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The Silvermoon Market

Lanthiriel Lightmist walked along the streets of the market with her sister, Esladra. She hadn’t needed to have someone go with her, but Esladra had offered. She thought the company would be nice so she had agreed.

“How is mother doing?” She asked mostly out of politeness. Esladra was staying with her for the time being, and was sure to have many details that Lanthiriel preferred not to know.

“She’s well. She and Bailas are going to Quel’danas for the holiday.”

“You’re staying here in Silvermoon?”

“Well, I’m not going with them. That’s for sure. It’ll be quiet for a change, and I’ll be able to get some studying done. I hope anyway. Our aunt will still be home and she can be just as demanding as mother sometimes. I’ll be glad when my apprenticeship is over, so I can move out on my own.”

Lanthiriel nodded. Mother was paying the woman who was teaching Esladra, and Esladra’s studies were almost finished. She was becoming a priestess too, but rather than being a healer like Lanthiriel and their father, Esladra had decided to specialize in pregnancy and childbirth. She was Lanthiriel’s first choice to follow her own pregnancy, whether her studies were done or not, and so she had been seeing her on a regular basis now. Lanthiriel also had Isandri, but Isandri was supposed to fill in for her at the office. She couldn’t tend to her patients, if she was busy having a baby. Esladra seemed more than happy to make the trip to the Ghostlands to see her sister every few weeks.

They passed by a stand with little figurines. “I still think you should have gone with father.”

“Mother paid me to go with her. Besides, you’ve seen the place he moved to. There’s only enough room for his office and a tiny living space.”

“He bought that after he knew you were going with mother.”

“He knew she was paying me. I think he wanted to live alone. He advised me to take the money. He even told me to try to negotiate for more.”

Lanthiriel rolled her eyes, “You’re both horrible.” She started looking at some of the figurines on one of the outer tables when someone at the next stand over caught her eye. She was flipping through some robes hanging on a one of the racks.

Esladra saw her at the same time. “Vallindra!” She hurried over to the next stand, and threw her arms around their oldest sister.

Vallindra looked up just in time to be hugged. She stiffly reciprocated. “Esladra, hello.” She twitched an ear and eyed Lanthiriel, looking at down at her stomach before looking back up at her face. “Lani.”

“Hi, Vallindra. Are you shopping for the holiday too?” Lani asked.

Vallindra twitched an ear again, and breathed in sharply. She held her breath a few seconds before replying. “I’m getting something for Xanaroth.”

“I need to get something for the Confessor too. I’m not sure what to get yet.”

“Didn’t you ask him?” Vallindra asked as she returned to looking at the robes hanging on the rack in front of her.

“I did. He said he wanted a baby.”

Vallindra raised a brow, glancing at her sister before turning her attention back to the robes once more. “Good luck having that ready on time.”

“I’m due in spring. I need to find something for the holiday though.”

Esladra tried to peek in Vallindra’s bag. “You’ve already bought some things. Are they for your husband?”

“Yes. I got him some books, slippers and now I’m looking for a robe. They’re all things he wants.”

“Did he just tell you what he wants? Just like that?” Lani asked.

“Of course. We’re very open with each other.” Vallindra’s ear flicked as she grinned and pulled one of the robes out from the others.

“Oh, that’s a nice robe!” Esladra commented as Vallindra checked over the seams and hems.

“And well-made. I think he’ll like it. It matches the slippers too.” Vallindra smiled. She looked at Esladra and added, “I was about to go get something to eat. Maybe we could all go to that one restaurant near the Exchange.”

Esladra looked at Lanthiriel, “Lani, are you hungry? We can take a break and go eat.”

Lani frowned, glancing back at the market before nodding to her sisters. She’d have to find something later.


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Wedding Shorts

Some really short stories I wrote that relate to the guests at the Confessor and Lani’s wedding.  Sorry they’re all out of order.


[[ This one takes place just after the Confessor and Lani’s wedding ceremony. ]]

Keyalenn Goldbrand lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling.  He wasn’t sick.  That was a lie he had told in order to be excused from the festivities early.  While he was happy for the Confessor and Lani, and he did want to be there at their party, he couldn’t take the heartache he felt when seeing Linarelle.  During the ceremony, he had tried to ignore his feelings, but the more he tried , the worse he felt.  So, after the ceremony was over, he told the Magister he felt ill and that he was going to his room.

