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WoW – Hethurin’s Notes

The school is almost ready for the winter ball. It’s by far my favorite one. Terellion and Tik always do a stunning job with the decorations, and they put out mistletoe in all the right places. We have two trees this year. One for the entrance which has more space because it’s open with the second floor. The second one is in the ballroom which has a lower ceiling. We put lots of candy on both so everyone should be able to have some!

Terellion hasn’t let me see the cake, but I’m sure it’s going to be amazing. I can’t wait! I hope it’s manaberry. It’s my favorite.

I’ve done most of my shopping already. For the students, I’ve gotten them each their own leather bound journal to write whatever they want in it, whether it’s notes or research or personal, reality or fiction. Each one has their name embossed on it so no one is going to get theirs mixed up with someone else’s. For the teachers and staff, I thought a holiday bonus would be nice, so I’m doing that and getting them each a gift basket with some wine and holiday food items. I think they’ll like that, though I can already hear Tik refusing both the gift basket and the bonus. Too bad. He has to take them.

He’s come to me asking for a day off. Luckily, it is during the week off during the holiday so some of the students will be home, as well as some of the staff. That means there will be a little less work to be done.

Lilithel has asked for the same day off. I know it’s for the demand he made to have something official set up for Ker’alith. It must not be easy on any of them. I’d hate to have to give up time spent with Malwen, Narise, and Galandil, but if something happened between Terellion and me, I would want their best interests met first, and I think Tik is right in that. He doesn’t get to spend quality time with his son, so I hope they can come to an agreement that everyone is happy with.

Of course, if Tik has more time with Ker’alith, he might take him to the nursery during busy times, and Lilithel might take him to the nursery when she’s working, and that would leave my father with nothing to do. I spoke with the confessor the other day, and that’s when I realized that Isandri was going to have her baby kind of soon. I mean, I guess it’s another month or so, but that’s kind of soon, and they’ll need someone to take appointments, so maybe my father could go do that for a bit. I’d still be paying him.

The issue with my father and mother just keeps getting worse. I’ve heard that he’s trying to get the payments back and then I heard that she paid to stop the forms from being filed, and then she’s selling the house and moving out here? I don’t know what’s going on anymore, but I don’t want her or her stupid husband out here annoying my father and me and my sisters and well probably everyone. Guess who told us that she was moving out here? Vallindra! Vallindra doesn’t even want her out here. Either that or it’s some trick. I haven’t figured out what kind of trick it could be though. She wouldn’t make that up. Maybe she would, but I don’t know why she would.

Anyway, it’s very stressful. I’ll have to try hard to relax during the party.

After the holidays and the break, I plan to have an employee appreciation day that I organize with the students. For one day, we do their jobs. I’m going to bake the cake and Terellion can relax! I think it will be a good way of showing how much the people who work at the school mean to us.

Another thing I have planned for after the break is a trip to Shattrath. Lali has already asked me if the older general class students could come, and I said yes as long as they all have permission slips signed. I guess there is the issue of her and Raleth both being there, and Naraleth still being with the younger students here, but she said she’d work that out with Raleth. So I guess I’ll leave them to figure out what they’re doing then.

I’ve already contacted the inn and reserved all of the rooms. Terellion and I will have the suite overlooking the forest as usual. Some people are going to have to double up, and with the general class there, I think it should be them. Vaildor, Lukian, and Kiandris could get along as roommates for a week, though Vaildor also needs permission to miss a couple of days from his art school too. He may be able to make them up the following week. Rhan could stay with Terellion’s sisters, though I’m not entirely sure that’s a good idea either. Maybe Terellion’s sisters could have their own room, and Malwen could stay with Rhan. We’ll have to discuss it.

This week is final exam time. It’s the end of the semester. For the arcane classes, there is a big test and a paper due. I look forward to grading them. I’m almost as excited about that as I am the winter ball!


