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GURPS – Raloric’s Way Home

Raloric kicked the stones along the path. It was starting to get dark, but he was only a short ways from another small town. Tomorrow, he should be home.

He couldn’t wait to see Tasya again and let her know that their money problems were solved, at least for the time being. He also couldn’t wait to tell his adventures to his two daughters, Jerani and Anris, and his son, Tyrus. They always loved to hear his stories when he returned from finding quests and work to do. A mage with his talents was often sought after by adventuring parties and gave him plenty of material to keep them occupied.

He remembered that day a couple of months ago when he had ventured into the city and found a tiger man named Tony. He had some mission or another, Raloric had forgotten the specifics now, but they met a few others who had a quest to get unicorn tears. There was a wolf man, a centaur, a bear man, and another elf like him.

They had ventured out into the wilderness and come upon some strange ruins. Things didn’t seem quite right. After a couple of perilous fights, they decided to rest for the night.

Raloric decided that unicorn tears weren’t going to pay the bills, but the coins left in an offering they had found at a ruined temple would. While the others slept, he made his way back to the temple and grabbed the coins. He quietly slipped away and headed back to the city. He could have sworn he had seen Tony sneaking away as he made his way back past the camp.

He spent the next two months looking for other adventuring parties to join. He found a few, but none paid as well as that first find. Still, he was able to get enough that he didn’t think he’d have to come back for another year or so. It was time to go home.

He stopped, pausing in the middle of the path. Had he heard leaves rustling? The path was clear of leaves, and there wasn’t much wind. He turned to look at the woods when someone grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back. He felt cold steel against his neck.

“Where is your coin purse?”

Two people, the speaker was in front of him. They were humanoid but he couldn’t see much else. He had, of course, prepared for this possibility. The roads were rarely safe this late.

“Your coin purse! Now!”

“Inside cloak pocket, on the right. There are two pockets. It’s the upper one.” He replied, trying to stay calm. He’d given them the location of his smaller purse. The larger one was tied to the back of his belt and tucked into the back of his pants. It wasn’t comfortable, but it kept the money safer in situations such as these.

He felt the person in front going through the pockets on the right side of his cloak.

“What the hell, man. This is barely enough to buy an ale.”

“I’m sorry. It’s all I have. I was heading home because I was out of money.” He continued trying to remain calm, hoping they’d just take the small change and go.

He felt the person reaching in his cloak again, checking the other pockets as far as he could tell. He pulled out his small case of potions.

“Anti-inflammatory potions. Useless.”

“Uncle inflammatory wouldn’t like hearing you say that,” Raloric replied.

There was a short pause before the guy who had been holding Raloric’s arm said, “Come on, this guy doesn’t have anything.” He pushed Raloric forward while he and his friend took off the other way.

Raloric picked himself up, glancing at the way they ran. “Try harder next time,” he whispered under his breath as he turned around and quickened his pace towards the town.


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Naren – The Healer

War had come, and it was far too close. Injured from one of the armies was being sent to the small town for medical services, and Isturon was unhappy to be putting his talents to use. It would be better if they stopped fighting.

A few more had been brought in today. They lay in makeshift beds on the benches within the temple. All of the real beds and cots they had were occupied. He had done his best to stabilize the patients. Healing magic was complicated and a lot of people didn’t understand that they needed to rest between treatments. Speeding up the healing of an injury too fast could very well kill a person.

He passed amongst them now, casting pain-dulling spells on them. That usually quieted most complaints, and luckily most of them were quite willing to sleep at this hour. He himself was hoping he’d get to sleep soon too.

“Elder?” A whispered voice came from one of the benches. He looked down. It was the civilian girl who had been brought in. She had been sleeping peacefully on his last pass through.

He knelt next to her, “What is it?”

“Am I going to die?”

“You’re going to live.” He gave her a gentle smile, hoping that was all she asked for now. The extent of her injuries had him worried about what her quality of life might be and whether she could ever fully heal.

“I can’t move my legs.”

Those were not the words he wanted to hear. He pulled the blanket up over her feet and put his palm on the bottom of her foot. “Can you feel this?” he asked.

She shook her head. “Will I be able to walk again?”

