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WoW – Valentine’s Shorts

(( I’m a little late with these thanks to the death flu I had earlier this week but better late than never! ))

Isturon was relieved to find that he had timed his early arrival home right. Braedra was still at the school, but the girls had already arrived. They must have been watching for him because the door swung open before he even got to the porch.

Telaena and Elthanni both stood there in eager anticipation. “Did you get it?” Telaena asked as he stepped inside, shutting the door behind himself.

He set the bag he carried in one hand down and handed her a box before removing his boots. “Right here. Remember, he’s your mother’s present, but part of it is that you’ve promised to help take care of him.”

“Can I look?”

Isturon nodded as he started taking things out of the bag. “Just don’t lose him. I want him in the box when your mom gets here.”

Telaena cooed as she lifted the tiny ball of grey fur out of the box. “He’s so cute and tiny!”

“Does he have a name yet?” Elthanni asked.

Isturon poured some of the cat food into the bowl. “Not yet. I think we can leave that to your mother.”


Felarius wandered through the market in Silvermoon. Everyone had given him different advice on what to get for Irael for the love holiday. His sister said to get her jewelry, but he had already done that. Shouldn’t he do something else this time? She said it didn’t matter, but he wasn’t so sure. His father told him to get her something special that she could use every day. He wasn’t quite sure what he meant about that. It could be anything. Professor Firewind had suggested perfume. Felarius wasn’t sure if that would give the right message though. Would she think that he thought she smelled bad? He didn’t think that, but she could still think that. It was risky. Maybe too risky.

He stopped at the stand set up by the goblins. Chocolates were always a good option, right? He could get her some flowers to go with it. And a card. The goblin kept showing him more things to get. Balloons. That was enough, right? Candy hearts. Just one bag.

He hoped it would be enough.


Salenicus waited in the headmaster’s office. The butler had led him here and asked him to wait while he fetched the mage. It wasn’t long before the mage appeared. Salenicus had half-expected him to just appear out of thin air, but it seemed that today the mage was walking places and using doors.

“Salenicus, what can I do for you?” he asked as he made his way to the other side of the desk to take a seat.

“Hi. I know that your father recently moved out of his house on the grounds, and I was wondering if you had any other plans for that house.” He could tell by the look on the headmaster’s face that he was going to have to back up and explain himself. “You know that I’ve been seeing Sorelle for some time now. I’ve been looking for a way for us to spend more time together. I haven’t talked to her about it yet, but I’d like it if we could live together. I was just hoping to find out if something was available first.”

“Actually, Keyalenn just asked if his father could move in there this morning, but I might have something better for you.”

Salenicus raised a brow, “Better?” He didn’t know there were any other houses available.

“There’s a lot that doesn’t have a building on it, but could have one, if someone wanted to help clear off the ruins on it. I think it would be better because Sorelle would still need a place to practice. The house my father was living in wouldn’t give her that. This way, one could be built,” the headmaster said.

“All I have to do is help clear it?”

“The builders already have a long list of things to start on in the spring. I’d prefer not to have to slow them down with clearing away old stuff. You could work on that while they’re working on their other things.”

Salenicus nodded. “Yes, I could do that.”

“If she says yes. Good luck. Was that all today?”

“Yes, thank you.”


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WoW – My Week by Marta

Is this thing working? I think it is because I can hear it on the paper. I hope it’s not doodling instead. Anyway, this is my first essay assignment, and it’s supposed to be about my week. I’m going to do it about the past couple of weeks because I think it sounds better if I can start by saying I finally have a family!

It started a few weeks ago when my new dads came into the orphanage. They talked to almost all of the kids and I didn’t think they’d pick me because there was a baby there, but then they wanted me and the baby! They have a place in Shattrath and I was able to stay with them there while the paperwork was being processed and now we’re at home in the Ghostlands.

I thought the Ghostlands sounded scary at first, but I haven’t heard any ghosts since we’ve been here. Malwen says there are ghosts at the school but I don’t know if I believe her. She has a pet turtle so that’s kind of cool. She got it out and I got to touch its shell. She lives at the school and has two dads too.

My new dads are great. Imralion is my ann’da. That’s Thalassian for dad. He’s teaching me how to use a sword. I think I’m doing good at it so far. He says he kills demons and I think that’s great because demons are scary!

