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Isturon’s Notes

Braedra and I have been in the Outlands for about two weeks now. Things have been quiet and nice here. I’m able to relax, mostly. The last I knew, Verisna was still in the Ghostlands. Hethurin is supposed to let me know when it’s safe to return. He, of all people, should understand, and I doubt he wants Braedra and me to spend even a minute longer than we need to out here together, though he does seem to be accepting it a bit.

It’s occurred to me that I’ve never really had to pursue someone before. I’m used to getting more signs that someone’s interested. I guess that’s a side-effect of getting old. I’m not as handsome as I used to be. Being here instead of the Ghostlands has given me the opportunity to focus on her without distraction, and I think things are going fairly well. Again, she’s hard to read sometimes.

I think a lot of how slow we’re moving has to do with me, and there are multiple reasons. The first reason is, again, I’m not used to having to pursue someone. Making the first move isn’t something I’ve normally done. Secondly, I want to hold off until I’ve told her more about my past, specifically, about the times I cheated on Verisna while we were still married. Third, and I don’t like admitting it no matter how true it is, I’m afraid. I haven’t had anything work out before really. I tried with Verisna, and eventually, I had to give up. Nothing I did was good enough. I have to check myself from thinking that with Braedra. Sometimes I wonder if she’s just not happy with me and that’s why she doesn’t seem very interested. I have to remind myself that she’s here with me, and that shows some interest.

It helps that we have spent a couple of nights together. Nothing really happened then either, but it was nice to be close to her. The first time was in Shadowmoon, though I was too nervous there to really appreciate it. We went there to see the dragons. Hethurin had assured me that, although we might see infernals falling from the sky, the inn was infernal-proof. I was surprised to discover that he had lied. The inn showed signs of multiple repairs to the roof, and I had gotten a room on the top floor with a large balcony with a great view of the dragons. I was up all night worried. She stayed with me but fell asleep on the couch. I covered her with a blanket and sat by the balcony door in a chair. I might have slept an hour or so, but I know it wasn’t very much. I kept watching. I knew I wouldn’t have time to do much if one came towards us, but there are some protection spells I can use with the Light. My plan was to use one of them, and if it didn’t work, I hoped it would kill me and not her. I was ready to give her every protection I could. Luckily, I didn’t have to. No infernals fell that night.

The second time we shared a room was at the domes. Again, nothing happened, and we wound up both sleeping on the couch where we had been kissing. I touched her ears. Maybe I could have touched more. Maybe I should have touched more. Arancon would have told me I should have touched more.

But I still need to tell her about things I’ve done in the past.

I’m trying not to fall too hard for her because of that. She’ll leave me after I tell her. I could just not tell her. I don’t think it’s relevant, but Arancon might stop talking to me if I don’t tell her. He seemed to think I should just air it all out. I don’t even really think of it as being a bad thing, but then, if it’s not a bad thing, then why can’t I tell her?

I should wait until Verisna leaves the Ghostlands. I don’t want Braedra to leave and go back and have to deal with that harpy. I just hope the harpy is leaving her kids alone.


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WoW – Arancon’s Journal

If someone asked me a year ago if I thought I would ever remarry, my answer would have been no. Yet, here I am, on the island with Anorelle, my wife. She said she feels like she’s dreaming, and I’ll admit, I can hardly believe it myself. She means so much to me even though we’ve only been together for a couple of months. I adore her so much even though things are still very new between us.

I did bring up the talk about children before we came here. Or maybe she brought it up. She seemed to be headed that direction, so I followed through. I wanted to make sure she knew that she might not be able to have any with me. Then again, it might have been Maena. All I know is that in over a century of being together, we only had one kid. Of course, if it happened now with Anorelle, I would be thrilled. I had hoped to have three or four when I was younger, maybe because I hated being an only child. Another one or two now would be nice.

If it happens, it happens. That’s what we’ve decided.

The room here is really great. The bath is heart-shaped and big enough for two, and they have all these different soaps and things. They got my letter about my request for non-alcoholic beverages in the mini-bar in the room. Oh, and the bed vibrates. We tried it, of course, but it was kind of weird. There was also a complimentary ‘toy box’ with a few adult items in it. We tried a couple. It was fun.

