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Hethurin’s Notes

  • I’m finished with the stuff I need to submit to Silvermoon.  I want Fairsong Academy to be on the list of ranked schools there.  I know we probably won’t be in the top five, but I’d like to land a respectable position on the chart for our first year.  I could continue to operate without being on the list, but I think it’ll look good for the school to be on it.
  • The grades of the students is part of it.  I’m happy to say all of the students did well this semester.  There were even a few surprises.  Keyalenn has a 94% average now.  It would have been higher, but his grade for his fire classes is a bit lower.  I’ll be sure to give him more work over the summer.  I don’t want him to get bored, and start doing pranks again!  Xarola also had a higher grade, but she isn’t casting much yet so I know I tested her just on the theory, and I’m sure Raleth and Aeramin did too.  She may be ready for more complicated lessons.
  • The older students did well too, but with more complicated lesson material, the scores get a little bit lower, especially outside the specializations that they’re comfortable with.  Desdeyliri did horrible on her fire test.  Aeramin said he curved the grades up a bit because he thought maybe he made the tests too difficult, but then Xarola and Maerista aced them.  Maerista didn’t do so well in frost.
  • Anyway, it’s not just the grades they look at, but also the quality and value of the school.  Meals are provided here, and all of the students have their own rooms and practice rooms.  There’s a library on site, as well as a teacher available at all times.  Well, most of the time.  Sometimes, I have to sleep, but even then they can come get me if there’s an emergency.
  • They might send someone to inspect if they feel it’s necessary.  Not many people really love the Ghostlands, so I’m taking time to give as much information as possible about the school, the classes here and the testing methods, as well as an in-depth grade report.  I hope no one has to visit, but if they do, I won’t mind really.  I do kind of enjoy showing off the school.
  • Another opportunity to show off the school may be coming up soon.  Lani is going to marry the Confessor and wants to have the wedding here.  I’m not sure because she wants to invite all of our sisters and our mother.  Maybe if it was one at a time, but they’ll all be here at once.  I told her it was okay anyway.  It’s her day, and if she wants to have the wedding here, she should be able to invite who she wants.  I’ll go to my room if it starts to be too much for me.  I know she’ll want me there too though, so I’ll make an effort to not be in my room too much.
  • I have a feeling it’ll be difficult.
  • Des asked me if I thought she’d want to have it at the ranger building.  I thought it might be a good idea at first, but then I thought about it more.  If Lani had the wedding there, and everyone showed up, and I went too, then it’ll just be worse.   They’ll be there, and I haven’t been to the ranger building much so I don’t think it’s something I would be comfortable with, at least not with staying for very long.  So maybe it’s better if she has it here.  Lani wants it here, and I think maybe it will be okay.
  • I do want my mother to see the school.  I want her to see that I’m fine without her.  I’m doing great doing what I want to do.  I don’t need to live in Silvermoon, and be her little pet to survive.  All of my money is money that I’ve earned, not money she or father has given to me.  I want her to know how well I’m doing, and how well the school is doing, and I want her to realize that she had nothing to do with it.  She has no control over me here.
  • At the same time, I just don’t want her here.  It’s that simple.  I’ll allow it for Lani.
  • I don’t like Esladra either.  She was never nice to me.  She was always mean, like Vallindra.  Now she’s staying with mother.  She should grow up and get her own place.  She’s old enough.  I guess she’s still finishing her apprenticeship or something.
  • Then Vallindra will be here too.  Maybe she’ll bring Xanaroth again.  I like him.
  • I’m hoping Aranae doesn’t even show up.  I don’t need to deal with her too.
  • I might ask the rangers to provide security again.  I won’t ask Nessna, but maybe the others.  I hate to because they’re Lani’s friends too, but I think there will be more things at risk than just my own comfort levels.  Vaildor will be here too, and I did tell mother, even if she didn’t believe me.  Maybe Lani will agree to dye his hair, and put makeup over his birthmark.
  • Or maybe I can keep from hiding in my room the whole time by making it my job to protect him.  I wouldn’t have to ask the rangers to do anything then.
  • There’s other things worrying me too.  We’re almost done with our latest portal dust sample.  This is the other dust taken from the room when he left Vaildor here.  We’ve already been to the place he was before.  I don’t really know what’s going to happen after we catch up to my alternate self.  Maybe he’ll be nice and explain everything so it makes sense, and we can just let him go with a warning.  However, Renner thinks infinite dragons are involved, and that’s not good at all.  I’m really worried about bringing Terellion and Des.  Terellion wants to come to protect me, but I want him to stay to protect him!
  • Anyway, I don’t know what’s going to happen.  I do know there is at least one other bronze dragon and another timewalker working on it too.  The other timewalker is human, or I would suggest trying to work together on it.  Maybe we can anyway.

