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Aeramin’s Notes

  • I took Maena’s remains to Eversong, near where she grew up.  It was the same place I was born.  I remember playing in the stream there.  She was always with me then.  I was really young.  She loved me so much.
  • I feel like I did nothing but disappoint her, but she never showed that she was disappointed.  She loved me no matter what.
  • Writing that just makes me feel really alone now.
  • Sanimir still isn’t back.  I haven’t heard anything from him.  It’s been a week.  A week since my mother died and a week since he left.  His cat is still here.
  • Kestrae told me Muffins is my cat now.  I don’t know if that means she believes he’s not returning or what.  I never asked for a cat, but I guess it’s okay.  I’ve kind of figured out how to take care of one.  I mean, I feed him and change his litter, and he’s happy.  He purrs a lot, but I think he misses Sanimir too.  He paws at the bedroom door when it’s closed, and sometimes he just wanders around.  I don’t know.  Maybe that’s normal for a cat.
  • I just wish he’d come home, or if he doesn’t want to, then he should at least show up and tell me.  All I know is that he left on his own.  I don’t know where he went, or how long he plans to stay there, or if he plans to return at all.  If I did something wrong, can’t he have the decency to tell me?
  • He took the present I had wrapped for him.  It was a really nice purple and green robe.  I bet it looks great on him.  He left his present for me too.  It was a black and white robe with gold trim.  It’s really nice, but I feel weird wearing it, like I’m wearing something from someone who doesn’t really care for me the way I care for him.  Everyone keeps telling me that he wouldn’t have taken his gift if he didn’t want to see me again.  I don’t know.
  • I miss him more than anything.
  • I’ve been sitting out on my front step in the evening, as usual.  I usually bring my work with me.  The invitations have slowed down now that the holiday is almost over, but I still have the book copies to work on.  Hopefully, people will start planning parties again.  After handing a decent-sized purse to Berwick for helping with Sanimir’s rescue, and everything else, I kind of have to be a little more careful.  It’s nothing like it was when I was studying in Dalaran, but it does make me a little nervous not to have a bigger ‘cushion’.  Maybe because of what I went through before.  I can rebuild it after a few more jobs come in.  I just have to be patient.  I put my ad up on the board in the library again.
  • I’ve been speaking to people who eat at the restaurant near my home.  Oddly, food is a good conversation starter.  I’ve been hoping to make some more friends.
  • Then there’s Imralion.  I met him while I was sitting on the front step one evening, working while watching people eat.  He was eating and didn’t look too sure about the food.  That’s the way it usually starts.  Then I can make a comment on whether the food is really that bad or not.  He had ordered something that came with those really nasty-tasting vegetables.  I had to warn him.
  • There’s something else about him though.  If I weren’t waiting for Sanimir to return, I’d want to do more than just meet him at the library.  Maybe it’s the way he wears his hair or the way he trims his beard, but he reminds me of Sanimir a bit.  His hair is lighter, more golden.  A lot more golden.  I just want to roll around in it.
  • I don’t know.  I think Kes noticed.  She said something about making Sanimir jealous.  I just want him to come home.
  • I don’t know if he will.
  • I mean, how long do I wait?  I planned his rescue, then every attempt to comfort him, even just a hand on his shoulder, was rejected.  Then he leaves and doesn’t say anything about coming back.  I really don’t like being treated like garbage, and that’s what I feel like I am to him now.
  • Maena always said I went after the wrong ones.  Well, before she forgot me, she said that.  The rich nobleman’s son was a bad idea from the start.  Then there was the jerk who rivaled my father in counting the ways he could be an ass.  Then there was the girl I met while ‘working’.  She ‘worked’ too.  That really didn’t work out very well.  I guess I can add the priest’s son with five older sisters and a boatload of expectations on his shoulders to the list.
  • I don’t suppose a blood knight who wants to fight demons is really a good idea either.
  • I should just stay inside and stop talking to people.
  • I have to feed the cat.

