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Naren – Destiny

Dasturn wiped his dusty hands on his pants as he returned to the hovel he shared with his parents and two younger sisters. It was warm inside, whereas the chill of winter still hung in the spring air outdoors. Still, there was work to do.

The ground had warmed enough that it wasn’t frozen, and Dasturn had spent most of the day helping his father till the soil in the fields on their small farm. It was located in a remote valley in the mountains but wasn’t that far from one of the tunnel entrances to the city.

When he was younger, he had been raised with the idea that he would one day inherit the farm, but as he grew older, the possibility grew less and less likely. He had been born just after the Goddesses had parted this world. Through their high priest, the claimed to have left three seers as a gift to their children, along with various animal spirits that would forever inherit a few new souls.

Dasturn was thought to be the seer of the present by most who knew him.

His parents knew that one day he would be called upon by the priests and had begun preparing the oldest of his younger sisters to run the farm, and had already begun talks with the neighbors in the next valley about her marrying their second son when the time came.

He was only just coming upon his nineteenth name day. Dasturn had hoped the day he would have to leave wouldn’t come so soon, but as he stepped into the house he had a vision of something happening in the city. A poster being affixed to one of the large announcement boards by a group of humans, a rare sight in the city to begin with, but two of them looked like priests from the temple palace.

Dasturn couldn’t read so well, so he waited. He stayed aware of the happenings in the city near the announcement board as he washed his hands in the basin and went to the table to eat the food his mother had prepared while his father and he had been out.
Finally, as his sisters were clearing the table, a crier arrived to the board and began to read off some of the notices in a loud voice. He got to the one put up by the priests and Dasturn held his breath.

“Is everything all right?”

“Yes, mother.” He didn’t want to have to explain now. He listened as the crier called out the decree by the high priest asking all those who may think they are a seer of the future, present or past to journey to the temple palace.

It was happening. He frowned slightly as he looked around. The hovel was all he had ever known. He supposed it wouldn’t hurt to wait a few days before telling his parents it was time to go. His destiny awaited him elsewhere, but he was okay with it waiting just a few days longer.


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Naren – Erith, the First Seer of the Future

Erith closed her eyes after entering the room. She would meet the others later tonight, they had work to do, so the priests said. She knew explaining otherwise would lead them down a path where they were watched closely; too closely to convince the others. Nor could she mention it to those she had to work with. They needed to be clueless about the possibilities. They all needed to be.

She had seen it all. Her death, their deaths, countless times in numerous situations. She had seen her rebirth, their rebirths, again in countless times and in numerous situations. She had to play it right to get the best outcome for her future lives and theirs, and, if what she saw farthest in the future was any indication, the future of all of Naren was at stake.

“No pressure,” she mused to herself after the door closed. She had two hours to settle in before they would come to get her. She opened her pack. She had brought little with her from the Glimarin forest, having known she would die here, she left most of her things with people who needed them.

She had considered not answering the call at all, but in all the futures she saw, dying here in a few months was for the best. It would be safer after she was able to speak with the seer of the past and the seer of the present. They should be left alone in a few months and left alone together. That was going to be the important moment. Saying the right thing then to convince the others that they couldn’t come together like this again until it was time was going to take careful planning, but it would work. And if they weren’t all gathered together in the future, not too much could be expected of them, especially after some time passed and the reason for the seers was forgotten about.

She knew she would be the most likely to avoid being caught in the future. The seer of the present had a slight advantage as well. Even far in the future the seers would be greatly sought after and taken to an island to be kept under control. The seer of the past would have fooled himself into thinking he wanted to be there by the end of it. He would be the wildcard at the end when they needed to come together. Erith knew there was little to do to help his path go correctly. She could only see the possibilities. After they died here and were reborn, he would be on his own.

She only hoped he would be on the right side when the time came.

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Naren – Lord Miray


You are meant to support your brother.

Their father’s words.

His brother, the former Lord of Moressley, lay lifeless at his feet. The people, at least the ones he considered loyal, had been referring to him as the Lord of Moressley for months now as they made their plans for this day. Lord Miray. It had a nice ring to it, and he certainly deserved it. Years of living in his brother’s shadow, and now, finally, he was in charge.

It was only the first step in his plans, of course, but order must be established before carrying on with the rest. “Find his son and put him in one of the rooms in the east wing. Keep the door guarded at all times.” Perhaps, if he wound up having no children of his own, he’d declare the boy as his successor. For now, it was best to keep him out of harm’s way.