Aeramin is my felo’ann’da. That’s Thalassian for fire dad. I call him that because he’s a fire mage and he teaches magic at the school. I’m not old enough for those classes. He cooks really good and sings in the shower.

Roderick is the baby and he’s my new little brother now. He doesn’t do much except cry and sleep, but my dads let me hold him while he was drinking a couple of times and I really liked that. He really loves milk because I could tell the bottle got lighter so he drank a lot!

My best friend, Nerine, was also adopted and lives sort of nearby too. Felo’ann’da says it’s too far to walk but we go to the same school. Her new mom is our teacher, and she has two brothers now too. One of them is Wyrran who was also at the orphanage, and the other is Naraleth, who was already here.

I’m really excited to meet my grandparents. Ann’da says I have three. I also have an aunt and a cousin and a baby uncle. I met my grandfather but only for a few minutes because it was at the end of the school day and felo’ann’da was ready to go. He invited us to supper in a couple of weeks. He’s the one with the baby so it’ll be fun with two babies there.

There’s a holiday about love and there’s going to be a party about it this weekend at the school. Malwen says there’s a big room for dancing. Anyway, we’re going to go. Miss Lali thinks it’ll be a good opportunity for us to practice our Thalassian. We have to learn it in a special class in the morning and it’s just Nerine, Brier and myself. All week, we’ve been learning words and phrases that could be useful at parties. I want to ask ann’da to dance in his language.

Brier is also from the orphanage, but now she’s Malwen’s sister and she stays at the school too. I heard that all of the kids from the orphanage in Shattrath were adopted, even Grug, but then I haven’t heard about Grug being at the school so maybe that’s not true. I’m just glad that everyone knows common so that it won’t be too hard while I’m learning Thalassian. Nerine says it will be her third language and that her new dad is learning Taurahe for her. Her new mom already knows it and a bunch of other languages!

Um, I think that’s it. Oh! Ann’da promised to take me to the stables where they keep the horses in the city. I’m so excited! There used to be a horse toy at the orphanage and I liked that one the best. I think they must be so pretty. I hope there are some calm ones that I can touch. I’ve never gotten to be around a real horse before.

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WoW – Isturon’s Notes

The kids are back. I missed them, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the time alone with Braedra. We got a fair amount of snow, enough that I’ve heard Nessna complain about having to walk through it on patrol, so of course, the first thing they did when they got back was going outside to play in it. I’m eager to hear their stories about their trip.

Lani filled me in on it a little while they were gone. The trip plans were all laid out in the permission form that their teacher sent home, and she signed Vaildor’s and Lukian’s. She said they went to a forest with cones, a mushroom swamp, Nagrand, and one of the domes in Netherstorm. I wonder if they bought the food cubes from the strange energy creatures while they were there?

Things have been going well at the clinic. Isandri had her baby, a little girl they’ve named Thesera. Theronil had already taken this semester off from teaching at the school, though he was still doing his patrols of the grounds. I think he’s not doing those now for another few weeks. Isandri plans to be out for another 2-3 months. Lani said that she’ll be starting her leave soon after Isandri comes back, then I get to fill in for her.

Esladra has been busy with her newest patients. Arancon and Anorelle brought in Tiros for a check-up, and I got to hold him for a little bit while they were waiting. I guess he’s going back on patrol soon. He told Anorelle that if she needs anything while he’s gone she’s to come to the clinic. It’s practically right across the road so it would be easy enough.

Nessna and Sath brought in Senras for his check up too. His hair seems a bit lighter than Rylad’s but a bit darker than Zaren’s. There isn’t much of it yet though, so I guess we’ll see. He cried the whole time he was at the clinic. Nessna said he’s usually quiet, and she thinks it’s just the change of scenery that bothered him.

I can’t call him my newest grandchild anymore. While Hethurin and Terellion were in Shattrath, they visited the orphanage and have brought home a nine-year-old girl named Brier. Brier is a little different in that she’s not an elf. She’s half-human and half-orc. She looks, and acts, more human than orc, but she does have a distinct green tint to her skin.