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WoW – Isturon’s Shopping Trip

Isturon Lightmist wandered through Silvermoon’s largest market. He had, so far, managed not to run into anyone he knew, and he hoped that luck would continue for the rest of his shopping trip. He needed to be able to take time to consider and weigh the options before he purchased anything, and he certainly didn’t need anyone with him trying to convince him one way or the other.

As it was, he had mostly finished his shopping for the holiday already as he’d taken a day to go with Arancon last week. He had left this morning with only a couple more things to get, and only one person to get them for. Luckily, he had put aside enough money that he was pretty sure he could get everything.

He had stopped by the soap and perfume stall first and bought a couple of soaps that smelled nice and a small bottle of perfume- one that smelled almost like the garden at the school in early summer. Across from that stall was a place to buy candles. He picked up a few of them to add to his bag. Then he stopped by another place to purchase a stay on the island for two. He couldn’t afford the whole week, not if he was going to have anything left for his last purchase, so he chose a long weekend instead, scheduling it around the holiday break, which wound up being a little more expensive but not excessively so.

He hesitated now as he was about to enter the final shop. Hadn’t he gotten enough presents already? Was Arancon really the right person to listen to for love advice? What if she wasn’t ready for what he wanted to ask? What if he himself wasn’t ready for what he wanted to ask?

But would he want to ask if he wasn’t? He twitched an ear. Standing around in the middle of the market wasn’t going to help anything. He walked up to the shop door and pushed it open.

Almost immediately a salesman was upon him like a vulture swooping in for an opportunistic morsel. Isturon briefly considered walking back out of the shop, but the salesman spoke.

“What are you looking for today, my fine sir?”

Isturon looked briefly towards the door then turned back to the salesman. “A ring.” There was no backing out now. He reasoned he still had time to think about it. Just because he was buying it now didn’t mean he had to give it to her right away.

“This way,” the salesman said as he led him to the side of the shop with a few glass cases of rings. “What kind of ring are you looking for?”

“A lady’s ring, um, for engagement.”

“Oh? Arranging something for a son?”

Isturon twitched an ear. He was tempted to just go with it and say yes. It wasn’t any of this man’s business anyway, but he thought maybe the man might have different suggestions for different situations so he replied with the truth. “No. My son is already married. This is for my girlfriend.” Isturon scrunched his nose slightly. Wasn’t there a better word? Girlfriend sounded so informal and immature. He supposed if he got the ring and asked her, he’d be able to call her his fiancee.

“Oh? Congratulations in advance then. Here is our fine selection of wedding and engagement rings.” The salesman moved to the other side of the display. “Do you see anything you like?”

Isturon looked over the rings. There were so many and so many different styles. Some of them were gaudy, and he dismissed them outright. He wanted something elegant and stylish for Braedra. It also had to be affordable but still beautiful. He looked over the rings with smaller gems on the one side of the cabinet. It had to be a diamond. Arancon had gotten Anorelle diamond earrings, and he didn’t want to be outdone by that.

He found himself looking towards the middle of the cabinet when one caught his eye. “Can I see that one? The one with the rubies,” he clarified.

The salesman opened the cabinet and took it out. The ring was stunning with a diamond in a setting on the band, and two marquise cut rubies on either side. He noticed now there were also a couple of smaller diamonds next to the rubies. The decorative markings in the gold made them almost look like trimmed red leaves on either side. A matching wedding ring came with it. It was perfect with one exception. The center diamond was large, larger than he thought he could afford, and that was before considering that there were two rings, with rubies and smaller diamonds too. Unless…

“I’m very interested in this one. Do you allow payment plans?”

The salesman smiled. “Of course. You can take up to six months to pay it off. All payments are non-refundable as we’ll need to make the ring in the size you need, and after we start work, it would be a loss of materials to allow cancellations.”

“Oh, I have a string for the sizing. I can use that, right?”

The salesman smiled again. “Yes. Follow me to the office, and we’ll set up your plan.”

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WoW – Esladra’s Notes

I don’t know how I’m going to stay awake for my appointments today. Of course, I could tell Isandri to reschedule hers for tomorrow, but Xanaroth is supposed to be bringing in Elara for her 18-month checkup, and I don’t want to cancel on them because I know he’s busy, and I do love seeing Elara. So I can’t just run off and sleep. Besides, I need to keep an eye on Nessna and the new baby.

