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(( Letters to and from various different characters. ))


Your apprentice can stop by next time you visit Shattrath.  I assume it’s only fire magic she needs help with and nothing else.

– Aeramin


Dear Esladra,

Will you still be having that week off from your studies soon, and if so, do you think you might be interested in spending some of that week in Shattrath?  I only ask because I thought you might enjoy the shopping here.  Also I’ve come across some handsome blood knight aspirants who are training out here.  They look to be about your age.  I spoke to one of them a few nights ago.  I really think it might be worth your time to come meet him too.  You really should try to get someone on your own before mother starts trying to choose for you.  I can tell you from experience that it’s no fun having to continuously tell her to butt out.

– Vallindra


Dear Isandri,

Hi!  I’m sorry to hear your brother-in-law might be coming to visit.  You’re welcome to stay here if he does.

I’m not sure if anyone has tried regular healing spells on the dragon.  Come to think of it, I’m not even sure they have someone out there who could.  Would you be able to try that or do you think it would be better to find someone who has finished their training?  I can help you get there, if you want.  I’ll find out if someone has tried it yet first.

I definitely plan to bring my apprentice the next time I come to Shattrath.  I want to make sure she has access to the books she needs.  I don’t have many relevant ones here yet, so we’ll have to make frequent use of the library.  We’ll probably be there in another week or so.  The books will be due back soon, and I’ll want to see everyone again.

– Hethurin



Hi.  I hope everything is going well in Outland.  I’ve been working with the crystals and the flayer stomach acid.  It’s safe to try the charcoal.  I’d hide it in the stomach of a flayer so it can be partially broken down by the time the dragon swallows it.  I can’t tell that the crystals are poison or not, but they did turn a different color in the charcoal/acid mix.  The ones from Shadowmoon changed as well though, so it’s a bit inconclusive.

Have regular healing spells been tried?

I’m working on some other things, and have some results.  I want to test them further though, so unless there’s an emergency, I’m going to take the time to do that.

Let me know how the charcoal works!

– Hethurin



Hi!  Your letter was forwarded to me from Shattrath.  Aeramin is still there.  I live in the Ghostlands now.  We did both leave Dalaran shortly before what happened there.  I’m relieved to hear you are safe now!  I do kind of know what it’s like to be locked up and not able to go anywhere.

Maybe when you’re feeling better, you can visit here.  I have spare bedrooms, and I like company.  I used some of my money from making portals to Pandaria to buy my own place.  It’s big.  It’s quiet too.  No one’s out here.  I have a butler who has lived her all his life.  He kills the spiders that get too close.  Oh and it’s haunted too, but the ghosts don’t cause any problems.  You can hear them sometimes.

I could visit there if you don’t like the idea of coming here or if you don’t think you’ll be well enough soon, but I don’t know what Xyliah’s father really thinks of me and I don’t want to find out really.

A lot has happened in the past few months.  Aeramin’s mother passed away.  We broke up.  I’ve changed my name to Hethurin Fairsong because I don’t want the name my family gave me.  I moved and have an apprentice and a butler.

I’m still dealing with what happened, and that’s part of the reason I live here.  I don’t trust people so readily.  I wish I could relax and have fun, but I can’t.  I’m always on edge.  I’m always watching what other people are doing.  I look for the way they say their words, and watch the way they move to try to figure out if they’re lying to me or not.  I’m always looking behind me.  I have dreams that are unpleasant, but I sleep alone so no one knows.  I really wish the dreams would stop.

You can write to me at Tranquillien in the Ghostlands.  We get our mail there.

– Hethurin


Dear Father Isturon Lightmist,

I’m writing to your rented post box so that mother Verisna won’t intercept this.  I want to see you this weekend after my appointment with Lanthiriel.  You can travel with her and arrive early.  That is fine, but you will have to wait in the sitting room until after my appointment with Lani so bring a book to read or something.

And don’t expect it to be a happy reunion.  I don’t want to be touched or hugged or anything.

– Hethurin Fairsong



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Xyliah Art

I did the sketch and line art for this like eons ago, but I wanted to finish something for February.  So here it is.

I took the sloppy approach because my shoulder is still killing me.

I took the sloppy approach because my shoulder is still killing me.

I’d also like to point out that this is the first second time she’s been drawn with her scar.  Anytime I commission art of her, it’s forgotten!


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My son took some pictures while I was driving him to school this morning.



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Random Screenie of the Day

Ordinicus... You're doing it wrong.

Ordinicus… You’re doing it wrong.

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Sanimir’s Notes

  • My apprentice blew up some of her crystals.  I guess when it’s put that way, it sounds kind of bad, but it isn’t really.  I encouraged her to do it again.  Of course, I warned her that it would be best if she covered the bowl with the crystal in it with a wooden box or something.  It could be useful.  If the dragon has ingested some of the crystals, finding a way to reduce them to a powder might help get them out of him, but I’m not sure how we could do that.  It would have to be done safely too.  I don’t think I have to tell her that she was lucky it burst into powder and not crystal shards.
  • She ruined one of her robes.  I don’t think she has many.  She’s been wearing one that kind of doesn’t leave much to the imagination, not that I’m looking.  I’m not.  I only looked long enough that I saw it.  I just pretended she was wearing her old robe after that, the one that covered everything.
  • I have offered to buy her a new one.  It’s a bit improper to have your apprentice wear something like that.  I saw Tik look, and he shook his head.  It’s a bit embarrassing.
  • She’s worried about me buying the robe for her too.  It’s not going to be a problem for me.  I may suggest she gets two just to make sure she has a spare.  I’d hate for the same thing to happen again.
  • I don’t think she’s had any further problems with her experiments.  It’ll be interesting to see if she can find something.
  • My own experiments are going well.  I’d like to try some of them with the dragon, but I really need to be thorough.  It won’t do any good if it only works for a few days or makes the dragon more sick.
  • So far goldclover mixed with the stomach acid of the flayers is breaking down the Shadowmoon crystal the fastest.  It is slowly working on the Netherstorm crystal as well.
  • There is another herbal mixture that does coat the flask it’s kept in.  Lanthiriel said it’s used to soothe sore throats and help healing in some operations.  It may help the dragon if it can still work even with flayer stomach acid.  It might help him feel a bit better even if it doesn’t cure him.  It would help protect him too, but again, I have to be careful.  I don’t want to make things worse.  I’ll give it a few more days to see how long it lasts.  Dosage is important.
  • My practice room reeks.  Flayer stomach fluid really doesn’t smell very good.  I’ve put the spell work on hold for now because I don’t have the space to work.
  • So instead of working on the spell, I’ve been reading on basilisks in my study.  The Outland variety does eat crystals, but their bodies do not take on the properties of what they eat as readily as the Azerothian variety does.
  • Now that I know that I have to find out if the ones in Netherstorm are eating the crystals or not.  Maybe I can teleport there and watch one night this week.
  • Not tonight.  I’m going fishing.

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Random Screenie of the Day

I almost felt bad for Sanimir with three girls chasing him through Northrend.

I almost felt bad for Sanimir with three girls chasing him through Outland dungeons.

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Random Screenie of the Day

Don't judge me.I love how this outfit is no different on males than it is on females.

I love how this outfit is no different on males than it is on females.

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