Today, we plan to go to the beach. We plan to take a lunch with us so we can eat there, then eat supper later at one of the restaurants, or maybe we’ll just come back to the inn and eat in our room. There’s also a goblin inventions show going on in one of the buildings and we’ll be going to that too. I think it sounds interesting.

We also have to take time to go see the Sunwell at some point. I’ve also noticed boats out in the water, but they seem to come back into the harbor at night, so I’m wondering if they just do little day trips with maybe some diving or something. I’ll have to make some inquiries. I bet the staff at the inn would know.

Before coming here, I had my cast taken off, which is nice because I don’t have to use my left hand to do everything anymore. Isturon was there when I went in to have it off, which I guess has been rare lately. He disappeared for a week, and he said he was about to leave again. At least this time he’s taking Braedra with him. His ex-wife is in town, I guess to see their kids or something, and he doesn’t want to run into her so he said he was going to Shattrath!

He said he spent the past week in Silvermoon helping a friend. He hadn’t told anyone where he was going, so I’m not sure I believe him. Maybe he was off cheating on Braedra already. I hope he wasn’t. He still hasn’t told her he cheated on his wife. I may not be perfect either, but at least I’m honest about my mistakes.

Aeramin also came to see me before we left and agreed to come along to go to the wedding chapel with us. He said he was also going on a trip, but he had to grade papers on his. I guess he did essay questions for the final exams and now he has to read them all. I asked him why he gave questions like that if he didn’t want to read so much, and he just shrugged. I don’t think he’s feeling great yet, but I’m really happy he was able to be at the wedding. I’m also glad that Imralion’s looking out for him and taking him on a trip to relax a little while he reads all the tests.

He told me that he and Imralion would be at the party when we got back, which I’m looking forward to, but at the same time, I don’t want this trip to end too quickly. I want to savor every moment with Anorelle and really have a wonderful time.

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WoW – Before the Play

“Lani, can I talk to you for a minute?” Isturon had meant to wait until after the play, but now was good too. It was only a few minutes before the general classes play was to start, but there was time. He needed advice.

She looked at him, her eyes already questioning. “Sure, but we can’t take too long. They’re about to begin soon.”

He led her to the library which was empty with most people already in the ballroom for the play, and anyone who wasn’t there yet was on their way.

“So, what is it?” she asked.

Isturon frowned a second before saying, “I think Braedra doesn’t like me. Either that or she’s like you.”

He knew right away those were the wrong words to say as her eyebrows shot up in surprise and just as quickly lowered into an angry glare.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I just mean if she does like me, she doesn’t show it very well.”

“You mean she’s not in your bed yet.”

“No, that’s not what I mean.”

She raised a brow.

He continued, “I mean I’m not getting any signals that she’s interested in me.”

“She goes on dates with you. If she wasn’t interested, she’d say no.”

“In a perfect world, Lani, but in the real world, people are complicated. Not everyone says no when they don’t want to do something. Some of them feel obligated or pressured even when there’s no obligation or pressure given, and I’m wondering if I’m asking too much. She could be going along with it because she values our friendship or some other reason. It would just be nice to have some sort of sign that she actually wants to be there with me.”

“Is the trip going poorly?”

“Well, no. It’s going okay, but she didn’t want to share a room, and—”


“What? There were two beds.”

She rolled her eyes. “Still. It would be improper.”

“I don’t snore.”

“It’s not about snoring, father. She probably doesn’t want you sneaking peeks at her.”

It was his turn to raise an eyebrow, “I would not have done that.”

Lani looked at him doubtfully.

“I wouldn’t!”

“I don’t believe you. Either way, I wouldn’t take it as a sign she doesn’t like you.”

“Perhaps, but it’s not a sign that she does.”

Lani turned in thought, idly looking over the books on the shelves. “What kind of signs are you looking for?”

“I don’t know. She could flip her hair or bat her eyes or something. What did you do when you liked the confessor?”

She turned back to face him and smiled. “I took my time to get to know him. I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea about me. I wanted to make sure about him first. I wanted to know it would work between us. You know, I think it’s a good thing you’ve found someone to date who wants to get to know you. The women who flip their hair and bat their eyelashes aren’t the kind who make sure they want to stay with you first.”