I’m a little angry with her that she almost had the baby in Orgrimmar. If Hethurin wasn’t checking every day, she’d still be there. Luckily, she did make it back. Hethurin showed up with her and Sath’alor yesterday afternoon, and she was only in early labor. I should have gone to take a nap at that point and let Lani watch over her, but I stayed with her. Senras was born just before 2am. Nessna and the baby are staying in the patient room at the clinic for a day because his temperature was a little low. I want to make sure he’s good and stable before going home.

I did go home for a bit after that and I got a couple of hours of sleep. Teloth woke me up because he knew I’d be late getting back to the clinic if he didn’t. He was so cute. I could tell he didn’t really want to wake me, but I guess he didn’t want Lani knocking on the door to see where I was either.

The next baby should be Anorelle’s. Isandri is due about a month after, then Lani and Maerista are both due next summer. I should warn Hethurin that he might have to think about really expanding the general school. It seems everyone is having one this year!

Well, I’m not, but with luck, we’ll have some baby hawkstriders instead. Right now, we’re just starting out, and our hawkstrider farm isn’t very profitable. At least Lani has shut up about it. If I hear her mention one more time how it doesn’t look good to have a bunch of hawkstrider poop behind a medical clinic, I’ll scream. First of all, hawkstrider poop isn’t huge. Second, it’s going to be spread into the garden plots on the hill and no one will be able to see those from the clinic, and lastly, it’s not my fault that the land behind her house was available for me to build on, but it worked out well because I’m close to work when I’m at home and close to home when I’m at work.

I like going home for lunch. She thinks that’s wrong too.

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WoW – Nessna’s Letter

My Dearest Vessen,

It’s hard to believe it’s already been five years. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. I wish I had been able to tell you goodbye. I guess that’s part of why I’m going back there now. As it is, I don’t even remember it happening. Perhaps, it was all too fast. I just remember being there, fighting by your side, then waking up and being told that I had been injured and that you were gone. I’ve been told that you saved my life, that you threw yourself on top of me to protect me. Again, I don’t remember that part.

At first, I thought it was a joke, even if it didn’t really make sense to joke about. I don’t think I was thinking very clearly at that point. I thought maybe you had been injured too and that my sister just didn’t want me to worry about you. I’m not sure when I realized it was the truth. It happened slowly, and maybe it’s better that my brain was slightly addled with the pain medication. It helped ease me into a new reality without you.

There are some things I didn’t do. I let your father take care of our house in Eversong. I thought it was right for him to have your things. He sold it for a good price and took care of everything so that I didn’t have to go there. I couldn’t, not without you. He did bring some of my things and Rylad’s things. One of them was the stuffed dragonhawk toy that you bought for Rylad when I was still pregnant. I guess I could have given it to him right away, but I don’t think it’s just another toy anymore. I put it away and plan to give it to him when he’s older when it’ll hold more meaning for him too.

You’d be really proud of him. He started school this year. I cried when I left him there. The teacher says he has a small problem of being a cat, but he’s doing really well otherwise.

I’ve remarried, and Rylad has a brother named Zeran now. I’m due with another in a couple of weeks. Esladra thinks it’ll be a boy, and I think his name will be Senras. I remember we considered that name for Rylad but decided Rylad fit better after finally seeing him.

I think you’d like Sath’alor. He’s a wonderful second father to Rylad, and he’s very loving and sweet. I still miss you, but being with him makes it not so overwhelming. I remember we did have the conversation of what should happen if only one of us came back, and we both agreed that neither of us wanted the other to be alone. I remember thinking at the time that it was a silly conversation to have when we’d both be coming back, but I guess it wasn’t so silly after all. Anyway, I think you’d approve of him.

