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Latahlali – Diary Book

Dear Diary Book,

We returned from camping yesterday.  Raleth went to the lounge while I went to check on the kittens.  They were fine and Sir Pounce and Daemah were also both fine.

When I got to the lounge, I found Raleth sitting alone at our regular table.  He thought it was too early for anyone else to be there yet.  He remembered that Theronil was supposed to have his operation on his leg too, so that would explain why he and Isandri weren’t there.  We both agreed it would be a good time to go do some of the other things we wanted to do.
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Sanimir – Still in Silvermoon

Sanimir was glad it was Friday.  His father had promised to remove the cast on his leg after he was done with his patient for the day.  It was to be an all day surgery, so Sanimir had to wait patiently while his father and his older sister did that.  The elf who they were operating on today was, in fact, the same elf who employed Sanimir.  Sanimir had referred him after hearing the outrageous cost of the healer in Dalaran.  He was glad that he was able to help.
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Theronil – Waking Up

It was dark, then it was light. Theronil faded out, and back in again.  He stood on the wall.  All was quiet.  Eversong was always so peaceful looking, although reports from further south indicated things may not remain that way.

Thero, there you are.

He smiled, turning his attention to the voice calling to him from the street below.  Hi Sol.  He hopped down from his watch.  His dragonhawk, Arelanis stayed where she could see over the gate.  She would alert him if he needed to return to his post.  She stayed at her place, but he suddenly felt something was wrong.

I just went to the florist.  They had some wonderful ideas for flower arrangements.  Did you want to come see them with me?

He walked along with her.  Something wasn’t right.  The florist was nearby.  It would only take a second.  He glanced back at Arelanis before stepping into the shop.  She hovered quietly at his post.  Nothing was wrong.  He followed Solonnae into the shop.

There were all sorts of flowers and the florist had readied an assortment of different arrangements to see.  Theronil thought Isandri would be impressed.  “Isandri!”  Where was she?  He stared at Solonnae puzzling over how she was here.  Something was wrong, but he had to pick the flowers out.


It was dark, then it was light.  Theronil faded out, and back in again.  He stood on the wall.  Others were with him.  He smiled as he saw his older brother climb up and join him.

Any news yet.  Teniron asked while handing Theronil a bag.

“No.” Nothing.  There was word from Fairbreeze this morning that they’re still pushing north.  They’re trying to divert their path around the village, and hopefully away from the city as well.  We haven’t heard back from the messenger since.  Theronil opened the bag.

I brought lunch.  Teniron nodded at the bag. Maralle’s driving me nuts asking me when I’m going to finish this and start that.  Did you know she had the nerve to enroll Tanna in private lessons after I told her not to?

That’s what rich families do, Teniron.

I expressly said no.  She needs to be with other kids so she can learn how to interact with people.  Group lessons are much better for that.  You know, that may be Maralle’s problem after all.  She never learned to deal with people.  I bet Solonnae–

Teniron jumped as a horn blew.  Theronil jumped to his feet and looked over the wall.  Orders to close the gates and take positions were shouted back and forth.  Theronil handed his lunch bag back to Teniron.  They’re here, heading for this gate.  Go get everyone to safety.  Don’t forget Solonnae.  Take them to the other side of the city.   “Go now!”


It was dark, then it was light.  Theronil faded out, and back in again.  He stood on the wall.  Ghouls and skeletal creatures climbed over it.  Below, the gate doors creaked and groaned with the weight of so many undead pressing against it.  Theronil shot ghouls as they came up over the top to the ledge where he and other high elven rangers had gathered to drive back the scourge.  They were overwhelmed.  One by one, his friends around him fell.  He turned to run.  He tripped over a dead ranger’s body.  A ghoul caught up with him, and sunk it’s clawed fingers into the flesh of his leg.  He cried out in pain and struggled to get away as the ghoul ripped off bits of his flesh with its teeth.

He rolled over and kicked it with his other leg.  It staggered backwards.  As it started lunging for him again, Theronil drew back his bow.  It thudded to the ground just inches before him.  Theronil passed out.  Just before closing his eyes, he saw a dragonhawk nearby fighting scourge near him.  “Arelanis… go.  Get away.  Be safe.”


It was dark, then it was light.  Theronil faded out, and back in again.  He could hear groans coming from somewhere.  Was that him?  And so much pain.  He felt so weak.  What was going on?

Thero?  Wake up, Thero.

“I’m awake.”  His eyes remained closed.  He was so weak.  The pain!  He could hear more groans.  This time he knew it was him. 

