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Aerrissa – Leaving Darnassus

(( Just a short one today!  I have to raid soon! ))

Aerrissa Summerleaf made her way to the hippogryphs from the Tradesmen’s Terrace.  She carried two bags with her.  In the larger one, she carried her clothes, spare armor, and her bedroll.  In the smaller, she carried a few eating and cooking utensils, as well as some more personal things.  There were some very old letters, a few new ones, the fletched end of a broken arrow, a tiny sentinel figurine, a feather, and a small statue of Elune.  She wore her sentinel uniform, and had her hair in a long loose braid that hung over her shoulder.

They hadn’t been sure to let her come back.  They had believed her to be dead, after all, and she had made no effort to change what they had thought.  However, at the time, she had been a volunteer, having still been on her leave with two children under 300 in her home.  She had a long record of service before then, and upon looking at that, they had reinstated her, although she was to start out at a lower rank and work her way up again.  Aerrissa was fine with that.

She was to report to Ashenvale, to the Stardust Spire.  Orcs had apparently been moving up the pass there from Stonetalon, and although they had been driven back for the time being, the sentinels there had decided to increase their patrols of the area in case of another attack.  She secretly hoped she would be asked to scout out one of the more dangerous areas.  She was eager to use her skills.

She paid for the hippogryph ride to Ashenvale and secured her bags to it before hopping on its back and leaving for her new home.


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Latahlali – Wedding Diary Book

Dear Wedding Diary Book,

Raleth and I went to Teldrassil together last night to look at the spot that he had found.  It’s very close to Darnassus, which makes me nervous, but we didn’t see anyone and he didn’t get shot by anyone we couldn’t see.  They could just be watching.  I have to go ask about the patrols, which I guess means I have to feign interest in being a sentinel that patrols or something.  I can just act like I’m older, and tell them that I trained longer than I did, if they ask.  It’s not like I’m actually going to sign up to do it.  I just need them to think I’m interested in doing so.

It would just be better if we found another place.  The problem with that is, I haven’t been many places.  I can look at maps all day long, and none of them tell me anything until I’ve been there.  So all I know is the Barrens, Ashenvale and now Dalaran.  We can’t possibly go to Ashenvale.  Vael said there was still heavy fighting in the Barrens, and I don’t think it would be good for a mage to marry his apprentice right in Dalaran.  There would be a lot of talk.  So that leaves other places, where I haven’t been yet, which makes it ten times harder to find one.  I like the picture books with the scenic drawings of different places.  The problem with that is a lot of them were drawn more than a year and a half ago, and everything is different now.  So I’ll find one that looks nice, then I’ll start reading more recent books to find out about it and the place is gone, or on fire, or underwater, or the alliance has claimed it, or the horde has claimed it.  There aren’t any nice neutral areas.

Maybe the lake near Darnassus is the best we’ll be able to find.  It was beautiful.  I was just nervous the whole time thinking that sentinels were there watching, and just waiting for their chance to kill him and arrest me.

I didn’t practice yet today.  Going to do that now.

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Latahlali – A Trip to Darnassus

Latahlali woke early.  She had to get to the library first thing today.  She kissed Raleth, whom was still asleep, grabbed her bag and headed out.  When she arrived at the library she sat near the portal so she could see those that came in.

It wasn’t long before she saw the tall Highborne that she was looking for.  He started to walk by her, pretending to not notice her.

“Ellorian!  Hello!”  She stood in front of him.  He couldn’t not notice that.

He frowned.  “Hello.  This is a library, not the middle of the forest.  You should be quiet.  People are trying to read.”  He started to step around her.

“I have a favor to ask.”

Ellorian sighed, “What this time?”

“I need to go to Darnassus again.”

“Do I have to go with you?”

She frowned, “Yes, I need to get back.  It won’t be long.  I promise.”

He looked at the shelves of books, “It won’t be long, you say?”

She nodded.

“Fine.  Meet me in front in a few minutes.”  He sighed again before teleporting away.