He wasn’t sure how to answer that. Things weren’t looking good, but it was early. Perhaps, with time, it could be healed. “It’s still too early to tell. We’re going to do everything we can for you, okay?”

She frowned slightly but nodded.

“Get some rest for now,” he said as he covered her feet again with the blanket. “Give the healing time to work.”

She nodded again and closed her eyes as he got up to move on to the next patient.

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WoW – Tranquillien’s Coffee Shop

Isturon walked into the small coffee shop that had recently opened in Tranquillien. It wasn’t as big as the ones in Silvermoon, and it was also considerably less busy. A couple of the tables were occupied with elves he didn’t recognize, but he saw Arancon sitting at one of the tables in the back. He waved to him as he made his way to the counter to order.

He was impressed with their selection of coffees, but he wound up ordering his usual, regular black coffee. He got a muffin to go with it and carried it to the table in the back where his friend was waiting.

He raised a brow as he neared, taking notice of Arancon’s drink. As he sat, he asked, “Just water?”

Arancon shrugged. “Anorelle said that Esladra told her that too much coffee isn’t good for the baby.”

Isturon tried to raise his brow further. “I think she meant for Anorelle. You can drink coffee.”

“Oh no, I’m not going to. It’s for solidarity. Anorelle and I are in this together. You never did that?”

Isturon shook his head, “I could never convince Verisna to stop drinking coffee.”

“Well, it’s just for a couple of months, but then there’s going to be a baby so I might have less time to come here to get coffee.”

“You could always bring the baby with you.”

Arancon nodded, sipping his water. “I could. After she starts going on patrols again, I’ll have four hours in the morning alone with the baby before my patrol starts. Sath’alor has agreed to watch him the four hours after I leave until Anorelle gets back. By the way, I do like the timing with Nessna having one at the same time. I hope they’ll be friends, but at the same time I worry how Sath’alor is going to cope with two babies and a toddler.”

“I’m sure he’ll manage,” Isturon said. He took a sip of his coffee. It was good; hot, but not too hot, and had a nice deep rich taste. “Has Aeramin warmed up the idea of being a brother yet?”

“I think so,” Arancon replied. He took a deep breath and sighed. “It’s not always easy to tell with him, but he’s by once a week in the morning and hasn’t yelled lately.”

“That’s positive, right?”

“Yeah. How about you? How are things with Braedra?”

“Things are going well, really well. I’ve been there every night since we got back and she hasn’t told me to leave and go home yet.”

Arancon grinned, “So when is the wedding?”

“I’m not sure I’m ready for that. I know it probably sounds like the next logical step, but I’m really happy with how we are right now. I don’t want to mess that up, and again, I’m not sure I’m ready.”

“You’re ready to sleep with her, but you’re not ready to marry her? You love her, right?”

Isturon nodded. “Of course! And It’s not like I expected the whole sleeping together thing to start. I just really like spending time with her. But now that it has started, I’m not too keen on questioning why because- Well, I like it and I don’t want it to stop.”

Arancon sipped his water and gave him an unsure look. “Okay, so you like sleeping with her because it’s fun, but you don’t actually want to sleep with her?”

“That’s not what I said. I’ve been wanting to be with her for some time. I just didn’t expect it to happen anytime soon and was completely fine with waiting. I love her, and I wanted her to be just as ready as I was.” He started to pick up his coffee but put it back down as Arancon spoke again.

“I don’t think it sounds like you were ready.”

“I was just a little surprised- still a little surprised, but that’s different from not being ready. And I love her. I think about her all the time and can’t wait to see her again when I’m not with her.”

“But you’re not taking the next step.”

“I’m not sure about that step yet, and I’m not sure she’s ready for that either.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t know she wanted to sleep with you either. I’m not sure I trust your judgment on that sort of thing.”

Isturon shook his head. “No, I know we spend a lot of time together and everything now, but she still hasn’t said she loves me.”

“Maybe you just need to tell her that you love her more often.”

“I already tell her multiple times a day exactly how I feel, and I’m already worried that it’s excessive.” He picked his coffee back up and took a sip this time.

“Okay, besides that then, why aren’t you sure?”

“Life experience makes me not so sure. You know I’m divorced.”

“But that marriage was arranged, and I thought you said ending it was a mutual decision.”