His brother had been weak. They needed a staging area closer to Kingsperch, and Moressley sat directly south of the large city where the King resided. Treaties that had been made hundreds of years ago had left the King overseeing a greater part of eastern Naren. The peasants were angry over the taxes, but Lord Miray had his sights set on releasing the city states from being ruled by a largely absent figure. When was the last time the King had even ventured outside his castle, much less visited one of the cities he ruled over? He hadn’t even traveled to Moressley in at least five years, and they were the closest city to Kingsperch. No, he would make a much better ruler than some absent king, or some spineless brother.

The real work was about to begin. Scouts had already been sent to Kingsperch to find the best way into the castle. Men would have to be trained in combat, and he had no doubt that the King would know what was coming. Assassins could be sent, though if those failed, perhaps storming the castle with an angry mob would work. He’d already been promised help from a couple of other lords of other cities if his takeover of Moressley succeeded.

He grinned as he stepped over his brother’s corpse. His brother had been unfit to rule. He had not done what was best. Lord Miray refused to support a coward, and now it was time to declare his success and be recognized as the official ruler of Moressley.



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WoW – Alinash

Alinash frowned at the book that Harrier had brought him. He missed being able to join the elf at his workbench, and couldn’t wait until his leg was healed enough to leave. Temperance had said it would be after the infection was gone, but now he was thinking it would take a little longer than that. Until the guards stop watching the area where I was found. It wasn’t right next to the shop, but it was close enough. They’ll give up soon enough. They can’t possibly expect I’ll stay here. He guessed he’d have to stay in this room under the cathedral until then.

Such a change from what you were thinking this morning.

Things have changed.

Or maybe they hadn’t, and he was just seeing things better now. Either way, he was planning to stay in the city, and willing to remain where he was until it was safe, both for his health and for the safety of himself and others. This morning, before Harrier’s visit, he was ready to do whatever he needed to do to get out of the city tonight, even if it meant crawling on his hands and knees. Which it would have because your leg is broken, idiot. He frowned to himself and was glad Harrier had visited when he did. He had to visit anyway to bring you your stuff, and you were going to run away after you had it. He supposed he was more glad the visit went so well.

Except you fell asleep. You didn’t even get to say goodbye or ask when he’ll come back to visit again.

But then, he couldn’t really hold himself at fault for that. When had he slept well in the past week? When you passed out after escaping. There was that, but in the jail they had him chained to a wall. While he slept on and off, the pain in his leg and in his arms wouldn’t let him sleep for long. Then since waking up here, he’d not been at ease, especially not after Harrier’s first visit. I thought he hated me, but maybe he’s just not ready to say the things I said, and that’s okay. He doesn’t need to say them. He had said enough in his own way. ‘I’m sorry I’ve been a jerk.’ The words had taken Alinash by surprise, and he hadn’t been sure what to say next. A good surprise, and a good stunned silence. Harrier offered no further explanation of his words, but he didn’t have to. Alinash knew he wouldn’t apologize like that unless he cared, and just those few words made everything better.

And then you fell asleep.

Of course. You were finally able to relax. No more planning to walk to Kalimdor.

Well, you’d have to take a boat, but yeah, no one would look for you there.

Sentinels are dangerous though.

Probably, but it would be better than the Ghostlands.

It didn’t matter now. He had decided to stay. He put the pirate book on the table next to the bed and picked up the book of crosswords that Temperance had brought to him with lunch. He normally wouldn’t have done crosswords at all, but for now, it was entertaining enough. He started filling in the boxes with the pencil that Temperance had left for him.


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WoW – Orledin’s Log

I’m nervous. I haven’t had a guy stay overnight in the huts since Julan, and well, that didn’t go so well.

I guess it should be fine as long as I don’t trip and reanimate anything. I don’t think Julan has forgiven me for the bone raptor thing. He still calls it a bone monster, which sounds really funny coming from him, but still. I don’t want Leinath yelling about bone monsters too.

I’m trying to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. I brought extra blankets and extra pillows. I made sure there’s water for drinking, and I’ll be cooking a meal for him while we’re there. I know he thinks it’s weird when he eats because I don’t have to, but I hope he’ll get used to it. I think he’s worried that I’ll miss it or something if I see someone else eating, and while I do miss having good food, I’m used to watching others eat.

