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The Baby

It had been five days since her contact in the lower city finally delivered on his promise to get the potion she needed. It had been five days since she closed the door to her apartment, and drank the potion as soon as she got home. It had been five days since the first cramping had started. It had been five days since she first heard the cries of the small newborn baby girl in the Lower City Clinic. They had wanted to keep her and the baby a few extra days as the baby was early, but after five days the baby and Cyannah were both doing well. They finally allowed her to leave.

She hadn’t named the baby in those five days so she was allowed to take the paperwork home. They told her that she would have to send it to one of the addresses at the top. The Dalaran address had been crossed off, leaving just the Shattrath and Silvermoon addresses to choose from. She had given a fake last name at the clinic, and it, along with the rest of her fake identity, filled in one side of the top. Her first name remained the same. She hoped the baby’s father would recognize it. She left her name the same so that he’d know where the baby was from, and hopefully accept that she was his daughter. Cyannah thought the baby looked like him, so that should help. The rest of her information was falsified so that he wouldn’t be able to find her. On the other side of the top of the paper, she had penned in what she knew of the father; his name and where he lived was all. He’d have to fill in the rest.

She looked at the infant as she tucked the paper in the blankets in the basket she had put the baby girl in. The baby had just fallen asleep, and judging from her experience in the past five days, she guessed she had at least an hour or two before the baby would wake again. She touched one of the baby’s wispy curls lightly. She felt a little guilty about what she was about to do. She wanted children, just not this child. She regretted that day in the library with the baby’s father more than anything else. There was no way for her to keep this child, not now. She had already written home earlier during the day to let her parents know that she would be home soon, very soon, to meet the man they had arranged for her to marry. They weren’t even aware she had been pregnant. She had already spoken with the landlord, apologizing for the very short notice, as her rent would be due in a few days. She had been packing over the past couple of months, leaving out only what she needed. She was ready to go home, and leave this all behind her.

Cyannah got up and went to the bathroom. She had a bit of a trip ahead of her. She caught a glimpse of the mirror. She was looking okay. The weight that had come with the baby had mostly went with the baby, which she was thankful for as she had heard otherwise. Perhaps it was because she was early. Still, she thought she’d be best off wearing loose clothes for the next few weeks, and allowing her parents to believe she had a few too many sweets. She was feeling okay too, mostly. At least the wedding wouldn’t be for a few months. She could play the prude for a month or two.

She went back to her other room, and threw her cloak over her shoulders. She knew how to make a portal to Tranquillien, but she would have to walk to the father’s house. The Ghostlands were usually a bit chilly at this time of the year. She placed a warm blanket over the baby, then draped another blanket over the basket. She opened a portal to the town, and, taking the basket with her, stepped through.

It was more than chilly. It was freezing. She looked up and down the street. It was late in the day, and the sun had just dipped below the horizon, but there were still a few people out. She noticed a couple of new buildings had been added to the town. One of them was a clinic. She walked by it, toting the baby in the basket along with her as she headed south out of town.

The path leading off into the woods was long and winding. It started getting dark as she walked along. There weren’t many inhabited houses out this way. She was beginning to think she had taken the wrong path when she saw a bit of light through the trees. The undergrowth was heavy along this part of the path, and she had trouble keeping the light in sight. Then she spotted it again, through a small path off the main path that cut through the underbrush. She followed the path off the main path to discover a clearing with a house sitting in the middle of it. The house was built on a hill, with a steep incline covered with trees rising up behind it. The light was coming from one of the windows on the second floor of the home. Cyannah took a few steps closer before stopping to pull back the blanket to take one last look at her daughter. The baby slept, snuggled warmly in all the blankets. Cyannah bit her lip, and pulled the blanket back over the basket. She hurried towards the door of the small house.