He nodded. She made sense.

“I think they’re starting soon. We should go to the ballroom.”

He nodded again and said, “Thanks, Lani. I appreciate your take on things.”

She smiled, “Come on, let’s get our seats.”

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WoW – The Reddawns

Julan hesitated as he approached the mansion in one of the upscale neighborhoods of Silvermoon. He stood alone in front of the large home. While Faeris had arrived in town with him, Julan had asked Faeris to visit some of the shops on their list and planned to meet him at the sandwich shop after. He needed to do this alone.

He pushed open the metal gate. In years long past, there used to be a guard posted at the gate, but all that greeted him now was a protesting screech as the gate swung fully open. Grass grew between the cracks in the walkway to the house, but other than those things, the grounds looked well-cared for. Flowers bloomed in the small gardens on either side of the walkway and in the large flower pots on either side of the door. He approached carefully and used the bell-pull. He waited.

And waited.

He was beginning to think that maybe the bell was broken and that perhaps he should have knocked when the door finally crept open. A stuffy-looking butler managed to look down at him despite Julan standing a couple of inches taller.

“Welcome to the Reddawn estate. What is your business here?”

Julan shifted his weight nervously causing his heels to click on the surface of the stone path. “My name is Julan. I’m here to see Mr. and Mrs. Reddawn if they’ll see me. I’m their son.”

The butler paused to look him up and down with a raised brow. “Is that so. Wait here.” He closed the door.

Julan waited.

And waited. Faeris must be at least halfway through the shops already and he hadn’t even gotten inside yet.

And waited. He checked his make up in the reflection of the glass in the door. He was looking good, as usual. Why had the butler given him that look…

The door swung open again. The butler resumed his position of looking down while looking up. “I’m sorry, ‘sir’. No one here knows a ‘Julan’. I have to ask you to leave. Now.”

Julan frowned and twitched an ear. “I see.” It wouldn’t be any use arguing. He had been the one who had left nearly a century ago. He had disowned them. It was perfectly fair if they had chosen to do the same.

He turned and left, heading in the direction of the sandwich shop after passing through the gate. It was only a short walk from his parents’ house to the restaurant. Faeris had not arrived yet, so he chose a place on the terrace to wait.

He looked at the menu while waiting, trying to decide ahead of time what he wanted. He didn’t notice that a man had approached his table until he spoke.


Julan looked up. It was no one he recognized, but it wasn’t so odd for former clients to remember him. However, he couldn’t place this one at all.


“Hi. I’m Daerond Reddawn. I’m your brother.”

Julan sat for a brief moment in stunned silence before speaking. “Hi! Um, have a seat, please. My fiance should be here soon. That’s why I was by. I just thought maybe things had changed and they’d want to come to my wedding.”

Daerond smiled, “Congratulations. I guess we have a lot to catch up on.”


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WoW – Lanthiriel’s Notes

The confessor and I had our evening in Silvermoon last weekend. Father bought us tickets for a play. I’ll admit I haven’t been to one in a while, and I remember liking the ones I went to before, even if it was usually with mother and one of her friends, and most often, a friend with a single son. I don’t miss that, and it was so much nicer to go with the confessor.

Unfortunately, the play my father picked out was a drama in a medical setting. It was very inaccurate! There were a couple of times that I wanted to get out of my seat and yell at the actors because they were so wrong! A person who spends a month in a coma isn’t going to just wake up feeling fine! Furthermore, the type of head injuries described should have left him permanently disabled! I couldn’t believe they wrote a play with so many inaccuracies. I might have been able to forgive just one or two.

The confessor thought I should write a play. I think I’d hardly have time for such a thing. I would be willing to fact check for people who do write them, but something tells me they don’t care. The one who wrote the one we saw obviously didn’t have it checked.
The romance subplot was nice though. I liked when they kissed, even if the rest of the story was unrealistic.

We went to a restaurant after. They had pasta dishes there so I got a sort of cheese stuffed pasta. It was really good. I also had a glass of wine, which was also very good but also very strong! I got tired and wanted to go home after that.

