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A Letter to Desdeyliri

My Dearest Desdeyliri,

Hello!  I was so happy to get your letter.  I asked for the day off to come to see you in Lani’s wedding, and I think I’m going to get it.  There should be less going on then, so I don’t see why they would say no.

Right now, there’s a lot going on.  Normally, my post is really boring.  You know that.  You’ve seen it.  However, there’s a fire festival going on right now, and they built a big bonfire in the middle of the city!  Now usually, that wouldn’t be a big deal, but someone gave some stupid humans the idea that they should come in to put out the fire!  I’m not kidding!  There were a lot of them the first day.  I hardly got a break, but it’s slowed down a little now.  I catch about one each hour during my shift.  We’ve been escorting them out of the city and telling them to leave.  I’m pretty sure I’ve caught the same one more than once, so I don’t think they’re listening very well.  It’s not just humans either.  I caught a dwarf the other day!

Did you know dwarves have a lot of facial hair?  I read about them, and saw drawings of them in books, but to see it for real is really quite something!

Anyway, some of the others are roughing them up a bit while showing them out the gate.  I haven’t.  I don’t think it would be good to make them mad.  Some of them do have swords after all.  Being a guard is hard work.  I don’t want to make it harder by being attacked!

The festival is going to last for about another week.  Hopefully, no one gets hurt during it.  I did go to see the bonfire with my family.  They have fire jugglers and everything there, and there were some treats with chocolate and marshmallows.  I heard they have fires set up in other places too.  Is there one in the Ghostlands?  I hope there aren’t any crazy humans coming to the school, and if there are, I hope the Magister takes care of them.

I really look forward to seeing you!  Stay safe and away from bonfires until then!





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The Manipulator

I can't say it's far off from the truth.

I can’t say it’s far off from the truth.

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Aranae’s Inner Reflections

I hate writing in this stupid book, but Master Cheng still thinks it helps.  Yeah, it helps my hand cramp up!  Thanks a lot!  I mean, okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but not by a lot.

Cadellus is still around.  He keeps wanting to follow me for walks, or join me for meditation.  Look buddy, I’m not meditating with you, or anything else.  Go meditate by yourself.  I don’t care.  I don’t know why he keeps trying to talk to me.  It’s freakin’ annoying, and he doesn’t seem to get it.  Oh, he says he does, but then he’s back to trying to talk to me about how beautiful the sunrise was or some shit like that the next day.

Master Cheng says I’m not allowed to kick Cadellus in the face.

My training is going well.  Master Cheng says I need to keep my anger in check, like I’m mad or something? I’m not mad!  I’m passionate.  He can go jump off a cliff if he thinks otherwise.  There are plenty of cliffs around here.  I’m sure he could find one.

I think the biggest news is the letter that I received from one of my sisters.  I was just going to fold it up, and toss it off into the air next to my thinking spot, which is by a cliff.  I usually do that whenever one of them write to me.  I don’t want to hear about how I should come home, or do this, or do that, or how I’m not living up to my potential.  As if they’d care anyway.  I didn’t though.  I went to my thinking spot with it and almost started folding it up, but I wound up opening it instead.

It was from Lani.  She’s getting married.  Out of all of my siblings, she’s the only one who never did anything to wrong me… well, not counting the time she made me stay in that stupid healer tent outside Orgrimmar.  I guess she might have been worried about my foot.  I’m fine.  Anyway, now I kind of feel obligated to go, but the rest of my family will be there too.  I guess she’s having it in the Ghostlands at my brother’s school or something.  It’s supposed to be a big place, so maybe I’ll find a good spot to hide if too many of them are there.  Mother might not even be there.  I can’t see her wanting to travel to the Ghostlands.  There’s probably like too much mud or something.

I’ll probably have to go to the Vale to find someone to make a portal there for me.  I know Sanimir or Hethurin or whatever he’s calling himself now, knows how to make portals to Pandaria, even to the Peak of Serenity, so I won’t have a problem getting back.

In the letter she said I could bring a guest.  I’m going to ask Tsi Ku.  She’s my best friend.

Maybe I should wear shoes.

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A Seventh

Because six wasn’t enough.  My paladin got his cloak on Tuesday.  Technically he got two, one for holy and one for ret, but I’m counting it as just my seventh cloak.