I’ve tried to make sure that Rylad knows who you are. I think it’s a difficult concept for him to grasp just yet. He does know that your father is his grandfather and that his aunt Xyliah comes around sometimes, and aunt Yara stays at the ranger building in the Ghostlands where Sath’alor and I work. Sath’alor calls you his first father, which I think works well, but Rylad doesn’t really understand the concept of death yet. Sometimes he’ll look for you, and I have to tell him that you’re not hiding. He has questions that he doesn’t understand the answers to yet, but I tell him truthfully. Perhaps, in another five years, I’ll take another trip to Orgrimmar and bring him along. He may be old enough then, and he’ll be able to write his own letter to you.

I plan to leave this one there, along with some flowers that I’m bringing with me. I love you, Vessen, and I miss you.

Your Adoring Wife,

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WoW – Coffee with Isturon

Arancon was already halfway done with his muffin at the coffee shop when Isturon showed up. He had been running later than usual since returning from his trip. It wasn’t that Arancon minded horribly, but it did give them less time to talk. He couldn’t stay later because he had to be back to the ranger’s building for the start of his patrol so he usually showed up early to order his water and a muffin, and sat at the usual table to wait for his friend to arrive.

Isturon put his coffee on the table and pulled the chair out. “Sorry, I’m about five minutes later than usual. I had to stop by the school before Hethurin got too busy so I could ask him about something.” He took his cloak off and hung it over the back of the chair before sitting.


“Yes, you know those holiday trees?”


“Braedra wants to get one for her house, and since I know Hethurin usually gets a big one for the entrance, and a normal sized one for the ballroom, so I thought I’d ask his help. There aren’t many of those kinds of trees around here, so I figured there was going to be a need for a portal anyway. And I was right. You know where he goes?”

“No,” Arancon said. He took a bite of his muffin, expecting the answer was going to be more than one word.

“Northrend. He takes the kids and Terellion, so I guess it’s safe enough. They’re going to go this weekend. Braedra wants to go with the girls, and Hethurin has agreed to help out when we go.”

Arancon nodded. “That’s good. Does he cut the tree with magic?”

“No. He said I’d need to bring an ax. I also need to be prepared to go back in the late spring and plant two trees for the one I take.”

“That makes sense. If everyone goes there for trees, it’s best to make sure there will be trees there in the future. So you’re going this weekend?”

Isturon took a quick sip of his coffee. “No, Hethurin and Terellion are going this weekend. I’m going to Orgrimmar.”

“Orgrimmar?” Arancon scrunched up his face. He recalled Anorelle telling him that Nessna was going this weekend too. He immediately put the two together. “You’re going with Nessna?”

“Yes, and Braedra. I ordered armor for it that should be done later today.”

“Armor? You’re not going to fight the orcs,” Arancon said.

Isturon shook his head. “No, and the more intimidating I look, the less likely that possibility is, right? Think about it. If you were an orc and you were going to pick on an elf, would you pick on the one in armor or the one wearing a robe.”

Arancon thought about it for a moment. “That’s tough. On one hand, the armor would dull my war ax, but on the other, elves are mages and that robe suddenly looks a lot scarier when you consider the wearer might be able to set you on fire.”

“I’m not a mage.”

“Does the orc know that?”

“Huh,” Isturon paused and sipped his coffee. “I guess not.”

“So either way, they’d probably leave you alone.”

“I think I’ll still wear the armor. Maybe it’ll impress Braedra.”

“Was it expensive?”

“Not really. They’re having a bunch of sales in the market this week. You should go check it out.”

“I have armor already,” Arancon said as he watched Isturon sip his coffee.

“It’s not just the armor shop. From what I heard, the goblins started it and now all the shops are doing it. I bet there are some good deals at the store for baby stuff.”

“Well, Anorelle does have the weekend off because Nessna won’t be here, not that they’re on any official type of patrol, but they do mini-patrols. I guess we could go then. I’ll have to take a day off too.”

Isturon nodded, “It would be a good plan. I’ll need to go back next week to get some things for the holidays.”

“Oh? What are you getting Braedra?”

“I’m not sure yet.”

“Get her a ring.” Arancon grinned.