She stepped foot into the temple.  Ellorian, dressed rather plainly, followed through the portal behind her.  She walked towards the exit.  “How well do you know Feralas?”

Ellorian looked at her warily.  “You asked for Darnassus.  We’re in Darnassus.  We’re not going to Feralas.”

“But could you open a portal there?”

“I lived in Eldre’Thalas for a long time.  My son lives in Feralas now.  I could open one, if I had a good reason to.”  He frowned at her.

She continued on towards the Warrior’s Terrace, “I was asking because Raleth and I might need to go there soon.  He hasn’t been there before.”

Ellorian thought about it for a moment then said, “So you wouldn’t need me to stay with you to open a portal back.”

“No, Raleth would be with me.  He could get us back to Dalaran.”

“I may visit my son soon.  I wouldn’t put the portal too close to their home.  I don’t think either he nor his mate like blood elves very much.”

She walked to the clearing on the other side of the terrace and approached a man and a woman who had small tamed owls for sale.  “Which one do you think he’ll like?  There aren’t any rare white ones.”

Ellorian looked at her.  “I don’t know.  I didn’t know he liked birds.  Won’t the cat eat it?”

“Won’t the cat know better?”

Ellorian shrugged.  She looked over the owls.  There was a pretty grey one.  It was calm, and seemed like it would make a good pet.  He must like birds.  He had gotten her a bird.  It was a lot bigger.  It had to be like the rings though, right?  One for each of them?  She supposed if he didn’t like it, she could bring it back.  She paid for it and smiled at the little grey owl.  “Let’s take you home.”

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Latahlali – The Spark III

Latahlali woke early.  She hadn’t been trying to adjust her sleeping schedule.  It had just happened.  Today she knew was to be a big day, and she had rushed to the park to complete her practice first.  She could still only achieve a flicker of the flame, and although it was consistent, it was not the result she was supposed to have.  Once, she thought the flame had gotten larger, but it was hard to tell with the flicker at the same time.  She would tell Raleth about it later.  Perhaps he could give her some tips on getting it right now that she felt she was getting closer.

It was still early when she finished her practice, but the shops were already beginning to open.  She packed her wand and candle back into her bag, and hurried to the herbalist’s shop.  They had passed it the other night, when she and Kestrae had gone shopping.  The woman had just opened the shop’s doors when Latahlali arrived there.

“Hello, can I help you find anything?”  The woman asked as Lali looked around the shop at the different containers of herbs.

Lali’s ears darkened.  She quietly answered, “I’m looking for mageroyal tea.  I heard you have some.”

The woman nodded, “Yes, we always have that in stock.”  She walked to one of the shelves that lined the walls of the shop and took down a small container.  “Half of Dalaran would cause a fuss if we ever ran out.  You can bet the other half wouldn’t be very happy either.”  She smiled gently, handing Lali the small container.  “Some places sell it in larger amounts, but it works best if it’s fresh.  You only need one cup a day.  I can sell you extra if you ever plan a trip or some time away from the city, but I can’t guarantee it’s effectiveness if it’s more than a week old.”  She looked Lali up and down, obviously coming to the conclusion that she was a first time user.  “Make sure you keep the tin tightly sealed, and drink it every day.”

Lali nodded as she paid.  She trusted the woman to know what she was talking about.  She put the tea in her bag, and stepped out of the shop.

She wasn’t sure what time Ellorian would be awake, but she knew it would still be too early to go to his home.  She knew of one of the libraries he frequented, high in one of the spires that towered above the city.  Even if he didn’t show up there, it would be a quiet place to work on Raleth’s gift until later in the day.

She found the portal to the library and took a seat where she could see others come in.  She took her book and quill out of her bag and began to write.

The handsome battlemage flung frost bolts in every direction as soon as he reached his beautiful apprentice’s side.  The horrible minions of Addlemindthir were defeated once more.  Her old teacher did not want her back, but he was determined to teach her one final lesson.  The old coot didn’t appreciate being aware that he was an awful teacher.