His stomach growled.  He could hear the music from the party in the garden outside his open window.  The thought occurred to him that he could go out, and get some food to bring back up.  Maybe no one would see him, but then, he thought he might not be that hungry.  It was just his stomach growling.  He didn’t really feel like eating.

If he did go, he might see her, and that was the deciding factor.  He lay still upon the bed, staring at the ceiling as tears welled up in his eyes.  He’d rather not take the chance.


[[ This one takes place the evening before the wedding. ]]

It was a different house, Aunt Lani’s house, and there was so much to explore.  Rylad was faster on his feet now than he was the last time he was here.  He ran from one room to the next.  The stairs were blocked, and the rooms were small, but it was fun.  Aunt Lani wasn’t there, but he wasn’t alone.  Two other elves sat at the table in the small dining room.  One of them used pencils on a book.  That wasn’t right.  Minn’da said it wasn’t good to draw on books.  The older elf here didn’t seem to know there was anything wrong with it.  Maybe it was okay here.

Rylad stopped running and climbed up on one of the chairs to stand on and see better.  The older elf reached over to help Rylad, but Rylad pushed his hand away.  Rylad doesn’t need any help!  The older elf still kept his hand near Rylad’s back without touching him.  That was okay.  Rylad hit the table with both hands and yelled in triumph.

He started to climb up on the table and reached for one of the pencils.  That was when the older elf picked him up.  He took the pencil out of Rylad’s hands and handed it to the other elf who was still sitting with his book open.  The other elf took it.  Rylad screamed.  They took his pencil!  He started kicking and flailing his arms as he continued to cry.  Where was Minn’da?  He cried out her name.  Maybe she would come for him.  He didn’t want to be picked up.  He arched his back and cried louder as the older elf carried him to the other room.

Where was Minn’da?  Where was Saff?  He cried for both.

“Shh.  It’s okay.  Look, here’s your blanket.”  The older elf said as he sat in a chair and pulled the blanket, which had a little tiger on it, over Rylad.  His voice was gentle and soothing.  Rylad forgot why he was crying as the older elf rocked him back and forth.  His eyes closed and he drifted off to sleep.


[[ The last three take place the day after the wedding. ]]

Perothis had arrived home late the night before, and wasn’t able to speak to his parents then as they were already asleep.  He woke up early this morning, and started planning what he would say to them.  It wasn’t that they were against him becoming a ranger some day, and preferably, that’s what Perothis would like eventually anyway.  For now, he was working, and training in the city.  He was supposed to be saving up money for further training, but Desdeyliri had introduced him to the ranger captain in the Ghostlands the night before.  He’d be able to join them and receive free training.

Of course, the obvious benefit was that he would be much closer to Des, and would be able to see her more often.  Another obvious benefit would be the free training and immediate work.  He was already saving up to get his own place as well, so being able to do that without worrying about further training would be ideal.

He did think he would miss the city, just a little.  He’d miss his friends and his parents, and maybe even his sister a little too.  He wasn’t sure about buying a house in the Ghostlands either.  Most of them were in need of extensive repair.  It was either that or build his own home, and he didn’t know much about building or fixing!  Of course, the captain had mentioned that he would be able to stay at the ranger building.  That would do to start with.

He heard his mother call out his name.  Breakfast was ready.  He took a deep breath.  It was time to tell them.


Gaelardrim had always preferred to think of himself as being a logical person.  If something didn’t make sense, he didn’t consider it an option.  He was surprised then by his recent thoughts concerning one of the students at the mage school. There was no doubt her parents would not approve of her seeing a ranger.  Mage students often came from the more affluent homes, those that could afford the tuition.  They typically didn’t approve of their daughters running about with guys who didn’t have much, like rangers.  Gaelardrim knew that first hand.  His own family had been wealthy.

Of course, he didn’t have it now.  The money was tied up in the Silvermoon courts as they decided exactly where it should go.  Gaelardrim wasn’t sure he wanted it, even if they did decide it belonged to him.  The mansion he had lived in, sat locked and rotting on one of the streets where most of the homes were in the same state and situation.  His family was gone now.  He was the only one left.  The only one who saw that it didn’t make sense.  The only one who had refused to go.

And yet, while he could see that he was setting both himself and Maerista up for heartbreak, he didn’t understand how he could still feel so powerless to stop it.  He should be able to just say he couldn’t see her anymore and let that be that, but the very thought made him shake his head, almost in panic.  He wanted to be with her, but it didn’t make sense.  He had even kissed her!