During supper we discussed Lukian. I’d very much like him to stay with us. He does seem a bit shy, but I think he’s just worried about being sent back to the orphanage. I do hope he’ll want to stay with us too. Of course, Vaildor also needs to be part of the decision. He’ll be sharing a room with him if he stays, so he has to be okay with it too.

After we got home, I was too tired to talk to father. I wanted to ask him how things were going with Braedra, and perhaps try to give him a woman’s perspective. I feel asleep instead, apparently before he even left! I thought it wasn’t a big deal. He usually comes into the clinic to help out a few times a week. However, he hasn’t been by since that night. I asked Vaildor if something had happened while he was watching them or if anything seemed ‘off’, and he said he hadn’t noticed anything. He may have been too busy showing those silly cards the boys are collecting now to notice.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand what’s so important about those cards, but the confessor has pointed out that they have historical facts, so I guess they’re useful in some way.

I thought I’d see father sometime this week but he hasn’t been in at all. On Friday, I asked Vaildor to stop by his place before coming home to check on him, but he said no one was there. I would assume he’s just spending time in Silvermoon or something of that sort except he told no one, and mother is in town.

She’s staying at the inn. Hethurin came by earlier this week and was arranging to meet with her with the confessor and myself present. I can’t say I’m too fond of the idea. I don’t like showing that I’ve picked sides, though I’m sure mother already knows I’m not on her side.

We had to inform her of the arrangement which was easy as she showed up later the same day with Bailas and her butler, Syrel. Bailas looked like he had been crying. Esladra spoke with them some, and apparently, that didn’t go very well either. Esladra has been seeing one of the guys who works for the rangers and mother already doesn’t approve. She hasn’t even met him! That said, Esladra is still excited about her date with him coming up this weekend. Hopefully, that means that mother hasn’t discouraged her too much. I do worry that the poor boy will have to meet her.

Today, Arancon came in to see me. He wanted to know how to increase his fertility! I asked him if he couldn’t talk to my father instead, and he said he hadn’t been able to find him, which is concerning, but at the time, I was more concerned with helping my patient. At the same time, I thought it was rather embarrassing to talk about fertility with a male patient, so I made a list and asked the confessor to speak with him. Also, I made sure to give him a potion that should boost that for him. I asked the confessor to warn him about the taste, but it should help, especially if he’s the reason he only had one kid before.

I do hope father is okay. I may go try to see him myself tomorrow.

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WoW – The Arrival

Verisna glanced angrily at her butler, Syrel, as he led the hawkstrider around another puddle of mud. He had not wanted to make the trip in the first place, claiming he wasn’t accustomed to so many trees. As if she was. She needed someone with her and she wasn’t paying him for nothing. Still, the mud looked gross, and she swore that was where the smell was coming from.

“Couldn’t you have found a drier route to take?” she sneered at him.

“I’m sorry, madame, but this was the only route. I’ve heard it’s very wet out here this time of year.”

Verisna frowned. Weren’t there people out here to maintain the roads? If not, then didn’t it fall to the estate owners? And if that was so, then why hadn’t her son done his part? Mud! In the middle of the road! It was unbelievable.

“How much longer until we’re there?”

“The map shows it as only a short distance now. We should reach the edge of the estate any minute now,” Syrel responded.

She sneered silently as they went around another mud puddle. The quicker they reached the estate the better. Surely, Sanimir kept his own part of the road in better shape.

She breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing a visible ward in the path ahead. It rose up over the trees, arching back as a dome over the property. It followed along the stone fence on either side of the path.

“This is it,” Syrel said as they neared it.

Verisna smiled. She knew as soon as she passed through the ward, her son would know of her arrival. “Well, let’s get moving then. I didn’t come out here to look at his pretty ward.”