The other voice sounded tired and distraught.  You’re still alive.

So he was.  He had heard the dead didn’t feel pain at all.  He was definitely alive.  He forced his eyes open.  His brother sat on the ground beside the small cot where Theronil lay.  Suddenly, it dawned on him what had happened.  “Where’s Thess?”  Where’s Tedralyn?  Minn’da and Ann’da?  They made it out, didn’t they?  You remembered Solonnae?  He paused.  Someone was missing.  He tried to sit up, but the pain shooting down his left leg forced him to lie back down.  Did you get Isandri?  Something didn’t make sense.

Teniron looked at him.  They’re all gone.  I didn’t have time. 

Theronil tried to sit up again.  A few missing teeth might teach his brother a lesson.  Then again, the healers would probably just put them back in again.  They always did.

Lie down.  They’re not sure if they can save your leg.  Moving may make it worse.  Lie down.

You had plenty of time.  How could you let them die?  They’re all gone?  “They’re all gone?”

There wasn’t time.  There was a rush to evacuate.  They wouldn’t have been at home anyway.  Everyone was trying to leave.

Theronil sat up enough to pull the blanket aside.  His leg was a mess, wrapped in bloodied bandages.  Where are the healers?

Teniron frowned.  They’re busy.  They’re weak as well.  Theronil, some people are saying we’re all going to die.  The sunwell was destroyed.  A worried look crept over his brother’s face.  I’ll go check to see if they’re close to being able to see you.

“I’m not supposed to die.  They’re supposed to fix it.”  He groaned in pain as he lie back down on the cot.


It was dark.  Theronil faded out again, and fell back into a deeper sleep.


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Latahlali – Diary Book

Dear Diary Book,

Raleth’s asleep on the hammock again.  It rained a little last night.  That made it easier to find more worms today, and it wasn’t so much rain that it soaked everything.  One corner of a blanket got wet because it was sticking out of the tent a bit.  I remember waking up, and listening to it.  Raleth was awake too.  I think he’s having a horrible time sleeping on the ground.  Hopefully there won’t be anymore rain and he can sleep in the hammock tonight.

Yesterday, I found melons to eat with the fish.  I was walking around outside the glade.  I didn’t want to go in again because that death knight is there.  But then I was sneaking past some large basilisks, and I started digging up some wild carrots when I heard splashing, and some voices talking.  I got closer and I saw the kaldorei woman from yesterday, with a baby boy.  He was playing in the water.  The death knight mentioned having a son, but I didn’t really believe him.  He said blood elves lay eggs too.  He didn’t really seem like a viable source of trustworthy information.

I got closer and the woman remembered me from the day before.  She asked me if I had escaped.  I told her I didn’t need to escape.  I think she kind of already knew, and I told her that Raleth and I were more than an instructor-apprentice pair.  Then I had to explain that he was teaching me, so it wasn’t a lie.  I don’t think she really understood what I saw in him, but I guess I don’t really see what she sees in a death knight.  Maybe being with a blood elf is a little weird, but being with a death knight is just gross.  I didn’t want to know too much about it, but I did want to talk to her.  I mean, maybe I think it’s gross and maybe she doesn’t understand, but we’ve both chosen mates most kaldorei wouldn’t.

She said the baby was adopted, because obviously dead guys can’t do things like that.  She met him after too, so she’s only ever known him as he is now.  I guess he pretends to be a druid or something a lot.  She is a druid.

The baby is so cute.  He was walking around in the water and then he sat in the flowers and was eating bugs.  I tried to get him to hold a flower but he kept eating them instead.  She said that the death knight is awake all night and takes care of the baby too.  I find that a little hard to imagine.

When I got back to the camp, Raleth was awake.  I cooked the fish with the carrots, and sliced the melons.  He said it was good.  I think it was too.  I haven’t cooked very much so I was a bit worried about how it would be.

Raleth said we could come back here next year for my birthday too.  I’d love that.  Maybe I could see the woman and the baby again without seeing the death knight.

Maybe I’ll have my own baby by then.  I hope so anyway!

I’m going to hunt for some food before Raleth wakes up.  I’m leaving him a note this time so he doesn’t think I fell off!


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Theronil – Theronil’s Log

Surgery is tomorrow.  I’m very nervous about it, and I feel like I can’t even talk to anyone about it now.  I tried talking to Isandri about it last night.  I mentioned that I wanted to relax now that she was home with me.  I just wanted to forget about the surgery for a bit.  I guess she misunderstood or something.  She got angry and said that was all I wanted.  She even mentioned the houses.  I don’t know why she would think I’d go there.