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Fairsong Academy Spring Ball (Part 1)

Gaelardrim’s Log:

The food was good, and I think I had a decent night.  I didn’t dance with anyone, but it was nice watching other people dance while I ate, and the music was good.  I spoke with one of the students for a good part of the night.  He likes one of the other students but he’s too afraid to ask her.  Maybe he did after I left.

I’m so full.  I have no idea how I’m going to get up for patrol tomorrow.


Xarola’s Notes:

  • At first, I thought the night would just be kind of nice in that I’d be able to read outside, eat fancy little foods and watch people dance. I wore my only fancy robe, and went to find a seat. I took the book I’ve been re-reading outside with me, and sat on one of the benches.  It’s one of the fire books from the library here at the school.  I wish there were more books on the subject, but at the same time, I find reading them a second time insightful after I’ve learned more in class.
  • Maerista sat near me and we talked for a bit.  She wanted to get a boy to notice her.  She wouldn’t say which one, but I told her about a book I had read that was about seducing men.  I hope she never tells my mother I read something like that.  I mean, it’s not that I’ve even used it before, but I remember what I read.  She didn’t think it would work, so I demonstrated. I think it did work. I certainly had Sal’s attention.
  • I think Vyn noticed me too.  Well, I know he did because he asked me to dance.  I’ve never really danced before, just when they taught us at school, and that’s been a few years.  I stepped on his feet a few times, but he hadn’t really had many lessons either.  It was fun.
  • I need to write to mother a letter soon and let her know I’ll be home for a few days before the summer semester starts.  She just wrote to say the payment had been made, though it was tight.  I really hope the Magister doesn’t raise the price of the tuition here.



Vaildor’s Essay:

How I Spent my Weekend by Vaildor Lightmist

It was a good weekend, and I had a lot of fun. It wasn’t a boring weekend like all the others because we did different things.

First, Lani took me to Silvermoon.  We went to one of the robe shops and she let me pick out one for the ball.  I found one in a style that I liked.  Lani thought the brown one looked best with my hair, but I think brown is boring, so I got the blue one.  I like the blue one better because I like the color blue.  It is the color of the sky when the sun isn’t covered by clouds.

After that, we went to the Spire.  It looked really fancy and official all over inside and it took forever for people to see us.  Lani said that was normal because they’re busy there.  I didn’t think it looked like anyone was really that busy, but anyway we had to wait.  Lani was able to get papers to prove who I am, but they’re fake papers.  She said Hethurin helped and on the papers he is listed as my father even though he’s really my brother.  Lani is worried because if our mother finds out about this paper existing, she might believe it, but we only want the people at the spire to believe it.  They did.  She had to fill out a form, and give them the papers to check.  Hethurin had some official letter done for them to say he was giving up his parenting of me or something.  Anyway, they said it all looked to be in order, which I think is good because Lani looked like she was about to pass out! They said they would send mail to us in a few weeks after they processed the application for adoption. That’s exciting because it means that I’ll officially have a home here now.

