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Theronil – Morning

Theronil Whitemorn woke as the sun peeked through the window of his room at the Fairbreeze Village inn.  He winced as he opened his eyes in the bright light, then winced even more as he stretched.  His leg cramped up suddenly.  His whole body tensed up with the intense pain centered in his calf muscle, in his bad leg.  It was normal for him to wake with cramps, but lately they had been getting worse.

His body was still tense, although in his mind he repeated the word ‘relax’ over and over.  Relax, relax, relax…  He tried bending his leg.  He always tried bending it when it was this bad.  It never worked.  He grit his teeth and tossed his head back on the pillow as he straightened it again, which only served to send a new wave of pain over him.  He held his breath.  Relax, relax, relax…

A few seconds later, the tightened muscle slowly loosened.  The pain subsided greatly.  He could breathe again.  A few minutes later, he sat up.  The pain was back to normal now.  He reached for the jar of salve from his bag, and opened it.  He rubbed it over his injured leg.  It had healed as much as it would, but the salve had a numbing agent in it.  It helped take the edge off the pain.  He also had a potion to take at nighttime to help him sleep, and another to help control the pain in the daytime.  He reached for the daytime medicine after he finished rubbing on the salve, and measured it into a spoon that he kept with it before taking it.  Having the correct dosage was very important with those two medicines.  The herbalist in Dalaran was one of the best, but even she had trouble discerning how much he needed and how much was too much at first.  It had been an awful couple of weeks with trial and error to finally get it right.  She claimed it was different with everyone.

He stood, bearing most of his weight on his right leg, and limped to the closet where he had hung his robes.  He needed some new ones.  He decided the purple would work for today.  He glanced at his armor as he put the robe on.  Maybe tomorrow he would wear it.

If he didn’t wind up going home before then.  Last night hadn’t went as well as it could have.  He had told Isandri that he liked her a lot, and told her just how beautiful he thought she was.  She didn’t seem to believe him, but they held hands and watched as the moon rose over the sea.  Then she had to go home.  He walked with her closer.  He had tried to hide just how much his leg was causing at that moment, and tried not to limp.  He told her goodnight and told her he would be there the next evening to see her again.  Then he had tried to kiss her.  She didn’t want to.  It wasn’t romantic so close to her home, she said.  It would have been romantic on the hill.  He remembered looking back up the hill at that point and realizing just how steep it was.

He had messed up, but he would still go tonight.  He would still climb that hill to see her.  He only hoped she would still be there.



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Sanimir – The Practical


Sanimir yawned at the end of his hour.  He had managed to answer all of the questions, hopefully correctly.  Two of the questions he knew he knew better than he could explain right now, the lack of sleep was nearly disabling at this point.  He put the pen down as soon as the magistrix opened the door.

“Leave the paper on the table.  Follow me.”

He did as she said, following her to another room.  He stifled a yawn, rubbing his eye with his palm instead while the magistrix’s back was still turned to him.

She turned to face him.  “Your practical exam will take place in this room.  We will duel here.”  Sanimir’s eyebrow shot up.  The magistrix noticed and nodded with a smile.  “The purpose is not for you to win, rather it is to display your spell proficiency.  You should use a variety of offensive and defensive spells.  There is a dampening field being maintained around this room for the duration of the test.  You need not worry about being injured, nor causing me any harm, although you may feel the effects of some of the spells.  This is intended, and will work against me as well.  You may cast any spells from any of the acceptable schools of magic.  Do you have any questions?”

Sanimir shook his head.

“Good.  Let us begin.”  She raised her hand.

Sanimir jumped out of the way.  The ice lance spell she had cast towards him dissipated just before hitting the wall.  He started simple with an arcane blast sent towards the magistrix.  She raised a mana shield around herself, absorbing the spell as she began to cast another.  Sanimir quickly raised his own mana shield and teleported to the other side of her.

The magistrix smiled, and began to cast again.  This time a frost bolt hit Sanimir squarely in the chest, knocking him off his feet.  He rolled away from where he landed just as another frost bolt landed where he had been.  He casted a series of arcane barrages at the magistrix, bringing down her shield and hitting her successfully.

The duel went on.  He was tired, but he managed to keep casting.  More than once, he recast his shields and wards only a moment too late.  Towards the end, he was exhausted.  The magistrix ordered a stop.

“Wait here.”  She left the room.  Sanimir could hear her speaking to someone one in the hallway.  He knew his performance had been less than desirable today.  His casts had been slow, and his reaction time was slack.  The magistrix returned.

“You need to learn to pace yourself.  During the practical you seemed to be floundering for enough to cast your next spell.  Your written half of the test was satisfactory.  You need more practice before anyone will consider you a good mage, but the magister and I agree that you are ready to leave your apprenticeship behind you.”  The magistrix smiled slightly.  “Congratulations mage.”


