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Aeramin – Letter to Raleth

Dear Raleth,

Thank you for your letter.  I would appreciate more work.  I haven’t had much time to get set up here so I definitely need it.  I would be happy to make the final copy after the corrections are made.  As for the other book, would the mage like the book copied into a fancy script or is normal okay?  Perhaps you can have him contact me.  I do charge a little extra for the fancy script as it takes more time.

I don’t know anything about Kestrae’s letter.  I know she has gone to Shadowmoon Valley to study the netherdrakes there.  I, of course, reminded her of the dangers there before she left, not that I think she would carelessly stumble into them like myself.  I’m sure she has accurate maps of the area and knows exactly where she’s going.  She has come back to Shattrath on occasion.  I assume for supplies, or simply a decent meal as I know for a fact the inn in Shadowmoon lacks many things we take for granted.

The tension in Dalaran has worsened?  I am saddened to hear that.  If you see Sanimir Lightmist, perhaps you can tell him that he should think about basing his portal business in another city.  I’m sure it would work out better for him in the long run anyway, as there are more than enough mages who can do portals in Dalaran.  I am aware that there is tension between you and him.  However, it would be good for me to know that he is out of harms way, should something come of the problems in Dalaran.  Even though we have agreed to spend some time apart, I still care greatly for him.

Shattrath is safe, as far as I can tell.  The lower city can be a little rough with pickpockets and a few shady characters, but I think every city has someplace where those types hang out.  Even Dalaran has the sewers.  The tiers are completely safe, and I’m sure Lali would be able to make use of the large library on the Scryer’s Tier.  I have chosen to rent an apartment here, near the inn.  I could ask if there are other apartments available if you wish?  I wouldn’t have brought my mother here if I didn’t feel she would be safe.

– Aeramin Firewind



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Latahlali – Lali’s Diary

Dear Diary Book,

I don’t know.

I want to have one, but now he doesn’t want to.  I mean not now.  It’s so complicated.  And the kittens will leave, and it’ll just be me and him and Sir Pounce and Daemah and Baby Pounce.  Then Baby Pounce will grow up and there won’t be any babies anymore.

And then what if something happens to him?  Then it’ll just be me and Sir Pounce and Daemah and Baby Pounce and there will never be any babies ever again.  Unless I stop giving Daemah that food, but Sir Pounce gets really busy then.  I told him six kittens is really a lot, and if he does it again he shouldn’t do such a good job.

Raleth does a really good job too.  I mean, it’s really fun, and he likes it.  Okay, that makes it sound worse, but maybe I should drink the tea.

He said that we agreed to wait until after my studies are finished.  I thought we had talked and were changing our minds on that, but I guess not.

I really should drink the tea.

Oh, I got a letter back from the camp in Sholazar.  They’ve seen Vael.  He’s not dead.  I thought maybe he was, and I was starting to get worried.  But no, he’s alive.  He just isn’t writing.

I should write to him and tell him I want to have a baby.  I bet that would get his attention.  Maybe that’s not a good idea really.  He might get mad.  I don’t know.

My practice is going good.  I had more sparks today.  They won’t stay.  I tried to make the sparks last longer, but I don’t know how that’s done really.  I’ve been reading.  I might take a book to the park tonight and read some more.  Raleth has some really helpful books.  The ones I got in Stormwind aren’t helping as much.  Well the magic books.

The other book…  I think he likes it.

Last night, we tried a new game where I was being tested to be a mage and he was the mage testing me.  He said I was perfect but he wants a retest.  I think that’s against the rules, isn’t it?  Not that I mind.


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Latahlali – Letter to Raleth

My Beloved Raleth,

I miss you a lot.  Amyn showed me all around Stormwind.  The mage quarter there has grass all over, and lots of trees.  I thought it was nice.  The rest of the city is mostly stone.  We arrived in the mage quarter from the portal.  There were so many people there.  I couldn’t believe it!  Most of them were human, but there were other races there too.  I even saw a dwarf!

I looked for crocolisks in the canals, but I didn’t see any, so that must have just been a story.  I did see a crocolisk out of the canal.  I think it was someone’s pet!  I kept my distance just in case.

Amyn showed me where the dragon destroyed part of the city.  She said there used to be a park there but all there is now is a big black crater that drops off into the sea!  She used to spend time in the park.  She’s so lucky that she was in Shattrath when it happened!  She thought that in time it would look better, but there’s not even ground left to rebuild on.

I asked to see the harbor, and she went with me there next.  Do you remember the tiny harbor on the island where we spent our honeymoon?  This one is one hundred times bigger!  I don’t think it’s as pretty though.  There were a lot of stone walls and ramps and stairs to get down to the harbor, and they’re building tanks there or something.  I saw the boats to Northrend and Darnassus, and there were a bunch of other boats there too.  We didn’t go all the way down to the docks.  Amyn didn’t seem too eager to.  I think she thought it might be dangerous.  Maybe there are sharks in the water.  We stood on one of the overlooks and watched for a bit though.

After that we went to the cathedral.  I wasn’t sure they’d let me in because they don’t worship Elune there, not that I spend a lot of time praying or anything, but there wouldn’t be anything about Elune there.  It looked really huge from the outside, and there were all these weird people just standing on the steps.  I think they were paladins.  Inside, it didn’t look as big.  I thought it seemed rather small.  They didn’t have any grass or trees, and I don’t know how they worship anything without a moonwell.  There was a small library off to the side, but I really didn’t feel comfortable in there.