“Umm, I’m not sure she wants that.”

Arancon raised a brow, “Wait, last time you said that you weren’t sure if either of you wanted that, but now it’s just her, huh?”

“Nothing gets past you,” Isturon said with a slight smile, “But seriously, I’m not sure either-mostly because she’s not sure, and I don’t want to get too sure about things that she’s not sure about. Right now, I’m sure I love her and I’ll be with her for as long as she lets me be with her, and that’s why I won’t be buying a ring.”

“Unless things change in Orgrimmar.” Arancon grinned again.

“You know, it’s not exactly a romantic destination, and if you know why Nessna is going, then you can guess Braedra is going for the same thing.”


“Do you think she really wants me there? I mean, would you take Anorelle on a trip like that?”

“Yeah. I should.” He honestly hadn’t thought of it before now, though it was close to that time of the year again. He continued, “Maena died just a couple of days before the gift holiday. I go to where her ashes are in Eversong each year now because I wasn’t there for her when she died. Having Anorelle there would be nice, I think, just for support, so that I won’t be alone. So yeah, I think she probably does really want you there. Maybe not hovering over her the whole time, but you know, there.”

“Oh, I’m going to give her however much time she needs alone, but yeah, I’ll be there when she needs me.”

“Good. I hope we’ll be able to go this year. The date is close to Anorelle’s due date.”

“It’ll be soon.”

“I know, and as it gets closer, I find myself worried about it. I mean, it’s been a while since Aeramin was a baby, and then there are all those things that could go wrong. I’m worried about Anorelle, I’m worried how good of a father I’ll be because there’s more to it than just not drinking. I’m just worried, and I can’t tell Anorelle because I don’t want her to worry too.”

“Well, I think not drinking is a big step in the right direction. Also, it’s true complications could arise, but Esladra is trained for that, and Lani is there to help as well. I don’t think you have too much to worry about. Have you spoken with the confessor about it?”

“Not yet. I should bring it up at my next session.”

Isturon nodded as Arancon glanced at the clock hanging on the coffee shop wall.

“And I have to go. I’ll see you next week-if an orc doesn’t eat you.”

Isturon smiled. “Next week.”

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WoW – Lunch with Haldeith

Isturon walked up the steps to the Spire after stepping through his son’s portal to Silvermoon. He was glad Hethurin had made the portal so close to the Spire. Usually, his portals took him closer to the shopping areas than anywhere else, but he must have sensed the reason he wanted to go to Silvermoon wasn’t for shopping.

He entered the building and walked down the hallway to the left, Haldeith Sunstone’s office was in this section along with some of the other government programs and charitable organizations. He entered Haldeith’s outer office to find one of his two apprentices sitting at the desk there. Most often, that desk was unused— Haldeith would rather spend the money he raised on the people that needed it rather than hire a secretary, but an apprentice usually did the job when he had one available for it.

“Is Priest Sunstone in?” Isturon asked, approaching the desk.

The apprentice looked up from his book. “Um, yeah. You’re that other priest- Um, what’s your name again?”


“Right, right. Hold on.” The young elf got up and went to the inner door to knock. He then entered, closing the door behind him.

The door burst open again a few seconds later. “Isturon! How are you? It’s been a couple of months since I’ve heard from you. Is everything okay?”

Isturon allowed the friendly embrace. “Yeah, it’s been a while. Everything’s good. I was hoping to get lunch with you if you can spare the time away from your apprentices.”

Haldeith looked at them, both standing now near the inner door. “Make sure you lock the door if you leave for lunch, and be back within the hour.”

They both nodded.

Isturon and Haldeith headed towards the sandwich shop that had become popular in the past few years. They took a seat on the terrace.

“So, I can tell something’s wrong,” Haldeith commented as he picked up the menu. “You haven’t said a single word on the way here.”

Isturon gave a slight nod as he picked up the other menu on the table. “I’m not very happy with the way you spoke about Braedra the last time we talked.”

“Hmm, I did express some concerns, didn’t I? I just worry that you’ll get hurt again.”