“Rathel, you saved me again!”  She exclaimed as she threw her arms around her tall, charming hero.

The dashing battlemage smiled as he caressed her ear softly.  “I would defeat a thousand evil sorcerers to be by your side.”  He pulled her close and kissed her deeply.

She looked up at the portal.  There was still no sign of the Highborne.  She continued writing.

Her hand wandered to one of his ears.  They were stunningly erect.  “What if he never relents?  What if he sends his minions after me for an eternity?”  As he held her close and kissed her again, she could feel another part of him becoming stunningly erect through his robe.

“I will continue to defend you from them until the end of time if I have to, but I know Addlemindthir.  I know he will show himself eventually.  It will be then that we can make our final strike against this hideous monster!”  He looked deep into her eyes.  “You will be strong enough then.  Your skills have already improved so much.  Together, we can defeat him for good.”  He kissed her again as they both removed their clothing.

He laid her down in the soft grass beside the stream, using his cloak to shield their naked bodies from the chill air.  She caressed his amazingly erect ears as he rubbed his aroused manhood against her wet–

She looked up again as a tall Highborne mage appeared near the portal.  She quickly closed her book and capped her ink.  She stood and approached him.

“Ellorian, I need your help with something.”

The mage raised a brow, “I thought Raleth was your instructor?”  He started walking towards one of the shelves of books.

She followed him.  “I need to go to Darnassus.”

Ellorian twitched an ear as he looked at the books.

Lali continued, “Please, he gave me money to get a saber.  It won’t take long.  I promise.  Raleth can’t go there.  I really need your help.  Please.”

Ellorian sighed.  He looked like he was about to say something when he glanced down at his robes.  He sighed again.  “Fine, meet me outside the building in 10 minutes.”  With a whisper of a spell he disappeared.  She went back to the table and gathered her things together.  She rushed outside to meet him.

She was surprised when he walked up to her.  Gone were the long flowing robes and sparkling head pieces.  Ellorian wore pants and a shirt and looked rather plain.

“Can you cast like that?” She asked, eyeing his attire.

“Of course.”  He twitched an ear.  “Portals are fairly easy to create.”

They walked off to the side of the street where he opened the portal.  She stepped through it.

Ellorian walked with her towards the sabers.  There were flowered wreathes around floating candles on the lake.  There were people in boats, kissing.  She twitched an ear as she walked across the spanning bridges to the other side of the city to where the saber trainers sold mounts.  She would love to ride on the boats with Raleth.  She didn’t think there were any boats in Dalaran.  She frowned and glanced at Ellorian.  He seemed nervous and jumpy.  He was no good for conversation, not that she had much hope that he would be.  He was set on calling her a commoner.  She could think of worse things to be called, but it still bothered her.  She wanted to be his friend, but not if he would constantly call her that.

They came to the open area where the sabers napped in the early afternoon sun.  She approached one of the handlers.  Ellorian stood off to the side near a moss-covered log.  He looked around nervously.  Lali frowned at him and continued towards the handler.  “Hello, I’m looking to buy my first saber.  Do you have any gentle ones that are used to being around a lot of people?”

The woman nodded.  “We have a stormsaber.  She was one of the ones that we rescued from Ashenvale.  She’s a bit older, but very gentle.”  The woman led her to the saber.  Lali had no idea how to check a saber’s quality.  She glanced at Ellorian, whom seemed intent on ignoring that he came with her, a ‘commoner’.  He was no help.  At least he was giving her the portals so it wouldn’t take too long to get her saber and return..

Lali nodded at the woman and pat the saber’s shoulder.  The saber was a beautiful, spotted blue.  Her coat was shiny and soft, and she looked to be in good health as far as Lali could tell.  She discussed the price with the woman and was able to save a few gold because of the saber’s age.  Her own saber.

She couldn’t wait to show Raleth.