“The only thing Verisna and I ever agreed on, yes, but you also realize that I was unhappy the whole time I was married.”

“Okay, but that’s not going to happen with Braedra.”

“No. She’s nothing like Verisna, but because I was so unhappy, I did things I wouldn’t have normally done, and my heart was broken each time.”

“Because you were married.”

“They knew I was married. The first one, that was the first thing I told her. She asked me to buy her a drink, and I told her I was married. She shrugged and said she still wanted a drink, so I bought her a drink. I made it clear I couldn’t leave Verisna because there was a contract saying I’d lose my kids. She said she didn’t care. She didn’t need me to leave. Then two years later, guess what? She wanted me to leave Verisna. I told her again that I couldn’t. She said I didn’t love her, and she didn’t want to hear from me again. I thought she had cared. I thought I finally had some sort of semblance of a loving relationship because I knew I wasn’t going to get one with Verisna, and then she just left. She left over things that I told her right at the start that I couldn’t do, and it hurt.”

Arancon frowned. “Okay, I don’t condone cheating, but she shouldn’t have said she was fine with something she wasn’t fine with.”

“Right? And it kept happening over and over, not that I really saw that many people. There were just the five and they were pretty spread out. I was married when I was 100, the first one was around the time I was 145. I was almost 160 when I saw the second and that was just for a couple of months. He and I broke up because he was seeing other people and thought that because I was married, I wouldn’t want to be so serious. Then the third was around the time Aranae finished her general studies, so I was in my late 180’s, and again, that one was only for a few months. Then a couple of years before the contract ran out when I was in my 220’s, Nessna introduced me to Theria. I had planned to leave Verisna for her after the contract was done, but then the Scourge invasion happened. Theria died, and it wasn’t a good time to leave after that.”

“No?” Arancon raised a brow.

“No. For one, I was depressed because I lost Theria, which I know is nothing like you losing Maena or Braedra losing Galandil because I knew her for only a few years, but I think you can understand, and secondly, I didn’t think the kids needed their parents splitting on top of everything else.”

“I guess that makes sense.” Arancon narrowed his eyes. “Wait a second. That was just four. You said there were five.”

“Yeah, the last one I count even though we didn’t do more than kiss. It was when Verisna and I decided enough was enough and it was time to go our separate ways. I had already been seeing this other woman, but not much had happened at that point.”

“Besides the kissing.”

“Yes, besides the kissing. Anyway, Verisna managed to leave me without any money, and that kind of made me poor, and this woman left because she thought I had money and when I suddenly didn’t, she didn’t want to see me anymore.”

“If you ask me, maybe that was a good thing,” Arancon said then sipped his water.

“I guess, but it hurt at the time, and here I am now without money again. I’m kind of holding my breath hoping Brae doesn’t leave over it.”

“From what I know of her, I don’t think she’ll leave over that.”

“Well, anyway, that’s why I don’t want to propose marriage too soon. I want to make sure that we can handle things together okay and that she is who I think she is.”

“So you’re moving in?”

“Not exactly. I’m really kind of scared, and I don’t think I’m ready to give up my own space. I still change out of my jogging clothes there, and smell bad after jogging, and do things like meditate that I’m not sure how she feels about.”

“I know what you mean. You can fart without being yelled at.”

Isturon paused, having temporarily lost his train of thought, then nodded. “Umm, yeah. I guess that’s true too. I can also walk around in my underwear without worrying that her daughters will see me. Anyway, I’m not proposing marriage yet, and I’m not moving in, though I do intend to spend every night I can there.”

Arancon nodded. “I guess if you’re both happy with that pace, then that’s good, and you’re right. Maybe she still needs a little time too.”

Isturon glanced at the clock hanging over the coffee shop counter. He noticed Arancon’s gaze follow his. “You have to—”

“Crap, I’m gonna be late,” Arancon said as he got up and tossed his cloak on. He turned as he started heading towards the door. “It was good seeing you again. Same time next week?”

Isturon nodded. “Yes. That will be good.” He watched as Arancon hurried outside into the rain and started his riding machine. It couldn’t possibly be very fun to ride in the rain, but Arancon didn’t seem to mind as he took off down the road.

Isturon leaned back in his chair and sipped his coffee as he watched the rain fall outside.