“I love her.”

“What was that?”  Ty asked.  They had been practicing at the targets as they did every day.

Gaelardrim looked up, unaware that he had spoken out loud until Ty said something.  “Oh, nothing.  That was a nice shot.” he said, nodding towards the target.

Thankfully, Ty didn’t question any further, and allowed the conversation to turn towards their practice.


They’re hiding something.  I know it.  That was the one thought Vallindra kept having since meeting the boy her sister had adopted.  They had told her that he was a local orphan.  A local orphan who happened to have the same name as her dead brother.  She would have been able to accept that as the truth, if she had never met him, but the moment she saw that dark red hair she had her doubts.  His face was too close to how Sanimir looked at the same age, but he was far too young to be the real Vaildor, besides, she remembered very well that night over a hundred years ago when he had died as a baby.  She frowned slightly.  No.  I won’t feel guilty for that.  I was just a kid.

She shook her head.  Whatever had happened then was done, and in the past.  That didn’t change the fact that there was a boy here who looked like he belonged in the family and had the same name.  She was determined to get to the bottom of it.  She picked up her pen and began inking a letter to the Spire in Silvermoon where they kept the records.

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The Wedding (Part 2)

After the ceremony, Hethurin accompanied Vaildor back to the tables set up where they would eat.  They had sat near the back during the ceremony, along with Terellion, the other teachers and the students.  Hethurin felt it was best if Vaildor was kept away from his mother and sisters during the actual ceremony, and so, had chosen strategic seating in the middle of people from the school.  Renner had kept asking when they would get to the cake part, and Keyalenn kept saying he felt sick and wanted to go upstairs, but, despite a couple of noisy students,  the seating arrangement had worked.  Now was going to be the hard part.

They found a table off to the side.  Hethurin sat in one of the chairs and motioned for Vaildor to sit next to him.  “We’ll wait here.  Father should be sitting with us shortly.”

Vaildor frowned, but sat without protest.  He took out his sketchbook and started updating his drawings from earlier with the correct dress styles.

It wasn’t long before their father, Isturon, returned outside.  He sat on the other side of Vaildor.  “Everything’s okay so far?”

“No one’s come over yet,” Hethurin replied, “I saw Esladra looking though.  Would you stay with him while I get some food?”

Before his father could answer, Vaildor looked up from his drawing.  “I want some food too.”

“I’ll get you a plate.”

“I can get my own plate.”

Hethurin looked to his father, “Tell him it’s better if…”

“Hethurin, take him with you so he get his own plate.”

Vaildor jumped up out of his seat before Hethurin could respond.

Hethurin frowned, “Fine.”

He lead him to the table where the food was at.  Unfortunately, one of his sisters was already there, and it was one of his least favorite.

“Hello Vallindra.  Have you met Vaildor?” Hethurin asked as he took two plates from the pile at the end of the table, and handed one to the young elf next to him.

“I can’t say I have.”  Vallindra replied as she raised a brow.  “I heard Lani adopted a boy from the area.  Is this him?”

Hethurin nodded.  He turned briefly to help Vaildor get some salad on his plate.  Vaildor scrunched up his nose at the vegetables.

“Interesting name.”  She commented as she put some spinach rolls on her plate.  “Did she make him change it to bother mother?  I didn’t think she had it in her to pull something like that.  Then again, I didn’t think she had it in her to pull what she did to go to Kalimdor.  I heard all about that.  Mother’s still quite livid about it.”

“I’ve always been called Vaildor.  Lani didn’t make me change it.” the boy answered her this time.

Vallindra put a few last things on her plate then turned to look directly at Vaildor.  She opened her mouth to say something, but paused and looked at Hethurin.  She looked back at Vaildor after a moment then mused, “You two look incredibly alike.” She turned and joined her husband at one of the tables.

Vaildor looked at Hethurin.

“Finish filling your plate so we can go sit.”  Hethurin said quietly.  “I’d rather not be questioned about you without some back up.”

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The Manipulator

I can't say it's far off from the truth.

I can’t say it’s far off from the truth.

