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Vallindra’s Notes


  • I woke on my own, by myself.  The magister was on watch.  I knew because I saw Kestrae and Aeramin both sleeping, some distance apart along the other wall.  Volnar was dutifully watching over me.  I’m not sure he would have been able to do much if the fighting came down the hall and into the room, but if the magister feels better with the imp watching out for me, I guess it’s okay.  The frog may have been more suitable for the job, even if he’s a bit small.

  • Aeramin left his pack with the fruit and food out for us.  I grabbed another bottle of water and a bit of bread before going to find the magister.

  • I found him at the top of the ramp.  I told him to go get some more rest.  He didn’t want to.  I had to insist that I would be fine, and that I’d slept enough.  He wouldn’t leave until after I had promised about five times that if the fighting moved even just an inch closer, I’d come to get him.

  • I don’t think it’s moving closer.  I’m certain they’re further away than they were even just an hour ago.

  • I still can’t get over the amount of power in that room.  If I didn’t think it would kill me, I’d find a way to go down the cracks in the floor.  The power moves in a large circular motion, a sort of self-contained current beneath the room.  I felt ley-lines on the way in, but in hindsight, they may have been smaller “pools”.  The power of this one greatly exceeds any of the others.  I wonder if ley-lines feed it, but that’s something I cannot tell without being able to walk about the temple freely.

  • I’ve marked areas on the map.  Hopefully, I will get the chance to mark more areas, if we ever get out of here.  I’ve taken notes on the size and flow of the power.  I’ve noticed cracks in the wall at the top of the ramp.  They’re smaller than the ones on the floor in the room, but emanate the same arcane energy.  This room is in the lower part of the temple, so it must have been built into the ground around these energy sources.

  • I’d be really interested in getting my hands on some books about the construction of the temple.  Perhaps the draenei have something.  I’ll probably need a translation.  Maybe they’ll have something about the chains and the cages as well.  There were some suspended from the ceiling in the room.  The felguard called it the shrine of lost souls, or something like that.  Whose souls?  Why are they lost?  Why do they gather here?  Is it the power, or did they die here and can’t find their way out?  Maybe it’s just a name and doesn’t mean anything, but it does feel a bit creepy.

  • I wish we could leave as soon as the fighting stops, but that stone is humming now and full of the energy of this place.  It apparently pulls in another direction now.  I wanted to teleport out, but the others are right, it’s likely warded here.  I may not be able to teleport.  I’m not sure I could control the flow of power either.  I’m so used to drawing from ley-lines, and the power would be so readily available here.  It’s not easy to resist.  The ground isn’t very comfortable to sleep or sit on.


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Aeramin’s Notes

  • With the felguard problem taken care of, I’ve been able to use my practice time a lot more effectively and efficiently.  I’m not constantly worried that someone will wander just a short distance from the inn and find me.  I can go further now.  I’ve found a quiet place near the edge on the other side of the mountains.

  • I’ve been trying to work with Sarwyn on some of his other talents, but he’s been very fickle lately.  He obeys, but will always have some snide comment to make, if I don’t expressly forbid it, and he always looks for loopholes.

  • He wasn’t doing this before.  I have no doubt that he’s just jealous.  I don’t want him to try to take it out on Im.  I brought it up with Kes, and she said I had taken Sarwyn’s reward away.  Of course there’s only one thing a succubus wants as a reward, and that’s a little tricky now that I’m in a relationship with someone.

  • I decided I just needed to look at it different.  Kind of like I did back when I was working Murder Row, except this time, the stakes are a bit higher.  I’ll do that to make sure Im is safe.  I don’t know how else to handle a jealous succubus.  Kes didn’t either.

  • Im had some night practice.  I found out about it only after I had started supper.  His captain gives him little warning about these things, though I suppose the others don’t have anything else going on.  The captain probably likes interrupting their plans to go to the tavern, no matter that Im stays with me.

  • Anyway, after he left, I started making the temporary summoning circle on the floor of the bedroom, in between trips to the kitchen to check on the food.  I was going to have way too much for myself.  I even made bread!  I thought maybe Sarwyn could play along and eat with me.

  • I hadn’t finished the circle when there was a knock on the door.  It was Sanimir’s apprentices.  Of all the nights they could have come, they chose that one.  Oh well, I had someone to share the food with.  The boy even had a second plate.