“You don’t have to worry.”

Haldeith shook his head, “No, I do because you’re a good friend, and I’ve seen it happen before.”

“Well, I think you’re wrong about her, and besides, isn’t it up to me if I want to risk getting hurt again?”

“I’m sorry. You’re right, and it is hard to get to know someone in one afternoon. I was wrong to assume she might be like the others you’ve seen.”

They paused their conversation as the waitress came to the table to take their order. Isturon spoke again after she left.

“Haldeith, I love her. Maybe she will end up breaking my heart in the future, but any hurt I feel later is worth it to be with her now, and that’s my choice to make.”

Haldeith sighed and asked, “Has she told you how she feels yet?”

“No,” Isturon said, shaking his head, “but I don’t need her to. She’ll either tell me when she’s ready to, or she’ll break up with me. There’s no sense in worrying too much about it now and ruining the present.”

“I guess that’s one way to look at it. How is everything else? Has Nessna had her baby yet? How is your son’s school doing? Is Rhanestrae doing well? How’s Lani? Did Aranae leave yet?”

“Nessna is due next month, so not yet but soon. The school is doing well. Rhan is fitting in well with her classmates. Lani is doing well. Aranae left after the mask ball. I miss her already. I’ve been working a little at the school, watching the butler’s toddler for him while he cooks.”

“Really? That seems like an odd job for a healer of your talent.”

“It’s just temporary until he gets a better custody arrangement. Right now, the boy’s mother takes him evenings and nights, and he only has him during the day, while he’s working, which isn’t ideal. We were both at the Spire a few weeks ago. I convinced him he had to do something about it, and he convinced me I had to try to get my payments from Verisna reinstated.”

“Did Hethurin pay to expedite both cases?” Haldeith asked.

Isturon shook his head. “Hethurin thought we were just going to get supplies. I don’t want to get him involved, and as he employs both the butler and the butler’s ex, he shouldn’t be involved on either side of that either. I haven’t told many people at all. I don’t want Hethurin finding out and paying for it, and I don’t want Braedra finding out and trying to pull strings with old friends who still work in the records department.”

“But yet you tell me.”

“Because I know you won’t.”

“No, but I will urge you to maybe tell Hethurin and get it expedited.”

Isturon shook his head again. “I don’t want any special treatment.”

“You may want to rethink that. I’ve heard that Verisna has put the house up for sale.”

“What? Why?”

Haldeith shrugged, “I don’t know why, but if she moves before your file is processed, you’re going to have that much more paperwork to do, and I’m sure it’ll prolong the wait.”

“Huh… I guess I’ll consider it.”

The waitress brought their sandwiches and their conversation paused as they both started eating.

After a few bites, Isturon asked, “How about you? How’s everything been? Are the apprentices doing everything they’re supposed to?”

“I’m a little stressed about that. I’m supposed to retire after the winter holiday. I have plans to go to the island for a bit to one of the retreats there. I’ve always wanted to go, but I couldn’t take a vacation from the people who came to rely on me. Still, now that I have two priests trained to replace me, I feel like I can’t leave just yet. I worry that they’re just looking at it as a job, and not a lifestyle, and as soon as something better comes along for them, they’ll abandon all my projects.”

“Is that why you have two? In case one leaves?”

“That might be part of it. Maybe I should have gotten a third.” Haldeith smiles. “Sometimes I feel like they’re not ready, but I’ve taught them all they need to know to keep raising the funds to help the people on the Row. They’ve started doing the rounds on their own just this week. I’m really nervous about that, though I know the people on the Row recognize them just as easily as they recognize me now.”

“It’s not easy leaving behind everything you’ve done for the past century. I had similar feelings when I retired, but I had to trust that there are other talented healers out there who can take care of people just as well.”

Haldeith nodded, and after a moment of silent thought, he said, “You know, sometimes I do wonder what would have happened if we had run away to Eversong and became hawkstrider healers. Leaving hawkstrider healing behind seems like it would be a lot easier.”