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WoW – Isturon’s Notes

I haven’t had much time to write here recently. I’m home for a short time today to eat lunch alone so I’m taking the time to write too.

Things are going great! That is, for the most part. Braedra and I went to Booty Bay for one of their pirate weekends. It was an amazing time. Part of me wishes we were still there, but even the extra day we spent there, I had to ask Hethurin for help to pay for, so we had to come back. I know that me seeing Braedra may be straining his relationship with Terellion as I don’t think Ter has accepted it yet, and Hethurin has.

That’s the part that isn’t going so great, mostly because I don’t know exactly how it’s going. Hethurin seems slightly worried about it. We had lunch in the city earlier this week to discuss my ‘death’ for the mask party. They’re having a murder mystery, and I get to be the victim. I have some parts to play where I argue with a couple of the suspects before I’m offed.

That wasn’t the only thing we talked about. We did discuss how my relationship with Braedra is affecting his relationship with Terellion. He was hesitant to say much of anything at all, but then he admitted that he lets Terellion rant about it without defending me much. He doesn’t want to fight with him, and he thinks it’ll just take some time for him to come around. I think he’s right about that. I hope he’s right anyway. I know it’s something Braedra worries about as well.

Yesterday morning, I went to the ranger building before I went to the school. As I suspected, Nessna was there. I guess she has let Sath’alor take her off patrol, or perhaps it was her idea. Either way, that meant that Anorelle was also there. Still, I was able to steal a few minutes to talk to Arancon. I don’t think Nessna would have any more insight into the situation than I do. I did lose Theria after all, and I had been with her longer than Nessna was with Vessen, but Arancon lost his wife after a much longer time of being together.

We took a walk around the grounds there, and I asked him if he had any doubts he was ready for another relationship. I told him I’m worried about Braedra, and I told him about the weekend, as well as implying things had moved to the next step there. He said it was about time. I repeated the original question, and he said he had no doubts after he punched Bailas. I don’t think Braedra is going to punch anyone, so I’m not sure how that fits in.

He said that getting more serious, after seeing each other for so long, means she’s likely thought it out and has decided it’s time. I guess I’m just worried that she’ll have second thoughts. Arancon said he didn’t. He realized that he can love both Maena and Anorelle. I hope that’s what Braedra has decided. I’m not trying to replace Galandil.

I’ve been going there with supper from the school every night. It’s been nice to eat with her and the girls. We talk a bit after, and the girls go upstairs. Her room is downstairs, just off the sitting room, so it’s easy to slip in there after cuddling by the fire for a bit.

It seems I spend a lot of time looking at clocks and figuring how much time it is before I can take supper to her and the girls. I can’t wait to see her again.

And I don’t spend much time at my place anymore. I do want to invite her over so I can play her the song I wrote for her. Maybe sometime this weekend.