After that we went to see the palace.  They have a big statue in a fountain in the front and a bunch of stairs and a drawbridge and everything.  Oh!  And I saw the king!  Amyn knelt.  I wasn’t sure what to do because he’s not my king so I smiled and waved.  We went to the library there.  They had some old books that they didn’t want anymore.  I found fiction romance/adventure story that looks like it might be good.  Everything was so fancy there, but I guess they have enough guards that visitors can come and see without having to worry.

We went to all of the dress shops.  Amyn found one that she likes!  She’s going to be so beautiful.  Well she already is, but her hair with that dress is going to make her more beautiful.  We went to other shops too.  I got presents for you and Kes and Isandri and Amyn.  I gave Amyn hers already because she was right there.

We went to one of the taverns too.  They have chairs and tables outside.  It was really nice.  There were a bunch of male draenei there too.  If there weren’t so many stone walls, I would have thought I was in Forest Song, with mead.  I only had a couple of drinks before we walked back to the warehouse.  They have a little apartment there, with beds from Darnassus.  I don’t think they’re that different from regular beds.  I really like ours best.  I missed you so much.

I’ll see you later tonight!



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Art – Raleth and Latahlali

Kissing elves. I wimped out on shading her hand correctly. Maybe I’ll revisit it someday, but probably not. 🙂

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Latahlali – Diary Book

Dear Diary Book,

The kittens are getting bigger.  They’re all so very cute.  I’ve hardly left home at all because I’m busy helping Daemah take care of them.  Last night, Raleth convinced me that Daemah would be okay and that I should get out, so we went to the lounge together.

Kestrae was there.  It was good to see her again.  She said she’d take a kitten!  Raleth has agreed that we can keep Baby Pounce, so we only have to find homes for five of the kittens instead of all six, but still that’s a lot of kittens to find homes for.

Teniron showed up halfway through the night.  He had his hair done just like Theronil’s.  I thought it was Theronil at first, but he wasn’t limping and Theronil doesn’t wear the kind of armor that Teniron does.  Thero’s is a lot more flashy.  I usually see him in robes anyway.  I think it hurts him to wear armor or something.  Anyway it wasn’t that hard to figure out it wasn’t him, but it did fool me at first.  I guess it would be enough to fool someone who didn’t know them very well.  Like the innkeeper.  I’m not sure what exactly they were doing, but I guess Theronil went camping or something with Isandri, and Teniron is taking some other girl that looks like Isandri to the inn, and Kestrae is trying to distract Sath.  I think it would probably just be best if someone told Sath and let him be mad about that instead of doing all this elaborate work to keep him from finding out and then having him find out and be mad about that and the elaborate scheming.  I won’t tell, but I have a feeling he’ll find out eventually anyway.  That won’t be pretty.

Teniron had a ring that he made for his brother.  It was beautiful!  There was a nice design on the band itself and then there was a big diamond with smaller diamonds and rubies on the sides of it.  It’s really a pretty ring.  It must have cost a lot to make.  Teniron said he worked on it the entire time his brother was gone, so I guess it’s supposed to be ready when he comes back.  I can’t believe they’re moving so fast!

I mean, okay, Raleth and I moved fast, but that was different because we kind of already knew each other.

I asked Raleth about going to Stormwind.  He didn’t seem to like the idea, but he said I could go.  I have to write to him.  I’m not sure I’ll be staying there overnight, but I’ll write to him anyway..  I’ll have to ask Amyn how long we’d stay.  I know that some humans become mages so they must be able to make portals to Dalaran too.  Raleth was worried that something might happen and he wouldn’t be there.  Maybe I should hide a few daggers on myself, just in case.

I can’t wait to see all the dress shops there.  Raleth said Stormwind is bigger than Dalaran.  I can’t imagine how many shops they must have!  I’m going to look for some robes for Raleth, but he already has so many fancy ones.  Maybe I could find him a new pajama or  something instead.  Not that he ever winds up sleeping in one, but they’re fun to remove.

I wrote another letter to Vael.  I still haven’t heard anything back.  I hope nothing happened to him.  Maybe after I go to Stormwind, I’ll see if there’s some way to go there to look for him, or maybe just write to the supply camp and see if they’ve seen him.


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Story – A Letter Arrives

Sentinel Avaniel Windblade frowned as she began to read the letter.  Her eyes widened and she almost dropped the letter.  The sin’dorei, the one that had been in the grove with the moonwell, was writing to her?  She briefly wondered if the paper were corrupt.  She put it down on the ground, placing a rock on the corner to hold it in place.  She knelt to continue reading.  If Vaelarian was still alive, it was worth it to risk reading the rest.

She laughed, repeating the next line to herself out loud, “‘… I want to reassure you that he only helped me to protect his grand-daughter.’  He helped you, all right.  He let you escape.”  She scowled and continued to read.  Her jaw dropped open at the next line.  “Safer with you?”  She muttered, “Incredible, he either thinks I’m stupid or he’s completely insane.”  She read the rest silently.  Her expression showing clear disbelief.  A small lapse in judgement?  He traded his granddaughter for information on the horde’s movements.  There was no way that could be considered small.  The girl would have been safer with her people.  She should have been sent to training, but Vaelarian had refused to force her, perhaps because she always claimed she would go eventually.  She would have made a fine sentinel.  She was already decently skilled with her blades.  If Vaelarian hadn’t given her up as he did, she would still be safe in Ashenvale.

She pushed the rock off the paper, and using her dagger, stabbed the paper where nothing was written.  It stuck to her dagger as she lifted it to carry in front of herself.  She wouldn’t touch the paper, not from a blood elf, but she had to show the others.  Vaelarian was alive.  If there were a chance they could lure him back and apprehend him, then that would be one less traitor on the loose.

She smiled as she made her way back to the spire.


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Protected: Latahlali – Wedding Diary

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