She hesitated about halfway across the clearing, not because she was having second thoughts, but because she felt something. Her ears tingled. What was it? A ward? It was a weak one, not meant to keep anyone out. A proximity ward. That’s what it was, and that meant at least one of the inhabitants knew someone was outside. She hurried to the door, leaving the basket with the baby inside on the doorstep. She knocked loudly, just in case the ward wasn’t truly functional, and ran off back towards the main path.

She hid amongst the underbrush near a large tree at the edge of the path where she could still see the house. She had no sooner found her hiding spot when the door opened. She recognized the father’s boyfriend, even though she had met him only a couple of times. He looked around as he stooped to pick up the basket. He called out a hello, while he continued to look about the clearing. After a moment, he shrugged, and then carried the basket inside, shutting the door behind him.

Cyannah didn’t realize she had been holding her breath until after he closed the door. She took a deep breath followed by a sigh, and cast her teleport spell to return to Shattrath. It was done. She laid down on her couch, which doubled as her bed for now, and cried.


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Cyannah’s Letter

Cyannah stared at her paper. She had written no more than the greeting, ‘Dear Father and Mother,’ but how was the rest supposed to go? She couldn’t tell them the truth. Especially after the letter she had just received. They had been talking with a man who would like to meet her, and they had invited him to a supper over the holidays. She was supposed to be there. She looked down. There was no way she could hide it now. As if on cue, the baby kicked. She couldn’t go home, not like this.

She had already gone to the lower city clinic to see if they could do anything about it. Months ago, on her first visit there, they had given her a vile-tasting potion. She had cramped and bled after ingesting it. She had thought that was it, but a few months later, it became very apparent that it had not worked. Now, they refused to do anything, saying she was too far along. The same potion would just cause the baby to be born early, and while she didn’t want a baby, the healers were adamant about not causing a premature baby to be born. They told her that she would have to wait, and give the baby to the orphanage if she or the father didn’t want it.

She did get the name of the potion and was exploring other avenues of obtaining it. None of them had turned up anything yet.

Of course, there was the problem of getting rid of the baby after it was born, and the time it might take to recover from the birth. Perhaps the father would want the baby, or maybe she could just leave it on his doorstep. It would be fitting. After all, she wasn’t being given any choice in carrying it. Why give him a choice in the matter?

She already knew that he had moved. There was someone else living in the home where he had said he lived. She had talked to them. He was renting it out, and was now living in the Ghostlands. She had gotten the new address from the current occupants as well. She had originally planned to write him to let him know, but she felt there would be a good chance of him denying everything. Had he even told his boyfriend about her? Probably not, and in that case, the baby showing up on the doorstep would be a perfect revenge.

She frowned again at the paper. Telling her parents the truth was out of the question. She picked up her pen and began to write.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it to Silvermoon for Winter Veil this year. I am very excited that you’ve found someone who wishes to meet with me, but there’s a ton of work to finish up in the library here before I return home. I hope he’ll consider rescheduling our meeting, possibly in early spring. I’m sorry it might be that long. If I had known ahead of time, I would have told you, but it’s rather sudden. I may not be in Shattrath much either. Some of the books are in other cities here in Outland, and I’ll need to travel frequently.

She paused thoughtfully. It was all made up, of course. She had already quit her job at the library, as she knew people would talk. Now she wore a hat and sunglasses when she went out so that no one would recognize her. She would hide here long enough to have the baby, drop it off in the Ghostlands, then go get married in Silvermoon. The travel was a good cover, as they wouldn’t be able to visit her in Shattrath. She smiled sadly as she closed her letter.

Your Loving Daughter,

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Cyannah’s Diary

I’ve finally wrote home.  Mother is right.  I’m not getting any younger.  She and father have been taking turns writing me weekly to remind me.  As if I’ve forgotten!  I’ve agreed to let them arrange something for me.  I keep coming close to finding someone on my own, but nothing has worked out.  First there was that new guy who started working in the library.  Of course, he fell for Tywae over me.  He even cancelled our date to go have drinks just because she asked him somewhere instead.  Then she ditched him a month later, and he still thought he had a chance with me.  Like really? Then there was that blood knight captain.  Luckily, I found out he was married before anything happened.  He was very good at flirting.  Then a few months after that was when I met the fire mage, whose friend was actually his boyfriend.