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Vallindra’s Notes

  • I’ve been practicing with Graz’phog, my voidwalker.  He has a ridiculous name.  He looks smaller than other voidwalkers that I’ve seen too.  Admittedly, I haven’t seen many before.  The magister thought he looked suitable.
  • Perhaps it’s best to start with a smaller one to begin with then banish it when you outgrow it.  It’s much more powerful than the imp.  I can feel it.
  • I’ve taken him out to look for ley-lines.  He defends me fiercely.  I don’t need to do anything other than what I’m there to do.
  • I think Volnar has more personality though.  If that’s possible.  I don’t know.  I suppose demons must have different personalities or else there would be no need to banish and get another of the same type.
  • Volnar is a bit of a sass.  I think all imps are like that though.
  • I sat under the mistletoe.  I didn’t realize it the first night until the magister and I started talking about it.  We kissed each other’s cheek.
  • I guess he was just doing it for the holiday.  He didn’t sit with me last night, and when I mentioned it was late, he made no move to get up to kiss me again.
  • I suppose it’s better that I know now that he’s not interested rather than having been kissed again and mislead.  I’d just rather he hadn’t kissed me at all if he didn’t at least have some interest.
  • At least it didn’t end up like last time.  It’ll be a lot easier to stay professional about this.
  • Last night, Kestrae showed up for a bit too.  Aeramin wasn’t with her, but that pig archer was.  They apparently are taking care of that sick drake.  Hopefully it’s something they can cure, and if not they’ll put him down gently.  The Magister didn’t seem to care much.
  • Anyway, I found out I went to get the last of my stuff from Dalaran just in time.  Apparently they killed all the sin’dorei there.  I suppose I would have been one of them if my grants had been approved, so in a way I’m glad they weren’t.  I’m working for the Scryer’s now.
  • I got my pink pillow out with the last trip too.
  • Apparently, my brother is missing.  I don’t believe that for a second.  I bet Aeramin knows exactly where he is.  I’d even wager money on it.  He just wants Lanthiriel to believe Sanimir’s missing so that she can’t tell father where he is.
  • Speaking of Lanthiriel.  Instead of practicing first thing this morning, I had to go to Silvermoon.  I managed to speak to her in the offices.  I didn’t see father around, and mother usually stays out of the office, so it was just Lani and me.
  • Oh, the light knows what I’ve done and the light will make me pay.  I’m scared.  Shaking.  Really…
  • I told her it’s all fine with me if the light knows, but if father knows then we’re going to have a problem.
  • That’s when she decided to tell me that she already told him what she thought might have happened.
  • I teleported away after telling her she best find a way to repair the damage she’s done to my reputation.
  • It’s not enough to have to keep Sanimir from meddling in my affairs, but now Lani too.


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Vallindra Lightmist frowned, “What do you mean, you can’t tell who they’re from?”

“I’m just an imp, Mistress.  I don’t know how to find out who sent them.  Did you ask the postman?”  Volnar cowered behind one of the boxes.

“Useless”  Vallindra scowled.  She looked over the gifts again.  Who would send things like this?  Why didn’t they send them before she condemned herself to solitude by summoning?  She kicked Volnar out of the way as she picked up the gifts.  Hopefully her admirer wouldn’t take too long to reveal himself to her parents so that she could stop him before he got too hung up on her.  She gave the imp one last hateful glance before taking the gifts to the other room.

She had no choice but to be alone now.


Sorrahn Dawnstrike sat on the ledge overlooking the Lower City.  He knew the holiday had come again.  That dwarf holiday, or was it goblins?  He wasn’t sure.  Either way, the decorated trees and lights had been put up.  Then again, there were so many refugees in the lower city, it was hard to tell what was a decoration and what was normal there.  He had seen the decorations up in the rest of the city though, so he was certain it was the gift giving holiday.

He had no one to give gifts to.  Well, he had a wife somewhere in Silvermoon, but he wasn’t planning to go home to see her any time soon.  He had a brother somewhere in Dalaran, but if what he had heard about Dalaran was true, then he might not have a brother in Dalaran.  His parents were in Silvermoon.  He had received a letter from his mother asking if he had heard the same things about Dalaran.  He’d have to write back, but it could wait a few days.  There were the trainees.  They were here in Shattrath.

Maybe he’d treat them to a round at the tavern after their training exercises.  Maybe the tavern would be having a holiday special so he wouldn’t have to spend much on them.


Thalien never returned.  Xyliah Amberlight had sent the dragonhawk back for Berwick. That had been a few days ago.  She had taken Ember and went to search the ground along the route Thalien would have taken.  Of course, she couldn’t get too close to Dalaran.  Even the forest below was too close for her comfort, but she had to check as far as she could.  She had seen no trace of the dragonhawk or Berwick.  She had returned to the spot where Thalien would know to go and waited, but now, two days later, she knew something had happened.

She tried not to think about it as she climbed down from her hiding spot.  If something had happened to just Thalien, then maybe Berwick was somewhere else waiting for her.  Maybe he was looking for her.

Or something had happened to him too.