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Theronil’s Log

I’m such an idiot.  Twice an idiot actually.  Not only am I scared to tell her how I really feel about her, but I talked to Teniron about it.

I met with Isandri again last night.  She’s so beautiful and sweet.  It’s hard to believe that Sath is her brother.  I wanted to tell her how much I like her.  I’m an idiot.  I don’t want to scare her off.  I don’t know if she likes me that much.  I don’t know how to tell her.

So I talked to Teniron.  I told him I’ve been talking to a girl, and that she’s been talking to me.  I told him that I liked her a lot, but I wasn’t sure if she liked me.  Then I asked how to tell if she liked me.  He said if she stops charging you… then he added that discounts might count too, depending how much the discount was for.  I don’t think he really understood, and now he’s just going to laugh about it every time he sees me.  I locked my bedroom door and packed my bags.  I might be staying in Fairbreeze for a few days.  He didn’t see me leave.  Maybe he’ll be gone when I get back.  I hope he doesn’t trash the place.

Then there’s the added complication of her being the sister of Sath’alor.  I don’t know what he has against me.  I was friends with Kes, nothing more, but he’s made all these things up in his head.  I feel like I’ll have to tell her about that too, but I’m afraid that will scare her off too.  But if I don’t tell her then she might just be angry later.

I talked to Arelanis about it too.  She was better to talk to than Teniron, but not enough to really help.


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Theronil – Theronil’s Log

I would have thought it had been a dream.  I was drunk last night, again.  Two nights in a row.  I had went to the lounge just to have one, to relax.  My medicine was finally beginning to work again, and I could walk well enough to get there.

Teniron and Sath’alor were there.  Teniron is welcome to move out anytime he wants.  He can hardly judge me.  They thought it was wrong that I asked him to make something for Sora.  I have no intention of letting her know it’s from me.  I shouldn’t have told them.  I certainly don’t want her to get the wrong idea, especially after what else happened last night.

I got up to leave to go home.  I had waited a bit and was mostly steady on my feet at that point.  I checked my mail on the way.  My heart skipped a beat as I opened the letter that I received and read it.  She wrote back.  Isandri wanted to meet with me.

I almost didn’t go home, but I did have the presence of mind to make sure my hair was okay and that I looked good before heading out to find a mage.  I hurriedly checked my hair and put some apples in my bag for Arelanis.  She had waited outside the lounge all that time.  I found a mage at the library, and was outside Silvermoon City minutes later, looking for the place where she said she would meet me.

I found her where she said she would be.  She was so beautiful, sitting next to the tree on a hill overlooking the sea.  If I had died right then, I would have died happy, knowing the last person I saw was the most beautiful I had ever seen before.  She was reading a book, but she put it down as soon as she saw me.  We talked for some time, until it was late and she had to go home.

I thought I was dreaming.

I woke up in the inn in Fairbreeze Village.  I wasn’t in my bed at home.  I hadn’t passed out and made it all up in my mind.  It really happened.

I also woke up in extreme pain.  My medicine was in Dalaran, and I had to ride a hawkstrider back to Silvermoon City to find a mage to get back to Dalaran.  I could barely walk.  My muscles had cramped in such a way in my injured leg that I found it impossible to relax them.  Riding was a little bit easier, but not much.

I managed to get home.  Teniron was awake.  For some reason he had bothered to worry about me last night because I wasn’t home.  I told him not to worry about me.  Then he proceeded to lecture me about getting drunk.  Him!  I couldn’t believe it.  I told him he was a guest in my home, and I could come and go as I pleased, and as long as I’m able to pay the rent, I can drink now and then.  He said he was worried because it was two nights in a row.

At least he’s almost finished with the necklace.  I might ask him to make another.

I was able to take my medicine at least.  It didn’t kick in right away, but I left home.  It still hasn’t really kicked in.  I probably need to rest so the muscle can stop knotting up.  But Teniron wasn’t shutting up, and I needed to run some errands, so I left.  I remembered to grab Arelanis’s ball before going.

I was able to find some books that I think Isandri will like.  I can’t wait to see her again.  My leg still hurts, but I’ll make it to see her.


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Art – Livestream starting soon!

I plan to start livestream up in 5-10 minutes.  I’ll be drawing elves today, as per usual!

Livestream link!


Done for now!

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Theronil – Taking a Chance

Theronil sat on his bed, and took the paper out of his satchel.  He stared at it as the tapping in the other room started up again.  He twitched an ear.

“I hope you’re not denting the table again!”  He yelled.  Teniron probably wasn’t listening, and probably didn’t care if he did hear.  Theronil hoped he was at least working on what he had asked him to.  The tapping continued.  His ear twitched again.