That last one was a big mistake.  I don’t know why I have to be so desperate.  I didn’t know about the boyfriend.  They didn’t tell me.  Was I supposed to guess?  Of course, then he comes into the library, alone and goes upstairs to one of the rooms up there.  I followed him up, thinking I actually had a chance.  Things happened.  Then he told me about the boyfriend.

I was drinking that tea at the time, even though he was the first man I’ve been with in a few years.  It doesn’t taste bad, and it’s just easy to drink it every morning.  I was in the habit of having it.  I guess my body has gotten used to it or something.  At least I noticed early enough that it had no effect on the things it was supposed to be preventing.  The clinic in the lower city was able to give me some nasty tasting potion to take care of that.  I’m still cramping from it.

I guess that’s why I’ve written home.  I’m tired of looking, and always finding the wrong guy.  Maybe my parents have more experience to draw from that they won’t choose some lying jerk or idiot.  Even if they do, at least I can blame it on them, and if I get pregnant again because I guess the tea doesn’t work for me, well, at least I won’t have to have some nasty potion to get rid of it.

Other than that, things are rather dull and boring as usual.  I’m a fire mage working in a library, I don’t know how exciting that can get.  I did have some strange requests for books over the past month.  There was one guy who kept bugging me for books about Nagrand and stones or something.  I had no clue what he was talking about half the time.  Then there was another guy who kept asking about lizards.  Then he wanted to know if magic lizards could be caught with enchanted traps.  Like I would know?  I’m sure there’s something about enchanted traps in one of the enchantment books I found for him, but then he started asking about what moths eat.

The more I think about it, the more I can’t wait to get back to Silvermoon.