Sorrahn gets his cloak!

Sorrahn gets his cloak!

And of course I went to try it out.

And of course I went to try it out.

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Orledin’s Log

The captain came to see me the other day about a possible new recruit.  He said that he was waiting in the men’s quarters.  Luckily, he explained the situation first.  Some of the mages in the area found the summoner’s house.  That problem has been taken care of at least, and we don’t have to watch the ziggurat all the time now, which is good.  I think both Sorrowmoss and I were tiring of watching nothing happen.  Well, it’s good that nothing happens too, but it’s better to be walking around while nothing is happening instead of sitting in the same place all the time.

Anyway, it turns out this summoner had a guard, and the guard showed up after the summoner had been taken care of.  At first, I didn’t understand.  Why wouldn’t the guard be watching things a bit better?  Why didn’t he attack the mages?  Those questions were answered when I met him.

He’s undead.  He says his name is Hernester, though he seems unsure even about that.  While his mind may be free, I don’t think there’s much left.  He needs to have things repeated before he starts to understand.  It’s possible that he didn’t see the mages as a threat because he didn’t know or see what happened, or if he did, he forgot as soon as it happened.  Half of my conversation with him was just me confirming that he can’t go back to the house.  He thought he was lost.  At the end, I think he finally began to understand he needed a new place to stay.

I don’t think he’s capable of going on patrol.  He may be best suited for work that requires him to watch things, or go on simple errands.  Perhaps we could teach him how to take care of armor and equipment, or maybe he would be good at cleaning.  Not everyone takes their boots off next to the door.  We could certainly use someone who would keep the place tidy.

That’s the big news.  Things are well otherwise.  I guess, as well as they can be.  Sometimes, I think I would like a partner.  Not a patrol partner, but a partner partner.  Lin’s painting has me thinking about it.  One of the students has a huge crush on her and had this big painting done for her.  It’s kind of over the top.  It has her half-naked and tied to a rock.  The student is casting a spell at a dragon.  I’m not supposed to know about it, so I can’t say anything.  It does have me thinking though.  He must really like her, and I remember having someone who really liked me before too.  I still have the ring he gave me.  He said it meant he wanted to be with me.  I guess he didn’t mean past death.

I’ve told Sorrowmoss.  She doesn’t think it’s possible for me to find someone.  She may be right.


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“Let’s begin.”

Lena Higgins nodded.  She was glad she would be able to get in more practice before going after the rogue mage, Sanimir.  Zarah had stressed how dangerous he was, and Lena wanted to be prepared.  The goal was to eventually catch him, but Zarah didn’t think he would just give himself up.  Lena didn’t either.  He had killed others of the bronze flight.  Lena was not going to let that happen to Zarah, but she needed more practice with her chronomancy to be able to catch up with him in the first place.

She let her conjured orb of light fade and darken the room as she cast a spell.  Today, they were doing visions of the future.  Zarah had chosen the subject, a sin’dorei toddler in the Ghostlands, who was the nephew of Hethurin Fairsong, the mage who’s double in another reality was causing all the trouble.  She had learned that Hethurin was also a timewalker when she and Zarah had run into him, and another bronze dragon, while investigating one of the places Sanimir had been.  Zarah had chosen the toddler as it was a great likelihood that Lena’s path would never cross with his, other than possibly running into his uncle again, and thus would not cause any disruption of time over knowledge of a future event, which could happen if Lena went to her own future, or to that of those she knew.  This was safe.  Babies were picked because it was fun to see where they could wind up.  Because he was a sin’dorei baby, Zarah had suggested going seventy years ahead.  Many young sin’dorei spent decades in general education before deciding what they were going to do.

The vision slowly appeared around them.  Large, dark shapes of trees surrounded them along with a thick eerie fog.  “Is this the Ghostlands?” Lena asked.  She had never been there herself.  At least, not in this reality.

“Yes.  The forest isn’t much different from how it is today.  There are more homes, but it hasn’t changed much past that.”

Lena nodded, then frowned slightly, “Did I do the spell wrong?  Shouldn’t the boy be here?”

“Young man.” Zarah corrected as she looked up.  “He’s here.”

