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Story – The Return (Part III)

Ellorian had spent much more time than he had planned in that tiny room on that uncomfortable bench searching the piles of records, further back than he had originally would have guessed necessary.  He found her name at last, a record of discharge, she took leave of the post on the island a little over 300 years ago.  He could not help but to notice the date was near to the last time he saw her.  The records did not say where she went, only that she had indeed gone.

It was with that news that he returned to the inn.  He sat down on his bed and stared at the floor in the very open inn with no privacy at all.

“You look like a man with a lot on his mind”

Ellorian looked up to the man who spoke.  It was the one he saw bringing fresh fruit in regularly.  He hadn’t spoken to him before.  He had always been in such a rush to get back to the building with the records.  “I’ve been searching for a friend.  I’ve just learned that she was here but is not any longer.  I’m unsure where to look next.”

The man placed some fresh apples on a nearby table.  He turned and looked at Ellorian, obviously taking note of his garments, “Recently here I assume.  I may be able to help.  What was her name?”

Ellorian hesitated only a moment, “Aerrissa Summerleaf.  Do you know her?”

“Summerleaf.  Summerleaf…”  The man repeated.  “The last name sounds familiar.  You know who you may want to ask?  Kylanna Windwhisper.  She’s an herbalist in the building just north of here.  She tends to remember everyone, even when I’ve forgotten.”

Ellorian’s ears perked and he genuinely thanked the man.  He also, for the first time since arriving, left some coins in the small bowl next to the fruit as he grabbed an apple.  He headed out of the inn and towards the northern building.

He walked up to a woman standing just outside the doorway to the the building, and after asking for Kylanna found it was her.  He posed his question again.

“Summerleaf?  Oh it’s been so long!  She and her children and grandchild moved to… To Auberdine.  Oh my, have you heard from them since the town…?  Oh you must have.  You’re highborne.  You haven’t been out of Eldre’thalas that long.”

He knew from her tone something had happened to this town called Auberdine.  He glanced over his shoulder at the one island.  “I understand neither she nor her children have been through here lately then?”

“I saw someone that looked like her daughter a couple months ago.  I was busy at the time and she had left by the time I finished.  I don’t know if it was her or not.  How do you know them?”

“Aerrissa assisted me when I first left Eldre’thalas.”  It wasn’t entirely a lie.

“Tell her to stop by sometime after you find her.  We have so much to catch up on.”

“I will.  Thank you for your help.”  Ellorian nodded in thanks and turned back towards the inn.  He walked up the back side of it, the side facing the sea and sat while watching a man fish with a child whom played in the mud next to him.  A million questions went through his mind, but he knew his next stop.  Auberdine.


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Some Changes

I’ve taken my brother’s advice.  I should have listened to him earlier.

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Report – Bears

I’ve had the opportunity to observe some bears.  The first bear I was able to observe is a polar bear called Gumdrop, who is semi-tame.  She is a polar bear from Northrend, one that my brother was able to befriend.  I believe he found her in-land in Dragonblight.  His friend brought a bear cub with her when they visited.

The second bear, a druid by the name of Tathariel Evershade, was much safer to get close to.

The third and fourth were a pair of wild bears I found in Feralas near the Tower of Estulan.  Although normally solitary animals these two were together doing things that bears do in spring.

Much of my information for this report is drawn upon my past research on them while in Darkshore.  Many of the ones there were sick, and there was much work in Auberdine to neutralize the threat to them.

Physical Characteristics

Despite being quadrupeds, bears can stand and sit like bipedal creatures, and due to the shape of their hind feet, have exceptional balance in doing so.  They have large bodies with stocky short legs, a snout, short rounded ears, non-retractile claws, and a short tail.  They are covered with fur with colors ranging from white, to different shades of brown and gray, to black.

Bones of the hind foot of a bear.

Despite their short legs and heavy build they can run fast and climb.  They are also excellent swimmers.  They distribute their weight toward their hind feet.

Their size can vary greatly.  Some only standing half the size of the average kaldorei, and others could tower over twice the height of one.  Females tend to be smaller than the males on average.