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Aerrissa – A New Home

Aerrissa walked along the path on the Tradesmen’s Terrace.  Darnassus had not changed much since she had last been there a couple of years ago.  The buildings were the same.  The trees were the same.  The people were…   different.

She stopped and stared as a human rode by on a horse.  He wore a top hat.  He was most definitely one of them.  The worgen.

She had heard of them coming to Darnassus.  She did not know there were such large numbers of them.  She twitched an ear as another rode by.  Hopefully they wouldn’t give the sabers fleas.  She was more worried about what their bites could do, but deferred to the wisdom of those that had allowed them here in the first place.  She prayed to Elune that none of the wild ones snuck through.

In addition to the worgen, there were the mages.  The Highborne had returned, and while many of them had moved on to Dalaran, she had seen a couple here.  From what she understood, Ellorian had gone to Dalaran fairly quickly.  She had heard they had taken on kaldorei apprentices as well.

She looked down at the paper she had in her hands with the address on it, and looked around at the buildings.  She smiled as her eyes settled on one.  She walked up to it.  A woman greeted her.

“You must be Aerrissa?  I received your note that you planned to stop by.  You’ve come to see the room?”

She nodded, and followed the woman upstairs.

“This is it.  We just replaced the dresser.  The latch on the old one would stick sometimes.”

Aerrissa walked into the room.  It was small and cramped, but it did have a nice view of the lake.  She pressed a hand on the bed, as though she were checking the softness of it.  In reality, any bed would be more comfortable than the ground she had been sleeping on for the past years.  The room would be cheap too, far cheaper than an entire apartment.  She wouldn’t need so much space now that her children had all found mates, and had their own homes.  This room would suit her fine.

She turned back to the woman.  “The rent is by the week?”

The woman nodded.

Aerrissa smiled.  “I’ll take it.  I’ll pay the first two weeks now.  I have a short trip to make soon.”

Now with lodging taken care of for a short time she was free to make her trip to Dalaran.  Later that evening she wrote a quick letter to Terivanis, asking him to send her stuff to her new address.

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Jaellynn – Trip to Darnassus

Jaellynn Evershade walked over the long arcing span towards the Warrior’s Terrace in Darnassus.  He looked over the list his brother had left for him.  It consisted mostly of herbs, the majority being the flowery fragrant type.

He adjusted his goggles as he veered left at the top of the terrace.  He made sure they were tight on his face.  No one should be able to see his eyes.  The darkly tinted red lenses were easy to see out of, and kept his scourged blue eyes from view.

He walked along the path to the herbalist’s shop, nodding to greet a couple of passing sentinels.  He pretended not to notice when one smiled at him.  She saw a druid.  Of course she would smile at a druid.  They all smiled at druids.

He was a druid though, wasn’t he?  He had certainly made some strides in his studies.  Ever since discovering the barrow with druid ghosts that could cast in Ashenvale, he had pushed forward in his studies, despite his condition.  He had some success as well, although he still was far from casting actual spells and probably never would.  He realized he would have to settle for what he could do.  He walked up the ramp to the herbalist’s shop.

He handed the list of herbs to the shop owner, and asked, very quietly if he had them in stock.  The man looked at the list and began gathering the different herbs on the list out of different containers in his shop.  All the while, he talked.  Talandra’s rose, what a pleasing scent.  Goldclover, have you ever tried to give it to the rabbits?  They love a good treat.  Did you want whole leaves or crushed?  Did you know Netherbloom grows only in the most harshest of areas in Outland?

Jaellynn answered with a mixture of quiet short responses and nods.  Finally, the man had gathered together all that was on the list.  Jaellynn quickly paid, thanking him before leaving.

He headed back towards the Warrior’s Terrace.  He continued past it, and stopped at the general store.  Terivanis had asked for a couple different sizes of wooden ewers and bowls as well as a few other things.  He was able to find everything and paid.  He was barely able to fit it all into his bag, but he managed.