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WoW – Hethurin’s Notes

  • A lot has happened in the past couple of days. Friday started out normally. Tik brought up tea at 6 AM and set out my robes. Terellion and I got up and showered. He helped me get dressed, then we sat and drank our tea. Galandil woke up around 6:30 as he usually does. I took care of him while Ter went to get Narise and wake Malwen up. We went down and had breakfast with the kids in the kitchen. Some of the students were already there and having breakfast in the dining hall. I generally prefer to have breakfast as a family and the kitchen is good for that, but maybe we’ll need a bigger table.
  • Aeramin arrived at the school earlier than usual, which is very unusual. He normally isn’t there until five minutes before classes start unless I ask him to come in early for a quick teacher meeting. Anyway, he was there a full half hour early and wanted to see me. I met with him in my office.
  • He had a strange question. He said, and I’ll quote: “You remember when you told me that my father was supposed to die in the Scourge attack, but he didn’t because you were an asshole?” And I nodded and then he continued, and I’ll quote again: “What happens now that he’s having another kid? That kid isn’t supposed to be here either. There aren’t going to be any dragons coming to eat my sibling, right?”
  • You know what? I really don’t know. I should probably check to make sure Renner isn’t planning to have a snack, but I couldn’t tell Aeramin that. I told him that it probably wasn’t a problem because the dragons would have thought about that because they’re time guardians. They know the possibility existed, so if it was going to be an issue, they would have taken measures to prevent it from happening.
  • He looked doubtful and said I didn’t sound very sure and that he was going to ward his father’s house AND the clinic against dragon attacks.
  • Sure. I don’t think he’s that good. Demons, yes, I’m sure he can ward against, but dragons? What kind of experience has he had with dragons?
  • I didn’t tell him that. I said it sounded like a good idea, and in the meantime, I’d check with some people who know for sure.
  • And he said, and I’ll also quote again: “By people, you mean dragons?”
  • At which point, I looked at the time and told him it was time to get ready for classes to start.
  • It’s the advanced arcane theory class first thing at 8 AM. I teach that one, then Des has the other morning class while I have a private lesson with one of the students, except on Fridays, I have an open slot then. Which is nice. It gives me a little break and some extra time to do things. I went to get Galandil and Narise from the nursery and took them out to the garden to play. While I was there, my father came out with Ker’alith, and we talked a bit. Well, a lot actually.
  • Anyway, Tik was really busy in the kitchen and that’s the only reason he got to come out with Ker’alith in the first place. However, before Tik started cooking lunch, I guess he and my father had a chat about the custody issue with Ker’alith and how unfair it is to Tik that his busiest hours of the day are the only time he has with his kid. My father told him to go the Spire and get a better deal arranged officially.
  • But then there’s the issue of Tik’s sleeping arrangements. He has a small room off the kitchen. It’s not very big, but he said he’s always been there. I’ve told him before he can take one of the larger rooms, it’s not an issue, but he’s always refused. Now my father comes to me asking for him if he can have a bigger room just for Ker’alith’s visits because he’s hoping to get something arranged where instead of having half a day, he’ll have a whole week with the baby, then the next week the baby would be with Lil. I guess he’s afraid Lilithel will claim he lives in a closet, which is kind of true, so he’ll need to have a bigger room for the visits to prove he has a suitable space to raise a child.
  • It’s really not a problem. I want Tik to have a bigger room.
  • Then my father changed the subject and brought up how I can see other realities and that I showed him once, but he hadn’t reacted very well. He said he wants to do that again and he promises he won’t get mad.
  • I reminded him that I couldn’t show him future possibilities, but I can show him alternate possibilities of past decisions.
  • At which point he said, and I quote: “Future possibilities? By ‘can’t’ do you mean you can’t or you won’t?”
  • He probably knows that I technically can because I think the nervous laugh probably gave it away, but I told him I really can’t. I can’t because Renner might have my head if I do. Anyway, I reiterated that I can do alternate realities of past decisions and only up to the present time in that reality.
  • We agreed to meet in my practice room after he was done watching Ker’alith for the day and I was done with classes. He took Ker’alith back inside then, and I went in with Galandil and Narise to eat lunch.
  • Lunch is usually the busiest meal at the school. There’s usually a ranger or two who stops by, almost all of the students eat here and all the teachers. The dining hall might need more seating soon! The babies have their lunch in the nursery so I took Galandil and Narise back there, and I had lunch in my office as usual. It’s nice because it gives me a chance to catch up on work, write, or sometimes just read. Sometimes Ter comes in and we talk. Sometimes we make out. He didn’t come by today, but I know he’s working on the mask ball stuff, so I worked on correcting some homework papers after I finished eating.
  • The afternoon classes went as usual, and after, I returned to my practice room to wait for my father. He was there about fifteen minutes later and said that Lilithel had finished with her work for the day and was by to pick up her son early. I kind of hope Tik does pursue to get something more official set up.
  • I closed and locked the door, covered the window and set to work on viewing the possibilities in the past.