I wanted to visit my real father while we in Silvermoon, but Lani said he would have appointments so he’d be busy.  She reminded me that I’d see him at the ball, so that was okay.

Then we went home and it was a normal evening. I worked on one of my paintings before going to bed.

The next day was the ball, and there was a lot of preparation going on at the school.  Lani let me go up early.  I got to help Hethurin while he finished enchanting the instruments to play music.  I don’t understand music at all, but I think he’s pretty good with it.  It sounded okay anyway.  We had to move the instruments to the garden then.  I helped Tik put the table cloths on, and get lunch ready.  Terellion was around the kitchen, but he doesn’t like me so I tried to be not in the kitchen much.  Tik had a lot of work to do after that, and Hethurin wanted to eat more so I thought maybe there were too many people in the kitchen so I went back to the house.

Lani was still there and she was getting ready for the ball. She said we had some time yet so I worked on my friendly dragon painting for Hethurin.  He says not all dragons are mean and I believe him.  He’s older than me so he must know.

When it was closer to supper, it was time to go back to the school.  I took the painting with me so I could give it to Hethurin.  He likes it!  It seemed like everyone was there already.  Isturon was there.  I was glad to be able to see him again.  Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like growing up with him.  We talked a long time, just him and me and Hethurin, then Hethurin said he had to go change, but I saw him later in the kitchen.  He wore pants.  I was surprised because I thought he only had robes.

Then the best thing happened!  Lani came inside from the garden and showed us a ring.  The Confessor asked her to marry him!  She said yes.  She said she doesn’t know when yet, or where, but I think they should figure it out soon.

That was my weekend.  I had a good time and I wish every weekend was that much fun.


Keyalenn’s Letter:

Dear Kindroth,

You’ll forgive me for not writing recently.  I’m sure you’ve been busy with final exams yourself, so you understand.  Things are going well here at the school in the Ghostlands, though I do still miss the city at times, as well as you and our group of friends.  My parents could probably pull some strings and get me back into the school, but I don’t really mind it out here.  I know I complained a lot at first, but I’m learning a lot.  Maybe, despite hating all they said about it being a quieter place to study, with less distraction, I’ve come to realize they were right.

It’s not all studying all the time either, though it does make up a greater part of my week.  I’m greatly interested in the frost lessons, so I take time to make sure I do all my exercises right.  I don’t want to miss something that may be important in a future lesson!  Despite that, I do have time off.  A lot of times, I go up to the attic rooms.  There’s only seven students here, but we all have our own bedrooms, and two of them are in the attic.  They have a nice little study area between the rooms, so I often go up there.  Often, we wind up talking instead of studying.  It’s just four male students here at the school.  One of them is way ahead of the rest of us though, and he doesn’t really hang out with the rest of us, so it’s more like just us three.

There was a spring ball this past weekend.  I’ll be home to visit soon, and I’ll do my best to stop by to say hello!  My parents were able to come out for the ball, and they met with my teachers, and paid for the summer semester, so my visit home will be short.  The ball was really nice.  The pretty ranger danced with me, but she was here with one of the other rangers.  Still, it was nice to dance with her for one dance.  The girls here at the school are either taken, mean, or more interested in books.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

– Keyalenn

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Hethurin’s Notes – Booty Bay: Month 2

Day 33:

I took Des fishing with me this morning and spoke to her about the importance of not driving Renner crazy.  I caught some fish too.  I hope she was listening.  We talked some about the spells and stuff as well.  She’s doing well but hasn’t quite got the hang of casting both the invisibility on herself and on someone else.  It does have the added benefit of making her tired, so she sleeps longer and bothers Renner less.


Day 37:

Success!  Des managed both invisibilities at once!  It was only for a few seconds though.  We’ll have to work on it a lot yet.