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WoW – Hethurin’s Notes

  • I haven’t written in here in a while, but I’ve been busy. There’s been a lot of work to do at the school and only so much time to do it all. One of the biggest things is the addition to the second story on the north side. A couple of support beams needed to be put in place in the middle of the ballroom, but I think people will be able to dance around them. Building has already started on the second floor and there will soon be a few new rooms there, including one made especially for Renner. He’ll have his own private balcony that overlooks the forest on that side of the building. It should be great for turning into a dragon and flying without anyone seeing him.
  • Zayel will also be getting a room with a balcony. She insisted after hearing that Renner was getting one. The things I have to do to keep these dragons happy!
  • In addition to the addition being built on, some walls had to be knocked out in the old part and a hallway was lengthened to turn Renner’s old room into two room. It also involved shifting the room next to his over a little! The room next to that one is where Ethirdir and Ithorel used to stay, and that’s being changed into a student room.
  • Malwen is very excited about Narise’s new room. I told her we could build her a new room too so that she’d be closer to our room but she doesn’t want to. She really likes her room, I think because her turtle is kept just outside of it. She is losing a little bit of her view with the new rooms being built on, but she doesn’t seem bothered by that.
  • She’s also very excited that we’re going to sponsor an older kid. We’ve been working with Priest Sunstone in Silvermoon to find someone who both wants to be sponsored and would be a good fit, sort of like our scholarship kids from Murder Row, but not necessarily someone who wants to learn magic. We’re supposed to meet with him and someone he thinks might work out well later this week.
  • Speaking of orphans, Lani and the Confessor had one visit them for Children’s Week. His name is Lukian and he’s twelve, but I don’t know much else because I think he was afraid of me. Terellion reassured me that I’m not scary, so I think it’s just the fact that I’m the headmaster of the school.
  • I do hope they’ll go on to adopt him. Too many of the older kids just sit in orphanages while there’s a waiting list for the babies. I’ll admit I’m guilty of wanting babies, but we also have Malwen.
  • Malwen’s been helping Terellion out in the garden a lot lately. It’s looking great with all the flowers and everything seems like it was placed on purpose. Every flower and every leaf is just perfect!
  • It’s like that with Ter’s cake too. I don’t know how he makes things so perfect, but he does.
  • Unfortunately, I don’t get a lot of time to savor things like that. Right now, we’re preparing for the finals. No one is graduating this year, but that doesn’t make testing their retention of knowledge any less important. I’ve already started some of the practicals with the newer students, and the rest will be finished in the afternoon sessions next week. Written tests are scheduled for the morning, and we’re only doing one class at a time so that there won’t be any conflicts.
  • Aeramin still hasn’t given me a copy of his written tests for fire. Then again, he’s been weird lately. I think he might be sick or upset or something. Maybe I should ask Maerista if she knows if he’s doing the tests.
  • My father was around the other night and wanted to talk. It was boring old man stuff and I guess he’s upset about Terellion’s mother. He thinks she doesn’t like him very much, which I really wanted to say ‘GOOD’ to, but I didn’t because I’m not mean. I don’t really know what his point was.
  • He took her to the hawkstrider farm. I don’t even want to hear about that place, much less know that he went there with Terellion’s mother, but I guess she didn’t like it, so he said, and then he went on and on about it being a disaster, and I’m thinking the whole time that’s just the way that farm is.
  • Then he started wondering if he made the right decisions in life. Like I would know? I guess he had the opportunity to own the farm, but he married my mother instead and then even after he knew it wasn’t working, he stayed married.
  • Then he said he wished he could have seen what might have happened if he stayed.
    And I got him to follow me to my practice room. I made him promise not to tell anyone about what he was about to see. I calculated how far back I would have to go to set the point to start viewing different realities and set the location as the farm.
  • I still hate that farm.
  • So much.
  • So there I was, in my practice room with my father, figuring out when he made the decision to marry my mother and viewing different possibilities of the future if he had chosen to stay.
  • We saw one where he was dead, gored by a hawkstrider when he was only 105. He didn’t like that one, so I looked for another.
  • He was pretty impressed with what I can do. I’m going to say that now because he left angrily.
  • We stopped at another. Of course, we weren’t really there. It was all just an illusion of a reality in another timeline, but it’s clear enough that we could make out portraits on the wall and stuff. Of course, there were none of me. He had a different family. Two boys and a girl. I pointed it out to him and asked him who the woman who was the mother was.
  • And um, that’s when he got upset. He told me to stop the illusion and let him find the door. So I did, and he stormed out and I don’t think he’s been back to the school since and it’s been a couple of days.
  • Maybe I should go check on him.

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