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Aeramin’s Notes

  • I’ve done something I don’t want anyone else to know, so I’ve already made plans to burn this page after I’ve written.  I especially don’t want Imralion to see it, though he’s the first person who should know.  I’m afraid he’d leave me if I told him, so I’ll stick with burning my guilt, and hopefully being able to forget about it.
  • Anyway, we’ve been looking for a girlfriend, and I just really messed things up.  Things were going okay at first.  There was one that Imralion was interested in that we met at one of the places near home.  Her name was Cyannah.  I thought she was okay, but we hadn’t told her yet that we’re a couple looking for a girlfriend.  We found out she works in the library a lot, and that’s where I saw her next.  Im was off with the blood knights, and I had chosen a quiet room upstairs in the library to work on my lesson plans.  I’ve been trying to find ways to explain things better to the students who are having difficulty with fire.  I think it’s mostly they’re afraid of doing it wrong.  If you cast a frost spell wrong and get ice all over, it’s not really a horrible thing.  Just messy.  If you cast a fire spell wrong and get fire all over, then there are problems.  They have to know how to conjure fire even if they never plan to conjure fire again after going for their mage testing.  It’s on the test for all specializations.  I remember having great difficulty with my frost portion of the test.  I think they went easy on me.  I can’t guarantee my students will get so lucky.  They need to learn.
  • So I was in the room going through some books and taking notes, and she just walks in.  I don’t think she was expecting anyone to be there, but there I was.  She recognized me, and said she could leave if I was busy, but I said it was fine.  She sat at the table with me, but instead of sitting across from me, she sat next to me.  Then she had to switch sides because she sat on my blind side which was a bit weird because I couldn’t see her.  I tried to work, but she asked me what I was doing, so I explained.  Then we started talking about the students.  She thinks I’m right that some of them are just scared of making a mistake.  That’s usually why people are bad with fire.
  • She said her father was a fire mage, and that she had learned from him more than anyone else.  So she shared some things her father had taught her, then she started asking about my family.  I lied.  I told her that my father had been a magister who died in the Scourge attacks, and that my mother had died at the same time.  That sounded better than saying my father is a drunk and my mother died from dementia.
  • She said she was sorry to hear about my parents.  I guess both of hers are still alive.  I miss my mother sometimes, but I didn’t tell her that because I don’t really want to talk about it with someone I just met.  Luckily, she changed the subject, and asked me about my scar and blindness.  I told her I got too close to a demon in Shadowmoon.  She said people usually don’t want to get close to demons at all.  I said I was observing it.  She asked if I’m a summoner.  Who the hell comes out and asks things like that?  She does obviously.  I denied it, calmly.  I admitted that I was looking for a friend, and made up a somewhat believable story that I wanted to make sure the demons hadn’t taken him.  She seemed to believe me.  She asked if I ever found my friend.  I didn’t, but he did come back.  He’s safe and sound in the Ghostlands now.  I mentioned he’s a ranger and she laughed.  Rangers aren’t found unless they want to be found.
  • That’s when she started with the touching.  I had just absently turned the page in the one book I had been reading before she came in, in an attempt to get back to reading and taking notes, when I felt her hand on my knee.  I stopped looking at the book, and looked at her.  That’s when she told me she had been thinking about me since she first met me and couldn’t get me out of her mind.  Very flattering.  I thought if I kept making that impression on her then she wouldn’t be able to help but to fall for me and Im.  The whole time it was happening, I told myself I was doing it for Im.  Well, until I stopped thinking.
  • Anyway, she kept up with the flattery.  Her hand went from my knee and slowly slid up my thigh, which kept something else up, and I stopped thinking.  Soon enough we were rolling around on the floor with our robes half off.
  • Because I was doing it for Im right?  No, I was doing it because I can’t keep it in my robe when a pretty girl tries to touch it.  I had myself believing Im was the reason though.  She wouldn’t be able to resist being with both of us if knew what half of it was like.  Light, I’m so full of myself sometimes.  I’m an idiot.
  • It was after, we were both on the floor still, robes still half undone, when she said she was so happy because she thought there was a chance I was gay and with Im, and I wouldn’t want to be with her.  I was still deluding myself into thinking she’d go for it anyway and told her that he is my boyfriend and that we both want to be with her.
  • She got mad.  She slapped me, yelled a few things that weren’t very nice to say.  Maybe they were true in the past, but I don’t do that anymore.  She did up her robes while she continued to yell.  I did up mine because I was afraid of being caught by the people at the library because she was yelling so loud.  Then she stormed out, and that’s when it kind of hit me that I had just messed up big time.
  • So here I am, writing about something I swore I’d never do again.  I still remember how it felt before when Zarellina found out about the reason I wanted to go get baked goods all the time. That was a little different because it was an ongoing thing, and I hadn’t slept with him yet.  This was just once, and judging by her reaction, it’s not going to be an ongoing thing.  But Im liked her, so I don’t know what to tell him.  I hope she doesn’t say anything to him.
  • I can’t really tell Im because I think he’d really be upset, but I feel like I need to make it up to him. I don’t know how.  Maybe we could switch things up in bed.  I think I’m ready to do that with him.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done that, but I want to with him.  Maybe he won’t want a girlfriend after that either.