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Vallindra’s Notes

  • Sanimir has agreed to allow me on his property to remap the ley-lines there.  I have to check in at the school upon my arrival in the morning, and tell his butler where I’ll be on the grounds each day, and for how long.  I don’t mind doing so if it means I can get the maps updated.  The property is big enough that there are more than a few ley-lines crossing it, and I have no doubt that some of them have made gradual shifts.
  • It was an interesting supper at his school.  I had been invited there.  I thought it might be some childish trap, but it wasn’t.  The food was good, and I got some news on my family.  The biggest news is that my parents are supposedly apart for good.  It has happened a few times before that mother left to stay with our aunt for some time.  The thing that’s different about this time is that my father has sold the house, and moved into a smaller place.  That makes it rather final, I think.
  • Lani is getting married.  I was sure that she finally gave in to mother, but Hethurin and one of his students insisted she had met him on her own.  I still find that hard to believe.  Maybe it doesn’t work and he doesn’t care that she’s a prude.
  • Oh and Nessna has moved in with the ranger captain.  That didn’t take long.  I wonder if Vessen’s family knows?
  • Anyway, I’m just glad he agreed to let me on the property to remap the lines.  I’m trying to work quickly just in case he changes his mind.  That said, I have had some distractions.  Most of them come from the Magister before I leave in the morning.  He worries too much sometimes.  I assure him that I’ll be fine on my own, and I am.  I’ve run into a few random undead things.  One was almost only a skeleton.  I think another used to be a murloc.  That one smelled really bad.  I saw one of the large cats that roam the woods from a distance, and I’ve seen a few bats.  I’ve not seen any spiders yet, though I know they reach extraordinary sizes here.
  • Then there’s the imp.  I knew it was there before I saw it.  I was working just south of the school, rather close actually.  I could see that crazy dragon statue gleaming out front.  I heard something rustling in the dead leaves under a bush.  It was then I saw its eyes looking right at me.  I knew exactly what it was then.  I didn’t have much time to figure out what I was going to do.  It had already decided it would attack me with a fire bolt.  I’ve never actually used a spell to take direct control of someone else’s demon before, but I have helped the Magister do so in that old draenei temple, and that was with a pitlord.  I cast the spell and commanded the imp to stop his cast.
  • It worked.
  • Unfortunately nothing else works.  The imp won’t talk and won’t take me to where his master sent him from.  He’s not one of ours.  I’m pretty sure he’s not Kes’s or Aeramin’s either.  He won’t say what he was doing at the school.
  • Perhaps the Magister will have some ideas on how to get it to talk.

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Mount Parade – 200 mounts!

I've been working on this one for a while (obviously), and have been even more actively pushing for it over the past month or so when I discovered I only had 5 more to get!  I got my last one at the Argent Tournament.  There is one more alliance mount I could get there, so I'll probably keep going for that.  I also have a few more on horde-side to collect.

I’ve been working on this one for a while (obviously), and have been even more actively pushing for it over the past month or so when I discovered I only had 5 more to get! I got my last one at the Argent Tournament. There is one more alliance mount I could get there, so I’ll probably keep going for that. I also have a few more on horde-side to collect.

Alliance and Horde versions of the mount.  Once you get it on one faction, you get it on both.

Alliance and Horde versions of the mount. Once you get it on one faction, you get it on both.

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Vallindra’s Notes

  • Everything went as planned, and the scrying mirror is in place.  I watched from a distance as Kestrae approached the ranger patrol, which was my sister and one of the trainees.  I couldn’t hear what she said, but they did go off in the direction of the school.  That gave me time to sneak into the ziggurat and get the mirror placed.

  • I found a suitable area facing the circle, which was still there, up in the center of the structure.  The Magister said it gives a wonderful bird’s eye view.  I’m not sure what’s so wonderful about a bird’s eye view of the inside of a ziggurat.  I have a feeling he may have been looking at my chest.

  • While I had the time, I noted where the ley-line passed under the ziggurat.  It does go directly under the summoning circle.  I think the rangers were lucky that they were only met with an imp.  I would guess that more powerful things have been summoned in there.  They could have been met with many other things that wouldn’t have been so easy to capture.

  • I’m still amused over how the imp just jumped in the trainee’s bag.  How does that even happen?

  • Unless it was meant for the imp to go with them.  I need to find out what they did with it.  They better not have taken it anywhere near my nephew.  At least Nessna seemed okay when I watched her with Kestrae.  So if they did take it back to wherever the rangers are, then nothing’s happened, yet.

  • The more I think about it, the more I think the imp was instructed to go with them.  Maybe Kestrae has been able to find out more.

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