Had help been sent?  She cradled the corehound pup in her arms.  Ember was almost too big to carry anymore, but she managed.  She had to find the nearest outpost for help.  She couldn’t wait any longer.  She prayed there was someone left to help.


Alinash Brightblaze pushed aside the curtain and peeked outside.  Snow.  There was a light dusting of it now, covering the cobblestone streets below.  He had never seen so much of it before.  He wasn’t sure what to think of it yet.  It was cold, but it was, in a way, calming to watch.

He had been going most nights to pick up the things the others had left for him near the window.  He especially liked it when they could find the meat pies he liked.  He had been puzzled when he received the note from the other elf.  He would have joined him but he had no guarantees that he would be able to get back into the city.  I hate no guarantees.

He got up from his chair and put another log on the fire.  It was warm inside.  He was safe inside.  Outside was neither.  After Theramore, and people were saying something happened in Dalaran now too, tensions were higher than ever before.  Still, he felt safer in Stormwind than in Silvermoon.  He grabbed his blanket and wrapped up in the chair next to the fireplace.


Ithorel stuck his pitchfork into the dirty hay pile.  Someday he wouldn’t have to muck out the hawkstrider stalls.  He was saving up.  He’d get to the city soon.

The family he worked for had lost the kid they were supposed to be watching a couple of weeks ago.  He supposed if he hadn’t been returned to the farm yet, they still hadn’t found him.  Ithorel hoped they wouldn’t.  They treated the hawkstriders better than they had that boy.  He wasn’t sure what the kid had done, but it must have been something horrible.  Even then, Ithorel didn’t think he deserved his punishment.  No one should be treated like that.  There hadn’t been anything he could do, but the theory was the new farm hand had helped the kid escape.  They both had disappeared at the same time.

He looked up, and out the door of the barn.  He hoped that wherever they had gone, they were happier where they were now.


Dear Sanimir,

I know it may be too soon.  You may not want to read this.  You may not read it at all.  You may burn it without second thought, but if there’s a chance that you may pause and open this letter, then I must try.  My son, I am sorry.  I am sorry I didn’t listen to you.  I should have heard you.  I should have done something.  I fear I am too late.  I have spoken with Lanthiriel, and Isandri, and I realize now how bad it was for you, and I am second guessing what I saw.  I believe you now when you say it didn’t happen.

I would like to talk to you if you will let me.  Please write to me at this box.  Your mother doesn’t know I have it.

Light watch over you,


Haani sat on the overlook on the Aldor Rise.  There had been a large number of blood elves entering the city again in the past few days.  She frowned, glancing towards the Scryer’s Tier a level lower.  The majority of them had moved there.

The large hands tickling from behind interrupted her thoughts.  “Jamos!” she yelled.  She knew it was her brother.  No one else would dare.  “I thought you were still in the forest?”

“I missed my sister.  You know I like coming back for the different holidays.  What do you think about this one?”

Haani shrugged, “I’m not too concerned with it.  The lights are pretty.”

“Oh, that’s too bad.  I got you a present.”

She turned and looked at him, raising a brow.  “You did?”

He handed a small wrapped box to her.  She took it and began to open it.  Inside was a small statue of a priestess praying.  She smiled.

“I thought of you when I saw it.”

“It’s lovely.  Thank you.” she kissed him on the cheek and went inside to put it away.


Aeramin Firewind retched as he leaned over the side of the couch, instantly thankful that he had the presence of mind to place a bucket beside it before passing out last night.

He hated being drunk.  He hated hangovers too, but not as much as he hated himself for drinking that much in the first place.  Of course, it had its desired effect at the time.  It numbed the pain.  His lover had left him.  His mother had died.  All in the same morning.  Now the hangover served as a distraction from the pain.

He would have to make more arrangements later.  His mother was to be cremated and he needed to be able to take her ashes home.  Home to Eversong.  It was where she had grown up.  It was where Aeramin had been born, although he remembered very little of the time he had lived there.  He remembered where it was.

He glanced at the table where the gifts that Sanimir had bought for their friends still sat.  He’d have to deliver them now.  He hoped he wouldn’t have to talk to them too long about where Sanimir had gone.  He could think of nothing worse than having to tell everyone one at a time that Sanimir had left him again.

Then there was the present left for him.  Aeramin wasn’t sure he’d be able to open it without the mage.  Maybe Kestrae was right and he would come back.  Aeramin hoped that she was.