I still miss Terellion so much.  I think about him a lot.  I bet he could make the cake here with the cream inside and it would be so good, not old and stale like the ones they have.  I tried to conjure some, but it’s hard to imagine what it tastes like when it’s fresher because I’ve never had it fresh.  I asked the goblin where the cakes are from because I thought if I went to the source I could get better cake!  Unfortunately, they’re from some human town to the north at a lake or something.  I guess they send some down every few days.  I think they only send old ones because if they’re sent every few days, then every few days they should be fresher, but they’re not.  The goblin might be lying.  It’s a big cake mystery.

Maybe humans are just awful bakers.


Day 41:

Des still can’t maintain both invisibility spells for very long, but she can do it regularly now.  I think she’s still putting too much into maintaining it.  I will admit it is difficult and it’s based on some very advanced concepts.  It took me some practice to get it to work, and a lot of practice to prolong it.  She’s progressing well.


Day 45:

I miss Ter.  I hope he’s ready for me to jump on him when we get home!  I hold my pillow at night, but it’s not the same so I just end up crying.  Quietly!  There’s no privacy with the stupid curtains dividing our room up, and I don’t want the others to think something’s wrong.  Nothing’s wrong.  I just miss Ter a lot, and I’m sure I’ve said that enough that they don’t want to hear about it.

Des is doing well.  She’s making progress.  Slow progress, but progress all the same!  One of her attempts today lasted for almost a minute.  I think she’s getting better at figuring out how to maintain it without exhausting herself too quickly.

I caught fish and had it cooked today.  While I was waiting for it to be cooked, that goblin with the dirty books tried to sell me some again.  I couldn’t wait for the food to finish!  I might have been interested if he had books with just guys.  The just girl ones are weird.  How do they even make that work?  They don’t even have things.  I didn’t look so I don’t know.  I don’t think I really want to know.


Day 48:

It hurts!  I cut my finger while fishing.  Well, it’s not a real cut.  It’s more like a hook got stuck in it, and I had to take it out, and the barbs on the hook made taking it out hurt even more, and now I can barely write!  I went to see the goblin healer here.  He lives in the tavern, or something.  That’s what the other goblins said, and that’s where I found him.  I think he was drunk.  I’m not sure it was sanitary.  If it still hurts when we get back home, I’ll have Lani look at it.

It happened because I wasn’t paying attention.  I’ll be more careful from now on.


Day 52:

My finger hurts less now.  I went fishing again.  It wasn’t a good day to fish.  I didn’t catch anything big enough to eat.  We had chicken.

Des is improving on the spell.  Yesterday I timed her going up to five minutes with both invisibility spells!  I’ve been making her stop at five so she can have some water or gross cake.  I think tomorrow we’ll try ten minutes.  I’d like to get her to go up to thirty minutes with distractions.  I might try adding some of those in tomorrow.  I’ll just start pointing outside and saying, “Oh, look at that ship!” or “That cloud looks like cake!” and stuff like that.  We’ll see if she can maintain it through that.  Maybe Renner can help by moving around and making it harder for her to cast invisibility on him.  He can say some things too.


Day 57:

We’ve decided to go home later.  We left during the evening so it would be best for us to go back during the evening so we’re not awake all night.  We plan to do a little more practice too, though I think she’s ready.

I can’t wait to see Ter!

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Hethurin’s Notes – Booty Bay: Month 1

Day 1:

We’ve arrived in Booty Bay.  It’s only a couple of years in the past, but it’s far enough back that I won’t run into myself.  Renner has come with us.  He took the biggest bed.  There aren’t really separate rooms, but there are curtains up between the beds so we have some privacy.  The curtains are also good for keeping out the mosquitos and other bugs.  Luckily, I don’t think they have giant spiders here because I don’t think curtains would work.  There’s curtains on the bed at home, but we use those to sleep privately and that’s all.

So we got settled in.  I’ve planned to spend a couple of months here  I left Des with a book and went to fish.  When I came back, we did some practice.  She did really good, but has a long ways to go yet.  It is encouraging that she did so well with her first tries.