I guess if that’s all I had wanted, I would have?  It’s not all I wanted.

Anyway, I figured she wasn’t going to help me get my mind off the surgery so I got up out of bed.  I knew I wasn’t going to sleep, so there wasn’t much point in being in bed if she didn’t want me there.

My brother had dropped off the rest of the jewelry that I had asked him to make.  I told him to keep some as payment but he didn’t.  I started working on enchanting those last night but then I did get tired after all, so I went back to bed.

Then she wanted to.

I don’t even know what to think now.  I guess it’s okay if she wants to but not if I want to.  Of course, now I can’t talk to her about being nervous at all either.  She’ll think it’s all I want.

I’ve been working on the jewelry enchantments more today.  I’d like to get as many finished as I can so I can have them put for sale before tomorrow morning.  Raleth is still out of town, and I think Sanimir is still in Silvermoon, so I made arrangements with the young mage who has been filling in for Sanimir to give us a portal tomorrow morning.  I’ve been to the bank as well to have a transfer note made.  I won’t be carrying around that much gold.

All this time I keep hearing my father’s voice in my head telling me that I get what I pay for.

I’m scared that he’ll be right.


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Aeramin – Murder Row

Aeramin pulled his hood up as he hurried through the darker, narrower streets of Murder Row.  He had not found another place for his mother to move to, but Sanimir had been right.  He had to get her out of where she was now.  The inn had still had rooms, and he was able to get a nice two bedroom room for her.  He’d likely have to stay the night as well, so it worked out well.

He came to the small building where she lived and knocked on the door.  There was no answer, but it was getting late.  A drunk who had passed out on the sidewalk not ten feet away from the door moaned as Aeramin knocked again, this time louder.

Aeramin glanced around at the shadows.  He always thought if they lit this part of Silvermoon better at night, the crime would lessen.  He heard the lock unlatch.  The door opened.  He started to open his mouth to say something, but stopped and took a step back instead upon seeing Master Keredin Goldfeather.

The older, taller elf grinned a dreadful smile.  “I’m done here.  Your mother is in the bedroom.  I was just leaving.”  He walked as though Aeramin weren’t there, bumping his shoulder as he passed by, enough to almost knock him over.

Aeramin glared at the man’s back as he continued down the steps to the street.  Anger burned in him, but he held it in.  Master Goldfeather walked further down the street.  Aeramin watched.  Then he remembered the spells he had read about.  Without stopping to think about it, he started whispering a curse.  Shadows gathered around Master Goldfeather.  He fell to the ground screaming.  Aeramin blinked.  It had worked.  Usually new spells needed practice, and he hadn’t even been sure he had remembered this one correctly.  Master Goldfeather stopped screaming, and took a breath.  He started to get up, then fell to the ground screaming again.  Aeramin blinked again.  The spell had worked.  He hurried inside.

“Minn’da!  Minn’da!  We have to go.  We have to go right now!”  He called out as he knocked on her bedroom door.  He heard another scream come from outside.  “Minn’da, We need to go!”

The door opened.  His mother had tossed on a robe.  “Aeramin, what’s all the commotion?  Quiet down.  You’ll wake your father.”

“Mother, pack all that you can as quickly as you can.  We have to go.”  Aeramin twitched an ear as another scream came from outside.  He was sure the curse wouldn’t last too long, and Master Goldfeather would come looking for who did it when it was over.  Aeramin didn’t care to be on the list of suspects, although he knew he probably already was.  The good part about that was the wedding was probably called off.

“Aeramin, what’s wrong?  Where are we going?”  His mother questioned.

“Maena, we’re going to stay at the inn tonight.  It’ll be like a vacation.  You remember how you always talked about going on a vacation with Ann’da and I after I finished my studies?  I finished them.  You remember?”

She nodded, “Well yes, but–”

“Then let’s take that vacation.  Get your things, Maena.  I’ll tell Ann’da and help him get ready.  Quickly now, the inn won’t take us if we get there too late.”

“Oh!”  his mother gasped and went back into the bedroom.  “I’ll hurry!”  She shouted from within.

Another scream came from the street.  Luckily, this was Murder Row.  Things like this happened all the time.  They were almost never investigated.

Aeramin went to the front room and picked up the urn.  “Come on, Ann’da.  You need to get out more.”



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Art – Lali Preview

Lineart as it is now. 🙂

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