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Hethurin’s Notes

  • We’re in Shattrath this week.  I’ve been spending a lot of time in the library.  Renner has as well.  He wants to look for things about infinite flight magic.  We’re not having much luck.  I don’t know what he hoped to find when he himself claims that the majority of books about dragons are mostly inaccurate.
  • If there are books about the infinite flight, I don’t think we’ll find them in Shattrath.
  • I’ve also been looking for other books as well.  Things to help me with teaching and stuff like that.  Those are a lot easier to find, but still there’s some that aren’t the right fit for my teaching style or they’re too out-dated, or they might not be right for the students, and things like that.  I’ve been going through them slowly to make sure I get the best ones for both me and my students.
  • Anyway, that leaves me in the library most of the day.  They still have lessons in the morning too.  Luckily, Raleth and Aeramin both live in Shattrath so they’re able to make it for their classes.  We use the rooms upstairs in the library for the classes so that we don’t bother anyone trying to read.
  • Vaildor is with us this week.  Lani and the Confessor left for their trip after the wedding.  My father stayed with Vaildor for the first couple of nights, but he had to go back to Silvermoon and we were going to Shattrath, so Vaildor is here with us.  He wanted to come anyway, so it works out well.  Terellion doesn’t know how much I appreciate that he’s been taking time to go with him to the Lower City and keep an eye on him.  Lani would kill me if anything happened!
  • I did show him the art books in the library the other day.  I think he liked those.  Terellion said he really likes exploring the Lower City, and he wants to see all the shops.  They’re buying things with my money.  I don’t mind really, but I don’t think we should just give him everything he wants.  He should learn he has to work for things, right?  I don’t know.  I didn’t tell Terellion to stop letting him get things.  I guess it’s only for a week so it can’t hurt anything.
  • Two of my students have been “sick” since arriving here.  I took them to the healers and found out that they weren’t really sick.  The healers talked to them both a bit and determined it wasn’t anything contagious and that they were both just upset about things.  They wouldn’t tell me what things though so I had to talk to them myself.  Keyalenn is still upset about Linarelle, and now he thinks he wants to talk to her again but he’s too far away and time is passing, but at the same time, he thinks she hates him.  It doesn’t really make much sense.
  • Maerista’s upset is much more understandable, at least it is to me.  Her parents want her to marry someone who she doesn’t want to marry.  She likes one of the rangers and is afraid to tell them about him because rich families don’t really like rangers much because they usually don’t have a lot of money.  I understand completely.  I was forced to marry someone when I loved someone else, and I didn’t feel like I could tell them because the person I loved was far from who they expected me to be with.  I told her that she’s in charge.  She doesn’t have to marry anyone if she doesn’t want to.  I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure she doesn’t have to get married unless she wants to, including allowing her to stay at the school for free.
  • I know I’m risking her parents saying bad things about the school because of that, but it will be worth it to know that she doesn’t have to go through that.  They may be angry for a while, but I think they’ll get over it in time, just like my father did.  He was really unhappy with me at first, but now I think we’re closer than we were before.
  • She said her parents aren’t crazy, so she won’t be dealing with anyone like my mother.  I think she’s still mad at me.
  • Anyway, she can stay at the school for as long as she needs.  She’ll be safe there, and free to make her own decisions.  The worst thing that she could do is to get married to make her parents happy.  She needs to do what makes her happy, and everyone else will just have to deal with it.
  • Speaking of being happy, I’ve been wondering what it would be like to be Terellion’s husband.  I guess nothing would change really.  Maybe that’s why he doesn’t ask.  I ordered flowers to be sent to the room because I know he’s in and out of the inn all day.  I think he’ll like them.
  • Maybe Aeramin would know more about stuff like that, but if Imralion’s around, I guess asking about how to get Terellion to ask me to marry him could get awkward. What if Imralion wants to marry Aeramin!  Maybe I can talk to him in the library after lessons.  That way, I won’t upset anyone else.

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Atonement 2

Magister Hethurin Fairsong was skipping lunch again.  He wasn’t hungry, and decided to take advantage of the time to work on atoning for the lies and the secrets he had kept over the years.  The one he had chosen today was one of the bigger ones.  He had teleported to just outside the inn on the Scryer’s Tier, near the small house where he used to live with Aeramin.  He could have waited until Aeramin had come to the school this week to teach his fire classes, but after taking the matter into consideration, he decided he’d rather not have an angry summoner at the school.  He took a deep breath, walked up to the door, and knocked.