Renner remarked that there wasn’t any cake.  I’m sure there’s a small bakery shop in that one building.  It’s like an indoor market place with stalls set up along the wall.  I’ll check in the morning.

I miss Ter.


Day 2:

I went fishing this morning and on the way back I stopped at the building where I remember the shops being set up last time I was here.  I did find a baked goods stall, but they didn’t have much cake.  I bought bread and some miniature cakes.  They’re like cupcakes but have cream inside like a filled donut.  They would probably be amazing if they weren’t two days old.  Renner complained.  I can’t blame him.

I still miss Ter so much.  Des mentioned that I could go visit him, but I can’t really because it’s only a few seconds for him.  We’ll be returning to the point right after we left.  I told Terellion that if we’re not all back within ten seconds then something has gone wrong, and if only I come back, he should check to make sure it’s really me.  Not that I wouldn’t mind being checked, but I shouldn’t.  I wouldn’t want to alarm him.  He knows we’re all supposed to come back within ten seconds of us leaving, and that’s the plan I’m sticking to.


Day 3:

Des’s lessons are going well.  She can hold the invisibility for a few more seconds than she could the first night, and she’s already doing quite well with projecting it to another person.  I think the hard part is going to be teaching her to keep it both on herself and another person.  It’s tricky.  I make sure we have lots of water ready before practice because I know how tiring it is.  I don’t want to push her too hard.

I miss Ter.


Day 7:

I was starting to get sick of eating fish, though I still love fishing.  I just needed a break from eating it, and I think the others did too.  I haven’t been cooking it myself either.  I found a goblin who cooks, and for a few coins, he’ll take the fish and cook it for me, then I take it back to the others.  Anyway, I asked him if he can cook other things and if there was anything local that he’d recommend.  He said basilisks.  I guess there’s some in a cave to the north and people hunt them.  Sometimes they bring back meat, but other times they don’t come back, probably because they’ve been turned to stone.  I think he was just trying to sell me the most expensive item possible.  I found roasted chicken at another place.  I bought two.  One for Renner, and one for Des and I to share.

I’m going nuts without Ter.  I read the first letter he gave me before we left.  I want to read the others now, but I have to pace myself.  I wish I was with him now.


Day 10:

Des looks like she’s falling asleep sometimes when she casts.  I keep telling her that she can’t see what she’s doing if her eyes are closed.


Day 12:

It’s been a good day!  I went fishing in one of the streams near the town, and caught some different fish.  I bought some different vegetables to go with them too.  The goblin who cooks for us told me I should try getting clams sometime.  I bet those would be good, but I don’t know how to fish for clams.  Maybe that’s something I should look for a book on when we get back.  I don’t even know what to use as bait.

Renner admitted to eating a raptor.  I’m not sure I’d want to try that.  I think he was just trying to gross out Des.


Day 15:

It’s been over two weeks now.  Desdeyliri is getting better at holding the invisibility, but she still tires too quickly.

I really miss Ter.  I read the second letter and I just miss him more.  He’s so handsome and sweet and perfect.  I’ve been gone for fishing for two weeks before and didn’t miss him this much.  Maybe it’s because when I went fishing those times, I just needed to be by myself, and I was for the most part.  At least, there wasn’t anyone there who knew me, and I wasn’t sharing my living space with anyone.  I didn’t want to be alone this time.  I’m here to teach Des, and listen to Renner complain about cake.  I guess he’s here because it is an extended trip, and he said he has stuff he has to read.  I think he really only came to complain about the cake.  Anyway, it’s all different circumstances, and I really miss Ter.  I’m sad when I think about how he probably doesn’t miss me because I’ll only be gone for a few seconds.


Day 20:

I’m trying really hard not to lose my patience.  She’s been stuck at the same amount of time for three days!  I don’t want to be here for six months!

I’m going fishing.  I’m taking my third letter with me.


Day 24:

I caught more fish.  This time I got a really big one.  It’s the length of my arm!  I’ve never caught one like that before.