He left, walking towards the temple.  He had to make a few purchases of his own, but not here.  He needed someone who could make jewelry.  Despite how he felt about the draenei, he knew their jewelry creation could be compared to no other.  He took a deep breath, out of habit, and continued on towards the temple.

It was an awful place to keep portals.  Elune’s sacred place fouled by magic.  He knew well that many would say he didn’t belong there as well if they knew what he was.  He twitched an ear as he went up the ramp to the flat marble surface.  He began walking towards the entrance.  Foul portals to Eredar homes on Azeroth.  He knew what he heard at the Exodar.  He didn’t want to go again, but he had to.  He had to, or Tathariel would have nothing for their anniversary.

He entered the temple, walking straight to the portals while keeping his head down.  Many of the priestesses knew of his condition.  They may recognize him.  He didn’t have his sister’s protection anymore.  He went straight to the portal.  He would have preferred Shattrath, but he wanted to get back today.  There wouldn’t be enough time for his studies later if he returned too late.  He stepped up to the Exodar portal and went through.

Hopefully, there would be no naaru voices trying to control his mind this time.

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Latahlali – A Trip to Darnassus

Latahlali Ashclaw hopped off the rented hippogryph and onto the soft Darnassus ground.  Trips to the city were rare.  Trips alone to the city were practically unheard of.  Yet here she was.  Vael had sent her off with a list of things to buy… and a deadline to return by.  He had a job elsewhere to do.  She couldn’t ask too many questions about that, lest her privileges to travel alone be removed.

She had been to the city before and knew where all the shops were.  She stepped quickly over a stone bridge.  Signs of dampness lingered in the cracks.  That, along with the way the grass squished beneath her boots lead her to believe it had rained fairly recently, although it wasn’t now.

She passed by the bank, for now, and crossed another series of stone bridges.  She stopped by a shop owned by a man named Fyldan.  He sold her the spices Vael had requested along with a small sack of rice.  It fit neatly in the bottom of her bag.  She walked up the hill to the other shops.  She stopped by the herbalists and bought small amounts of mageroyal, swiftthistle and grave moss.  She waited while the blacksmith repaired the leather wrap on the hilt of one of Vael’s daggers.

She was beginning to get nervous about not making it back in time.  The dagger repair had taken more time than she had expected it would.  The last thing she needed right now was Vael forbidding her to make any further trips to Darnassus alone.  She hurried down the large, sloped stone bridge to the bank.  She quickly checked the deposit box there, adding the amount of gold that Vael had requested.  She turned around.

There stood a tall male near the mailbox.  His beard was long and thick.  His long white hair was pulled back.  His beard was lovely.  His beard.  She caught herself staring.

He caught her staring as well.  He greeted her and they spoke.  She had to hurry.  He– Was he flirting with her?  She forgot to get soap.  A mage tower?  Why would she want to see a mage tower?  She had to get soap.

“Please excuse me.”  She scurried off towards towards the general goods shop.

His beard.

She slowed her pace after getting some distance from the bank.  He was handsome.  The lines on his face told her he was so very much older than she was.  So very much.

Vael would have a fit!

She reached the general store and bought the soap.  There, she learned of bread in the temple that was taken to graves to honor the dead.  Maybe they’ll let me take some to my parents’ graves.  She hurried to the temple.  It was getting late.

She wasn’t expecting him to be there.  He stood next to the table with the bread on it.  His beard flowed off his chin and over his robes.  She smiled as she approached and took some bread off the table.

He flirted with her again.  She flirted back.  He blushed.

She asked.  He was highborne.

Vael would kill her.

“Perhaps we will meet again.”  She pushed back her hood.  He would have to know what she looked like to recognize her.

He offered her a portal home.  She had to hurry.  It was getting late.

No.  Not Ashenvale.  He didn’t want to.  Dangerous, he said.

She asked.  She lived there.  She had to get back before Vael.  No, she couldn’t mention Vael.  Ashenvale is her home.

He agreed.  She stepped through the portal.  As she materialized in the familiar forest, she realized.  She forgot to ask his name.

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