  • His name is Renner.  He’s really good-looking.  Far too young for me, but I’m happy with Im.  He wouldn’t be too young for Sanimir, though, from talking to him, I don’t think anything is going on.  Still, I can see why Sanimir decided to take him on as a student.  I wouldn’t mind having to see him everyday either.

  • Des was with him, and they both stayed for supper.  Instead of discussing fire magic, we spoke more casually.  She told me about the house being fixed and the wedding and stuff.  Sanimir went to his sister’s wedding, which was rather surprising.  Just when I think I have that family figured out, something else happens.

  • I had a couple of glasses of wine at supper.  It loosened my tongue, probably a little too much.  I told them about having an informant look up things about his family, as well as doing my own research.  He doesn’t even know I did that.  He never asked how I found him.  In his head, I guess I just magically knew everything.  That’s fine with me, but I probably shouldn’t have told his apprentices.

  • Before he left, I was preparing myself to deal with his mother by understanding her.  I found out that Verisna Lightmist, his mother, has had seven children.  Five girls and two boys.  Not one.  Two.  The first boy died in his first year.  I also know she’s from a very well-off family, and actually took a step down the social ladder when she married Isturon.

  • So, we have the rich woman, worried about family lines and names who has two girls, then a boy who dies.  Then she has three more girls.  No wonder she’s over-protective of her son.

  • See, I was prepared to try to work with her.  Then he left me.  Thinking about that day still hurts.  It wasn’t only him.  My mother died the same day.  I needed him, and he was gone.

  • Anyway, I told his apprentices way too much.  Luckily, they had to go before I said much more!

  • I locked the door after they left.  I went back to the bedroom and summoned Sarwyn.  I don’t know why I asked him to look like that.  Maybe it was the wine.  I cried myself to sleep after.

  • It helped.  Sarwyn has been more agreeable lately.

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Aeramin’s Notes

  • I haven’t written in a bit.  I had to clean up my circle in the bedroom.  I don’t feel safe pulling the rug over it.  Im could find it then he’d wonder what I was summoning in the house.

  • Uh yeah.  Not going to tell him about that.

  • So it’s easier if he doesn’t know.  I’ve told him two imps and a voidlord.  That’s all he needs to know.

  • He came back to talk to me about us few days or so ago.  I had sent a letter, and he showed up that night.  I didn’t expect Sanimir’s apprentice to show up.  I didn’t even know he was in town, but there she was, showing up at the same time as Im.

  • That was awkward.

  • It gets worse.

  • I asked them both in.  I couldn’t really talk to Im with Desdeyliri there, so we discussed her studies in fire magic.  I hadn’t expected to see her until another month, knowing that Sanimir had just left from his last visit to Shattrath.  So it was a bit of a surprise to talk to her again so soon.

  • I had thrown a roast in earlier, not really thinking I’d be feeding anyone but myself, it was small.  I wound up not having much of it.  I gave Im most of what I would have taken.

  • After we ate, there was another knock on the door.  It was Sanimir.  I let him in, and sat down near Im again.

  • Im told me recently that he thinks Sanimir must hate him.  I’m not sure about that.  I guess he’d have to talk to Sanimir if he really wants to know.  That might not be good for me.  Sanimir probably does hate me.  He did come inside that night.  He proceeded to say it was over and made a portal back to his place right there.  Then Im was worried that he was coming back.

  • He really didn’t hear him just dump me?

  • I mean we had talked about it a few days before.  A bit anyway, before he fell asleep on my couch.  That caused more trouble than anything else.  That and I was honest about loving him still.

  • I lied a bit about that last night.  I told Im that I didn’t.  I don’t know really.  I guess I’m still thinking.  I mean, I can’t love him.  It makes sense to let him dump me and just forget him.  He left me more times than I can count.  His family is just trouble through and through.  He wanted me to move to the Ghostlands where I would be completely dependent on him.  I don’t think anyone needs any calligraphy work there.  No weddings, no parties, no fancy books.  I’d have to rely on him for everything, and I just can’t do that.  Either that or portal here during the day and only go see him at night, which would be a bit weird if he only wanted me for that, especially given his disinterest in being close at all just before he left.  Then what if he decides he doesn’t want me there after all?  He’d drive me nuts nitpicking about my robes.  If there’s a loose thread, I can’t wear them.  I need new shoes because they don’t match.  Don’t wear a belt.  Wear a belt.  Not to mention, wear your hair down.  I don’t like my hair down.