I guess they’re not the only ones. Hethurin told me that Aeramin, Raleth, Desdeyliri, and even one of the builders have adopted some of the children from Shattrath. It was only after I spoke to Hethurin that I also learned from Nessna that one of the rangers went there as well. It looks like Hethurin’s plans to build a separate school for the general education classes is actually a good idea. He was also speaking of hiring another teacher or two to split the classes so that the lessons could be more focused on what the individual children need to learn. I think that’s also a good idea, though I do worry it’ll cost more than he realizes to build the school and to hire more people. I guess maybe he doesn’t have to worry about it.

It does make me wonder just how much money he has.

I’ll be making stew with fresh bread for tonight instead of heating up something from Tik’s kitchen. The girls will need something hearty and warm to come inside to. I look forward to hearing all about their trip.

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WoW – Grug’s Adoption

Grug peeked out from the doorway into the other room. All of the other children had left. They had all found parents. A bunch of elves had come and taken them all, one by one until Grug was the only one left. He hated it here, but since his parents had died in Orgrimmar, defending it from the Horde and the Alliance both attacking it, so he had been told, the orphanage was the only place for him. He’d hate it less if orcs actually came in and adopted him. There had been a few occasions, but back then there were some other orc children. He hadn’t been chosen.

Now the Matron was speaking to one of the big blue guys. Draenei. It was the same one that Grug had seen a week ago. He couldn’t understand what was being said. They were speaking the draenei’s language. Grug had heard it before. Sometimes there were draenei children in the orphanage and they would speak it. Last week, this same draenei tried to talk to him for a while. Grug hadn’t understood anything then either.

He moved back as the draenei glanced at the door where Grug was. Grug didn’t want him to see him. About a year ago, another orc child, a few years older than Grug, had told him that draenei like to eat young orcs. Was it true? Grug had to be ready to defend himself. He hurried to the toy box and armed himself with the wooden blocks that Wyrran used to play with when he was still here. He took an ample supply with him to the corner then took the cushions off the sofa to make a sort of fort in the corner to hide in. Then he waited.

It wasn’t long before the Matron and the draenei came to look for him. He heard the Matron’s words in Orcish. “Grug, I have good news for you.”

Grug jumped out from behind the cushions and started throwing the blocks at the large, blue man in the doorway next to the matron. He hit his mark with most of them, but the blocks just bounced off the draenei’s chest and onto the floor.

“Grug! What have I told you about throwing toys?”

Grug ignored the matron’s angry tone and ran from the playroom back to the boys’ bedroom. If he couldn’t defeat the draenei then he’d just have to hide until he went away.

Unfortunately, the matron followed him and caught him before he could crawl under his bed. She held both of his shoulders and knelt in front of him. “Grug, the draenei wants to be your father. You’re being adopted.”

Grug’s eyes widened. “He’ll eat me!”

“No one’s going to eat you, Grug. He’s from the same area where all the other children are going to live. You’ll be able to see all of your friends there.”

Friends. Grug wasn’t so sure that’s how it was. None of them wanted to play fight with him. He frowned defiantly in response to the matron’s words.

“Look, I was a little wary of the idea at first too, but he’s made arrangements for you to live with him in a ranger building and there are elves and undead there. He says he knows what it’s like to be different. Everything checks out with him, and I’m sure he won’t eat you. Because of the problems between your two races, the adoption won’t be finalized without a few check-ups to make sure you’re both getting on okay over the next couple of months. Grug, look at me.”

Grug didn’t want to hear anything she said, but he looked at her.

“All I ask is that you give it a chance. Can you do that?”

Grug wasn’t sure about agreeing to that. He shrugged in hesitation.

“You don’t want to live at the orphanage until you’re an adult do you?”

Grug shook his head and said, “No.” At the same time, the draenei peeked into the room.

The matron spoke as she let go of his shoulders and took his hand to lead him to his new father, “Then give it a try. If it doesn’t work out, you’ll come back here and we’ll keep looking, but I think you need to give Jamos a chance.”

Grug still wasn’t very sure, but he let the matron lead him to the draenei. Perhaps, it would work out, and he did want a father. He vowed to stay vigilant until after supper, then maybe, if he wasn’t on the menu, he’d give Jamos a chance.