I’m just glad I can still bake and people enjoy it. I get pleasure from baking and knowing others are going to love what I make. I don’t need to eat a cookie to feel like I’ve accomplished something. Maybe if I explain it that way, he’ll understand. Maybe not.

Food isn’t the only thing I’m nervous about. He could suddenly decide he’s too grossed out by me. I mean, I am undead, but I’m in good shape. I don’t have a huge grotesque death wound, and I haven’t suffered from any decay. My ears are even completely intact. Still, I’m not warm, and I do have a small wound that I’m sure he’ll see when I take off my shirt. It doesn’t heal because it was there when I was raised, so it’s just sewn shut. Maybe I could just leave my shirt on so he doesn’t ask any questions, but that would probably be weird too if things happen.

And I’m not sure if things will happen. Things have been moving very slow. Maybe he’ll just want to cuddle with our clothes on. I can do that too. I don’t mind if he wants to take his time. I mostly don’t mind. It makes me a bit nervous. I really love spending time with him, and maybe he’s not really that into me.

But really, it’s fine if he wants to take his time because then I don’t have to explain the wound. Maybe he won’t ask, though it’s kind of there and obvious, so I think he probably will.

I think I have a good evening planned. If it doesn’t rain, I’ll ask him if he wants to go for a walk to the small lake nearby, then we could sit and watch the stars. If it rains, or if it looks like rain, I have a book of poetry we can read from. It’s got some pretty racy poems in there. I looked already. I hope he likes racy poems.


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WoW – Alinash’s Thoughts

(( I’m putting all of this one below a read more tag just because it’s a bit different. Alinash has a lot of time to think, and his thoughts tend to be very negative. This is a weird, mostly second-person thought story. =P ))

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WoW – Break Out

Alinash didn’t really care if any of the humans managed to escape with him, but he knew he couldn’t slip out on his own. Plus, they did have some decent ideas of their own.

He was quiet the rest of the day. He had to be. His locks were already unlocked, and despite the fact he told her not to, Thurgryd had left him with two daggers wrapped in gauze around his leg. What a mess it would be if the guards found those… He couldn’t chance it, but she did it anyway. I hate when people don’t listen. He figured if he could make it to tonight without being discovered, then the daggers could come in as being useful.

They waited that night until the guard who brought water passed through their cell room. No one else should come in for a while after that. It was just them and the one guard assigned to their cell room. It was time.

“Hey guard!” old flea beard called out. “Your mother was good!” He made an obscene motion to go along with his words and laughed.

Alinash rolled his eyes. He hoped that wasn’t the best taunting a human could do. The guard remained in his place, reading his book.

One of the other humans tossed a small pebble at the guard. “Hey, bucket head! You’re ugly!”

The guard shook his head and continued reading.

A few more minutes passed. They had gone over this during one of the few moments that there wasn’t a guard in the room. If an attempt to get the guard near the bars didn’t work, they were to wait before trying the next one. There was no sense in making it obvious that they were trying to get the guard to come near.

The third human tried about ten minutes later. “Hey, guard,” he said, holding his arm up through the bars as well as he could with the shackles. “Can you come look at this? This guy punched me earlier, just after the medic left, and it cut the skin. I think I need a bandage. Are there any spare?”

That was a little better, but there’s no way the guard is going to—

His thoughts were interrupted when the guard put his book down and got out of his chair. He was falling for it after all. The guard started approaching the bars of the cell. Closer. A little closer. The guard reached out to check the prisoner’s wound. It happened in a blink of an eye. The humans had coordinated well. The human who had successfully lured the guard over, grabbed the guard’s arm and pulled him against the bars. The others lunged from the sides. One of them grabbed his leg. Another grabbed his other leg. A fourth grabbed his other arm, and the edge of his helmet and held him tight against the bars. As they did that, old flea beard grabbed the keys of the guard’s belt. The guard started to call for help.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. One more word and you’re a dead man.” The first human wasn’t messing around. He had grabbed the sword off the guard’s belt and was pointing it at him.

Alinash fumbled with his locks which Thurgryd had left unlocked on his shackles for him. They fell off to the floor and for the first time in four days, he could move his arms. He was sore and tired, but there was no time to stop and think about it now. He started unraveling the bandages on his leg while the humans stole the guard’s armor and tied him to his chair at sword point. Making sure the guard wasn’t looking, he slipped the daggers away from the splints. Crazy dwarf. I hate crazy dwarf women.