  • I mean, if it was just one thing then maybe I could overlook it.

  • It’s mostly the leaving me.  Sometimes he left notes.  They didn’t help.

  • How can I still love him?  He does not love me.  When you love someone, their hopes, thoughts and feelings become just as important as yours.  If he had considered how it would make me feel when he left, he could have said “I just need time to sort things out, and I’ll be back.”, but he didn’t.  The note I got made it sound like I’d never see him again.  If he had trusted me enough to tell me why he was feeling how he was, that would have helped too.  He didn’t.  I think that hurts more than anything else.  I did everything I could to make him more comfortable here, and he just didn’t care.  He left.

  • I love Im.  I’m going to move forward with him.

  • I went to Netherstorm a couple of nights ago and followed Im’s group as they went to the ruins.  I watched the ground for any sign that someone else had been there, but didn’t see anything.  Tonight, Im was back from Netherstorm and showed me what he found.  It’s another piece of the soulstone.  I wanted to check it with the others right then, but we were eating supper, and it was nice to see him.  It was important to sit and eat with him.  I didn’t actually check the stone until after he was asleep.  I was tired also, but too excited about the stone.

  • It fits.  We have three-quarters of the stone now.  What worries me is that the rest may be in Shadowmoon, and I can’t stray too far from the sanctum there just yet.

  • I know there’s a felguard out there looking for me.  I told Im.  I think it might have scared him.  He wants to kill it.  I want it on my side.  It’s strong and powerful.  It broke my temporary bonds on it as if they were made of brittle glass.  The shadowy chains burst into shattered little pieces, and I thought I was going to die.  At the same time, I got a feel for how powerful this one is.

  • I want him.

  • Im was worried that I wouldn’t be able to bind it properly because it most likely despises me.  I know that if it caught me practicing too far away from the sanctum, it would not bother toying with me.  There would be no slashing around at my legs or spells meant to torture me.  Felguards are killing machines.  They typically delight in the pain of their victims before they finish them off, but this one knows I can fight back.  It won’t mess around.  It knows where to hit to kill.

  • I think it could be bad if Im found it.  I’m not sure his group is ready to handle one like that.

  • Maybe Kes, Embersun, the witch and I could all look together.  I’d feel safer.  Im did say he’d protect me, but I don’t think he should be too involved in this.  What we do is dangerous.  I don’t want him hurt, or worse, because of me.

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Aeramin’s Notes

  • Things have been going okay.  I’ve finished the wedding invitations and I’m half-way done with the spring party invitations for the other guy.

  • I worked hard to get the wedding invitations done on time.  One night, Imralion went ahead to the restaurant.  I was going to finish a few more, then join him, but I fell asleep.  I got ink on one of my older robes.  It didn’t wash out very well, but the robe is dark.  The stain is on the inside of the arm as well so it doesn’t show too much.

  • I guess I was tired.  I had been keeping a very tight schedule.  I still am, but it’s a little better with Im being back from Blade’s Edge.

  • Anyway, the night that I didn’t go to the restaurant is the night that Sanimir, or Hethurin as he wants to be called now, goes there.  Kes told me that she invited him to sit with her and Im.  I had kind of neglected to tell Imralion that Hethurin and Sanimir are the same person.  It wasn’t entirely by accident.

  • I didn’t even think of it before receiving the letter from Hethurin about his apprentice learning fire magic.  I had always called him Sanimir, and that’s what I kept calling him, until that letter.  I still neglected to tell Imralion who Hethurin was, partially because I didn’t want to have a big discussion about it.  I wasn’t even going to see him, just his apprentice, so there really wasn’t anything to discuss.

  • Anyway, Imralion found out.  He was upset, but I think it was mostly because he was worried that he might have said some things that upset Sanimir.

  • Not that it’s overly difficult to upset him in the first place.  He’d be better off talking to people about it, rather than running off to be alone and cry.  I don’t quite get why he does that.

