Letters Home


I hope all is well in Silvermoon.  I’ve been unable to send you mail directly as I am still staying in Stormwind, though things have gone back to normal here.  The increased security has lessened now.  I heard they got the orc who caused it all, and that is good.  A lot of people left for that alone, but now that they are back, Stormwind has gone back to how it was before all of this happened.

I hope they have not bothered you too much about my whereabouts.  I know they must still be looking for me, and that I will likely never be able to return home.  I’m getting along just fine here though.  I’ve made some friends who don’t hold my race against me, though I do have to exercise extreme caution while going anywhere.  I pass well enough as a tall human if I wear a hat and tuck my ears in it.  Lately, I’ve been making sure they press against my head by putting a bandana on first, then the hat.  I can wear a cowl that way sometimes too.

My landlady is blind as a bat and has seen me without a hat, bandana or any head covering one day a few months ago when she came to collect the rent.  I was afraid she might still see my eyes, but I didn’t look directly at her.  It seemed to have worked.  She never said anything, and no guards showed up, though I was on the look out for them over the next few days!

I feel safest with my friends.  I do hope that if I’m discovered, they deny ever knowing me.  I wish not to cause them trouble, though, even more, I wish not to be discovered.  I have had some close calls, such as with the landlady.  Children and gnomes are able to see my eyes if I’m not careful.  I’ve learned never to let my guard down.  Even while at home, I’m careful about looking out at the street.  In the winter, there is often frost on the windows, but I keep the curtains drawn all the same.

Hopefully this letter will not take too long to get to you.  One of my friends has agreed to leave the city and send it through some neutral acquaintances.

Again, I hope all is well.




Dear Minn’da,

I was so relieved when I got the letter from father saying that you had made it back from Kalimdor okay.  Hopefully, there wasn’t that much work for you to do there, but I do know of a few people who were injured, so I guess you must have had some work.  Did your unit go in the tunnels?  One of Magister Fairsong’s sisters was hurt really bad in the tunnels, and the baker lost his father.  The butler was there, but came back with a bunch of stitches on his head.  One of the Magister’s friends stayed here for a while when he came back after being trampled by dinosaur or a dragon or something.  I guess there were both there!

We’re in Shattrath right now, staying on the Scryer’s Tier.  I’m sure you remember it from your own travels.  I think the most impressive thing is the library.  Was it so impressive when you were here?  I really like the city, but I was kind of hoping we would go to Silvermoon first.  I’ve missed you!  Maybe our next trip will be home.

My studies are going well.  I’ve improved a lot with arcane since coming to the new school.  It is weird not being able to visit home more often.  Maybe when I learn how to teleport.  I’m already learning the basics.

I do hope to see you soon!

Your son,



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