woods.  He took the bear cub, visibly inspecting it.  “It’s not sick.  When did you find it?”

Jaellynn looked towards the woods, “About a week ago.”  He took a few steps towards the trees.

“You’ll scare them away if you go that way.”  Jaeyn said as Vassanta pat the bear cub gently.  Dog sat on the beach now on the other side of the rock and whipped her tail back and forth as Sketch tried to catch it.  He handed Vassanta the cub.  “I’ll show you where they are.”

Jaellynn followed Jaeyn north to the inlet and along the rocky edge of it.  They passed the trees and rounded around to a small hill.  Jaeyn scampered up one side of it, but stayed low to the ground at the top.  He motioned for Jaellynn to follow him up.  He did.

At the base of the hill’s other side, were three moonsabers.  One of them was grooming it’s paws in an almost lazy fashion while the other two slept.  Jaellynn stayed close to the ground at the top of the hill too.  He whispered to Jaeyn, “Thank you.”

Jaeyn nodded, then whispered back, “I’ll take the cub for now.”  He looked back at the sabers.  “I’ll write and let you know what we decide for the long term.”

Jaellynn nodded back.  Jaeyn silently slipped down the back side of the hill again and disappeared the way they had came.

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OOC – AV Weekend

With all the new battlegrounds, AV weekend now only comes once every two months.  Thus, this weekend I spent much of my time farming honor instead of writing.  Here are the results of my AV frenzy!

Jaellynn finally got rid of his level 83 shoulders. I'm counting it as an upgrade for both PvE and PvP. He also got some shiny new gloves.

Jaeyn got new shoulders and a helm.

Soura also got the shoulders and the helm. She really needed more but I do need to sleep at some point!

Kelanori earned the shoulders, dress and helm! I don't like the way the helm looks, but it was a big upgrade over what she had equipped so I figured I'd go for it after all.

Terivanis earned his season 10 robe a few weeks ago, but now he has the matching shoulders and helm.

And a couple fun things to note.

Soura met Jaellynn, the female draenei paladin tank! It threw me off when we were starting in the cave and Jaellynn marked themselves as tank!

My last game of the weekend. The horde didn't know what hit them!


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Jaellynn – Searching for Sabers (part VIII)

Jaellynn sat at the moonwell in Lor’danel while feeding the bear cub.  He had just read his mail.  He propped the bottle for the bear cub in the sling and got his paper and ink from his bag.  He began to write.

My Dearest Star,

I have not yet heard back from Jaeyn on what to do about the bear cub.  I bring it to town, but I do keep my distance from others and wash my hands often in case it is infected as well.  So far it has shown no signs of being sick.  It is doing well on the milk I buy for it at the inn.

I urge you to be cautious around any other death knights that may be at the Shrine or in the area.  I received a letter from my sister.  There may be one around that isn’t friendly, and from what I understand, he may be there with Sakia.  Have you had a chance to see her?  What is she doing at Hyjal?  I thought she was working in Northrend for the Ebon Blade.  Again, please be very careful.  Whatever you do, don’t mention me around any other death knights.

I feel I am close.  I saw something stalking a bird the other day but I am unsure what it was.  It might have been a saber or it might have been something else.  I found no tracks.  I will try a couple more days but I am anxious to get back to you and Relanos.  I miss you both so much.



He checked the bear cub, carefully removing the bottle upon finding it had fallen asleep.  He got up quietly and walked to the mailbox.

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Kelanori – Diary

Dear Diary,

I pray to Elune that my own son will be nothing like my brothers.  Terivanis is infuriating sometimes.  I try to tell myself there was nothing I could do to raise him differently that would have mattered.  At the same time, if I did make a mistake, I want to know about it so I don’t do the same thing with my own child.

He’s a big jerk.  I tried talking to him about Vajarra and he turned it around as a chance to insult me on possible mistakes I might have made that turned out to be okay after all.  I probably shouldn’t have went to talk to him.  He’s such a fu- I could have guessed he would be an ass.

I won’t be talking to him again.

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Kelanori – Letter to Terivanis


You’re being an ass.

Are you stupid?

I swear, if you’ve hurt that girl, I’ll hang you by your ears.

(( She crumples up the paper and decides to wait before replying. ))

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