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WoW – The Coffee Shop

Arancon slid into the seat across from Isturon at the coffee shop. “You’re early today,” he remarked as he reached for the sugar.

“That might have something to do with us meeting later than we did before. I don’t have to rush here in the morning to catch you before your patrol,” Isturon replied. “How is everything with the new baby?”

Arancon sipped his coffee after stirring in a bit of sugar and cream. “Tiring. It’s been so long since I’ve had a newborn, I forgot what it was like. I didn’t even get time off with Aeramin because it was harvest time. I don’t know how I did it. I guess being 120 years younger probably helped, but yeah, you learn to get your sleep when you can. I can’t wait until Tiros sleeps through the night.”

“I remember taking care of babies at night quite clearly. Verisna refused to get up at night for the most part, so it was up to me to give them bottles at night. I can’t say it was unpleasant though. I enjoyed spending time with them even if it was three in the morning.”

Arancon sipped his coffee again. “When Tiros wakes up he wants Anorelle. We’re keeping him in our room, for now, so it’s my job to get up and bring him to her.”

“Your job?”

“Oh, it’s nothing she makes me do. I was just feeling a little useless, so I designated myself as the night-time baby-bringer and diaper changer. I take him to her, then when he’s done, I take him for his diaper change in the other room so Anorelle can get back to sleep.”

Isturon nodded, “She must like that.”

“Yeah, and she lets me get a nap during the day so it works out well for me too, at least until I start back on patrol.”

“When will that be?”

“The end of the month. Anorelle’s still taking a little more time after that. I heard Nessna’s already gone back?”

Isturon nodded, “Yes, she started back on patrol last week.”

“I worry about that a little, when Anorelle goes back on patrol, I mean. Our patrols overlap so we’ll have to leave him with someone else for four hours.”

“Have you asked Aeramin?”

“No. First of all, it’s during class time, so I doubt he could. Second of all, I just got a letter from him telling me that he and Imralion are adopting two kids from Shattrath. So even if he didn’t have classes, now might not be the best time. I’ll probably ask Sath to watch him.”

“Oh, that’s right. Hethurin said something about getting a letter from him before he left. He wanted Hethurin and Terellion to visit the orphanage too. Did Aeramin say anything about the kids he and Imralion are adopting?”

Arancon sipped his coffee then nodded. “Yeah, one of them is a nine-year-old girl named Marta. She’s blind. The other is a two-month-old baby boy named Roderick. They’re both human, which is fine, but it’s going to be a little sad watching them grow old and die. If they’re lucky, they might be around for my 300th birthday. Still, I’m looking forward to meeting them.”

Isturon raised a brow slightly but said nothing.

Arancon decided to change the subject before he asked how he really felt about it. “So, how was your trip to the island?”

“Great! We went to the beach, and the Sunwell, and we did some shopping. Oh, and we got married.” Isturon grinned as he added on the last part.

“What? Wow, really? I didn’t think you were ever going— But you weren’t even engaged yet!”

“I asked her on our first night there. We went to the chapel the next day and spent the rest of the time celebrating our honeymoon. We’re going to have a ceremony here with a party for the kids, but neither of us needed anything extravagant so the chapel on the island worked well. I’m still getting used to the idea that I’m happily married.”

Arancon blinked trying to rid himself of surprise. “Congrats. When’s the party going to be?”

“We don’t have a specific date yet, but probably in the early summer. Telaena wants lots of flowers for it.”

“I see. Did you get her a nice ring?”

“Yeah, and I’ll be making payments on it for another year. It’s worth it though. I saw it, and I knew it was the right ring for her. Mine’s still on order. Hers came with a wedding band, so she’s all set.”

“How are you here now then? Aren’t the kids all in Shattrath for a couple of weeks? You should be home with the new wife and taking advantage of the time alone!” Arancon grinned.

Isturon smiled. “Trust me, the time alone is definitely being used, but she’s still watching a couple of toddlers at the school, and I’ve started my new job this week because Tik and Lilithel finally have a custody agreement where he’s not forced to have the baby in the kitchen just to spend time with him.”

Arancon took another sip of his coffee. “I’m glad to hear they finally got something worked out, but I’m also interested in hearing about this new job.”