  • We started with when he decided to marry my mother. He had thought that the obvious choice at the time was to do so. I told him that if it was that obvious, then there was very little chance he didn’t take it. So we started sifting through them looking for one where he refused. We found a few, but in those few, his parents then pressured him to change his mind and marry her. Then in another, his father forced him to go. Finally, we found one where he refused, was disowned, kicked out of school for not paying, and his friend Haldeith left school with him to go live in the country to be animal healers. Unfortunately, having each other wasn’t enough. They were both unhappy because they weren’t doing what they really wanted to do.
  • We came across a couple more. One of them, he managed to talk his father out of making him go, but he had to move back to Eversong because there was still no money to continue his classes. He was planning to go back after the farm started doing better again, but he was killed by one of the hawkstriders instead.
  • In another, he had never been there in the first place. Instead, he was on the farm and with a woman I didn’t recognize. I do remember seeing her from the previous time I tried to show him alternate realities, in paintings on a wall, and they had kids, but they weren’t the kids he has now. I asked him who she was, and he said her name was Elethwyn. He said he got angry when I showed him before because he thought the paintings of the family on the wall meant that he was happy with her in Eversong and that he had missed out on that.
  • I asked him what happened in this reality, and he said that her father was working as extra help on the farm one summer and she stayed with him in the worker’s building. Then he quit and left with her when he found out that they were seeing each other.
  • I thought it was weird that he would do that, but then he said it might have been more than just seeing. So I didn’t ask any more questions about that.
  • My father wanted to know what happened in the alternate reality. We went through it and determined that they weren’t exactly happy together, but they had married at 90 and had their three kids by 100. He never got a chance to go to school to be a healer and wound up taking over the farm when he was older. They argued a lot and slept in separate bedrooms. Then the Scourge came.
  • The paintings were left on the wall by his sister when she moved back onto the farm after the Scourge was cleared out of Eversong. She stood there and looked at them and told her husband that it only seemed right to leave them there.
  • At this point, my father looked at me and said, and I quote, “Am I destined to be unhappy?”
  • I shrugged and reminded him that the future just can’t be looked at, but maybe happiness is there. He shouldn’t give up.
  • Then he said he wanted me to check something else. He said that during the Scourge invasion a woman in Nessna’s unit named Theria died, and he wanted to know what might have happened if she didn’t. He said that he was almost able to divorce Verisna when the Scourge attacked and then after he didn’t bother because he was depressed and didn’t have a reason.
  • He also said that Nessna had set him up with Theria in the first place. I don’t even know what to say anymore.
  • I couldn’t find any timelines where she survived. She ALWAYS wound up sacrificing herself for the younger rangers. We found out that Nessna survived because of a few of the older rangers doing things like that.
  • I was starting to tire from casting so much so I was glad when he finally said that he had kept me long enough. Maybe he could tell I was tired. Maybe he was tired too.
    I was so glad to go upstairs. I had some manaberry cake and fell asleep.
  • Then Saturday started. I knew it was going to be a big day from the start. Terellion and I had to go to Silvermoon. In the morning, I had to meet with my mother. In the early afternoon, we had an appointment at the Spire.
  • The meeting with my mother went well even though it was a little scary. She wanted to meet at the coffee shop, so we did. I sat with her at one of the tables, and Terellion stood near the door watching. I ordered a coffee and was able to drink it without any fear that something might be in it, and felt extra safe with Terellion there.
  • She commented on how much he looks like his mother, then lamented how all of her children looked like their father.
  • We didn’t really discuss anything of importance. She asked how the school was going. I told her it was ranked about in the middle of the list again this year, which isn’t bad for a newer school. She asked if we’ve had any graduates recently. We didn’t have any this past year, but I think Kindroth will be ready in a year or two.
  • She also asked about Nessna. I don’t know how her pregnancy is going? Ask Esladra? But she said Esladra isn’t communicating with her very well right now.
    I tried to mention how Galandil is walking now, but she changed the subject.
  • Anyway, I sat there and listened to gossip about half of Silvermoon for about two hours before I was finally able to tell her that her time was up and that I had to go.
  • I gave her a new requirement to meet before I would agree to meet with her again, and I don’t think she liked it very much. She told me it wasn’t my business, and that my father can take care of himself. All I want is for her to go to the Spire and ask to have his payments from her reinstated and to expedite the request.
  • She left angrily.
  • It’s either the last time I see her or my father is getting his retirement money. Either way, I’ll feel like I’ve won.
  • Terellion and I stopped lunch at a restaurant after that. It was one of those weird noodle places. I had the weird soup and then they didn’t have real cake, but they had sugared donut things, so I had one of those. It was good.
  • Then we were on our way to the appointment with Priest Sunstone at the Spire, and we finally got to meet someone who wants to be sponsored. Her name is Rhanestrae, but she wants to be called Rhan. She’s very shy. She didn’t say a lot and everything she said was super-quiet. Priest Sunstone thinks it’ll be best if we try for a week and see how things go, so he wants to see us, and her, again next week. He did encourage us to start setting up appointments with the Confessor immediately. He wants her to meet him before any longer decisions are made.
  • We took her home through a portal. I think she likes her room. I think Ter’s cake might help win her over too. I’ll have to make sure he asks her to try all three!