  • And he’s still doing it.  The sister he’s been seeing every weekend was in Shattrath last night looking for answers.  Apparently, he’s refused to see her two weeks in a row now.

  • Am I worried?  I am.  I still love him.  That won’t ever change.  I just can’t handle him leaving all the time.  I’m just trying to move on, and he still finds ways…

  • That’s part of the reason that I don’t mind keeping a busy schedule.  I spend most of my mornings working on invitations, or meeting with prospective clients.  I just received an order from one of the mages who teaches with the Scryers.  He needs some nice looking teaching pamphlets for his classes.  It can be done in a simple script, so it shouldn’t take too long.

  • I have a feeling that if I do a good job on these, it’ll open up more work with the Scryers through word of mouth.  I’m hoping so anyway.

  • This morning, I took a day off from working.  I need a break once in a while.  I went down to the terrace to watch Imralion with the others for their training exercises.  I stayed back out of the way, but I’m sure he saw me.  I saw him smile when he looked my direction.  I left before they finished.  I had some reading to catch up on, and a book to take to Shadowmoon Valley when I went for my lesson and practice.

  • The book that I translated for Raleth mentioned an organization, of sorts, called The Black Harvest.  According to what was in that book, they deal with powerful demonic and shadow magic.

  • That concerns me greatly after some of our other recent discoveries.  The broken soulstone fragments, the missing pieces, and the size of that summoning circle in Blade’s Edge are even more alarming when one considers something more than just a handful of regular summoners is involved.

  • Furthermore, I think the stones were left as a trail.  Someone wants us to find them.  I was discussing it with Kes.  One piece was found in Hellfire and the other was found in Blade’s Edge.  Something that precious is not something someone drops and loses by mistake, at least not more than once.  Someone left them there.  There’s at least one more piece, if not more.

  • Kes and I have decided to proceed with caution, and the more of us there are, the better.  We discussed Vallindra as well.  I don’t trust her, and neither does Kes.  We need their help though, and they’ll need us.  I don’t think there’s any other way.  We have to involve them both.  Embersun is not very likely to work without her.  We’ll just have to hope she doesn’t do anything to put us all in danger.

  • If someone wants us to follow, we need to be careful.  We need to see if we can’t put together why they want us to follow.  At first, I thought maybe it was some plan to arrest summoner’s by luring us into a trap, but I don’t think anyone in Outland really cares that much.  The naaru seem to be okay with us in Shattrath, and it’s not exactly illegal unless you’re doing something else illegal with it.  It isn’t exactly accepted either, but I don’t think anyone’s going to try to turn us in.

  • If it’s something to do with the Black Harvest, and considering the size of the circle in Blade’s Edge, I would be a fool to believe otherwise, then what do they want with us?  Are they looking for more to initiate into their ranks?  Do they want to feed us to something that requires a much larger offering in exchange for its services?  Or could it be that someone knows they’re in over their head, or is with someone they think is in over their head?  If it’s someone associated with the Black Harvest, then it’s likely that they wouldn’t be working alone.  After all, one does not join an organization to work in solitude.

  • I need to take one of the other books that I found in the old school to show Kes in Shadowmoon later.  I mentioned it to her last night, and she wants to see it.

  • The language it is written in isn’t something I’m familiar with.  It’s not something simply put into some secret code, unless it’s another language that I don’t know and a code.  That would complicate things even more.

  • The script is strange as well.  It’s almost as if it’s floating over the pages.  I have the strangest feeling while holding the book.

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Vallindra’s Notes

  • I’ve been busy mapping ley-lines over the past few days.  I found a rather strong one along one of the mountains in Shadowmoon Valley, and have been working on following it.

  • The magister has been paying a lot of attention to me when I get back.  He worries too much sometimes, but to be honest, I don’t mind the attention.

  • I think he forgets sometimes that I have Graz’phog with me.

  • On my first trip ever to Shadowmoon, I had hired a bodyguard.  I didn’t know the area very well, and I didn’t have a voidwalker then either.  Now that I do, I have a bodyguard that I can summon as soon as I get far enough away from the sanctum.  Knowing the area better helps a lot too.

  • I do my best to ease his worries.  Distraction works most of the time.  I understand that many areas in Shadowmoon aren’t the safest.  Graz’phog does protect me, but I do avoid the more dangerous areas.  The magister really has no reason to worry.  He’s easy to distract.