Aeramin opened the door, his brow raised, “Hello Hethurin.  I didn’t know you were bringing the students to the library this week.”

Hethurin smiled slightly, trying to hide how nervous he felt, “Hi.  I’m not here with the students.  I came to talk to you.  Can I come in?”

Aeramin hesitated, studying Hethurin’s face before answering, “No.  Imralion isn’t here, and I don’t think he’d like you coming in while he’s gone.  It’s lunch time though, did you want to go grab something to eat somewhere?”

“I’m not hungry, but I do need to talk to you.”

“Well, I am hungry, so I guess you’ll just have to follow me to get something to eat.” Aeramin smiled.

Hethurin sighed, “Fine.”

“We’ll go to the one just in the next building with the terrace.  They have juice made from the berries from Netherstorm.  You might like that even if you’re not hungry.”  Aeramin turned away from the door and went to the table, leaving Hethurin standing just outside.  Hethurin peered inside.  It was much the way he remembered it when he lived there.  Some of the paintings that Aeramin’s mother had made before she died hung on the walls.  Aeramin noticed Hethurin looking in.  “Let me just leave a note for Imralion to let him know where I am, just in case he comes back early.”

Hethurin nodded and turned to look at the other buildings while waiting for Aeramin.  He would have to bring the students back to visit the library soon.  He had a feeling he’d be coming back within the week anyway.  He had to, unfortunately, pay a visit to Vallindra as well.  He would rather not, but he had wronged her in the past.  He did wonder if her wronging him had evened things out, and made it unnecessary to apologize for his wrong-doing.  He couldn’t be sure, but he figured if he did admit to what he did and apologize, then he’d be ahead of her.

“I’m all set.”  Aeramin locked the door and joined Hethurin.  “It’s right here.” Aeramin pointed as he walked towards the building.

Despite having lived next to it for a few months, Hethurin had never gone inside to eat.  He followed Aeramin to one of the tables on the terrace overlooking the city below.  He sat down, thankful that Aeramin had chosen one not too close to the few other tables with people at them.  He decided to order the berry juice after all, and found it was very good.  He wondered if they sold some that he could take home.

“What was it that you wanted to talk to me about?” Aeramin asked before taking a bite of his sandwich.

Hethurin frowned as he looked around to make sure no one was listening.  He lowered his voice, “Remember I told you I’m learning chronomancy?”

“Yes, and if you’ve done anything to get in trouble with it, I don’t think anything I can do can help.”

“I’m not asking for help!” Hethurin exclaimed, then lowered his voice again after a quick glance around at the people at other tables, “But I did do something.”

Aeramin lowered his voice as well and leaned in closer, “What did you do?”

Hethurin hesitated, and looked down at his glass of juice, “It was during the middle of last summer, and I hadn’t met Terellion yet, and I guess I was lonely.  I didn’t even mean to do anything, I just wanted to see you without, you know, being weird.”

Aeramin raised a brow, “So you did something concerning me?”  He paused, then added, “With your chronomancy?  And this was last summer?  I suppose I wouldn’t know about it if you changed something for me, would I?  So, I’ll ask again.  What did you do?  How are things supposed to be?”

“Umm,” Hethurin hesitated.  There wasn’t any easy way to put it.  “Your father is supposed to be dead.”

“Why would you go back and save him?” Aeramin almost laughed, a bemused expression on his face.

“No, that’s not what I did.”

“You just said you did.”

“I did, but I didn’t mean to.”

“Oh, so you didn’t mean to save him.  How was he supposed to die?”

“He was supposed to fight against the Scourge attacking the city.  He was supposed to die then.”