“Isandri’s going on leave so I’m the fill-in receptionist for the clinic. Hethurin’s still the one paying me, which is good because I don’t think I could make the payments on the ring otherwise. The clinic runs mostly on donations. After Isandri is back, Lani may be taking her leave so I might be able to fill in for her too. She’s also going to have a baby.”

“The classroom is going to be really full in another five years. How about you? Now that you’re happily married…”

Isturon shook his head. “That’s not up to me, is it? If she wants to try, then, of course, I’d love another, but even then, it might not happen.”

“But it’s fun trying.”

Isturon blushed slightly. “Yes, it’s fun trying,” he admitted as he glanced down at his empty coffee cup. “I should head back before Lani gives me a lecture for taking long breaks.”

“I can almost see her doing that. I guess I’ll see you later this week when we bring Tiros in for his checkup?”

Isturon nodded as he got up to put his cloak on. “Yes, I’ll see you then.”

Arancon remained sitting to finish his coffee before returning home.

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WoW – Aeramin’s Notes and Letters

Imralion and I are in Shattrath and right now, there is a little nine-year-old girl sleeping in the spare room. We came here to both have a small vacation, and to visit the orphanage in hopes of finding a child to adopt. We found two. They’re both humans. Marta, the girl, is staying with us while the paperwork goes through, and in a few days, we should be able to take her and her new little brother home. The boy’s name is Roderick and he’s only two months, just a little older than my own new brother is.

I almost wanted to get them all, but I knew we wouldn’t have space for them all. Imralion and I talked to the matron for a bit while filling out the paperwork. Marta has been there for five years and was brought in after she was found wandering around crying in the lower city. She ‘lost’ her mother there, but the matron said that no one filed a lost child report and no one had come looking at the orphanage for her, so it’s believed it was intentional that she got separated from her mother. Marta doesn’t remember ever being able to see, but she has a streak of independence that I think Im and I both want to nurture.

Roderick was brought in by his mother to be placed for adoption. She said she doesn’t ask too many questions when that happens. She wants to make it as easy on them as she can so that the babies don’t get abandoned elsewhere. He has been to his checkups and he’s healthy and growing well. He’s still very tiny, small enough that he won’t need his own room for a while, which is good because I’ll need to talk to the builders about adding on to our place. Maybe they can make the kitchen a bit bigger while they’re at it.

I learned a little about the other kids there as well, and I have a few letters to write in an attempt to get them homes too.

Magister Raleth and Lali,

Hello! I’m sure you weren’t expecting to hear from me during the week off, but Imralion and I have visited the orphanage here in Shattrath and there are two children there that I think may be very well suited to your family.

The first is a twelve-year-old tauren girl named Nerine. She was born without a tail. Her parents died at a druid outpost that was destroyed several years ago. It’s very important that she’s adopted by someone in the Ghostlands as Imralion and I are adopting her best friend, a blind nine-year-old human girl. If you could please just come to meet her, I’d appreciate it. I’ll understand if you decide you can’t, but it will be harder for Marta.

The second is a four-year-old boy named Wyrran. He really loves building with blocks and hardly looked at us when we were talking to him. He is half human and half kaldorei. I spoke with the matron afterward and asked for more information about him. His parents are also both deceased, though in separate incidents. It was a friend of his human mother who brought him to Shattrath to be placed because the orphanage in Stormwind was crowded at the time. Again, I’ll understand if you can’t, but I did think it might be nice for him and Naraleth to know each other.

Sorry for disturbing your vacation. I hope you’re having a great time off.

Dear Ordinicus and Kestrae,

Hello! Imralion and I are in Shattrath this week. We visited the orphanage and have decided to bring home two children. I’m not really writing to tell you about them, but rather one we aren’t bringing home. Her name is Viessa, and she’s a four-year-old sin’dorei girl, close in age to Lyorri. She is constantly picked on by an orc boy who also stays at the orphanage because of her hair. It’s very thin. The matron says she is healthy, she just doesn’t have a lot of hair. She seems like a very sweet girl, and I thought maybe she and Lyorri would make good sisters as well as friends. At the very least, she needs someone to get her away from this orc kid.

Anyway, I hope you think about it.

(Similar copies of this letter were also sent to Desdeyliri and Perothis, and the Confessor and Lanthiriel.)