“I think you would have hated it, and I would have too, and that’s why we didn’t. We both knew we had more potential.”

Haldeith raised a brow, “So you’d marry Verisna all over again?”

Isturon hesitated but finally nodded, “I wouldn’t give up my kids for anything, and maybe every event in my life has led me to where I am now with Braedra, and I wouldn’t want to give up that either, nor would I want to lose you as a friend, and you have to admit, hawkstrider healing wouldn’t have gone over very well.”

Haldeith smiled slightly, “You’re right. I don’t think I’d have enjoyed it very much, but it would be easier to leave them behind.”

“Have you thought about not retiring? Maybe keep these apprentices around to help out and definitely let them cover for you while you take the retreat you’ve been wanting to take, but make it so you can come back to continue your work.”

“You know, I expect that’s going to happen whether I think about it or not. I’ll probably be at the Spire a lot whether I’m there officially or not. Speaking of, I think it’s time I got back. Here, this should be enough to cover my part of the bill, if you don’t mind paying, I need to go give the kids a pep talk before they walk through the Murder Row streets on their own.”

“I don’t mind at all. It was good seeing you again.”

“It was good seeing you again too,” Haldeith said as he got up and started up the street towards the Spire.

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WoW – Isturon’s Notes

  • It seems like people are pushing me to take a ‘next step’ with Braedra but I don’t even know if she’s ready for that.
  • I go there every evening. We have supper together. I make them breakfast. Arancon and the confessor think that means we’re both ready for me to move in. I’m not so sure.
  • It’s only been a little over a month. It hasn’t been that long that we’ve been on this step where I’m staying there at night, and just before that started, I’ll admit that things weren’t going so well.
  • The confessor thinks I should ask her what she thinks of me, but due to past experience, I think that’s a bad idea. I mentioned it to Arancon and he thought I should just talk to her too because then I’d know.
  • But do I want to?
  • I’m kind of not feeling that bad about knowing I love her and that I’m with her every night. The last time I asked, she didn’t know how she felt. As I was telling Arancon, not knowing isn’t loving, and I honestly don’t want to know that she doesn’t love me.
  • He asked then if I enjoy deluding myself. That’s not it at all. I enjoy being with her, and if she’s not ready to say she loves me, then why should I push for it? I’ve learned my lesson about that already.
  • More than one person thinks I should just move in already. The Confessor mentioned it, and Arancon did again, and even Hethurin asked if I was thinking about it, but I think he just wants advance warning so he’ll know he has to deal with Terellion’s reaction to it. I don’t mind still having my own place, but after some thought, and some talk with Arancon, I guess her place could be my place. The problem is, they all think that I should be the one to bring it up, but it’s her home. She’s the one who should decide whether or not she wants me to have her keys and move my stuff in.
  • Arancon said I should give her my key and tell her she’s always welcome at my place to give her a hint, but he doesn’t seem to realize that she’s at the school for most of the day, more so than I am so the key to my place is practically useless to her. Tik doesn’t need that much help with Ker’alith, mostly only before lunch, and a little after. Lilithel is usually there to get him an hour or two before supper is served, so he doesn’t have to worry about him being in the way as much for that. Anyway, Tik usually shoos me away before that, usually right after lunch meaning I have the afternoon to go where I want.
  • I usually go to the clinic. My last time there, Lani told me she’s expecting. That’ll be her fourth, counting the two she adopted, one of which is actually her brother.
  • I wish I could have taken him in at the time he came to us but Verisna and I had just split up and I was living in that really small place and calling it a clinic. I had a bedroom, but no real living space because it was all taken by the office. I think he’s doing well with Lani and the Confessor, and I don’t see any reason to change that. I’m going to get him more of those collector cards for the upcoming holiday.
  • I might have to ask Hethurin for a little more so I can get everyone gifts.
  • I don’t know what to get Braedra. I was going to take her to one of the holiday plays, but I gave her the tickets and I don’t know what she plans to do with those. Besides, those don’t count now because she already has them to do with what she wants.
  • I suppose there are lots of other options. I just need to pick one.

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