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Jaeyn – Story

Jaeyn Summerleaf sat at his camp in the hills just north of the Shrine of Aviana.  Vassanta had left him with Sketch so she could go get more candy without the hyena eating it all before she returned.

He saw his sister approaching the camp.  He waved, and greeted her as she neared.

She smiled, “Hello Jaeyn.  I trust your trip to Nordrassil went well?”

“It did.  Ysera is there.”  Jaeyn recalled the questions Vassanta had asked about the dream.  How was he supposed to know?  He was unsure if he even had the ability to enter it while sleeping.  One thing was for sure.  He didn’t want to find out.  He felt a kinship with his animals, but he didn’t want to be them.  He didn’t know the answers to many of her questions and had simply agreed with her that they should ask a druid to find out.

“Yes, she is investing much here.  Hopefully it will be over soon.”

He nodded as he reached in his bag.  He pulled out some wrapped fish that didn’t smell very fresh.  He tossed one to Sketch who eagerly ate it.

Kelanori put her hand over her nose and mouth.  She appeared to be trying not to breathe.  As he wrapped the remaining fish back up, she said with her hand still in place, “I know it’s been some time since leaving Darnassus.  I did want to check to make sure you’re doing okay.”

He put the fish back in the bag, frowning slightly as he closed the bag tightly.  “I’m fine.”  He smiled as he thought of the dwarf he had left in charge.  They had used him, promoted him to commander so that he would finance them but they wouldn’t follow him.  Nor would they repay him when he decided he was done with their nonsense.  Of course they wouldn’t.  None of them had gold.  He hoped the dwarf did what he was too nice to do.

Kelanori paused momentarily, her brow furrowed.  “That’s good.  There are some other people that are still hurt over it.”

He raised a brow.  “I don’t care about the idiots in Darnassus.  They can eat squirrels and drink at the lake and go to Stormwind and dance with humans all they want.”

“I mean people that you should care for.  Some would like an apology.”

“I– I told you I was sorry.”

She sighed.  “I mean other people.”

He paused before asking, “Terivanis?”

She blinked, “You didn’t already?  He hasn’t said anything.”  She sighed again, “I mean Jeallynn and Tathariel.”

“She hates me.”

“Maybe there’s a reason for that.”

He nodded.  He was sure Kelanori thought something different than what he was thinking but he nodded.  There was no reason to argue with her.

“It may be good if you talk to Tathariel and Jaellynn.”

He nodded again although he was pretty sure that would be a bad idea.

She smiled.  “I’m going to head back to get some sleep.”

“Will you be downstairs later tonight?”  He asked.

“Most likely.”  She replied.

He watched as she made her across the small field back to the Shrine’s inn.


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OOC – My Son Paints Night Elves

He agrees that he’s improved a lot over the first one.

My 10 year old's rendition of Ornasse.


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OOC – Art

My son wanted to paint one of my characters so I printed a screenshot of the death knight.

A picture of a printed screenshot... Haha.

Here’s how it’s turning out so far.  He doesn’t paint very often.

He says it sucks.

I tried to show him that watercolors are meant to be used with water.

Eww I did it on sketch paper, hehe. Started and finished in 4 minutes.

I’m not sure if it helped him or not.


While on the subject of art, I’ll mention that I’ve contacted an artist about doing some commissioned art work of some of my night elves (the four siblings).  I’m very excited as I’ve seen her work and absolutely love it.

I’ve only just sent her the descriptions and reference screenshots so it may be some time before they’re all completed.

And so, as a teaser, I have to post my reference screenshots.  🙂

Jae will get two views, one in death knight armor, one in druid gear. Of course the goggles are important.

Jaeyn is rarely seen without Dog. 🙂

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Blood Elf Nests

Everyone thinks I should steal the eggs from the blood elf nests.  I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.  I don’t want them to hatch while I’m carrying them.

There was some strange guy with a strange box.  He didn’t seem to know what to do with it.  He should take it to the idiots in Darnassus.  I think there was a ghoul in the box, but I’ve never seen a ghoul do a flip, so maybe not.  He said it ate all sorts of things though, so maybe it was.  It would be great if it ate dumb elves.  He really should take it to Darnassus.

He should probably keep it away from my brother.


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Letter to Ellorian

Dear Father,

I hope you are having fun in the libraries.  You’ll have to teach me how to like books that much sometime.

Vass and I are still hunting.  We make sure the ogres don’t get too close to our home and we make sure the orcs stay out of the town in Stonetalon.  My sister said they might not go back there though.

We are visiting them now at Mount Hyjal.  It kind of sucks because there’s not much for my devilsaur to eat.  They won’t let him eat the orcs here.

I guess they’re thinking about going to Feralas.  That makes me a little paranoid.  I mean I know they grew up there, but I just moved there so sometimes I think maybe she only wants to go to watch me like I’m some baby.

I’m not.

– Jaeyn

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Story – The Return (Part XIII-b)

(( I know.  I know.  It’s taken me a horribly long time to get to this part.  I apologize.  I wasn’t sure of the right way to tell it, but I think it works well this way.  This is Kel’s take on it in her journal entry from about 309 years ago.  If you need a refresher, The Return is tagged as such.  Better late than never, enjoy!  ))

Dear Diary.

Mother is infuriating.

She has insisted on taking leave from the Sentinels and going to Auberdine.  Auberdine!  I can’t even begin to imagine why.  I’ve heard stories and such a place should be even below her standards.  I tried every way I could thing of to get her to tell us why, but she refuses to say more than she wants a change of scenery.

I don’t want to leave Feathermoon, but I can’t let my mother go to Auberdine by herself, no matter how asinine I think the idea is.  I wish she would tell us why.  I figure she must be in trouble for something.

Terivanis won’t stay.  I asked him to.  He has his life here with Lilindor, but he is being very stubborn about watching over me.  I think he realizes the difficult position he has put me in.  It’s like having to choose to make sure my mother is okay or doing what I think is right for my brother.  This is his home as much as it is mine, but I have chosen to go and therefore he cannot stay.  He said it wasn’t my fault.  He wouldn’t blame mother either.  At least he was coherent today.  He’s had some bad days again lately as he usually does this time of the year.  I pray to Elune nothing ever happens to myself or Lilindor.  He would never recover.

Lilindor has also decided to go as well.  He is excited about it, and he has managed to find spots on the boat a day earlier than mother had found.  I’m sure she’ll appreciate it since she’s obviously running from something.

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Terivanis – Letter to Darnassus

Firodren Mooncaller,

Greetings my friend.  I’m sending this to your shop in hopes that you or Ulthir can assist me.  I am in need of some soap making supplies, particularly lye and tallow.  I will be away from home and unable to make my own for quite some time.  I would also like to inquire if you have any mageroyal oil.  I fear I am out, and again the work here at Mount Hyjal has me occupied greatly.  I will not be able to get my own for the time being, and I will need it soon.

I would appreciate any assistance you can provide.  I’m sending enough gold to cover the costs of the supplies and the post charges to send the packages to me at the Shrine of Aviana.  Please keep any extra.  Thank you.

Ancients be with you,

Terivanis Summerleaf

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