Magister Hethurin Fairsong and Terellion,

Hello! I’m writing from Shattrath to let you know that there will be a new student in the general studies class soon. Imralion and I have visited the orphanage here and will be bringing home a nine-year-old named Marta.

I also wanted to write to you to tell you about two other children in the orphanage who need homes. I realize you may not be ready for more, and I’m writing to other people about them too because I really think they would thrive in the Ghostlands. I’ll be sending similar letters to Desdeyliri and Perothis, and the Confessor and Lani in hopes to find both of these children homes.

The first one is a ten-year-old sin’dorei boy named Zeno. He has an extra finger on each hand. I spoke a little to the matron about him. His mother died when he was very young, and he was raised by his father, a mage, until he was five, at which point he was placed in a boarding school while his father went to fight. He was placed in the orphanage when news came that his father died. He has no other living relatives. He also has big dreams of being a mage like his father was, and I think he’d love being in a magic school or have one so close by.

The second child is a nine-year-old girl named Brier. She is half-human and half-orc. I know orcs aren’t known for being calm and reasonable, but Im and I spoke with the girl for some time while she was doing some work for school, and I can assure you she takes after her human side more than she does the orc side. Brier was left at the orphanage by her mother. The matron says she’s very studious and is the first to volunteer when the matron asks for help.

Anyway, I hope you’ll consider at least visiting. Thank you.
-Magister Aeramin Firewind

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WoW – Arancon’s Notes

Tiros is here. Well, he’s a few days old now. He’s a little on the small side, but he’s healthy and has a very good set of lungs. He didn’t cry at first, but once he did, I don’t think there was a person in the building who didn’t hear it!

I thought I loved Anorelle before, but my love for her grows every time I see her with Tiros. I feel so much for both of them.

I was not expecting so much emotion upon his arrival, which is weird since I’ve done this before, but I think it’s due to the fact that I’ve done this before that I’m having all this extra thought about it. He’s so important to me already, but yet I’m worried I’ll mess him up. I know I haven’t been the best father to Aeramin, and I want to do better this time. But then, Aeramin did turn out mostly okay too. A little depressed at times and a little angry at others, but he’s made something of himself despite how he was raised. Maybe it was something Maena did. All I know is that I made some big mistakes, and I’m lucky we talk today.

I don’t want all of the burden of raising Tiros well to fall on Anorelle’s shoulders. I’m determined to be the best father I can be.

Aeramin has been surprisingly helpful and in a good mood about it all. He’s been bringing food from the school every day for us and has gotten to hold his brother a couple of times. Of course, it also makes me think of how he won’t even look at his own daughter. One day, Lyorri is going to ask me how I’m her grandfather but I’m not Kestrae’s or Ordinicus’s father, and I won’t know how to explain it to her. And that, in turn, makes me think of my own father and how my mother never really came out and said it. I figured it out on my own, but figuring it out wasn’t easy either. I did see him once. My mother took me to the city and said I’d get to see my father. He was in a parade for something, I don’t even remember what. She pointed him out and that was that. I went home upset that I didn’t get to actually talk to him.

When Aeramin was born, I vowed never to abandon him. I’ve added things now, for both him and Tiros. I vow never to abandon either of them. I vow not to raise my hand in anger. I vow to listen to them. I mean, there’s a lot, and I keep thinking of new ones. I vow to be a better person than I used to be.

We’ve had a few other visitors. Braedra stopped by. Isturon also stopped by. Separately. Maybe I should send a letter and invite Isturon for coffee at the coffee shop on Friday, just to make sure everything is going okay between them. Imralion was by one of the times that Aeramin visited. He said they’re going to Shattrath for the week off. Sunashe and Lin visited briefly to drop by some baby cupcakes that Orledin made.

I’m off patrol for a few weeks. I guess the Captain has moved Julan to my slot. I can imagine he’s driving Sunashe crazy, though he didn’t say anything while he was here. I’m a little worried that Sunashe might show up in another week and beg me to come back early. Our two rangers who fill in for others are both on Nessna’s and Anorelle’s morning patrol now, so he can’t get one of them for his patrol. I bet he could always try to convince the Captain to switch Julan for Lin, but that would leave Vellira and Julan to patrol alone, and that might not be a good idea either.

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