Lena followed Zarah’s gaze up into the tree that branched out over them.  She smiled upon spotting him.  Her spell had worked.  Rylad was just a few branches up above where they stood.  The young elf had climbed out on one of the old tree’s limbs, and sat in a spot where the branch split with his feet dangling, as natural as if he was sitting in a chair.  He looked a bit like his uncle.  Lena recalled he has the same straight, dark red hair.  Rylad’s was long and pulled back into a messy ponytail.  A few strands hung loose.  He had a bow, and wore similar armor to what Lena had seen other elven rangers wear.  Behind him, on the same limb, a large, spotted, yellow cat lay, seemingly half asleep.

“This is the most likely future for him.  His mother is a ranger.  His father was a ranger.  His probable step-father is, also, a ranger.  He’s growing up around people he idolizes, and he wants to be like them.”

Lena smiled, “It seems he’s very ha–”  She jumped as the boy nimbly hopped out of the tree, landing just a few feet in front of her.  He didn’t know he was being watched, of course, so she could hardly blame him for startling her.  It was just a vision, and Lena and Zarah weren’t actually there.  He called up to his cat to follow him.

Zarah smiled back at Lena as the cat jumped down to follow its master, “He is happy, in this future.”

“I suppose there’s other possibilities.”

“There are.” Zarah replied as they walked to follow the young elf.  He moved quickly ahead of them, his cat following not far behind.

It wasn’t long before they came to a clearing with a building.  Rylad’s cat ran ahead, tackling another cat that laid on the grass.  An older, blond elf came out of the building, “Rylad, where have you been?  Your mother has been worried about you.”

“Sorry, Ann’da.  I lost track of time.  I was watching the one spot near the scar.”

The older elf nodded as Rylad joined him and went inside.

Lena turned to Zarah.  “What is he watching for at the scar?”

“Scourge activity.” Zarah answered, “Even this far in the future there are small pockets of activity here.”

“You said this was the most likely future for him.  Can we see some others?”  Lena asked.  It would be good practice to switch realities while in the future.  Though she had already been to some other realities, it had always been with the use of portal dust left behind by the mage’s portals.  While this future was merely within a vision, the principles behind the spell were the same.

Zarah smiled, “Of course.  You went over the notes I gave you, right?”

Lena nodded, “I have them memorized.”

“Then let’s see some of the other possibilities.”

Lena cast the spell.  The vision faded out around them as another faded in.  They were inside now.  It took Lena a moment to recognize the building.  The one time that she had seen it from the inside, it had been in poor repair, and in another reality.  Here, it was pristine, but the same banister on the staircase jogged her memory.  The way the railing merged with the slats, and the circling of the vine carving around both reminded her.  This was Fairsong Academy.

She could hear voices in the room across the hallway.  She and Zarah walked past the stairs, and looked across to the other room.  “That’s just Hethurin, right?  Not Sanimir.”

Zarah nodded silently.

Lena walked in closer to see the class.  Hethurin was teaching arcane theory to a class of seven students.  She recognized the boy from the previous vision sitting in front, listening attentively.  She smiled as she watched the girl sitting next to him pass him a note under the table.  Her bright orange curls fell forward as she looked down to continue taking notes.  Rylad opened his note under the table before picking up his book and holding it at an angle before sliding the paper up in front of his actual notes.  He circled something.  Lena couldn’t tell what was written as it was in Thalassian.  While she did speak it a little, she couldn’t read it.  Rylad passed the note back under the table.

Lena looked back at Zarah, “He’s a mage student in this one.  Is he any good?”

“He’s likely good enough to become a timewalker like his uncle, if he takes this path, and if he can keep his mind on his studies.” Zarah paused to look at the girl sitting next to Rylad before continuing, “Let’s see one more before finishing for the day.”

Lena smiled, “Okay.” She cast the spell, watching as the room faded, and another room appeared.  The young elf stood at a workbench, sanding some pieces of wood that looked like they were meant to be chair legs.  A much older elf sat on a stool at another nearby workbench.  He also worked on chair parts.  Lena raised a brow, “He’s making chairs?”

“Yes.  This is another possibility.  His grandfather is a carpenter.” Zarah nodded at the older man as she mentioned him, “Rylad decided to become his apprentice in this timeline.”