“He couldn’t fight because of his…” Aeramin’s voice trailed off as he remembered the night his father’s leg was injured with arcane magic.  He had just been trying to make some money, but his father had arrived home early that night.  He had been drunk, of course, and had started a fight with Aeramin.  He had never approved of the ways Aeramin had found to make sure they had the gold they needed.  Aeramin’s client that night just happened to be a magister who believed in vigilante justice.  He had cast his spell, and disappeared. Because of the injury his father received that night, he was unsuitable for combat years later when the Scourge attacked the city.  Aeramin twitched an ear, “That was you that night.”

Hethurin nodded.

“You were blond.  I had to give a description to the guards.  I remember you were blond.”

“A disguise so that you wouldn’t recognize me in your future.”

Aeramin sat in silence a few moments, staring at his half-finished sandwich.  Finally he spoke, “He was supposed to die.  Do you realize how much shit I’ve gone through because you… you… what were you even doing there?  Can’t you control yourself?”

“I just went to see you from a distance, then the next thing I knew you were dragging me down an alley and into that place you were living.”

“This is hardly my fault!” Aeramin said loud enough that some of the other restaurant patrons turned and looked at the two.

Hethurin frowned and looked down again.  He replied quietly, “No, it’s not.  I shouldn’t have been there in the first place, and when you tried to get me to go with you, I should have been better at saying no.  I really messed up.  I’m sorry.  I’m also sorry for keeping it from you for so long.  I should have told you last summer after I did it.”

“You shouldn’t have done it.”

“I know.  I’m sorry.”

Aeramin appeared to calm down a little, though he still looked irritated.  His ear twitched as he picked up his sandwich and took another bite.

“Do you forgive me?” Hethurin asked.

“Why don’t you spend a week with my father, and tell me how quickly I should forgive you?”

Hethurin looked up from his juice and replied, “I’ll do that if you want me to, but I need to take care of this thing with my brother first.  Will you still give your lessons at the school?  This isn’t the students’ fault. They shouldn’t be punished.  You’re really good at teaching them fire magic.”

Aeramin sighed, “For them, I’ll be there.  I can’t say how long it’ll be before I’m ready to talk to you again.”

“Thank you.”  Hethurin left his money for his drink on the table and teleported back to the Ghostlands.

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Theronil’s Log

I’ve been awful at keeping my log updated recently, but it’s not without reason.  I’ve been quite busy.  After returning home from Kalimdor, there was a lot of work to finish before the baby arrived.

And that’s the biggest news.  I’m a father now.  We have a son named Iannor.  Isandri wanted to name him after me, but I think it’s important that he has his own name.  He may grow up and be nothing like me.  That seems so far off, though I know the time will pass quicker than I realize.  He’s so tiny now, but already, I can tell that he’s grown.  His neck is a bit stronger now and he tries to lift his head when he’s on his belly so that he can look around.  I can already tell he’s intensely curious about the world and the people around him.  He’s so quiet and content to just watch and listen.  I suppose I can only hope he’s as well-behaved in a few years!

He and Isandri mostly stay at home right now.  She’s still recovering, and I try to make my own trips away from home short.  Despite that, I have managed to find a place to set up shop for my enchanting business.  I suppose I could have gone back to being a ranger, but I think I can provide for them better on an enchanter’s income.  Besides, I spent a lot of gold and time learning, so it would make the most sense to use it.  It hasn’t been easy trying to get things set up so I can open the shop because I’m usually home.  I spend about an hour at the shop per day.  I figure I probably don’t want to have to be there all day just yet, anyway, so it’s okay to work on it just a little at a time.  I’d rather be home for a few more weeks.  Iannor won’t be small forever.

I also spend time out at other shops, getting food and other things we need.  I don’t like to be gone long.

Arelanis has taken to guarding the house.  She knows how precious Iannor is, too.  When he’s older, I’m sure she’ll be perfect for teaching him how to ride a dragonhawk.  That’s a few years off too.  It’s easy to make so many plans for the future.  They’re just little things, teaching him how to ride a dragonhawk, teaching him to shoot a bow, going camping with him in the woods– things like that.  I’m sure Isandri is making her own plans too.

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