Bear unhooked the fish from his line and tossed the still flopping fish to Norr.  The bear could catch his own, but Bear didn’t mind sharing, and it wasn’t like he had much else to do.  He was still in the town, or more accurately, at the edge of town.  He could see the inn from here.  The colored lights at the entrances showed brightly through the light fog.  He wasn’t quite sure what they were there for, other than it was some holiday or another.  As long as it didn’t disturb the biting fish, it didn’t concern him.

He wondered if the fishing was half as good in Darnassus or Winterspring.  Of course, it was a lot less exciting to run away when you were allowed to.  The old man had insisted they could leave if they wanted to.  The sentinels just didn’t want them alone in Ashenvale.  They were free to run off and be alone somewhere else.

Bear’s home was Ashenvale.  He wanted to stay here.  He baited his hook and recast his line.


Magister Hethurin Fairsong scrunched up his nose as he worked the hook through the worm.  He couldn’t help but empathize with the worm.  It had no control over its fate.  It writhed as Hethurin slid the hook into it further.

Hethurin was free for now.  When he returned, his sisters, his parents, his lover and his friends would all take turns telling him what he had to do.  He wondered if they would choose for him another time.  They would silence him and give him no other choice.  He would be the worm once more.  He would be Sanimir again.

He cast out his line while glancing back at the seaside home he had purchased just yesterday.  He had a really good price on it.  It was apparently haunted, but it came with its own grounds keeper.  The old elf had a deal with the previous owner that Hethurin decided to honor.  There was no need to displace the older elf, especially if Hethurin decided to make frequent trips or have long absences from the residence.

He wasn’t sure about that.  He didn’t like being the worm.


Jaeyn Summerleaf drew his bow back and aimed for the orc’s ankle.  He had found the outpost a few days ago, and thought it would be the perfect place to find orcs to populate the islands.  Vassanta had went to Shattrath for something.  Shoes, did she even wear shoes?  It was fine.  It gave him the chance to get an orc, and he thought that would be a good surprise if he could disable it and get it to the island for her to hunt.  He was pretty sure Sketch would like it too.

The work on the islands was coming along a lot slower than he thought it would.  No one would be able to visit them at this rate.  Maybe that was okay though.  He rather liked sharing them alone with Vassanta.

And Sketch.  And Dog.  And Tumbles.

He smiled and let loose the arrow.

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The Worst Day of his Life

Aeramin Firewind woke early and sat up on the couch in his sitting room.  Things had been going well earlier in the day yesterday.  So well, that Aeramin had thought he might even be able to sleep in the bedroom.  However, last night, before bed, Sanimir had told him he was hiring a bodyguard.  Aeramin wasn’t quite sure how the mage had expected him to react.  He told him it was wasteful and not needed.  Aeramin wasn’t about to let anything happen to him.  Of course, that set Sanimir off.  He didn’t need anyone to protect him when he could pay someone to.  Aeramin was still trying to figure out the logic in that statement.  Sanimir had stomped off to the room after that, leaving Aeramin with his friends on the front step of the home.  Aeramin hadn’t even tried to step foot in the bedroom last night, instead he quietly took his place on the couch to sleep.

This morning, he would need to get into the bedroom to get a clean robe.  He knocked on the bedroom door.  “Sanimir?  Are you awake?”

There was no answer.  He knocked again, this time while turning the knob.  “Sanimir, I need to get in to get my robe.”  He started to push the door open, but was stopped by the chair in the way.  “I need to get dressed so I can make breakfast.”

As much as the mage had always insisted on conjuring food, he never stopped Aeramin from cooking.  Aeramin pressed harder against the door, trying to move the chair.  “I just need my robe.”

The chair moved with the force of the door pushing it.  Aeramin stuck his head into the room.  He frowned.  No one was there.  He pushed the door open further, enough that he could slip in and go around the chair.  There was no sign of Sanimir.  He grabbed one of his robes out of the closet.  He put it on quickly, then, after moving the chair back to it’s spot, he noticed the paper on the small table next to the bed.  It had been folded and set standing on it’s edges.  His name was written on it.

Aeramin frowned at the paper as he walked over to it and picked it up.  He unfolded it, and dropped to the floor as he read it.  It was short.  Sanimir had left, on his own.  He didn’t say where.  He didn’t say how long he would be.  Tears ran down Aeramin’s face as he placed the letter back on the table.  He’d gotten letters like these before.  He knew Sanimir didn’t say where or how long because he believed it wasn’t Aeramin’s business to know anymore.  It was over.