Lena peeked out the window long enough to know they were in Silvermoon, “So he doesn’t stay in the Ghostlands?”

“In this reality, no.  Other things influenced his decision to come here.  He had little to keep him in the Ghostlands.”

“Oh.”  Lena waited for further explanation, but Zarah offered none.  She watched the young elf for a moment as he worked on his chair legs, wondering what could have happened to make him feel there was little to stay for when he had been so happy in the first vision.

“Let’s stop for today.  We’ll have more to do next time.”  Zarah said.

Lena cast the spell to end the vision.

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Keyalenn’s Notes and Letter

  • The painting came out great.  I wasn’t sure about hiring a kid to do it, but I told him what I wanted and he did exactly what I had in mind!  It was really amazing, and I showed it to the other guys before taking it to Lin.
  • It wasn’t easy to travel with.  I can’t teleport very far yet, so I had to walk with it.  I didn’t want the Magister to see it either so I had to sneak out of the school with it.  I don’t think anyone saw me leave, though Vyn and Sal knew I was going.  I thought about taking a hawkstrider, but I didn’t think that would work very well, not with a big painting to hold onto.
  • I think she really liked it.  She said it was nice.  I hope she hangs it up where she can see it and think about me.  
  • I think Tylenthis is jealous because she likes me more now.  She danced with him mostly at the spring ball, but she did dance with me.  Now she has a painting from me, and I bet he got her nothing.
  • I had some of the soup while I was there, but it wasn’t as good as Tik’s.  I couldn’t stay long though because I really didn’t want to get in trouble with Magister Fairsong.
  • I really think she likes me!
  • She pretended to like the painting.  She doesn’t like me, not like that.  Just as a friend.  I think she must like that ranger more than me, but she just doesn’t want to say it.
  • I don’t even know what to say.  She says she wants to be friends, but I don’t think that will work out very well because I want more, and just being around her, I want more.
  • She said I was too young.  My mother is 50 years older than my father, and Lin isn’t even that much older than me.  She kept saying it wouldn’t work out though.  I don’t know why she says that if she doesn’t even try.
  • I know there’s spells that affect the age of the caster, but I don’t know them.  I’ve heard of ones that they teach just before you go for testing, like they’re some secret only good mages get or something.  The only ones I heard of only keep the mage younger though, so that they can live longer.  I think there has to be one that makes the mage older, like a reverse of the staying young spell.
  • I asked Magister Fairsong, but he said, and I quote, “If such a spell existed, don’t you think I would have used it on myself?” Then he went on about how people assume he’s too young to be the headmaster of a school, and things like that.  Then he said that even if there was a spell, it would shorten lives, and probably wouldn’t be a very acceptable practice, because it’s just a spell on the body, not the brain too.  Apparently, if you age your body ten years, you can’t gain ten years of experience living.  I guess he’s right about that.
  • He also talked to me about my book money.  He wrote to my parents.  I didn’t tell him he could do that!  Now I feel stupid because I spend it all on a painting that she hates because it has my stupid, too-young face in it.  I didn’t tell him that though.  He said my parents said they gave me the money for the books.  I told him I lost it, and he gave me that look, but I stuck to it and told him it was in my bags when I left Silvermoon, but not when I arrived here.
  • He finally agreed to let me do work around the school to pay off the books.  I’m supposed to wash dishes for Tik and keep the classrooms swept and clean.
  • So now I’m lying to my teachers too for her, and she doesn’t even want me.  I need to write home and lie to my parents as well.  The Magister will do it for me anyway, but this way they hear it first from me.


Dear Mother and Father,

Hi.  I wanted to write because Magister Fairsong said he told you about my book money, and I know you gave it to me, and I was supposed to be careful, but somehow I lost it between Silvermoon and here.  The Magister has agreed to let me work for what I owe for the books, so you don’t have to send more.  I’m really sorry.

I was hoping to ask if you could get me back into my old school still.  I know you both mentioned that the headmaster said he might consider it, but I wanted to stay here, but now I’m not sure.  I’m really homesick after all.  I don’t want to be out here anymore, and I really want to come home.

– Keyalenn

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