Bear Sizes


Bears are omnivorous with diets that include both plants and meat.  Their teeth are largely adapted to a diet that includes plants.  The canine teeth are large and the molar teeth are flat.  Insects, berries and other plant matter are often part of their diets.  My brother’s bear, Gumdrop, will eat just about anything, including breads and fungus.

Bears have an excellent sense of smell which is their primary means of finding food.


Bears are diurnal and asocial.  Mating is brief and groups of bears are unheard of beyond mothers with young.

Bears produce a number of vocalizations.  Growling and roaring to potential threats as an act of intimidation, moaning and barking can indicate alarm or excitement.  Huffing is a noise they typically produce during mating.

Cubs are born toothless, blind and bald in litters of 1-3.  They typically stay with their mother for two to three years.  They feed on their mother’s milk for the duration of the relationship with their mother, nursing less frequently as they learn to hunt.  When they are old enough the mother drives them off.

Because of their size, they are physically powerful and capable of fatally attacking a person.  They are shy so injuries caused by bears are rare.  They are most likely to attack when defending territory or their young, which they will guard ferociously.


Bears can be found in Kalimdor, the Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend in a variety of climates.  While many are adapted to live in colder harsher climates, bears can also be found in warmer areas such as Feralas.  In many areas they may run into competition with other animals, such as wolves, for food.

X marks where you can find bears!

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Fishing with Relanos

I’ve been able to work a bit on my report this afternoon while Relanos took a nap.  I’m wondering how much it will help.  I’m reluctant to try again, and fail.

Relanos woke early this morning, which is probably why he’s napping so well now.  I fed him and changed him and took him for a walk around the glade.  Karnum was up early too but he seemed busy speaking with a few of the other druids.  I waved anyway.

I checked my mail.  I still haven’t heard back from Terivanis.

I figured it would be a good time to go fishing and I decided I would try to get Relanos comfortable enough to fly on Bonez without getting all wiggly and screaming.  I went behind the house and called Bonez down out of the trees.  It seems a good place for him to hide.  Bonez landed in front of us.  Relanos immediately grabbed my shirt very tightly, but he didn’t scream like he did yesterday.  I talked to him quietly and told him Bonez wouldn’t hurt him.  I told him how I got Bonez and that Bonez doesn’t even eat because he doesn’t have a stomach.  He didn’t seem to notice that I slowly moved closer.  While he was still gripping my shirt, I was able to climb on to Bonez’s back.  I adjusted the sling a bit tighter to keep him from wiggling out.  I continued to talk to Relanos while easing Bonez up into the air, not too high, but enough to avoid any dangers on the ground.  Relanos took on his usual watching stance as we started to head south.  A relief!  I was so sure he was going to cry as soon as we started moving.

Relanos seemed really calm as we headed out of the glade, over the hills and into the forests of Feralas.  We landed on the shore at Feathermoon Stronghold, behind the inn.  I sent Bonez off and I walked up and down the coast with Relanos, looking for a good spot.  I talked to him about the sentinels, and how his grandmother, aunt and uncle used to live on the island.  I told him about bears too.  We found a spot that looked good just south of the inn a bit.

The fishing there was really good.  There were some giants in the water but they were too far out to worry about.  Relanos played in the mud.  I had to wash him up before heading back home.  Hopefully Tathariel likes the new kinds of fish we caught.  I think we had a really good day together.  I wish everyday were like that.

Fishing with Relanos

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OOC Screenshot – Ding Off King Ping

Resto druid kills rare solo, more news at 6.

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OOC – Screenshot

((  Someone finally got around to tanking the Lich King ))


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The Vassanta Song

It’s a song
About a really nice girl
She’s a queen too!
Queen Vassanta!
She flies with me
In her underwear
Because clothes hold you down!
Queen Vassanta!
She makes the best speeches
For killing orc-rats
Lots of them!
Queen Vassanta!
Prince Sketch and Princess Dog are best friends now
Kind of…
Queen Vassanta!
We ride the rocket
Islands, Telredor, Darkshore!
It goes everywhere
Queen Vassanta!
Xi’ri said it’s fine!
And it makes me really happy!
Because she’s mine.
Shoot me, that line rhymed! Queen Vassanta!

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