A gag and blindfold for the guard were made of some of his bandages. He limped, quietly cursing each step to the pile of armor and pulled out a lower leg guard and the helmet. The humans were quietly arming themselves as well with the armor and the weapons from the weapons rack. He slipped the helmet on over his head, cramming his ears in against his head. The discomfort was barely noticeable next to the pain in his leg. He ripped the rest of the bandages off and removed the wooden splint. He quickly strapped on the leg guard. It was stronger and would hopefully give him more support to walk.
The others were all armed now. One wore some should guards. Another had the guard’s breastplate. They all had a weapon. It was time to move. Alinash limped his way over to the guard and quickly inspected his bindings. They should hold for a bit. He leaned over and kissed the guard’s cheek. “I’m going back to Silvermoon, bitch.”

He grinned as he joined the others. He wasn’t going back to Silvermoon, but if they believed that he was, they’d spend less time looking for him, and would probably forget all about him in a year or so. Still, staying hidden the next few days was going to be tricky. That’s if they managed to get out.

He waited while old flea beard stuck his head out into the hall. “It’s clear. Move quickly, move quietly.” Old flea beard waited while the others crossed the hallway, moving to help Alinash go across last. They heard a short scuffle in the room and entered in time to see the guard fall to the ground. One of the humans had stabbed him.

“We’re not supposed to be killing them,” Alinash whispered.

The man who killed him pulled his sword out of the joint between the chest plate and the arm. “He swung his sword at me first, elf, and if you ask me, they all deserve it.” He spat on the guard’s body.

Old flea beard was already working to free the prisoner’s held in this room. Alinash decided to drop it and helped the newly freed men arm themselves and filled them in on the plan. Quiet from room to room and get as many free as we can. We can outnumber them and get out that way. Alinash left out a vital part of his own plan. When they do notice us, you’ll all be too busy fighting to notice the one guy sneaking out.

The next two rooms were taken at the same time. One more guard was restrained. One more guard died. Ten more people were armed and joined them. Alinash kissed the living guard on the cheek, just as he had the other, and made sure he told him he’d be going back to Silvermoon before heading to the next room.

That’s where they ran into trouble. While the twenty or so prisoners made their way from the fourth room to the fifth, one of the guards from a room further down came out into the hallway. He as probably one of the patrols who went to check each room, but Alinash didn’t have time to verify if that was true or not. He shouted out the warning.

Old flea beard called out as well, “Phase two! Fight!” The guard in the fifth room was already subdued. Alinash limped in, trying not to cry out in pain with each step. He used the guard’s keys to unlock the cell and told the humans inside to arm themselves. They followed his instruction and ran out into the hallway moments later.

Alinash wanted to collapse now. He hurt everywhere and he was hungry and tired, but he couldn’t stop now. He stayed along the wall, partially using it for support to walk. The fighting was on the stairs now. They must have called in more guards from outside. To his surprise, the human prisoners actually seemed to be gaining ground. He followed behind the mob, and as they went further up the stairs, he crawled on hands and knees to get up them too. His leg was in bad shape and he felt sick.

The fighting had spread out in the room at the top of the stairs now. He reached the top step and stayed low, crawling to the side of the room near an exit. Coward. Maybe, but you’re a living coward. He slipped out the exit to find himself next to the canal. There were buildings across the street. An empty crate sat outside of one, next to a low hanging roof. He glanced around. All the guards are busy, idiot. Of course, it’s clear. He hurried across the street and scrambled up on top of the crate, using his injured leg as little as possible, and pulled himself up to the roof. He used his arms again to do most of the climbing to a higher roof, only searching for footholds with his good foot.

It was slow going, and much scarier going down from a higher roof to a lower roof than it was going up, but he made his way across the district to more familiar rooftops. He stopped at the one belonging to the shop, and carefully lowered himself down to the window. He let himself in.

Harrier wasn’t there. Alinash went to the desk and used a piece of paper and Harrier’s pen and ink to write ‘GET HELP, NOT ZAR, THANKS’ on the paper. He placed it on the nightstand, folding the paper so that it would stand up. Then hobbled to the closet and pulled out an old blanket. He put it on his side of the bed and lay on top of it. He knew he was a mess and he smelled, and the last thing he wanted to do was ruin the bed with it. He was also too exhausted to do anything other than sleep right now so the old blanket would have to do. He passed out as soon as he lied down.


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