  • The Scryers have been impressed with my ley-line maps so far.  I’m happy that I’m able to work for them.  I also find time to practice while I’m out mapping them, so it’s working out quite well.

  • My brother had been around the sanctum.  The magister said he gave the dragon some kind of paste with broken rocks in it.  So what?  He gave the dragon mud?  As incredulous as that is, it seemed to work.  I couldn’t quite believe it at first, but the dragon was sitting up, eating and moving around a lot more.  I haven’t actually stopped at the sanctum for a few days.

  • The last thing I need is to hear that insufferable little brat gloat about it.

  • But still, mud?  The magister thinks it probably worked in combination with some of the other things we tried.  Maybe it wouldn’t have worked if we hadn’t tried the oil first, or something like that.

  • Esladra is visiting for the week.  She said she saw Sanimir at the inn in Shattrath.  She was laughing about it.  I guess she ran into him in the hallway outside her room there.  She said he just looked at her with really big eyes, like he was scared or something.  Then she asked him to lunch with herself and me, and he just turned and bolted without saying a word.  It must have been hilarious.  I almost wish I had been there to see it.

  • I got a letter from mother just a day or two before Esladra came to visit.  She said they finally heard from Aranae.  Esladra confirmed that and was able to tell me a bit more.  She’s apparently at some sacred bear temple or something.  She didn’t say why, other than she was learning.  Learning what?  How to growl and put your paw in honey?  Sounds stupid if you ask me.

  • I’ve been enjoying Esladra’s visit.  She hasn’t managed to get anything going with any of the blood knights yet.  I told her to keep trying.  She was mad because I didn’t warn her that one of them knows Aeramin.  I told her she should have tried harder to save that one.  She’s not much of a priestess if she doesn’t.

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Sanimir’s Notes

  • I passed out last night.  I think it was too hot in the sanctum and I was dressed too warm.  I remember being dizzy, then the next thing I know, everyone’s trying to get me water and I’m lying on the floor.  It was really embarrassing, but I didn’t want to fall again so I just stayed on the floor for a bit.
  • I guess it wasn’t really that hot there, but I was nervous.  Xanaroth was there and he said Vallindra would be coming back and I kind of freaked out.  I had to hide it though.  I hope no one could tell.
  • Well I fainted, I guess they might know.
  • Sometimes I think things would be better if I just stayed in the Ghostlands and didn’t leave for anyone or anything.  I can’t wait until this trip is over.
  • I told everyone I was tired.  I guess they believed me since I passed out.  I would have preferred going back to Shattrath, but I don’t think it would have been good to strain myself and make a portal right after passing out from the anxiety that Vallindra would come back while I was there.
  • Of course, I wound up staying.  I sent my apprentice to speak with the innkeeper.  They had two rooms free, thankfully.  Staying just made the anxiety worse because I knew Vallindra would be coming back to the sanctum at some point.  I pushed things against my door after I got to the room.  I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t at first, so I started going over my work notes on the dragon.
  • I had went to Netherstorm while she went shopping the other night.  I had observed the basilisks along the ridge, and discovered they eat the dirt there.  I thought at first that I was wasting my time because they weren’t eating the crystals after all, but after they wandered far enough away, I checked the area where they had been feeding.  There are smaller crystals in the dirt.  I teleported home to my study and set up some experiments with the dirt and the crystals.
  • So I had a lot of notes to go over from that.  I was also double checking my notes with the icethorn.  I tried adding some of that to the dreamfoil solution, based on Desdeyliri’s research with the crystals.  It may help.
  • Or it might do nothing.
  • It shouldn’t have any adverse effects anyway.
  • Hopefully, Kes will be giving that to the dragon today, along with the other to help his throat.  I might have something else ready for tonight.
  • In the morning, I made a portal back to Shattrath for Desdeyliri.  I took it as well, but I sent her to the library there, while I teleported back to the Ghostlands to check my experiments.
  • Tik knew I was back when I started yelling.  I think I scared him because he wasn’t expecting me.
  • But some of them worked!  The crystal, and the dirt and rocks had been broken down.  I couldn’t believe it!  I’m certain that the smaller crystals in the dirt are the same as the larger crystals in Netherstorm.
  • I think it’s the other rocks that help break the crystals down, when both are exposed to acid.  I set up a couple of other experiments this morning with some of the herbs, the rocks and crystals.  I put one of the bigger crystals in too, just to make sure the crystals in the dirt and the bigger ones really are the same.  They have to be.
  • Hopefully, I’ll have something ready to try for the dragon tonight.  I’m going to spend some time in the library in Shattrath to see if I can find any studies done on the soil in Netherstorm.