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WoW – Isturon’s Daily Reflections and a Letter

I haven’t written in here lately, though I suppose I’m not under any obligation to now. I’m back home. Hethurin has decided he’s not so angry because he cheated on Xyliah and says he understands now. I had left in such a hurry thanks to having a nasty dream of waking up surrounded by orcs and didn’t properly lock my door or inform anyone of where I was going. I was too ashamed. I thought Lani and Esladra would react like Hethurin did, and that scared me. I felt very alone. In addition, I had hoped to ask Braedra to go with me somewhere, but that evening she said she didn’t know how she felt. I wound up not even asking.

And instead of waiting until morning and letting Nessna know, I left that night, scared and alone.

I went to the Sunwell. I had picked up a pamphlet from Haldeith’s office the day before. Well, more than one. I found some for couples and a few for individuals. I wound up going to the one about finding balance between light and dark. It was awful, but I do think it helped. I’ve taken a few things away from it.

One of them is jogging. This morning I jogged for the first time since the evening I got back. I think I should stick to morning jogging. I don’t know what I’ll do when it gets too muddy, or if it snows. Maybe Hethurin could give me a portal to the city and I could do it there.

A second thing is meditation. I’m taking half an hour or so each day to meditate. Preferably somewhere with a lot of light. It’s relaxing and soothing.

Another thing is writing things down.

I also think it’s important that I don’t hide what I’m feeling. I think I’ve become a bit of an expert with that. I mean, I had to be for about 140 years.

I’m combining those last two points with Braedra now. I’m hoping that by opening up in letters to her, I can open up when she’s around too.

It’s hard for me. I’m afraid.

I realize not everyone is like Verisna. She still hates me even though we’re divorced and she’s remarried. I really wish I had told Nessna where I was going. While I was gone, Verisna heard that I was missing, I guess she realized that meant I wouldn’t get my mail. Normally things with the courts take years to get through, but if you have enough to pay them, they’ll pass it through ahead of everything else. She asked for a reevaluation of the money I received each month, made her claim that I was doing fine without it, and I needed to appear to contest that, but I wasn’t because I was at the Sunwell and didn’t know.

The stupid part is, I’m positive that the amount she was required to give me each month wasn’t denting her finances any, but losing it, for me, takes away my income. Sure, I live here rent free and I don’t really need to worry about food, but I want to be able to do things. I want to travel. I want to be able to buy things for the kids and grandkids. I want to be able to go to plays, and restaurants and the jazz club.

And she just took that all away.

I’ve spoken with Hethurin and asked him for a job at the school. He gave me one. I’m supposed to help Tik with Ker’alith in the kitchen.

But then I got sick.

I’ve been sick all weekend, and finally, today, I’m feeling better. Hethurin told me to take as much time off as I needed, I’d still get paid. Then he said that I didn’t even have to come into work at all if I didn’t want to. He’d still pay me. I think it’s still important that I do. He is right after all. Tik needs the help.

I do hope that while Tik is very busy, he won’t mind if I take Ker’alith with me to the nursery for a little while. I don’t think it would be good for either Ker’alith or myself to be in the kitchen. We’d just be in the way. Then when Tik is less busy, I could bring him back. I hope to have some conversations with Tik and see if there’s a better solution that he hasn’t tried yet.

I spent this morning in Silvermoon, and I just slid a letter to Braedra under her door. I do hope she’ll come by later.


My Dearest Braedra,

I’m dreaming of you day and night. I can’t get you out of my mind. I feel as though a spell has been cast over me, but it is a most magical spell in that I don’t want it to end. I long to see you again.

I was feeling a little better today, and this morning I took a short trip to a travel agent in Silvermoon. I remembered what you said about pirates the other night, and as it turns out, there is a pirate-themed destination. Please agree to run away with me. It’ll only be for a few days.

They said the inn gives out free eye patches.