There was a goblin selling some books while I was waiting for it to be cooked.  They had the most disgusting things in them.  I thought so anyway.  Who wants to look at things with two human women doing stuff?  Gross!  I think he figured out from my reaction that I did not appreciate him trying to sell me that stuff at all!  He tried showing me some other books with some guys and girls, and they were all still human.  It was still gross.  I teleported back to the house we’re staying in.


Day 28:

It’s been four weeks since we’ve arrived.  Des has made some more progress, but she’s tired a lot.  I’ve been working with her on mana conservation and just letting a little go to maintain the spell.  I think she tries to put it all, all of the time.  She won’t tire so quickly if she learns to only allow what is needed.  I’m making sure she has enough rest and enough to eat so that she can keep learning.  I wish there was a way to speed things up, but there isn’t.  She needs to learn this, and she needs time to learn it.

Renner is still complaining about the cake.  I bought the roasted chickens again today.  They’re not too bad.


Day 32:

We’ve started working on maintaining both her own invisibility and the illusion on someone else at the same time.  She hasn’t gotten it yet, but it’s tricky.  It’s good for her to learn the principles of it now though, so I’ve taught her the basic theories behind it and let her try it a couple of times before going back to working on prolonging the duration of the spell.

I think it might be best if I make sure she’s tired from practice.  I think Renner is getting annoyed.

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Vallindra’s Notes

  • Sanimir has agreed to allow me on his property to remap the ley-lines there.  I have to check in at the school upon my arrival in the morning, and tell his butler where I’ll be on the grounds each day, and for how long.  I don’t mind doing so if it means I can get the maps updated.  The property is big enough that there are more than a few ley-lines crossing it, and I have no doubt that some of them have made gradual shifts.
  • It was an interesting supper at his school.  I had been invited there.  I thought it might be some childish trap, but it wasn’t.  The food was good, and I got some news on my family.  The biggest news is that my parents are supposedly apart for good.  It has happened a few times before that mother left to stay with our aunt for some time.  The thing that’s different about this time is that my father has sold the house, and moved into a smaller place.  That makes it rather final, I think.
  • Lani is getting married.  I was sure that she finally gave in to mother, but Hethurin and one of his students insisted she had met him on her own.  I still find that hard to believe.  Maybe it doesn’t work and he doesn’t care that she’s a prude.
  • Oh and Nessna has moved in with the ranger captain.  That didn’t take long.  I wonder if Vessen’s family knows?
  • Anyway, I’m just glad he agreed to let me on the property to remap the lines.  I’m trying to work quickly just in case he changes his mind.  That said, I have had some distractions.  Most of them come from the Magister before I leave in the morning.  He worries too much sometimes.  I assure him that I’ll be fine on my own, and I am.  I’ve run into a few random undead things.  One was almost only a skeleton.  I think another used to be a murloc.  That one smelled really bad.  I saw one of the large cats that roam the woods from a distance, and I’ve seen a few bats.  I’ve not seen any spiders yet, though I know they reach extraordinary sizes here.
  • Then there’s the imp.  I knew it was there before I saw it.  I was working just south of the school, rather close actually.  I could see that crazy dragon statue gleaming out front.  I heard something rustling in the dead leaves under a bush.  It was then I saw its eyes looking right at me.  I knew exactly what it was then.  I didn’t have much time to figure out what I was going to do.  It had already decided it would attack me with a fire bolt.  I’ve never actually used a spell to take direct control of someone else’s demon before, but I have helped the Magister do so in that old draenei temple, and that was with a pitlord.  I cast the spell and commanded the imp to stop his cast.
  • It worked.
  • Unfortunately nothing else works.  The imp won’t talk and won’t take me to where his master sent him from.  He’s not one of ours.  I’m pretty sure he’s not Kes’s or Aeramin’s either.  He won’t say what he was doing at the school.
  • Perhaps the Magister will have some ideas on how to get it to talk.

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