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Aeramin’s Notes

  • I’ve been very busy lately.  I hardly have time to think much less write.
  • Imralion stayed here the last time that he and the others were in Shattrath for a bit.  I miss him, though I still see him at night.
  • I watched him go from a distance after saying goodbye.  He had to leave with the others, and I don’t think they know yet.  That worries me a little.
  • I spoke with Kes that evening.  I think she understands that Im and I are getting a little more serious.  She’s getting a little more serious with Ordinicus.  We did have a discussion about that.  I thought she meant he had only had relationships with men before.  After I said it, she thought it might be plausible.  I don’t know.  He doesn’t really seem like he would.
  • I went home that night.  I refrained from summoning Sarwyn.  I removed the circle as well as I could.
  • No summoning in the home.  That rule is back in effect.  Imralion stayed with me the whole time he was in Shattrath.  He will when he comes back from Blade’s Edge too.  I don’t want him finding anything related to the non-mage things I do.  I made sure all of those books were in the locked cabinet too.  I don’t want him accidentally reading any of those.
  • I’m still going through the books I took from the closed school.  I wonder if Uldred found the ones he wanted.  I haven’t seen him.  He did have a lot of books to go through though.
  • Anyway, the next evening, I saw Kes and Isandri at the restaurant.  I had just received a letter from Imralion telling me where he was so I thought I’d get him some of the stuff he likes at the restaurant and take it to him.
  • Isandri asked questions.  I think she’s probably mad at me.  Sanimir left me.  If he had trusted me enough to stay with me, I wouldn’t have taken a second look at Im.  Okay, maybe I would have looked more, but no more than that.  He is hot, but if Sanimir had been around, I wouldn’t have wanted to get so close to him.
  • I still miss Sanimir. The thing is, it wasn’t the first time he had left me.  I didn’t really feel that things were going very well.  I did everything I could to get him back home and none of that mattered to him.
  • Maybe Imralion will wind up hurting me in the end too.  He’ll have to go back to Silvermoon to finish his training.  He’ll find someone else.  He’ll never return.  This is the last time I’m trying.
  • Kes was surprised to learn of how many serious relationships I’ve been in before.  I wasn’t even counting the ones that were half-serious.  I know that if I saw any of them today, I’d still care for them.  I’d want to know how they were, and I’d want to hear that everything is going well for them.  I know it probably isn’t going well for all of them.
  • I know that, eventually, the ache I feel for Sanimir will fade.  I’ll be able to see him and talk to him again and genuinely hope things are going well with someone else.  It’s just early yet.  The problem is that we have a lot of the same friends.  Isandri, Kes… Isandri’s already taking sides, which I really hoped to avoid.  I guess that’s too much to ask.
  • I know it’s probably difficult for him to accept that I’m seeing Imralion, but Im is only supposed to be here temporarily.  It was a choice between doing nothing, and maybe missing out, or trying.  I tried.
  • Things are going really well with Imralion so far.  He thought we should take turns.  I can’t… I just can’t.  I remember things that happened before, and it winds up not feeling good.  I do think he maybe has changed his mind about sharing.  He seems to really enjoy it anyway, and he hasn’t brought it up again.
  • I have this same conversation over and over again.  Just once, I’d like to date an experienced bottom.  I guess if this is really my last attempt at having something like that with someone, then that’s something that will never happen.
  • I really want it to work out with Im.  I think it could.  It would be nice if it did. He is amazing.  He’s handsome, has a wonderful body, and his hair is so perfect.  He smells good too.  He makes me smile, and I think our personalities are really going well together.  I really do like him a lot.
  • I’ve been going to see him in Blade’s Edge every night since finding out which town he’s staying in.  I think I’ll pick up some of the salad to take to him again tonight.

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