He looked back at the paper.  Isandri.  Teniron had probably already written to her, and invited her to go somewhere with him.  Theronil shook his head.  If he had already written, then it was clear who would get a response.  He crumpled up the paper and threw it at the door.  The tapping continued.

He sighed heavily.  He rested his elbow on his good leg and lowered his aching head to his hand.  He had too much to drink the previous night, and was paying for it now.  It didn’t help that he normally did not drink.  He learned that wasn’t such a good thing to do from watching his older brother.  The tapping continued.  Theronil fell back on the bed, and covered his head with the pillow.  He couldn’t very well complain when his brother was finally getting his life back on track.

“At least he can.”  Theronil mumbled into the pillow.  He tossed the pillow aside and sat up again.  His eyes rested on the paper on the floor next to the door.

What if Teniron hadn’t written?  What if he had already forgotten about Isandri?  He frowned.  Then her brother would surely beat him up for trying to see his sister, but it would prove once and for all that he was just friends with Kestrae.  Was it worth it to get beat up just to prove friendship?  No, but it was worth it to get a chance to know Isandri better.

He pulled himself to standing and limped to where the wad of paper sat on the floor.  He steadied himself with a hand on the wall as he bent and picked the paper off the floor.  He sat at his small desk near the door, and uncapped his ink.

He wouldn’t know unless he tried.

Dear Isandri,

Hello.  You probably don’t remember me.  I was at Raleth and Lali’s wedding.  I was the one that can’t walk very well.  I wore my polished gold armor, and we talked for a short time before you started talking to my brother someone else.  I’d like to meet with you again, if you would.  Would an afternoon in the park interest you?  I can travel to Silvermoon City if you can’t make it to Dalaran.

With warmest regards,
Theronil Whitemorn

The tapping continued.  He folded the letter, and hurried to mail it before he changed his mind.


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Latahlali – Wedding Diary

Dear Wedding Diary Book,

Everything was perfect, and it didn’t rain.  Everyone was able to make it.  Even Vael showed up.  I thought Ellorian was going to kill him, or Vael was going to kill Ellorian.  They apparently know each other from before. Ellorian is the brother of my grandmother’s mate.  I’m not sure that he knows that I’m related to her.  I’d rather he not find out.  He already dislikes me enough.

Vael still hadn’t said anything to me, even after I told him that Ahali would be walking with me.  Raleth talked to him after the ceremony.  I don’t know what he said, but Vael finally talked to me after.  He wasn’t angry about me wanting Ahali to walk with me, and he said it was more fitting anyway.  I grew up with Ahali around.  He’s like a second father to me.

Vael said he wanted us to be happy, and he said Raleth’s name a few times while I was talking to him, instead of ‘that blood elf’, so maybe he really means it.

He had a bandage on his hand.  He said it was from a crocolisk.  I thought at first that he meant that a crocolisk bit him, but he said it was from when it rolled, his dagger slipped and cut his hand.  He apparently was hunting it.  He had one of the claws on a string around his neck.  I think he was proud of it, and he mentioned that it was the first time he had killed a crocolisk.  He knows to watch for the roll that it does now.  He had some soup as well, made of crocolisk meat.  He offered to heat some for me, but I declined.  We had plenty of conjured food to eat.

He said Sholazar Basin is very strange to him, but he’s adjusting.  I guess the crocolisk is a good example.  He said it’s always warm and humid there.  I’ve read about it, but I still have a hard time believing it’s like that all year round.  It is in Northrend.  It’s supposed to be cold.

Sath’alor’s sister, Isandri, did a wonderful job of performing the ceremony.  You wouldn’t have known it was her first time doing a marriage.  I’m so glad that Sath suggested her.  If he hadn’t, I imagine we would still be looking.

Fnor and Amyn were there.  Amyn wore a beautiful dress.  I forgot to ask where she got it.  They don’t live very far, so I guess I could always stop by and ask.  I offered to help plan if they decided they wanted a sin’dorei ceremony.  I know all about them now.

Kestrae was talking to Sath’alor again by the end of the night.  I hope they worked things out!  She was so upset at the party.  She did a good job of trying to hide it, but I think we’re all hoping their talk worked things out between them.

Makota brought a gift for us.  She painted a scene on a storage chest of a kaldorei and a tauren killing a kodo together.  I remember hunting with her.  I’ll cherish it forever.  I’m not a little girl anymore, and I’m not my mother, but the people I grew up with are very important to me.  I hope we’ll be able to visit them.  I’m so glad Raleth was able to find them.

The reception was great.  I’m so happy.  I’m still smiling.

My husband and I are staying on the island for our honeymoon.  We have the best room.  It even has a big private bath, and a wonderful view.  It helps that there’s also a very handsome battlemage in the bed as well.  Definitely the best room.

I thank Elune for bringing us together.


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