Aeramin let the tears fall for a few minutes before getting up and drying his eyes.  He still had things to do today.  The priestess would be by soon and he still hadn’t fed his mother.  He got up, wiping another stray tear as he went to the kitchen.

His mother had been having difficulty eating lately.  The troll had suggested that he puree her meals.  It had been working, but for the past few days, she had trouble swallowing even water.  Yesterday, he had trouble just keeping her awake to eat.  He had picked up some of the fruit she liked from Nagrand in the market, and hoped she would stay awake long enough to enjoy it this morning.  He poured some of the freshly made fruit puree into a bowl.

He knocked on her door.  “Maena, I have some fruit for you for breakfast.”  He opened the door, setting the bowl on a small table next to a chair in her room.  Hopefully, he wouldn’t have to try feeding her in bed like yesterday.

It wasn’t until he got closer to the bed that he noticed how pale she was.

“Maena?”  He reached and touched her shoulder.  She seemed rigid.  He frowned.  She wasn’t breathing.  She was cold.  He sat on the floor next to the bed.  She had been alive when he checked her last night.  She had died peacefully during the night.

He cried.



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The Purge of Dalaran

Teniron woke with a start.  What was Kit doing pulling the blanket off of him like that?

She answered before he had a chance to ask, “We need to go.  Now.  Quick, get dressed.”  Her short quick sentences matched her pace as she took a few of her favorite items from the closet and put them in a travel bag.

Teniron raised a brow inquisitively as he sat up.  “What’s going on?” he asked as he caught the shirt that she tossed at him.

“Good question.”  She quickly grabbed another travel bag and starting tossing a few things from his side of the closet into it.  “They’re arresting all of the sin’dorei in the city.  From what I saw, they’re killing anyone who resists.  We need to get out of here now.  We’ll find out what exactly is going on later.”

For a moment, Teniron thought she had to be kidding.  He continued sitting on the bed, slowly sliding his shirt on and wondering what possessed her to make jokes about that.

“I mean now!”  Her ear twitched.  Teniron knew that could only mean one thing.  She was quite serious.  His eyes widened at the realization.  He hastily buttoned his shirt and tossed on half of his armor.

She handed his bag to him.  “We don’t have time to take everything.  Here.  Stay close.  We’ll try to make it to the landing.”

He nodded.  Was this really happening?  He followed her to the front door.  As she peeked out into the street, he grabbed a small painting off the wall and stuffed it into his bag between some shirts.

“We’re in luck.  They’re not here yet.”  Kit stepped cautiously outside and motioned for him to follow.  Teniron was glad that he had chosen what was probably the quietest street in Dalaran to live on.  It was a long cul-de-sac that bordered one of the walls surrounding the city.  Unless one lived there, there was little reason to be there.

Kit picked her way down the street staying close to the wall and keeping a watchful eye on the buildings as they passed them.  Teniron followed closely, his hand resting on his sword hilt.

“What about my brother?”

Kit’s ear twitched as she glanced back at him.  “There’s no time.”

He frowned, but continued to follow.  He remembered the last time he had to evacuate and there wasn’t time to go back.  He held the bag with the painting in it closer.

Kit motioned for him to stop as she peered around the corner of a building.  “Stay against the wall.  Be ready.” she whispered as she pulled away from the edge of the building.  She drew her sword.

He nodded as he pressed his back against the wall and readied his own sword.  How long had it been since his lessons?  Decades.  Did he even remember how to use it?  Would it matter in a city of mages?

His thoughts were interrupted as Kit swung her sword low just as a high elf appeared from around the corner.  The elf stumbled forward, Kit swung her sword back the other way, hitting him in the back of the head.  He fell forward, knocked out cold.  Kit grabbed Teniron’s wrist, “This way.” she said, as she dragged him across the street to an alley on the other side.

There was a door there.  Teniron recognized it as the back of one of the inns; one that was very near the landing.  Kit tried opening the door, but it was locked.  She slid a hairpin from her hair, one of the ones Teniron had made and started wiggling it around in the lock.  “Keep watch.”

Teniron peeked around the building at the edge of the alley.  The high elf still laid in the middle of the street, but there were shouts, and the sounds of heavy boots on stone.  “They’re coming, Kit.  Hurry.”

He looked back around the corner.  They were there now.  Two more high elves, Silver Covenant, he guessed by their tabard.  What were they doing?  Why was this happening here?  This city was supposed to be safe for everyone.  He frowned at the two kneeling over the other.  They were trying to wake him up.  He glanced back at Kit.  “They’re right around the corner.”