I also picked up some peach and hibiscus tea that I remember you said you liked. Perhaps, you might stop by to have some later today. I’m baking a small batch of marmalade muffins to go with it. I don’t expect them to be anything close to what Terellion can bake, but I do expect they’ll be edible. I hope to share them with you.

You should have gotten the bouquet of red daisies today with one of the poems. I still mean every word of it.

I thank the light for every minute with you, and I would do anything just to see you smile. If you will have me I would be yours for all of the rest of my days.



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WoW – Nessna’s Ranger Log

We found him. He was at some Sunwell thing to find balance or something. I gave him the envelope- Well, I guess I should back up a bit.

A couple of days ago, we went to see Haldeith again in Silvermoon. Well, no- Anorelle went to see him, I stayed outside because I didn’t want to yell at him. I had received a letter from him that said Haldeith would forward my mail to him if I wanted to write back. I was going to go ahead and do that, but then I thought if Haldeith knows where he is, maybe talking to him again would help. It would have been great if he could just give us the address.

As it turns out, things were much worse than we knew. Haldeith told Anorelle that he couldn’t give her the address, but he did indicate my father might have taken a pamphlet for one of those stupid retreats on the island. The part that made things even worse was that Haldeith had seen my mother at the Spire, and he had inquired into why she was there. She paid to expedite the process of reevaluating how much she should pay monthly to him.

I have a lot of thoughts on that. I don’t like to fight with my mother, but I’m close to going there and giving her a piece of my mind. Father worked hard his whole life, and when they split up, she left him with nothing. He finally had something go right for him when the court decided to require her to give him some of the money every month, and now she’s taken that away from him too.

And that was the letter. It was in with the rest of his mail which was mostly medical news things and weird Light charities looking for donations. I took it with us to the island so that he could open it and hopefully get to Silvermoon on time, but it was too late, unfortunately, only by a few hours. It was like watching him break right in front of my eyes. He didn’t cry. He just looked like he had died inside a little. He quietly said he’d get his stuff and go home. I reassured him that he could come home. Hethurin had forgiven him.

I’d really like to go and just punch her in the face for being so cruel.

And I’d love to find out who told her. I’m pretty sure it was Vallindra, but she denies it. I still think it’s her, though I guess it could have been Esladra, though I don’t think she would want to hurt him so much.

Anyway, Anorelle and I got him home and made sure to speak with Hethurin before going back to the ranger building. Hethurin wants him to stay and started talking about how he had cheated on Xyliah and he understands now. He must have apologized 500 times for getting upset. I don’t think Ann’da really wanted to talk about it. He seemed more interested in the food. I don’t think they were feeding him very well at the Sunwell retreat thing.

Anorelle and I left him with Tik and went back to the ranger building. Sath and Arancon were happy to see us. Arancon even started singing, and he had a guitar. I guess he couldn’t even play before we left? You’d think they both thought we were gone for weeks, not just overnight. It was really nice getting all of that attention from Sath, not that he doesn’t usually, but a little extra after being away for a day and a half is very welcome.

This morning, he suggested that Anorelle and I go check to make sure everything is okay. I get the feeling we’re both being put on maternity leave, at least when it comes to patrols. I guess I’m not going to argue too much. I’m already at the point where my feet are sore all the time.

Anyway, we left the ranger building a bit later than usual this morning because I wanted to wait so I wasn’t waking poor Ann’da up at 4 am. Also, I think Anorelle enjoyed the extra time with Arancon. I decided we should stop in town at the clinic and make sure Lani and Esladra were up to date on everything- only to find out Ann’da was there. He apparently came in with a splitting headache that kept him awake most of the night. I KNOW he has stuff to take for it in his house, and I know he knows how to take medicine. I thought he might have had another night where he drank a whole bottle of wine by himself, but Lani said that wasn’t it. She thinks it’s just stress and she believes he wants to be around people but still be left alone which is why he didn’t take medicine on his own. He was asleep in the overnight patient room, so Anorelle and I headed back to the ranger building to let Aranae know because she had mentioned wanting to go see him later.

We went to the school around lunchtime. I ate with Rylad in the garden. It’s starting to get cool, but I think he doesn’t notice. When I went back in, Aranae was there getting two things of food to go. She said father was back at his place.

I hope he’s feeling better.

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