She twitched an ear, giving the hairpin one last wiggle in the lock before hearing the click.  She smiled and pushed the door open.  Teniron hurried next to her.  They both gaped at the scene inside.  The tables and chairs were broken and toppled over.  Bodies of elves were everywhere.  Then they heard a shout from within, “There’s more!  At the back door!”

Kit grabbed the door and closed it quickly.  “They’ve seen us.”

Teniron glanced back at the street.  Shouts for assistance were being yelled from that direction as well.  Teniron and Kit both looked at the wall at the other end of the alley.  “The landing is right there, at the top of that wall” Kit said.  She nodded at the wooden boxes and crates lining the alley.  “We’ll have to climb.  Let’s go.”

Teniron grabbed one of the empty wooden crates and put it on top of one of the others next to the wall.  Then he grabbed another.  “Go up first.  I’ll follow.”

He watched as Kit started climbing, and as she reached the top, he started making his way up.  Then he heard shouts behind him.

“Stop!  Stop right there!  You’re all under arrest!”

He felt the hands on his feet as he was pulled down from the crates.  Just before losing his grip, he tossed his bag up over the top.  “Keep going!” he yelled.  He could only hope she listened as he fell to the ground.

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Sanimir – A Letter Home

Dear Mother and Father,

I wanted to let you know that I am doing just fine now that I am finally off that horrible hawkstrider farm.  The silencing has worn off and I am able to cast again, however I doubt I will teleport to Silvermoon again anytime soon.

I wished to declare that I am an independent adult elf, free of any kind of support from either of you.  As such, you no longer hold any claim to me, and neither of you are responsible for my safety.  As an adult, my permission must be obtained before undergoing any treatment designed to “protect” me.

I made a  sizeable sum of money while making portals to the newly discovered lands; enough for Aeramin and I to live comfortably for a few years.  I would ask that you suggest to Vallindra and any other sisters who happen to come to Shattrath that they may wish to leave me alone.  I may have to hire personal protection should Vallindra maintain her current position on being as annoying as possible.  I will not be held responsible should any personal protection that I hire need to act.

I wish to see neither of you for the rest of my life.  If I ever do have children, which is unlikely, but if I do, they will not carry my name.  The abuse that I endured over the past month and your continued ignorance over the matter has proven to me that I am not a person to you.  I’m just your last name.

Don’t bother replying.  I won’t read it.

– Sanimir

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Aeramin – Aeramin’s Notes

  • I sat outside last night, as usual.  Sanimir had spent the day in the room again.  I’m only allowed in my own bedroom to get my clothes.
  • Anyway, I was talking to Kes and Isandri, when suddenly I see Sanimir’s hand sticking out the bedroom window, waving a paper around.  He wanted to join in on the conversation we were having, which means he was listening in.  He probably heard the things before too.
  • Maybe it’s a good thing if he knows how worried I am that he’ll leave me.  I still am even now.
  • But when he stuck his paper out, we had been talking about his sisters.  Lanthiriel had said she thought something was wrong when they were reading his mind.  Sanimir had written that Vallindra once studied to be a priestess and had been interested in shadow magic.
  • I honestly can’t imagine her being a priestess to begin with, but this is the first time I heard of her interest in shadow magic.  I couldn’t say anything with Isandri there, but I looked at Kes.  I’m pretty sure we were thinking the same thing.
  • Vallindra is spending an awful lot of time with Xanaroth these days.  I wonder how much of it is actually ley-line research.
  • Sanimir did join us outside last night.  He also got his voice back, but he’s very quiet, just like when the silencing wore off before.  He seemed almost okay, except he hardly smiled.  He sat next to Kes, far away from me.
  • But he did join in the conversation.  He even responded to me a few times.
  • Then we went inside.  I told him how much I love him and how sorry I am that I wasn’t able to get there sooner.  Of course, I’ve been saying that since he’s been back.
  • He let me hug him, but then he started crying.  He wound up pulling away and he said he was tired.  He went to the bedroom and I heard the chair going against the door again.
  • So I wound up sleeping on the couch again last night.
  • This morning he actually came out of the room for breakfast.  He helped me feed Maena.  He asked if we could go to the market in the lower city after the priestess came.
  • So we went there.  We talked a little bit on the way.  He said he’s scared.  I told him he didn’t need to be scared of me, but I don’t want to rush him.  I understand that the people he should be able to trust the most have betrayed him.  I haven’t done anything, but he’s hesitant because of that.
  • That’s okay.  I’ll sleep on the couch for as long as it takes.

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